Saturday, December 20, 2008

01. Coup On Education

Recently i.e. on 05-09-2007 I read short article written by famous professor Dr. E.V. Subba Rao on the News paper Enadu. In that, he narrated about the position of schools, now and in once upon a time. In past, the educational institutes were famous by the name of teachers, which were called as Gurukulas. People used to refer such educational institutes as so and so guru was so disciplined, knowledgeous, ethical, capacitive and the man with moral values, good speaker, so let us keep our child in his Gurukulam. But now by watching result [Marks and rank] and the name of school we are sending our children to there we don't know the teacher's name even until the moment the teacher step into the class room. And more over we don't know whether the same teacher will continue or not in the class. What type of education is this?

How much true it is? If the teacher is not eligible to teach, how can he make the children to learn? If the teacher is not having a strong personality i.e. psychological personality, if the teacher is not having a stable character, if the teacher is not having capacity, if the teacher is not having morals, if the teacher is not having the habit of telling truth, how can he insert and inject such qualities in minds of children? Is it no need for us to verify or at least think whether the teacher has such good qualities or not in him? Because how can a blew off candle en light the other candles?

We are thinking that education is in printed matter of class books. We are thinking that knowledge is in Alphabets i.e. literacy. Did you check up what our children are studying from 1st to 10th class? I don't know on which grounds the government prescribed the syllabi, revised it and changed it time to time. It is only grass with out juice. It is just dry sugar cane after the extraction of its sugar juice.

The knowledge of surroundings like roads, fields, types of houses and relations among family members like grand mother and grand father and who is called an uncle or an aunt is just depends upon common sense. With playing & singing children can get familiarity about them and joyfully they can learn them. Instead of that, the present education system is insisting them to bihard the common sense. Knowledge is not supplying them through stories. It is only through lessons, questions and answers. So naturally, children are, in such attitude the prescribed syllabus, i.e. knowledge is meant only for bihard and to get marks, so they are keeping it in short memory and after exams, they are forgetting it. No 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th student remember imports and exports of any country as they studied in social studies. Off course, nobody can remember it. But if we make them to learn morals, behavior systems how to control mind from evil thoughts, how to imagine any heard or read issues in visiuality, how to speak meaning fully, how to hear carefully, how to do a work with concentration for long time, without getting disturbance by any means, how the child could be grow? On behalf of education we must make them to learn life truths, how to get motivation to do any work, how to determine mind to complete a work once started without giving up in the middle and capabilities. In one word, education must make the child with a perfect personality and with a defined & complete character. That means after grown up the child must stand for truth, fight for truth, must be adventurous, enthusiastic etc. etc. etc.

Are we getting such products from our education? Are we allowing our kids to learn how to love nation, how to practice morals, and ethics, how to decide goals and how to achieve the goals? I'm not saying 100% students are useless. But I'm asking the proportionality of success i.e. not in the terms of marks or ranks, or earning rupees. I'm asking the proportionality of success in the term creative, constructive and inventive events.

In past, in our society in India, the educational institutes were called as Gurukulas. Some Gurukulas were patronized by kings and some were by people themselves. All the students including rich and poor, irrespective of their parents position in society, that means the parents might be kings and peasants, all the students must obey their teacher and must do physical industry to convince teacher, to please teacher, and must do begging in nearby villages to get the food for all resident of Gurukulams. By the way they must face the toughness of life, the struggle to earn life food, the humble hunger of life and practical facts of life. Definitely, they could know how to overcome ego, how to get rid off ego, and how to eliminate ego. Serve to Guru, paying obedience towards Guru only the fee to Guru. After completing of education the student have to full fill the wish of Guru as fee i.e. Dakshina.

The ultimate goal of education is such. Only an egoless person can love others, think for humanity and does for the faith of universe, can have thrust towards knowledge.

In this context, I refer you a small story which narrates you how the education must be. I read this some where.

అనగా అనగా..........

One day a student approached a Guru i.e. teacher who was famous for the art of sword using fight. When the student approached the Guru and prayed [i.e. requested] him to accept him as a disciple, the Guru didn't express his acceptance or refusal. The student was waiting for Guru's reply. Paying silence towards him, the Guru allowed him to reside in his Gurukulam. He was provided food and shelter.

But the Guru was beating him whenever he saw the student, whatever he was doing by that time. While he was cleaning the floor, bringing water with pots, preparing fire to cook food, watering plants, plucking the flowers and fruits in the garden, whatever he was performing the ashram's duty, the Guru was beating him suddenly from possible ways and directions.

