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17. Coup On Indian Politics And Administration

As I already discussed under the caption, "COUP ON INDIAN EPICS" in India, the ruling of Kings and administration of Govt. was within the limits of morals. The epics had given clear parameters, rules, principles to an ideal king. With the Vidura Neethi, Narada Maharishi's counseling, Sri Rama's conversation to Bharatha etc features, the epics had given clear system of administration to Govt., to rule. Though days are changed from epics period to modern period, but the feelings, emotions and experiences are not changed in human beings.

Hence, the administration parameters are still applicable to these days. I'm not mentioning here about the Manu Smruthi etc. I'm just referring what referred in epics of Sri Ramayanam, Mahabharatham about ruling of country and responsibilities of king or Govt.

But the coup makers and their supporters had followed exactly the vice versa of the parameters discussed there to draw the negative results. By the way, successfully they could create terrible situation in which the Govt. could suck the blood of people and give it to the coup makers by changing that blood into wealth.

Epics told that how to be a good government. The coup makers followed its uprooted parameters. That means what epics said to do, they didn't and what epics told not to do, they done it. Thus, they designed the coup network and strategy depending up on the Indian epics only.

We know that we can learn how to behave by watching some persons. As well we can learn how should not behave by watching some others persons. Similarly Indian kings in history and mythology followed Indian epics to create good Governments and to do good to people. The coup makers and their supporters followed the reverse methods to Indian epics to create blood-sucking Governments and to robber the public.

I'll try to explain the mode, pattern of coup on Indian politics and on Indian government administration, at my level best.

India has long history. When most of the parts of world were under dark, India knew decimal system in Mathematics, atomic concepts and Astronomic concepts though not in the modern forms, but those are the root concepts for this modern development.

Beyond all of these, since thousands of years back, India has ever-live spiritual thinking, maturity in thinking and philosophical thinking.

In B.C. 600, MahaVeera Jain had born in India who sacrificed his personal life of prince for the sake of knowledge and peace for people. And Gauthama Buddha's story is famous all over the world. Almost everyone knows this history once again. I narrate it to you.

In 600 B.C., there was a city Kapila Vasthu. The king of that is Suddodhana. He had two wives. Maya Vathi, his elder wife once got a dream when she was pregnant. In that dream she had seen that a white elephant i.e. Iravatham, the divine elephant was entering into her womb.

The king and queen consulted the astrologists. They told as "Maharaja! It seems that Maharani i.e. queen will have a great son. He may become great emperor. Otherwise he may become as a great saint."

The king was happy to know that his son could become as emperor. But he didn't welcome, that his son could become as a saint.

For the delivery, Maya Vathi was going to her parent's house. On the way, at Lumbini Vanam, she had given birth to a sweet boy and died. By noticing the birth time and birthplace, the astrologists confirmed as the prince could become as saint.

The boy was named as Siddhartha. As he brought up by his stepmother Gauthami, he was called Gauthama. The king, Sudhodhana had taken every precaution to become Siddhartha as emperor rather than saint.

He kept him in a big and beautiful palace surrounded by beautiful gardens. A beautiful princess Yashodhara was made to marry handsome Siddhartha. He got a cute boy Rahuludu. Without experiencing sorrows and without watching the sorrows of others he was living in the palace.

One day he asked his chariot driver to take him to city to watch it. While going he had seen a sick man. He felt sad for the pain of sick man. When he enquired, his charioteer explained him "Prince! It is general that human beings suffer from diseases. Some of the sick people used to die with diseases."

After some time he had seen an old man who was trembling, walking slowly with the help of a stick and weak. His charioteer explained him as "Prince! It is old age. Every person whatever his physic beauty and strength, should reach this stage in life. In this age, body gets weak and skin takes wrinkles. Teeth and hair drop off. Vision, hearing and ability of work decrease."

After some time, he had seen a corpse, whose relatives were crying behind the bier. His charioteer explained "Prince! This is death. Every born living being should die on one day. Irrespective of rich and poor, male and female, everybody should die. Nothing we can take, no body escort us, when death calls us."

Siddhartha said "Enough! Let's return to the palace!"

Siddhartha was disturbed like anything. He felt very sad about sorrows of human beings. He wanted the world without sorrows. He wished people to be happy. He wanted to do something for it. He was not satisfied with his life. That night he left his beautiful wife Yashodhara, his cute son Rahul, palace and prince life. He had gone to forest. He had done penance there. He wandered to many saints and scholars to find out the meaning of this world and human life. He felt in-satisfaction everywhere. He searched for knowledge. He thrust for truth.

He thought in himself for long time. At last, at Buddha Gaya, under the shade of Bodhi tree he found the truth in himself.

It reminds us Sri Bhagavatham, God Brahma born in the lotus, which was grown from the belly of God Vishnu. As it was dark all around, God Brahma had wanted to know who he was and why he born. Since he born in lotus, he started to travel through its stem. He travelled endlessly for unlimited time, but he could not find the beginning of the stalk of the lotus in which he born. So he returned to the lotus, and started penance. He thought in himself. He got the knowledge in himself. Thus he found his father i.e. God Vishnu in himself. Such that Sri Bhagavatham tells us, knowledge itself is the God and by thinking in mind, with mind, we can find it out but not with certificates issued by computers or institutes. In Bhagavad Geetha, God Krishna declared, "Knowledge is sacred thing. Nothing is as sacred as knowledge. Knowledgeous person means God himself. God can see the knowledgeous person and the knowledgeous person can see God."

Let's return to the story of God Buddha. Siddhartha, after found knowledge in himself was called by then as God Buddha. He preached the people, as "Desire is the root cause of sorrows. So drive it out". His great preaching is in Tripitikas. He wandered all over the country and preached people. Many people including kings, Emperors, his parents, wife and others became his disciples.

Regarding the history of God Buddha, regarding Buddhism so many beautiful books were written. Since 2600 years, it is attracting the people who desire truth and peace all over the world. So many kings like Ashoka and others attracted by Buddhism dedicated their lives to its truth and spread it to other countries like China, Tibet, and Indonesia etc.

Sri Rama sacrificed his kingdom and went to forest to make his father's promises as truth. Siddhartha sacrificed his kingdom and went to forest to find the solution to the sorrows of human beings. That's why Indians made Sri Rama as God and Siddhartha as God Buddha. That is the idealistic blood. Indians are idealistic. Indians love truth. Indians love sacrifice, they believe in sincerity. Because Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi sacrificed his personal luxuries and preferred to live like a saint by wearing కొల్లాయి i.e. Dhoti and by taking groundnuts and goat milk as diet, Indians followed him and made him as Mahatma.

If Jesus Christ was born in, Indians could make temples to him. They never kill him by keeping him on wooden cross. Indians cannot imagine such cruel treatment to any criminal. No criminal, no king, no common man in India got such cruel treatment or punishment in Indian history. In such case, if Jesus Christ was born in India or if Indians were Romans, Jews and Egyptians at the time of Jesus Christ, the history could be different.

Being Indian, I'm not able to understand how cruel the Romans, the Jews and the Egyptians of that time. How they were able to hurt a man like Jesus Christ. How they pierce nails in such rosy and lovely hands? How much love and affection he had for people? To such saint, to such divine person, to such kind and sweat talking man, how the Romans, Egyptians could prosecute him as a criminal? How the Jews including his disciples had given witness against him? Couldn't they scarify their lives along with Jesus? If other wise, could they able to live long time? Any way they died after some time, wasn't it?

The rulers of their country, whatever the kingdom had punished him by hanging him on wooden cross. They pierced his body with nails. Same day they punished some other thieves also. They treated relatively better those criminals than Jesus. To preach good to people, to make good to people was that much crime? In spite of all this torture, Jesus still prayed God to save all of them from sin and hell. He said "God! Dear father! These people don't know what they are doing. Forgive them."

Are there any words to explain this divine kindness of Jesus towards the people?

That was the materialistic blood. Most of the Europeans are materialists. That's why only, the Europeans could punish Jesus Christ, such a saint, such a prophet, such a divine soul, equally, as they could punished a criminal. At any cost, for any reason, at any time, idealists cannot do such cruel activities. I'm not saying this with ego, as I am the Indian. I'm saying this with self-confidence and with confidence on truth and God, as I am the human being.

With such depth roots of cruelty, how the European Govt. is shouting on human rights, they must know. To restore peace and human values, they are fighting on 'Iraq's, and killing several Saddam Husain. How funny this is?

Unless it is strategy, how they are silent towards 'Pak' and 'Musharaff'. By history, everybody knows the selfishness of the European royal races and their cheating nature. Congress of Vienna, the French movements etc so many incidents in history are clear parameters for it. How much coup they done to capture the kingdoms, how many cheats they done to continue the royal robbery on people, how many wars they done to widen their kingdoms, the history is giving the living proof.

I feel proud being Indian, as India had no such history. Since 5000 years, India didn't encroach other countries. India didn't commit war to encroach other's lands. Such is the peace loving nature of Indians.

In this context, I explain you the life of Ashoka, the great emperor of India.

I read this on 'Chandamama' the children Magazine. I don't know the historical base of this story.

After the demolish of the ruling of kings Nanda race, Arya Chanakya who was famous on the name of Koutilya made his disciple, prince Mourya Chandra Gupta to establish the Mourya Kingdom. They established strong kingdom with the spying knowledge.

Chandra Gupta's grandson was Mourya Bimbi Sara, but not Bimbi Sara of Magadha rulers of 603 B.C. By that time, Chanikya became old and was taking rest. He was leading a saint life. Anyway, being Raja Guru i.e. Teacher to the King, he led always saint life only.

One day, a Brahmin along with a young and beautiful girl approached to Bimbi Sara's court. He said, "Maharaja! This is my daughter. As per her horoscope, she could have a son who is eligible to become as an emperor. I wish you to accept her as your wife. I want to leave her to you and go to Kasi to penance".

Bimbi Sara said, "Well Sir! I will send her to palace. When our astrologists prescribe an auspicious day, I will marry her." The Brahmin left the court. Bimbi Sara appointed a Dadi i.e. servant maid to assist her. By that time, Bimbi Sara had several wives. By watching the beauty of Brahmin girl and by hearing about the happenings in the king's court, the other queens felt jealousy, including the pattamahishi, i.e. the elder queen. Because of busy schedule, the king had forgotten about the marriage deal with the Brahmin girl. Two years passed. Within this time, in the beginning the other queens and their servant maids were careful and courteous to her by thinking that the king was going marry her. By time was passing, they started to insult her, to ill-treat her. Along with other servant maids, she was made to do service works in the palace.

One evening, the king, Bimbi Sara was wandering in the garden. A thorn hurt him in the sole. The Brahmin girl was near. Immediately she attended him and plucked out the thorn from his foot. He wondered about her beauty and soft behavior. He asked her "who are you? It seems you are not servant maid. The versatility in your face tells it. But you are attending the service."

She didn't give reply, but tears were there in her beautiful eyes. Her servant maid i.e. Dadi said, "Maharaja! One day a Brahmin, her father handed over her to you to marry. As per her horoscope, she would have a son who could become as an emperor. You promised him to marry her and appointed me to assist her."

The king felt very sorry about this. Immediately he called on the purohits and Ministers and ordered to arrange his marriage with her. Within few days, he married her. Being queen, a palace, servant maids etc other facilities were arranged for her. But this made the other queens to feel jealousy. They and with their support, their servants maids used to ridicule her in directly. With patience, she used to keep silence.

Within short time, she had given birth to a boy. She said, "This kid ended up my grievance. I'll call him as Ashokudu. Which means a person who has no sokam i.e. crying?"

She brought him up, by telling good things, epics and morals. Ashoka became with strong feelings, dare & sharp thinking. The ill-treating of other queens, their children and their servant maids towards his mother made him ferocious and frustrated.

One day he met 'Sushena', the elder son of elder queen of Bimbi Sara, on the way to royal garden. Sushena ridiculed Ashoka as "The son of servant, you are not eligible to come across me." Ashoka got angry. With roaring voice, he said, "Don't insult my mother. She is also a queen like your mother. King Bimbi Sara married her. He is father to both of us. By insulting my mother, you are insulting our father, the king."

Instead of giving reply, Sushena got ready to fight with Ashoka. But Ashoka was more strong than Sushena. He griped Sushena by hand. By the moment, the Chief Minister came that way. He ordered both of them to get away from there. Immediately he informed the king about this. Bimbi Sara was suffering from illness and political tensions by that time. He discussed with ministers about the palace issues, sons abilities and political affairs. All of they decided to send either Ashoka or Sushena to handle the revolt provoked in the country, far away from the capital city. Bimbi Sara decided to give a choice to them. He called on both Ashoka and Sushena, told them about the situation of revolt and asked one of them to go to suppress it. Sushena didn't dare to do so. Ashoka accepted the opportunity and got ready to take risk. Bimbi Sara appreciated Ashoka and said, "Shshena. Go and play like a rat in the palace."

This incident created sensation in the palace and in the Kingdom. Ashoka had gone to suppress the revolt. In that war, with his capability he won the battle and handled the matter with political intelligence. This created a severe debate about the successor of Bimbi Sara.

Bimbi Sara approached Chanakya and seeked his guidance. By that time, he was beyond 100 years old. After hearing, he said "Bimbi Sara, my boy! Tomorrow call all of your sons to the temple here. Ask them to come after having strong and nutritious food. Ask them to come on good transport, which they like. Ask them to bring most valuable chair i.e. throne to sit in the temple hall." Next day Bimbi Sara ordered his sons to do. The king, the ministers and people who ever knew about this felt eager to watch what will happen?

By the prescribed time, all the princes reached the temple hall. They brought their own seats. One prince brought a golden chair, one brought a wooden carved chair, one brought silk cushioned seat and someone brought a plank in which pearls and diamonds were embedded etc. They came by their own transport. One prince came by a palanquin. One came on elephant, one on horse, one on chariot etc.

The king, the ministers, others and Arya Chanakya occupied their seats. The princes sat on the seats, which they brought along with them. Among them Ashoka sat on flour. A ridicule smile was there on the faces of others princes. Chanikya asked, "Say one by one, what you ate before coming here." Every one said what they ate. In Ashoka's turn, he said, "Curd". All other princes laughed at him. Chanakya said, "I asked you to eat strong and nutritious food. Then why you ate curd?" Ashoka said, "Acharya! I told the same to my mother. She had given a bowl full of curd. Being mother, she knows what food is good to her child and what food is suitable to the particular situation. Without argument I ate it."

Then Chanakya asked, "Say one by one, on which vehicle you come here." Every one said on which they came there. In Ashoka's turn, he said, "I came down on my foot." This time the other princes were not daring enough to laugh at him by watching the seriousness on the faces of the elders. Chanakya said, "I asked to come on good transport which you like. Then why you have decided to come on foot?" Ashoka said, "Acharya! In my opinion, my feet are good transport to me. Unless God give such strong legs to me, I can't use any other transport like chariot or horse".

Then Chanakya asked Ashoka, "While all others sat on golden or some other seat, why are you sitting on floor?" Ashoka said, "Acharya! In my opinion, the earth is more valuable than any other metal or germ in this world. Because all other metals, we are getting from earth only. No other thing is more valuable than the earth."

Automatically all of the elders clapped their hands and appreciated Ashoka's attitude and sensitive thinking. It was decided that Ashoka was the successor to Bimbi Sara. Bimbi Sara appreciated Ashoka's mother for her effort to bring him up like that.

The following part in this story, I read in history books as my subject when I was in school.

After the death of Bimbi Sara, there were fights among his sons to get throne. Among those wars, Ashoka killed some of his brothers and occupied the emperorship. To expand his kingdom, he fought many battles. In such turns, he became cruel and stubborn to expand his kingdom. People called him as 'Chanda Ashoka" i.e. "Dictator Ashoka".

One time he fought to win Kalinga Desa, which is our present Orissa. As per historical talk, one lack of soldiers were died and more than 60,000 soldiers were injured in the battle. One night, Ashoka came out of his war tent to have a glance over the battlefield. He had seen the dead bodies of soldiers whose body parts were eating by foxes. He had seen the pains and tears of injured soldiers who were waiting for the death in the open ground of war.

He fell in deep thoughts. To whose sake these soldiers were died. For which sake, the lives of the families of these soldiers were suffering like this. What was the benefit of wars & expansions of kingdom? He felt as if his heart was burning. He didn't have peace in mind. He started to search the truth. He consulted Buddhists. Then he learnt what life was and what truth was.

Chanda Ashoka turned into Dharma Ashoka. This maturity thinking in his personality and his idealistic attitude was planted and grown up by his mother, as he was child. Such is the importance of bringing up of children by parents. Unless she is a warier herself, unless she is, dare enough, no mother can bring up her children in to worriers and with dare?

Dharma Ashoka made so many good things to people. His administration was perfect. He laid roads with shade giving trees on both sides. Imagine, in those days, i.e. 272 B.C., people used to travel on foot or carts drawn by animals or on animals, through forest, at the midst of ferocious and cruel animals. If wide roads with trees on both sides to give shade, wells for water drawing and shelters here and there on the line of roads, how favorable to people. Now a day's also roads are important infrastructure to develop any country. He sent his own daughter and son to Sumatra Islands, Indonesia to spread Buddhism. He made people to follow morals, ethics and Dharma. His royal symbol, the four lions we had taken as our National symbols, with the slogan of సత్యమేవ జయతే means truth wins forever. We took his royal symbol Dharma Chakra in the middle of National flag.

Such were the ancient Indian politics and administration of kings.

Ashoka ruled the country for 60 years. He established peaceful and strong administration, so that we can call him as Ashoka, the great. In fact, he is not Ashoka, the great because he conquered the other countries. He is Ashoka the great because he conquered himself and he was Dharma Ashoka.

As a contrast to this, Alexander who invaded on India in 326 B.C. is referred as Alexander, the great. Whenever and whatever the reference of Alexander, the media in India used to refer Alexander, the great. What is his greatness, the media might know. He was a king to a country, Macedonia. After the murder of his father Philip, the king of Balcon countries, he became to throne, in 334 B.C. He died in 323 B.C. in Babylonia while return from India to his motherland. Within 11 years after he become as king, he died. What good he done to the people of his country, the media that put the surname to Alexander as "The great" might know. Within 11 years of king life, Alexander didn't ruled his country, didn't established any administration system, and didn't make any benefit to the people of his country or of other countries. Even in invading, he didn't achieve tremendous or permanent winnings. On to India, he invaded but not able to capture the country. He won a part of North India. He wanted to invade on to South India. But his soldiers disliked it and didn't show co-operation to him. He failed to motivate them or order them. As a result, he returned to his motherland. He defeated Davais, the Persian king and Egypt. But in India, he faced tough wars. He appreciated king Purushotham, for his dare and courageous fight in the battlefield. He impressed by the Buddhism. With the discouraged soldiers, he returned to his motherland and on the way, he died.

Then why the media in India propagated as, Alexander, the great whenever his name referred? The same strategy was followed by media towards some of persons whom the media wanted to make fame. For example Dada Sourab Ganguly, Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar, నిజాయితీ నిజరూపం CBI Madhavan which means the other form of sincerity, Mr. Madhavan CBI[referred before 1992 who investigated Bofors' case ] నిజాయితీ నిలువెత్తు రూపం ముద్రగడ పద్మనాభం which means the monument for sincerity Mr. Mudra gada Padmanabham, [referred before 1992, a politician of North costal of A.P. who was faded out after 1992].

Another live example is టెన్నిస్ సంచలనం Sania Merza which means tennis sensation Sania Merza. In spite of her defeats in Tennis, her yellow rating used to increase. Though she get defeat in Tennis matches, the media used to give coverage on her spontaneous, on her dress sense, on her talkativeness etc. They won't give such coverage on others though they get winnings. That is the strategy. That is the strategy of coup. Same coup is working on the coverage of surname to 'Alexander, the great' by media.

With this propaganda, the coup makers i.e. Mr. Ramoji Rao, CIA and ISI and their supporters like print media companies, writers, columnists etc played the above-explained strategy in the case of Alexander and other relevant cases, to degrade India and to create inferiority in Indians. Otherwise, why didn't the coup makers and their supporters refer about Bappa Ravel who expanded the Hindu Kingdom up to Hindukush Mountains in Afghanistan, as well as about Ashoka etc Kings? Because of the Indian Kings like Bappa Ravel, those Mountains in Afghanistan were named as Hindukush Mountains in which Bemoan Buddha ideals were carved. In 2001, the Taliban's had demolished them in spite of worldwide protest against demolish.

The strong and great races of kings like Pandya, Chola, Chera, Chalakya, Gupta and Salivahana who ruled the country with peace and good administration were flourished in history. Among them, Gupta's era was known as Golden era. Then people were with high maturity and thinking level. Their arts were in high level, which shown their level of understanding power. They could understand high degree literature. There were grate poets like Kalidasa, great Mathematicians like Arya Bhatta, great astrologists, astronomists like Varaha Mihirudu and great medical scientists like Sushritha. Harsha Vardhana, Sri Harsha, Chandra Gupta etc emperors ruled the country with high standards. Vijaya Nagara Rayala races, Pandya, Chola, Chera and Chalakya races kings built so many temples, which had the role of shelters to knowledge, education, war arts and culture. The kings built roads for transportation and tanks for agriculture. They patronized arts, culture, literature and other religions.

In 1000, A.D. Gajani Mohammad invaded on India, destroyed Soma Nadha Temple in multiple times, and had robbery the gold and wealth from the temple. Slowly the entry of Muslims increased in to India. First, they attacked on Hind temples and women. By that time, due to the ego of some sections of Hindus like Brahmins etc higher considered castes, the in-satisfaction and frustration were stored in some sections of Hindus, like poor and lower considered casts. Due to blind traditions, thoughtless believes like 'Pilly Gampala Varu' ' selfishness and ego of some people, in both Hinduism and Buddhism, people were exaggerated. The Muslim kings influenced and utilized these situations. Though there were differences among the tribes of Muslim, the equality i.e. non-reference of castes attracted the lower sections of the Hindus. Slowly the Islam spread in India. But religion is religion whatever it is Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity or something else. Truth is truth by whichever the name it is refer. Any way I'll discuss about this under the caption "Coup on Hinduism and other religions".

