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Ref. No. – 12

Sri Sailam complaint

12:35:50 Hrs,

Sri Sailam


Dr. Man Mohan Singh,
Prime Minister of India,
New Delhi.

Respected sir,

Complaint against media man Mr. Ramoji Rao, Chairman of Enadu group of companies, Mr. Nara Chandra Babu Naidu, the ex. C.M. of A.P. about their organized harassment on us – reg

Our confidential complaint against Mr. Ramoji Rao, about his coups and spying activities against India including the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi in 1991 at Sri Perambudur, T.N. dated 03-06-1992 to the then P.M. of India Mr. P.V. Narasimha Rao at his residence, Race
Course Road, New Delhi.


With reference cited above, I Mrs. Adi Lakshmi, my husband Mr. Lenin B.Yadla and my daughter Ms. Phani Geeta Priyadarsini, residents of Sri Sailam A.P., bring the following to your kind notice with a request to solve our problem immediately.

In 1992, I lodged complaint against Mr. Ramoji Rao about his anti-India activities to the then P.M. of India Mr. P.V. Narasimha Rao. With all consecutive particulars, I brought the total issue about organized harassment on us to your kind notice on 08-10-05; I enclose it for your ready reference [1].

Recently i.e. on 08-03-`07; the local C.I. of Police called on us and taken statements from us regarding on Mr. Ramoji Rao, media man about his organized harassment on us. On next day i.e. 13-03-`07, I received cancellation order of my room allotment in which we are running a pre-school and private tuitions for life food; from Devasthanam which I enclose for your ready reference[2].

On 06-02-`07, I received a phone call from an unknown voice introduced that from C.I.D. Office, Mr. Krishna Raj is speaking. I responded positively and asked him what information he wanted from me. He said that what is in the complaint that he received from New Delhi. I requested him to go through that as I can`t explain it over phone and I wrote it indetail.

With reference of that, I approached him on 20-03-`07, at his office, Hyderabad, I tried to explain him the current situation of harassment. Without hearing my version, he said, “I talked on phone and your attitude is wrong. So that, you never get any solution to your problems. Mr. Ramoji Rao is no way concern or connective to Rajiv Gandhi`s assassination and organized harassment on you. Every day we used to get number of fake complaints from `Akasa Ramanna; so, to get confirm it, I had given phone call to you on 06-02-`07 and you are collecting this and that and framing case. Nothing is true except your hallucination.”

Then I said thanks to him and I was ready to take leave from him. But he stopped me by claiming that “You won`t hear others; and you won’t appreciate others work. You are spoiling your life and your daughter’s life.” I was just puzzled by this. Being a victim, facing harassment, what is my appreciation, on whom, on what? That to he was claiming me as my attitude is wrong and I’m in hallucination. He said that he was not able to understand my complaint, may the local police C.I. had taken statements as formal.

By taking such bitter treatment and an advice from him to meet Kurnool district S.P.; as C.I.D. is no way concern to this case, I left about my place i.e. Sri Sailam to face the problem with the help of my students’ parents.

All of my students parents tried to help me and as a group of 20 members, with a request to recall the cancellation orders, we met D.E.O.[Deputy Executive Officer of Srisailam Devasthanam], Mr. Krishnayya on 30-03-`07, he said “I never saw such a lady. Being woman, she put complaint on gents. She lodged complaints on Ramoji Rao, Chandra Babu Naidu and on me. Why should we face such troubles from her by giving room to her? That’s why I cancelled it”.

But I did not complaint on him. The fact is :- In April 2006, all the residents of C.V.C.[Challa Venkayya Choultry] approached E.E. of Devasthanam Mr. Rami Reddy with a request to provide water as we are facing water problems since two years. We had given topography of water tanks and supply system, where the pressure is dropping and we explained the same on oral also. As a group of 7 women, we met him at his residence. I enclose the copy of it for your ready reference [3]. He responded positively, sent water though tanker temporarily and removed the unauthorized taps, which were arranged by the attender Mr. Ramanayya [daily wages contract labor] to Mr. Krishnayya, D.E.O. and provided water to all. Later he got transferred and new A.E. [contract employee] Mr. Rajesh again fixed the taps, which caused dropping of water pressure, so that no water into O.H. tanks on 2nd floor.