The student was puzzled, didn't know, why Guru was beating him. If the Guru didn't like his presence, he could call him and send him out by saying the same. If the Guru hates the student, directly he could say it. No need to beat like this with out saying any reason. But the students didn't give up the ashram duty. He didn't turn to home. He didn't give up his determination to learn sword-playing talent in the middle of trial. But to protect himself from the beating of Guru, he was more alert and active. Whatever he was doing he was very careful about the sounds in surroundings, watching actively all corners and very sharp in body movements.

Like this some months were passed. One day the Guru called him to near and said "My dear boy. I'm pleased with your determination. To learn sword playing talent, the soldier must be quite alert & active. Now you acquired it. So with in short period your course can be completed. You will become perfect warrior. Bring the sword. Now I'm starting your coaching to handle your sword, God bless you."

With glad and high spirits the student learnt & while learning he could enjoy the learning and he could love the art or subject whatever he learnt.

Actually we have to make the children to learn how to learn. Not any subject up to certain age except how to write & read languages & minimum maths. Within the early years of the childhood, only concentration should pay in the formation of their character & personality. They must become strong psychological & physical. They must grow with human values. They have to become perfect human beings who can live for truth & love and who can die for truth & love. They should not live for food & money and should not die for food & money. They should know how much valuable are the knowledge, love & truth.

If we love a costly car or expensive building or any other wealthy object, it won't wish our faith, it won't smile to us, it won't feel our love and it won't express its love towards us. More over its eyes never glitter with the tears of love. So that at any cost, by any reason, the wealth is not valuable than living being and human being. This truth, the student must realize in the childhood it self.

One more thing I want to expose to you. If we observe keenly we could notice it in our heart only. Ego and knowledge are mutually conjugate to each other. That means if one increases, automatically the other decreased.

In Bhagavad Geeta, God say, "Nothing in this universe is as sacred as knowledge. Definitely, God can see the knowledgeous one and knowledge one can see God. In fact knowledgeous one means God himself."

In our Sanskrit literature i.e. in Veda Vagmayam, there is one slokam, which is so meaningful, truthful and beautiful. I read it in "Viswadarshanam Bharathiya Chintanam" written by Sri Nanduri Rammohana Rao. According to the author, this Santi manthram is in 'Kenopanishad' and both the teacher & Student i.e. Guru and his disciple pronounce this together. It is

" ఓం
సహనా వవతు సహనౌ భునక్తు
సహ వీర్యం కరవ వహై
మా విద్విషా వహై
ఓం శాంతి శాంతి శాంతి"

Its meaning is – Let God save both of us. Let us experience the extreme joy of knowledge. Let us get such power to achieve the extreme joy of knowledge. Let our study become glorious. Let us exist without hate and hesitate each other. Before starting, the daily study to practice such self-suggestion what must be the knowledge level of human society in those days itself.

We can enjoy beautiful and truthful meaning of the slokam. When teacher tries to drive out ego from the student mind to facilitate his mind to receive and store knowledge, definitely students repels towards it. Naturally, the student feels agony towards teacher. After overcoming all such emotions which we call as Arishadwargas [i.e. desires, anger, greedy, passion or crazy, proud and jealousy] only, any person can acquire knowledge. Being student and teacher, it is my own experience. I strongly believe that any body can experience this fact and observe this fact in their mind. If a cupboard or shelf is full of some waste things which are eligible to throw away, there won't be any place to keep good books in that shelf. Some case with ego and knowledge. Only if we drop our ego into the dustbin, then only we can insert our mind with everlasting joyful knowledge.

If any one is famous as knowledgeous and if that person is egoistic, definitely we can confirm that his knowledge is not real knowledge, it may be just build up.

More over in those days, there were no tools to write as our paper and pens. They wrote with feathers of birds on palm leaves. That's why education system mainly based on oral. The entire Vagmayam transferred from generation to generation by oral practice since thousands of years. Though some of beliefs driven the society into dark, but beyond such blind beliefs, matured thinking was there. In every time, in every system, there are good and bad that mean advantages and disadvantages irrespective of olden days and now-a-days. We have to take advantegive points only. Advantage means faithful and truthful towards people. They must be faithful forever.

Now also students are going practice to learn on oral drilling. But what they are learning is bran only, not rice. What are imports and exports of different countries, what is trigonometry and what is matrices, won't help the students to construct their character? I'm not saying that science & technology, biological and physical sciences, history and maths not useful to students. But below the age of 12 years, such should not be subjects of study to them. The primary education must build them into strong and completed personalities. The students have to acquire perfect character with moral values and logical thinking nature.

