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21. Coup On Casts And States In India

Thousands of years back, in India there was casts system by virtue of the nature of people. In course of time, it had converted in to the casts system by birth. In primary education, the children were taught to acquire primary knowledge regarding environment, seasons, calculations, measurements, timings and how to write and read. After this primary education, children were used to teach to acquire skills in professional techniques such as agriculture, carpentry, black smith, gold smith, weaving, pottering etc. Generally, the parents used to make their children to learn professional education. This made the children naturally to take up parent's profession. In the course of time, such that a carpenter's son became a carpenter, a gold smith's son became a gold smith and barber's son became a barber. Such that the caste system confined to the birth rather than to the virtue of the nature of the people. This happened multiple centuries back.

The caste system with 4 sections such as Brahman, Vaisya, Kshatriya and Shudra referred, as Chathurvarna Vyavastha in Sri Bhagavad Geetha is the caste system by the virtue of the nature of people only.

The coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, British, Ramoji Rao and their supporters like media and other famed persons by media propagated that Sri Krishna in Bhagavad Geetha told that himself had created the four caste system so that Sri Bhagavad Geetha and Sri Krishna are responsible for the bad practices by name caste system as untouchbility etc.

More over the coup makers and their supporters had implemented divide and rule policy in propaganda on issues and events also. They propagated that except in India, there are no different races, sections, castes, in any other religion, in any other country, up to 1992. But now, it is well established about the different races in Muslims such as Shiya, Sunny, Fhuktun etc and same case with Christians and same case with other countries.

This is just like the propaganda on factionism in Rayalasema. As per the media coverage up to 1992, the factionism was due to the vengeances, revenges and hatreds among the different sections of people in Rayalasema villages. Mr. Ramoji Rao, Enadu had published a novel by name "Manava Homam" in his 'Chatura' a monthly with a story based on factionism. It was fully described as quarrels acquired from generation to generation as in heritage. But now it is very clear that behind the factionism, nothing is there except money snatching. The factionists are nobody except the business competitors.

Such is the strategy of propaganda of the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters. With such strategy of propaganda in media, they could create Mandal movement, which had taken off the lives of innocent students in self-fuel burnings. In colleges, in offices, in politics, the coup makers and their supporters like media had created the deviations and quarrels among people. In Andhra University, it was notorious quarrels between Kamma and non-Kamma as K and non-K or Potassium and non-Potassium. In Nagarjuna University, a permanent police picket had maintained to control the communal rivals among ST and non-ST students. Mr. Ramoji Rao, Enadu used to publish how many IAS & IPS Officers are belong to which castes, as well, as how many politicians and Ministers belong to which casts.

Such that the target of the coup makers and their supporters is to destroy the unity in Indians and humanity in human race.

In fact, there are many religions, many casts, many languages and many races in India since thousands of years. Irrespective of languages, casts, every Hindu wished to visit Kasi, Kedarnath, Badarinath temples, and Manasa Sarovaram etc pilgrim centers. These all-religious people, casts, people speaking different languages are living together with peace, with co-operation, with co-ordination since thousands of years in India. When British were ruling in India, whenever Indians demanded the independence from British, why this unity turned into rivalry? It is just like that whenever they entered into any part of the world, the contagious diseases like cholera, Plague had spread among the local people. It is just like that whenever they started poultry farms the local breed of poultry got the contagious diseases like 'Kokkera' etc.

Gradually the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters had driven the Hindus to confine God Sri Krishna as God to Yadava casts only and Goddess Durga Devi as the Goddess to Vysya casts only. We should feel fear that after some time, they may confine Bapuji i.e. Mahatma Gandhi to Vaisyas by propagating that he had fought to bring independence to Vaisyas only.

In fact, the Chathurvarna Vyvastha in Hinduism dividing the people into 4 sections as Brahmin, Vaisayas, kshathriya and Shudhra depends upon their nature. There are three gunas described in Hindu philosophy such as Satwa, Rajassu and Thamassu. People will have 3 gunas i.e. nature or characters in them. According to the situation, any one of the three gunas will lead the people, once Satwa gunam will be in leading, once Rajo gunam and sometimes Thamo gunam will be in leading in people behavior. This fact had clearly discussed in Sri Bhagavad Geetha. God Sri Krishna advices us, when the any of the thrigunas are in excited situation, we have to watch or observe ourselves as a witness. By practice Sri Bhagavad Geetha, we can develop such self-consciousness.

With such background, the people who have Satwa gunam in maximum proportion are defined as Brahmins. This section of people used to learn Veda Vidya, used to do penance, used to take profession such as scholars, teachers, doctors and other intellectual posts. The people who have Satwa gunam and Rajo gunam in semi proportions, i.e. merged into maximum proportion, are defined as Vyasyas. This section of people used to learn economical science, used to take the professions of business, Ministers to kings, economists, treasurers and secretaries to higher authorities etc.