At that time, Mr. Rajesh had given the cell of Mr. Ramanayya to me saying that their D.E.O. is on line. In that phone a voice threaten me ‘Why are you showing ‘zulum’ by saying that you can put complaints. Whoever gets water, they will enjoy. What is pain to you?” This is in Telugu language and I did not believe it as D.E.O. is calling on me. I had given the cell phone to my co-resident [Room No.17] and co-victim of water. He also puzzled on it. Later I suspected Mr. Ramanayya as he had made fake call on the name of D.E.O., because being a higher officer that to at the age of retirement, nobody will behave in such a manner. There was nothing loss for him if they provide water to everybody and it is their responsibility also. Hence, I lodged complaint in the local police station, which I enclose for your ready reference [4].

Later the water problem was solved to some extent by providing single tank instead of individual tanks for 1st & ground floors. This was happened one year back. All of this I covered in my complaint to your good self.

Now he is claiming that the local C.I. had taken statement from him regarding this, because I put complaints, this was happened, so that I should not enjoy the allotment of room. So he had cancelled it as if this Govt. asset is his own asset.

What an argument is this? In Democratic Country, if some disputes happen, anybody can complaint to the Govt; to get justice. What is wrong with me if I complaint against Mr. Ramoji Rao regarding Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination and regarding his spying activities? What is wrong with me if I complaint against EAMCET Rank disputes? There is nothing selfish of mine.

In 2000, when I complaint on EAMCET Rank disputes, I was the witness of a little girl’s desperation, exaggeration and lost hopes on life i.e. RamaDevi, my student at Surya pet. I thought if my daughter might be in such deceived situation in future. So I put complaint against it to Chandra Babu Naidu’s government. Is it wrong? Is it wrong attitude? Having idealistic views is wrong attitude. I’m not doing anything against law and orders, society, administration or constitution. Having thoughts of human values, is it wrong attitude? Then why these Govt. employees claiming me like this?

On 31-03-’07, as a group of 20 members, along with my students parents we request E.O. Mr. Hari Jawaharlal with a request to give time to conduct final exams to our students. He said, “We are vacating all the private people to provide accommodation to our employees including contract labor and everybody. So, no way to recall the cancellation.” Finally he extended the time up to 08-05-’07 to vacate the room and I enclose if for your ready reference [5].

In this juncture we represented C.M. of A.P. with a request to recall the cancellation orders of room allotment and I enclose it for your ready reference[6] unfortunately we did not received any response or help from him.

But the E.O. did not give cancellation to any other private person except to me as more than 100 members are living here like me as all the land here belongs to Devasthanam only. On the other hand, he supported the argument of D.E.O. as we put petition on their employees, so that we must vacate.

Sir, here I’m asking you that no citizen has such a right to lodge complaint when Govt. employees do disputes. Are we living in Hyderabad Nizam Govt. or in Union India Government?

Sir, I’m not able to understand that how can hallucinate people can fight against redtapisam or organized harassment administratively with documentary and evidential proofs? Can a person lead 15 years life with disciplined and punctuality and human values and with fighting as per the law and order, administration and constitution by lodging complaints and bringing things to Govt. notice with hallucination?

To imagine Mr. Ramoji Rao is my enemy, I’m not his level or he is not my level.

If he is not doing this harassment, who is capable or needful to do this? If I try to solve my problems without reference of Ramoji Rao’s case, the concern employees are saying, it is redtapisam. If I try to solve the same with reference of Ramoji Rao’s case, they are saying, it is my hallucination.

The employees and others can do harassment on us but we should not fight to protect us. What law is this? How can a daily waged sweeper’s service, attender’s service is valuable than that of a teacher? Like this how many times that I have to re start the carrier? If Govt. dept. does like this, can any private people give house to me? Is it a reward to a complaintee who responded selflessly for the sake of country faith?

With this background, I’m questioning you that -- is this constitution failure or organized harassment on us.

Hence, I request your good self to decide any one of the above and take action according to it and please help us to lead peaceful life with food.

Thanking you.
Yours sincerely,
Y. Adi Lakshmi,
Lenin B. Yadla.

