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27. Who Is Mr. Duplicate Kanika And How He Relates To Mr. Ramoji Rao

If we refer the history of World from 1451, [whenever Guten Berg had invented printing technique] there is an important fact which the worldwide media hided or didn’t expose. The Duplicate Kanika is related to this fact and Mr. Ramoji Rao relates to Duplicate Kanika.

Up to 1450, the landlords, kings, priest of religions [Christian or Catholics] and Popes [there were many Popes by that time] had grip on Europe people. By hiding the truths what Bible was telling, these Royal families and priests had insisted people to believe what they propagated. Hence, they were able to make people to believe as ‘what ever the sin we do, we can erase it by purchasing the tokens sold by the priests as tax against sin. It was really un-believable to notice that there were agents to promote the sales of sin coupons i.e. coupons of tax against sin like the insurance agents of now-a-days.

After the invention of printing technique, the Bible got into available to common people. They came to know what really Bible was saying and what was the repeated or continues propaganda created by Royal families and priests to robber common people and to grip common people.

There, then the industrial renaissance, the cultural renaissance and the political renaissance occurred. In spite of all these revolutions by people, how the Royal families and their agents cheated their concern country people, we studied in Europe history under the chapters of Congress of Vienna, French revolution [The gileten issue] etc.

When the city ‘Constant Nopel’ was captured by Turkish robbers, the land route from Europe to India was seized. As they have business needs with India, as they need spices from Indians, Europeans were in need to find the alternate route i.e. sea route to India.

In this trial, the European countries - Britain, France, Spain, Holland, and Portuguese had compiteted with one another. Many teams had tried to find sea routs to reach new places to continue their robbery under the caption of business. Among those team, Mazillan had proved the spherical shape of earth and discovered Australia. Another sailor Columbus discovered America by thinking that it was India. Hence, the island, which he reached in that trial, is calling by name west India till date. Another Portuguese sailor Vascoda Gama had reached India at Calicut [Kerala] in 1498 AD.

By that time, the Europeans including their business companies’ had pistol etc weapons and gunpowder etc technology, where as Indians know only Swords, axes, spears, bow and arrows. European business companies had secured permissions from local rulers in various parts in India with obedience. The European business companies fought among themselves to grip the business here.

Before the European business companies enter into India, the British didn’t get monopoly on its neighbor countries; and in Europe. Though the European companies entered into India in 1498, up to 1768, the British East India company didn’t grip its competitive companies and business. For 250+ years, they struggled to competite with others, though they had weapons and technology.

In 1768, the British East India Company got authority on North Coastal districts of Andhra State from the then Nizam of Golconda. In 1800, they got Rayala Seema districts from Nizam. In 1757, the British East India defeated Siraz Uddamla Meer Zaffar in Bengal. In that battle, they used Siraz, the son in law of Bengal king to defeat him. After conquer Bengal, they killed Siraz Uddoula Meer Zaffar by claiming as “You cheated your own father-in-law. Then how to believe you?” Such that they played ‘divide and rule’ policy in India.

There is a propaganda that this policy was invented by French Army general Dupley, adopted and implemented by Robert Clive of British East India Company.

If they, either Duplay or Clive know this policy, why didn’t they implement in their Europe to defeat others and why didn’t they get success after 1947 when they left India as independent?

The hidden story behind this is as follows – In 1672, Tanisha became as Navab of Golconda. In 1674, Kancharla Gopanna famous as Sri Ramadasu had constructed a temple to Sri Rama at Bhadra Chalam. The spying undercurrent of this historical event I discussed under the caption of ‘Spying Reference Strategy 3 Sri Rama Dasu Vs Golconda Navabs. [The same I presented under the caption of ‘coup on Indian politics and Govt. administration’. I request you to refer it before going to the following]

To prevent the public in-satisfaction and angry, Tanisha had played a ‘dream drama’, which involved the religion believes of Hindus. He got successes and sensation for time being. The permanent result he got, in the form of defeat by Aurangzeb in 1687. To get rid of Rama Dasu’s issue, some spying talented family had advised the Navab Tanisha to play dream drama.

It was the first time almost to observe spying play by Govt. on people.

Since ancient time, Indians know spying. As Maharishi Vatsayana developed the ‘sex’ into the level of science, Indians developed all arts, talents, and knowledge up to science level. For spying talent Ramayana and Maha Bharatham are the everlasting sources. All of we know the spying talent of Minister Thimmarusu of Vijaya Nagar Kingdom, and Arya Chanakya of Gupta’s era. But Indians apply spying to protect their country and to prevent the coups of enemies on their country. They never play spying strategies on people. It was the first time to observe such in 1687, in the issue of Sri Ramadasu in Golconda.

