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04. Coup As Responsibility Of Media

In any country, at any time, Media either Electronic or Print media has important, penetrative and influensive role in human society.

A Russo can en lights the lacks of hearts of public. A Voltaire can blow up the fire of thoughts of common men. A Caral Marks can explore the bombshell of dream of socialism into reality. But it was in those days, in which the Media had no entire grip over the human society.

In our country also, at the time of Independence struggled, so many News Papers in different languages in India provoked the Nationalistic and patriotic feelings in Indians. They motivated people to sacrify themselves against the robbery of British.

When the publishers, editors and journalists of Newspapers were sincere and patriotic, they were able to drive people to fight for freedom of country. If such powerful weapon was gripped by selfish fellows, what will happen? Such is happening now, in every where. Not only in our country, I suspect everywhere in this world, is the same happening. The powerful weapon i.e. Media is driving the people to run in limitless materialistic way, in limitless commercial way.

The publishers, editors and journalists are doing business, so that the business is getting injected into Public blood.

I give one practical example to you. As a teacher to kids, if I determine my mind and heart to make the kid to learn literacy, then only the kid get motivation to learn. As a result the kid can learn letters and numbers and other lessons. If the teacher thinks causality in performing explanation, no student gets learning of lessons. It is my practical experience and I observed the fact in so many other teachers. It is quite natural that, only burning candle can en lights another candle.

What teachers feel, students feel the same. What parents feel, children feel the same. What rulers of country feel, public feel the same. What famous people follow, the common people follow the same.

To implicate this, there is an idiom in our Sanskrit literature, "Yadha Raja, Thadha Praja." That means in which manner the king is, the people will be in such manner.

Another sloka, I refer from Bhagavad Geetha

"యద్య దాచరతి శ్రేష్ఠ స్తత్త దేవేతరో జనః
స యత్ర్పమాణం కురుతే లోక స్త దనువర్తతే"

That means "In society, what men who are famous as intellectuals and great personalities consider things and activities as parameters, common men accept the same as parameters. What great & intellectual men practice, the common men follow it."

This shows the responsibility of elders and leaders in the society. In my childhood, in my family, whenever I misbehaved, immediately I got correction from parents that "if you do badly, your younger brothers and sisters do the same. So you are more responsible. That's why behave yourself" I observed the same correction among my neighbor's families.

Ultimately, we must lead our juniors in right path. But what is happening now?

I demonstrate 30-10-07's News on Enadu. I am giving, as it is translation for your ready reference.



43rd place in 100.

He and Bilgates equal.

58th place to an India.

More people in America & Briton

Daily Telegraph declared through survey.


London: Osama Bin Laden. This name is familiar to all. We watch him as hard-core terrorist who made America to shrivel. But Daily Telegraph Journal of Briton is able to watch a 'Great Intellectual' in him. Neither like this nor like that. It had allotted 43rd place among Top 100 live intellectuals in the world. The same place of 43rd rank was allotted to BilGates of Micro soft.

Daily Telegraph survey had declared that the most of Top 100 live intellectuals are in America and Briton. As per the details of Survey: - 43 members of intellectuals are in America and 24 in Briton. As per average, in Briton, one intellectual for each 25 lacks of people where as in America one intellectual for each 6 lacks of people. If we consider according to averages, Briton is in Top position. For this survey, people were taken in to consideration who shown very talent in the fields of science and Technology, Business and Arts. Six experts lead this survey. They formulated this list by considering five topics are by discussing with 4 thousands British people through E-Mail.

The following are the details of survey………….. [The synopsis of list is in print]

Now let us discuss!