Now I will explain the coup on political field only. When Muslims invaded on India, they popularized their religion as well as their coup psychology in politics. Ghori Mohammad was the live example for this.

The following is a story about it. I read this somewhere. At the time of Ghori Mohammad's invading on to India, the Raj puts were ruling the North West part of India.

Raja Jaya Chandra was one among them. He had a daughter Samyukta. She was beautiful girl. She had loved Pridhvi Raj a king of the Chowhan race and was ruling his kingdom with Delhi as his capital. But Raj Jaya Chandra didn't like his daughter's selection. He announced Swayamvaram for his daughter. He invited all other kings except Pridhvi Raj. Moreover, he arranged an idol in the shape of Pridhvi Raj with Gate Keeper's position at the doorsteps to the function hall.

Every king and every prince whoever entering in to the function hall, to attend the Swayam varam were laughing at it. Raja Jaya Chandra who was jealousies and anger at him was enjoying all of this.

When princes Samyuktha entered into the hall with bridal garland in her hands, looked around and under stood the situation. She straightly walked to the doorsteps and put garland in the neck of idol of Pridhvi Raj. This time, all the kings and princes were laughing at Raja Jaya Chandra.

At that immediate moment, Pridhi Raj who had known all of these happening through his spying network approached there and took away Samyukta with him. In the consecutive wars, Pridhvi Raj defeated Raja Jaya Chandra.

With those frustration i.e. selfish emotions, he helped Ghori Mohammad to defeat Pridhvi Raj. He counseled Ghori Mohammad about the environmental and geographical knowledge. After defeating Pridhvi Raj, Ghori Mohammad ruined Raja Jaya Chandra's throne by saying "You helped me to defeat Pridhvi Raj. I must be thankful to you. But you proved dangerous by harming your own daughter and her husband. I can't trust you."

Off course, Raja Jaya Chandra deserved the punishment. But Ghori Mohammad strategy was immoral and it was a coup. Before defeating Pridhvi Raj, he had known the relationship of Jaya Chandra to Pridhvi Raj. Then how could he believe Raja Jaya Chandra before defeating Pridhvi Raj? It means that Ghori Mohammad had strategically believed Raja Jaya Chandra up to the victory on Pridhvi Raj.

' In the 13th Century, another Muslim king Allah Uddin Khilgi invaded on Chittode Ghad, the Hindu Raj put kingdom in India. Its king was Rana Ratna Singh. His wife was queen Padmini. She was very famous as a beautiful and wise woman. Allah Uddin wanted her. Several times he invaded on Chittode Ghad, but not able to defeat it to capture Rani Padmini.

He sent a proposal with an ambassador to Rana Ratna Simha as "I heard that queen Padmini is very beautiful. Just I want to see her once, to know the truth of fame. If you show her once, I'll go back."

The king Ratna Simha and his ministers had thought about the proposal and consulted queen Padmini. All of they thought, as "It is better to invite Allah Uddin as a friend to a feast. Let us show our cardiology. Peace is better than war at any cost. Let us show the image of Rani Padmini in a mirror, and let us welcome him as if he is a brother to our queen."

They sent reply message like that. He had accepted it and came to feast by declaring himself as a brother to queen and as a friend to king and people of Chittod Ghad. The king, Ministers and people of Chittod Ghad treated him as grand guest. At the end of the feast, Rani Padmini's image in mirror had shown him. He felt wonder about her beauty. He didn't show his nastiness to public. He continued his cordial guest hood and invited the king for a feast as next turn to his place. The king accepted the courtesy.

Next turn the king, Rana Ratna Simha, along with limited assistants visited his place by expecting the hospitality. Instead of guest treatment, Rana Ratna Simha received a deceive there. Allah Uddin prisoned the king of Chittod Ghad and sent a message to Rani Padmini, to spend with him. He invited the king of Chittod Ghad as a guest. By trusting human values the king, Rana Ratna Simha came with limited assistants. So that Allah Uddin had able to prison him. It was a coup. If the king of Chittod Ghad would do the same when Allah Uddin came to their palace as a guest, what he could do? At that time, if the king of Chittod Ghad wants to do same coup as prisoning Allah Uddin, couldn't they do? By respecting and trusting human values such as saying truth and practicing truth, they didn't play such coups on guests.

Any way, after deceiving like that by Allah Uddin, the ministers and queen had thought deep and sent him a message that queen Padmini was ready to surrender him, on next day.

Next day, a convoy of Palanquins approached the campaign of Allah Uddin. He was very happy and proud to receive Rani Padmini, a most beautiful woman.

But he received a large group of soldiers in the disguise of servant maids of the queen. In the Palanquin of queen, an army worrier was there in the disguise of queen Padmini. They fought with Allah Uddin and his soldiers and got release of king, Rana Ratna Simha. Allah Uddin humiliated with this play. Naturally, any persons will feel happy and pride about his own wisdom when he is able to deceive others. But he will feel humiliation when others deceive him.

Next time Allah Uddin invaded on Chittod Ghad, with much army force and could over power the fort. He killed the king Rana Ratna Simha and other worriers in the battle. But when he entered in to the palace, he could not see the beautiful women. He could see the heaps of their body ashes. All of the women including Rani Padmini had burnt themselves to prevent the immoral behavior of enemies on them both physically and psychologically. Such that they sacrificed their lives just as a grass pieces to save their moral values. They didn't think as 'When the rape is unavoidable, enjoy it." They thought as better to die instead of such nastiness. To avoid such nastiness they were ready to kill others or to die by themselves. The Indian blood is that much particular about the morals and truth. The same was practical by Sita at Lanka when Ravana prisoned her. That's why Indians treat her as their mother Goddess, not because that she was rich or beautiful or queen.

In to such Indian ground, whenever the Muslim kings entered, they introduced coups in politics and in-human behavior. This is the history. Nobody can change this including media. The media can propagate against the history or hide the history, but it cannot change the history.

The immoral behavior, the physical force application on women to exploit them sexually, the ill-treating of women and Hindus was extreme in Aurungzeb's ruling time. His great grandfather, Akbar, though he didn't learn how to write or read, but he learnt how to behave as human being with moral values, treated Hindus well and accepted the truth wherever it was. That's why he could rule North India not only in the history and in human hearts also since then until now. When Aurangzeb behaved as narrow-minded Muslim king, he became the last emperor of Muslim Delhi throne. After himself, his kingdom became weak and the East India Company, later British Govt. had over powered it.

Because of Aurangzeb's narrow-minded behavior, his fellowmen's nasty behavior, we know what happened in the history. From Maharashtra, Maharaja Shivaji formed a strong kingdom and restored moral values in the society. Shivaji life history itself was a big book to refer. I request you, the readers of my writing to refer Shivaji's life history. Though his father was serving to Muslim kings, his mother Jijiya Bai brought him up by telling Ramayana, Mahabharatha etc epics and formed him as worrier. Thus she proved herself as worrier women and worrier mother, thus she proved the importance of bringing up of children in the society.

As his mother sowed the seeds of morals, dare and workfulness in the field of Shivaji's brain since his childhood, he dedicated his life to save morals in the society and to form Hindu kingdom in the ruling time of Muslims.

After the invading of Muslim kings in to India, they introduced coups in politics and in human behavior. They established their kingdom easily in India with the help of their coup-full strategies. By that time, Hinduism and Buddhism became weak due to the selfishness, and ego of some headed persons of the relevant religions. Because, the Islam was the religion of the rulers, most of the people converted in to Islam to please the kings and their authorities to get favors from them. That to, because of the existence of extreme caste systems in Hinduism, the propaganda of equality in Islam attracted people to convert their religion. In our society and in ancient Sanskrit literature, there is an idiom as "Yadha Raja Thadha Praja". That means, "In which manner the king behaves in such manner the people will behave." In Bhagavad Geetha, there is a slokam

యద్య దాచరతి శ్రేష్ఠ స్తత్త దేవేతరో జనః
స యత్ర్పమాణం కురుతే లోక స్త దనువర్తతే

That means in which manner, the fame people or elders or best people in the opinion of public, behave, the common people will follow it.

Thus, the practices of Muslim kings and their fellow men in life such as enjoying liquor, food and sex without limits and morals influenced the society. When the religion was changed the attitude of, sin and good, the believes of hell and heaven would not influence the people. The unlimited enjoying psychology, non-working nature, snatching of wealth from others by force or by authority and pleasing of king to draw favors etc policies were spread in society.

Imagine that we were in such time. If we have a beautiful daughter, we can't sleep peacefully. When she grows up, some strong or stout man might come one day to snatch her from us. He could present her to a king or king's subordinate to enjoy her body and her service. As a return gift, the king or the king's subordinates could do favors to the stout man, who brought the girl to them. In such situation, how could a common person protect the lives and respects of their girls and women? There was same case with wealth and other valuable things.

In such circumstances, there was no ruling and no administration. The rich, the authoritative, the relatives to the Muslim kings and the officers to the kings could do anything whatever they want to do. There was no security and no peace in common person's life.

With this background of Aurangzeb's kingdom, Shivaji raised to save values and morals of humanity. In the beginning, he didn't have army except the intuition in mind. While he was rising up, while he was growing up, his personality attracted and gathered same thinking natured worriers towards him. Gradually a team was formed who were determined to die in the effort to construct a Hindu Kingdom against Muslim ruling to restore values, morals and Dharma in the society.

Bhagavad Geetha slokam tells us

యదా యదాహి ధర్మస్య గ్లాని ర్భవతి భారత
అభ్యుత్థన మధర్మస్య తదా త్మానం సృజామ్యహమ్

పరిత్రాణాయ సాధూనాం వినాశాయ చ దుష్కృతాం
ధర్మ సంస్థాపనార్ధాయ సంభవామి యుగే యుగే

Which means: Oh Indian i.e. Bharatha [means Arjuna] whenever morals get demolish, immoral increased; I create myself to restore the morals. I create myself in each era to protect good people, to punish bad people and to establish Dharma and morals.

Shivaji's life demonstrates us these slokams in practical. To illustrate this, I will explain few incidents to you.

Slowly Shivaji and his fellow men gathered ferocious young men, trained them in the usage of weapons and made them as army. He motivated young generations by explaining the facts. In the beginning, they caught hold of small forts. Slowly he established his kingdom. He didn't achieve this like the match fixing politics and sports of now-a-days. He and his fellow men done this with severe industry, sincere effort and sacrifying of self-lives and luxuries. He and his followers had taken risks to their lives and they faced so many tough tasks and defeats, as well as achievements. Once Shivaji was desperate like anything and spent some time at Sri Sailam to fetch psychological stamina. He concentrated on spiritual thinking and penance i.e. Yoga at that time. He was inspired as Bramaramba Devi; means Bhavani Matha had blessed him with a sword. Later he returned to Maharashtra, won the forts and established Hindu Swarajyam. After these achievements, he constructed a tower at Sri Sailam temple, which is known as Shivaji Gopuram. Now you can watch it at Sri Sailam.

He came from a normal family and became as Chatrapati. His good intuition, his good attitude to do good to people, his good inspiration from God, epics and Dharma, his good motivation that he could fill in his followers had achieved such miracle.

In his efforts to establish Hindu Kingdom and to restore morals in the society, once he had to meet Shaishta Khan, a strong and 7 feet tall man who was famous or notorious as giant in those days. Shaishta Khan was an agent of Aurangzeb. He was coming to meet Shivaji to had discussing.

Through the spying persons, Shivaji had known that Shaistha Khan was coming to kill Shivaji on the name of discussions. Shivaji was daring enough to face such risk. He alerted all of his fellowmen and informed them what to do. He told them to continue the fight to restore morals in the society if he dies in the fight with Shaishtra Khan. Such was his risk taking.

On the prescribed day, he started to go to meet Shaishta Khan. Shivaji hold iron nails that were like tiger nails on his ten fingers. Shaishta Khan welcomed him friendly and hugged him in the part of expression of friendship. While hugging he tried to kill Shivaji with a sharp dagger. But Shivaji was more sharp and active than Shaishta Khan. Before Shaishta Khan pierced him, he tore off the back of Shaishta Khan with his iron nails. The soldiers of Shaishta Khan were shocked. Before they realized the shock, Shivaji's army reached there and fought with them. As already their leader was killed, the soldiers were defeated and some of them were escaped from there.

Thus Shivaji proved that 'life is not valuable than the morals and Dharma in the society.' Any way life is temporary in this world. In whichever manner we live, but we die on one day. But the morals, values, truth and Dharma are permanent in this world.

The present days are much more worst than those of Aurangzeb. Now, everybody should feel like Shivaji but should not feel like Aurangzeb or Shaistha Khan. We should live for truth but not for luxuries. Such motivation, we can get from Shivaji to face difficulties in life and to practice morals and Dharma in life.

Shivaji designed Gorilla fight to face Aurangzeb's army Aurangzeb had an established, strong and rich kingdom as in-heritage. So that, his army was large in number, had more weapon power and capacity. Shivaji's aim was big but his army was small. So that he designed such Gorilla fight, in which the soldiers would attack on their enemies suddenly without warning. Up to that moment, they hide themselves in the forest and caves.

The coup makers i.e. Mr. Ramoji Rao, CIA and ISI and their supporters adopted the same design in Naxels, Bodos, and Maoists and in Jana Shakti etc terrorists groups' network. Their argument is "If Shivaji's Gorilla war is patriotic, then why not the Gorilla fight of Naxals, Maoists or other terrorist groups is patriotic?" This much is their logic. They won't compare the situations and intuitions. Shivaji didn't kill common people by suspecting them as informers etc. Shivaji targeted on the roots of immorality or on bad administrators or on bad kings and their bad cruel agents. Whereas Naxals, Jana Shakthi or other terrorists groups are drawing money from private business people including middle class business men, and killing common people with claims of police informers. The Naxals and other terrorist groups are killing the police people including poor constables. They do not mind on the root causes of immoral or bad administration of Govt. they do not mind on the rich politicians, rich business people, and rich Corporate Companies who are extracting public lives and energy, and sucking the public blood. More over the Human Rights' Associations keep silence when Naxals and other terrorists groups kill common people, villagers and police constables. But when police people kill Naxals etc, immediately Gaddar, Varavar Rao, Kalyan Rao and some other people like them or human rights associations roar through print media and electronic media against those incidents. And they high light on the destroy of human values in the society by the Govt. and on the cruelty of Govt. Both of the incidents whoever killed and whoever the victims of the cruel incidents and such should not happen. They have to fight against the both and media have to high light on both incidents. But they never do such. That is the coup net work. That to Naxals and other terrorists groups do Gorilla fight to destroy projects, roads, bridges which built by Govt. with public money. They burnt Govt. buses and trains. By the way, how they are fighting for people, they might know or the coup might know. These illogic arguments are entertained as in the part of coup on Indian politics and on Govt. administration. You can observe the immorality of Mazi i.e. Ex Naxals and other terrorists who surrender to the Govt. and mingled in common public life to understand the coup. So many of ex terrorists are making Danda and business mafia, making settlements in the controversies of people by drawing commissions from both parties like Chinna Rayudu or Peda Rayudu or Bhatti Prolu Panchayathis as I explained under the caption "Coup on Law and Justice". When the ex terrorists are doing immoral, fraud and danda in normal life, how can we believe that those persons are sincere patriotic or lovers of poor people or sympathizers of poor people's grievances and pains while they were naxals? We heard, we read and we observed that these terrorist groups used to draw large amounts of money from people by threatening them, and the huge dumps of money, weapons are very often found in forests. With such money, what is the good and help they are doing to the poor? When Kattula Sammayya died in the abroad Airport, in mob-crash happened because of threaten of bomb in the flight, we came to know that the terrorists used to go on tour internationally. There are no barricades if the terrorists enjoy in five star hotels and tourism centers in disguise with alias names. It is very easy to get duplicate Visas, Passports, and ID cards etc for them. Are we not watching such incidents? We are hearing about some relationships of these terrorists' leaders, with politicians, bureaucrats and other leading people in the society. Is this all Gorilla fight against evil? Is this all Gorilla fight like Shivaji against evil?

Thus, the coup makers did mockery on every good event or feature of India including epics and history.

Let us return to Shivaji. Because of Gorilla fight and strategy, their enemies were not able to estimate the capacity of Shivaji's army. Their enemies were not able to know about the population of soldiers and the number and type of weapons of soldiers.

Once Shivaji's army was informed that the Muslim soldiers were coming to attack their forts. To approach their place, Aurangzeb's Muslim soldiers had to travel through a narrow valley in the high hills of Maharashtra. Shivaji immediately ordered his army to push big stones from top of hill and hillocks on to the soldiers & their horses while they were travelling through the narrow valley. By pushing and rolling a large stones on to the enemies, they had driven them out.

Once, one of Aurangzeb's agents came to attack on Shivaji's fort. Through spying agents, Shivaji had known this information. At certain distance to the campaign of enemies, at nighttime Shivaji made some tents and made a setting of a campaign there. He put number of cloth rolled sticks, which were wet with oil and lightened up, around the campaign. The enemies had seen large campaign of army with tents and lightened up sticks around the campaign. It was very large. By losing hopes and courage, they ran away to avoid war with them. In such efforts, Shivaji used to avail the help from horses, forest lizards, monkeys and pigeons by training up them.

Such was his intelligence and courage inspite of less army and money. Once Aurangzeb imprisoned Shahaji the father of Shivaji and called on Shivaji for discussions. He captured Shivaji and kept them in prison. He escaped from there by hiding in dirt clothes bundle with the help of washer man and his fellowmen. If the bundle of dirt clothes was checked up by the gatekeepers or by the guards of prison, Shivaji had to die and the washer man also had to die. But both of they were ready to die. That was the inspiration of their work and their commitment towards the renovation of morals and human values in the society.

Another time also, Aurangzeb imprisoned Shivaji and his elder son Shambhaji. Due to the revolt in the kingdom among Hindus who were majority in population, Aurangzeb had afraid to kill Shivaji. To find suitable time to kill him, Aurangzeb kept him in jail. That was the political situation of Aurangzeb. Few months over. Shivaji pretended as ill affected and propagated that his followers were devoting God to cure his illness. Every day, prasadams i.e. sweets were distributed in prison to prisoners and guards. In the beginning the guards and staff of prison were cautious about the prasadams i.e. sweets and testing them before distribution. The sweets were pure. Slowly they neglected the testing of sweets. The guards and staff also used to take the sweets without precautions. The situation was very peaceful. As usual, one-day laddus were distributed in prison as Prasadams. But some intoxicative material was mixed in them. All the guards, staff of prison and other prisoners were became unconscious after eating the laddus. With the help of his fellow men from outside, Shivaji and his elder son managed to escape from the prison.

Shivaji fought to restore moral values in society in such way. He didn't mind to face difficulties and risks in life in achieving his life goal. He ruled his kingdom in such a way to lead people by practicing the morals by himself.

One day an assistant of Shivaji brought a beautiful young woman to his court. He said "Maharaja. She is very beautiful woman whom I caught in Muslim residing place. I wish to present her as a gift to you."

In those days, in Muslim kingdoms, the assistants of Muslim kings used to capture young and beautiful Hindu women and gift them to their higher officials and kings. In return, the assistants could bag favors and benefits from the kings. Sometimes, the assistants used to capture Muslim women also. They didn't mind the humanity in exploiting the weak and poor. Because Shivaji was fighting against Muslim kings, the assistant thought that Shivaji had agony against Muslims. Because the Muslim kings were exploiting and insulting Hindu women, as a revenge Shivaji would please to exploit and insult Muslim women. That's why the assistant had taken such step. All the courtiers were silent with surprise. All of they were very curious that how Shivaji would respond towards this issue. The Muslim woman was trembling with fear.

Shivaji said, "Mother! Don't fear." He turned towards the courtiers and said, "It is truth that this woman is very beautiful. If I born to her, how lucky I could be! I would be more handsome if my mother is like her. She is like my mother Jijiya Bai." He turned towards his assistant and said, "Learn how to respect women. All other women are like our mother. Leave her at her house with respect."

Shivaji rewarded her and sent her to her home with royal courtesy. That was his commitment to morals, human values, and Dharma. In fact morals, human values and Dharma are beyond the limits of cast, religion and political.

Once, Shivaji's Mother Jijiya Bai asked him to win Simha Ghad. He deputed that assignment to his friend, worrier and fellow man Thanaji. Actually, Thanaji was busy in the celebration of post-married functions of his son. Immediately, after he received the information from Shivaji, Thanaji attacked on Simha Ghad along with his army. After severe fight he could won the fort. But in that effort, he lost life. After winning the fort, cannon was shot as an indication of winning, to Shivaji. After receiving the sound of cannon shoot, Shivaji reached Simha Ghad. He was welcomed with victory. But he noticed the death of his friend Thanaji immediately. One of the soldiers said with happy and proud as"Maharaja! You won Simha Ghad."

Shivaji Sharply seen him and said, "Ghad to Aya lekin simha chalaya!" which means "we received the fort but we lost the lion i.e. Thanaji."

Such was his idealistic view and attitude. He didn't feel happy for the winning of fort. He felt sorrow for the loss of friend and worrier, Thanaji.

