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19. Coup On Indian Culture

Irrespective of religions, Indian culture has a special feature as 'unity in diversity'. Indian culture has another special feature as absorbing any interference of other people's cultures and continues its originality.

Muslims invaded on to India from Afghan and other countries. A new race of Muslims i.e. Indian Muslims came into existence. Indian Muslim is different to European or African Muslims. Indian Muslims are with humanity, with ethics, with idealistic views and with bondages.

Christians entered into India. A new race of Christians i.e. Indian Christians came into existence. Indian Christian is different to European or African Christian.

Irrespective of religion, Indian culture guide them to mingle in the main stream of humanity, believes in ethics, morals and human values. If we observe Ramjan [Id], Sivarathri festivals in Hyderabad, both celebrations resembles to each other. There are same types of fasting traditions, which are different to those of coastal Andhra Pradesh. Hindus used to visit Dargas, Urusu festivals, Peerla festivals. Muslims and Christians used to visit Hindu Jatharas.

It was reflected in Dandi Satyagraham etc freedom movements. What Dandi satyagraham was whether it was devotional movement or political movement?

Gradually, the coup makers i.e. CIA, British Crown Government and their supporters had successfully and strategically driven out the devotion from Indians irrespective of the religion. Now there is no sincere devotion among Hindus towards their 3 crores of Gods or towards Sri Rama or towards Sri Krishna. As well, there is no sincere devotion among Muslims towards Allah. And there is no sincere devotion among Christians towards Jesus or Yahova.

Just like all other feelings, in which manner pseudoism is there, just like that devotion also became pseudo.

The coup makers made the people to run after pseudo values, after Pseudo feeling and totally after psudoism. Successfully and strategically, they injected the Indians, to consider Karma Yogam as Kharma Yogam. In fact, karma Yogam means Budhi Yogam i.e. doing work by leaving result to God. Sri Bhagavad Geetha preaches this to us. Kharma Yogam or Kharma Sidhantham means not doing anything to change our lives by thinking that everything is as per our fate. Actually Hindu culture and Hindu religion tell us బుద్ది కర్మానుసారిణి which means our wisdom or thinking ability is according to our works. If we do good, our thought, or our thinking ability will be good. If we do badly, our thoughts or our thinking ability will be bad. Following this, Hindu culture and Hindu religion tell us మతిలో ఎంతో గతిలో అంత Ç which means in which manner our thoughts or thinking ability is there, in the same manner our fate will be.

Hence, our fate is according to our works only. By leaving all this, the coup makers propagated that Karma Yogam as Kharma Yogam. In fact, the former provocate the people to work and the later provacate the people to lead life without protest. The former motivate the people to do work, to become strong and to become with Satwa and Rajassu. The lateral motivates the people to do not fight, to do not work, to become weak and to become with Thamassu.

In fact, the coup makers and their supporters always working in all angles to make the people to become with Thamo Gunam i.e. Character. All Corporate medicines, food products, arts, music and Govt. policies, every effort of coup makers are working for that only. Because, it is easy to deceive Thamo Guna people, to control the Thamo Guna people than Rajo and Satwa Guna people. Such that the coup is working on Indians. Hence, result is, we are watching now.

One example I give to you. If any person loves another person, what he has to do? What is the meaning of love? If mother loves her child, what she does? She always tries to keep her child happy. Whatever child likes, she will try to fulfill. That is the love. In such case, what a lover has to do, whether to make his/her lover to feel happy or to kill them? For any reason, how could be a killer become the lover? But in now-a-days movies, the hero used to harass heroine to love him. For example 'Desa Muduru' of Allu Arjun and 'Om' of Rajasekhar. Does it real love rather pseudo love?

I'm referring the murder incidents of Andhra Pradesh and India. There is same case with all states and countries.

Such that, the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters had demolished the network of Hindu or Indian culture, Indian religion and Indian life style. So that the limits got nullified in all angles. So that emotions i.e. Arishadwargas which are desire, Anger, miser, crazy, ego and jealousy are occupied in human lives. So that no peace, no happy, no humanity everywhere. People became illogic and selfish. Just like projecting 'Hurting and violence' as 'love and affection'.

