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As I discussed under different captions, I tried my level best to explain the coup on India. The coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters like Corporate Companies had designed their strategy to implement coup on India to collapse India, by depending upon the Indian epics, Vedic literature, and Bhagavad Geetha. They implemented the reverse methods to create evil and disadvantages to human beings and Indians to the methods discussed in epics, in Vedic literature and in Bhagavad Geetha, which are meant to create good and advantages to people.

To do such, mainly they played to lift the limits of concepts and to break the network of life style in India.

There was an English lesson to intermediate syllabi in 1997-98. I had for gotten the writer’s name. The story was “All about a dog!” the writer described in a humorous way about the redtapisam of Governments. There was a rule as ‘do not allow the passengers to travel in a bus with pet dogs’. Such passengers have either to climb up to the top of the bus, or step down the bus. This rule was made to prevent the troubles to the co-passengers by pet dogs. In the rush, they may bite others. One night, in winter a single woman with pet dog had climbed up the bus. There were two more passengers in the bus. The bus was vacant. But the conductor had demanded her to step down or to climb up to the top of the bus. When she refused, he stopped the bus. The conductor was particular about the language of the rule but not the spirit and meaning of the rule.

In fact, language is materialistic. Spirit, meaning, or feeling in that language is idealistic. Like that conductor, most of the people will consider only language but not the meaning. Ultimately, like the conductor, people are sinking in the redtapisam.

In fact, showing redtapisam means doing coup by knowingly or unknowingly. In this context, I want to explain a story to you.

అనగా అనగా --------
Once up on a time there was a king. He was very crazy to wear new dress, all the time. For new, attractive and beautiful dresses, he used to spend unlimited money. Ministers and people have no courage to remind him about his craziness.

Two cheaters of neighbor kingdom had observed all of this. One day they approached the king and said, “Oh! Maharaja! We are talented in weaving clothes and in preparing dresses. We are very famous in our country for weaving divine clothes with gold threads. We decorate the dresses by embedding the diamonds, pearls and other prestigious stones. If you permit us to prepare dress to you, we will prove our talent.”

The king felt amazed. He asked them, “What means by Devine dress?” The weavers said, “Oh! King! The divine things are in heaven wear by God. Our divine dress is such kind. People, who are holy, can see their beauty. But people who are sin can’t see them.”

The king felt excitement. He ordered them to prepare a beautiful divine dress for him. He allotted a cottage to them. He had arranged looms to them. As per their demand, he had given gold, diamonds, pearls and other precious stones. The weavers requested one-month time to finish their work.

The weavers started the work on looms. They are pretending as they kept gold threads on the loom. They were operating the empty loom, but pretending that they were weaving the dress. The news spread in the city. People got curious on the king’s divine dress. Some people peeped on looms. They had seen nothing there. But everybody thought, “May the others are able to watch the cloth on loom. Because I am a sin person, maybe I’m not able to watch that. If I say the truth, others will think that I’m a sin person. Then why should I tell the truth? Let me say ‘how beautiful the cloth is?”

Then every person had praised the beauty of the cloth and skill of the
weavers. One day the king sent his Minister to watch the cloth weaving. The Minister went to the weavers. With more care, the weavers had pretended as if they are weaving the cloth on empty looms with sweating on their bodies. But the Minister had seen nothing on the loom. But he also thought like other people.

So, he had given the report to the king with some more exclamations about the beauty of cloth on looms. Few more days were passed. Then the weavers declared that they had finished the weaving of cloth. The weavers were pretending as if they were stitching the dress with needles & golden threads.

With more sensation, the issue got popular among people. One day the king went to visit the weavers. They had pretended as if they were showing the dress with empty hands. They had explained the typicality of work and beauty of the divine dress. But the king was not able to watch anything in their hands. But he also feared to say the truth.

He said, “Vah! How beautiful this dress is? I want to wear it on my birthday. So you finish your work within the time. My birth day is ahead i.e. within 15 days”.

The weavers said, “Certainly Maha Raja!”

One month was over. In the assembly, the weavers had presented the divine dress to the king. The king rewarded them with huge gifts and money. They had taken leave from the king. They gained gold in the form of thread, diamonds, pearls and other precious stones along with the huge gifts and money from the king.