In fact, the present situation is not different from the situation of the days of Shivaji. In those days, only one Aurangzeb was on Delhi Throne and some of his followers, who were equivalent to him, were on power in the different parts of country. But, now, many Aurangzeb's are ruling in New Delhi and in all states of the country. Their followers who are equivalent of Aurangzeb or some other bad king are ruling every part of our country including Galli, street, villages, municipalities and towns. There are no morals, no human values, no truth, and no administration. Danda, redtapisam and corruption is over powering our lives. There is no respect to human beings and no protection to assets and lives.

But where is Shivaji? Find him in your heart and brain. Otherwise, what is life like this? What is the meaning of life with lack of ethics like this? As Sri Sri, the poet of yesterday said,

"మనదీ ఒక బతుకేనా?
కుక్కల వలె నక్కల వలె
సందులలో పందుల వలె
మనదీ ఒక బతుకేనా?"

Which means, "Are the lives of ours also lives?

We are living like dogs, foxes

Like pigs in the streets

Are the lives of ours also lives? "

Such was the level of positive emotions, positive anger regarding the position of human beings in the yesterday's society in that poet, Sri Sri. His intuition was to inspirate people because, being poet, he had such inspiration in his mind and heart. Since it was truth, he could motivate people that to young people of yesterday. Immediately, the network
of coup makers
their supporters had targeted on him. As a result, many tensions were created in his life. The outer leaf cause was politics and jealousies politics of competitors in his field. But the spying and coup on Indian art forms
is the internal cause. Because of his tensions, he was habituated to liquor etc addictions. Naturally, he collapsed in life. The same strategy is played on so many poets, writers, cinema directors, actors, actresses and other artists. Because of this strategy the talented people who can motivate people, who can induce ideals in people, who can inspire idealistic views in people, had failed in their own lives to achieve goals, sometimes even failed to earn life food. Some of them induced addictions. Some them were lost money and faded out. Some of them committed suicide with failures [ex. Adurthi Subba Rao, Guru Dutt etc] Some of them were affected ill health like cancer or some other contagious diseases [ex. Krishna] some of them were died due to road accidents and fire accidents etc [ex. Sankar nag, Madi Reddy Sulochana etc]. Nobody knows whether the accidents were natural happenings or preplanned happenings. This is the mode of working of coup on Indian arts field.

Let us return to our current topic coup on politics. After the Muslim kingdoms got weak in North India, slowly the East India Company, French, Dutch and Spain business companies got strength to overpower India. The Kanika Neethi of Mahabharata was freshly invested or freshly discovered by them and was implemented on the then Indian rulers. They put the name of 'divide and rule policy' to our Kanika nathi.

In fact, when Muslims entered in to India in 1000 A.D., they introduced coups in politics. When Europeans entered in to India in 1498 A.D., they introduced coups in business. When Corporate Companies entered in to India, they spread coups up to the common people's lives. The same we are watching on the TV serials, telecasted in Corporate TV Companies, produced by Corporate Companies. We are watching the coups played by daughter-in-law on her aunt and other's lives in the family or vice versa, totally coups in family lives in those TV serials.

To explain about the nastiness & narrow mind of Muslim kings, about the lustful, & luxurious behavior of Muslim kings, I want to refer Ramadasu i.e. Kancharla Gopanna's issue in the history of Nizams, of Golconda, Andhra Desam.

Those were the ruling days of Thaneesha in Golconda. Thaneesha came to the throne in 1672 A.D. and lost it due to the attack of Aurangzeb on Golconda in 1687 A.D. Totally, his ruling time was 15 years. In those days, in the court of Thaneesha, Akanna and Madanna were doing as Army Chief and Minister. With their recommendation, Thaneesha appointed Kancharla Gopanna as Tahaseeldar of Hasnabad, as he was relative of Akkanna and Madanna. Present Bhadra Chalam belonged to Hasnabad. By that time, there was no temple of Sri Rama, at Bhadrachalam. On the hillock of Bhadrachalam, Sri Rama, Sita Devi and Lakshman's idols were in open land. The tribals and local people believing that those idols were self established there as per to the boon given by Sri Rama to a devotee 'Bhadrudu' who turned as hillock.

Gopanna was informed all about this. Being Hindu, devotee of Sri Rama and poet, Kancharla Gopanna desired to build a temple there. In those days, droughts & floods were affecting agriculture so that people were not happy and not peaceful. Gopanna had written songs on Sri Rama as 'Bhajana Patalu' and composed music to those songs and sung them. He collected funds to construct Sri Rama's temple on Bhadra Chalam. He decided to reside under the trees in the forest until completion of the temple construction to resemble non-shelter to God Sri Rama. People were impressed by his poetry, music, singing, sincerity and devotion, so that they responded to him. They called him as Ramadasu, which means servant to Sri Rama. They had donated money & gold at their level best to construct Sri Rama's temple. That was the devotion of people. They had done physical industry also to construct the temple. Temple construction was completed. Everybody was happy. All of this was informed to the king, Thaneesha of Golconda. He felt angry.

He claimed Gopanna as he spent money, which should pay to the Navabs as tax on the construction of temple at Bhadrachalam. He persecuted Gopanna i.e. Ramadasu as he didn't secured the permission from Government to construct the temple. Gopanna defend himself. He argued as "When the Navabs are constructing so many buildings and forts for themselves, constructing palaces for their lovers and prostitutes, constructing tombs for their expired elders, what is the wrong when we construct a small temple to God Sri Rama? It was not constructed with money of Government. It was constructed with the donations of people. As Sri Rama was ideal king, God to Hindus, what is wrong if we construct a temple to him? All taxes, I cleared it to the treasury of Navab. I didn't use the taxes money which is liable to pay to Govt. for the construction of temple."

The Navab Thaneesha felt angry about this argument and demanded Gopanna to beg mercy. Gopanna refused it by saying that he didn't do any mistake. Hence, Navab Thaneesha kept him in prison for 12 years and tortured him physically. But Gopanna i.e. Ramadasu didn't beg mercy from the Navab. In spite of torture in prison, he continued to write devotional songs in the prison, composing tunes to songs and sang them. Those songs were spread in public.

One night the Navab Thaneesha got a dream while sleeping. In that dream, Thaneesha had seen two young and handsome soldiers. They introduced themselves as 'Ramoji' and 'Lakshmoji' as servants of Ramadasu. They paid the lacks of Moharis, which was claimed as debt of Gopanna to the Navab, being Thahaseeldar of Hasnabad. They had collected the receipt also for such payment as a proof.

With this dream, Navab Thaneesha had woken up and watched the heap of gold Moharies in his bedroom. He felt wonder that how such incident could happen. There were security guards on duty in the palace. Nobody could come without their notice. To consider it was only a dream, then how the heap of lacks of Moharies [the then currency] was in the bedroom of Navab? This was the greatness of Ramadasu's devotion to God Sri Rama. By declaring like this, Thaneesha released Gopanna i.e. Ramadasu from prison. Moreover, Navab offered many gifts and Thahaseeldar job to Gopanna. He said apology to Gopanna. But Gopanna i.e. Ramadasu refused his offers and left to Bhadrachalam. Ramadasu thought, "Sri Rama didn't give his darshan [which means appearance] to me. But he had given it to Thaneesha. Like that Sri Rama, being king had shown partiality to the king Thaneesha. I am not lucky much, to have Sri Rama's darshan." Ramadasu felt desperation. By the way, he travelled on the spiritual and philosophical path in life to reach 'Mukti'.

This is the famous story spread in public since 1687 A.D. until now. But the real happening was different from this. Here are the logical and circumstantial supports to that.

Actually, Thaneesha came to throne in 1672 A.D. He appointed Kancharla Gopanna as Thahaseeldar of Hasnabad i.e. today is Palwancha. Bhadrachalam came under these limits. Ramadasu collected donations from people to construct the temple. His talent of writing songs, composing music, singing the devotional songs, his devotion and his sincerity had impressed people like anything. It is natural that a lightening candle can enlighten number of candles. Like that, a devotional heart can inspire number of devotional hearts. Thus, people inspired from Ramadasu, donated money, done physical industry to construct the temple, it was completed in 1674 A.D.

By that time, people were suffering with either droughts or floods every year. There were no good crops in agriculture. Hence, people were unable to pay the taxes to the Government promptly.

Actually, whenever the Government and the rulers are selfish, not concentrate on ruling, always spending time to enjoy lust & luxuries and then the employees also behave with irresponsibility. As యధారాజా తధాప్రజా:' which means 'In which manner the king is, people will be like that.' People also behave with irresponsibility and neglective. So, the trees, forests, rivers and tanks would be mishandled and misused by public. Hence, result is Environmental imbalance. Natural impacts of this are either droughts or floods. Are we not watching the same now?

That's why only there was a belief in ancient India as 'If the king is with ethics, morals and Dharma, there will be 4 rains per month, no droughts and no floods in his kingdom'. As well another belief was there in ancient India as 'If good, moral, and Dharma persons are there in a place, there will be good crops, good rains, no droughts and no floods'. With these believes both the king and people used to try to live with morals and Dharma in ancient India. I referred ancient India in the meaning of India before 1000 A.D. Ancient India means before the Muslims and Europeans enter in to India to rule India. Why I refer such is, before the entry of Muslim kings into India, there were no coups in politics. Before the entry of Europeans in to India, there were no coups in business. And before the entry of Corporate Companies in to India, there were no coups in common men lives.

In 1674 A.D. when Ramadasu constructed Sri Rama's temple at Bhadra Chalam, Thaneesha was badly in need of money for his luxuries and for working of Government. Due to floods and droughts, people were not playing taxes promptly all over his kingdom.

When he heard about Ramadasu who could collect lacks of Moharies to construct temple, he desired to use his talents of writings devotional songs, composing music, singing of the same in other parts of his kingdom, by showing some other temples construction or something else devotional cause. After collecting funds, who could see, how much had spent to devotional activities? This was his desire.

Directly or indirectly, Thaneesha indicated about his desire to Ramadasu. Being devotee, being a man with ethics and morals, Ramadasu was innocent to understand it. Though he understood, he might refuse it, as he could not deceive people on the name of God Sri Rama. That to Ramadasu was the devotee of Sri Rama who was fame as God due to his truthfulness. Thaneesha felt angry and frustrated about the disobedience shown by Ramadasu. So that Thaneesha prosecuted him on the blame of using Govt. money to construct the temple without Navab's permission. Being Navab, was it impossible for him to create fake documents to support his claim? There is a Telugu idiom '' రాజు తలుచుకొంటే దెబ్బలకు కొదవ?" which means, "If king desired it, is it deficiency for lashes or beats?"

Like that,Thaneesha had punished Ramadasu in prison for 12 years i.e. from 1675 A.D. to 1687 A.D. Each and every day, he used to torture Ramadasu by different methods including fasting. This was spread in public. Hindus who were majority in population felt in-satisfaction, desperation and disgust against Thaneesha.

On the other hand, since 1656 A.D. Aurangzeb was efforting to defeat Golconda. Within 31 years i.e. from 1656 to 1687 A.D., Aurangzeb could not defeat Golconda. But now, in 1687, the staff of Thaneesha including administrative and soldiers were not sincere and committed in service to Govt. due to the in-satisfaction and frustration, against Thaneesha.

Thaneesha was informed about this situation through his spying agents. He noticed the hatred in public towards himself. Talks were spread among people as "After all, Ramadasu had constructed temple to God, but not a Mahal i.e. Bungalow for himself or for his lover like that. No Hindu king or some other king had punished anybody who constructed Edgas or Masjids or some other praying places. Some of the Durgas, Charminar and other praying places are constructed with Govt. money. Is it not from the taxes, which we paid to the Govt.? The Navabs had constructed palaces to their lovers and prostitutes. They had constructed tombs to their expired ancestors. Is it not public money? In such a case, is it such a crime to keep Ramadasu in prison for 12 years and to torture that devotee like that? How cruel and immoral is this Navab Thaneesha?"

These talks were frightened the Navab and his fellow men. They thought well. To eliminate all of these talks and to erase the hatred on Navab in public, they designed a strategy. As per that plan, secretly they made Gold Coins with the image of Sri Rama Pattabhishekam on one side and Sri Hanuman's image on another side.

Suddenly, on one day in the court, Navab Thaneesha declared that he had a dream. In that dream two young and handsome men, one was black in color resembles Sri Rama told his name as Ramoji and another was fair in color resembles Lakshmana, told his name as Lakshmoji approached him in bedroom. They introduced themselves as representatives of Ramadasu and paid the money to clear his debt to Govt. They collected the receipt also. He had shown the gold coins i.e. Sri Rama Mada's as evidence to his dream. By declaring like this, he released Ramadasu from prison and offered gifts and job. He declared himself as devotee of Sri Rama and sent pearls, Silk clothes to God at Bhadrachalam on the festival of Sri Rama Navami. He could release Ramadasu without this dream drama. But he could not erase the hatred in public on himself. To make people to believe this fabrication, the Navab Thaneesha and his fellowmen spread stories as 1].Ramadasu had brought up the parrots by keeping them in cages, so that he was kept in prison because of that sin. 2]. As per the horoscope of Ramadasu's wife, her husband should be keep in prison. As per her fate, he was kept in prison. 3].As Gopanna i.e. Ramadasu's sins i.e. results of his works in previous life, he was kept in prison for 12 years. When it was cleared Sri Rama had given darshanam i.e. appearance in the dream of Thaneesha, paid the taxes due and got released Ramadasu from prison.

In such case, what about the sin of Thaneesha which had cleared off by Aurangzeb by keeping him in the prison until death of Thaneesha? There is no more propaganda on this point & complete silence on this point according to the strategy. If this gets popularity, people will get inspired towards God and devotion. If such happens, people will turn towards good, idealistic and positive attitude. If such happens, they won't run after luxuries. If such happens, it is tough task for the coup makers and their supporters to suck money from people through Corporatism.

That's why, in due course of time, the coup makers i.e. Mr. Ramoji Rao, CIA, ISI and their supporters propagated the fabricated story only but not the facts. Moreover, they spread similar stories in case of other devotes like Thyagayya etc in which God had appeared to thieves rather than to devotees, to support the fabrications. On the other hand, there was an oral propaganda, as whoever devotes Sri Rama, they should face difficulties like Ramadasu, pothanna and Thyagayya etc. By the way, it is easy to divert people from idealism.

After release of Ramadasu, this secret behind the drama of dream also leaked to people. There were whispers all over the kingdom. People felt humiliation against the cheating of Government itself and by the Navab himself.

In these circumstances, Aurangzeb had offered large amounts as corruption to the staff of Navab and could opened the gates of Golconda fort during the war, after 31 years from his first battle attempt on Golconda. Aurangzeb had captured Thaneesha as prisoner and taken him to his kingdom. Until death, Thaneesha was in prison of Aurangzeb.

This was the real happening in history. The coup makers i.e. Mr. Ramoji Rao, CIA and ISI and their supporters never refer this fact of defeat of Thaneesha by Aurangzeb and his imprisonment until death. They won't propagate it, more over they take all precautions that others should not propagate it by knowingly or unknowingly.

Next Nizams came to throne in 1724 A.D. by Asaf Jahi. To cool Hindus they continued to send silk clothes and pearls to God Sri Rama's temple at Bhadra Chalam on every Sri Rama Navami festival day. The media, the coup makers i.e. Ramoji Rao, CIA, ISI and their supporters highlight this so many times as possible.

What is the relation of Mr. Ramoji Rao to name 'Ramoji' which was referred by Thaneesha of Golkonda Navab in his spying strategy on Hinduism and on Devotee 'Sri Rama Dasu' i.e. Kancharla Gopanna, we don't know. As per the Wikipedia in Telugu in Google – Mr. Ramoji Rao born in 1936 in Krishna district in farmer family. Why his farmer parents selected such name to him, we don't know.

Any way, such was the coup psychology of Thaneesha and Nizams of Golconda. The Nizams were notorious for their cruelty, when they made Hindu women to play Bathukamma on the festival of Vijaya dasami with nude bodies. Their Army chief Rajvi and his soldiers Rajakars had created terrible violence in Telanganna & Nizam's Kingdom when people in Telangana demanded freedom and desired to join in Union India. Rajakars raped women and killed weak people.

Recently I read Group-1 syllabi: - On Enadu in Prathibha feature, written by Dr. M. Jithender Reddy. The caption of that feature is [Andhrula Charithra i.e. History of Andhras] WHO IS THURREBAJ KHAN, DO YOU KNOW: dated 02-07-2008. In that essay, the writer clearly explained that how much coup support that Mr. Safdar Jung, the then Prime Minister of Hyderabad kingdom had given to British. Mr. Safdar Jung, being the then Prime Minister of Hyderabad Nizams and the then Nizams Mahaboob Ali Khan had done coups to help British. In return the British queen Victoria had given 'Faith full Ally' [Yarevafadar] award in 1861 to that Nizam Mahaboob Ali Khan. Mr. Salar Jung had helped British to kill many patriots who fought against British like Thurrebhaj Khan, Venkatappa Naik, Kulakarni Narsinga Rao, Cheeda Khan etc.

All of we know that how much image giving writings were there on Enadu up to 1992 regarding Salar Jung and the museum on behalf of his name. In fact, to give image to Salar Jung and to remind his greatness in procuring wonderful objects to keep in museum at Hyderabad, Mr. Ramoji Rao used to write about museum on his Enadu. But Mr. Ramoji Rao never published about the crookedness and coup behavior of Salar Jung up to 1992 on his Enadu. This resembles his hiding out of MIM leaders Mr. Sala Uddin Owice regarding his in heritage leadership from the hands of Sardar Rajiv, the leader of cruel Rajakars.

It is really strange that how and why Mr. Ramoji Rao bonded to Nizams of Hyderabad.

Now the leader of Telangana Rashtra Samithy i.e. TRS Mr. K. Chandra Sekhara Rao is praising the Nizams. Another bitter truth is this as Rajiv's official heir is Mr. Sala Uddin Owisy, the MIM party chief. Can you digest this? No media cover this and more over the coup makers i.e. Mr. Ramoji Rao, CIA, ISI and their supporters like media etc give full coverage about the strength and power of MIM over old city of Hyderabad and on Twin cities. The MIM Party is treating the old city of Hyderabad as its own kingdom and it is not belonging to India. That's why MIM is not allowing the present other party Ministers and other politicians to enter in to old city of Hyderabad to meet people there. Being successers to Sardar Rajvi and Rajakars, they might be thinking that they are in Pakistan or some other country but not in India. To verify this you can refer the news published on Enadu Dt. 10-02-2008 under the caption of 'ఇదేం మజ్లిస్ దందా?'. It means 'what is this ill-legal or ill logical authority of MIM?'. How nasty politics are today?

More over KCR's tongue is giving terrible bad smell with his language. He doesn't mind about the courtesy and ethics. His ex partner Mr. Narendra declared that he could expose the villainy of Mr. KCR with proofs in suitable time when he was suspended from the party because of his red-handed dispute of fake passports case. As we know, both of the politicians, Mr. KCR and Mr. Narendra are co-robbers. If not, why Mr. Narendra should wait for suitable time to expose the disputes of Mr. KCR? Being politicians, is it not their responsibility to expose the disputes of others, whoever they are, immediately whenever the disputes are found as happened? Why should they wait till suitable time? What is suitable time? Like that, are they threatening the others and their co robbers? Like that, are they bargaining to deal themselves? Like that, are they getting their shares? Otherwise, why shouldn't they declare or expose the so-called disputes however, the time passed? This case is not only belonging to KCR and Narendra. There are so many KCRs and Narendras in all parties. Chegondi Hari Rama Jogayya MP, Kaka alias Gudisela Venkata Swamy MP, MS Satya Narayana etc etc-unlimited politicians irrespective of political parties.

Any way it is clear that as jointly or as separating, the politicians who ever claiming one another about their disputes had eaten money. Because of en ethics in politics, we are watching the disputes like which were exposed by Tehalka dot com etc. Just Jaya Jaitly, Bangaru Lakshiman were lost career temporarily and George Fernandez lost image in the career of politics. That's all. Nothing more was happened. But Tehalka dot com investigated Journalists Mathews etc young men had faced troubles by the claiming of 'string operation are legal or illegal!'

All the politicians, media and some nongovernmental service organizations shouted on the sting operations. Whatever the operation to investigate or to expose the dispute, whether it is sting or something else, is it that much important of its legality or illegality, than the dispute what was exposed by that operation? To create such debate, argument, or discussion, is it not diverting strategy of the disputes from the vision of Public?

Another interesting fact I project you to understand the coup on Indian politics. It is regarding the Ex kings, queens of territories which were existed before independence of India.

As we studied in our high school history subject, Jhansi Lakshmi Bai, Thantheya Thope and Nana Sahab etc worriers had fought against East India Company in 1857. Because of rumors spread in soldiers as pig and cow fats were used in bullet's cartridge opening, a revolt provoked. We consider it as first freedom fight.

Actually, Jhansi Lakshmi Bai's name before her marriage with Piswa was Manu Bai. After she married Pishwa of Jhansi, she was called as Lakshmi Bai. She got one son but he died. With sorrow, her husband also died. Because there were no heirs, Rani Jhansi Lakshmi Bai had adopted a child. East India Company had passed a rule as "If any king of small territories in India died without heir, the East India Company is supposed to mingle that territory in to their authority by giving maintence to that queen".

What a rule it was? What was their authority except gun and bullet? The rule was just a cause to encroach the territories and to expand their kingdom. If they couldn't locate any such reason to encroach the territories, they were able to show as "The river was flowing or the wind was blowing in those territories, so that the East India Company is supposed to mingle those territories in their kingdom."

If these caused were also not possible to show, and then they were able to create some non-sensical quarrels. So that attacks on the territories. They were not particular about the reasonability, but they were particular about the expanding of their kingdom and about the robbery of wealth from territories and from India.

