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Ref. No. – 25

Nandyala complaints
06:45:40 Hrs,


Sri Ramanujam Garu,
Hon’ble Justice,

Respected sir,

Request to protect us from the harassment of Mr. Ramoji Rao, Chair man Enadu group of companies – reg.

1. Our complaint against Mr. Ramoji Rao, about his spying activities against India to the then P.M. of India, Mr. P.V. Narasimha Rao Dt. 03-06-`1992.
2. Our complaint against Mr. Ramoji Rao, about his organized harassment on us to P.M. of India, Dr. Man Mohan Singh, on 08-10-`05 at dock-section, South block and our consecutive follow up letters to him.


I, Mrs. Y. Adi Lakshmi, my husband Mr. Lenin B. Yadla, and my daughter Ms. Geeta Priya residents of Sri Sailam up to 8th May `07, but now on road, bring the following to your kind notice with a request to look into the matter and to protect us from the harassment by Mr. Ramoji Rao immediately.

The complaints I lodged against Mr. Ramoji Rao to P.M. of India, to Hon`ble President of India and to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, Chair person UPA Govt. were forwarded from New Delhi to Sri Sailam police station in March 2007. Intimating me like this, the C.I. of Sri Sailam, Mr. Karunakar had taken our statement regarding that case on 08-03-`07.

Within 5 days, I received cancellation of my room allotment at Sri Sailam from Devasthanam [Endowments dept. Govt. of A.P.] and regarding the mode of consecutive harassment, I bring to your kind notice with proofs in the enclosures.

By standing on road, taking shelter here and there, I brought several reminding requests to ‘top to bottom’ i.e. from the President of India, P.M. of India, General Secretary AICC, Mr. Digvijaya Singh, C.M. of A.P. up to District Collector etc., and to the Chief Justice of A.P. High Court, Chief Justice of Human Rights Association. But I did not get any help or solution of problem in spite of personal appeal and postal reminding.

As response to my appeal to the Chief Justice, A.P. High Court, he kindly advised me to avail appropriate legal remedy as this matter concern to administration. Is it possible to me to put a case in court, by standing on road without accommodation and occupation? Is it impossible to Mr. Ramoji Rao to manipulate the advocates? With my limited sources of finance, can I fight against him in court, as Governments of A.P. and Union India watching the war like wars in Athens in Greece in B.C.?

When I approach opposite media to Mr. Ramoji Rao, nobody responded towards my case and kept silence strategically. Is it not abnormal with respective to a businessman i.e. Mr. Ramoji Rao?

On the other hand, my complaint on Mr. Ramoji Rao was regarding his spying activities against India in 1992, but not regarding his activities i.e. harassment or something else on me, then how the Govt. of both State as well as Central treating this as my personal? The root reason for this case among us and Mr. Ramoji Rao is my complaint to the then P.M. of India, Mr. P.V. Narasimha Rao in 1992. It was not my personal. Then how this turn as my personal case? Why should I fight in court as if it is my personal? Why the Govt. of A.P. and India including bureaucrats and politicians treating this as my personal?

Why they are not thinking about the need of Mr. Ramoji Rao to harass us? Why don`t they think about his motive to harass us? If he has anger about our complaint in 1992, no need for him to harass us since years, [i.e. 2000 or 1996 or 2004] instead of it, he is capable to kill us. In such circumstances, why he is doing all of this harassment which involves highly money, time and spying.

What is ‘happening’ to Mr. Ramoji Rao and what is relation to us with such ‘happening’? It is not my hallucination to imagine him as my enemy and I proved him behind the harassment on us.

Hence, I request your good self to look into the matter and take action to save country and us.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Y. Adi Lakshmi,
Lenin B. Yadla,
Y. Geeta.

Our Postal Address:

Smt. Y. Adi Lakshmi,
W/o. Lenin B. Yadla,
C/o. Mila Srinivas Rao,
Vijaya Eye Hospital Guntur-2. A.P.
Cell No: 9440 971265.


1. Our complaint to P.M. of India, Dr. Man Mohan Singh, in 2005.
2. Our complaint to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi , Chair person UPA Govt.[copy to President of India] in 2006.
3. Cancellation order of our Room allotment by E.O., Sri Sailam Devasthanam dt. 13-03-`07.
4. Our request along with group of student’s parents to give time extension to E.O. dt. 31-03-`07.
5. Our request to recall cancellation to C.M. of A.P. dt. 01-04-`07
6. Our complaint regarding harassment to P.M. and President of India and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi dt. 08-04-`07 with enclosures.
7. Evection order to vacate Room immediately by Dy. E.O. dt. 11-04-`07.
8. Our complaint regarding continuous harassment to P.M., President of India & Mrs. Sonia Gandhi dt. 13-04-`07.
9. Our complaint to S.P. of Kurnool dt. 24-04-`07 and same to C.I. of Sri Sailam dt.07-05-`07.
10. Our request to E.O. of Sri Sailam to give time to shift our furniture from Room, dt. 09-05-`07.
11. Our complaint to C.M. of A.P., commissioner of Endowments etc. dt. 09-05-`07.
12. Our complaint copy to Chief Justice, A.P. High Court & Justice Subhashan Reddy, Human Rights Association dt. 12-05-`07.
13. Response letter of Mr. Digvijaya Singh to us dt. 20-04-`07.
14. Recommendation letter of Mr. Digvijaya Singh to Dr. Y.S. Raja Sekhara Reddy, C.M. of A.P. dt. 17-05-`07.
15. Our personal request letter to C.M. of A.P. at A.P. Bhawan, New Delhi dt. 17-05-`07.
16. Our request reminder to C.M. of A.P. dt. 28-05-`07.
17. Our complaint to P.M. and President of India and to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi dt. 02-06-`07.
18. Our complaint to P.M., President of India and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi dt. 09-06-`07.
19. Response letter of President of India to us dt. 17-04-`07.
20. Response letter of Hon’ble Justice of A.P. High Court dt. 06-06-`07.


Nandyala complaints

/By Regd. Post With Ack Due//

NOTICE NO. 632/07/B1/LOK 7542/2007, Dt. 14-8-2007


COMPLAINT No. 632/07/B1


Smt. Y. Adi Lakshmi,
Guntur-Dist. ………….. ….Complainant


Ramoji Rao,
Editor, Eenadu Daily Newspaper,……………… ….Public servants


Smt. Y. Adi Lakshmi,
W/o. Lenin B.Yadla,
C/o. Mila Srinivasa Rao,
Vijaya Eye Hospital,
Lakshmipuram Main Road,
Guntur-Dist. 2.


Take Notice that the Hon’ble Lok Ayukta been pleased to pass orders on
27-7-2007 in Complaint No. 632/2007/B1 directing this Institution to issue notice to the complainant to submit his explanation to this Institution on or before 20-9-2007 regarding the Maintainability of the complaint since the public servant being an Editor of Eenadu Telugu Daily News Paper does not attract the definition of public servant under section 2[K] of the AP Lokayukta Act 1983.

The matter stands posted to 21.9.2007 at 10-30 AM.



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