This must happen through stories, playing and songs. Stories of epics, historical persons will motivate the children to determine certain aims in their life. But what is happening now? If you check up the subject of history of 4th & 5th classes. There are statistics of great persons, when they born, where, what they studied in which year, what they done and when they dead. By studying such, there won't be no more motivation and no more inspiration. Just the students have to keep in memory of such statistics of great person, that's all. There is no narration of the life incidents of such great persons.

I give another live example to you. There are beautiful stories in Panchtanthram. Its other name is Sampurna Neethi Chandrica. In original, in each and every story, through the conversations so many moral values with comparison of natural facts were discussed. Actually to narrate human values only, the story is framed. Through such human values, only Vishnu Sarma changed the princes into intellectuals, but not through the Crow and Rat stories. On the name of stories, he inserted thinking and observing nature through the conversations of animals and birds characters. By leaving all this rice, the bran of the narration of story and nominal moral sentences are in the lessons of students. The wanted compile of syllabi. I'm not claiming the professors who compiled such syllabi. May be they got such instructions to compile like that from their 'Superiors'. I'm not claiming the Ministers and other politicians. May be they satisfied with the exchange offers for such compiling of syllabi. But I'm claiming the parents for their neglecting or carelessness or thoughtlessness regarding the welfare of their own children.

Care is not taking that students and children to learn hard working nature. Parents them selves are not mind to make their children as lazy.

They are calling it as petting, the cinematic petting. No discipline. I'm not saying all the parents and all the children are like this. But maximum portion of parent and children are like this only. Only particular about marks and ranks but not character formation with the qualities of hard working, adventurous, enthusiasms, & logical thinking etc. They are not particular about the way of getting marks and ranks. It is their prestige matter to have marks and ranks. If they are not particular about the way of getting result, how it is prestigious for them I don't know. They are not feeling shame to exhibit the results which got through copying or ranks fixing disputes. That's why only the colleges and schools are able to do so many disputes, which involves thousands of cores of money. That's why only the politicians, Media and higher officials keeping silence on these disputes. That's why only the parents and so called intellectuals showing wanted innocence on these disputes.

Regarding rank disputes of Eamcet, just like match fixing in cricket, I fought and still I'm fighting. I brought this dispute to the notice of P.M. of India Mr. Man Mohan Singh, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi the chairperson of UPA Govt., C.M. of A.P., President of India, Chief Justice of A.P., Lokayukta and Human Rights Commission and media. Strategical silence I experienced over this. I kept all the matter with documentary and circumstantial proofs in the end of this writing.

Here I want to refer a small story to you.

అనగా అనగా..........

Once upon a time, there was a king. He had a son. He noticed that his child became lazy because of over petting. That's why only the boy didn't learn single quality though he got 15 years age. The king felt so bad about it and was thoughtful to eliminate the laziness from the boy.

Then one day, he called on his son and asked him to earn two silver coins on his own industry before sunset. When he asked the boy to show his earnings at the time of dinner, the boy gave two silver coins to the king. The king threw them into fire. The boy kept calm and finished his dinner. The king knew through his spying agents that the boy requested the queen and taken two silver coins from her.

The king ordered him to continue the earning for next day also. Same incidents were repeated at the time of dinner. This time the boy got the coins from the Minister. Next day the boy collected them from royal employees. But the king didn't stopped strategy. Days turn into months. By collecting money from employees, the prince got deglammoured and unpopular. In spite of this, the king didn't stop to the prince to show his earning.

After getting disgust, the prince one day approached a brazier and asked him for a job work. By doing assistant work throughout the day to brazier, he earned two silver coins before sunset. With great self-satisfaction and joy the boy, i.e. prince approached his father and gave two silver coins to him. As usual the king threw them into fire. But this time, the boy had jumped to near fire and picked out the silver coins from fire with a stick and asked his father with angry as "Dad! Why you throw them into fire? Do you know, how much painful to earn them?"

By watching this, the king felt very happy and council the boy about the real joy of working, how much care should be take towards the result of industry. After noticing this with practical experience, the prince became a generous, sincere and good king as time passed.

This is the story!

Any thing, may it is money, result, education, or position in society if any body achieve it through their hard work, it is good. Then their behavior will be loyal and proper. If any body get the money or result of education or job or position in society through corruptive methods, it is not good. Then their behavior will not be correct.

If you watch, in surrounding society the expenditure of people who is getting money with out doing hard work is unlimited. It leads others to imitate or jealous to it. Ultimately, people are in race to throw ethics into dustbin.

Such corruptive methods are in practice in the childhood it self in the form of result disputes. No body is responding on it. Moreover, some parents, most of teachers, maximum no. of schools & colleges, all of the officials and politicians are encouraging it.