How the survey calculated the intellectuality of people and what are their parameters we don't know. But how BilGates can be equal to Osama Bin Laden? Mr. BilGates is doing business. At the same time he changed the human life through his Microsoft. He provided employmentation to un countable people. He facilitated crores of people. He is a man of constructive mind. Mr. Osama Bin Laden is doing terrorism. At the same time he filled the human life with terror and impeacefulness. He is a man of destructive mind. No religion will tell to flow blood of floor. No God will tell to kill people, whatever his name Allah, Rama, Buddha or Yawe or Jesus. God is love, God is faith and God is truth. How a destructive mind can be equal to constructive mind? How the construction of a great architectural building is equal to destruction of it? How drawing a beautiful painting is equal to spoil it? To draw a beautiful paint, it takes long time. And high talent, concentration and man power is required. To spoil it, it takes seconds and no talent and concentration and man power required. If anybody argue that planning and manpower was used in destroy, we can give reply to them as follows. If such qualities were used in destruction, then such qualities should not be treated as qualities, rather than they can be treat as something psychological disorder, selfishness, business, or spying taken the veil of religion.

And more over how six experts headed team can decide intellectuality's by interviewing 4000 people whereas 600+cores of people are there in the world? How the Daily Telegraph can send indications into public to consider some people are great and so and so ranked? If we question them; then they may show some rules and regulations as special conditions or limitations of their survey.

I am not asking the legality of survey of Media. I am asking about the ethical responsibility of Media? By creating such attitudes in public, can't people think that which manner we become famous doesn't matter, becoming fame in important. Which manner we become rich doesn't matter, becoming rich is important. That's enough to ruin the humanity.

Here Enadu the Telugu Daily Newspaper printed this, as it was the survey of Daily Telegraph of Briton. May be that Daily Telegraph will print another type of survey as it was done by Enadu or some 'X' paper of some 'x' country.

This strategy resembles 'You scratch, my back and I scratch your back'

One more factorial example, I want to explain to you. Here in our South India, in this decade itself, a notorious smuggler of Sandal wood Mr. Veerappan got shot died. This example related to him. Here the forests are not as thick as Veerappan could escape. But miraculary Veerappan could escape. Might be it was his capacity. No police could reach him. But a Media man Nakkiran Gopalan could interview him whenever he desired. If the address or where about of such inhuman smuggler was known to Media man, is it not his responsibility to inform to police and co-operate to eliminate such evils from society? To save country and to save peacefulness of public life is not responsibility of Media?

Another News of Enadu, October30, 2007.

Service Long – Salary short.

Government employees diminished in comparison with Private. Krishna Rao, Assistant Section officer in Secretariat. His service is 15 years. But his basic salary is 12,500/-Rs. One of his relatives recently joined in IT Company and he drew first month salary as 22,000/-Rs. This evolution naturally humiliating Krishna Rao. The base difference between Govt. and Private Employees is creating so many problems now. If the salaries of Govt. employees won't get increase, the implementation of different welfare and developments programs will get dangerous and extreme impact. But Govt. is thinking to decrease the expenditure of employees' salaries and Allowances –Hyderabad, News today.

Next elaborated News item of the above is in print. The above entire analysis is from News today, Hyderabad only. In this context, any defense party of media can argue that it is the information regarding facts. The journalists gathered such information from Govt. employees through talks & interviews with them. May it is true. It may be true in-satisfaction in Govt. employees.

But being Newspaper being influence media, won't News today or some other Newspaper who ever publish such News, has social responsibility of counseling the Govt. employees?

While compare with IT employees, if Govt. employees feel in satisfaction, why don't they feel satisfaction by comparing themselves, with private non IT employees and other low income groups including farmers, who are not getting relevant gain towards their work of both physical & psychological.

If a private employee in satisfied with his salary, they will try to convince his management to recognize his work efficiency. If not workout, he will leave the job and find another. That is the life struggle in private field. But in Govt. employees field, the employees won't work, but raise strikes to get increase of salaries and other allowances. We know the work efficiency of employees in each and every moment and in each and every incident including, 30-10-2007's floods in Nellore. More over 95% of Govt. employees are no need of salary when compared with their corruptive income per month. Every income tax and Anti Corruption Bureau raid on Govt. employees is proving this and exposing crores of assets in each raid. Can we say that the Govt. employees are doing work sincerely and severely as equivalent to private employees of same salary? Without showing redtapisam are they doing work?