On the birthday, the king wore his new divine dress. He believed himself as worn divine dress. In fact, he was nude. He had taken a procession by sitting on an elephant throughout the city. On both sided of the roads, people gathered to see the king in his divine dress. All of the soldiers, employees of king, Ministers and people were there. Everybody was watching the king as nude. But nobody revealed it through mouth. Everybody thought that others could see the king’s dress. If they say that the king was nude, others could say that they were sin people. Moreover, People feared that the king might punish the person who ever said, as the king was nude.

With this background, nobody said the truth. Somebody believed that the king wore divine dress. Somebody guessed that the weavers had cheated the king and the king was nude instead of wearing divine dress.

At this juncture, a small kid said, “Oh! Shame! Shame! The king is nude.”

That’s all! There was a blast of laughing bomb. At a moment, all the people started to laugh. It revealed them, the others also watching the king as nude and nobody could notice divine dress on him, because there was no such dress.

This made the king to feel shy. Next moment he ran away from there. Later nobody had seen him anywhere in the kingdom.

That’s the entire story.

I compare myself with the small kid in the above story. I wish to become all the Indians as small kids in the above story to break the strategy of “నల్లమేక - నలుగురు దొంగలు” i.e. BLACK GOAT AND FOUR THEIEVES, [Hand mark - 68] which is implementing on India by the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and the coup supporters like Corporate Companies.

I remind you an example in philosophy. The philosophers used to say this. Suppose some blind people are searching to know the shape and magnitude of on elephant. Some of them had rubbed with hands on its stomach. They said, “The elephant is like big pot”. Some of them had rubbed on its ears. They said, “No. The elephant is like a big bamboo plate which is used to clean the grains”.

Some of them had rubbed on its trunk. They said, “No. The elephant is like the stem of banana plant”. Some of them had rubbed on its legs. They said, “No. The elephant is like the pillar”. Some of them had rubbed its tail. They said, “No. You are wrong. The elephant is like a thin rope”.

Compare the strategy of coup on our lives is like an elephant. We are searching it to identify its shape and its magnitude. Because it is vast, our physical senses are not sufficient. Thus we resembles with the blind persons who are searching to identify the shape and magnitude of the world and the coup on the world.

Our physical senses are limited. But our psychological senses are unlimited while compare with physical senses. Hence, if we add these psychological senses to the physical senses, we can understand what is happening on our lives. If we add eyes of knowledge to our blind hands, we can understand the strategy of coup on us and on our lives.

With God blessings, I got such vision to notice the strategy of the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and the coup supporters like their agents and Corporate Companies, due to my fate. I had efforted at my level best to introduce the same vision to you through this writings.

In fact, the coup and the strategy of the coup makers and their supporters is a big sea. I know little. Out of that I could presented little. If you observe your life, your street, your colony, your village, your city and our society, you can explain many more issues. I wish that, you can observe the things and you can identify which is truth and which is false.

In fact, animals can’t understand our human language, whatever it is Telugu, Hindi or English. But they can understand what we are giving to do towards them either feeding or hurting. The reason behind this is animals have contact with nature. The reason behind this is animals have contact with their heart and soul. The reason behind this is animals have the nature instinct. The reason behind this is animals live in the world of truth. The reason behind this is animals have no media to wash their brain.

In fact, this is my dream that every living being in this universe must be peaceful and happy. I received this dream as an in-heritage from Indian Vedas, from Indian epics, from Indian culture and from Bhagavad Geetha. I received this dream as an in-heritage from great sons of Mother India, like Gowthama Buddha, Bapuji, Rama Krishna Parama Hamsa, Swami Vivekananda, Jawaharlal Nehru and other great people. I feel that every citizen of India had received this “Shubha Kamana” i.e. well wishing to all as an in-heritage. I feel that every citizen of India is the successor to the great worriers of India like Sardar Patel, Nethaji Boss, Bhagath Singh and Indira Gandhi etc.

I know little English. I’m not talented or expert in English. With such limited knowledge in English, I was daring to present this writings to you. I don’t welcome any debates, discussions, or correspondence on this writing. But I wish every reader to self-debate or to do self-discussion. I hope that every reader, every citizen can identify the truth, its impact and the false its influence.

ధర్మోరక్షతి రక్షితిః


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