In fact, in Indian culture, unity and patience are main streams. The coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters like media, politicians and Corporate Companies, had targeted on these two qualities. Successfully and strategically, they had made every Indian as enemy to every other Indian. Just like agonies among men and women, among parents and children, among teachers and students, among managements and labor, among businessmen and customers, among political party supporters, among religion practitioners, among different castes, among Govt. employees and ordinary citizens etc. If you check up the writings of Ramoji Rao in his Enadu before 1992, such as list of how many so and so casted IAS Officers are there in Govt. service and the relevant analysis, you can understand his intuition to create deviations among public. Always his intuition is to destroy the unity of Indians. As per coup makers network all other media has to follow Enadu.

Hence, result we watched after independence up to 1992 and we are watching now also. On the name of fashion, modern with the help of cinemas, cinema actors and media, the coup makers and their supporters had destroyed the appearance mode, dress up mode, traditions, celebrations of festivals, believes etc every feature of Indian culture. You watch the media coverage on women's page and in Ads of Corporate Companies; mothers are wearing pant shirt or shorts, or middies or short frocks. But 98% of Indians from Kashmir to Kanyakumari are wearing their traditional dress like Chudidars and saris etc only. Then why this media and Corporate Ads are representing this 2% of mothers who are wearing western dresses? Unless to tune the public and Indian women as "All others in India are wearing western dresses except in your area or you. Such that your area and you are slow in fashion and deviating from fashion". Again the strategy of నల్లమేక - నలుగురు దొంగలు which means BLACK GOAT AND FOUR THEIVES. In this context, I want to refer an issue of now-a-days to you. Recently i.e. in April 2008, a film heroine, Shreya had gone to Tirupathi. There some youth had misbehaved with her. She scolded them and left that place. In fact, she is wearing vulgar, half-nude dresses in movies as well as in public meetings. In the movies, also any side character like vegetable vender or cool drink shopwala will dream about these half-nude heroines's dancing with hero.

What she is doing in movies, the same result she is taking from people. Not only Shreya, this is applicable to all such film actresses. When they are insulting themselves by exposing their bodies like things to be enjoyable, how they are expecting regards from public. First of all, they have to respect themselves being women. Then only others will respect them. Is it not? If you compare these incidents with other film actresses who acted in past with accomplishment, they got respect from pubic. For example Savithri, Bhanumathi and Anjali Devi etc. After release of 'Lavakusa' a Ramayanam based movie, people devoted Anjali Devi as if she was Sita Devi. Just like Newton's theory in Kinematics as, there is reaction for every action.

In Indian traditional dress up i.e. sari, the number of phrills will be keeping on abdomen of women, to cover the shapes of things and secret organs. Because of wind while walking also, the shape of secret organs could not be identified due to the phrills of sari. But now, the cinema heroines are exposing the shape of organs, color of their cut drawers by lifting the covering clothes such as middy etc. More over the coup makers and their supporters like cine people are propagating that the sari is the most sexiest dress up in the world.

In fact, Swami Vivekananda preached us to leave anything or any thought like poison, which harms our mind, our body and the health of both. Actually, he declared with self-confidence, with pride but without ego as "Indians had ancestral culture which is unlimited valuable". But after 116 i.e. from 1892 to 2008, if we watch ourselves where is our asset of Indian culture? Our limitless valuable asset of Indian culture is not there in our treasure. We are with empty hands. Our treasure of Indian culture was thefted by Corporation. Now in Indian society no Sri Rama Chandra's followers or fans. No Sita Devi's followers and fans. Only Ravanasura's followers, and fans, similarly Thara Devi's followers and fans are there in society in maximum proportion. Western people had technical and advanced thinking regarding physical development. Indians had spiritual and philosophical thinking regarding psychological development. Western people had good materialistic attitude. Indians had good idealistic attitude. But only materialism without idealism is not good to human race. Similarly, only idealism without materialism is also not good to human race. Both must have limitations. Both must be merged into a right attitude. In fact, Sri Bhagavad Geetha tells us how to acquire it, i.e. both idealism, materialism with suitable limitations.

Instead of materialism, idealism and merged of both, the coup makers and their supporters forced public in India to adopt Corporatism. Probably, they are doing the same all over the world.

Due to this coup only, non-tolerance of religions and casts is created in society. It is invading on religions.

