Friday, December 19, 2008

Ref. No. - 09

Sri Sailam complaint

Office of the Executive Officer,
Srisailam Devasthanam, Srisailam.

Rc.No.C2/ 7419 / 2006, dated 13.03.2007.

Sub: -
Srisailam Devasthanam-Srisailam-Cancellation of allotment orders Of Room No.10 in Chall Venkaiah Choultry – Orders issued.

Ref: -
Representation of the staff date 10.03.2007.


Room No.10 in Challa Venkaiah Choultry had been allotted to
Smt. Y. Adilakshmi. As it is required by Devasthanam the allotment order issued
is here by cancelled.

Hence Smt. Y. Adilakshmi is here by directed to vacate the said room and
hand over the same to Devasthanam within 15 days from the date of receipt of
this order. Failing course which further action will be taken to evict the room as
per law without further notice.

Sd/-Dr.M.Hari Jawaharlal,
Special Grade Deputy Collector &
Executive Officer


S.Ramaiah, 12/3/2007.

Smt. Y. Adilakshmi,
Room No.10,
Challa Venkaiah Choultry,
Srisailam Devasthanam, Srisailam,

[The scanned copy of the original is enclosed under the caption ‘Scanned copies of Evidence.’ ]


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