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22. Coup On Indian Life Style

In Indian life style, life is with leisure. By blood and by geans, Indians have an attitude that, "God will notice every living being and its activities. God will give every living being for what they are eligible. What we have to get is designed by what we do. We have to do work, by leaving result to God."

Like this people in ancient India used to think. They had 'Fear to do sin, they had Devotion to God.' Though most of Indians were illiterate, they were scholars in truths and facts. As Swami Vivekananda declared the world as, "If you ask about the politics and administrations of Govt., Indian peasants are innocent to talk on it. But if you ask them about their religion, about their God and about their culture, they offer you water to drink, they ask you to sit under the shade of tree on the bank of their fields. Then they will explain you in detail about their religion, about their God and about their culture".

I narrate you a story in this context,

అనగా అనగా ……………

In a village there was a man called Ramayya. He had a son Subbayya. He sent his son Subbayya to town to study. After some years, Subbayya returned to village by completing literal education in town. Since then, Subbayya was wandering on roads by gathering friends. Being educated, he felt insult to do any work in village.

One day, Subbayya and his friends were chatting beside an oil mill. In olden days, in villages, oil grains were used to grind in mills by stones to extract oil. The oxen were used to grind oil grains. The mills have a round shaped groove in which oil grains will pour. A grinding stone will be in groove. It will be pulling by an ox in circular path.

In this oil mill also, the same work was going on. Narasayya was the owner of the oil mill. The ox was going round the groove to grind the oil grains. Narasayya was inside the house to look after other works.

After some time, he came out of the house to check how much work had completed by the ox. Subbayya said, "Narasayya mama i.e. Uncle! You are inside the house. You left the ox here. How can you notice if your ox works or not?" Narasayya said, "I tied bells in the neck of ox. It will ring when the ox is going round the groove."

Subbayya by keeping intelligent face and said, "If the ox stands constantly and make the bells to ring by swinging the neck, how can you notice? Like that can't the ox cheat you?"

Subbayya's friends were enjoying the conversation of Subbayya and laughing. Narasayya noticed this all. He said with little bit irritation, "Look Subbayya, my ox didn't go to study in town to learn how to skip the work and how to cheat others."

With shy, Subbayya left there.

That's the entire story.

Like that, in ancient days, maximum of Indians got educated in work, to do work and how to work, though they didn't learn alphabets, grammar rules, mathematics, science and chemistry. In those days, the elder generations taught the younger generation to learn life style, to learn work style.

In 11th Century, Muslim kings entered into India. They introduced cheating in politics. To please the Muslim rulers some of Indians were changed their religion. But they didn't change their attitude. That's why only Indians could live together peacefully irrespective of their religions. In 17th Century, the Europeans entered into India. They introduced cheating in Business. In 1857 AD, The British Crown Govt. entered into India. In sequence, CIA and Corporate Companies entered into India. They introduced cheating in human life including family life. They started the policy of divide and rule to implement.

When we watch, the British had increased the problem of Tibet and China. The British divided the Tibet as Outer Tibet and Inner Tibet. Was it reasonable solution to such problem? Could not the interaction of Outer and Inner circles of the land lead into much complicate situation?

In the same manner in 1859, within two years of 1857 in which the British Crown Govt. had taken over the East India Company ruling in India, the British Crown Govt. had divided Rama Janma Bhoomi at Ayodhya where the Babri Masjid was there into two parts by constructing the fencing there. They had allotted inner part of the land to Muslims and the outer part to the Hindus to devote their Allah and Sri Rama. Was it not resembled to Tibet? Was it reasonable to solve the problem? Could not it raise its complexity? Then what was the intuition of British, cant we understand?

In the same manner, the British and Hyderabad Nizam had tried to create Hyderabad as middle Pakistan i.e. inner circle and India as outer Circle.

Such that everywhere, any time, in every issue the coup makers i.e. CIA & British had played crucked role only. When hatcheries, and poultry farms were introduced in India, then the local breed of cocks and hens were died with strange contagious diseases. Before these poultry farms, since thousands of years, didn't Indians maintain hens and cocks, and didn't Indians eat chicken? By the time of epics era itself Indians had cooking art in the level of science as 'Paka Sasthra'. Nala and Bheema were described as great chefs. In Sundara Kanda of Ramayanam, Raavana's kitchen and dishes were described in a beautiful way.