Because of such indiscipline education, in ethic results only, these are evils of raging, drugs and liquor consumption and mental retorting on the name of love etc in youth.

In this context, I narrated you a small story from Aranya Parvam of Maha Bharatam.

అనగా అనగా..........

Long long ago, there were two friends as well as saints names Bharadwaja Maharishi and Raibhya Maharishi. Both of them used to wake up early in the morning, performing all their duties and keep themselves in Dyanam i.e. chanting God. To lead life, they used to depend on fruits & roots from forest.

After some time they got children. Bharadwaja got a son named Yava Kreethudu. Raibhyaya got two sons named Arya Vasuvu and Paravasuvu. Being busy with his devotionals activities, Bharadwaja neglected his son's education. But Raibya afforded to make his sons as scholars. In the due course of time, Aryavasuvu and Paravasavu were famous for their knowledge. Their reputation spread all over that surrounding places. By watching all this, Yavakreeth felt jealous about the sons of Raibya. He thought that he might become a scholar instantly.

With this motive he started meditation regarding God "Indra". God Indra pleased with him so that he tried to convince Yavakreeth and said "Dear Yavakreeth! Education must be learn, through teacher. Without that, you can't shine with Veda Vedanta knowledge. That's why stop this meditation and approach appropriate Teacher."

But Yavakreeth didn't satisfied. He wanted to become scholar immediately. He continued to meditate God. Indra took another trial to change his mind. This time God Indra came in the form of old Brahmin and stood on the bank of river. When Yavakreeth came to the river ghat for bath, God Indra pretended as pouring handful of sand in the river water continuously.

By watching the continuity, Yavakreeth asked the old Brahmin i.e. God Indra "Dear grandpa! Why are you pouring sand into the river water?"

The old man replied, "I'm trying to contruct a wall against the flow of water."

With laugh Yavakreeth said "How it is possible to construct a wall against this river flow with handful of sand?"

The old man replied "My dear child, when compare to your trial to get Veda Vedanta Education without Teacher's guidance & student hood, my trial to construct a wall against this river flow, may not be a foolish thing."

Immediately Yavakreeth could recognize the God Indra, fallen on his feet and prayed to give him boon of education.

At last, God Indra could convince with his prayer and gave him the boon. God Indra gave a vessel containing sacred water i.e. Kamandalam, which could give him instant education. By using it, Yavakreeth became a scholar. It is just like the certificate of degree, P.G. and other ranks etc. by doing disputes.

After this, Yavakreeth approached Bharadwaja Maharshi, his father and told him every thing. Bharadwaja said with his son "My dear son! Achieving education without hard working and student hood of proper time, will lead you to ego. Achieving education with boons will lead you to characterless & ego. Ego will lead you to self destruction. I warn you my child, don't go to the surroundings of Raibhya's Ashram. Don't get rivalry with his sons."

Yavakreeth paid careless towards his father. He toured surrounding areas exhibited his eticacy. Like this some days over. One day, it was the season of spring. Atmosphere was very pleasant. All the trees were green with fresh leaves. The forest bore with fruits & flowers. The breeze flourished by the sweet smells of flowers.

At that moment Yavakreeth went to the garden of Raibhya's Ashram. By that time, Raibhya & his sons Aryavasuvu and Paravasuvu were not in the Ashram. The daughter-in-law of Raibhya was there lonely in the Ashram. By watching her beauty, Yavakreeth attempted rape on her and returned home.

When Raibhya came to Ashram, his daughter-in-law explained him about the event with sorrow. Raibhya Maharishi got anger with this; he created a beautiful woman & a giant by performing a Yagnam and ordered them to kill Yavakreeth.

The beautiful woman approached Yavakreeth and tempted him with her beauty and stolen his vessel countaining sacred water i.e. Kamandalam. By the way he lost all his eticacy, memory of mantras and power Yavakreeth was easily killed by the giant, exactly at that door of Bharadwaja's Ashram.

By watching the death of his son, Bharadwaja Maharishi cried like any thing and said "My child. I told you that the achieving education with out effort will lead you self destruction. You didn't pay attention towards it."

With that great sorrow of son's death, Bharadwaja cursed Raibhya, fell in fire and died. Because of Bharadwaja curse Raibhya lost life.

Then Aryavasuvu returned Ashram. By knowing all this, he devoted God Surya and got a boon to give life to his father Raibya, Bharadwaja & Yavakreeth. After getting life, Yavakreeth asked God "I also done meditation like this Raibhya & Aryavasuvu. Then how they became great than me."

God said "Child! They learnt education by spending proper years of time in servicing Guru i.e. teacher and student hood. By the way they could learnt to control their emotions and desires i.e. arishadwargas. They learnt to over come ego. With out all such effort, you got education. But you couldn't get strength. Always education must be learn through serving to the teacher and by the student hood.

