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10. Coup On Medicine Field

Medicine! The field of service, dedication and humanity! The temple or praying place, school or educational institute and the hospital are sacred places. When we enter into a temple, we should experience divine feeling. When we enter into educational institute, we should feel the glory of knowledge. When we enter into the hospital, we should experience the protective feeling.

But when we enter into the Govt. hospital, not all, but most of all, we experience the dirty of surroundings, rough deal of non-medical staff; care less service of medical staff and nothing super vision of higher officials. I'm not saying that each and every doctor or nurse or employee of Government is performing duty with negligence. But maximum of them are doing nominal service. Just like maximum of other Govt. employees, they are doing nominal service. If any doctor either junior or senior, if any nurse does their duty with sincerity, the politicians are there to beat them as recent Nelopher and other hospital at Hyderabad.

On the other hand, when we enter into the private hospital or corporate hospital, we experience the pleasant and aristocratic surroundings; welcoming smile of receptionist, helping touch of nurse, friendly voice of doctors. But behind all of this, smell of currency, the taste of money urge, we could experience.

Centuries back, the medicine was completely different to that of now days. It was not improved relative to present times. Death ratio, failure ratio is higher to that of now-a-days. Particularly in India, centuries back, Medicine was depended up on Nature only. Mud, water, some spices, roots leaves and fruits, etc. from trees & plants and some materials from animals, and some metals etc. were the raw medicines. Treatment was in crude methods. Patients had to believe God, fate as well as Doctor. After the treatment, patient could pay to Doctor depends up on patient's economic situation and satisfaction. That's all! Money had that much role among doctor and patients. Because, there was an attitude in people in those days, that money is not equivalent to life and pain of body. So by paying huge amount of money also, the patient could not get rid of thankfulness towards the doctor. That's why, beyond the money limits, the feelings had the important role of among the relation-ship of doctor and patients. However, while paying to the doctor, patients however their economical situation, they effort to satisfy their life donor at their maximum level. They were very sincere relative to us. As well as, the doctors also, very generous to wards the patients to cure their diseases and to consider their economical capabilities. This was because, in those days, those generations were sincere regarding the feelings and truth. Might be, materialistic people, money minded people were there as patients and doctors, but relative better to those of now a days in proportion.

That's why doctor had high position in society. They were treated as the replica of God. "
వైద్యో నారాయణో హరి" The doctor was equivalent to God Vishnu. As well as there were settires as "నీ చేతి మాత్ర వైకుంఠ యాత్ర". That means, some doctors treatment was a ticket to heaven.

Such that, doctors had an important role in society. They used to enjoy so much of great fullness, gratitude in society. With such psychological satisfaction, doctors used to show so much of generosity on poor and victims. Might be it was unavoidable divinity to them. Doctor used to visit patients house to treat them. Still in some villages, some R.M.P. i.e. Rural Medical Practitioners are practicing such visits around village. Any way instead of money, feeling had the leading role in medical field in those days. Trust was the base of the relationship among doctors and patients. Facing fate was the pillar of such trust.

But days were changed. Now, in so many contexts, there is doubt, suspect among doctor and patients. When we step into the doctors place, how much robbery of our valet or pocket is there on behalf of tests, scanings, X-rays etc. etc. diagnosing. May be, the advance of medicine technology is leading us to diagnose the problem of patient with high accuracy, So that the diagnosing with machinery and involving of high technology is unavoidable. I'm not blaming the diagnosing system and technology involvements. But when some corporatism had mixed in that field of divine touch, when the money had occupied the seat of humanity, I'm blaming such corporate medicine. I agree that diagnosing tests are needful to doctor to cure the patients. But regarding the unavoidability, being patients we don't know. We can't omit the doctor's decision. If the doctor is sincere, we will be safe. If the doctor is commercial, money minded who could save the patient? By paying 25 to 40 lacks to purchase medicine seats in EAMCET, to become doctor, [that much of money is needed as investment], how can we behave the doctor's position of earning profits on their investment? Such corporate doctors have to earn their investment, towards the studying of medicine, interest on that investments, their establishment charges of hospital and its maintenance and in addition their profits. In such case, after treating how many patients, after thief ting how many purses, after sucking now many gallous of blood, this thrust will get satisfy? Are we not watching such inhumanity in our surroundings?

Can every patient trust his/her doctor? If we observe in our surroundings, maximum portion of patients, have their own suspects regarding the lab tests, such as blood test, sugar test and something and something. Unavoidably or helplessly, they are moving to the medical treatment.