Our Address:
Mrs. Y. Adi Lakshmi
W/o. Lenin B. Yadla
Room No.10, CVC
Sri Sailam, Kurnool [Dist]
Andhra Pradesh.
Cell No. 9440971265.

List of Encloses:

1. Our initial complaint to your good self.
2. Cancellation orders of our room allotment.
3. Our complaint on water problem to E.E. and E.O. of Devasthanam.
4. Our complaint against fake phone [threaten] to C.I. of Police.
5. Our representation to E.O. for extension of cancellation of room.
6. Our representation to C.M. for recall of cancellation of room.

Note: The matter is brought to the notice of President of India, Sonia Gandhi, Chair person of UPA Govt. on the same date.

Sri Sailam complaint
07:30:00 Hrs,

Sri Sailam

The Executive Officer,
Sri Sailam.

Respected sir,

Complaint against Mr. Mahesh, Mr. Nagi Reddy, Mr. Ramanayya [Contract labor] and Mr. Veera Reddy [Security guard, Balaji Securities] and Mr. Adam [Craft teacher, Z.P. High school]-reg.


I, Mrs. Y. Adi Lakshmi, resident in Room No. 10, Challa Venkayya Satram, bring the following to your kind notice with a request to solve the problem at your earliest.

In Challa Venkayya Choultry 17 families are residing, 8 families on ground floor and 9 families on 1st floor, totally 18 Rooms are here in this choultry. On terrace, the Devasthanam had provided two sintex water tanks. As per the slope of terrace floor, the tank of ground floor is little bit down than that of first floor. Hence the water flow is much into the ground floor tank. To manage the water pressure and to stop the water over flow when the tanks full, the Devasthanam had arranged 2 valves on each tank.

But the ground floor residents reference cited above, had cut off the valve on the ground floor tank with axa, after it was adjusted fully to flow into their tank, by claiming that Mr. G.M.R., A.E. water supply had adviced them to do so. It was happened after oneyear back. We did not complain to any officer.

After that Mr. Mahesh contract labor [his father Mr. Naga Mallayya was
Ex E.E., now retired] with his reputation fixed a tap on floor to the pipe which supply water to O.H. tanks, so that the pressure had dropped like any thing, and hence single drop of water did not supplied to us. When the water problem was severe, we approached Mr. Rami Reddy, E.E. and then the problem was solved for some time. Later that tap was removed.

But once again, after one year, two days back, Mr. Mahesh tried to fix tap there. We are giving entire topography for your ready reference. At that time we warned the plumber, as we will complaint to higher authorities, they stopped the trial.

Here, the ground floor people are growing gardens not as hobby but for business, they are selling flowers to coconut vendors and vegetables to other.

Sir, we don`t mind if they are capable to do business and earn money. But for their business sake, they should not trouble others, they should not suffer others. For their gardens sake, they are not allowing 9 families to have even drinking water. Is it humanity? At the back ground of cottage No.64, [occupant is Mr. Adam], Devasthanam had provided a valve. When it rotated to one direction, full water flow will be there for them. By keeping several meters of tube they are watering the gardens. Same case with Mr. Nagi Reddy, Tota mali [contract Labor], Mr. Ramanayya [attender to Mr. Krishnayya, D.E.O., contract labor], and Mr. Veera Reddy [security guard, Balaji securities].

There was an unauthorized tap at the back yard of cottage No.66. Same Valve- Tap managements and pipe watering to gardens is there. One more cottage No.67, of Mr. Markhandeyulu is in this same lane. There is huge flower and vegetable garden in their house. We [all 9 families on the first floor] put several requests to them but in vain.

From the ground floor water tank, there is water connection to cottage No.69 [the occupant is Mrs. M. Madhavi, Bhramari school] had double connection to their O.H. Tanks. Like that, every body has their own solutions and gardens, on the other hand all other cottages around us, their O.H. Tanks used to overflow almost every day. But the occupants of 1st floor C.V.C., we i.e. 9 families’ people are suffering even for drinking water. Every summer same experience. Every day same problem.

They won`t give pressure and the ground floor people won`t leave the valve. Hence, no water to tanks. 9 families on 1st floor and 4 families on the other side of ground floor will face the water problem like any thing. Sir, we are not asking about the water supply on festival days like Siva rathri and Ugadi. We are requesting you to solve the water problem on normal days.