In 1026 AD, Gajani Mohammad had physically invaded onto India and destroyed Somanadh Temple in Gujarat. But now the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters like Corporate Companies are invading onto India psychologically and destroying all the feelings, Hinduism and Indian culture.

The impact of this is reflecting now as other religions propagandas in Hindu temples, like Tirupathi, Mahanandi etc.

I'll explain you an incident in Sri Sailam. In Sri Sailam temple a steno is working. She got job on the reservation of Hindu Mala. In practical, she is Christian. When anybody offers God Mallayya's prasadam, she and her mother used to say "No! No! We won't take that prasadam." Then why are they taking Mallayya Swami's salary? So many Muslims, Christians are working, doing business at Hindu pilgrim centers and temples. Moreover, some Muslims including women are demanding to give jobs and allotments of shops at Tirupathi, Sri Sailam etc with commondive voice as "In all the remaining places, the Govt. is giving the reservation to minorities. That's why we are demanding to give in Endowments also". These arguments I had watched in 2007 on TV News. Are they thinking to give jobs and allotments of shops in Waquf Board, at Masjid or at Churches? How Hindu pilgrim centers, temples and Endowments became such easy to tackle like that. The Govt. and Ministers also deal the Endowment dept. like that only. In their opinion, it is a department to earn money from devotees. That's all! They won't feel to develop the concern temples in spite of their income. Moreover, the thousands of acres of agriculture land donated to temples by elders centuries back are now under the nominal rent control by ministers, politician or some other rich people who have political reputation.

One example I give to you. In a small village, Cherukuru in Bapatla Mandalam, Guntur Dist. there is ancient temple of Venu Gopala Swami. To that temple, there is Manyam i.e. elders' donated agriculture land of 365 acres. In that village the rent for one acre of agricultural land per annul in 5000/Rs. In such case, to that temple, there should be income on manyam of 5000/Rs per day. But the entire land is under Endowments department. The dept. had given the land on rent to certain people or on binamy names to the relatives of employees, and politicians with nominal rent. On record, these rental deals had allotted in public action. In temple, every day devotion prasadams, and facilities are nil. No popularity to temple even. Some temples like Tirupathi, Sri Sailam, and Annavaram in AP and like that some temples in other state are developing by Govt. dept. That development also is very less in ratio while compare with the income of temples. Such that coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters like politicians, contractors and Corporate Companies are implementing coup on Indian culture and Hindu culture.

With their deep and strong network, they will identify the persons on whom they have to work. Suppose the persons who are just as robots, which means without thinking, they go by following the trend, the coup makers and their supporters won't play much strategy. Because, any way they are in flow, like sheep in herd. Suppose the persons who are more materialistic, more ethics less, more immoral, the network of coup makers and their supporters will give gradual lift to them. Naturally, such person's efforts will get success and they can become rich, reputative and encouragement. By the way, the society, the people in flow think that these days are favorable to such people only, who are more materialistic, more ethicalness and more immoral. These indications or signals into society to all people including idealistic to change their attitude to favorable to ethic less and immorality. In fact, these days are not favorable to the people who are immoral, but the network of coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters is favorable to such immoral people.

Because of this reason only, in cinema field some heroines like Ramya Krishna etc were popular as un-fortune actresses i.e. Iron tinkiet legged actress up to certain time. After that, whenever they got in touch with the Godfathers of cinema field, means whenever they got in touch with the parameters of the network of coup makers and their supporters such as getting ready to act in sexy way or in vulgar way with half nude dress, they got success in field. They became fortunate heroines. This is irrespective of their beauty and talents. There is same case in all other fields.

Suppose the persons are more idealistic, more ethical and with morals, the network of the coup makers and their supporters will work to fail them in all their efforts. That's why only, in now-a-days, only corruption is not fulfilling the purposes. Along with corruption, dating or supplying of prostituting girls to concern seat officials became part in the passing bills, getting tenders and jobs etc purposes.

In such deep level, the network of coup makers and their supporters is working. That's why ethics level in society is decreasing day by day, in spite of oppose and suffering of all people up to their capacity limits.