That's the entire story.

How the learning is possible, without hard working and industry? When the kid is attractive towards fire and trying to play with it, the parents won't prevent them by counseling? If not possible, to prevent them from fire by convincing methods, won't they beat them? Beating is safer while comparing with burning with fire. Indispline in children is more dangerous than burning with fire. Fire can burn only the body part but not life of the child. But indiscipline can nullify the future of child. Impact of fire is immediately visible. But the impact of indiscipline, we can't watch it immediately. We have to experience it in long time. By that time, nothing is remained in life to prevent.

In such case, how the laws, rules are making as it is against law to beat the children by parents and teachers? How could be the parents and teachers be without kind, love and affection towards their own children and students. If the elders are with mental disorders or sadistic with children, definitely they might be indiscipline in their child hood as well as in elder age.

Now the bad effects of such rules of Government are coming into experience in foreign countries like America. Then why our society is allowing such movements of students unions towards schools and colleges? In fact, the students union leaders, politicians and every body who belongs to this category are making money by taking such controversials, instead of thing the faith of children and parents, so that the faith of society it self.

By watching all this, defenetely we can say there is a coup on human society. These is a coup implementing on human beings in the child hood it self to make them robos. Robos can't think and more over under remote control. This is why because you know? If idealism spread over society, if ideology influences the people, they enjoy with nature, with bondages with feelings, which won't need money. In such society, people won't run towards luxuries. They enjoy the things with reasonability. They enjoy the luxuries in balanced state. Then there won't be unlimited flourish of business.

That's why, decades by decades the coup in education field is going on, because this is not crop from field to get it within one year.

The persons whoever is behind this coup, they know that. They are capable to wait for a long time to get yield, i.e. unlimited money making. Behind these coups, it may be one man or one union or one organization. If it is one man, his name is Ramoji Rao, Enadu, if it is one union, it is union of such spying agents like Ramoji Rao, N. Ram etc. and if it is one organization, it is C.I.A. of America or I.S.I. of Pakistan. But the age of coups on Education, religion and culture supports only C.I.A. but not I.S.I.

Now I'm going to explain the pattern of coup to implement this coup, a long plan, in which decades of time, a talented pattern were invested.

Nearly 35 to 40 years back, the ditention method was lifted in education to improve literacy. May be the literacy improved but what happened to the human values? That generation only now in various fields like jobs of government & private business and Politics. The generation which was habituated to get success or promotion into upper class only by attendance not by working or learning, is implementing the same in all fields now. They are not particular about the way they earn money; they are particular about only earning. That's why only, this much of corruptive and disputes' methods are live in society. I give one example to you. When I approached the S.P. of Nalgonda, Mr. Sivadhara Reddy with written complaint on my house owner at Surya pet, that IPS officer advised me to solve my problem in private panchayathi i.e. with local leaders in Suryapet. Such we are watching in movies and I experienced in life. Such is the character of an IPS Officer.

When I read about such disputes in Bapu's "My Experiments with Truth" in the context of liquor parties in Barrister Education, London, I felt wonder about that. such disputes are now every where in the world. With in this century, it is occupied entire world.

Strategically libraries are getting ruined, no funds to libraries. Naturally they vanished from society. Same case with readability.

For this, suitable strategies were taken at different levels in different times. They influence immoral people who ever in high position such as, officers and politicians with money and fame as exchange offers. They influenced moral people by giving repeated reports that, the only so called system was suitable for the then current problem and made them to believe that there was no alternative. Just like BLACK GOAT – FOUR THIEVES . Divide and rule policy was not only implemented by Gen. Dupley of British to occupy India. Before independence, same policy was implemented to robber India. After independence also, same policy is implementing to weak India and to ruin India. May be the same is happening all over the world.

At this juncture I explain you a little story of Maha Bharatam which was told to king Dhrutharashtra by his minister Kanika. This minister Kanikudu is famous for coups planning and implementation. His strategies are named as 'Kanika Neethi'.

I read this story from 'Moral stories in Maha Bharatam' written by Usha Sree.

The king of Hasthina, Drutharashtra had three ministers. Prime Minister was Vidurudu. He was intellectual, highly educated and he had moral and ethical values.

The second Minister was Sanjaya. He was personal advisor to king. He used to attend the king all the time, and he was expert in executing ambassadorial activities.

The Third Minister was Kanikudu. He was expert in deceiving planning or coups planning. He could guide the king in the matter of how to defeat the enemies by coups. You are going to read a story, which was told by Kanika to the king Drutharashtra.