In the life style of Indians, they live leisurely. They live with balance. Though they had sentiments and blind believes, in the beginning those all were helpful to good only. Later the selfish people who were like the great grand fathers of CIA, ISI and Ramoji Rao had spoilt them. Among such, blind and harmful believes were Sati and prohibition of education to female etc.

Regarding Sati, I want to refer Jaya Deva. Among Indian Sanskrit famous poets, Jaya Deva was one. Jaya Deva was great devotee of Sri Krishna. He had written Geetha Govindam, the beautiful songs in Sanskrit on the love and sex of Sri Krishna and Radha Devi. In Indian culture, sex also had its sacred place. So many other poets also used to sing like Jaya Deva. In Telugu Annamayya and Kshethrayya were such Devotional poets.

Some decades back the coup supporters had raised an argument such as, "The ancient poets described the sex affairs on the name of God. If the same is describing by modern writers, directors of movies with some actors, why the orthodoxes are criticizing? If this is wrong, then why not the ancient poets' working is wrong?"

Here the coup supporters never consider the intuitions of the poets. In fact, they had no such capacity even to identify the intuitions. Or they never identify the intuitions strategically.

Actually the ancient poets who ever sang sexy poetry on God, they devoted their lives to God and poetry. Their lives were filled with detachments of emotions. They didn't provocate sexy mania in public rather they also didn't enjoyed life with limitless sex or immoral sex. Totally, their poetry attracted people who had attraction on sex, towards devotion to God.

But now-a-days sex directors and sex writers are driving people towards lust including children and old.

Now, let me explain the story of Jaya Deva, which relates to 'Sati.' A king, Lakshmana Sena, patronized Jaya Deva. One day, Padmavathi Devi, wife of Jaya Deva and the queen were chatting leisurely. The queen said, "My cousin's husband died. My cousin is going to burn herself along with the dead body of her husband as per the tradition of Sati. How great, she is to do so voluntarily?

Padmavati said "No, Maharani. It is not good. It is not sacrifice. It is not Sati in fact. To burn herself lively along with the dead body of her husband, voluntarily is not Sati. It is nothing but suicide. It is sin in fact. The real Sati Sahagamanam means, the wife who ever love her husband, when her husband dies, immediately she wills loss the desire on life. Automatically her life will go off her body." The queen hurt by this conversation. She thought, "How egoistic this Padmavati to argue like this? Is there any wife who loss life automatically i.e. without any effort to die immediately when her husband dead? I'll check this with Padmavathi herself."

The queen was waiting for an opportunity. One day, the king had gone to forest for hunting. The poet, Jaya Deva accompanied him to entertain him. The queen had utilized this opportunity. She ordered a soldier to bring fake news as Jaya Deva was killed. She called on Padma Vathi Devi to her palace. When they were spending time leisurely, the soldier came there and said, "Oh! Queen! There is a bad news. A tiger attacked our poet Jaya Deva. He was dead."

By hearing the news, Padmavathi Devi lost life. Her body had fallen on to the ground. The queen was shocked. She felt sad. She didn't expect such happening.

Mean time, the king and Jaya Deva returned. The queen told them what happened. She didn't bluff. Jaya Deva had taken Padmavathi's body to temple holy lake. To that lake, there were 18 steps. He had sung a Sanskrit song with 18 letters in each sentence and 18 such sentences in the song, as one sentence by one-step down to water.

When he reached water, he sank in water with her body. She got life.

Might it God's magical power or it might be CPR as modern Medicine says, which was shown in super hit movie 'Shivaji' of Rajani Kanth.

That's the entire story!

Such was Sati, but not Sati of Roop Kanvar happened in 9th decade of last century in between 1981 to 1990, in UP. If people forced the widow of a man to burn along with his corpse, no doubt it is murder. If the widow of a man voluntarily burnt along with his corpse, no doubt it is suicide.

By leaving this fact, people with blind believe had performed either murders or suicides on the name of Sati. Raja Rama Mohan Roy and others had efforted to demolish this. Similarly, Kandukuri Veerese Lingam Panthulu, Gurujada, Raghupathi Venkataratnam Naidu and others efforted to demolish child marriages, dowry to bridegroom or dowry to bride etc bad traditions.

