Friday, December 19, 2008

Ref. No. - 08

Sri Sailam complaint

Office of the Executive Officer,
Sri Sailam Devasthanam, Sri Sailam.


R.C. No. C2/6921/06. Dt. 02-12-2006.

Issue of notice to the local people, business people, residing in the rooms of Sri Bhramaramba Mallikharjuna Swami Vaarla Devasthanam to vacate their Residences – reg

Resolution of passed in the meeting of Council of Trusties No. 19, dt. 16-10-2006.


Here with you are informing that you are residing in the rooms of this Devasthanam type C.V.C. No. 10 on nominal rent. That’s why there is embrossing to provide the stay facilities to the devotees coming to this Devasthanam. More over to avoid the disturbance of the feelings of the devotion and the critics, in spite of several requests to vacate the rooms and to hand over them to Devasthanam, you didn’t vacate the rooms.

Regarding this issue, on 16-10-2006 in the meetings of Council of Trusties, the resolution is passed to make the local people and business people to vacate the rooms of Devasthanam.

Hence, you are instructed to vacate the room and hand over them to Devasthanam within 7 days is receipt of this notice. If not, it is informing you that the legal
Remedy will be taken on you. And this is informing you that you will be liable to the loss and in convince created to the Devasthanam by that.

M. Hari Jawaharlal,
Special Grade Deputy Collector and
Executive Officer.

With permission



Sri Y. Adi Lakshmi,
Private Teacher,
C.V.C., No.10,
Sri Sailam.

[02-12-`06:Notice: To vacate the Room within 7 days group notice in Telugu notice.]
The scanned copy of the original is enclosed under the caption ‘Scanned copies of Evidence.’

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