అనగా అనగా..........

Once upon a time.

There was a big forest.

So many cruel animals were in the forest. There was a fox. It was so clever. It used to make others to do work, whenever the result had to expected, by deceiving others, it used to enjoy the result.

This fox had four friends, Tiger, Wolf, Mongoose and a Rat. It was living happily by pretending that making friendship with them.

Then one day,

The fox had seen a fatty deer. When the deer watched these fox & friends party, it ran far away. The fox desired to eat it. In spite of great effort, it could not capture it.

The fox thought well.

It assembled the friends in a place and said "Look friends! How much the deer was beautiful, that much was the taste of its meat! But we are not capable to run as speed as the deer. That's why we can't kill it. Now we have to kill it by planning coup. Then we can enjoy its meat." Such that it tempted the remaining animals with watering mouth.

All the friends tempted to eat the deer. With eagerity, they said "Friend! Please tell any idea."

It pretended thinking and said.

"Ah! I got an idea! Listen carefully and tell me your opinion. We can't capture the deer when it is active. That's why please find out that when it will be in sound sleep with tiresome. Then without making noise, the rat has to crawl up to it and has to bite its legs. At the same time, the tiger has to jump on to it and has to bite its neck. That's all."

All the friends were happy with the fox's wisdom. They waited until the deer sleep.

The deer ate up to belly full in the forest, drank water in the river, after tired it had taken rest and slept.

As per fox advice, the rat approached the deer silently and bitten its leg. At the moment it tried to get up but the tiger attacked it and killed it.

Joyfully all the animals were ready to eat the deer meat. Then the fox said "Friends! Let us enjoy the delicious meat. But your bodies were with dirt. All of you go to that valley river and have bath and then come! Then we can enjoy this meat."

All the four animals had gone to have bath with excitement, the tiger return from river before all the other animals.

By that time, the fox was weeping. The tiger asked it "Friend! Why are you crying?"

The fox replied with tears in its eyes as "How can I say to you my dear friend. Do you know, what the rat said? What is the use of tiger, though it is big animal? It was not able to do any thing until I bite the deer's legs. The deer was killed by my intelligence. To eat that meat, how shameless the tiger is! By hearing such words, I'm sad!"

Tiger felt self-respect and ferociously said "Friends! The rat helped me to

Think well. From this day I earn my food. I won't depend on others!"

By saying like this, the tiger left the place. Next rat come. The fox said "Do you hear, my dear friend rat! 'The meat of deer got poisonaised because of Tiger's bite. So I will eat rat. By saying like this the mongoose started for you".

Immediately the rat ran in to its hole. After sometime the wolf comes. The fox said "Hear this, Tiger got angry with you. It wants to eat you along with its wife. It is on that trial!" The wolf escaped from there.

Then the mongoose came. The fox said "with the desire to eat this meat you came. But I killed all the three animals and throw away. Come to me! If you are able to defeat me, touch this deer's meat."

The mongoose ran away with fear. Later the fox enjoyed the deer's meat happily.

Oh! King! Like this, with wisdom and cheatfulness, we have to fruitful our works – said Kanika.

This is Kanika Neethi. [Ism]

The fox played divide and rule policy. It raised ferociousness in tiger and frighten the other animals by showing one to other, and finally it threatened the weaker animal like Mongoose whatever, the possible way. It had divided the animals and driven them out. Now you please tell who is ancient, whether general Dupley of British or Kanika of Maha Bharatam?

In fact, most of the people failed as parents. They have forgotten how to bring up their children. They forgotten how to make the children disciplined, enthusiastic and with logical sense. They know only over petting. They feel that by giving all things, whatever the children demand, is enough as their responsibility. They feel that by giving money to children, by giving desired things to children with money, it is all their duty fulfilled. By the way how much ego the children are acquiring, the parents are not able to know. This case is almost all in all sections of the people.

In this situation, if the rules and law leads the children in such a trend as when the parents punish them, then they can approach the police station and lodge case against parents means how far the society can make the children as perfect persons? We are watching the bad impacts of such laws in America like countries. After watching such situation in other countries also, why Human Rights Associations and Students Union leaders raising the discussion with a demand to implement such laws in our country, they might know.

Another evolution in the present educational system is the Management of Schools and the parents are making the teacher as only liable for the student growth with respect of marks. Parents won't take leisure to check the behavior, discipline and personality formation of their children, and won't effort to achieve such qualities in their children. But they demand for good marks. Even they don't believe or think that, without discipline the student can't acquire good marks. Almost less than 1% of parents could know this fact. Some parents just say this but not sincere to effort for it. Some of the parents they know it but could not spare time to effort it. It is unbelievable. But true. If you observe your surroundings, I can assure you that you can experience what I said above.

