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20. Coup On The Fields Of Sports, Science And Technology

In between 1970 to 1980, according to my remembrance, in Indian media, there was a propaganda as "In Olympics and in Asiad, China is getting top rank in gold, silver and copper medals where as India is in least rank. Within 80 to 90 crores of population, there is no one sports talent to bring medals! The countries of 10% in our population are beating us. What a shame to India?"

It was true, but the deficiency in talents and capacities in India was not the cause for failure in sports. The politics alias coups in selecting sports persons, in encouraging sports talents were the real cause for such failure in sports. Except PT Usha, there was nothing career record to say with pride and confidence. The hockey victories were the history in time of Jawaharlal Nehru as PM of India. After 1992, only we are watching success in sports like international chess, Billiards, weight lifting etc.

But in cricket, it is ever entertaining game. BCCI can organize just like Govt. or somehow more efficient than government. Since independence, it is encouraged by media, driven people to encourage by media. Because, it is the base to market the Corporate products. That's why the media will give image to cricket stars like film stars by providing nicknames and pet names to them. The media will create personal sensational stories to the cricket stars to make their image as strong as possible.

Only to promote their Corporate business, the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, British Crown Govt, Ramoji Rao and their supporters like media, politicians, are giving patriotic image as the BCCI team of cricket as TEAM INDIA. The patriotic image to BCCI team which is private team doing business can easily bag the huge popularity. If not, why didn't they give same support or image to other games? If 'people are crazy on cricket only'- is their argument, then being media, why didn't they promote other games. Why they give image to some sports figures like Sania Meerza? Why didn't they promote other games, why didn't they encourage other sports personalities?

To cricket matches, the media will give top importance by sparing two full pages, as Pawar has more liking to be in BCCI than to be in Central Cabinet Minister for agriculture. On cricket match days, as media projected the attendance in schools, colleges, and in offices will be poor. Off course it the fact. That is the media image impact. That is the coup result. By creating such craze to cricket, the coup makers & their supporters can market their Corporate products on one hand and they can waste long hours of human working on the other hand. To promote the both goals, the media including AIR, DD will telecast live commentary, throughout the day and night. Hence, people also fell in that by giving more importance to watch a live Telecast rather to execute their vote in election. Then are this democracy and this constitution needed to us?

In between 1970 to 1992, in Indian Muslims, there was a slogan, as "Pak should win the cricket match. In the same match Ajaruddin should do the century on behalf of Indian team". The wonder boy Ajaruddin was suddenly came into flood light with his wonderful show in cricket match when Mr. Jiya Ul Hawk, the then President of Pak was visiting India. Before the expose of match fixings in cricket matches, we didn't know anything. But after Mr. Krane's expose of cricket match fixing disputes after 1992, and the consecutive his accidental death in flight crash, can't we imagine the back ground of dramatic hits in cricket matches?

Now it is notorious of the match fixings, doping, coup on sports persons, which involves Psychological plays and murders. Where is the address of spirits of sports? Then how we can believe the success of China and other countries in past, about their achievements in number of medals and ranks in Olympiad and Asiad?

In 1980's what I remember, when Smt. Indira Gandhi being PM of India decided to give hospitality to Asiad, all the political parties had criticized her as "To increase her personal image, she is conducting Asiad at New Delhi. For that, she is sparing money to construct sports village and to facilitate the delegates. Otherwise, such a poor country, India how it is able to effort such expenditure?"

The media highlighted these critics. No one including Ramoji Rao, Enadu, and NTR, would be founder of TDP by that time had considered the self-respect of India and of Indians.

Suppose a poor family. Being poor, will they prohibit all celebrations? Will they prohibit the celebration of festivals, celebrations of marriages and inviting friends and relatives to their house? When relatives or friends visit their house, being poor won't they treat the guest? To do not treat the guest, to do not celebrate the occasions, wont they feed as insult or disregards towards themselves? Won't they consider the context as relates to self-respect? India, such a wealthy and great country before the entry of Europeans into India, became poor by 1980's, Okay. But won't our mother country resembles to a poor family about which I discussed in above, though it is a poor country? Then how the then media mainly Enadu, and politicians criticized Smt. Indira Gandhi when she offered hospitality to Asiad on behalf of India as PM of India? Unless they criticized her on every action and reaction, strategically as a part in the coup on India, why they hide out the + points of India and why they exposed the false as truth?

In fact, the sports field is completely played by the coup makers and their supporters. They didn't leave the child games also. In ancient India, the traditional games like Kabadi, Hide and seek, other physical games involves both the psychological and physical growth of children. But now Corporate games like computer, video games making the children as lazy and with obesity. Any way Corporate junk food is there to keep the children with laziness and obesity. Crores of rupees had invested in sports field by Govt, but there was no more yield from it up to 1992. We are watching the development and improved performance in sports other than cricket after 1992 only.

There is same mode of coup on the field of science and technology. Crores of rupees had invested in the research of science and technology field but no more yields from it up to 1992.

In between 1985 to 1989, once Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, being PM of India visited Sri Hari Kota Shar centre on the day of launching a communicational satellite with a rocket into a parking orbit in space. It was failed. The media especially Enadu highlighted it like anything. They published the comments of different politicians, persons, countries and scientists. One of the comments was "Because of the presence of PM of India Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, an unnecessary sensation had created at Shar Centre. This made the scientists to feel tense. That's why the launching of satellite by rocket got failed." What an illogic argument was this? The target or goal of scientists was to launch the satellite. They should take care of it irrespective of guests and their presence. In such case, won't they be with more cautious about the probability of failure? Any way they had prior information about the PM's visit. Then how they could be with tension? Unless it was strategic failure, how the scientists were that much unprecautionary? There is possibility of failure in every task. It is not coup. But, when it was said as "Because of the presence of PM of India, the experiment was failed", definitely, it should be the part of coup."

Up to 1992, India had no countable progress in launching satellites, by rockets in the space orbits. In 1992, the Present Russia played so many strategies to sell Croigenic engines to India. As per their own commitment, they had to supply us. But finally they didn't sell the Croigenic engines to us to use in rocket and satellite launching. But after 1992, now we are sending other countries satellite also. To our happy and pride, recently i.e. in April 2008, Sri Hari Kota, Shar Centre had launched 10 satellites at a time, we are offering a cheap and competitive price in international market as 10 lacks of rupees per one kg massive satellite to launch in space.

Same case with defense weapons such as Agni, Arjuna etc including Tankers and Kshipanis [scuds]. There is same case with agricultural and industrial technologies. In one word in the complete science and technology field, there is the same mode of coup in application. Now only, India is getting improvement. Now only other countries are considering India as a competitive country in world or leading country in Asia. How this is happening I don't know, but I am happy about this good happening to India.


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