At Suryapet ASI of Police said to me that "I am not your servant. I do what I like. I know my work, you should not ask me what I do." This dialogue he said to me, When I asked him to give me receipt towards my complaint as per the rule, at the time of 11.40 P.M. at night when my house owner locked my house though I paid her rent, in the part of harassment on me. I narrated that harassment in the later part of this writing through complaints.

Here, I want to put a question to them, the Govt. employees are not public servants? From whose work and industry they are getting salaries? Not from the taxes from public?

The Most of the Govt. employees are not doing service to public, more over sucking corruptions to perform their duties and implementing strikes to fulfill their desires. If private employees are not lucky enough to get Govt. job or if private employee are not capable to get Govt. job, then why don't they think same with respective themselves and IT employees.

Or else, if they are, qualify and capable, why don't they leave Govt. job and join in private IT jobs? Govt. employees have guarantee service of 35 years and peaceful retired life with pension & P.F. etc. But IT man has to show continuous work efficiently to draw salary, as well as no guarantee for long service in job.

Why don't they consider these disadvantages and feel satisfaction? Wherever it is advantage, the Govt. employees will compare & consider and wherever it is disadvantage, they will keep silence. The media give full support to them. The ultimate target is to weak the Govt. in financial & efficiency matters, because weak Govt. cannot govern the public life. So that, exploitation of common person in private field made easy.

Otherwise, why don't the Media expose these lives of poor and responsibility of employees and convince them to drive out their in satisfaction? Why don't they motivate Govt. employees to work sincerely? The Media never write against employees unions. Though they write corruption matters, they can't get impulsive yield. Because no much determination & sincerity in such writings.

Here I refer a description of swamy Ramananda Theerdha. According to it, "When a room is dark. It won't get light if we scold the dark room or through pens, chairs, and tables into the dark room. The room will get en lighten, only when we light candle there!" How truthful this is! The Newspapers had done such candle en lighting in the time of freedom fight.

But now they are playing drama of brining candle through psudo writings. Maybe, in Media opinion, if they write against the certain sections, the sales of paper will go down, the advertisements will get down and ultimately the business will get down. In such case, the Media is doing business only but not service to public. Then they are not eligible to talk about ethics or morals. They are not eligible to enjoy the so-called PRESS FREEDOM.

If we discuss about the sincere public service of Enadu Ramoji Rao, let us refer the following things.

Few days back, in October 07, Enadu published the land disputes of Mr. Y.S. Raja Sekhara Reddy the present C.M. of A.P. such as Edupula Paya etc. When the paper man knows about the disputes of political people, why don't they fight on it till the disputes get solved? Same case with the land disputes of Vatti Vasantha Kumar, Gali Janardhana Reddy, passport disputes of Narendra etc. etc. etc. I'm not supporting the political people. About the drama of politics, let us discuss later. Now I'm discussing only about the sincerity of Media.

Why the Media expose the disputes of the politicians for some time and why they keep in pending for same time? That means whenever the Media want to grip political field, then only is the Media publishing such disputes? Whenever the Media require money or favor, is media publishing such disputes and after getting fulfillment of their needs, is Media stopping to publish them?

If not, why don't they fight on behalf of people until the disputes get nullified and justice should happen?

Regarding Mr. Y.S. Raja Sekhara Reddy's land disputes, it was happened so long in the past, in the time of Mr.Y.S.R.'s father, Mr. Y.S. Raja Reddy. Being paper man, Mr. Ramoji Rao won't know it in the past it self?

This leads us to think that Media is using by certain people, for certain selfish or spying reasons. May be some other papers in all other countries are doing the same type of working like Enadu in India. I'm sure that, if any reader observes current Media coverage in their respective countries, they can watch the same type of strategy what I discussed under this caption of responsibility of Media. Only the names of News papers, publishers and countries will change but not the strategy.