The people who have Rajassu in maximum proportion are defined as Kshthriya. These sections of people used to learn war techniques, used to take the professions of kings, army chiefs and soldiers, as higher authorities in ruling and farmers.

The people who had Thamo gunam in maximum proportion are defined as Shudhra. These sections of people used to learn professional educations used to take the professions of service oriented as barber, cloth washers, weavers, potters etc.

Any body, depends upon their abilities and talents can become any professionals including farmer to king. Irrespective of profession Indian culture, i.e. Hindu culture preached every Indian to consider his profession, his work as the other form of God and to practice his profession as Buddi Yogam or Karma yogam. Bhagavad Geetha, Vyadha Geetha, Ramayanam and Bharatham are preaching the same to Indians. Because of this only, Sri Rama had left his wife Sita Devi instead of kingdom. He decided such, when he had to select any one such as wife or work.

Such was the commitment of work, sincerity in working of Indians. In this context, I explain you the story of Suradas. He was famous devotee and poet. As per profession, he was cobbler.

One day, a Brahmin scholar was travelling to Kasi. It was hot day. While he was walking on the way his cheppal [shoe] got break. The scholar had watched a village at a few distances. He managed to approach the village. He was searching for a cobbler to get repair to his cheppal [shoe] s. Under the shade of banyan tree, the scholar had seen a cobbler. He was Suradas.

The scholar approached him and asked him to repair his cheppal [shoe] s. Suradas had done so. The scholar offered money i.e. a copper coin to his service. Suradas asked him "Swami! Where are you going?" The scholar said with a little pride "To Kasi." Suradas said, "Ayya! [This means father!] You please drop this copper coin in the river Ganga, and tell the Ganga mother as Suradas had sent it with obedience."

The scholar had taken send off from Suradas and reached Kasi. While taking holy bath in river Ganga, he reminded Suradas request. He dropped a copper coin into the water and said, "Ganga Mother! Suradas had sent this to you."

Surprise! A Beautiful hand rose from water. It was holding a golden bangle with diamonds and valuable stones embedded in it. The scholar heard a sweet voice as "Oh! Scholar! Give this bangle to Suradas as my return gift to him."

The scholar had taken that bangle into his hands. He wondered about it. We felt greedy and jealousies and didn't like to give it to Suradas. He thought in himself "I had taken so strain to visit Kasi and to take holy bath in sacred river Ganga. I spent much money to travel all the way from my place to Kasi. I had done devotion by investing money. I dropped gold coins into the water of river Ganga. Suradas didn't perform all of these. He was a cobbler beside the road, sent a single copper coin. How he is eligible for this valuable gift? Any way he doesn't know about this. I won't give this bangle to him."

The scholar reached his place on the other way, by avoiding to meet Suradas. Then he visited the king of his place and presented the valuable bangle to the king with an expectation of suitable reward. His expectation was fulfilled. The king had appreciated the beauty and worth of the bangle and gave him a lot of money. The scholar felt happy, he went home.

The king presented the bangle to his queen. She was extremely happy. But immediately she asked the king to get one more bangle of same type to wear on the two hands. The king ordered his gold smiths to make such ornament i.e. the bangle. After examining the bangle the gold smiths said, "Oh! King! This bangle is like divine one. We didn't watch this much valuable and bright diamonds and other stones anywhere. You please ask the scholar who had given this bangle to you to bring another one. Probably he had the source."

The king ordered the scholar to bring another bangle. The scholar was shocked by this. He was helpless. With fear, he explained everything to the king. The king didn't believe this in the beginning. But the scholar begged him to believe him.

Finally, the king and his fellowmen had taken the scholar to Suradas. The scholar had fallen on the foot of Suradas and told everything. He begged Suradas to save him. Suradas got tears in his eyes about the love that Ganga Mother had expressed towards him.

He said, "Oh! Scholar! Don't fear. Ganga Matha is such kind towards her children like us."

By saying like this, he closed his eyes and chanted God's name for some time. Then he put his hand in the water tub, which kept beside him to use in the repair of cheppal [shoe] s. Again surprise! There was a golden bangle, which was similar to the previous one. Surabas had picked it up and gave it to the scholar. The king, his fellow man and the scholar praised Suradas.

The king expressed his desire to honor Suradas. But Suradas had refused it and took send off from them.

That's all entire story!

I don't know the reality of magic shown in this story. But I know that the scholar, the king and his fellow men could recognize the versatility and greatness of Suradas by leaving his profession of cobbler or his caste.

Such that the personal qualities are not related to the profession or caste of people, but they related to their nature and psychology.

In ancient India, the caste system was based on the nature of people but not on the birth of the people.

The story of Vasishta Maharishi and his wife Arundhathi in Indian epics such as Sri Ramayanam and Mahabharatham tells us the above very clearly.