That's why only, the Indian culture i.e. Hindu culture, which could consider the sex between wife and husband as 'creative yagnam' is getting disappear from society. The coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and the coup supporters like famous personalities in media are demanding to implement sex education in school level. Is it not sufficient for them, how far they destroyed the youth and children by sex in movies, in net browsing etc? In fact, Corporatism will watch all the things including human bodies as luxurious objects, which means objects that can be enjoyable. Indian culture i.e. Hindu culture will watch all the things including the bodies of all living beings as sacred things or holy objects. Indian culture i.e. Hindu culture will watch good in each and every object in this world.

Suppose the God is like our class teacher. The class teacher will look after everything regarding his students. He will look after their efforts, their activities, their discipline, their behavior etc. The duty of the student is to do as the teacher said to him. The student has to perform his assignment whatever the teacher deputed to him. There is same case with God. God had sent every living being after assigning something to perform. To do so, God had given the relevant capacities, abilities, talents etc to each and every living being. Only we have to perform our duty. By doing so, we can enjoy the divine love, the extreme joy i.e. Brahmanandam. God never tell us to do useless act or to do bad. If he tells us like that, how he will be God?

This is the ancestral thinking, which every Indian received as in heritage through Indian culture i.e. Hindu culture. In each and every second, God is telling us what to do, what should not do. If we follow our self-intuition or our mind or our soul's voice, we can identify what God is telling us. Our elders called this voice of mind or soul as Antharatma. In fact, our Antharatma is God.

But, now, most of the people forgotten their Antharatma. Because it will tell us to say truth, to hear truth, to do good, to watch good, to hear good, and to say good. In beginning, they are bitter to follow, but after practice, we can enjoy the sweetness of it.

To say bad, to think bad, to do bad, to hear bad, and to see bad are sweet in the beginning but gradually those effect will drive us to narrow and bitterness. Unless we experience it, we cannot know what hungry is. Like that only, unless we experience it, we cannot know how advantageous the truth is and how disadvantageous the false is.

Indians had obedience to elders to follow what they said. Though this obedience had driven them to raise blind believes and traditions, but obedience is a good quality. Obedience towards God, obedience to elders, obedience to parents and obedience to teachers is good quality. Gradually the coup makers and their supporters killed this quality and improved ego and Thamasam in people. In this context, I'll explain you a story.

అనగా అనగా ………..

In a village, there was a scholar, called Pullanna Sasthri. He used to think himself as most clever man in the village.

One day, he had gone to neighbor village on some work. He was returning to his village on foot. On the way, he was crossing a forest. It was after noon. The sun was hot. He was tired. He laid under the shade of a big banyan tree. There was a pumpkin creeper beside it. There were big pumpkins to the creeper. There were small and reddish fruits to the branches of banyan tree.

He thought, "How ignorant the God is? To this big banyan tree, he had given small fruits. To this small and weak creeper, he had given large pumpkins. In credible creation!"

After some time he slept under the pleasant and cool shade of the banyan tree. When he woke up, he had seen number of banyan fruits had fallen on him. He realized the truth then. He thought "Oh! Thank God. What a fool I'm to think that God is ignorant to create the small fruits to huge banyan tree and to create large pumpkins to this creeper. If the banyan fruits are as large as pumpkins, definitely I would be injured by sleeping under this shade."

Since that, he never thinks egoistic.

That's the entire story.

Such is the obedient thinking and obedient attitude of Indians. Indian culture i.e. Hindu culture motivates them to live without ego, to think without ego and totally to drive out the ego from themselves in every aspect and in every reference.

In this context, I'll narrate you another story. This relates to the famous pilgrim center poori, in Orissa. This is believed as a real story.

అనగా అనగా ………..

In Orissa, in Poori, Kalinga Maharaja had constructed a beautiful and wide temple. Its pillars were constructed with beautiful sculpture. So many sculptures had worked for it. So much money was invested to it. Temple was completed. To install the main deity's idol, i.e. idol of Jagannatha swami only remained. The king wanted to keep a very beautiful idol. He declared all over his kingdom as "In the temple, a beautiful idol of Jagannadha Swami should be made. The sculptures are welcomed to do so. If any sculpture makes a beautiful idol, he will be awarded with 10,000 gold coins. If the idol is not satisfied up to the king's wish, the sculpture will be killed."