The ferocious worriers like Rani Lakshmi Bai, Thantheya Thope, Nana Sahab and others declared war on the East India Company. During that war, once, tired Jhansi Lakshmi Bai had gone to the Gwalior fort to have shelter from the Gwalior king i.e. Sindhiya's. She thought that Sindhiya might be patriotic, sincere towards a friend like her, being the equivalent queen of the neighbor territory. Sindhiya had promised her to give protection. Tired Jhansi Rani slept there in their fort. But the crucked Sindhiya, disobeyed his own promise and informed East India Company officials regarding her whereabouts. Such was his share in the coup. If he disliked to fight against East India Company or if he afraid to stand against East India Company, he could say that to her in prior. Instead of that, he made her to believe as if he was a fried and going to help her. But he cheated her terribly. That was the final war of her with East India Company. She came to notice about the coup of Sindhiya and escaped away from Gwalior. But on the way, East India Company attacked her. After ferocious fight, she lost life for the sake of freedom of her motherland.

With such coup full psychology and crucked strategy, Sindhiyas of Gwalior are able to continue in politics till now. So many other races of kings of many territories who fought against European and British to save the freedom of their motherland like Veera Pandya Katta Bommana, Thandra Papa Rayudu and Uyyala Narasimha Reddy etc had no addresses now. Their forts where the freedom fights had happened, now ruined and some of them became tourist centers and some of them disappeared on the earth.

Then is it not a long time planned coup? I give another fact to you. As we read in our history lessons and as we heard in Burrakatha etc art forms in our child hood, Bobbili Yuddam was a famous freedom fight in Andhra Pradesh against French, Business Company at present Vijaya Nagaram district.

Being ferocious and being freedom lovers, Bobbili kings didn't obeyed the French. The French business company under the leadership of 'Bussy' attacked on Bobbili, several times but could not defeat the fort. Then the king of Vijayanagaram, Vijaya Rama Gajapathi Raju, joined with French Company and Bussy. He participated in their coups for the sake of their French wine, weapons and fashions. Being local, he could gather the information of Bobbili fort. When Thandra Papa Rayudu, one of the strongest Army chief and relative of Bobbili king was not in fort and the entire families of king and of people were celebrating a marriage festival, Vijaya Rama Gajapathi Raju informed the French, as that time was most suitable to attack on Bobbili. Suddenly, without prior declaration, they attacked on Bobbili. Bobbili fort was not ready to receive it and to fight in the battlefield. The French took advantage of the situation. Hence, they could defeat Bobbili. Now we can watch only the ruins of the then fort at Bobbili.

But Vijayanagaram fort is in good condition till now as well as the race of Gajapathies is flourishing in politics with MPs and MLAs such as Ashok Gajapathi Raju Poosapati, Ananda Gaja Pathi Raju. Some of them are Ex Ministers also. Like that, once again, it is proved that, in politics only the coup minded people could have good career where as the sincere people cannot. To support this always, the coup makers i.e. Mr. Ramoji Rao, CIA ,ISI and coup supporters like media and political parties leaders, usually give importance, coverage and image to the race of Vijaya nagaram Gajapathi Rajas.

I know few examples like this. But in entire wide India including North and South, how many this type of races and cases are still continuing the coups and robbery of people, who had recorded?

Actually, when India got independence, the sincere patriotic freedom fighters had voluntary turn back to their previous careers. They had done such because they were idealists. Most of they had thought, as 'We didn't desire the designations and positions in political field. We fought for the freedom of country and we got it. That's enough'. To support this, I remind you an incident. During freedom fight, one day a News reporter had asked Loka Manya Bala Gangadhara Tilak as "Sir! If India gets independence, which designation will you take?" He replied, "I'll go back to my teaching job to enjoy with my students."

By that time, so many selfish and materialistic people had already learnt coups and cheatings from Europeans. Up to independence, these selfish people had done service to British or made friendship with them or private business. They didn't participate in the freedom fight. They didn't go to prison. They didn't sacrify their personal luxuries. They didn't participate in any one of the freedom fight movements like Dandi Satyagraham, non co-operation movement, and prohibition of foreign goods and quit India movement etc. But within night of August 15, 1947 most of them put a Gandhi topi i.e. cap on head and turned as patriots. In due course, to produce freedom fighter certificates is not impossible for them. Any way coup makers i.e. Mr. Ramoji Rao, CIA, ISI and their supporters are there to help them and to co-operate them.

Gradually these selfish people became top leaders in politics. The real freedom fighters are getting the treatment of beggars for the sake of pension from these top leaders. Is it not terrible?

Here in this context: I want to refer a Telugu Movie of the era 1947, 'Mana Desam' that means 'Our Country'. It was the first movie of Mr. NT Rama Rao. He acted in a police character in that movie. Mr. Chittoor Nagayya and some other man had acted as heroes. In that movie, the hero fought against British. Being patriot, he participated in freedom fight. He was sent to prison. The freedom fight was in extreme situation. He had tried to escape from prison but he was captured by jail authorities. With fear, tension and frustration his brain got disturbed, he became mad. The heroine was his aunt's daughter. She was his lover and would be wife. She had encouraged him to fight for mother country India. Finally, in that story of movie, India got independence. The hero was released from prison. Still he was mad. Heroine got desperation.

The brother of hero [this role was played by Mr. Chittor Nagayya] tried to counsel her. He said, "The dream of congress came to fruitful. Country got independence." Immediately heroine said, "Yes. The dream of congress came to fruitful. Country got independence. But what I got as benefit, my elder brother-in-law?"

That's was the representation of a freedom fighter from 1947 to 2008.

In 1947, in fact, people should not expect miracles by overnight itself. Immediately after getting independence, our lives won't get change. Any way our leaders like Sardar Patel and Lal Bahadoor Sasthri were educating people as "We got independence. We got our own house after a long fight. But our house is with anthills, rat holes, with ruined roof and broken floor. We have to renovate this. We have to reconstruct this. We have to develop our country."

On the other hand, the coup makers were/are there to create desperation in public and in real freedom fighter. To serve this purpose, any way their supporters are there to change this role from 'Bresavi' [British Samrajya Vidheya i.e. Obedient to British Crown Govt.] to wear Gandhi caps on head by overnight. The real freedom fighters' lives are dragged to the level of beggers through these 60 years. Before independence, being youth the real freedom fighters were capable to fight against the visible enemy i.e. British. After independence, being old the real freedom fighters are not able to fight against these in-visible enemies i.e. the coup makers.

To illustrate this, I refer you Mr. NT Rama Rao's issue. By the time of Independence of India in 1947, Mr. NTR was about 25 years age. But he didn't participate in the freedom fight. He didn't go to prisons. He didn't fight against British. In the younger age, with hot blood, at the time of freedom fight, when maximum people were roaring with patriotism, he didn't respond towards nation.

But in 1981, suddenly, at the age of 58+ years, how he became sincere patriot, how he became to think to service people? By that time, he reached old age. There would not be much career as cine hero with aged body, large stomach and wrinkled face. Until that time some of his movies were getting hit, some of his movies were making hit with great effort and investment, like 'Lakshmi Narasimha' the recent movie hit of Mr. NTR's son Mr. Bala Krishna. Regarding such making hit and celebrating of hit function, there was a dispute raised, among Mr. Bala Krishna, the hero of the film and the produced Mr. Bellam Konda Suresh, the producer of the film 'Lakshmi Narasimha'. It was said on media due to this dispute Mr. Bala Krishna attempted to murder on Bellam Konda Suresh.

In spite of effort and investment, some movies of Mr. NTR were getting flop by that time i.e. 1981. At that juncture, he got motivated to service public. No media had projected about his sudden realization to serve public and about his silence in freedom fight and towards Nation in his past. More over Enadu, the Newspaper of Mr.Ramoji Rao had given Gobble's propaganda to him. It was a sensational, tremendous and a very new system of propaganda and campaign of advertisement.

Before Mr. NTR's entry in to politics, certain movies were produced as a base to his entry. The then Congress government of state banned one of such movies. Actually, in Congress Government also, so many subordinates were there to Mr. Ramoji Rao like Marre Chenna Reddy, MSR, Nadendla Bhaskara Rao, Jalagam Vengala Rao, Nedurumalli Janardhana Reddy, Y.S. Raja Sekhara Reddy, T. Anjaiah etc. Not only in past, in presence also, so many political leaders irrespective of political parties [including Congress, TDP, TRS, CPM, CPI, MIM, BJP etc, so many political leaders] are performing their assignments which are deputed by Mr. Ramoji Rao. For the circumstantial, logical and documentary evidence, you can refer the case particulars, which was lodged against Ramoji Rao, regarding his spying activities on to desk of PM of India since 1992 until now, under the caption of Events' List.

Regarding NTR, why the so-called movies were banned by the then Congress government i.e. the then CM and the then Concern minister, we don't know. It was a strategy to make sensation and popularity. By the way, they could draw the attention of all sections of the public on NTR's political entry. To verify the logic sense in this issue, you can refer the then News media, especially Enadu and other Newspapers, AIR, DD and the so-called banned movies. I'll give another example to you. There was a Novelist Vaasi Reddy Sita Devi who had done in Govt. appointed posts like Sahitya Academy Director etc. She had written a Novel 'Marichika' somewhere in 1980's. The Government, why nobody knows, banned it. The paper media highlighted this like anything. By the way, the writer Vasi Reddy Sita Devi made fame and her novel 'Marichika' sensational. She approached court. After some time, it was lifted from ban. The sales of the book were increased. In those days, a comment as 'to make it hit, it was banned' was spread in public. There was same case with a Telugu movie 'Akali Rajyam' acted by Kamal Hassan as hero. In those days, it was named as publicity stunt.

Such stunts were designed and implemented in the case of NTR and his entry in to politics. Enadu Ramoji Rao had given full propaganda to NTR and to his political campaign. When NTR bathed beside road, it was a news item with big photo. When NTR shaved beard under a tree beside road, it was a news item with large photo. About his breakfast, lunch etc every daily schedule made a sensation. Because, he was a film actor, naturally it had drawn craze in public. The image of acting in the roles of epics such as Sri Rama, Sri Krishna, Bheema and Arjuna etc had helped him to achieve unlimited popularity and attraction in public. In addition to this glamour, NTR had petted poor children and blessed their mothers. He mingled in public by eating their poor food and by sleeping in public places with them. He travelled all over state like a cyclone wind in a special designed van called Chaitanya Radham. He dressed himself in Kashaya clothes i.e. tawny or Brick red resembles the dress of saints and monks. His speeches also inspirited public like anything. To this fire, the wind of News coverage in Enadu had joined. He used to say, "I am a monk, that's why I wore this Kashaya Clothes. I have nothing with me except ash to give to public. I left crores of rupees of wealth to serve public. I sacrified lacks of rupees of income in cinema field. To serve the mother state I entered in to the politics."

No media had questioned the logic as "To whom did he left his crores of rupees of wealth? He didn't leave his assets to the public. He didn't donate his wealth to people. He had given his every rupee to his children i.e. sons and daughters only. Then how he is saying like this?"

More over Enadu Ramoji Rao had given special news items on these speeches. No media had projected on the logic as "To leave the career of cinemas is sacrifice of lacks of rupees of income? Any way he approached the retirement age as a hero. Hence, he left it. It seems politics is more good business or profession than cinema career at this age. That's why he might enter in to politics."

Being media is it not their responsibility to question the reality of any politician or public figure? Being media, is it not their responsibility to highlight the truths, false, fabrications, fake stories, and facts in any issue? Being media, is it not their responsibility to question his sincerity in patriotism and in service to public?

Successfully and strategically, the entire media had forgotten such responsibility. Anyway, always, the media used to forget its responsibilities, but it can only remember it rights such as press freedom.

With such strategical support, the great talented actor Mr. NTR had performed his political roll with his expression and dialogue modulation on the stage. His speeches had recreated public like anything. He used to deliver his speeches in dramatic way as "నేల ఈనిందా? ఆకాశం కురిసిందా? ఎక్కడిదీ ఇంతప్రజ?" which means, "Whether earth had given birth to this crowed of people or whether sky had rained this crowed?"

All of this had given a big success to him. That to, in AP, at that time there was a power game of chief Ministers in turn. The Congress party was with full of selfish politicians. If one person become as a CM, then hundred persons would try to pull him down from the chair. There was a tradition of in-satisfaction. The behavior of the then CM of AP Mr. T. Anjayya was became notorious with his bondage of helicopter named 'Yadagiri'. Being CM his behavior was not dignified by that level.

Actually, the strategy of coup makers i.e. Ramoji Rao, CIA, ISI and their supporters to raise one man like NTR or to make one party to win in elections is very interesting one.

Suppose, to raise one person: - All the other people either by supporting or by criticizing will give image to him. Whatever his supporters, opposing people do, whatever the praising, critics will be, the media will create image ultimately to that person.

Suppose to make one party to win in elections: - All other opposition parties will do mistakes. The opposition party leaders will loss unity. The opposition party leaders will be weak to use the opportunities. Sometimes, their works will turn as favors to that 'one party'. Any way media is there to handle the entire situation.

To look at it, all is normal. But if we observe it, an undercurrent is there to manage everything. That under current is the spying coup of Mr. Ramoji Rao, CIA, ISI and their supporters.

In fact, all the events or incidents are like beads or pearls. We see them as individual beads or pearls here and there on floor. If we notice that, there is a string to connect them, and then only, we can understand that there is a garland of beads or pearls on the floor. That string is the spying coup of Mr. Ramoji Rao, CIA, ISI and their supporters. The beads and peals are the incidents, events, persons, political parties and Corporate Business Companies. The garland is the network of the coup on India. Maybe there is same case all over the world.

When Mr. NTR raised the question of 'తెలుగు వాడి ఆత్మగౌరవం' which means the self-respect of Telugu people, everybody welcomed its debate. Every Telugu person hesitated the situation of Congress ministers, CMs and politicians who ever begging power in the streets of New Delhi to fetch positions in the AP Government. That's why almost everybody appreciated NTR and his slogan of self-respect of Telugu people.

But the same NTR had made single man show as CM of AP. He asked all of his fellow ministers to resign at a single moment. Thus, he shown his super power, and he discriminated the democracy. Thus, he nullified the self-respect of fellow men and their voters in practical. Moreover, he once said in the context of either election or by-election as "If my cheppals [Shoe] are contest in election, they will win." Thus, he shown his ego, but the Telugu voter didn't entertained such. So that Chitteranjan, a Congress politician had won Mr. NTR in Kalvakurthi constituency and became as a minister by that victory over NTR.

No media including Enadu discussed about this subject of self-respect. To insult the Telugu voter by saying that the Telugu voter give his vote to his cheppals [Shoe] even instead of himself, what could he thought? Voters had taught a lesson to him but not media in this contest.

In those days he had taken a rupee as his monthly salary as CM of the state. The media especially Enadu had highlighted this either with positive or with negative coverage. In the beginning days of TDP, within 9 months, he became into power. This was naturally attracted the vision of intelligence departments. That to role of Enadu was very interesting on this issue. But to support the abnormality of the issue, Mr. Praffulla Kumar Mahantha in Assam became as C.M. with six months of his party establishment. Like that, Prafulla Kumar Mahantha broke NTR's record. This is the system of erasing on abnormal incident by creating another similar incident. When Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in 1991, the RDX using in human bombs was very new. There was a talk that RDX was available only with CIA. Later within these 17 years, now human bombs are available in heaps and heaps as well the RDX all over Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and in Pakistan. That's it.

When people questioned Ramoji Rao about the abnormal coverage and image creation of NTR through Enadu, he supported himself, as he was the supporter of Kamma caste. "Because NTR belong to Kamma Community i.e. Caste, to TDP party Enadu is giving support." The above was the then argument of Mr. Ramoji Rao. In spite of this Mr. Ramoji Rao used to write editorials on caste-ism by describing it as 'కులగజ్జి' which means caste-ism is like a contagious disease.

This resembles the present behavior of Mr. Ramoji Rao in the case of Margadarshichit funds. In this context, to defend himself he is saying now that he is an oppose to Congress party, since beginning of Enadu Newspaper.

Thus, he is habituated to produce suitable arguments to the situations, in spite of chanting ethics and morals through his editorials. For example, you can refer the expose of dispute of Edupula Paya. Since 30 years, the encroached land is enjoying by Mr. YS Raja Sekhara Reddy's family, as per the paper writing of Enadu. It was clearly printed in Enadu. 30 years back the father of Mr. YS Raja Sekhara Reddy, the present CM of AP; Mr. YS Raja Reddy had occupied them. Being paper man, won't Ramoji Rao know it? Then why he could calm about it since these 30 years? Now why he is shouting on that dispute of Mr. YS Raja Sekhara Reddy while this YSR is shouting on Margadarshi Chit funds disputes?

Are the terms among Mr. Ramoji Rao and Mr. YS Raja Sekhara Reddy turn to bad now? That's why only, both of they are pulling out the each other's disputes naturally? In fact this resembles to Telugu idiom "దొంగలు దొంగలు ఊళ్ళు పంచుకున్నారు" which means the thieves shared the villages to robber among themselves. When the terms were good, both of them were silent towards each other's disputes. When the terms turn bad, they started to quarrel. That's all!

In fact, now-a-days, the media and the politicians became co-thieves. It turns now, as politicians are becoming media persons. Recently YSR started Sakshi News paper on direct name and Surya Daily Newspapers on binamy name as per his co-politicians claim. Karuna Nidhi, Jaya Lalitha etc had their own TV Channels. All most all political chief leaders have shares in print and electronic media. In Andhra Jyothi, N. Chandra Babu had Shares - this is another rumor in field. Being normal people, we don't know the truth. No intelligence dept. will look after the things to bring the facts into light. Being poor normal people, what people can do except watching the things?

In this context, to remind an interesting thing is reliable. In the mutual claiming of Mr. Ramoji Rao and Mr. YS Raja Sekhara Reddy regarding Edupula Raya dispute vs. Marga Darshi chit funds disputes, one day Mr. N.Ram of Hindu had given a front page statement in Enadu as follows. "Mr. YS Raja Sekhara Reddy should not attack on Margadarshi Chit funds. Things are not solve like this. If he has any problem with media man Mr. Ramoji Rao, he should solve the problem by talks. Mr. Ramoji Rao is soft going man. Mr. YSR can go to him, can talk to him. What he wants, Mr. Ramoji Rao can give. Let Mr. YSR go to Mr. Ramoji Rao and can solve their problem."

What is the meaning of this statement in Enadu? You can refer this in the News Paper, Enadu of Feb 2007. The exact date, I had forgotten, otherwise I could write the date of publish. And it was notorious that N. Ram of Hindu, Ram nath Goyanka of Indian Express are the agents of CIA.

' Let's come back to the issue of Mr. NTR in 1981 and 1982. NTR declared himself as he sacrificed his wealth, family and became as a monk. To support this he wore brick red i.e. tawny colored [i.e. Kashaya vastra] dress, later he dressed up in Khaki colored to resemble himself as factory labor and it was another drama.

But after 11 years i.e. from 1982 to 1993, this monk, this Sanyasi had married Lakshmi Parvathi, a divorce woman, at the age of 70 years. This was 2nd marriage to NTR and as well to Lakshmi Parvathi. NTR's first marriage was in 1942 with his uncle's daughter Basava Rama Tharakam at his 20 years age. He had many children including sons and daughters. This woman, Lakshmi Parvathi was his life storywriter in beginning, later she became his life partner. 3 years after this marriage, he died on Jan 18, 1996. At that time, NTR's son Mr. Hari Krishna annoyed Lakshmi Parvathi, that she made NTR to use steroids to conceive children at that old age. That's why he reached death. Nobody knows the truth. But what is the meaning of 'Saint' and sanyasam?

It is a fact that Mr. NTR was the beginner of vulgar tongue in the political field. He scolded the Congress leaders as "కొజ్జా" and "కుక్క మూతి పిందెలు", which means hijra and rotten fruits. In 1981 and 1982, every day, NTR to scold the Congress leaders with nasty tongue and Mr. Jalagam Vengala Rao, Congress leader used to scold Mr. NTR in return. Enadu Ramoji Rao used to cover this nastiness with big letters in front pages of his News Paper. Successfully and strategically, these co-thieves had dragged the politicians and politics from semi-dignified situation to drainage smelling situation.

To explain this, I refer you a famous story of Paramanandayya disciples to you.

' In Telugu literature, a famous guru Paramanandayya's character is there. He had 7 members of disciples. These disciples were innocent people. They had no common sense. They used to trouble Paramanandayya and his family members with their foolishness. But luckily, those troubles could turn in to favors to their Guru Paramanandayya.

One day, Paramanandayya had his lunch in the after known. He wanted to snap a little. He had ordered two of his disciples to massage his legs and slept. Both the disciples had sat at each leg of their Guru and started to massage. After some time, one disciple said "I'm massaging Guru's leg smoothly. Look! How shining it is?"

The other disciple said, "I'm massaging my turn leg of Guru nicely than that of yourself. Look! How smooth it is? Your turn leg is ugly."

The first disciple felt ferocious. He said, "No. my leg is nice. Yours is ugly."

The second disciple said angrily "Shut up. Your leg is worst and mine is very good."

In fact both are refereeing the legs of Guru i.e. teacher only. Because of their ignorance, they were treating the legs as if their own."

So that the first disciple said, "You are insulting my leg. Look what I'll do." He had beaten the teacher's leg on which the second disciple was massaging.

The second disciple said, "You fool. Look. I'll cut your leg." He brought an axe to cut down the leg of teacher. The first disciple brought a large knife to do so.

Both of the disciples were beating the legs of teacher. With pain, the teacher i.e. Guru Paramanandayya woke up and shouted at them to stop the violence.

Later he counseled them as both of they had tortured the legs of Guru only.

That's the entire story.

Like that, both NTR and Congress leaders had polluted the political field including its language at their level best. Nobody, no intellectual and no media had taken the role of Paramanandayya to council them as well as people about this pollution.

