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2]. Kanika’s Divide and Rule policy from Mahabharatam

By referring Vidura Neethi, and Kuta Neethi we can learn so many things. I refer KANIKA NEETHI to you. This is in the Adi Parvam. After the death of PanduRaja, Pandavas reached Hasthina puri. All the Kouravas, Pandavas and Karna had learnt arts of war by the teaching of Drona. Dhrutharashtra had made Dharma Raja as prince ‘would be king’ i.e. YuvaRaja. Day by day, Pandavas were getting popularity among public. This made Kouravas and Dhrutharashtra unhappy. Dhrutharashtra called on his minister, Kanika who was expert in the science of coups i.e. Kuta Nethi. In the privacy, the king expressed his impeacefullness. Kanika said “Oh! Maharaja! Before the destroying the enemies we have to destroy their three assets of 1].Their enthusiasm 2].Their wealth 3].Their thinking power. Similarly, we have to nullify their five strengths such as 1].Their Ministers 2].Their forts 3].Their treasuries 4].Their defense army 5].Their provinces. To do such, we have to adopt the following methods 1].Samam which means by counseling and brain washing 2].Danam which means by corruption 3].Bhedam which means by threatening and black mailing 4]. Dandam, which means by punishing 5].By slow poisoning 6].By creating crises. First of all, we have to destroy the force of enemies and then their supporters.

To do this, among our enemies, we have to apply different methods on different sections of the enemies. [The relevant story of this concept i.e. Divide and rule policy, I had written under the CAPTION OF EDUCATION] We have to frighten the coward people. We have to grip misers by giving them money. If they are weak, by force we have to control them. We have to make friendship with the enemy if he is equally strong to us. We have to kill them by using poison or by deceiving them.

When we want to harass the enemies, we should not be anger. By behaving with smiles, we have to bitten them and kill them like a snake. Whatever the coup we planned, we should not let it to reveal. We have to wait for a right moment. Up to that time, we have to behave with smiles, sweet speeches and with patience. No living being can be happy without grievances. Whoever desires peace in mind, they have to satisfy the scholars, and they have to get the blessings of the scholars.

We have to provocate the desires of the enemies, but we should not let them to fulfill. At the same time, we should not let them to know this strategy. Tact fully we have to make postponements to fulfill their desires. It should be like ‘the using of a knife to cut the hair, in the right opportunity’. Up to getting the opportunity, we have to hide the knife in leather bag. To do this, whatever may be the strategy we follow, it should not create further troubles to us. These are all you know. You asked me to tell. As my responsibility, I told you. You think about all of this morals science and reach your target.”

Like this Kanika explained. He explained about the strategy of moral science. But he didn’t prescribe him about the coups, which they had to follow, in that particular situation. As an application of this concept i.e. Kanika Neethi, Kanika had explained a story to the king, Dhrutharashtra.

అనగా అనగా..........

Once upon a time.

There was a big forest.

So many cruel animals were in the forest. There was a fox. It was so clever. It used to make others to do work, whenever the result had to expected, by deceiving others, it used to enjoy the result.

This fox had four friends, Tiger, Wolf, Mongoose and a Rat. It was living happily by pretending that making friendship with them.

Then one day,

The fox had seen a fatty deer. When the deer watched these fox & friends party, it ran far away. The fox desired to eat it. In spite of great effort, it could not capture it.

The fox thought well.

It assembled the friends in a place and said “Look friends! How much the deer was beautiful, that much was the taste of its meat! But we are not capable to run as speed as the deer. That’s why we can’t kill it. Now we have to kill it by planning coup. Then we can enjoy its meat.” Such that it tempted the remaining animals with watering mouth.

All the friends tempted to eat the deer. With eagerity, they said “Friend! Please tell any idea.”

It pretended thinking and said.

“Ah! I got an idea! Listen carefully and tell me your opinion. We can’t capture the deer when it is active. That’s why please find out that when it will be in sound sleep with tiresome. Then without making noise, the rat has to crawl up to it and has to bite its legs. At the same time, the tiger has to jump on to it and has to bite its neck. That’s all.”

All the friends were happy with the fox’s wisdom. They waited until the deer sleep.

The deer ate up to belly full in the forest, drank water in the river, after tired it had taken rest and slept.

As per fox advice, the rat approached the deer silently and bitten its leg. At the moment it tried to get up but the tiger attacked it and killed it.

Joyfully all the animals were ready to eat the deer meat. Then the fox said “Friends! Let us enjoy the delicious meat. But your bodies were with dirt. All of you go to that valley river and have bath and then come! Then we can enjoy this meat.”

All the four animals had gone to have bath with excitement, the tiger return from river before all the other animals.

By that time, the fox was weeping. The tiger asked it “Friend! Why are you crying?”

The fox replied with tears in its eyes as “How can I say to you my dear friend. Do you know, what the rat said? What is the use of tiger, though it is big animal? It was not able to do any thing until I bite the deer’s legs. The deer was killed by my intelligence. To eat that meat, how shameless the tiger is! By hearing such words, I’m sad!”

Tiger felt self-respect and ferociously said “Friends! The rat helped me to
Think well. From this day I earn my food. I won’t depend on others!”

By saying like this, the tiger left the place. Next rat come. The fox said “Do you hear, my dear friend rat! ‘The meat of deer got poisonaised because of Tiger’s bite. So I will eat rat. By saying like this the mongoose started for you”.

Immediately the rat ran in to its hole. After sometime the wolf comes. The fox said “Hear this, Tiger got angry with you. It wants to eat you along with its wife. It is on that trial!” The wolf escaped from there.

Then the mongoose came. The fox said “with the desire to eat this meat you came. But I killed all the three animals and throw away. Come to me! If you are able to defeat me, touch this deer’s meat.”

The mongoose ran away with fear. Later the fox enjoyed the deer’s meat happily.

Oh! King! Like this, with wisdom and cheatfulness, we have to fruitful our works – said Kanika.

This is Kanika Neethi. [Ism]

The fox played divide and rule policy. It raised ferociousness in tiger and frighten the other animals by showing one to other, and finally it threatened the weaker animal like Mongoose whatever, the possible way. It had divided the animals and driven them out. Now you please tell who is ancient, whether general Dupley of British or Kanika of Maha Bharatam?

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