Friday, December 19, 2008

Ref. No. - 11

Sri Sailam complaint
01-04-`07, Sunday,
16:20:40 hrs, Sri Sailam

Sri Y.S. Raja Sekhara Reddy,
Hon’ble C.M. of A.P.

Respected sir,
Sub: Request to recall the cancellation of our room (No.10, C.V.C.)
Allotment – reg
Ref: Srisailam Devasthanam Lr. No.Rc No.c2/7419/2006, dated 13-03-`07

With reference cited above, we bring the following to your kind notice with a request to do the needful at your earliest.
I, Mrs. Y. Adi Lakshmi and my husband Mr. Lenin B. Yadla running a school by name Geetha Public School[Pre-School and Private coaching from Nursery to 7th class] with a schedule of 6.00 A.M. to 7.00 P.M. including study periods, teaching hours and lunch etc. breaks. We have 58 students of different classes. Since 4 years, we are running this educational institute with ethical values and sincerity.
But on 13-03-`07 we received cancellation of Room allotment orders from Devasthanam as they required the rooms with reference to their staff representation dated 10-03-’07. We requested personally to the Executive Officer of Devasthanam to recall the cancellation and local political and other private people requested him, but unfortunately, we were not able to convince him.
When our students parents as a group of 20 members, met him on 31-03-`07 and requested him the same, he explained their need of rooms and scarcity of accommodation to their staff including permanent and contract labor, finally he agreed to give 5 weeks extension[up to May 7th ] for the sake of final exams. We agree with his argument and we must appreciate his sincerity and commitment, but can`t he extend the same generosity and concern to a little school which is giving ethical valued and quality education to their staff children only?
Ours is a small and single room but not a cottage. No argument about the E.O.`s responsibility to provide accommodation to their staff including daily wages[contract labor] workers like sweepers, attenders and other 4th class service people.
While compare with their sweeper service, a teacher service to the local children of Devasthanam staff, business people and other departments like police and postal staff is not eligible to enjoy a small accommodation?
Hence, we request your good self to look into the matter and take a justiceful decision, bless our kids of Nursery to 7th class of 58 students with accommodation, and recommend the same to the E.O. of Srisailam Devasthanam.

Thanking you.
Yours sincerely,
Y. Adi Lakshmi,
Encl. for your ready reference:
1. Devasthanam’s cancellation orders
2. Our requisitions

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