Most of the parents' opinion, by paying fee to the school, their duty is over. Most of the mothers think that by making the child to complete his/her home work, their responsibility is over. In fact, it is a tough duty to complete the homework by the child. Hence, again they approach tuitions. Finish! The parents' duty is over. The child life is finished in prison of education not knowledge. But education is not a salt packet business. If we go to grocery shop by paying money to shop keeper we can get a salt packet. The deal is over. But education is not packet of salt. By paying fee, the responsibility of parents is not over. But most of the parents deal is such as salt packet only. Hence the total weight is over the shoulders of schools and teachers. So that, to skip such heavy duty, getting result of marks and ranks by using money is easier to the schools & teachers rather than coaching the children.

Hence result is, disputes in exam results. Instead of making the child to learn to hard work, it is easy for them to leak the question paper, to conduct mass copying, to purchase ranks in rank fixing by lobbying with officials with money.

So that an efficient network is established on this result disputes. The private and corporate schools and colleges developed a strategy to organize these disputes. They are appointing local people who are in Govt. sevice such as teachers, head masters as their public relation officers with out appointment letters. They pay certain percent of commission on each admission to P.R.O.s. if they convince or council or motivate the parents of that locality to send their children to corporate or private educational institutes. This is open secret as every body knows it including journalists, officials and politicians.

As concern as result, the schools and college's strategy is as follows. They do their own market survey and they procure their own information about the parents. While allotting ranks to their students, the private & corporate schools and colleges select students, whose parents are reputative, influence in their area. By giving rank to such students, more admissions will flow from that area in next academic year. For this sake, strategically such students will be promoted into meritorious sections, intensive care batches, or cream sections to prevent doubts from other parents and to make the public to believe the results as genuine. In fact, these cream sections are the manufacturing unit of 'Yavakreeths'. Maximum portion of these students will become egoistic & psudoistic.

Without thinking all of this, parents are crazy and feeling prestigious regarding their children ranks such as Mandal first, town first, city first and state first, if possible colony first as well as street first.

With out thinking all of this, employees & officials in educational departments and the politicians crazy about money. In some contexts the officials have binamy shares in schools & colleges managements. Some politicians have educational business.

But here I want to expose one issue. If you watch a cat mother, it trains up the pussy cat to hunt the rats and to get food on its own. The mother cat brings the half- killed rats and mice to coach up its pussy. Because no computer rank will give rats to Pusey when it grow into cat.

But here, most of people believe that just like ranks in education, jobs in Govt. services can be get by spending money and by doing disputes. That's all! Life goal can be achieved. It is life time securance. No work, No need of capability to perform duty or work. No need of efficiency to do work. Just they can earn money as salary as well as corruption. That's why only for contract service jobs also, people is investing money to get the jobs in Govt. departments. This all the result of disputes. This all the result of immortals'. That's why only in private field, there is the deficiency of talented and capable persons. This is the fact experienced in campus interviews by private companies.

No body is thinking about this. From Prime Minister of India, Minister of Home affairs to local M.L.A.s and other police people, intelligence people, no body is thinking about this. Rather no body is responding over this.

But I want to raise an important logic here. On one Nation i.e. Country another country, can't play this type of coups to weak it? Because, by making people, youth of one country is useless fellows is it not easy for the enemy country to defeat it. It is not spying coup?

In past, there was healthy relationship among teachers and students i.e. Guru and disciples. Students treat their teacher as their parents. Teachers treat their students as their children. Students extend respect towards teacher. Teachers extend affection towards students. Students treat the wife of teacher as their own brothers and sisters. The coup makers and their supporters consciously or unconsciously argue that where is such morality in 'Tara Sashankam', which is an epic story of Hindus. I'll discuss That good and evil under the caption of coup on epics in the following of this writing.

In India life style, there is famous Sanskrit slokam.

"Mathru Devo Bhava [మాతృ దేవో భవ]

Pithru Devo Bhava [పితృ దేవో భవ]

Acharya Devo Bhava [ఆచార్య దేవో భవ]"

That means, "Mother, father and Teacher are equal to God. And another Slakam.

"Guru Bhramha

Guru Vishnu

Guru Devo Maheswara

Guru sakshat para Bhramha thasmai Sri Gurave namha"

This means, "Teacher is God Vishnu, God Brahma and God Shiva. Teacher is in fact supreme God. To that sacred teacher I tribute myself".

