Friday, December 19, 2008

Ref. No. - 18

Nandyala complaints
14:10:10 Hrs,


The Commissioner,

Respected sir,

We Mrs. Y. Adi Lakshmi, w/o. Lenin B. Yadla resident of Sri Sailam, bring the following to your kind notice with a request to do the needful at your earliest.

At Sri Sailam, we are running a pre-school and private coaching from Nursery to 7th class with 60 students since 4 years. We have good reputation as teachers as well as personal behavior. We got room allotment in Sep. 2004. But now, wantedly Deputy Executive Officer Mr. Krishnayya, with his force E.O. Mr. Hari Jawaharlal issued notice to me to vacate the room urgently. The particulars of the issue I`m enclosing with this letter. The background is: - I lodged complaint on Mr. Ramoji Rao about his spying activities against India in 1992 to then Central Govt. i.e. P.M. of India, and followed it up from 2005. It was moved from New Delhi to local police station in March 2007; so that the rupture started. I furnish all the particulars to you for your ready reference and I request your good self to help us and to recall the cancellation of our room at Sri Sailam i.e. Room No.10, C.V.C.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,
Y. Adi Lakshmi,

Copy to:
1. Hon’ble Governor, Raj Bhawan, A.P.
2. Hon’ble Chief Minister, A.P.
3. Hon’ble Principle Secretary.
4. Hon’ble Minister, Endowments.


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