I’m referring that ‘family’ who advised Tanisha to play spying strategy as dream drama as ‘Duplicate Kanika’. Whoever might be this Duplicate Kanika, as the legal heirs of Navabs’ or Nizam - or illegal heirs of Royal family, but this Duplicate Kanika belongs to Golconda kingdom i.e. Hyderabad Nizam Kingdom.

This Duplicate Kanika family or race had adjoined with British East India Company around 1687 to 1724. After that, only the British East India Company could get grip in India to establish their business and power.

From 1498 to 1768 and 1800, the British East India Company and other European business companies had struggled for existence in India for 270+ years.

From 1800 to 1857, within 57 years British East India Company had driven out all other European Companies, and encroached India from South to North by defeating all small kings and Zamindars etc. How it was possible for them, unless some spying intellectual brains had adjoined to their technology and chemical knowledge? Such spying intellectual brain was of Duplicate Kanika.

Other wise, the French or British has to continue their grip over world after 1947 also.
In fact the ‘Divide and Rule’ Policy is in Mahabharatham Aranya Parvam. The strategy and a story with application was explained by the Minister Kanika who was expert in spying as in playing coups, to the King Dhrutharasthra.

The Duplicate Kanika had given the image as this ‘divide and rule’ policy was invented by Dupley, the French army General and implemented with efficiency by British.

But who was first, either Kanika in MahaBharatham[of thousands of years in past] or European business companies of 17th century? Who could adopt the policy from whom?

On the other hand, if European business companies and their army generals had invented the ‘divide and rule’ policy without knowing the Kanika Neethi of Mahabharatham, then why could not they continue to have grip an world after 1857 or 1947 till now? Why the countries like British, USSR, USA [and next China] etc got collapse or getting collapse? Why only Muslim countries and Muslim business companies like crude oil supplies have the constant grip over the world?

On the other hand, the British East India Company had gripped total India within 57 years.

In 1857, the soldiers protest had occurred, which Indians treat as their first independence war against British.

Rani Jhani Lakshmi Bai [who was cheated by Sindhiyas of Gwalior and defeated due to Sindhiya’s coups on her] Tanthiya Tope, Nana Saheb and so many other worriers fought against British East India Company. At that time Salar Jung – I of Golconda Kingdom [He was minister in Golconda and he had served to British like anything. He cheated so many patriots who fought against British by showing friendship to them. He played coups on them and surrendered them to British. As a return gift, the British Crown Govt. had awarded him. You can refer this from history. [the group II competitive exam syllabi for ready reference] No media including Mr. Ramoji Rao focus on this. He focused on Salar Jung Museum and Nizams’ ornaments but never on Salar Jung’s coups against India and on Nizams’, Rajakars’ inhumanity towards women in Telangana.

Well, leave this point and come back to 1857 soldiers protest. Behind the soldiers protest in 1857, a rumor spread was the root cause to provoke the revolution in army soldiers.

According to that – new bullet cartridges were supplied to soldiers. It was spread as pig’s and cow’s fat was coated on them. In British East India Company, both Hindus and Muslims were doing service as soldiers for life food. The cartridge had to be open with teeth. As a sentiment, cow is holy animal to Hindus, so that they refused to touch it with mouth. And Pig is hatred animal to Muslims, so that they refused to touch it with mouth.

There provoked the revolt. As a request, East India Company left India to their motherland England and British Crown Govt. Queen Victoria entered India to rule the country.

There started the grip of British Crown Govt. over world. Its grip worked up to 1945, when the alliance of British and America dropped atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki of Japan in 2nd world war. By that time, British Govt. had nil money. In 1947, it had withdrawn from India. Its grip also faded out. On to the screen the super powers of America and USSR came. The peak and depth of USSR had completed within 70 years i.e. from 1920 to 1990. Up to that, world media used to say KGB of USSR and CIA of America were ruling the world. After 1990, after the demolish of USSR, only America and its spying agency CIA is on the screen to grip world. Beside this, a long melo drama of Palestine Vs Israel in West Asia was burnt to draw the attention of world on it. Such hijacks of public attraction is the part of spying played by Duplicate kanika.

After Sep. 11, 2001 attacks on WTC of America by Muslim terrorists, now CIA had lost its image as “Where ever some ant makes weak sound, CIA can identify it.”

Like that, the high peak and depth trough were completed in the history of British, USSR, and America and next, to be to China.

But stimulatively the Muslims are getting strong and grip all over world. Just like water under the mat, without visibility, with silence the Muslims got grip over world business, power and on world events. Islamabad of Pak now showing it to the world. All Muslim terrorist organizations [which are getting financial support from OPEC Countries with their petro dollars.] are like banyan trees on the ground of Pakistan.

