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Complaint to the Prime Minister of India, New Delhi.

15-12-2007, Nandyala

12:05:00 Hrs


Dr. Man Mohan Singh,
Hon`ble Prime Minister of India,
South Block,
New Delhi.

Respected sir,

1. Request to give us your appointment to meet you to
enable us to explain the issue of Mr.Ramoji Rao`s
Spying activities in person, reg.----

2. Request to take action on Mr. Ramoji Rao, Enadu and
his hired persons who harassed me since 2000 to 2007
and from Surya pet to Sri Sailam, against whom that I
lodged Complaints to your good self with documentary
and Circumstantial proofs.

Ref :
1. Our complaint against Mr. Ramoji Rao, about his spying
activities against India, to the then P.M. of India, Sri
P.V.Narasimha Rao, dt. 03-06-92.

2. Our complaint against Mr.Ramoji Rao, about his organis-
-ed harassment on us to P.M. of India, Dr. Man Mohan
Singh on 08-10-`05 at P.M.O., dock-section, South Block,
and our consecutive follow up letters to P.M. of India,
President of India and Smt. Sonia Gandhi, chairperson
U.P.A. Govt. time to time.

3. President of India letter to us dt.12-06-`07, No.P1/A-
61030 in which they stated that the issue was forwarded
to your good self.

4. Our letter to Sri Shiva Raj Patil, Hon`ble Minister of
Home Affairs on 21-11-`07 at North Block, at New Delhi.


With reference cited above, I Mrs. Y. Adi Lakshmi, my husband
Mr. Lenin B. Yadla, and my daughter Ms. Geetha Priya bring the following to your kind notice with a request to do the needful as early as possible.

In1992,being business woman i.e., manufacturer of lead acid batteries, when I came across the coups and spying activities of Mr.Ramoji Rao, Chair man, Enadu Group of companies against the faith of India including the assassination of Mr.Rajiv Gandhi, provocation of terrorism in various parts of India, tuning of public attitude through paper writings etc., I brought it to the kind notice of Sri P.V.Narasimha Rao, the then P.M. of India dt. 03-06-92 through a confidential complaint.

After that, sudden, abnormal and strategic change in my life as well as in India were happened and about which I narrated in detail and mailed to your good self from time to time since 08-10-`05.

From 2000, whenever I lodged complaint against Eamcet Rank disputes on to the desk of Mr. Nara Chandra Babu Naidu, the then C.M. of Andhra Pradesh, we are suffering from organized harassment by Mr. Ramoji Rao, and his hired persons. I brought the entire issue along with documentary and circumstantial proofs as well as his motive to harass us to your kind notice in my previous communications to you.

Because of such harassment by Mr. Ramoji Rao, and the strategic silence of state and central Govt.s, repeatedly we are losing food and bed i.e., occupation and accommodation.

Since 2000 to 2007, from Surya pet to Srisailam, whenever and at wherever I stay, the mode of harassment is same. The people who harass me will change, but the mode of harassment and the motive of harassment won`t get change. I`m watching same cinema of harassment with different actors and actresses because the director of that cinema is same i.e., Mr. Ramoji Rao and his need to harass us may remains constant. Whoever harass us, the style of harassment is in such a way as if everybody search for something around me.

I don`t know what that some thing is, I declared that my life is open book and I have no such ``gandi kota rahasyams``i.e., secrets. I don`t know whether ex P.M. of India, Sri P.V. Narasimha Rao could create something mystery around me. If he done such, I`m not responsible for it and I`m not liable to it. Then why Mr. Ramoji Rao is harassing me, hunting me like this, and why both the central and state Govt.s are watching it with silence?

Since 2000 to 2007, from Surya pet to Sri sailam no action on persons who harassed me and no protection to us. Whenever I complaint and whoever the officials and politicians I met, the higher officials say that the enquiry is going on, where as the lower officials continue the harassment along with the private persons. The same strategy I experienced from Mr. Shivadhar Reddy, IPS, S.P. of Nalgonda, Mr. A.M. Khan C.I. and Mr. Ramulu Naik S.I. of Police, Surya pet. The same strategy I experienced from Mr. Krishna Raj, I.G. of C.I.D., Mr.Karuna Kar C.I. and Mr. Nageswara Rao S.I. of Police, Sri Sailam.

More over Mr. Krishna Raj I.G. of C.I.D. said to me as ``with such attitude wherever you go, you can`t solve your problem.`` With what attitude I am and what wrong in it, he might know. To complaint on a dispute, is wrong attitude? When I am facing harassment by Mr. Ramoji Rao, Enadu, and by his hired persons, instead of lodging complaint, what I have to do?

This voice of Mr. Krishna Raj reminds me, the voice of Mr.Govinda Swamy , the then manager of F.C.I., Surya pet in 2001, being my student`s parent as ``you can`t swim against the world.``

By doing what, instead of protesting against Mr. Ramoji Rao, could they say that my attitude is right?