With such sensations, NTR became CM of AP, but within short period, he lost faith of people. By watching his heroism in cinemas such as single hand beating over hundreds of villains, vectoring of all crises, winning of goals and making impossible as possible, people expected the same in real life. Slowly his image was getting fading off. To prevent this and to restore his image, another drama was created.

Mr. Nadendla Bhaskara Rao, the 2nd rank leader of TDP had played a coup on NTR in 1984 on Aug. 16. Mr. Ramlal, the then Governor of AP had made Nadendla Bhaskar Rao as CM of AP by using the constitutional loupes. The media, especially Enadu roared on this word 'constitutional loupes' and criticized Nadendla Bhaskara Rao, Ramlal and the then Congress Govt. at New Delhi, under the Prime Minister ship of Smt. Indira Gandhi. Enadu published a cartoon by declaring Mr. Ramlal, the then Governor of AP was not Ramlal but he was Ravana lal. It was said that the Congress Govt. in Centre used him to demolish the democratic state Govt. of NTR in AP. Probably this made the Central Govt. to concentrate on AP happenings. They recalled Mr. Ramlal from the position of Governor and sent Shankar Dayal Sharma as Governor of AP on 24-08-84. He restored the position of NTR as CM of AP. In 1985, NTR called on mid pole by saying that he desired to fetch fresh judgment from voters.

Probably the behavior of Ram Lal, being Governor of AP and the relevant critics of Ramoji Rao in Enadu, made the Central Govt. to concentrate on him. This led to the assassination of Smt. Indira Gandhi at her residence on October 30 of 1984. To support this we can watch that Mr. Ramlal had joined in BJP after 1992. Another support to this is after TDP's sensational formation of Govt., some constitutional problem was created in media and political field. Due to one editorial, Enadu Chairman Mr. Ramoji Rao had faced accusion. The then assembly decided to call him to assembly to make him to say apology to assembly. At that time, there were rumors spread such as Ramoji Rao was going to be arrested by state CMs or by Central intelligence departments. There was no base for any rumors. But it was declared in media that Mr. Ramoji Rao had gone underground and managed to get solve the problems. So many rumors were spread at that time as he had solved the problems by getting bail in Supreme Court and as he solved the problems by creating pressure on State and Central Governments.

Any way, in sequence of this, Mr. Ramoji Rao was made Chairman to Editors Guild by that time.

Similarly, in 1989 elections, Mr. NTR had lost power and his TDP became as opposition party in AP. Congress became into power. But at New Delhi level, Mr. NTR could united the non Congress leaders like VP Singh, Devilal etc and became the Chair man of National Front, the alliance of some non Congress political parties. Within few months, National Front formed Government at Centre, as VP Singh was the Prime Minister of India. In those days, only Mr. VP Singh had cancelled the SPG protection to Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, which facilitated Dhanu, the human bombs to approach Rajiv Gandhi to kill him on May 21, 1991 at Sri Perambadur, Tamil Nadu. There were the open facts, which were published in all of the then News media, as all of we read and knew. But what were the inner facts, which were in the part of coup on Indian Politics?

Before ending the narration of Mr.NTR's role in the part of coup on Indian politics, I'll explain another fact. As I already explained you, Mr. NTR enters into politics and got popularity with the slogan of self-respect of Telugu person. In which way he had given importance to the self-respect of Telugu person in practical I explained you already. Another feature was the scheme of giving of rice at the price of 2/-Rs. Per kg. As many times as possible, generally, his speech was "I'm pouring some conjee i.e. guel or rice soup to my poor brothers to fill their belly."

By the way, utterly he made Telugu people as beggars. In fact, Telugu fields were known as Godown of food grains to India. In the ruling of 25 years under Congress party, once in the ruling time of Smt. Indira Gandhi, the country had produced excess food grains. It was a record fact in the history of Congress ruling. From such status, successfully the state AP was authorized to stamp as poor state, by the CM Mr. NTR himself.

In fact, what CM of state or PM of Country has to do when his state or country is in such a poor situation? They have to motivate the farmers, they have to encourage the farmers and they have to facilitate the farmers to improve agriculture and to control the commission agents in the Market Yards not to robbery the farmers. They have to control the Transco or SEB or irrigation employees not to harass the farmers for corruptions. They have to construct the tanks, reservoirs and projects over rivers to supply water to agriculture fields. They have to dig canals to supply water to the farmers. They have to improve the state or country in industrial field and all other fields to improve the level of living of people economically. They have to improve gross capita income of country and per capita income of people. They have to control the prices of commodities to be available for poor and middle class people.

By leaving all of these welfare and development programs, if the Governments use public money for giving rice at the price of 2/-Rs per kg., where as in market it is 12/-Rs per kg. to 18/-Rs per kg., what would be happen? State or country will become weak economically.

There is an idiom in China. To refer this in this context is reasonable, "ఆకలితో ఉన్న వ్యక్తికి నువ్వు ఒక చేప నిచ్చినట్లయితే ఈ రోజుకి అతని ఆకలి తీరుతుంది. అదే చేపలు పట్టడం నేర్పినట్లయితే జన్మంతా అతని ఆకలి తీరుతుంది."

That is, "It is better to make a person to learn the fishing rather than giving him a fish". That means if we give fish to any person, for that day his hungry will get satisfy. But if we make him to learn fishing, he can satisfy his hunger by himself for life time."

Then being CM or PM what will be the ruler's responsibility or duty, to give fish or to improve employmentation? In fact, if Govt. goes on these vote attractive programs, people will become lazy.

I'm giving a live example to you. In 1995, my husband and I had done service in non-Governmental organization for few days. In the part of that, we had visited some Tribal villages i.e. Thandas. When the officers of forest department came to their Thandas, the villagers used to run to them, with the expectation of some schemes. Ultimately, their expectation was about money only. Most of they won't mind about the development of their lives. It is enough for them if they get money to drink and to enjoy for few days whatever the name of the scheme, from whatever the organization. They never mind about the scheme. They never mind about its benefit. They never mind about sponsorer of the scheme whether it is State or Central Govt. or United Nations or Voluntary service organizations or foreign organizations. When we go to their Thandas as general employees to explain about the scheme working, to motivate their working, they won't pay any attention to us. More over most of they had asked us whether there were any schemes to be announcing, with a low voice. Most of they were ready to share scheme money with the employees and without spending it for real working to get the benefits of schemes. After all, they want money to enjoy and to drink liquor. Most of they don't want to work hard and to improve their level of life.

In fact, who ever want to develop in their life, they work hard, and they search for opportunities to develop. Rest of the people search for opportunities to enjoy. With the co-operation of this type of people only, the Govt. employees are able to do disputes. That's why only, crores of Rupees are investing but the lives of poor people and that of country are not getting any development.

For example, imagine a Govt. scheme in which buffaloes are distributing to the poor. For each animal Govt. estimation is 10,000/- Rs. The concern employees show one animal as distributed to 10 members. So on record one lack of Rupees is invested. But only one animal for 10,000/Rs is invested. Because 10 members are co-operated to the employees, each can get 2000/Rs like that. So 20,000/Rs +10,000/Rs = 30,000/Rs are invested. The rest of 70,000/Rs can be distributed among the employees and politicians from top to bottom. Are we not watching this type of disputes in all angles? Then imagine the partnership of in-ethics and immorality in public.

Thus, the Govt. money schemes are making people lazy and crazy. This is the sin by people for people. Who is responsible for this situation? Everybody, whoever is not thinking about himself or herself, whoever is thinking that disputes are common in modern days, whoever is running after money, whoever is not thinking about the ethics and morals, and whoever is practicing immorality.

With this background, now all of the political parties are offering free rice, color TV for each house, loan exemptions to get votes. The politicians are not minding about the safety of country. In 1989 elections, the National Front had announced to exempt the agriculture loans below 10,000/Rs all over the country in their election manifesto. In that scheme, my relatives who had more than 10 acres of wet land also enjoyed the exemption of loans. On the other hand, India reached to a collapsed situation. Ultimately, the union India Govt. had mortgaged gold in World Bank during the ruling time of Mr. Chandra Sekhar in 1990-1991.

At present also, the political parties are offering color TVs, free rice and gas cylinder distribution etc to win in elections. It is just for elections. After elections, they may not continue the so-called scheme is the first factor. The second factor is, to fulfill this investment, they give land to SEZ, and they give full support to Corporate Companies to robber the public by taking large amounts of money as corruption from those Corporate Companies.

If we observe, are the present politicians irrespective of parties doing service to public? Do the present politicians have the attitude to serve public? Don't they are thinking that politics as business or career? If not, why are they investing such large amounts of money to win in the elections? If not, why they are announcing such vote attracting schemes just in the election approaching time? Won't they know that these vote attractive schemes are damage to the economy of country and damage to the people in long run?

To begin the use of nasty and vulgar language in the politics and to begin the vote attractive schemes in the politics, Mr. NTR was the first politician. He used his cinema glamour to shut down all of this logical analysis. Mr. Ramoji Rao used his publicity stunt to raise Mr. NTR's glamour and to nullify the logical questing, analysis of the political policies and pre casting of political field.

Thus the coup makers i.e. Mr. Ramoji Rao, CIA,ISI and their supporters like Mr. NTR etc had successfully and strategically destroyed the ethics in political field. In other states and countries also, the cinema people entered in to the politics and done something like Mr. MGR in Tamilnadu, Ronald Regan in USA etc. What they done to public whether good or disputes, I don't know. Now the next generation of cinema stars is peeping to enter into the politics like Mr. Chiranjeevi in Telugu and Mr. Rajani Kanth in Tamilnadu. What they have done in past and what they are going to do in future to public, they should know, the people should know and finally God should know.

In fact, depends up on the brought up of children, their behavior and accomplishment will be there in their personality after grown up. People from respectable families cannot entertain vulgarity, public sexual activities on name of fashion and nude expose of bodies. For example, we can compare the behavior and accomplishment of NTR and his sons. Mr. NTR's parents were responsible and respectable; hence, they were successful to educate their son, Mr. NTR up to B.A. in those olden days in spite of their farmer, uneducated and middle class economical life. But Mr. NTR didn't successful being father to educate his sons in appropriate way up to his level in spite of richness and fame in society. Might he thought as "It is enough to have money and acting talents. What is the need of education?" By the way, Mr. Hari Krishna, Bala Krishna etc cine actors remained in field to show vulgarity in cinemas by name mass cinemas. Bala Krishna's 'Muddula Krishnayya' was famous in those days as 'Buthula Krishnayya'. Buthula means Vulgarity. There are several movies with such vulgarity.

Unless 'the brought up of their children' was with such irresponsibility nobody could make such vulgarity in cinemas, who ever making such mass including directors like the directors of 'Gharana Mogudu' of Chiranjeevi, producers like the producers of 'Bhalevaadivi Basu' of Bala Krishna and of now-a-days vulgar movies.

There is same case with Chiranjeevi. How much sincerity that Chiranjeevi had shown in his cinema career? How much fight, he had done in cinema career to protect ethics? How much 'heroism' or 'subordnatism' he had shown towards the Godfather's of cinema field to get career in cinemas? In fact, up to 1992, there were beautiful dance steps i.e. choreography to 'Chiranjeevi' in movies. No other hero could get such facility. More over the media especially Enadu, Citara used to give huge image to his dance. After 1992, the dance master Mr. Prabhu Deva was exposed in movies. Through the dances in 'Premikudu' etc, movies the secret behind the monopoly dances of Chiranjeevi were exposed. Later many choreographers like Raja Sundaram etc got break in their cinema career. Later so many other heroes got good steps in dance and better choreography to their songs. After that, only the monopoly dance image of Chiranjeevi started to go down. How much vulgarity that Chiranjeevi had spread in cinemas like 'Gharana Mogudu' 'Kondaveeti Donga' 'Alluda Majaka' etc movies is established truth. In "Alluda Majaka", he acted in the role of son-in-law to actress 'Lakshmi' and as lover and husband to her daughters, Ramya Krishna and Rambha. In that movie, the director had shown that this son-in-law danced with his aunt and his wives in a vulgar manner. In the mid of that song, the director had shown that 'Power was off' on the screen. When light came, it was shown that this son-in-law was taking breath with high speed and his body was with sweating as if he had completed sex with women. His wives as well as his aunt also ran away by holding their falling down dress on to the bodies. What its meaning. Did be engaged in sex with his aunt also? Such was the level of vulgarity in his movies. With such service to art field and art goddess, how he is ready to serve public and to political goddess, we don't know. His family members like his brother, Pavan Kalyan's personal life also with 'high moral values' as per his own affidavit to court as "I'm living with Renu Desai by name Saha Jeevanam". With such ethical values, moral values and accomplishment what they can do in politics? While compare with marriage, Saha Jeevanam [living together without marriage] is not ethical. When people want to become as leaders, their personal life must be with morals, and they should not have 'weak points' in their personality like normal people. Leaders should be ideal to normal people.

In fact, Mr. NTR could get success in political entry because of his actor image in the roles of epic stories such as Sri Rama, Sri Krishna etc. The then political situation and the spying behind the screen had given strength to him to get success.

In case of Mr. Chiranjeevi, we have to watch how this can happen, and how he can procure the moral and ethical persons as his political party leaders? Can he bring them from sky? Now itself we are watching that the present political leaders like Masala Eeranna, Uppunuthala Purushothama Reddy etc hardcore immoral politicians are getting ready to have the political career, in his 'would be party'. Mr. Devendar Goud, a proved immoral politicians etc also ready for it. Just we have to watch the political drama as we are watching the same at center on the name of Atomic treat with America by UPA Govt. Is it not nasty to notice the behavior of Mulayam Singh Yadav etc politicians as well as Congress leaders like Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi, Chidambaram, and Murali Devara?

One more strange issue was in 1972, after the Indo-Pak war following the formation of West Pak as Bangladesh country. Smt. Indira Gandhi, being PM of India visited the white house, Washington. Mr. Nixon was the then President of America. They made her to wait for 15 minutes in spite of fixed appointment. The then print media published this. India today journal, some time back published this past incident to recall the memories of those days. Like so many readers, I read this and felt wonder how they insulted Indians. Miraculary, now they are respecting Indians by starting their Senate with the Chanting of Veda Mantras in Sanskrit language. What a tremendous change? Any way it is a thing to feel happy and friendly towards Americans.

Beside this incident of keeping the Prime Minister of India to wait to meet the President of America in 1972, another incident happened in the due course of time. After 1984, i.e. after becoming CM of Andhra Pradesh Mr. NTR had gone to America to get bypass surgery. There he was invited by White House authorities and met the President of America. Mr. NTR had announced this with a bit of pride. Off course, I'm not criticizing his pride feeling, it was his personal, and all the media, especially Enadu had highlighted it like anything. It was said that the president of America was impressed by hearing Mr. NTR's story of victory both in the fields of politics and cinemas, so that he was interested to meet him. Hence, the White House authorities invited him to meet the President of America. It was quite normal and logical as over leaf reason. But why don't we suspect the spying reason, which was internal factor of such incidents?

' In those days of 1980 to 84, Smt. Indira Gandhi said, "Something is happening in our country. Something coup is implementing on our country. Some foreign agencies are doing something against the faith of our country. There is some 'vedeshi Hastham' which means foreign hand working on our country."

The opposition leaders, the media made so many critics and jokes on it. One of such cartoon published on Enadu is as follows.

In that cartoon, there was a Congress leader with Gandhi hat on head on a stage giving speech to people in mike. His PA ran to him and said, "Sir! Good News. Your wife had given birth to a male child." The politician with emotion said, "No! I won't believe. There is some Videsi Hastham [Foreign hand] behind this."

Being readers, all of we laughed at it by that time. But now we are watching the same Foreign hand i.e. Coup of CIA and ISI on our country. When Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated at Sri Perambudur, the RDX was used by the human bomb Dhanu who belonged to Sri Lanka Country. The RDX was, by that time available with CIA only as per the public talk in those days. But now it is available everywhere in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Such that erasing of the abnormality of an incident by creating the happening of similar incidents in sequence is the art of spying as we read in so many spying novels like in the Novels of Irwing Wallace etc famous writers and we watched the same techniques in spy movies.

When Mr. Rajiv Gandhi was held in the dispute of Boffors, when one of the Hinduja Brothers suddenly died with heart attack during the investigation of the same dispute of Boffors, when the investigation of Boffors in Switzerland went with least speed because of redtapisam, the entire world had watched the working of spying and foreign hand [Videsi Hasthan]. In this context, there were news articles regarding Italian company's involvement and other countries spying agencies involvement.

After 1984 i.e. after the assassination of Smt. Indira Gandhi, and after 1992 we are watching ISI hand behind all of the disputes like fake stamp documents in which Mr. Thelgi was accused. We are watching ISI hand behind the fake currency printing and distributing in our country. We are watching ISI hand behind the bomb blast in mob areas on public like Lumbini Park, Gokul Chat etc crowd gathered places.

After 2000, once Mr. Murali Manohar Joshi declared that CIA was creating obstacles to prevent him from becoming the President of BJP. It had created sensation in news on electronic and print media. After this incident, gradually Mr. Murali Manohar Joshi was faded out from field.

In 1992, Mr. Solanki, the Central Cabinet Minister had lost his minister post because he was caught with red hands while doing courier service. He said with media reporters as "I don't know how this slip i.e. paper came into my pocket. When I was in airport in India some boy had came and gave it to me. Without thinking I kept it in my pocket."

Thus, the joke of Videsi Hastham [foreign hand] of past tense became the fact of present tense. Now what joke Mr. Ramoji Rao can make on himself, on CIA and on ISI?

To narrate about this Videsi Hastham [foreign hand], I must explain the Indians political & historical events since independence war to till date including the career of Sonia Gandhi in politics of India.

In 1498, after Vascoda Gama discovered sea route to India, European business companies entered in to India. To get business Dens' i.e. grip over areas, they fought among themselves. Finally, East India Company had beaten out all the other companies of French etc countries. They played coups on their co-companies on the then kingdoms and on people.

In 1857, when the first independence war or revolt provoked in soldiers due to the rumors of using of cow's and pig's fats on the cartridge and in the then kingdoms like Jhansi, the East India company failed to suppress the revolt. Then the British crown i.e. queen Elizabeth's rule was implemented on India.

Who ever in the ruling either East India company or British queen, nothing difference in the robbering on India and in the sucking the blood of Indians. Off course, it was the basic nature of British. They did same robbery on all over the world. Wherever they had gone to do business, first they spread contagious diseases on local people in all the parts of the world like plague in India. They had played divide and rule policy i.e. KANIKA NEETHI among the local rulers and people. They had weapons and coups. Finally, they became as the rulers of the world. With proud, they used to refer their kingdom with a description of 'రవి అస్తమించని బ్రిటీషు సామ్రాజ్యం' 'which means the kingdom in which the sun never set. Their meaning was that the British kingdom was such a wide all over the earthen sphere so that in some part if it was sunset, in other part by that time it was sunrise.

In this context, to refer one of the then jokes is enjoyable. One day, in one meeting a local British officer was refereeing repeatedly about the British kingdom as the wide kingdom in which the sun never set. Then, one of the then famous poet and writer Sri Thapi Dharma Rao, with cool said as "Yes. The British kingdom is the vast in which the sun never set, because the Sun God also known about the British as they are not trustful in the dark."

In those days, in 1893, it was September 11 in Chicago. By that time, India became very very poor country. The wealth of Idea in which diamonds and pearls were sold in open market by keeping them as heaps, was thieft by British over centuries. They looted the raw materials from here and manufactured goods and forced Indians to purchase them at their demandive prices. Thus, the sucking of blood and the robbery was on the name of authoritative business. In one word it was British Government's administration in India. With such thefted wealth and valuables things only, the consecutive and continuous auctions are organizing in London including Shahjahan's dagger etc. [recently auctioned]

With this background, it was on September 11, 1893, in Chicago. There was held the international Religion Seminar. A monk in brick red dressed with turban, Swami Vivekananda had started his speech in the part of representation of Hinduism as "American brothers and Sister." The one word which represented the soul of human being, the unity and equality of human soul and the divine love of human being. Every speech in that seminar started with an address of 'Ladies and Gentle men.'

It had mesmerized Americans. In fact, America, i.e. USA, is the future tense of India. Or else India is the past tense of USA. That means the Corporatism had created the terrible run after money in the lives of public in USA, centuries back, what we are experiencing now in India.

Hence, in those days i.e. almost 115 years back, the people in America were thurst about the truth and tired with Corporatism.

So that the American had caught what was the truth told by Sri Swami Vivekananda. By the way, the CIA and their agents like Corporate Companies had sensed the coming up danger. If the people became thurstful towards truth, if people become hunger for truth and if people know the truth i.e. for which we have to live, what is ultimate goal of life and where is the real joy of life, how danger to their Corporate business i.e. thiefting of working of people?

If people learn to enjoy with feelings, with human bondages, with spirituality, with philosophical thinking and with devotion, then how it is possible for the Corporate Companies to make people to run after luxuries? Then how to make people to purchase unnecessary things with craze or mania. Then how dangerous it would be, to the Network of 'నల్లమేక - నలుగురు దొంగలు' i.e. BLACK GOAT AND FOUR THIEVES which is created and organizing by CIA and their agents like Corporate Companies?

That's why CIA had concentrated on India, on its culture, on its spiritual attitude, on its philosophical thinking and on Hinduism. Behind British, behind Russia, behind China etc big and rich countries, CIA is there in the form of its agents like Corporate Companies. This fact is well declared in the world. Everybody knows this fact, when Mr. Toni Blair, being PM of Britain had done lobbying and toured all over Europe and African gulf countries in the context of America's attack on Bin Laden,Alquaida & Taliban's in Afghanistan, following the flight attack on WTC at New York on 11 September 2001, as if he was the foreign affairs Minister of USA. The then News media had published sensational critics and articles on this lobbying like anything.