Actually, Indian life style crept on idealism. Knowingly or unknowingly, people follow healthy and naturalistic systems in food managements, home managements and human bondage managements. I agree that some egoistic, orthodoxy, extremist people dragged this up to terrific limits. But if we look in to the tradition i.e. life style of Indians by eliminating such orthodoxy extremism, we can observe that our tradition and inheritable culture crept on idealism.

' Here I narrate you a small incident that will entertain you and you can identify the spirit of thinking. I read this somewhere.

Once there was a race of 'Pilly Gampala Varu'. That means 'Cats Basket'. They had the tradition of keeping cats under the bamboo Basket on festival day until the devotional program i.e. Pooja to God was over. The present generation of that, 'Pilly Gampala Varu' are living in skyscrapers in metropolitan cities. So to follow this tradition on festival day is very tough task to them. To procure bamboo baskets and to protect them throughout the year on the attic and to seek cats, they have to do unlimited effort. Because, it is tradition of festival, to neglect it, is one pain or to follow it, is 100 times pain.

The back-story of this is – This race of pilly Gampala varu, in previous, lived in very big joint families, possessing 30 to 40 members including elders and children, pet animals and Cattle in a big house. To prevent rats' problem they used to pet no. of cats. On festival days, the cats used to disturb housewives of the family for milk, petting etc. while the women were busy in performing festival special works. To prevent this trouble, they used to keep cats under the Bamboo Baskets until the pooja to God end. That's why these families got popularity as Pilly Gampala Varu. By doing this continuously for years, it became part of their tradition. For their circumstances, it was adopted. Is it necessary for the successors of that race to follow such tradition while they live in skyscrapers in metropolitan cities as nuclear families?

Without thinking reasonability, to follow any tradition or concept leads us to such nonsensical corners. Because we should not follow the words i.e. language of tradition or law or rule. We should follow the spirit i.e. idea or feeling or meaning of tradition or law or rule. Word or sentence or language is materialism, since it is visible like matter. We can hear the words, can watch their script. But its meaning is idealism since the meaning is not visible, only can be felt it with our Atma or mind.

Naturally, human beings have patience, love etc good qualities by birth. That to, Indians are peace lovers and have patience in their blood. They have such an attitude to grasp good whoever told, whenever told. They like to do work by enjoying it with music. If we see the agriculture workers and masonry workers, there will be a pattern of discipline in their working. But gradually the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters had successfully and strategically nullified these qualities from Indians. There is same case might be with human beings all over the world. To do so they demolished and destroyed the values in all sections of people and in all fields. To do so, they degraded the teachers. The coup makers and their supporters had destroyed the teaching values, regards to teachers and characters of teachers. In fact, the ancient Gurukulams are perfectly suitable to the growth of human race both physically and psychologically. The parents can enjoy their children for first 5 years. After that for next 10 years, children should be sent to Gurukulam i.e. hostel. There the teachers should be high matured and not lustful to the luxuries. Such type of persons only can teach the kids the education with ethics. Whoever interested to do so, such people only should become as teachers. Because parents cannot scarify their luxuries like TV serials, liquor consuming etc. More over parents cannot allow their children to learn hard working.

In fact, the education system of Gurukulam was there in India in past. The coup makers had demolished that as in the part of their coup on India. To collapse a country, to weak a nation, first their education, agriculture and medicine should be destroyed. The uneducated people cannot understand what the coup implementing on them so that they cannot identify the robbery on them. If agriculture got damaged, people will become hungry and weak. Then it will be easy to control them. Weak people cannot fight. If people have sufficient food and water, they will be healthy and strong. Then the coup makers have to create other needs to grip people. Such other needs may be like luxury goods, liquors, consumer goods etc. But for such things, not all the public may be tuned to grip. People may overcome their desires to prevent the exploitation on themselves. If such need is primary hunger, nobody can overcome that need i.e. urge for food. Then it will be easy to the coup makers to grip people and countries. Otherwise, it will be expensive effort. That's why only the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, British and their supporting Govt.s in various countries strategically destroying the agriculture. To destroy agriculture, they are encouraging SEZ's and Corporate Companies. Any way these Corporate Companies are coup supporters only which means they are the agents of coup makers. That's why, in India, the production of food grains is getting decrease. Suppose when we need 100 Kg. of food grains, we are getting the yield of less than 100 Kg. Probably same strategy is implementing all over the world, by showing different reasons. Another destroy is in medical field. The illness of people will be never cured more over new diseases will spread. Slowly public health will be on risk, such ill people cannot think positively, cannot be with soul capacity i.e. Atma Sakti. To eliminate moral values, spirituality from ill people is easy task, and then to grip them is more easy task.