When I approached I.B. Office, Guntur, on 20,October 2006, there the officer Mr. Ranganna, argued with me as if he was the defense lawyer to Mr.Ramoji Rao as ``what do you think about Mr. Ramoji Rao to claim him like this? He is a perfect man. No disputes on him you know?``

Within a week, the controversial of Margadarsi had broken on to the public. In that context, Mr. N.Ram, Hindu Paper had given public statement on Enadu as ``Mr. Ramoji Rao is quite co-operative. Mr. Y.S.Raja sekhar Reddy should not take revenge actions on him. What the C.M. wants, he can go to Mr. Ramoji Rao and ask him, talk to him. He can full fill the needs of C.M. Problems can be solved like that, but not like this.``

What is the meaning of it? There is a general opinion as Mr. N. Ram, The Hindu, does as an agent of C.I.A. Mr. Murali Manoher Joshi, being president and ex-president of B.J.P. declared it in his statements. I had read them on News Papers like others in India. When I complainted on Mr. Ramoji Rao about his spying activities, in 1992, within three months, the then Home Minister Mr. S.B. Chavan declared that there are C.I.A. Agents in Paper media i.e., ``pathrikadhipathulu.``

Because, the subject of my complaint in 1992 is spying, I am referring the relevant matter regarding country and time. By referring all this, Mr. Krishna Raj I.G. of C.I.D. claimed me that I`m writing the collective news in my complaints. The ending lightening thunder in this issue is, Mr. Krishna Raj is the concern officer to deal the case of Margadarsi, against Mr.Ramoji Rao, Enadu.

On the other hand, Mr. Raganna I.B. argued with me what was the patriotism in my complaint against Mr. Ramoji Rao in 1992.

Being a normal citizen, when I came to notice that Mr. Ramoji Rao is doing harm to our nation, including the assassinations of national leaders, doing spying activities against the faith of India, by bringing it to the notice of Govt., is it not patriotic? I didn`t expect anything in return by doing so. It was not my self-benefit. Then why not my feeling is patriotic?

The complaints I lodged against Mr. Ramoji Rao`s organized harassment on us on to the desks of your good self, Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Chair person, UPA Govt. and Mr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, President of India were forwarded to the local police station. Intimating me like this, Mr.Karunakar,C.I. of sri sailam had taken statement from us in March 2007, as well from the hired persons by Ramoji Rao on whom I lodged complaints to you. After such enquiry, his report was that I have `mental`, so that I make controversial with all others. Being our students parent, Mr. Sudhakar, police constable informed me this on 30-03-07 in the group discussion with parents, when we were trying to get the recall of cancellation of my room at Sri sailam, with the help of my students’ parents.

Can a mental teacher get a sendoff with tears in the eyes of students and their parents at the time of departure?

No one could notice any abnormality when state Government employees, E.O. & D.E.O. of Sri sailam overlooked the recommendation letter of C.M. of State and the letter of remark from Sri Digvijay Singh, General Secretary AICC. No one could notice any crime when the E.O. regularized the rental rooms of Govt., Private choultries and private house owners at Srisailam.

But they could notice mental in me when I fight for food, bed and life. What an administration is this?

In between the stays at Surya pet and Sri Sailam, we stayed at Hyderabad for 2 years. My college Management bounced my salary check for Rs.8000/- in spite my service. One of my neighbors, attempted dommy i.e., physical force on us by stating un-imaginary reason such as I was using my child to fetch water. He scolded me how shame less I was to make my child to bring water. My daughter used to bring water with a small bucket that to from municipal boring pump. In spite of illogic & terrible harassment including food and water non- availability, I didn`t approach police station at Hyderabad by losing faith on them.

But, by stating that my complaints mailed to your good self were forwarded to them, to enquire into the matter, the police people and local employees successfully seized my career.

This is the repeated experience to me to loss food and bed during this fight of 15 years. I don`t know, why the Governments of state and central irrespective of political parties, drop in the matter of Mr.Ramoji Rao, to take action on him. Why Mr.Ramoji Rao is that much sweet to the Governments.
I`m not able to imagine, the reason of nothing action on him, whether it is affection or fear?

Sri A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Hon`ble the then President of India kindly informed me, that he sent my complaint to Ministry of Home Affairs as the matter concerns to them, in June 2007. I tried to meet Sri Shiva Raj Patil, Hon`ble Minister of Home Affairs on 21-11-2007, but I could not. When I tried at Reception, North Block, Mr.Skandan, Joint secretary kindly advised me over phone to contact Mr. Ashish Kalia under Secretary [P] at Rashtra Pati Bhavan. When I done such, Mr. Kalia kindly guided me to approach Secretary, Home Affairs as he sent my complaint on to his desk. When I tried to meet him, the Secretary advised me to meet the joint secretary, without referring particular name. When I tried to enquire the name of Joint Secretary to enable me to meet, he disconnected my phone through reception. In such helpless situation, I filed my complaint along with all documentary proofs of around 200 pages at Dock section, Gate No.5, North Block.

Till date I didn`t get any communication and justice from them. Hence, I request your good self to give us your appointment to explain the problem and to show the concern proofs in person.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,

Y. Adi Lakshmi,
Lenin B. Yadla,
Y. Geeta


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