With this network, the CIA concentrated to design coup on India and to implement the coup on India. Regarding their COUP ON INDIAN CULTURE, I had written in detail under the same caption. Here I want to expose the coup on politics and Govt. administration on India. Here I'm exposing why and how the CIA and their agents like Corporate Companies targeted on India to play coup on it. In fact, CIA designed to take back India in to 500 years back in the past i.e. to the years 1492 AD in which year Christopher Columbus had invented America, by thinking to find sea route to India. He reached West Indies islands in 1942 AD. CIA planned to take back India's situation up to that time in past, by demolishing the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya in 1992. They wished to collapse India and turn it into pieces like another division of country in to 3 pieces of Pakistan, India, West Pakistan alias Bangladesh in 1947. They successfully had done such coup on Russia so that USSR turn in to 15 pieces in 1991, which was formed in 1920 under the leadership of Lenin.

In the coup on Indian politics, the demolish of Babri Masjid was a big chapter, about which I explain in the following of this writing. Regarding immaturity of Rahul Gandhi on this issue and regarding Sonia Gandhi role in this coup, I'll give detail explanation with logical, circumstantial and documentary proofs to you.

On the other hand, in 1893, the Chicago International religion seminar was held, in 1885, ALL INDIA CONGRESS was formed in India. In 1905, Viceroy Karjan proposed to divide the Bengal province. The reasons and the effects of Bengal state division, we studied in the history of independence war of India. It had related to the history of Bangladesh also. I request the readers to refer the relevant books of history to have clear idea of the coup and crookedness of British administration in Bengal province division.

In 1906, there was Vandematharam i.e. Salute to mother India movement.In fact the song of Vandematharam was written by Bankim Chandra Chatterji in Ananda Matam novel in 1882. In 1906, Muslim league party was established. Actually since 1000 AD, that means since 900+ years in India, Muslims, Hindus, Jains and Buddhists were living together peacefully. After 1498 AD, the European spread Christianity here, like Muslim rulers spread Islam here. Naturally people prefer to satisfy and to please the rulers to draw the benefits and favors' from them. In the part of such policy, many people had transposed into Islam and Christianity from their original religion of Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism etc. More over the propaganda of equality in Islam and Christianity had attracted Hindus to convert their religions. Now only, it is coming into light of the fact that there are several divisions and races among Muslims like Shiya, Sunny, Fusthuns etc and the rivals among those races, similar case among Christians. But relative to Hinduism, relative to the caste system of Indians there is equality in Christianity. So naturally, the so-called lower castes in Hindus had converted in to Christianity. In spite of different religions, languages, Indians could live together peacefully, without much fights and rivals among them for hundreds of years. But, after 1893, whenever the freedom fight shorted, suddenly people started to think insecurity, started to lose faith on one another and started to quarrel among themselves based on religion. With this background, Muslim league had established in 1906.

In 1908, Lokamanya Bala Gangadhara Tilak roared as 'Freedom is my right by birth itself', for which he was sent to prison by British crown Govt. In 1911, the division of Bengal province was dropped by the British crown Govt. In 1915, Gandhiji returned to India to fight for its freedom. Since beginning of freedom fight till the division of united India in to East Pakistan, India and West Pakistan alias Bangladesh, so many strategies were played by the British Crown Govt. Behind those strategies, CIA and its agents like Corporate Companies role was there. The coup makers i.e. British crown & CIA and their supporters like Corporate Companies, had created as many as possible deviations among the freedom fighters as Extremists Vs Moderates, Hindu leaders Vs Muslim leaders, High caste leaders Vs Lower caste leaders etc. With respective of the expression of feelings and emotions regarding the patriotism, freedom of mother country, the coup makers i.e. CIA, British Crown Govt. and their agents like the then Viceroys, other officials etc had propagated and stamped on the leaders of freedom fight as extremists and moderates. In fact, the stamped extremists like Loka Manya Tilak and the moderates like Bapuji many of they are the followers of Bhagavad Geetha. Loka Manya Tilak had written his experiences with Bhagavad Geetha as Geetha Rahasyam, where as we know the experiences of Bapuji through his autobiography by name MY EXPERIMENTS WITH TRUTH. Then where were the differences of extremists and moderates? The coup makers i.e. CIA, British Crown Govt., and their agents had created deviations and complexes among leaders with respective castes. Thus, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar made as scheduled castes leader after his death. Regarding the coup of constitution compiling and its implementation, regarding the coup on castes, I will give detailed description under the caption of COUP ON CASTES AND STATES IN INDIA.

The coup makers i.e. CIA, British Crown Govt. and their supporters had created deviations and complexes among the freedom fighters on the basic of religion. Since 1100 AD, many Muslim kings invaded into India and ruled various parts of India. In fact, Hindu kings like, Ashoka, Chandra Gupta, Pandyas, Cholas ruled country with morals and served public like anything. Many Muslim Kings of different races like Banisa, Mughal, and Thuglaks etc ruled India. Hindus didn't provoked against Muslim kings, because in India, Hindus main concentration in those ancient days was on spiritual, on idealistic and on philosophical concepts rather than on the materialistic concepts. As well, irrespective of religion, kings like Akbar had ruled with human values rather than with religion partialities.

In spite of this back ground, the coup makers i.e. CIA, British Crown Govt. and their supporters like Viceroys, higher officials in British Govt. had made Muslim League leaders to think and to argue as "If we are with United India, Hindus will dominate Muslims. Muslims will get 2nd priority in United India. Hence, if freedom is given to united India, Muslims must get their own country as Pakistan." Among these leaders of Muslim league, Mohammad Ali Jinnah got the choice to lead the above said argument and successfully divided the United India in to 3 parts, as per the then spreading's and news articles. Mohammad Ali Jinnah had called on Mahatma Gandhi i.e. Bapuji as 'Mr. Gandhi'. Might be it was his courtesy or jealousy.In fact Bapu didn't desire to call him as Mahatma and he was not the leader to the only Hindus. He was the leader to the human beings who believed in truth and non-violence. Mohammad Ali Jinnah might thought that he could never become as the chief of the country if Pakistan was not formed. It was impossible for him to become PM of India, but it was possible for him to become PM or President of Pak. Because of this desire, he was played in the hands of coup makers i.e. CIA, British Crown Govt. and their supporters.

In fact, there was a rumor that he felt sorry for what he done in the separation of united India as India & Pak. in his ending days. As per those rumors, he said with his close friends as "I was cheated. It was misfortune to divide United India as India & Pak".

We don't know the truths in those rumors. Only God know it. But how such rumors are on media? Actually, in India Democracy is still alive in spite of coup of CIA, ISI where as in Pakistan there is only Army ruling due to the co-operation of ISI to CIA, by leaving its mother countries welfare for the sake of their own selfish benefits. In Pakistan, in which manner Hindus are living as minorities and in Bharat i.e. India in which manner Muslims are living as minorities, everybody in the world knows it.

In fact, Muslims in India are living happily relative to Muslims in Pak. More over Muslims are getting more petting in India. But of course it is not only India, the petting of Muslims is all over the world. In the part of this Muslim lead or Muslim importance, the Buddist country Indonesia now became as Muslim country. If we leave like this, someday in future India may become Muslim country and may America become as Muslim Country. If people turn as Muslims voluntary i.e. by getting attraction towards Islam, it is not discussable, because there is nothing wrong in it. But if people made to turn as Muslims by indirect force, it must be discussable as it is the coup.

The coup makers i.e. CIA, British Crown Govt. and their supporters like Mohammad Ali Jinnah and politicians had dragged the situation up to the division of United India into two parts as India and Pak, on both sides of India by name East and West Pak. In due course of time, West Pak had formed as Bangladesh. Beside these Pakistans on both sides of India, the coup makers had tried to create a Central Pakistan in the middle of India i.e. Hyderabad Nizam kingdom.

To create Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah had dedicated his life. All of we read it in the history. Then why his grandson, Mr. Nussle Wadia resides at Mumbai? He used to extend his Visa for each 6 months and done business of textiles by name Bombay Dyeing at Bombay i.e. Mumbai up to 1992. Still also, he is doing cricket business in India. Recently in the auction of cricket players' issue, his affairs with Hindi film actress Preethi Jinta are published in media.

Mr. Jinnah fought to form Pakistan with an argument of 'Muslims cannot live comfortable in India'. But his grandson is comfortable to do business in India. Another surprise is here. The media used to give tremendous image and publicity to Bombay Dyeing up to 1992. There was a general description about Bombay Dyeing print on Bed sheets and other clothes. There were descriptions of heroines beauty in the novels and stories with the comparison of colorful prints of Bombay Dyeing.

Any way some of Muslims had supported Jinnah and migrated to Pak from India. The rest of Muslims who liked to be Indians rather than Muslims only stayed here. Then why they demand minority rights? Why the politicians support them? How their 12% votes became more influence than 82% of Hindus in India?

Another unbelievable issue is there. The people who migrated from present Pak into India became fame after 1947. For example: - Mr. LK Advani [BJP leader], Late Sunil Dutt [Ex. Cinema hero and Ex politician], Mr. Kuldeep Nair [Famous journalist and Ex Ambassador at London on behalf of India], Raj Kapoor [Ex. Cinema Hero, Director and Producer], and his heirs' families are leading persons in Hindi cinema field, Mr. Manmohan Singh, present PM of India and so on. Almost in all fields, such migrants only became No.1 persons in the concern fields. The No. 1 opposition leader is Mr. Advani, the PM is Mr. Manmohan Singh, and the chairperson is Sonia Gandhi. All are migrants to India. Such is the power of coup makers in India.

In the war of America on Iraq, [1990] when the Israel was attacked by Iraq's scud, media in India created so much sensation. The sensation seems that it is natural when a small country like Iraq achieved win over a big country like America. But the under current in that, sensation was the winning of Muslim country over a big country like America.

To create such an image to Muslims, to draw benefits to OPEC countries, to create priorities to Muslim, who are working? Being American agency why CIA could do such? Then who are powerful, CIA or some other Muslim or Muslim agency?

Actually, CIA needs agents to implement their coup on different countries. Any way CIA had their own agents like Corporate Companies & political leaders. These companies gather money or robber money from people through their Corporate business. They pay the shares to CIA and their other agents like the political leaders of different countries because they co-operated to do Corporate business in their concern countries. But beyond this work, CIA needs some more agents who can do terrible terrorism. To do this, the Corporate agents, the political agents are not suitable.

Exactly at this juncture, CIA is using ISI and Muslims. While performing terrorism, there is life risk to the persons who ever performing terrorism. Such risky assignments, the other agents of CIA like Corporate Companies and political leaders etc white collared fellows won't take up to do. To do such risky operations or assignments CIA is using the Muslim poor youth.

To do this only, Muslim families of ordinary people are becoming poor and poorer by time passing. Muslim royal families like Brunei Sultan, other petrol well owners and kings only are becoming rich. Even in rich gulf Muslim countries, rich families are few only. Relative to the no. of these rich people, poor families are very high in population. In Pak, Afghan etc countries, utterly poor people are in maximum ratio in population.

As per CIA and ISI coup, if people are poor, if people are in terrible hunger then it will be easy for them to hire terrorists. This, we are watching, in the issue of the terrorists from Chechnya etc countries, who are coming to do terrorism i.e. bomb blasts on people in crowds in India. There is no way relation to them to India. They have nothing as theoretical concepts. They mind only about money to feed their families in their mother countries.

To hire these terrorists' agents for cheep rate, creating poverty is one way. Creating of crazy towards religion i.e. Islam, creating agony towards other religions, creating the extreme emotion i.e. religion madness or religious mania is another easy, strong and prominent way. Though people are suffering with poverty, though the hiring rate to do terrorism is attractive to the poor terrorists, they won't get ready to become human bombs and they won't get ready to take life risk in their performing of assignments of CIA.

In this juncture, if religious emotions, crazy, mania or madness is created in youth, and if the children are tuned with religious mania from childhood, then it will be easy to make them as human bombs and hard-core terrorists. To bring up the children in such situations of heartless, loveless, faithless, and ethic less, CIA is using ISI and Muslims through the education in Madharasas.

That's why only in Taliban's, there are maximum below 20 years boys, in Pak. and Afghan.

The coup supporters may argue as "Taliban's had demolished WTC in New York on 11 September 2001 with flight attacks. George walker Bush, the President of America is fighting against AlKaida, Bin Laden and Taliban's. He attacked on Afghan, and he attacked on Iraq. He hung Saddam Hussein, the Ex President of Iraq. Thus, CIA is fighting against Taliban's. How you are saying that CIA & ISI are using Muslim terrorists in this coup?"

That is the interesting and intellectual fact of the coup. By creating such alibis, it is easy for them to escape from the claim of CIA, ISI and Muslim terrorists' partnership on coup. Any way CIA is not concern the faith of their mother country USA and the human beings who ever they are the Americans, the Indians, the Pakistanis, in other words the people in this world. CIA concern only to Corporate Companies and its robbery of money by the name of business. To understand this strategy you can examine the current situation [April 2008] of White House, America on Iraq petrol Wells. I explain it in detail. After war on Afghanistan, George Walker Bush declared war on Iraq by claiming that Saddam Hussein was doing much to terrorists, he had chemical weapons and Atomic weapons to do terrorism on other countries. They defeated Iraq, killed Saddam Hussein and his fellow men. They hung Saddam Hussein on 30 December of 2006. Everything was over. But Bush didn't released the petrol wells in Iraq, in spite of oppose of people in his own country America to withdraw war in Iraq.

By showing this reason, the other Gulf Countries had raised the barrel of crude oil price from 30 Dollars to 125+ dollars, relevant to other country currencies. This is resulting in the raise of prices of food grains and commodities throughout the world as per the economists' statements all over the world, including our Finance Minister Mr. Chidambaram.

Without showing proper reason to continue the war, the army stay in Iraq Mr. Bush is continuing the strategy. It is notorious that CIA is behind Mr. Bush according to media information. Then to make which benefit, to whom CIA is implementing this strategy?

As you know, in India, to win in the election, the political parties had waived the agriculture loans below 10,000/Rs irrespective of bearing capacity of country in 1989. Hence, result Indian Central Govt. had fallen in such a situation to mortgage Gold in international market.

As you know, in Andhra Pradesh to win in the election the political parties are offering rice for 2/Rs price or free rice distribution, in spite of the previous experience of collapsing of state treasury to lead Govt.

As you know, in Tamil Nadu, to win in the election, the political parties are distributing color TV to each and every house irrespective of economy of the state.

We don't know whether it is there in constitution to distribute color TV to people or not. But by leaving the creating of infrastructure to develop employementation and by investing money for this type of vote attracting programs, definitely the country or state will collapse. But the political parties are nothing bother about this collapse. They are racing to offer such vote attractive programs with one another. The political parties are thinking as "If we don't offer more than that of opposition party, definitely we will loss in elections."

Just like in India, just like in Andhra Pradesh, just like in Tamil Nadu, in America also George Walker Bush promised to give loans for own house to attract voters in previous elections. So that banks had given loans, which resulted in the bank's collapse, stock market collapse and companies collapse happened in front of our eyes. It seems that same strategy is implemented all over the world i.e. in all countries. It seems that, only one organization is implementing. This strategy, before 1990, it can be suspect about KGB of Russia, as we read on the then News media. But now, only American agency i.e. CIA is the big brother in the world. So that, no other agency than CIA, cannot play this strategy.

To play their desired and designed strategy, CIA need grip on the Govt. of various countries including their mother country. To make such grip, CIA needs support of terrorism. Hence, the strategy rivalries of CIA with Muslims like Alquaida & Taliban's and the strategic friend ship of CIA with Muslims like Pak. And ISI is there in existence.

I'll try to explain it in detail. To explain about it, let me return to the independence fight of India.

Though the coup makers i.e. CIA, British Crown Govt. and their supporters like Corporate Companies including weapon manufacturers, had played as many as possible strategies to create deviation among the freedom fighters, they didn't have other opportunity except giving independence to India. The freedom fight of India under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi in the way of truth and violence had exposed the inhumanity of British Crown Govt.

Suppose Indians fight with weapons, the coup makers i.e. CIA and British Crown Govt. could create so many paradoxes, such as in the two world wars. But Indians didn't take weapons. They had taken truth and non-violence as weapons to fight with British Crown Govt. This idealistic war was very new to the world. The British Crown Govt. had exposed in nude. In those incidents, the Indian media had supported the freedom fight and projected the events, truths without fabrications.

Regarding Chora Chouri, regarding Champaram, regarding Home rule, regarding non co-operation movement, regarding foreign goods boycott movement, regarding Dandi Satyagraham, regarding fasting of Mahatma Gandhi, regarding people following to their leaders, regarding the commitment and sacrifice of leaders of people, the then media exposed the facts. They motivated people, they inspired people, they woke up spirituality in people and they influenced the attitude of people in positive way. In one word to say, the media had shown its influence, its capacity on Indians. That's why only, at present to implement the coup on India in each and every angle, the coup makers i.e. CIA had created their agents in Media. Such that N. Ram of the Hindu, RamNath Goyenka of Indian Express and Ramoji Rao of Enadu etc coup makers are became major persons in the coup. So that media of now-a-days is performing major part of the coup on India as I explain it under various captions of this writing. That's why only, the media of now-a-days remember their rights like freedom of press etc but forgotten their entire responsibilities.

That's why only, the media of now-a-days are leading by business people who are considering their limits of business and saying ethics in words.

That's why only, the media of now-a-days are fabricating the facts to get their desired projections.

That's why only the media of now-a-days are tuning the attitude of public to draw much business to the Corporate Companies.

But in the days of freedom fight, the media was headed by freedom fighters, by the sincere patriotic, by the persons with human values and ethics.

That's why, the media of freedom fighting days of India had exposed the trust of Indians in peace, love, truth and non-violence.

That's why, the media of freedom fighting days of India had exposed the extreme desire of British & the inhumanity of British.

In such expose, one of the most important events was Julian Wala bagh Massacre. When thousands of poor people gathered in a public stadium to express their in-satisfaction towards Govt. and to discuss about their problems, General Dyer approached with his soldiers. He fired on normal citizens who had no weapons in their hands. One and half thousands of people had died including old and kids. Hundreds of people injured. There were not many gates to that stadium and it had tall walls. When people tried to save themselves, General Dyer targeted on crowds and killed them. When the innocent, poor people tried to save themselves by jumping into a dig in the middle of the stadium in Julian Wala Bagh, he ordered his soldiers to fire into the Dig.

How in-human General Dyer was! But, to our strange and to our surprise, the British Crown Govt. had proved its hard-core in-humanity by rewarding him with 'Sir' name.

To this also, the Indians had expressed their oppose in non-violent way only at their maximum level. All the media of India had exposed the nude and rude nature of British. Un-alternatively some of the media of world and willing-fully the rest of media of the world had co-operated with the media of India.

It made British to leave India. In spite of these circumstances, the British Crown Govt. had tried in as many as possible ways to postpone of the giving of independence to India. They had shown world wars for some time. They argued that Indians had no talent to rule themselves. In fact, before the Europe had opened its eyes, Indians had well established and developed civilization before thousands of years to BC. In spite of these truths, without shy and shame, the British Crown Govt. had raised such arguments. Out of Indians, some of the Indians believed this argument innocently and some of the world politicians supported this argument strategically. But all of these arguments and strategies were failed to suppress the truth and non-violent freedom fight of Indians.

So that the coup makers i.e. CIA & British Crown Govt. and their supporters had played another coup on Indians by dividing united India into 3 major parts such as East Pak i.e. Present Pakistan, India i.e. Bharat and West Pakistan i.e. present Bangladesh.

Thus, the crookedness of coup makers is there by keeping two pieces of Pakistan on both sides of India, just like two spears on both sides of our stomach.

In the ruling time of Smt. Indira Gandhi, from 1966 to 1984, she had tried to expose the coup playing by Pakistan and ISI in India. The media of now-a-days leading by N. Ram, Goyenka and Ramoji Rao etc coup supporters had criticized that Smt. Gandhi was trying to protect her career, her Govt. in power by showing the Pakistan బూచి which means devil of Pakistan.

But now we are watching for each and every coup including terrorism like Bomb blasts, administrative like fake stamps and fake currency printing and issue of fake pass ports etc, the hired terrorists and other persons are coming Hyderabad of AP from either Pakistan or Bangladesh. Then, why not Smt. Indira Gandhi's version about the coup of Pakistan on India, in those days, is not true? By making jokes on her version and by criticizing her fight against it, most of the political leaders of Congress and non-Congress made her to fight almost lonely. Mr. Kasu Brahmananda Reddy, Mr. Devraj Ars, Mr. Jag Jeevan Ram, Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy and Morarjee Desai etc so many leaders had performed their share of coup by knowingly or unknowingly.

Very few of politicians and might be the intelligence departments of India had supported her and helped her to fight against the coup of CIA, British Govt. and ISI.

In the above issue, it is a surprise to us that all the terrorists and hired persons to perform coup on India are coming from either Pak or Bangladesh and their center of working is Hyderabad [India] only. It seems that Ramoji Rao is the main or major or leader of coup on India. I will give detail description and discussion on him and caption of RAMOJI RAO'S WRITINGS AND ACTIVITIES BEFORE 1992 AND AFTER 1992.

Now let us return to the days of independence of India. Whatever might be the reasons of Muslim League and its leaders like Mr. Mohammad Ali Jinnah, successfully and strategically the coup makers i.e. CIA, British Crown Govt. and their supporters like selfish and power loving politicians, were able to divide united India in to 2 pieces.