With these implementations, now the coup makers network is hectic with their supporters i.e. agents in all fields who are ever ready to do anything. These agents can do terrorism. These agents can do murder of their own family members. These agents can do infidelity to their parent country.

The religious believes such as 'God will watch us, whatever we do. He will punish our children and we if we do harm to others', could control the people from thinking bad and doing bad. The coup makers and their agents had destroyed these feelings and believes in public. They introduced and tuned the attitude of people, as "God won't come to court to give witness. Now-a-days God is helpless to protect his own assets and temples. In courts, everything depends upon witness. If there is no witness, nobody can do nothing, no punishment whatever we do." To make people to believe they had created some incidents and had given huge publicity to such incidents. Such that the coup makers and their agents had successfully developed their network in India. They propagated that there are so many loopholes in constitution; so many possibilities are there to escape the culprits and criminals from punishments in constitution. The news coverage, articles, novels etc literature, and movies like 'Andha Kanoon.' 'చట్టానికి కళ్ళులేవు' which means the constitution had no eyes had brainwashed the people about the defects of constitution.

In such case our constitution must be an either waste one or helpful to criminals i.e. the agents of coup makers. There was a rumor that by referring British etc countries constitutions, the committee of constitution with 15 members in which Mr. BR Ambedkar was one of the team members, had written Indian constitution. As per the propaganda of media, BR Ambedkar was Rajyanga Nirmatha i.e. the producer of our constitution. Then how he was so great as per media praising, when he had written the constitution with that much defects, which are helpful to criminals to escape from punishment?

Without creating the spirits, only the laws, acts, government orders i.e. G.O. cannot serve the purpose. For example, as I already discussed the salary of servant maid act. The act of assets in heritage of girls also had its limitations in advantages and disadvantages. Somewhere it can help women to get the assets and wealth from greedy parents, brothers and parents-in-law. At the same time, somewhere it can dry up the sentiments and traditions of brother, sister bondages. It will be tedious to brothers to well treat their sister who had taken her share in assets on every festival and occasions. This is the strategy of coup on human life style.

Another strategy of coup is creating non-availability of goods and needs. Naturally, people will rush to fetch those non-available goods when they find little availability.

The coup makers had highlighted this rush as indiscipline of people. Regarding city buses of RTC, Telephone etc they played same strategy up to 1992, in India. In fact, when people are hungry, we should not try to preach them the theories and values including discipline. At that time, only they need food. After satisfying their primary needs like food, water, clothes, shelter, and then only people can learn to practice more good. But the coup makers' play is vice versa, as I explained you in fore pages of this writing.

Such that the coup makers had broken down the limits and barricades of existed network of life style of Indians. They constructed their own network to robber Indians and to collapse India. They may be playing the same all over the world.

We see a cartoon show of Tom and Jerry on cartoon Network on TV. In one episode Jerry and his friend, make the cat Tom, to believe that he is killing himself. They drive Tom to commit suicide. We will laugh at it along with our kids. But it is true in our lives. The coup makers and their agents are driving us to cut our own throat with our own hands.

The coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters like politicians, media people, media famed people, tuned Indians to think as "The Govt. is responsible to do everything to the people where as being citizens the people do not need to do anything for the sake of country" up to 1992, especially between 1980 to 1992. Like that, people became irresponsible towards the country. They became like audience to watch the issues happening in the society. As well, the coup makers and their supporters made the politicians to feel irresponsible towards public. Again the paradox as 'whether egg first born or hen first born'. Now the Govt.s including states and Central are watching the prices increase and other problems of public as if they are audience of movies.