May be this entire strategy in all over the world is leading by one man or by one institute or by one organization.

If the defense party of Media argue with us as "People are not showing interest on continuous presentation of disputes of certain people and certain issues. So we are not publishing them continuously. We publish them to expose, later Govt. has to enquire into it in order to take action on it!"

If it is true, how the Media can decide whether people are showing interest or not? What are their parameters? Depends upon circulation? Depends upon letters to paper office? Depends upon survey? The survey results they can manipulate as I discussed in above. Whatever the Media want to propagate, they would say that people desire this just like in "BLACK GOAT-FOUR THIEVES ." We watch this in case of movies. In 7th & 8th decades of last century, there was a slogan or paradox in cinema field as "because, movies are producing in Monotonous of Love & sacrifice or revenge based stories so that we are watching"- this was the slogan of public as per Media presentation. "Because people are watching, we are producing such movies!" this was the slogan of producers as per the Media presentation. But there was no alternative entertainment in those days for public. And more over, inspite of many movies flop, same type of movies were continuously produced. And so called success fame movies also match fixed success such as Narasimha of Jr.N.T.R. and Lakshmi Narasimha of Balakrishna which were exposed recently due to ruptures of suicide attempts of hero & murder attempts of hero! This is actual situation. Then success or interest of public is not supper imposed or stamped by Media? To explain about the same strategy on public opinion, stamping by media, I give another example to you from political field. In 8th decade of last century, the media had given 70 mm and stereophonic propaganda that Punjab people were demanding freedom from Union Government of India, they were wanting to form a separate country by name Khalisthan which had audible rhyme with the word Pakistan. Every day we used to read number count of deaths i.e. shot dead by militants through the headlines of Newspapers like Enadu, Hindu etc. I have good memory of assassination of Longowala within 3 months of peace-treaty with Mr. Rajiv Gandhi as P.M. of India. Up to 1992 September/or October, media had shouted with high pitch that Punjabis strong desire was Khalisthan, separation from India. In September or October of 1992, one early hours of day, Mr. Gurujanth Singh a hard-core militant, Punjab police encountered a chief Militant while that Militant was coming from his keep's [lover's] house. Can you imagine that a freedom fighter who is fighting for country, with such bad character? Not a single agency of Private Media had covered this point on headline or in first page in 1992 except Delhi Door Darshan.

Before and after the encounter of Mr. Gurujanth Singh, many of militants were surrender to Mr. K.P.S. Gill and his police officials along with the lots of their weapons. After that till 2007, Punjab is peaceful and more over a Punjabi is P.M. of India now. Except the assassination of Mr. Biant Singh the then C.M. of Punjab and other small incidents, Punjab is with countable peace.

If people demand is for Khalisthan, how this peace is created there? If Media stamping in true, how people are peaceful now in Union India?

If the defense party of Media argue as "The people still desire it. The Govt. of India i.e. democratic Government suppressing it!"

If it is true, why couldn't the Govt. of India suppress it before 1992? On the other hand, if it is true, why don't Media fight to expose it? Why don't Media fight to bring the truth on to the screen?

I give present example in this context. Here in A.P., as per Media propaganda people in Telangana districts demanding for special state by name Telangana. The politicians are giving prolonged statements in Media. To achieve separate state of Telangana, political parties such as Telangana Rashtra Samithi, Talli Telangana etc. etc. were formed.

But in the local body election i.e. Municipality elections such political parties i.e. T.R.S. didn't get success. Then how can the Media and politicians say that people are demanding it? For the time being, both Media & Politicians will keep calm and restart the drama.

If the defense party of Media argue, "The election was not fair. Disputes & rigging were happened in poling & counting."

If it is true, why don't we say the democracy and constitution failed in implementation? Why don't Media fight on this issue?

If expose of disputes only is Media's duty, while to take action is duty of Government, why don't Media fight on behalf of public and for the sake of public until the disputes get nullified or until the Government take action on dispute makers?


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