I explain the pattern of coup on Indian Politics as follows:

Pattern of coup on Bapuji:- Bapuji invented a new fighting system with truth and non-violence. He made people and his followers to learn about the strength of truth. He made people to trust in truth. He mingled devotion on God in the freedom fight. He mingled performing of duty i.e. Karma Acharana in the freedom fight. He mingled spirituality, philosophical approach and idealistic attitude in the freedom fight. He mingled religion in politics in positive way. He, himself declared that he could not watch the politics by separating them from religion.

Indians are basically peace lovers and truth lovers. That to in those days, people were not influenced by the coup makers like in now-a-days. Hence, Indians responded to Bapu way. That's why only the freedom fight had emitted the odors of spirituality and philosophical lightening.

To participate in freedom fight i.e. in fasting, in Harthal, in Rally by chanting Vande Matharam and by singing Vande Matharam, it was an exciting, a divine and a miraculary experience. People experienced self-satisfaction i.e. ఆత్మ తృప్తి [self joy] i.e. ఆత్మానందం by taking part in freedom fight.

When Bapu marched in Dandi Satya graham, people merged into it by groups of thousands in number along his path and it was made a procession with Sri Rama Bhajana. It created patriotic and devotional emotions in people. All over the country, it raised a great wave of inspiration to achieve freedom of country.

That's why only, when Bapu said, by taking handful of salt at Dandi, as "This will bring us freedom." Indians could understand it where as British could not understand it in prior. After practical experience only, they could understand it.

After understanding the force of inspiration, the British & CIA i.e. coup makers had taken different steps to destroy it. They tried to create misunderstandings, communication gaps among leaders. They had propagated rumors about it in public. They created deviations among Hindu Muslims.

To explain this particular issue, I'll explain you about the present happenings. We are reading about them in daily news, we are watching them in front of our eyes.

By the night in our towns or cities or villages, everything will be okay. By the morning, there will be a chapels [shoe] garland on the neck of idol of Ambedkar in the center of roads. Immediately, some SC leaders will start a rebel movement on it. In fact, they don't know who had garlanded like that. It is not surprising us if they do such in night to become fame and to have career. Any way the rebel movement will start. They do some rallies, processions, and shoutings. They will use liters of milk to make i.e. Abhishekam, which means head bathing with milk to the idol of Ambedkar. Later they will keep another chapel [shoe] garland on the neck of Gandhiji's idol. Immediately Vaisyas will come on to the road to protest it. Who told the both communities that Ambedkar and Gandhiji belong to their community only and how they confined the expired leaders to some communities, nobody knows. No politicians & no media try to expose this non-sense or immaturity or illogical or ignorant movements and to council the people to drop such movements.

Any way, both the scheduled castes and Vaisyas caste people claim each other and insult the idols of expired leaders just like in the story of Paramandayya's disciples vs. massage of legs story. '

Same type of strategy, we are watching frequently in case of religious praying places. By the night in our colony or in our village or in our town or city, everything is peaceful. By the morning there will be demolish of masque or temple in center of roads. There starts the communal rivals. Both Muslims and Hindus didn't see who had destroyed the praying place in real. But each other claim mutually.

As we had seen in some movies like 'Ajad' acted by Soundarya & Nagarjuna in Telugu, we should not feel wonder if a Muslim pretend as Hindu or a Hindu pretend as a Muslim to provocateur communal rivals for the sake of the own selfish benefits. In fact, all this is in the part of coup.

Here we can notice en interesting issue. Recently, in 2008, one suspended M.L.A. from Shivasena claimed that Mr. Bal Thakare is working as Pakistan agent. Why he claimed like that, we don't know. But before 1992, the media, especially Enadu used to give coverage and image to Mr. Bal Thakare as "If Bal Thakare gets cold, then the entire Mumbai will get cough and sneezes." Actually, nobody had guts to oppose or to claim Mr. Bal Thakare before 1992. After 1992 only, clashes in Shivasena as groups headed by Raj Thakare and Uddav Thakare. Being ferocious Hindu Politician, how he could work as Pakistan agent, his ex-subordinate who claimed such might know. But these incidents remind us the action of Mr. Raghuvaran in such role in the Telugu movie 'Ajad'. In that movie a Muslim i.e. Pakistan agent will become leader of hardcore Hindu political party in the disguise of Hindu devotee.

This type of coup was played during the freedom fight days. Hence, the coup makers i.e. CIA & British Crown Govt. had succeeded to some extent. Hence, result was the division of united India into Pakistan and India. Similarly, the coup makers i.e. CIA & British Crown Govt. were failed to some extent, hence result was the independence to India.

While declaring independence, the coup makers i.e. CIA and British Crown Govt. had declared independence to Pakistan on Aug 14 of 1947 and to India on Aug 15 of 1947. The media of now-a-days, being supporters of the coup, propagated as many times as possible that Pakistan got independence prior to us. We failed to achieve it prior to Pakistan. So that we are incapable than Pakistan. To watch this propaganda, it seems to be that the media is criticizing the Govt. and motivating people. But the intuition of media, especially of Enadu is to humiliate Indians and to make Indians to feel inferior.

Another, such propaganda is "This country got independence at mid night. Still it is not yet morning."

Any way the coup makers realized a problem with Gandhi, "If he is alive, within short period he can make the people of both countries i.e. Pakistan and India, including Hindus, Muslims and all other religions to realize truth. Then people can notice the cheat played by coup makers i.e. CIA and British Crown Govt. it should not happen." With this intuition, they planned to kill Gandhi. For that assignment, they selected Nadhu Ram Gadse and RSS. As per their coup, he was debarred from RSS in prior as an alibi to RSS. Was it impossible to them? Could not RSS do it i.e. taking part in the coup? RSS coup in case of Babri Masque or Mandir in Ayodhya is very clear. I'll explain it in detail later.

During the separation of united country, minimum 40 lacks of people were killed as per record. But this number is very less while compare with the violence happened at that time as well as up to now.

After the assassination of Gandhiji, the coup makers started to assassinate his character slowly. In the part of this coup, they spread propaganda that Bapuji was crazy to become fame, for that sake of he neglected his own family.

What a terrible and nasty propaganda is this? In 1980's when I was student, in our collage, there were discussions held among students regarding this. Actually, those students or people who ever argued negatively regarding Bapuji and regarding some other great people, didn't have patience to refer the facts in the history. They didn't read any books to know the truth. But simply they used to pass comments by following media critics. One thing we have to notice here. At least, in those days i.e. in 1980's, people were enthusiastic to discuss on Bapuji and on some great people. Now, maximum number of students and people has not that much of enthusiasm. May they discuss about the half nude or nude dancers of movies. If you watch, the now-a-days media there are only 2 issues to read. One is sex, the sex relevant jokes, gossips of cinema people regarding their relations etc. The second is 'running after money'. The politics, the mutual claims of immorality i.e. meant money in side tracks of political leaders, regarding elections campaigns, everything is in the part of 'running after money' only.

Now-a-days if IT Dept. or CBI or ACB raid on a small employees either State or Central, they are finding crores of wealth as their illegal earnings. Media as usual exposes it like anything. It is not wrong, more over they have to do so. But in those writings these is nothing trial to make the so-called caught employee to feel shy and to feel repentance. More over in next coverage's, the media of now-a-days used to write that the so-called caught employee managed to cancel his suspension, to continue in his previous post by investing money. So to fulfill that deficiency, now he is gathering corruption and money in double ratio. Think! Which type of signals it gives into the society?

Naturally, people can think that 'money makes many things' or 'Now-a-days immoral people are capable to do anything' or 'To make money only these raids are happened. By the way the IT or CBI or ACB Officials as well as the politicians and bureaucrats can draw the money from these employees' or 'Many people are like this. Are we not seeing much of them in number? It is quite common to get cancel of suspension. Only thing is money need to purchase any body's sincerity'.

Thus the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI and Ramoji Rao are using the media of now-a-days to success their coup on Indian politics and on Govt. administration. Might be the same situation all over the world.

In the same manner, the media of now-a-day has propagated bad rumors on Bapuji like he didn't concern on his family members rather he concerned on his own fame. Recently Ila Gandhi, his great granddaughter said, "It is painful to us with such propaganda, Bapuji had showered his family members with his love and affection." I read this on Enadu as ordinary news on middle pages when she came from South Africa to attend a program in Mumbai, 2008.

In fact, if we read his autobiography 'My experiments with truth' we can understand his loving nature. Being a common person or advocate, he ran to serve cholera diseased people while he was living in Durban, South Africa. He had limitless love on his co-human beings. A man with such love and affection is a miracle of God. On such Mahatma, how crucked the coup makers to propagate such bad rumors?

In his 'My Experiments with Truth', he narrated about his mud treatment and water treatment to the diseases. Once he treated his wife Kasturba at South Africa. Once he treated his second son when he got severe fever. While reading that incident, we could feel wonder towards his strong believes on God. We could sense his limitless love towards his son. He declared that "To achieve Mukthi i.e. Moksham, I worked in politics." He followed 'Asidhara Vratham.' That means he avoided sex life. He practiced to achieve 'Sthitha Pragnatha' i.e. balance of mind as per Bhagavad Geetha. He was karma Yogi. He was a saint. He practiced detachment to the luxuries and all commercial things. To such great soul, the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Mr. Ramoji Rao had attached 'lust to fame.'

Actually, it is not nasty. The real nastiness is that in 1980's many Indians were convinced and influenced by the bad propaganda spread by the coup makers. Such people can't lead life without saying lies, even on a single day. But they can use the tongue like a mat of palm leaves. They can't practice to say truth, to believe truth, to watch truth for a single day. But they can argue on Bhapuji's personality.

In fact, Bapuji was a philosopher, a Saint, a Guru to human race. Once he said about Mechanization & Industrialization as 'If a machine or industry seize the life food of many people's, then it is better to avoid it until we show alternate profession to those people who will loss life food due to the mechanization or industrialization."

That was his deep and long sight on human life. He dreamed about villages, to have peaceful and prosperous life. He preached people with three idols of monkeys by comparing our mind with those monkeys as 'Don't watch bad, don't hear bad and don't say bad.'

In those days, some people were suppressed economically socially as untouchables. He opposed it. It is humanity. All great souls oppose it. He called them as 'Harijans' instead of their castes. He advised to develop their lives.

In due course of time, the concept of reservations, in Govt. jobs and seats in Govt. educational institutes, was introduced. But Bapuji is not responsible for its misuse in now-a-days politics. If he is alive, he could oppose it and definitely he could modify it for time to time, as it will be suitable for current situations of the society. The ultimate goal should be to benefit people. That was his intuition always. He didn't concern about his own political career. Once he said with his fellowmen "Whenever we are taking a decision, whenever we are working on any issue, we should imagine a common poor man in front of our eyes. We should think whether our decision, our working is going to benefit anything to this common poor man or not."

That was his intuition and commitment to serve poor.

Once he said, "We should tell the account for each and every paisa to the public, because what we are getting is from public only."

That was his sincerity.

Because, most of Indians are poor, he wore only a simple Dhoti called 'Kollayi'.

That was his sympatric co-feeling towards poor.

He had done fasting to inspire people to follow truth and non-violent path to fight against British. He motivated people to drive out the badness from persons but not to drive out the bad persons.

That was his great love towards human beings. In 1980's, some of the so-called intellectuals used to argue that "Is it not self-violence to be on fasting?" In those days, the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters had successfully and strategically created a trend to criticize freedom fight leaders like Bapuji.

In which manner they are able to create trend on designer saris, on designer accessories, on cheerleader's etc jobs, on cricket etc, in the same manner they had created such trends. Once upon a time in 1980's, college students used to think, as 'unless we criticize Gandhi etc leaders, others won't consider us as intellectuals. Unless we criticize epics, Indian society, and Indian culture, we will be treated as un-fashioned or un civilized or uncultured fellows. Others will think that we are not modern youth'.

So without using brain, they followed the trend. That generation now became the parents of present youth. Just they are thinking to acquire marks, ranks and jobs. They are not thinking about self-respect and other feelings in one word about idealistic views.

Then imagine, in which manner, they could bring up their children? We are watching the same uselessness in the maximum number of youth.

At least now, the children of aged below 15 years are showing much capability, thinking sharpness, ethics and strong personality than that in the persons of aged 25+ and above.

To the making coups, the British Crown Govt. is the beginner. They are habituated to do so. The Europe history including Congress of Vienna, French Revolution, World Wars etc every incident was the concrete proof for it. In next turn, CIA had overtaken this position from British Govt.

Just like in the issue of Congress of Vienna, the coup makers are habituated to cheat people. The same they tried to follow in India after declaring and giving independence to India. They succeeded to some extent as well they failed to some extent.

In the part of such cheat and coup, they killed Bapuji on Jan 30, 1948, just within 4 ½ months of independence winning of India.

In this coup on Indian politics and on Govt. administration the Nizam's of Hyderabad had a very big role. At the time of independence, the coup makers i.e. CIA and British Crown Govt. had created as many as possible disputes and rivals with small kingdoms and terrorists in India. Almost all 520 kingdoms were merged in union India in 1947-48.

In fact, Nizam of Hyderabad declared that he was not willing-full to join in India and he wanted to continue as a free kingdom. Otherwise, he declared his willingness to join in Pakistan, being in the middle of India. Utterly it was coup on India. Any way the coup makers made two spears on both sides of India's stomach such as East Pakistan and West Pakistan. In addition to these Pakistans, they wanted to create another dagger in the heart of India.

That to these Nizam's feel themselves as enemies not only to Hindus and also to Indians. In fact, utterly they were enemies to human beings. Among Nizam's, the 7th Nizam was very in-human and cruel according to history.

We know about Rajakars. The soldiers under the leadership of the Army Chief Mr. Rajwi were called as Rajakars. They done so many cruel, nasty and in-human activities on the villagers of Nizam's kingdom in which Hindus were in majority. To explain the in-humanity and in-ethics of Nizam's and Rajakars, I'll explain one incident. Recently [in 2008] it was published in Andhra Jyothi and kept in a blog.

It was a day, after we got independence from British. The then Nizam of Hyderabad refused to merge in to India, and wanted to either continue as a free kingdom or merge into Pakistan. He had appealed this to United Nations in 1947, which was formed in 1945 on the grounds of failure of 'Nana Jathi Samithi' in the due course of world wars.

At that moment, the Rajakars, the Nizam had done violence on people and especially on Hindu women. They made groups of women to play 'Bathukamma', the traditional devotional program in open place with nudeness. They raped women including little kids and old aged. They cut women body argons'. i.e. breast. They hurt women bodies physically. They insulted women in open place in front of hundreds of public. They killed men and driven them out of villages. Then they continued to harass women. They used to enjoy in the middle of villages with liquor and sex without limits. Such that they created terror in public to make them coward to demand independence like the remaining part of the country.

In fact, the people in Nizam, Hyderabad kingdom in those days suffered with British and Nizam. Their freedom struggle was most severe than that of the coastal and Rayalaseema of Andhra Pradesh.

The following incident was happened in those days and exposed later. One day, after the Nizam's Hyderabad had made to mingle in India by force, some persons were travelling in a train. Casually they were discussing about the politics and the then current topics. Their conversation had turn over the Rajakars' violence and Nizam's cruel and crookedness. Suddenly a woman was undressed herself and stood before them. There were so many men, women and children. Everybody was shocked. Nobody said anything.

At last, an old man said, "What mother! Why are you standing in nude? Are you not a woman? Are you not feeling shame to be like this?"

At that moment, she busted like anything. She said, "I should not feel shame. But all of you have to feel shy and shame." She cried out bitterly and continued, "The Rajakars, the Nizam had made me nude and tied me to a tree in open place for one week. They tortured me. Look these marks on my body as symbols of that violence."

Every body on that train compartment got tears in their eyes. With tears in her eyes, she dressed up and went to each and every seat and shown the violent marks on her body.

This was published on Krishna Patrika in those days and it is republished in Andhra Jyothi recently. I read this recent [in 2008] on the Telugu blog in Internet. Such incidents, such violence on people was limitless in Nizam's ruling.

Mr. KCR i.e. K. Chandra Sekhar Rao, the political leader, Telangana Rashtra samithi President had praised these Nizam's, recently. How it will be in the part of his politics?

His supporters may argue "To attract Muslim voters towards TRS, Mr. KCR had praised Nizam's when he attended a political program. That's all!"

But is there logic in this argument? Though he wanted to attract Muslim voters, though he wanted to make Muslims nearer to TRS, how he can neglect Hindu voters? In fact, Hindu voters are more in number than Muslim voters. By praising Hyderabad Nizams, how Mr. KCR can get separate Telangana State, we don't know. Any way such nasty are the present politicians.

But in those days i.e. at the time of freedom fight, the politicians were sincere, responsible and dedicated to serve country and people. As the terrorism, violence of Nizam Govt. and Rajakars was extreme, Sardar vallabhai Patel, had taken police action on Nizam Hyderabad on September 13, 1948, on behalf of union India Govt. Within 2 days, the Nizam was forced to merge Hyderabad in India.

If Sardar Patel had not taken such decision then, what would happen in India, in AP, we cannot imagine, as another Pakistan at Hyderabad we should bear. There was a rumor that Patel didn't informed Jawaharlal Nehru before Patel had taken police action i.e. defense army action on Nizam. As per that rumor, Patel suspected that Jawaharlal Nehru might oppose it if Patel inform it before action, as Jawaharlal Nehru was showing soft behavior towards tough matters. Actually the coup makers i.e. British Crown Govt. and CIA separated united India in to two pieces as Pakistan and India on the base religion i.e. Hindus and Muslims. It was declared that, "People could settle at their willing-full countries. Pakistan is meant for Muslims. If any Muslims want to settle in Pakistan, they can settle their economical matters here, they can sell out their assets and migrate to Pakistan. There is same case with Hindus and other religions. India is selected secularism. If any persons irrespective of their religion i.e. Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Jain etc want to settle in India, they can settle their economical affairs at Pakistan if they are living here now and can go to India. The migration must complete within prescribed time. Beyond that time limit, people have to leave their assets and migrate to their preferred country to settle."

With these declarations, a terrible rush was created on the boarder of East Pakistan and India. People who were residing in Bharat, and wanted to migrate to Pakistan had in need to sell their assets here. There was same case with people who were residing in Pakistan and wanted to migrate to India. As time was running out, the prescribed time limit was approaching, naturally a tense, hurry were created in public emotions. Naturally the people who wanted to continue in their residing places, tried to exploit the situation and tried to hand over the assets with lesser price or if possible on free by force. This raised terrible communal rivals in which lacks of people lost their lives.

Among such migrants, General Parwej Musharaff's fore fathers migrated from Delhi to Pakistan. Advani's fore fathers migrated from Karachi [Pakistan] to India. Our present Prime Minister Mr. Man Mohan Singh's family migrated from Pakistan to India. The ex-ambassador of India in London, and famous journalist, Kuldeep Nair's ancestors migrated from Lahore [Pakistan] to India. Raj Kapur's family, Sunil Dath's family and Devanand's family who became famous in Hindi movies were also migrants from Pakistan to India. To our surprise, such migrants from Pakistan to India had achieved wonderful success in their concern careers. The media had given the relevant support to them. Why should not this issue as suspect able as in the part of the coup strategy.

Any way, like this, at the time of separation of United India into 2 pieces as Pakistan and India, the coup makers i.e. British Crown Govt. and CIA had implemented such strategy in the form of communal rivals. With this over leaf reason, they killed Bapuji by using a human Robot, Mr. Nadhu Ram Gadse like Dhanu to assassinate Mr. Rajiv Gandhi in 1991 and Sikh Security Guards to assassinate Smt. Indira Gandhi in 1984.

Any way the coup makers i.e. British Crown Govt. and CIA had declared that Muslims or others who ever wanted to settle at Pakistan, could go to Pakistan by settling the economical affairs at their present living places. Then why they had kept East Pakistan and West Pakistan on both sides of India? Could not all the Muslims or other people who ever wanted to settle in Pakistan, go to Pakistan?

Unless it is a base to their further coup on India, why they had shown that much extra love and care on Pakistan? Off course, in due course of time i.e. from 1947 to 2008, the coup makers had proved their extra care, extra love and affection on Pakistan. I try my level best to expose it to you.

Beside these two Pakistans, as East and West on both sides of India, the coup makers i.e. British Crown Govt. & CIA had supported the Nizam of Hyderabad behind the screen to create another Central Pakistan on the heart of India. Sardar Patel had destroyed their entire trial. Before the UN, the newborn world organization respond on Nizam Hyderabad, before the further coup plans of coup makers i.e. British Crown Govt. & CIA came into implementation; Sardar Patel had forced Nizam to withdraw his proposal of merging into Pakistan. Once it happened, it was made as unavoidable to the coup makers to accept. Hence, their strategy and pattern of coup was changed into other forms.

Coup on Patel: The police action on Nizams Hyderabad was taken place on 13, September 1948. Sardar Patel died in 1950 at his 75th year age. Whatever might be the reason of Sardar Patel's death, because of illness or because old age or because heart attack, Indians didn't suspect any coup in it in those days. But now we can suspect not only Sardar Patel's death, but also Lal Bahadur Sashtri's heart attack followed death at Tashkent[Russia] in the then USSR i.e. present Russia in 1965, during the talks of post Indo-Pakistan war of 1965. We can suspect it, because, now it is well known that the advance medical technology is able to create any disease, any heart attack or any sudden reason to create death. We can suspect it, because, now it is well known that the advance medical technology is able to make persons to live for 150 years also with healthy body. We can suspect it, because, it is well known that the coup makers i.e. CIA, British Crown Govt., ISI and their supporters like Corporate Companies are hiding out the technologies in their grip to make limitless business on it, after sufficient long time only they are releasing that technology into market. By that time, they are having another further developed technology in their hands to do more business. That means, after having grip on further technology only, the coup makers are releasing the old technology into market all over the world.

