Saturday, December 20, 2008

02. Coup On Human Relations In Society

In my childhood, we used to call our neighbors with certain relations. We call father's sister or mother's sister-in-law as Attamma means aunty; and mother's brother or father's brother-in-law as Mamayya means uncle. And also we call father's younger brother as chinnana and father's elder brother as pedanana which sounds as father [nanna]. We call mother's younger sister as chinnama and mother's elder sister as Peddamma, which sounds as mother [Amma].

By calling our elder neighbors with such relation in our mother tongue, we feel respect towards them as if they are equivalent to our parents. By hearing such relative words, they feel affection towards us, as if we are equivalent to their children.

But now-a-days everybody is calling others as aunty and uncle. There is only language but not feeling. Hence result? We are watching illegal and immoral relations between some uncles and young age girls as well as between some aunts and young age boys. We are having such stories frequently. I read so many counseling's from psychologists and psychiatrists. [Ex. Dr. Niranjan Reddy in Enadu]

Why such ill healthy thoughts and activities spread in the society? Can I explain to you? I hope that you got it. When we call our elder in our Mother tongue, ideals of relations and feelings of respect and affection, keep our mind in healthy and faith full condition. But when we call our elders in some other language i.e. English, there won't be any feeling reminder, except language.

That's why we must be very careful in adopting other culture into our life about its limits. We have to acquire good and faith from every thing as well as from other languages and cultures. But while acquiring it, we must be very careful about its limitations.

At certain era, it was considered as un fashioned and un advanced, if we call elders in mother tongue. It was critic sable and made jokes on it, if any body call others in mother tongue. Such trend was created strategically. Nothing wrong in it at that time. No body could object it at that time. But now we are experiencing its bad effect in the society, at least after 30 years.

In this issue one more angle is there. It is very important angle and very dangerous angle. That is in any society, when immorality increases, it leads people towards the lust for objects. As a result, people will be crazy towards luxurious life. In such society utilization of objects and sale of objects will increase, ultimately business will increase. Now you can imagine who is needful to create such trends.

That's all business! Ethic less business! That's all corporate business! I.e. Business with inhumanity 'By creating such trends, no doubt, business will increase. But what about the life disasters in society? What about the content of impeacefulness created in human life? How many cusecs of tears are flowing from human eyes?

"These are all sentiments. Silly sentiment. If we think about sentiments, we can't do business"! This is corporate trend!

This is money making! Is this much of money making necessary to us?

In this context, I want to refer the following slokam from Bhagavad Geetha.

"శ్రేయా స్వధర్మో విగుణః పరధర్మాత్మ్యనుష్ఠితాత్
స్వధర్మే విధనం శ్రేయ: పరధర్మో భయవహ:"

That means "Though it is not so great, own duty or own character is good than others duty or others character, though it is great. While performing own duty, doesn't matter if we die. But others duty or others Dharma are not right to practice or adopt and more over it is very dangerous.

I'll explain a little story in this connection from our Pancha tantram as I introduced you before.

అనగా అనగా'..............

A washer man kept a donkey and a dog in his house as pet animals. As usual, by donkey, he was carrying luggage and by dog, he was guarding his house.

One night a thief entered into his house while he was sleeping. Both of the animals watched it. The donkey felt wonder when the dog was not barking at the thief. So that it questioned the dog "Friend! Thief entered into the house. If you won't alert our master, he will loss his wealth. So bark"! But, the dog refused to do so and said "our master is so conjused towards me. He is not feeding me well. So he deserves the theft."

But the donkey was not able to keep quite. So it brayed. Instead of getting alertness towards thief, the washer man felt disturbance of sleep and got angry. He had beaten the donkey with a strong stick. It stroked the donkey on sensitive part of body as a result it died.

That's all entire story.

In any country, at any time, the life style of people takes shape from environment of that area, & crops grown in that area. Idealistic views, culture, traditions and religion, everything depends on that ground i.e. mud. Such in heritage is own Dharma. Other is Para Dharma.

Knowledge is universal. There should not be limitations to adopt it. But to adopt life style including food habits, dress sense, arts etc. there should be limitations.


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