Thursday, December 18, 2008

1]. Black Goat – Four Thieves

I narrate you an old story from our treasure of literature. This story belongs to ‘Pancha Tantra’ written by Gunadhya i.e. Vishnu Sarma in Pysachi Language, centuries ago. The name of this story is ‘Nalla Meka – Naluguru Dongalu’. Its meaning is ‘BLACK GOAT- FOUR THIEVES’.

అనగా అనగా ……….

One day on old man was going to Market, called Santha to sell out his goat. It was black in color. He was walking through a forest to reach the market. He tied his goat with a small rope and driving it in his direction.

Four thieves had watched this. They wanted to steal this goat from that old man. They can beat him to steal the goat. But they didn’t like to do so as if might become a remarkable crime.

Hence they thought about a strategy. According to that, one of the thieves approached the old man and said “Hello! Grand father, why are you dragging this street dog, by tieing it with rope? Are you mad?” the old man got surprised and said “No child, you are mistaking. This is black goat, not a dog.” The thief argued, “No grand pa, your sight might become weak.” By saying this, he left the place.

The old man watched keenly his animal, by confirming it as goat, he continued his journey. But after some distance, the second thief approached him in opposite direction to the previous thief and repeated the same drama, but with prolonging script. He argued continuously with the old man and tried to convince him as his goat was black dog. The old man was reluctant to accept it.

While leaving the place, the second thief played a powerful strategy as “Okay grand father. As you believe, it is goat. But take care. It may be a dog and it can bite you if you stress it to move along with you. Okay. Bye.”

The old man got severe wonder and checked once again his animal. It was 100% goat but not dog. He continued his journey to market. But on the way, he was thinking why those two men, who were quite unknown to him as well as to each other, that to met him from opposite ways, argued with him like that? There was nothing benefit for them by saying his goat as dog at par his vision. Then, why they tried to convince him?

When he was in this dilemma, the third thief approached him with the same drama and added some essence to it as “May it is a mad dog, and it can bite you.” the old man bluntly opposed this and continued his journey. But the suspect in his brain was getting increase. He started to suspect his ability of sight and common sense.

At this juncture, the fourth thief met him and said “Hi old man! Why are you taking this black dog with you? Are you mad? Or did your old age get you blindness?”

By losing confidence on himself, the old man left the goat in forest and returned home with empty hands. The four thieves happily captured the goat and enjoyed its meat.

Here, after four thieves, the old man got break psychologically. If not, the four thieves may become as forty thieves. There is nothing loss for them to continue. The entire effort is their investment to get goat as profit.

If the old man’s ‘Atma Sakthi’ i.e. will power or mind power is able to make him to over come this strategy, the thieves are able to create continuous campaign of propaganda or advertisement until the old man’s defeat. With the help of corruption, they are able to get support from the governments of countries also.

In spite of that efforts, if the old man didn’t break psychologically and didn’t believe that his black goat as black dog, there will enter famed psychiatrists into the picture. Actually, the coup makers and their supporters only fame these experts.

With the help of these famed psychiatrists, coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, British Crown Govt., Ramoji Rao and their supporters can stamp the old man as mad person. Off course, in the coup makers’ and their supporters’ language the synonym of ‘madness’ is ‘Pscrijofenia’ or split psychology or Paranoid psychology or some Chemical disturbance in the brain.

In this situation, how can a common man, a normal human being protect him self from this influence? Is it not ‘lie and its influence on our lives?’

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