I read a Doha i.e. poem from Hindi literature. It is from Kabir, the great Hindi poet he say "When God and teacher appear together in front of me, I put Namaskar to my teacher first, because my teacher himself made me to enable to see God." What a great feeling of poet! Is it not wonderful application of poet?

But now what is the situation? There are love affairs among students and teachers. There are rape attempts and sexual harassment among teachers and students. Some criminal cases also happened as per police record. We watched them through media.

In fact, the cinema media introduced it in Indian public where as print & electronic media propagated it by their police dairy, crime programs etc. etc.

In the beginning, some English movies like Bedroom windows introduced into society in which a neglected child by parents was seduced by teacher. Accidental happening of physical bondage and it following incidents entertain the public. Are such stories needful to society? Moreover the deep discussions among so-called intellectuals, politicians & educationalists on Media, instead of banning them. By the way, such movies collected more advertisements to get popularity. This was happened 30 years back. Now we are watching the similar incidents in our surroundings. Where is the address of morality?

Actually, education must prevent the individual from evil thoughts and activities.

I refer a small story to you. This is related to Bhoja Raja, a historical king of India who patronized great poets like Kali Dasa etc. He, himself was a great poet in Sanskrit. I read this story in Enadu under feature of Antharyami'

There was a Sankrit Scholar cum Poet in Bhoja Raja's court. He had big family. Unfortunately, he could not impress the king to get sufficient income, so that suffering from deficiency of money. He thought to theft from king's palace. One night he could enter into the palace of king, with a big bag, to steal some valuables and hide them in the bag.

First he located a gold idol. He tried to keep it in the bag. But he could remember the slokam from his learnt books, which stated those 7 years of punishment in hell by God Yama against the crime of gold theft. With this memory he dropped that idea. Again, he provoked to steal diamond necklace due to his poverty. This time he recalled another slokam which stated that 12 years prolonged punishments in hell. Helplessly he dropped it where he found it. Like this picking up some valuable things, recalling the concern slokam, so that keeping it where he picked it up, he spent all the night. Early bells were ringed in the palace. With frightfulness, he had hidden himself under the bed of king. With morning praising from his subordinates, the king felt proud about his wealth, handsomeness, and greatness.

By observing that proud posture in the body language of king, the hidden poet recalled another slokam which stated that the life, beauty, wealth and health etc. every thing is temporary in this world, after death every thing depart from us. Only good and evil whatever we done in this world follow us, nothing else. The poet said this slokam with a loud and clear voice from the bottom of king's bed.

Being scholar the king immediately caught the idealistic views of that slokam and realized his proud & ego. So that he could get rid of ego. After driving out the ego, naturally the king felt the joy of morning, the warmth of sunrise and the cool breeze of nature.

Then he felt wonder about the presence of poet in that odd time at that odd place i.e. under his bed. When he enquired into the matter, he felt sorry towards the scholar, fulfilled his needs and expressed his gratefulness towards the poet as the poet helped the king to drive out his ego in the early hours of the day itself. Such that this story leads us that education i.e. knowledgeous education [but not certified education] guide us in faithful way to live and it warn us to prevent evil thoughts and activities.

The ultimate target of education must be this only but not earning money. Living comfortable is everybody's wish. It is every body's right to live comfortable. It is the target. I agree 100% with this. But we must consider the target as well as the way of approach to achieve the target.

I hope that you agree 100% with this!



  1. Excellent ideas Sir! I dont know who you are but i want to praise u heartfully.
    Shiva Naidu

  2. Excellent! It was amaging to read your article. Often my feelings are coincide with u. That's i was really amaged to read the same. Reading this article i felt that i was talking with myself.
    Thank U
    Shiva Naidu

  3. Shiva Naidu Garu,

    I felt very happy with your comment. Thank you very much.

  4. This post is awesome madam..
    some time from now i was thinking on the education system and about human rights, about how these are helping us, for me education is only for exams (i am a recent graduate), it doesn't help us in anyway to lead life happily, the sole purpose of education especially higher education is only for getting jobs in software companies (it is changing these days because of economic recession everyone is getting attracted by the government jobs where one can earn money by just doing nothing), "if not job go and study more and then try for a job, if u fail there also then again start studying" this has become the mind set of people.. no one is ready to think about how the subject he studied is useful..
    here we cannot blame ourselves or our parents for these circumstances. thats what happening in the entire world.. if some 'x' person is successful in doing something then thousands of ' y' s follow (forced to follow) the same path to become 'x' , but they never realize that 'y' cant become 'x' .. when the realization part comes its dangling between 'x' and 'y' and now it can be neither 'y' nor 'x'
    its uniqueness is lost forever
    The simple solution for this is to stop comparing with others and try to realize the uniqueness of every person in the tender stages...

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