If we observe the lives of poor, such as vender of vegetables, fruits etc. on carts, once if the family leading fellow get illness, total family would collapse. Their lives would totally alter. In fact, 90% of diseases are general. But super specialty hospitals, specialist doctors, high sensitive laboratory tests, diagnosing reports are unavoidable. In such case, the treatment, medicine is not available to common man or ordinary man. Actually medical field is advanced in technology. But the humanity decreased in medical field. Replacement of damaged human organs with alternates such as artificial organs, animal organs or organs from donors is now possible. As well as selling and purchasing of human organs is also going on. Some news items also published on print media and telecasted in electronic media such as sons are marketing father's kidneys. They might be wrong or correct news. But they give wrong signal into the society. Is it not true?

Advancement and good development is in medical field. In the same proportion or more proportion, diseases are also increasing. No more control or supervision on food market. Either in production or in marketing, no more supervision of food control inspectors or health inspectors. The job holders are there but no more job work performance. Including raw materials, food processing and selling counters such as hotels or stalls or super-markets; no more health control, no where from corporate food item level to street selling cart level. Take fruits, there is the fear of carbide. The fruit vendors, fruit businessmen, everybody using carbide to ripe fruits with bright and attractive colors. No bother about 'allergies' that people are suffering from it, including kids to old people. If the allergies spread much in society, there will be much business for hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. Actually fruits are dependable food to kids, old generation and ill health people i.e. patients. If such fruits are polluted with carbide, in whatever manner we wash them before eat, won't they damage the health? Corporate food items such as jams, biscuits, chocolates, chips etc. etc. attract the children with colorful and tempting Ads. Corporate foods items such as noodles, instant mix etc. etc. attract the housewives & employees with ready made and less effort in preparation methods through Ads, and occupy their busy brains. In corporate foods, how many coloring agents, how many tasting agents, how many preservative agents, how many flavoring agents, how many expandive agents and ultimately how many chemical agents are mixing in them, among them how many are advisable to health and how many are dangerous to health, who is thinking and who is taking care? Though they give obesity, though they give allergies, though they give ill health in long run, who is omitting the instant joy in their busy life. Maximum portion of people for gotten self-control. That's why only cigarettes and liquors, somehow Narcotics have their own market. Who is responsible to this situation? Governments? Corporate companies? Ad media? And Public?

This situation is suitable to one of our Telugu idiom "తిలా పాపం తలా పిడికెడు"

That means sin of gingili seeds will be distributed to everybody as palmful. In our Telugu traditions, it anybody dies, after cremation and formal religious programmers, gingili seeds and water will be thrown in rivers and gingili seeds will spread on floor as food to ants & crows. If a group killed a person, the sin of such murder will be distributed to every body. In that context, Telugu elders used to say this idiom.

At any time, if any alertness happens to food and health inspecting departments, immediately they target on poor basthies, on buddy shops [tiny shops of poor], pickle vendors on cycles or carts and pawnshop holders. It is a paradox created by Govt. employees, redtapistic Govt. policy, supporting spying from media. Ultimately, a nation will become weak in physical and psychological.

It we consider water issue, 20 years back, no problem and no pollution in water to drink, any where. But now! Crores of crores rupees business is on water. If we go to hotel to eat something oil fear, food color fear, to drink water diarrhea fear, to drink cool drink pesticide fear. To eat fruits carbide fear, totally to lead life, doctor fear.

If we go to hospital with one disease, multiple diseases will be found out. It may be the accuracy in medicine. But the question is whether the poor and common man can effort the private medical treatment or not? If they go to Govt. doctors, there is the careless and neglecting in Govt. hospitals. Some of the sincere service of the staff as doctors, nurses and hospitals is there, but how far it is sufficient to the vast poor & normal public patients? Govt. is showing wanted neglecting in this angle. Because I experienced and observed the care taken in Govt. hospital in Guntur at the time of Mrs. Indira Gandhi Govt. in 1983 and after that time period. If anybody argues with me that, this situation is the result of corruption, not of the Govt. or of some rulers, I remind them a Sanskrit idiom "యధారాజా తధాప్రజా". That means in which manner the kings or rulers behave, in the same manner the people will behave. This explained in Bhagavad Geetha also as

"యద్య దాచరతి శ్రేష్ఠ స్తత్త దేవేతరో జనః
స యత్ర్పమాణం కురుతే లోక స్త దనువర్తతే"

That means people will follow their leaders.

So that from top to bottom, from P.M., C.M., Chair persons, directors up to attenders, coolies everybody is running to pick up currency notes, no check, no supervision, no thinking, no feeling, no humanity, no living, only gathering of money.

Govt. doctors are busy with private hospitals or in partner ship in corporate hospitals. It is imposable to doctor when his colleague is earning money by participating private business and it is impossible to continue only in public service with idealistic views, that is without getting much carrier. Idealism means work in limits, feel limits, earn in limits, enjoy in limits. Idealism means earn Dharma Ardha Kama Mokshaw i.e. perform your duty in right manner, earn money appropriate to your work and talent, fulfill your righteous desires, by the way earn good place in heaven, that means in God's world.