No sculpture got ready to make the idol. One day on old sculpture approached the king. He said, "Oh! Maharaja! I'm ready to make the beautiful idol of Jagannadha Swami. I want 30 days time. But one condition I'm putting to you. Within these 30 days, nobody should enter into the temple. I'll be alone in the temple to make the idol". The king accepted this condition after reminding his condition to the sculpture.

The old sculpture entered into temple, closed all the main doors of temple and started work. Big sounds were hearing from temple throughout the day and nights. People feared. The news was informed to the king. But he said, "I had promised to that old sculpture to do not open the doors of temple and to do not enter into the temple up to 30 days. By now, only 10 days were happened. Let us wait and see".

The sound was increased. Within 10 days, the minister had approached the king and said, "Oh! King! Only one old sculpture is inside the temple and doors were closed. But the big sound seems to be 10 thousands or 20 thousands of workers are working inside. I suspect that some enemy kings had sent this sculpture. He might destroy the temple". The king said, "Let us wait and see". That night the king himself had heard the large sounds from temple. He also suspected what the minister said. Immediately he called on the minister and asked him to watch in the temple for any light. The minister replied him as; there was complete dark in temple. But there were nonstop large sounds.

On next day morning, the king ordered his soldiers to open the doors of temple. He entered into the temple along with his staff. There was no body in temple. The temple was not destroyed, as they feared. But the old sculpture had made an ugly idol of Jagannadha Swami.

The king got angry on the sculpture and said, "You fool! Did you make this idol? I'm going to kill you". The old sculpture said, "Oh! King! You have no patience to wait to see the beauty of God. I put the condition to do not open the doors of temple for 30 days. Today is 22nd day only. You entered into the temple. You can't wait for the prescribed time. So how you are eligible to see the limitless beauty of God? How the God is in beautiful things, in the same manner God will be in ugly things also. To notice this truth, by the devotees who visit this temple, I made the idol of Jagannadha Swami like this. From this day, this idol only will be installed here to take our devotion".

The king and his staff realized the truth. The old sculpture disappeared from there. The king and his men thought that as if God came there to carve his own idol in the form of old sculpture.

Since then, in the beautiful temple at Poori, the ugly wooden idols of Jagannadha Swami, Bala Bhadra and Subhardra Devi are getting devotion there. The wooden idols used to replace for every 4 years as per tradition.

Such that this story is telling us as- "With our little talents, all of us wish to do our work with perfection up to our level. We wish to show our talents in our work establishments. In such case, with his unlimited skills, talents and capacities God won't do his works in perfect way?"

As per the local history of Poori, the Kalinga King could not wait for 30 days to watch a beautiful idol of God. Is it necessary to examine whether this local history is real or fake? The Hetu vada Sanghams etc coup supporting agencies had done the same. By leaving all such non-sensical, illogical arguments, can't we learn the good what that story is telling us? Is it not possible to happen? In case if God had appeared to that king and his men, might not it true? Is our knowledge up to that level to find out the truths of this universe? The cheatings of the Hethu vada sanghams is today's silence towards the cheating of Corporate Companies. With their logical sense, they tried to expose the rubbish and false in Hinduism. It was good. But why they are keeping silence towards rubbish and false in Corporatism? Like that, there is killing of advantages and making live the disadvantages is the coup on Indian culture i.e. on Hindu culture.

Another example I want to give you. Once upon a time, in Hindu traditions, there was a practice to keep women who were in menstrual period, outside the house for five days. Those women were made to spend in background or outside the house. They were treated as untouchables. For those 5 days, others will perform their duties in the house and give food to them. In fact, in those 5 days, if they feel discomfortable or tiresome with house works, it is an opportunity to them to have rest and to relax. This facility was in that tradition. But, it was explosive in ugly manner. It was declarative as these women were in their menstrual period. It was like insulting women. In some families, the women in menstrual period were used to keep in dirty and dark rooms. Actually, it was inhumanity and un-accomplishment of those families. Those family members might not know the human values of love and effection. R Ranganayakamma and other writers like her had roared on this tradition. The media highlighted it; as such, traditions were harmful to society. So that women were losing their opportunities in life. Off course, it was correct. It was like insulting women by exposing the natural phenomena, I agree.