Once Vasishta Maharishi being bachelor kept a condition to get, marry any girl. He was demanding the girl who was proposed to him to make boiled pulses by using iron marbles. Nobody had done such. Narada Maharishi advised him to visit all the places irrespective of occupations. So that Vasishta Maharishi was wandering all the places. One day he reached a village. There he met a family of animal's skin polishers and cobbler. A girl in that family by name Arundhathi accepted his condition.

In front of his eyes, she fired the stove and kept the iron marbles in a pot with water. She said, "If I do every of my works with Thrikarana Sudhi i.e. Manasa, Vacha, Karmana which means with mind, with word, with work, these iron marbles must become as boiled pulses. If I do practice of my work without any emotions, these iron marbles must become as boiled pulses."

Surprise! The iron marbles became as boiled pulses. Vasishta Maharishi got married her. She served her role as his wife. When the Saptha Rushi, which means seven members of Maharishis, became as stars, Arundhathi became as a star beside her husband i.e. star of Vasishta Maharishi. No other could get such position including Anasuya, Lopamudra.

Until date every Hindu marriage, there is a tradition to show the star of Arundhathi to new wife and husband i.e. bride and bridegroom. To motivate them to lead co-coordinative life being wife and husband, the elders used to show the star of Arundhathi to them at the time of marriage.

Thus, Indian epics tell us that the nature or the Qualities or the Characteristics or important to everybody rather than the births.

In fact, the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and the coup supporters like Corporate Companies and media agencies had implemented the same strategy not only on caste system but on all systems.

They played the same divide and rule policy in propaganda on states in India. They had projected that all the states in India became poor and violent. The people in particular states became immoral, indiscipline, with violence and nasty. This is not complete false. As well as this is, not complete truth. Actually, the coup makers and their supporters had driven the people, the states not only in India, probably all over the world into such situation of immorality, indiscipline, violence and nastiness.

For example, Bihar! Regarding Bihar, the media especially Enadu is giving coverage as Biharies are not concern about constitution, they are maintaining private army, and doing authoritative attacks on one another. Now whenever we hear the word Bihar, we can recall the un-constituted or disordered state. But in fact, Bihar is previous Magadha! It was Magadha, which was ruled by Chandra Gupta Vikramaditya a famous dynasty. It was Magadha, which was ruled by Mourya dynasty on behalf of Chandra Gupta's mother 'Mura'. It was Magadha, in which the great economic scholar and spying science scholar Acharya Chankya guided Chandra Gupta. It was Magadha, whose capital was Patali Putra, a great gold city in history, a great place famous all over world, though it is calling by name Patna now. Patali Putra, great city and a basic city in most old famous folk stories. And in Magadha, there was a famous university Thakshasila which had more than 10,000 students in the time of before Christ, itself. But we never remind all of this except the present propaganda on Bihar by media. The media never remind Bihar as previous Magadha. Like that the coup makers are tuning of public attitude.

There is same case with Maharashtra. The media project Marathas as Mafia only. They never remind the Maratha Yodhas like Shivaji and others. In Maratha, Sri Balagangadhara Tilak started Ganapati Pooja as a movement to inspirit Hindus. The coup makers gradually had driven it up to cement and chemical coated huge idols, up to environmental damage. Such that, strategically the coup makers had turned every advantage into disadvantage. Similarly, the coup makers and their media never project advantage points and positive issues regarding states, and they always project disadvantage points and negative points.

Regarding Orissa, the coup makers and their supporters like media projects that Orissa as a poor state. They never remind the ferocious history of Kalinga Naga's race. There is same case with Andhra people; the media never remind Cholas, Pandya, Vengi kings, Bobbili kings, Sri Kakula Andhra Devas, Sata Vahanas, and Sali Vahanas. Except in some movies, the media never remind about Sri Krishna Deva Raya and Thimmerusu Mahamanthri. Regarding Karnataka, Tamil nadu and every other state, their strategy is same. We never received a detail description on great temples, culture and history existed in Tamilnadu. Always the media projects the AIDMK and DMK and about their nasty quarrels. The media never guide people by reminding their great and old history, to behave with decency and dignifiedness.

Same case with West Bengal, Punjab, Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh and all other states in India. Totally, the coup makers target is to brainwash Indians to forget their history, their past, their greatness, their strengths, their talents and their advantages. Totally, the coup makers target is to brainwash Indians to think themselves as useless, as waste fellows as they can. Totally, the coup makers target is to brainwash Indians to become lazy and with Thamasam.

Then it will be easy for them to deceive, may be the same case in all parts of the world with the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI and British.

The media never remind Indian culture, Indian epics and history, which could confine Indians as one race. The media always highlights the castes, religions, languages and regional deviations to spoil the unity of Indians and to split the unity of Indians. This is the coup on India. This is the coup to collapse India.

That's the entire coup on castes and on states in India.


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