In this context, I explain you a real fact in Guntur. At that time, there was a doctor by name Gandhi in one of poor colonies called Nalla Cheruvu in Guntur. He used to treat the poor with nominal fees and lived in that area. He had good reputation among poor. They used to deal him, as God to them. Might be he enjoyed such cheers, might be he satisfied with such gratitude from poor, he was continued his life there for long time.

But in 1990 around, one day a roudy sheeter made a dommy i.e. physical beat on him and dragged his wife and daughter onto the road used rough tongue and ill treated them in nasty way. The police could not stop him. The reasons of police silence might be corruption. By fearing the notorious publicity of roudy sheeter, poor public had forgotten their responsibility, unity and their strength.

With such humiliation, that doctor died within few months. It had given a sensational signal in to the society, and I clearly remembered the conversations of my parents, neighbors, elders in society regarding such sensational issue. So many doctors having similar feelings of Dr. Gandhi, Nalla cheruvu slowly wound up their medical practice or changed their trend. With in short period, in Guntur, suddenly the consultation fees of doctors got increased and advance payments, medical shop & labs openings in the hospital etc. corporate methods were introduced.

In ancient days, after getting cure, patients used to pay to the doctor according to their economical ability and gratitude. Because the patients used to think that their life was much valuable than money, they used to pay the doctor as their level best up to the satisfaction of doctors as well as doctors also used to enjoy the gratitude some public and money from patients to lead comfortable life. The things of this relation ship were in continuity up to Dr. Gandhi's sorrowful ending of life at Guntur among the doctors and patients.

But after that incident, receptionist had got appointed in hospitals, to collect the consultation fee in advance. That's all the end of emotions and beginning of business. Actually food, education and medicine should be deal in society beyond the limits of money. In such case, what we can say if the food, education and medicine became the source of business?

Whatever we say, we are observing the result of such business, the limitless business and the life less business in the events such as price of life, price of human organs, price of kids in mother's womb's, rents of women wombs and price of blood.

One of such extreme situation, we watched and enjoyed in the cinema Tagore of Telugu. In that movie the hero took a dead body, after collecting the death certificate from Government hospital to a corporate hospital. He told there to treat his brother irrespective of the expenditure. The corporate medical business was up to 3 lacks with serious drama. It is on silver screen i.e. cinema. But such incidents are multiple in our surroundings.

In olden day's medicine, accuracy in diagnosing was less. Not advanced while compare with that of now-a-days medicine. Death rate was high. Foolish and ignorant believes influenced the public. So that failure rate was very high. The bitterness and crude methods were in treatment. Like that, there were so many disadvantages in olden day's medicine. Among those disadvantages, one great advantage was there to human souls. That is the bitter medicines and restrictions in diet. Because of such rude style of medical treatment, people could remember the idiom as prevention is better than cure. Unavoidably patients, people could practice self-control to prevent more eating and disease getting. Unavoidably people could follow good health habits such as disciplinary food & exercise styles.

In vice versa, in modern medicine, accuracy in diagnosing is high. Death rate is less. Success rate is very high. Guarantee cure can be believable. But the tragedy is effort to avail such accurate and qualitative medical treatment is also very high i.e. very expensive. The modern medicine can change the beauty of patient's body by plastic surgeon. If can rectify the natural deficiencies in our appearance such as dental, hair, lips etc. with surgeries. It is inventing medicines to avoid obesity, in spite of over eating. It is trying to invent such medicine to prevent exercises or hard working of body in spite of over eating's, by stitching the digestive bag to prevent over eating or consuming suitable tablets to feel satisfaction of hunger to prevent over eating. This is not a substitute of controlling our mind i.e. self control to prevent over eating. The modern medicine is trying to invent methods to make human life more luxuries and less effort. But this is automatically increasing other problems, i.e. of both psychological and physical diseases. Whenever man is trying to alter the nature and naturality, he is facing more and more problems. Here, I request women liberal organizations to do not argue with me for my using of word "Man" because I used such word, man as human being but not as male. Hence I request you to read the above sentence as 'when ever human being is trying to alter the nature and naturality. He/she is facing more and more problems.

But one happy thing is- now doctors are advising us that good and health life style is un-alternative to lead peaceful life. We must be thank full them for such counseling.

In fact doctors are like gods on earth. But whoever the doctor became corporate businessman [not normal business] would turn as bloodsucker on the earth. Corporate hospitals, super specialty hospitals, whenever their priority is humanity to business, they are okay. But corporate hospitals, super specialty hospital whenever their priority is business they are not okay.

When the business dominates the service and humanity, it will take terrible edges to develop business. Now we are watching such terrible edges in our surroundings.