If you study world history, all through the time since 200+ years, including the direct war threaten time of USSR and USA, the petro business was flourished and Muslims got profits. After demolish of USSR also, now in medical threaten period[AIDS, cancer and now modern diseases spread and their medicine also one, in the part of coup to do business like weapons business by showing the cause of war] also, petro business had no interruption. Always fuel high consumption models will get craze among people, [In fact, this craze is creating by media] no more inventions to find alternate fuel solutions. Buddhist countries turn as Muslims Countries like Indonesia. Whatever the country, whichever party [either Democrats or republican in USA and either NDA or UPA in India etc etc] is ruling the country, all over the world some Muslim favorable strategy is going on implementation. This position is now getting expose after 1992 only. Before that it was in secrecy, which is common in spying.

Now – wherever terrorism occurs, its roots are connected with Muslims and Pakistan. And Islamabad’s roots are connected into Hyderabad in India. Whatever the terrorist activities, happened, its roots appear in Hyderabad old city. This old city relates to Nizam and Khasim Rajvi. This Khasim Rajvi was the Army Chief of Rajakars. On behalf of his name the soldiers regiment was called like that. The MIM party [its leader Sala Uddin Ovysi had recently expired. His sons are ruling the party now] had total grip on old city. Even a current checking inspector cannot enter into Hyderabad old city to inspect the illegal power connections and consumptions without the MIM Leaders’ permission. Whenever any Minister tries to enter into old city on due work, immediately he had to say apology to MIM Leaders.[recently in 2008, Mr. Kasu Krishna Reddy, minister in AP had said such apology] To this MIM, Muslims and old city what is the relation Mr. Ramoji Rao had?

As I read Mr. Ramoji Rao born in 1936 in middle class farmer’s family. As per his affidavit to court, he belongs to united Hindu family. Then why his illeterated farmer parents kept the specific name, which was referred in the dream drama of Tanisha in the part of spying play on people in the history of Sri Ramadasu? The answer he might know, or his neighbors or relatives, his childhood friends should know. It is really surprise that nobody had introduced themselves as neighbors or college-mates or class mates or childhood friends to this man. We don’t know how a person can drop from sky directly to Somaji Guda or Ramoji Film City. Here I’m not saying about his birth certificates or study certificates and conduct certificates. In hundreds of incidents and in hundreds of movies like Shivaji of Rajani Kanth, we had seen ‘how much easy to create such certificates’ for such man.

Why I’m saying that Duplicate Kanika belongs to Mr. Ramoji Rao is, I lodged complaint on Mr. Ramoji Rao’s spying activities against India including the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi to the then PM of India Mr. PV Narasimha Rao in 1992. Immediately terrible and sudden changes had occurred in India as well in world. Within few months, Punjab got release of Khalistan terrorism. Harshad Mehta’s scam got analysis and tackled by CBI. Bodos, Mandal, Mandir etc so many problems were solved for time being. The hard-core terrorists like Massued etc were arrested and kept in prison. Such Massued who was imprisoned in 1994 got released in 2001 with reference of Kandahar flight hijack. The then Minister of Defense Mr. Jaswanth Singh had personally taken care to take these terrorists to Kandahar with hospitality. All of we read these news on media.

The hard core Hindu terrorist Mr. LK Advani expressed his devotion and regards towards Mohammad Ali Jinnah, as all of we watched it like audience to either TV or Cinema.[This resembles as Mr. KCR of TRS Party praised Nizams in AP]

I had followed up the complaint which I lodged against Mr. Ramoji Rao regarding his spying activities including Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination on to the desk of UPA Govt. [both PM, Manmohan Singh, UPA Chair person Mrs. Sonia Gandhi] in 2005, 2006 and 2007 consequently as I am facing organized harassment by him along with evidences.

But, the UPA Chairperson and wife of Late Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi didn’t respond towards my case except one letter which I received from Mr. Digvijay Singh, General Secretary AICC in 2007. I enclosed all of those documents for your ready reference.

On the other hand, the UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi had helped Nalini who was accused in Rajiv’s assassination and sponsored her daughter’s education on ‘humanity’ grounds. She had given promotion to certain people who got blames at the time of Rajiv’s assassination. For example, Jayanthi Nata Rajan. Now she is spokesperson of AICC, New Delhi. In 1991, there was news about her co-operation to Nalini, Dhanu, Sivarasan and his team who killed Rajiv Gandhi to overcome police security . The present alliance of UPA has DMK is one of the partner party. As every Indian knows as it is the established truth that DMK is supporter to LTTE. Shivarasan and Dhanu were claimed as LTTE members.