But now the Corporate Companies are exposing how to use Sanitary napkins, what their absorbing capacities are with demos in their advertisements on TV in colorful manner. Is it not exposing the natural phenomena? Then, how and why Ranganayakamma and other writers like her, are keeping silence towards the activities of Corporate Companies. Why not the media is giving support to such writers? Is it not showing us the real intuitions of coup supporters? More over the coup makers and their supporters raise new issues such as 'Mothers i.e. house wives should have weekly off from their daily works.'

The coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, British Crown Govt. and Ramoji Rao and the coup supporters like Corporate Companies including media always take care about the Corporatism to grow in society. They won't allow any idealist or any idealistic features in society to grow. That's why only their network will be continuous to identify who are idealistic, who are materialistic and who are corporatists in public. if any person, any artist are there who are capable to motivate feelings and spirits in people, immediately these coup makers and their supporters will create tensions and problems to those persons, artists and idealistic. The film actor Haranath who became competitive to NTR ruined career with his liquor addiction. His liquor addiction was exposed. The tensions and politics played on him were not exposed. Roja Ramani, being child artist acted in Bhakta Prahlada, she had motivated spirits of motivation in viewers. Her career was seized being actress. Her personal causes or incapacity in competition might be the over leaf reasons. The root reason is the working of network of coup makers. There was same case with Sri Sri, T. Krishna, Adurthi Subba Rao etc talented persons. The persons, the artistes, the poets who were with corporatist views were got success like Cinare i.e. C. Narayana Reddy etc.

Like that, there was the powerful working of the network of the coup makers up to 1992. Within these 16 years only we are watching somewhat quality in our movies, arts and sports like SV Krishna Reddy, Sekhar Kammula, Karanam Malleswari and Hampi etc. Otherwise except, Corporate cricket, the coup makers won't give propaganda to other sports. The success of some writers and directors like Jandhyala and Viswanath etc are parameters to estimate the level and working of coup. That's why only the coup makers had allowed such success in certain cases.

Always the coup makers and their supporters' motive is to drive out the feelings from society, and to drive out the spirits from society.

In Sanskrit literature, there is a beautiful song of Jaya Deva as "Priye Charu Sheele!" which means, "Oh my lover! You have beautiful characteristics". By referring this, there were jokes spread in oral and by media as Charusheele, Rasam Sheele and Sambar Sheele, which means eatables, i.e. Rasam, Sambar. In fact, charu in Sanskrit means beautiful. By leaving its original meaning in its original language, to do mockery, how far it is correct? Are we saying that pentagon means excreta or Bush means bush of plants or Bill gates means bill and gate like that?

Generally, we won't consider these jokes and mockery seriously by thinking that those were silly. But in practical, the impact of jokes and mockery is not silly, but it is un-imaginary to believe.

To demonstrate this, I'll give an example to you. Suppose there is a discussion among a group of friends, as the following: - If we have learning attitude, we can learn from anything. We can learn how to behave with others by watching some people. We can learn how to not behave with others by watching some people. By watching nonsense on TV and in movies, if anybody thinks to be like that, he will become silly and nonsensical man. By watching the same nonsense on TV and in movies, if anybody thinks to should not be like that he will become decent and dignified. Same case with vice versa. We can use the knife to kill others or to chop vegetables and fruits. With atomic energy, we can make electricity to develop country or we can make a bomb to destroy the country.

If this discussion is finished with a joke as – with fish, we can make soup curry or we can make fry dish, we will laugh at this joke. Nothing is wrong in enjoying the joke. The total discussion will be drowning off in the flow of jokes. The impact of discussion will be occupied by the joke. Whenever we recall the memory of this moral discussion, we won't remember the morals of this discussion. We will remember our jokes and laughs only. Vice versa with unlimited violence throughout the movie, with ending touch of nominal moral establishment, we will remember the violence only. We won't remember the ending moral establishment. That is the secret of 'రస పోషణ' which means 'Script of art'. It is science of art. In a black boarder white sari, over vision catches black than white. In white bordered black sari also, our vision catches black than white. That is the secret of color combination. It is science of color i.e. part of physics.

Exactly on these points, the coup makers and their supporters are working to implement the coup on Indian culture i.e. Hindu culture.


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