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07. Coup To Demolish The Logical Sense

In our society, logical sense has been supplying from generation to generation in the pattern of stories. Parents and grandparents have been telling stories to the children. The epics are everlasting treasure of stories. Stories with little moral had used to construct good character in children. Folk stories had used to excite them and motivate them towards adventures. Chatrapati Shivaji's life was filled with patriotism and adventurous because of his Mother Jijiya Bai who told him stories in full length, in his childhood. Such historical monumental personalities we know. There were story tellers in our society as professionals in past. Those were Hari Kaathakulu, Burra kathakulu, Oggu kathakulu, Bhagavathulu, Purana Pandithulu and so many folk artists. This all was once upon a time. Not now, the media, either electronic [T.V. serial] or print media is telling stories and we are hearing them. That's all, Nalla Meka – Naluguru Dongalu. I.e. BLACK GOAT – FOUR THIEVES .

By nullifying all the other arts, creating monopoly art such as cinema, it is easy to create any trend. It is easy to collect their commissions, their money, whoever organizes this coup. Yes. It is coup. It is a coup on human society; it is coup on a Nationality. It is a coup on a country. It is a coup on the race of human beings.

Observe the movies keenly. Recently I read on essay written by famous actor and writer Sri Tanikella Bharani. He analyzed that the mode of cinema stories as decade wide. In `70[seventies, 1970-80] stories only on prolonged sentiments and prolonged melodrama, which involves one hero two heroines love, sacrifice. In eighties stories circled around revenge. There should not be other criteria in cinema stories. Every body knows that the godfathers control cinema field to click storywriters, directors, heroes and heroines. Then is it not organized trend? Is it not organized 'killing of logical sense' in people? If people are able to think, if people are with logical sense, if people are knowledgeous, they won't be cheated by corporatism; they won't entertain the corporate mass hypnotism over them and they won't allow corporate companies to robber them.

That's why only educational field got polluted and destroyed in society by high capable organization. I'll explain it in detail under the relevant caption.

Since thousands of years, Indian life style is mixed with stories of epics, and folks, which filled the human lives with logical sense.

A little and logical story.

అనగా అనగా

Long long ago, there was a king. He had seven songs. Seven sons had gone to forest caught seven fish. They kept them in sun light to dry up. Six fishes were dried and seventh fish did not.

"Fish! Fish! Why didn't you dry up?" They asked.

"Grass bundle came across me to sun light."

"Grass bundle! Grass bundle! Why did you come across?"

"Horse didn't eat the grass."

"Horse! Horse! Why didn't you eat the grass?"

"The little boy didn't feed me."

"Little boy! Little boy! Why didn't you feed the horse?"

"Grandmother didn't give food to me."

"Grandmother! Grandmother! Why didn't you give food to the little boy?"

"The kid had cried."

"The kid! The kid! Why did you cry?"

"The ant bite me."

"Ant! Ant! Why you biten the kid?"

"When she put finger in my golden ant hill, why didn't I bite her?"

That's the entire story!

Such that the logic sense and knowledge of the relation between cause and action were used to introduced to the children.

In ancient Indian educational system, there was the science of logic called Tharka Sasthram. The scholars in logic science, called Tharka Pandithulu were used to patronize by kings and rich people. Dialective and Inductive method had depth application in the life style of Indian.

All the art forms, songs in works, in fields, used to warn the people in philosophical way, which were called 'Thatwam'. Every feature of life style reminds the person to think about the idealism, to think about the truth, to accept the truth. But now, all those art forms are replaced by cinema, and driven out the logical sense from public life.

But now, people forgotten to think; forgotten to live. Just they are living. Why they are living, what is the aim of living, they are not thinking. Just like many machines which we are enjoying, many of us are living. Most of the people forgotten spiritual thinking.

The logical sense leads the persons to face their fate, to identify their capabilities and in-capabilities, to recognize their problems, to find out their solutions, to control their emotions, to balance their mind and to behave in right manner.

The entire system which can keep the people with common sense and logic sense got disturbed. Why I use 'common sense' is, now maximum proportion of public forgotten to think from others view; and thinking and talking with selfishness.

I observed keenly public life style at different levels including slum areas, lower middle class, upper middle class and high class in terms of money. The people irrespective of their social and financial status are habituated to think from their angle only, rather than to think from all angles. Many people habituated to talk, to behave thoughtlessly, with selfish nature.

Some of the public thoughts are – "Because you are well in financial situation, you have to share something money or matter to me. Otherwise I irritate you or I trouble you".

This is the impact of demolish of logic sense. The sense of thought as "everybody had their own fate, every body had their own advantages or disadvantages, we should not compare with others, we should not feel jealous of others, everybody had their own limits to behave" is vanished from society. The lust for easy money may create this. The greediness increased in public thinking. The selfishness increased and self respect decreased. Unlimited corruption is driving the people to feel thrust towards easy money. That created snatching psychology in them. I am not saying all the people are like this. But I'm saying, many people, at their levels are like this only.

In past, art forms had done the duty of mirrors, in society to able the people to watch their own images in those mirrors and to correct themselves in behaviors and in thinking. Now the only remained art form either i.e. media print or electronic including cinema, is doing the duty of magic lenses to tune them as in the BLACK GOAT – FOUR THIEVES story.

Since the logic sense lost by the public, there are some perversions like, "If others are laughing means, we are crying", and "If we make others to get loss only, we can get profit" etc. Unlimited competition in life is resulted in these perversions. It created snatching psychology in society.

The unlimited competition of drinking milk by running had created insecurity in life. It is leading the persons to think negatively about all others. Ultimately a trouble creating environment is formed every where. Among all sections of people, among human beings and nature, among human beings and other living beings, the non co-operative and non-coordinative situations are formed.

If negative thinking dominates the persons, they won't be good listeners, they won't be good receivers. They won't be good donors and they won't be good speakers. Totally, they won't respond in appropriate way towards any issue. In other words, their every reaction will be inappropriate towards every action.

Ultimately, the public life will be filled with impeacefulness and the country will collapse with internal wars.

By this way, is it not easy to capture any country by its enemy country? Then why not a spying coup is like this?

I believe that these types of spying coups are happening in many countries. And I hope that young generation of every country can observe their mother land conditions & problems and the youth can save their Nationality in all parts of the world.

If logic sense lost in the public, they won't analyze the relation between action and its reason. Utterly, people will lose the reasonability. Gradually they will lose the ability of thinking. Then they won't accept mistakes in their behavior, thinking and activities. If any family is like this, then there won't be any need for an enemy to collapse that family. The family members themselves can perform such duty. Same case is applicable to any country. And the same is happening since decades of long time in India. I won't feel wonder it the same is happening in many many parts of the world.


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