In past, the media used to shout on Govt. regarding their irresponsibility on public problem such as fluorine problem in drinking water, and non-road facilities etc. Up to this limit, it is the responsibility of media to do so. They performed their duty like that to draw trusts on them from people. Then the coup makers and media start the strategy, on certain issues to make Govt. as responsible in them. For example, the issues of Arab sheiks marriages with the little and young girls of old city Muslim families. The parents know very well as the Arab sheiks are not marring their daughters, by that name they are purchasing their daughters. The parents clearly known that themselves are selling their own daughters to the Arab sheiks on the name of marriages. Just like the business of cows and buffaloes, the deals of girls on the name of marriages are going on. The parents used to bargain the price towards their daughters. Same case with Telangana Lambadas. Whatever may be the poverty, what about the bandages, human relations and blood relations? If the poverty made the people to be indiscipline, it will be okay. By eliminating the poverty, the discipline can be restored in people. But if the poverty made the people to be inhumanity, it will be dangerous. Such inhuman nature may trend them into same inhumanity, when they get wealth also. Are we not watching the limitless inhumanity in Corporate Companies in spite of huge wealth? With that 1000/- Rs or 500/- Rs for a kid, can be the poverty of parents eliminated? How the parents can think like that? If they hope that their kid will have better life after sale, how they can hope like that? How they can hope that the persons who purchased their kid will protect the kids? Similarly, how the old city Muslim parents can cheat themselves as the Arab Sheiks i.e. their so-called son-in-law will protect their daughter in spite of bitter experience with elder daughters. I have sympathy on poor people, as I know the depth and bitterness of hungry. But it is difficult to excuse the parents who have more liking on chicken, liquor than on their own children.

Instead of educating the poor and ignorant parents, instead of motivating the poor and innocent parents, the coup makers and their supporting media claimed the Government to stop it. The govt. can do some laws and protection rules. But people must think about their responsibilities regarding their family itself. And the media have to motivate the people to do so. But the media didn't effort for it up to 1992.

In fact, Indian culture or Hindu culture or Indian life style motivates the people to be with limits suitable to the contexts and situations.

In Indian Sanskrit literature, a great poet Bhurthruhari's slokes are with great truths. I refer you one or two to understand the life style of Indians, and the attitude of Indians.

The meaning of one among his poems is – when the hair is on our head we will protect it with care. We will wash it with shampoos, we will apply perfumed oils, and after shower lotions etc. We will decorate it with perfumed flowers and golden ornaments. The same hair if it falls from our head, we will throw it away. We will sweep it with brush and brooms. If it falls in our eatables, we will hate it and throw it away. When the hair is in its limits i.e. on head, it will get respect and good treatment. When the same hair crosses its limit and fallen from our head, it will get hatred and pushed away.

There is same case with everything, in every aspect in human life. Everything good or bad, every feeling good or bad, every fact must be in its limits. In fact, in nature itself, there is the concept of limitations. That's why the nature and this universe are balanced ones. The coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and the coup supporters like Corporate Companies and politicians are destroying the balance of nature i.e. eco equilibrium. The coup makers and the coup supporters are demolishing the limits in human society. So that everything & fact is losing its advantage qualities and be coming with disadvantage qualities.

To justify the destroying of eco balance by the coup makers and their supporters like Corporate Companies, you can refer the 'Dove' soap manufacturing. To manufacture the 'Dove' soap, the company is encroaching acres of acres forest in Philippines, to get Palmolive oil. By destroying the forest how many living beings will lose their existence on this earth, can we imagine?

Once I read an essay of Mr. Sandeep Pandey, the social service man who had in receipt of Raman Megasese award. He explained how and why Rajasthan became as a desert. During the ruling time of British Crown Government when the freedom movement was rising up, the then king of the local area in Rajasthan suspected that British Crown Government would give independence to India. He suspected that then there will be democracy so that no more prosperous future to the then kings. He cut down the forest in his kingdom with electric saws and sold out the wood in hurry up. Such that he encashed his kingdom in all possible ways and went to settle in London.

Due to this sin, lacks of people, since decades of time are suffering for drinking water and food. Because the surrounding area had become as desert, lacks of people are suffering from the hot environment and eco imbalance.

No media of now days is exposing such root causes to become the deserts in Rajasthan and in other parts in India like Anantha puram.

In fact, the Eucalyptus trees and Sarugudu trees will decrease the ground water resources. But before 1992, the social forests grown up by Govt. departments are with those trees only. The open lands also filled with such trees by the landowners to prevent the Kabja i.e. unauthorized occupy. The experts had advised Govt. department and private people to grow such trees only in open land, as they are feasible economically.

Such that successfully and strategically, the coup makers and their supporters had destroyed the greenery and wet lands in India.