Killing of service orientation in Govt. hospitals is to improve business in private sector. To do such, the politicians or Roudi sheeters can beat the duty doctors and medical staff. Such situations we had seen recently in our state. Among so many political reasons, the above mentioned reason is also one of them. Why not it could be? Non supply of medicines or short supply of medicines in Govt. sector also strategically can improve business in private sector. To create paradox among the medical staff and Govt. rulers, regarding service rules and salaries and to lead the strikes, the media works. It support in such a sarcastic way i.e. instead of searching solutions to solve the problem of strike, media will create some more communication gaps among public, public servants such as medical staff and Secretariat i.e. administrative staff and politicians. This is all to improve the business in private sector of medicine. Is it not? Otherwise, how this can improve the service and help to poor public and middle class people?

Neglecting in the performance of health and food inspectors duties, sanitary dept. duties, drug controller duties, lead the medical business to develop like any thing. How much pollution, chemicals increase in food, that much increase in allergies and diseases, that much increase in the business of medicine. Man cannot avoid food and life. So investing towards the cure of diseases is must and should. So guarantee business! If the analysis is this much deep, it seems to be terrible. But this is true. 100% true.

I narrate you a real fact in this context. Recently one of my neighbors had met an accident while travelling on his bike. He is a poor or lower middle class man. A maruthi car had crashed his leg. Some body informed police and they brought him to hospital. Immediately some advocate approached him to help him to get compensation from car owner. They succeeded to draw compensation and gave some share to the accident patient and remaining was shared among police, doctor and advocate. The tragedy of this is my neighbor had lost his leg. The compensation was not enough for his operation, so that he suffered a lot. He lost carrier graff as his occupation is service oriented. Immediately after the accident, help came to him in the form of advocate, but his share of compensation was so less, related to that treatment. When the police, advocate and doctor deal the victim in such a way to lead him to think as if "the police etc. didn't give this much of compensation also to me, what I can do?, how inhuman this is?

If we observe such incidents, if we notice that some professionals wait for unfortunate happenings to others to make money, how much inhuman it is? I heard about some social servants as free lancers doing attending the accidents, helping victims as service organization. If individual advocate, or police or doctors or others do something help it is so welcomable. But if it turns as money making profession, how terrible it will be? In such case why not such professionals wait for such unfortunate happenings? Is there not such possibility?

This much of inhumanity occurred in every business, including medicine. Should we not feel unhappy to live in such circumstances?

On the other hand, there is a huge network or link up business among Corporate organizations. Medical and pharmaceutical field is one of the main tracks of such network. The mosquito repellants, rat killers, insect killers improve the allergies, as well as the mosquito, rat and insect generations. Instantly they kill mosquitoes, rats and insects in front of our eyes when we use such killing agents, marketed by branded companies. But if you observe their population in due course, the fact is increasing of the population of mosquitoes, rats and insects. If you observe keenly, you can notice systematic growth in the size, age, and batches especially in the insects such as cockroaches vs. Hit etc killing agents, this fact can be visible very clearly. So using of hits, jets and mosquito repellents is must. Again increase of mosquitoes, again jets. This is repeated cycle. No body can break it. To avoid this situation in a colony every body must effort, or as an indidual, any body's effort must be very severe as fixing meshes, mosquito nets and closing system of doors for any building.

Along with this, these chemicals lead the healthy people to ill healthiness. That's all the network of business, network of our neglecting, network of our carelessness and network of our busy schedule. Totally, this is our life style. Who can save our future except our selves. Yes, we have to think, we have to work to protect our future, human future & earth future.

And there is one more terrible danger with medicines. Maximum medicines are duplicate in the market now. By investing of 1 kg of Maize, flour of 15/ Rs they can make thousands of tablets by mixing some bitter taste and some chemicals odor. By marketing each tablet by keeping them in foils for Rs 2 to 3 Rs each, how much profit can you imagine? Nearly 3000/-Rs for each Kg. i.e. 15 Rs how much profit! Then what is the problem to share these huge amounts as corruption on Drug Control? By consuming such flour tablets, watered injections, patients could not get rid of disease for long time is quite natural. After making money, then the doctor or medical shopkeepers will show generosity on patients by prescribing right or genuine medicine. Other wise patients will decrease and business will get loss, so that they know their limits in doing business. Some more strategies are there in medicines. Along with some genuine medicines, more duplicate medicines also get prescribed and marketed. Nothing loss and no side effects with duplicate medicines. So high profit in pharmaceutical business. I'm not saying this with pessimistic views or native thoughts. After observing the facts only, I'm saying. And I'm not saying 100% all of the doctors and druggists are like this. But I'm saying that such people are in dominating ratio.

That's why I repeat the above works – we have to think, we have to work, we to protect our future, human future and earth future.


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