Friday, December 19, 2008

Ref. No. - 17

Nandyala complaints

The Executive Officer,
Sri Bhramaramba Mallikharjuna Swamy Devasthanam,
Sri Sailam.

Respected sir,

Request to allow us to shift furniture from our Room No.10, C.V.C. – reg.

1. Yr. Letter No. Rc.No. C2 / 7419 /2006 dt. 13-03-`07.
2. Our requisition dt. 31-03-`07 for time extension.


As we tried our level best to shift our pre-school cum residence at Room No. 10, C.V.C., Sri Sailam to any local alternative accommodation up to the last date i.e. 08-05-`07, but unfortunately we could not. Ours is good reputed school career at Sri Sailam. That’s why we had struggled our level best to continue there but in vain. Hence we are proceeding to our native to locate accommodation and new career. Within short period we will approach you and we will remove i.e. shift our furniture from Room No.10, C.V.C.

Hence, we request you to kindly give few days time to shift our furniture from the same and we will clear whatever the dues if any we liable.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,
Y. Adi Lakshmi,


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