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03. Coup As Expose Of Female And Male Physical Bodies

There was an old and famous cinema song in one of the Telugu movies i.e. Pathala Bhairavi, which was, produced almost 40 to 45 years back. That was

"కళ్ళు తెరిచి కనరా
సత్యం ఒళ్ళు మరిచి వినరా
సర్వం నీకే బోధపడురా

That means,

Observe by opening your eyes into the truth. Hear by paying concentration towards the truth.

Then, you can know everything.

If we observe any advertisement irrespective of product, the models [either male or female] expose their body. In beauty contest and other propaganda programs, the so-called beauties exhibit their bodies by wearing palm size cloth pieces.

Though John Keats says, "A thing of beauty is joy forever."

Though a Telugu poet says "Andame Anandam", is a human body without cover of dress beauty?

Here I'll tell you an old story from our Tamil literature.

అనగా అనగా

Once there was a king. He saw a beautiful girl in his kingdom. She was daughter of a business man. The king called on her father and ordered him to send his daughter to the king's palace. The helpless father requested the king to leave her and tried to convince the king to marry her at least, but not enjoy her beauty. The king refused it and stressed the businessman to send his daughter. The girl was informed about this. She asked the king to allow her one week time. After one week, on the prescribed day the girl approached the king's palace with a convoy of palanquins. Before her carriage, some gold and silver vessels were there in few palanquins. When the king approached her in order to welcome her, the king was shocked by watching her. Because she was not beautiful as she was, when he saw her. She was lean, pale and seemed to be very weak. Totally, she was not beautiful, not healthy, and not even attractive.

With such shock the king asked her "What happened to you my dear beauty."

The girl replied "oh great king! I filled my beauty in those vessels & I brought them along with me. You go and watch them and enjoy them."

With puzzled mind, he opened the vessels. Those were filled with bad smelling liquids.

Then the girl continued with the king "Oh! My dear great king! It was my beauty. Those liquid was my vomiting, urine etc. Every day, within this week, I used to consume Castrol oil and I draw that beauty from my body. When those liquid of blood, fuss urine etc are in my body, this body looks like beautiful young girl. Without those liquids, my body looking like this now. So the real beauty of my body is such only. That's why I brought it along with me for your enjoyment. To enjoy such beauty only, you threw out the ethics. Now come and enjoy this. Other wise, these bodies also will go to die and mingle with mud. So don't waste your time. Enjoy it."

The king realized the truth and left his ethic less and selfish life. Moreover, lived for the sake of faith.

That's the entire story!

Is it not true?

Is Physical beauty is permanent and forever? Old age, illness and death won't destroy it? What is the joy in watching nude bodies of human beings? All the animals are nude in nature. It is natural. Is it natural if human beings exhibit their bodies like barbarians?

With this influence, what will be the altitude of teenage children towards life? If they got extra ordinary curiosity towards sex, in immature age, how much damage they get in life?

In life, we require joyfulness, beautifulness etc. Yes, it is true. But there should not be the limits?

In our Sanskrit literature, there was a famous slokam by Brurthulahari. According to its meanings – we will take care of our hair when it stands on our head. We give wash it regularly with clean water, we combs it in different styles, we apply it with perfumed oils and we decorate it with flowers and gold ornaments. If it drops from its position i.e. head, will we treat it like that? If we watch the fallen hair on floor, we sweep it out. If we watch it in food, we throw it away. If the hair is in its position i.e. limits, it got good treatment. If it is beyond the limits, it lost such treatment.

This is applicable for every thing. Enjoyment recreation or refreshing, if it is within the limits, it is right. If not, it should be avoidable.

In fact, the irony in life is this: the people all over our country are not exhibiting their bodies in real life. Recently, within two years, I visited from Kanya Kumari to New Delhi. Wherever I go, I watched everywhere, the college-going students, the office going people, the youth and everybody, every person dressed up in decency. The barbarian exhibition is only on T.V. and Cinema.

If we switch on the T.V., even in sports channels we can watch the short wearing of female players when they play tennis or badminton etc. etc. If the same game played by males, they will dress up in full length. If the full dress is convenient for males then why not it is convenient for females to play?

God must know it.

Or Media must know it.

Other wise why different and attractive articles, discussions and debates over the dress sense of Maria Sharapova or Sania Meerza etc. was published and propagated in media?

My dear reader, think about the business behind this. Business of cool drinks, business of food, business of hotels etc. etc. etc.

That's all give the answer to you.

If people run towards lust for physical needs, then sale of objects, so that business will increase like any thing. If people are with balanced mind, think about knowledge, feelings, spirituality and enjoy time in introversion, what business can be doing?


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