Why the UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi protect Mr. Ramoji Rao and his supporters who are doing harm to India and who are harassing me, in spite of pukka proves, she should know. [You can refer the proofs which I kept under the caption of documentary proofs and decide yourself whether they are pukka [perfect] proofs or not] Why Mr. Ramoji Rao is protecting her, as I explained under the caption ‘coup on Indian Politics and Govt. administration’, he should know.

And God should know whether both of they belong to one community or one race or one family or one agency.

She didn't take the Indian citizenship after her marriage for decades.

In such case ….

How she could dedicate to India to develop?

How she could think that India is her country?

Then why not this truth is recognizing by Congress people?

Who ever show disobedience to her, they will get loose of carrier like Margaret Alwa.

Who is protecting her grip on AICC like this?

As we read in novels of Irving Wallace, Yandamoori veerendra Nath of Telugu (Casanova writer) and as we watched in so many movies like Ajad in Telugu, who are the transplanters of whom?

Not only this, Mr. LK Advani also very valuable politician to Mr. Ramoji Rao. And a surprising issue is that many fame people in India, many people who achieved high positions in India are migrants from Pak at the time of country division in 1947. Among them the present Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh, the former Sub Prime Minister Mr. LK Advani are there. Beside this, so many fame people like Kuldeep Nayyar, Devaanand, Raj kapoor, Sunil Dutt, BR Chopra, Ran Boxy bosses etc etc are there. Really, it is quite interesting thing to watch. In fact, these are like kings made by the king maker Mr. Ramoji Rao i.e. Duplicate Kanika.

We know that some business companies like Tata, Birla, and Leman brothers etc, which are maintaining by same family or race, from generation by generation, for more than 150 years. In India, there are some families like Surabhi artists, like Bathina brothers Ayurvedic medicine practitioners, poets races, singers races etc. are maintain their profession of arts for hundreds of years by transferring the knowledge from generation to generation. In India , the Vedic literature got transferred from generation to generation for thousands of years. After so long time only, they were made as books of palm leaves in Sanskrit.

Then is it not possible to maintain spying knowledge from generation to generation for 200 + years ? If you refer history, whenever British got grip on India, it had established the wide kingdom in which sun won`t get set and it got grip all over the world. Whenever British lost grip on India, it had withdrawn from world and confined to its own country boundaries. Moreover, before confining like this, British had lost wealth and got economical loss . There is same case with USSR. Now same situation with USA after subprime issue and the following economical collapse in Doozones.

But always, some Muslims, some Muslim countries are getting constant profits irrespective of disturbance in world.

Then what is the connection in between Duplicate Kanika, Mr. Ramoji Rao and Muslims?

Why all the issues of Mr. Ramoji Rao, of India and of world had changed from 1992 while compare with the time period before 1992?

If Mr. Ramoji Rao was not identified in 1992 by Union Govt. of India, by the then PM of India Mr. PV Narasimha Rao, what would happen we don’t know. spying itself means ‘the secrecy’ or ‘the hidden’.

It will be always secret up to the moment at which it happens. On Sep. 11, 2001 only, we came to know about the Muslim terrorist attack on WTC, USA, though they planned it few months before.

There is same case with Nov. 26, 2008 terrorist attack on Mumbai.

After tsunami happened only, we could know that there was the earth quack under the sea and that earth quack had created this tsunami. Thus spying resembles to this natural phenomena.

Now we know that some agencies like ISI or CIA or KGB or Mossad can handle the issues of world. Now we are coming to know that one person like Bin laden or Davood Ibrahim can handle the world fate. Then why not Mr. Ramoji Rao i.e. Duplicate Kanika can handle this world cycle or circle of issues behind the screen?

To hide himself, he projected himself by confined to a local newspaper and small business. He projected N. Ram of the Hindu and Goyanka of Indian Express to the Govt. of Indira Gandhi as agents of other countries to hijack the Indian Government concentration towards him. I had narrated all of this issue under the caption ‘Coup on Indian Politics and Govt. Administration’.

At the time of independence war, what are the advantages of India such as good and moral political leaders like Bapuji, Tilak, Bose, Nehru, and so many leaders, media and monks like Swami Vivekananda and Rama Krishna Matt; are turned as disadvantages after independence.

The leaders became immoral. The saints became pseudo. The media itself is the veil to Duplicate Kanika i.e. coup maker.

I hope that you can refer the documentary proofs, you can go through the logical and circumstantial proofs, you can think and finally you can analyze the facts to extract the truth.

May God Bless all of you and this world.

Let all the people get peace and prosperous.


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