Sir, when we requested orally to either E.E. or D.E., they solved our problem for time being. But we request your good self on behalf of 9 families to solve the water problem of ours which is created by others with humanity and permanently.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,
Y.Adi Lakshmi,



Sri Sailam complaint

08:01:30 Hrs,

Sri Sailam


Sri Rami Reddy Garu,
Executive Engineer,
Sri Sailam Devasthanam.

Respected sir,

Complaint against Mr. Mahesh [contract labor, room No.1, c.v.c.], Mr. Nagi Reddy [contract labor room No.2], Mr. Ramannayya [contract labor, roomNo.4] and Mr. Veera Reddy [security guard in Balaji Securities, room No.5] about their water disputes – reg.

Ref: Our complaint to E.O. reg. - same dt. 31-03-`06.


With reference cited above I, Mrs. Y. Adi Lakshmi, W/o. Lenin B. Yadla, resident of Room No. 10, C.V.C., bring the following to your kind notice with a request to solve the problem immediately.

Here, in Chall Venkayya Satram, 17 families are residing on two floors, 8 on ground floor and 9 on 1st floor. For water supply, Devasthanam had provided two sintex tanks [huge in size] on the terrace. As per the slope of terrace floor, the tank of ground floor is little bit down than that of the 1st floor. They provided two valves [one on each tank] to control the over flow on the tanks. There is wheel valve on our tank i.e. 1st floor and gate valve on the ground floor tank. Naturally, water pressure is high into the down tank so that the water flows.

On the other hand Mr.Mahesh, being the son of retired E.E., [Mr. Naga Mallayya], with his reputation managed stand taps beside and in front of his room on the ground floor and hence water pressure had countable dropped into the tanks on terrace. We, all the families on 1st floor suffered one year like this. In last summer, Mr. Mahesh and Mr. Veera Reddy cut the gate valve on their tank with axa, so that complete water supply what ever it is into their tank. With all this summer had gone, in spring and winter there was no major water problem so that we did not approached any officials.

This summer we [all the residents of 1st floor as a group] approached Mr.G.M.R, and he responded positively so that the stand taps were removed on 06-04-`06. After that up to 09-04-`06, the water supply in to the both tanks was well, but what happened we don`t know, now our tank is over flowing and in their tank, there is no water supply. Mr. Mahesh and Mr. Veera Reddy have the equipment like pipe-wrench and cutting player, in previous also they operated the valve and cut the valve as per their declaration.

Now the valve on our tank is not operatable as we informed by Mr. Naik who came to solve the problem [sent by G.M.R., A.E.]. Hence, it is over flowing as well as the ground floor people [mentioned in sub] using nasty tongue towards us.

There is a valve in the back yard of cottage No.64. If it is operated to one side, water supply to cottage No.64, 65, 66, 67, &68 [5 cottages] if it is operated to another side water supply to O.H. Tanks on C.V.C. When the stand taps were there, they used to operate it to such side so that no water supply to the tanks. When others used to operate it, they did not say anything and they put water tubes of lengths 50 to 100ft. & watered gardens from which they sell flowers and plants.

Sir, we won`t object any body if they do business and earn money. But for that sake, they should not trouble the others that to for even drinking water.

We request your good self to change the valves on the tanks and solve water problem as well as water wastage.

Sir, we are requesting you to prevent the nasty circumstances on behalf of 9 families on the first floor and solve the water problem permanently.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,
Y. Adi Lakshmi,

Sri Sailam complaint –18

09:16:20 Hrs,

Sri Sailam


The Circle Inspector of Police,
Sri Sailam.

Respected sir,
Complaint against Mr. Ramanayya, attender on contract to Dy. Executive Officer Mr.Krishnayya garu, about his threatening on me with fake phone call – reg.


I, Mrs. Y. Adi Lakshmi, W/o. Lenin B. Yadla, resident of room No. 10, C.V.C.,1st floor, Sri Sailam bring the following to your kind notice with a request to take action on Mr. Ramanayya, room No.4,C.V.C. and to make justice to us.