I want to explain you about another feature in Indian life style. Most of Indians are idealistic. They treat everything as sacred one, where as the corporatism consider everything as enjoyable or exploitable. Indians treat sex among human beings is a secret and sacred issue. It should be among wife and husband. One woman must confine to one man. As well, one man must confine to one woman. The sex among wife and husband is healthy and safe. The science of sex had improved by Indians as Kama Sasthra and Vasthyana Maharishi's Kama Sutras are famous. So many idols, sculpture were encarved on the pillars and walls of temples and caves of Hindus i.e. Indians.

Similarly, Indians consider the sex urge of all living beings as sacred issues. That's why Indians are sentimental to disturb animals, which are engaged in sex. Panduraja's death story in Mahabharatham, the story of first slokem of Sri Ramayanam tells us the same. Indians grown up cows and other milch cattle. Indians treat cows as Goddess Lakshmi Devi, the Goddess of wealth. They treat oxen as the other form of God Vishnu and Sri Venkateswara Swami. They used to leave some young male calves to grow as oxen on the name of God by printing Gods name on them. Such oxen were called as 'Abothu'. Indians, farmers used to leave cows when they are at the season of reproduction i.e. 'Yada' state in Telugu. They do so to allow the cows to be with oxen called Abothu to engage in sex.

That much was the Indians sympathetic feeling towards the co-living beings. They feel that hunger, thrust, sleep and sex are natural wants and desires. These are same to all living beings. But in vice versa, the Corporate Companies are killing living beings directly and killing human beings indirectly. The coup makers and their supporters like Corporate Companies are putting condition to their employees, such as to prevent marriage and giving birth to children. The live example is cheer girls in cricket, Hoetarus in China etc. How in-human it is?

For detail description of this waitress system in China, you can refer the blog of Ghanta Chakra Pani, professor in sociology, BR Ambedkar Open University. He is doing at present research on globalization effects, being a fellowmen in India Chinas Institute in New School, New York.

I referred Bharthru Hari, the famous Sanskrit poet, and I explained the meaning of one of his slokas.

I explain another one – As per Indian believes, some snakes and king cobras have a valuable stone i.e. diamond called 'Naga Mani' on the hoof. That Nagamani have some magical powers such as curing diseases and magical vision etc. Bhruthru Hari says that, we should not allow a snake to hear to us in spite of its beautiful skin, bright and lightening skin, and valuable Nagamani on its head. Because the snake has poisonous nature. It will kill us. Such that we should not allow bad natured people like snakes to near to us. Though they have intellectuality, talents, beauty, skills and scholarship, we should not allow them to approach us, if they have bad nature. Such that the good qualities such as truth following sincerity, hard working, obedience etc etc considered as more valuable than the scholars, intellectuality, skills, talents and good looking.

We can know this after experience in life. Mr. NTR, Karuna Nidhi and some other persons like them are similar to snakes to Indian society. We must aware of such kind of people.

Though Mr. NT Rama Rao was very talented in acting, very handsome in looking and very discipline in working, but his nature was selfish, egoistic, and perversity. His political life and cinema life was famed and given image by media and coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao. I had discussed about this part of the coup under the caption of COUP ON INDIAN POLITICS. Thus, the Bhruthru Hari's slokam of snake comparison is utterly applicable to Mr. NTR.

One more feature is there in Indian life style. Ancient Indians used to dedicate their talents such as poetry, dancing, sculpture, singing etc all art skills to devote God. Poet Pothana, Annamayya, Thyagayya etc so many great souls were such kind of devotees only. Our elders, our Vedas, and epics lead the people to dedicate our skills and strengths and wealth to God. In Bhagavad Geetha slokam [Ref. 3-12] clearly tells us that we have to dedicate whatever we got from nature to God. Without dedicating to God, if we enjoy it, it will be equivalent to thefting. This is applicable to not only natural wealth we got. But also to the wealth i.e. skills we got by birth. Because God had given us such skills and talents such as acting, poetry, physical beauty, singing talent etc, we have to dedicate those skills to God. By the way, the talented persons, poets, actors, singers will become without ego and will become as loyal to people. Then there will be Annamayyas, Thyaggayyas, and Pothannas. Then there won't be NT Rama Raos and Karuna Nidhis.

As all other parameters to guide people are destroyed, these slokas, and comparisons also demolished from memory of public. So that naturally, no alertness, no precautions, or no preventions regarding such dangers are taking place in human life in India now.

The only way to us is – to alert ourselves to find truth and to notice what truth is and what is false in every issue of our lives. That's all.


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