At Challa Venkayya Choultry [C.V.C.], 18 families are residing 9 on ground floor and 9 on 1st floor. Mr. Ramanayya and others had cut off the valve of the sintex O.H. water tank of ground floor with axe saw after adjusting the full water pressure to them and with their corruptive methods; they managed stand taps near their rooms. This was happened 1-year back, and all of us, the people on 1st floor suffered without water.

Hence on behalf of 9 families, I lodged the complaint on to the desk of E.O. on 31-03-`06 and consecutively we as a group approached A.E., Mr. G.M.R. and E.E.
Mr. Rami Reddy on 06-04-`06 with oral and written complaints and request. After watching the pressure droppings, they removed stand taps and sent water tanker as temporary solution and they promised us for permanent solution.

Mean while there were bulk transfers in the Devasthanam. So that we are waiting with patience for the settle of staff. But yesterday i.e. on 08-05-`06 around
5:30 P.M. Mr. Ramanayya brought Mr. Naik contract labor in water works[in previous also, by taking money this man only had arranged two stand taps [un authorized] for them as per their own claim], Mr.Rajesh the new A.E. of water works and installed one stand tap. We did not objected the A.E.`s authority, but we requested him to watch the water inlet into our tank and we as a group, tried our level best to explain our problem with a request to solve.

Exactly, at that time, A.E., Mr. Rajesh had given me the cell phone of Mr. Ramanayya and told me that their D.E.O., Mr.Krishnayya was on the line. When I received the call, the voice on the phone said ``what? Why are you showing wickedness i.e. zulum on all other by saying complainting to E.O. etc.? By showing mercy, I had allotted room to you. What is your nonsense? Who ever got water, they fetch it. What is the pain to you?”

I shocked with that and by trying to convince him, I told him on phone `as a group we requested your officials, how it could be `wickedness i.e. zulum`? and I requested my co-resident Mr. Poorna chandrmachary Dy. Head Master in Zilla Parishat School as they also victims, to attend the call. When he started to explain, Mr. Rajesh, A.E., had taken the cell and concluded the call.

Sir, I know Mr. Krishnayya garu and I met him at his office to express my thankfulness after allotment of my room in September 2004. I remember his voice, accent and the way of talking. That to as a higher official, nobody will react in such a way by supporting totally one group and others to suffer. When we approached E.E., A.E., they also tried to solve the water problem and to provide water to everybody.

That’s why I suspect that Mr. Ramanayya had given a fake phone call on the name of Dy.E.O. Mr.Krishnayya. But why he targeted me I don`t know; because as a group we approached the higher authorities. In previous, the families of Mr. Ramanayya, Mr. Nagi Reddy Thota mali, Mr. Veera Reddy, Security guard and Mr. Mahesh himself, contract labor used nasty tongue and we complainted to E.E. so that he warned them to behave gently. Once or twice they threaten me that they can close my school. I don`t know who is behind this, but Mr. Ramanayya and others harassing me target fully.

In due course, they are threatening me with fake phone calls. If I fear about it, what is guarantee that he won`t threaten me on behalf of some other to give money or some thing? Is it not a criminal brain?

Hence, I request your good self to enquire into this matter and to take action on Mr. Ramanayya for this fake phone call threatening.

Sir, on the other hand, if Dy.E.O, himself had given that phone call, how could an administrative request and an administrative complaint on dispute be `Wickedness or Zulum`? What is the reason to scold me like this?

Sir, once again, I request your good self to take action on this matter.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,
Y. Adi Lakshmi,

Our Address:

Mrs. Y. Adi Lakshmi,
W/o. Lenin B. Yadla,
Room No.10,
Challa Venkayya Choultry,
Sri Sailam.
Cell No. 9440 971265.


Sri Sailam complains


Rashtrapati Bhavan
NEW DELHI – 110004

No. : P2-250393
Dated: 17-Apr-2007

Dear sir / Madam,

I am to acknowledge the receipt of your communication dated 08-Apr-2007 addressed to the President of India.

The same has been farwarded to the Government of ANDHRA PRADESH, which is concerned with the matter.

Your are advised to get in touch with them directly.

Yours faithfully,
[Ashish Kalia]
Under Secretary [P]


No. : P2 – 250393


President’s Secretariat,
Rashtrapati Bhavan,
New Delhi – 110004


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