Not only in case of technologies, in case of coup strategies also, the coup makers' policy is the same. They use some strategies repeatedly on various parts of the world, when it became notorious or when people became to understand it, then the coup makers made Hollywood to bollywood, Thali to XYZ Wood to use this strategy in the movies. By that time, they have some more further improved strategies in hand to implement on the various parts of the world. In releasing such strategies through cinema stories, there is a purpose.

In any country if any persons, organizations, or Governments try to expose the coup against their country or society, people won't believe it by saying "this is cinematic". Actually sometimes real facts are stranger than the imaginary ones.

In this context, I want to explain an interesting and unbelievable fact to you. I read this on some weekly when Kargill war was going on.

There was a Colnal in air force army of India who fought on Pakistan in the war of 1971. I am feeling shy to say that I had forgotten his name. During war, he had shown inspirable adventure to drive the war fights over the Pakistan army and fought against them. This motivated our soldiers like anything. This Worrier was remarked after we won the war, under the leadership of Smt. Indira Gandhi.

But what the unfortunate was, do you know? That much talented flight fighter was killed in flight accident after 1971 war. When he was travelling from one campaign of soldiers to another in Air Force Flight, he was killed in accident. Only 2 or 3 members were travelling in that flight where as all were killed except the pilot. There was high possibility to that 'The Pilot and some other officers in his team might be purchased by ISI and CIA.' Such infidelity, we are watching now on movies like 'Dhee' of recent Telugu film in which the assistants of two Danda Gange leaders show infidelity to their respective Bosses.

The pattern of coup on Nehru: In fact, Indians are dreaming nature people who dream for good. Indian ancient Sanskrit natured people who dream for good. Indian ancient Sanskrit literature says,

సర్వేజనా సుఖినోభవంతు సమస్త సన్మంగళానిసంతు
which means let all the people find happy and let all the good to all living beings. With these geans, Jawaharlal Nehru had dreamt about idealistic and prosperous India. As well, Sri PV Narasimha Rao became fame to dream about rich and wealthy India and he afforded to bring India to reach such phase with his liberalization policies in economical field of India. Rajiv Gandhi dreamt about technically advanced India. All of the then freedom fighters dreamt about free India from British i.e. from business cheatings. Bapuji dreamt about villages of India to become self-dependent and self-developed in all sense.

As concern as Nehru, his dreams about economy of India like co-operative field, mixed economy etc now they made to fail in implementation by the coup makers i.e. CIA and their supporters like Corporate Companies, I explained you under the caption of 'COUP ON INDIAN BUSINESS AND COMMERCIAL FIELD.'

In political field, regarding India, Nehru was claimed after his death as 'Nehru was more liberal and made to bend to give independent policy to Kashmir. He was influenced by the tensions created by his personal friends like Lady Bauten'.

In fact, with idealistic geans, Nehru desire to establish peace, friendly environment and development with mutual co-operation among all neighboring countries and also with other countries in the world. In those days, the entire world was divided into two groups headed by either USA or by USSR.

With this background, Nehru designed Non - Alliance which means non-merging policy. According to this, India didn't join into the group headed by USA like Pakistan or into the groups headed by USSR.

Nehru made Pancha Seela i.e. 5 points formulae, as in the part of our External affairs policy or foreign relations policy.

According to this, SAARC Countries Union was formed. Because of this new philosophy in external affairs ministerial policy and economical policy, he became famous in south Asia. Because of his intellectuality and deep thinking in human relations, he became an everlasting light to people, in Asia. This made him fame and India in respectable place.

This made the coup makers to speed up their strategies on India. By that time, there was created a friendly atmosphere in South Asia. In such situation, all of a sudden, China had invaded on India. Indian Govt. never expected such attack from a neighbor country like China. But some of coup supporters had prior intimation of the China war on India in secrecy. They were ready to hijack the needful goods to soldiers such as shoe and rugs etc and to prevent the shoe and rugs supply to soldiers who were fighting in the battlefield in winter severe cold at North West India, which is nearer to great Himalayas, the cold range of mountains. They arranged to sell the shoes and rugs in the market of Kolkata for cheaper price to make sensational issue and to propagate such sensational immorality of Indians. All of the country was paralyzed with surprise and shock to digest the truth i.e. the happening of coup on India.

The non-stop critics on Nehru were started. The coup makers highlighted that most of the people and political leaders were blaming Nehru for the failure of India. All over the world, Indians respects were degraded. All over the world, the coup makers i.e. CIA, British Crown Govt. and their supporters like worldwide media including BBC, and the then famed News journals popularized that "Idealistic dreams of Nehru got failed. In fact, the idealistic views are not suitable for now-a-days." This is not other than their original strategy of నల్లమేక - నలుగురు దొంగలు i.e. BLACK GOAT AND FOUR THIEVES. In the part of their strategy, the coup makers and the international media didn't criticize China with strong voice for its immoral encroaching on India and for its infidelity.

Naturally, in failure, this strategy influenced Nehru. At the age of 73+ years, he tasted the so-called failure in life. Actually, all Indians were stood to support him except the coup supporters in India. By that time, the coup makers didn't have full grip on the entire media. So that maximum part of media supported Indian Govt., Nehru's administration and policies, and criticized China's crooked strategy and the international coup supporting polices. You can refer the then literature regarding this context including News media and the concern books, to verify the truth in this issue.

There was a talk that Nehru wept in a public meeting while accepting his failure to bring the idealistic dreams into reality. There was a talk as Nehru had slept in a public meeting in 1963-64. After 1962, China war, Nehru felt hurt psychologically. Tense was created on him. His health also was slowly troubling him. In such case, if he slept in meeting, was it that much crime to get such sensational topic? By sleeping for few seconds in a meeting in his long political hard working career including 16+ years hard working as a PM of India, all of his sincere efforts, all of his good qualities, all of his capability, all of his intellectuality were discard able? Because he was Nehru, because he was idealistic, he should not commit single and small mistake such as napping in meeting. Is it not? Then why not this propaganda was the part in coup on Indian politics? To watch, these incidents seem to be very small and silly, but their impacts on public attitude is very high. Normally common people won't think, won't observe this strategy with deep sense. Perhaps, the common people don't know about this type of coups and the impacts of coups. There is the gain of coup makers and their supporters. Whenever common people became to understand these strategies, the coup makers and their supporters generalize such strategies by popularizing them through cinemas and media. Then the coup makers will take some other new strategies to implement. This is like the strategy of "Erasing an abnormal strategy 'A' by making the repeated happening of similar strategies after 'A'. Or erasing the strategy of an abnormal incident 'A' after the happening of another incident 'B' of different abnormality."

Any way, the China war, 1962 had given an advantage to Indians. From then Indian Govt. and people got alert. They understood that, "it is not only sufficient if we are idealistic, it is needed that the others also should be idealistic. We should be alert always about it. We should not think that others also would be like us with idealistic views. There is risk always as others may play coups on us."

Especially this made Nehru and his fellowman to alert their juniors. In spite of Pancha Varsha Pranalika i.e. five years Planning, in spite of industrial development, in spite of infrastructure development, in spite of constructing multipurpose projects on rivers like Sri sailam, Nagarjuna Sagar etc, Nehru felt humiliation and desperation. He had passed away in 1964 with psychological disturbance to some extent.

Next, Lal Bahadur Sasthtri had received the chords of Govt. Because of the alert due to China war, 1962, he had given a slogan as "Jai Javan and Jai Kisan" which means, "Let the success to soldiers and let the success to farmers". Along with Lal Bahadur Sasthri, being PM of India, most of his cabinet, most of the media and all of the people were alert, towards the safety of country. By that moment, there was no friendly country to India, to help India, to supply weapons to strengthen India. Almost India and every Indian felt lonely. In spite of this non co-operation to India, Indian Govt., Indian leaders and Indians didn't feel discourage and disharden. This made all of them to be more alert towards the safety of country.

This was proved in Indo-Pak war in 1965. By that time, Ayub Khan was the president General of Pak. In fact, in Pak, the democracy Govt. under the leadership of Mohammad Ali Jinnah was collapsed within short period, whereas the democracy was alive in India at least up to 1996, and from then till now the so-called democracy is alive in India in the hands of coup supporters, among them some are coup makers themselves like Sonia Gandhi. I'll explain in detail in sequence.

Now let us come back to Indo-Pak war of 1965. USA and other countries had given strong and advanced weapons like Pator Tanks, Sharmans of America and French Chaffies.

As well, America and other countries had given technology of weapons to Pakistan and also coaching to use such weapons to Pakistan soldiers. In fact, the coup makers against India i.e. CIA, British and their supporters like Corporate weapon manufacturers and other Corporate Companies were behind this strategic co-operation & help to Pakistan.

Along with this, the international media had created such a continuous campaign of propaganda as "Pakistan has more strong defense, in terms of army weapons, war flights etc. At any cost India cannot defeat Pakistan if war happens in between Pakistan and India "Pakistan itself also believed this like anything. Because, India didn't imagined that the China could encroach on us and invade on country, India lost in China war 1962. This made the coup makers i.e. CIA, British, Pakistan ISI and the coup supporters to believe that their weapon wealth was more capacitive than the soul and character capacity of Indians. This was because, always the coup makers i.e. CIA, British, ISI and the coup supporters like Corporate Companies of weapon manufacturers believe in materialism so that they trust on their weapon wealth where as Indians believe in idealism so that they trust on will power, personal ability and intuition to achieve goal.

So, naturally India had defeated Pakistan not only in 1966 war and also in 1971 war. Here I want to explain an incident from Mahabharatam with application to this Indo- Pak war of 1965.

In Mahabharatham in Udyoga Parvam, Pandavas were residing at Upa Plavaiam. The war of Kurukshetram was expecting. Both Pandavas and Kouravas were sending ambassadors to negotiate mutually and on the other hand, they were getting ready for war by procuring Army forces. In this context, one day Dharma Raja sent Arjuna to Sri Krishna to fetch his help in the coming up war. By the same time when Arjuna reached Dwaraka, the city of Sri Krishana, Duryodhana came there in prior to him with same purpose.

Duryodhana reached Sri Krishna at early to Arjuna. By that time, Sri Krishana was sleeping or pretending as sleeping. Duryodhana preferred to sit in a chair at Sri Krishna's head side, by thinking that it was shame to sit in a chair at Sri Krishna's foot side. Arjuna preferred to wait for Sri Krishna's woke up by standing at his foot side.

After few minutes, Sri Krishna woke up and wished them both. When he enquired the purpose of their visits, both requested for his help in the coming up war. Duryodhana said, "Sri Krishna! First, I reached here. So it is justice, if you help me only."

Sri Krishna: You come first. But I had seen Arjuna first. Both of you are my relatives. Hence, both of you have to get my help. In my armies, 10,000 soldiers who are worriers equal to me are one side, and myself is on another side. That to I won't fight in the war. I'll give guidance in war, that's all! But my soldiers can fight in the war. Now select which ever you like. But Arjuna is younger to you. So that let him select first. What do you say Arjuna?

Duryodhana: Sri Krishna! You used your entire wisdom to give share of your help to Arjuna. More over you are giving first choice to select him. Again you are asking about his opinion. In spite of this favor, what any person can say something else?

Sri Krishna: Duryodhana! That is not the issue. Arjuna is subordinate to his brother Dharmaraja. You are independent. That's why I asked him like that. Okay. Let you select your shares."

Duryodhana thought in himself "Sri Krishna is saying that he won't fight in war. He will be on one side. The armies of 10,000 soldiers with weapons, who can fight in war with capacity, are on another side. Then why Arjuna, select him? Definitely, he will select army only. How Sri Krishna is cheating me?"

But Arjuna selected Sri Krishna only. Duryodhana felt happy about it and felt pity on Arjuna for his wrong selection. He left to Hasthina with happy and proud.

Then Sri Krishna asked Arjuna why he selected himself by leaving soldiers and weapons to Duryodhana. Arjuna said, "Sri Krishna! I don't need soldiers, weapons and your fight. To win in battle we need God's strength. If you stand for me, it is enough for me to fight and to win all."

Such that Arjuna believed in idealism, so that he trusted on will power, personal ability & intuition to achieve goal. We know that Arjuna and Pandavas won the battle.

With these idealistic geans in blood, Indians won the war on Pakistan in 1965. If general of Pak Ayub Khan's plans were came to true, the Pakistan army could march on GT Road from Kharan Kher, at the bank of Bias river up to New Delhi. But Indian soldiers were defeated Pakistan and broken up General Ayub Khan's dream of Marching. From September9, 1956 to September 23, 1965, Indian soldiers had driven out the Pakistan army by leaving their Pator Tanks with the eyes of ultra violet rays on the Indian ground. Indian villagers enjoyed and made jokes and mochery on them until the Corporate manufacturing company of Pator Tanks had requested Indian Govt. to do not exhibit the photos of left Tanks in News items. During the war, the media of India had given full support to Indian Army, Indian Govt. and Indian PM Sasthriji. Lal Bahudur Sasthri had behaved with clear and determined mind while talking about the war, which was not guessed by the coup makers i.e. CIA, British, ISI and their supporters like Corporate Companies including weapons manufacturers.

During this war, the international media always tried to stamp that India was defeating and tried to praise the capability of Pakistan. The international media always fore casted the Pakistan winning. But Indian soldiers were penetrated onto the ground of Pakistan and reached Lahore. The coup makers i.e. CIA, British, ISI didn't expected such. Might be in their opinion – "India is idealistic and peace loving. So that India won't cross the border. We, Pakistan only can do such, as it is our right being materialistic." When Indian army was very near to Lahore& its airport, the international media had shouted in chorus, as "This is not correct. India should not capture Lahore. It should not enter into the land of Pakistan."

How clear the coup is? When China, suddenly encroached onto the land of India, the international media didn't raise such objections. When Pakistan encroached on the basin of river Bias and Kharen Kher i.e. the land of India, the international media didn't say anything. Moreover, they were praising Pakistan and its capability continuously by that time. But when India was defeating Pakistan, the international media immediately raised the rules and regulations among neighboring countries.

Regarding his crooked strategy and coup, most of the then Indian media had exposed it with the capacity of pen and brain. In this juncture, the coup makers realized the need of support of Indian media to continue their coup on India. Such that Mr. Ramoji Rao had received a wide way to enter and to continue in Indian media, as a coup maker and coup supporter.

To have more clarity regarding these Indo-Pak war happenings, you can refer the writings of famous analyst Russell Brines.

Here one more strange, terrible but real fact you have to notice.

Suppose there are two strong & opposite leaders A&B in our colony. Almost all of our colony residents are divided into two groups to support either leader A or leader B. By the virtue of our nature such as self-respect or dislike to do subordinate to rich one, we didn't join into any group. This made a leader say 'A' to feel agony to us. Then leader A provoked our neighbor to create some quarrels and disputes with us. Unavoidably, we involved in such disputes with our neighbor. The war started.

What would happen generally? As per the idiom "శత్రువు యొక్క శత్రువు మనకు మిత్రుడు" which means our enemy's enemy will be made as our friend, the leader 'B' will approach us directly or indirectly. The leader B will support us to defeat the subordinate of the leader A. is it not?

In 1965 and around there were two opposite leading countries USA i.e. America and USSR i.e. Russia. But, Russia didn't extend any help to us. India thought that it might be natural. Might Russia didn't like to involve in this or Russia didn't like to support or help India because India didn't join into their subordinates group. Also, India thought that our Aallena policy i.e. non-merging policy might made us alone.

But surprisingly Russia involved in the issue not like natural phenomena discussed above. Russia involved to make India and Pakistan to compromise. Here the strange is Russia didn't effort to compromise when China defeated India. Russia had efforted to compromise India and Pakistan when India defeated Pakistan.

The Prime Minister of India, Lal Bahadur Sasthri was invited to Tashkent for talks. During those talks, he died with heart attack at the age of 63+ years. By that time, nobody in the world, as well no body in India suspected it, and believed that it was misfortune of India and that was natural happening. But now after established fact, circumstantial proves of coup on India, why don't we suspect that it was a murder rather than real heart attack?

By 1965, the Russian KGB was praising by international media as competitive to American CIA. Even in movies, in novels like 'The Second Lady', 'Almighty', 'The miracle' etc-spying novels written by Erving Wallace etc famous writers used to picture KGB was more capacitive than CIA or equivalent to CIA, or competeting with CIA.

But now, after the drama of Gorbachev and Elethin in 1991 when USSR was collapsed, the after the separation of USSR into 15 pieces of countries and after the vanish of many weapons including atomic as where they were, how can it is believable? Why didn't the KGB was partner of CIA & Britain i.e. coup makers?

Next to Lal Bahadur Sastri, Smt. Indira Gandhi was made as PM of India. With clear idea of coup on India, she occupied her office in South Block. By the China war 1962, whenever we received a defeat and a deceive from China, whatever might be the then reason shown to encroach on India by China such as Tibet & Dalai lama etc, Indian Govt. could sensed coup on India. This made Nehru and his fellow men to alert themselves and to alert next generation. Anyway, from child hood, Nehru brought up his daughter Indira Priyadarshini in such a way as she became with a strong and stubborn mind and personality. The letters written by him to his daughter were famous among people.

Here, I'm not writing this to praise that family, like the Congress people who praised her to get political career. Here, I'm writing this to focus on truth. That's all!

In fact, Jawaharlal Nehru's father Mothi Lal Nehru who belongs to Kashmir Pandit race was very rich by the time of independence war to India. Being lawyer, Motilal Nehru had political career graph in which he done service for Congress and against Congress by establishing another party. But any way he served to India. Regarding his richness, there were stories in public. As per them, one day, he prepared tea on the fire of currency notes burning and served to British to show his richness and detachment towards money. He joined his son Jawaharlal Nehru in Cambridge, London to study. As per the stories in public, in Cambridge to receive Jawaharlal Nehru from Cambridge, Motilal kept four vehicles on four gates in London. Thus, he didn't mind the expenditure & such was his richness.

By coming from such rich family, Nehru didn't have craze to money and he committed to go to prison in the fighting of independence for India. He slept on flour and ate jail food. With such sincerity, he had enlighten such positive qualities in his daughter as well in so many the then youth in India. Still, who ever read his writings, his life history, can get same motivation.

Such that, Indira Priyadarshini, from childhood was inspirited from her father, from Bapu, from the freedom fighters and from the freedom fight itself.

I read once, in the Videsi Vasthu Bahiskara movement i.e. foreign goods boycott movement, being kid she felt so sorry to burn her doll in the fire on the street in which all others were burning the foreign goods. Naturally, children will have great attachment towards their playthings. To burn it, she could overcome it for the sake of sincere patriotic practice. Really, it is painful.

Such that she was brought up with a dedication to country.

The irony of life is that - In childhood itself she had thrown away the Videsi Goods i.e. foreign goods, but in life, she accepted Videsi daughter-in-law i.e. foreign daughter-in-law, Sonia who is the transplanter by the coup makers in that family. This had given tremendous strength to the coup makers to know Indira Gandhi's motives and activities. I'll discuss about this in detailed with proofs including logical, documentary and circumstantial.

Beside this, Indira Priyadarshini was about the age of 30+ years by the time of our independence in 1947, where as Mr. NTR was about the age of 25 years and PV Narasimha Rao was about the age of 26 years. PV Narasimha Rao had fought against Nizam and as well against British in the part of freedom fight. Regarding Indira Gandhi, we know her participation of fight for the sake of India. As well we know Mr. NTR's cinema career up to his 60+ years, and he never turn to work for India, in the peak time of independence war, where as the then teen aged persons, illiterate persons, women like Lakshimi Bai, Durga Bai had fought in the independence war. By throwing all of them in Musi River, how NTR became to call as 'Yuga Purushudu' which means a man of era, the media might know and the modern politicians might know. How he would be Yuga Purusha, by acting in movies? By referring the ruling time of NTR, we can notice the real facts and about his sincerity to public in real. The same we are observing now in his family members. We know how sincere, Mr. N. Chandra Babu Naidu to coup makers i.e. Ramoji Rao, CIA, ISI and their supporters like Corporate Companies and multinational companies. Off course in this case, Mr. YS Rajasekhara Reddy and his boss Sonia Gandhi any way defeated Chandra Babu Naidu. By watching the movies like 'Okka Magadu' etc, we can notice the respect of his sons on the values of Indian culture. Then how Mr. NTR was Yuga Purusha?

Why I am referring Mr. NTR's sincerity and patriotism here is, in those days, the media, especially Enadu propagated that Smt. Indira Gandhi was feeling jealousies towards Mr. NTR regarding his popularity in people. That's why only, Smt. Indira Gandhi had collapsed NTR's TD Party Govt. in 1984 Aug 16, by Nadendla Bhaskar Rao and Mr. Ramlal, the then Governor of AP. In fact, both Nadendla Bhaskar Rao and Ramlal were the supporters to the coup makers i.e. to Ramoji Rao, CIA, and ISI.

Another fact was Smt. Indira Gandhi suspected Mr. Ramoji Rao with this context i.e. Aug 16, 1984 with the drama of NTR, Nadendla Bhaskara Rao and Ramlal, as the main candidate of coup makers. Within 2 ½ months i.e. on October 31, 1984 she was killed by her security guards at her residence in No.1 Safdar Jung Road, New Delhi, with the overleaf reason of Khalisthan, Operation Blue star etc, as in the part of coup on India. If the people wish to establish Khalistan i.e. Punjab, then how the Punjab is peaceful with democracy since 1992, after Mr. Ramoji Rao was noticed by Indian Govt. as a main coup maker on India? I'll give the complete particulars of this in the following of this writings.

In fact on October 31, who informed the Security Guards to attempt murder on Smt. Indira Gandhi as she didn't wear the bullet proof Jacket on that day unless the house thief? Somebody in the house should inform the coup makers and security guards to effort to murder her, as she didn't wear the bulletproof jacket on that day. Probably they were waiting for this opportunity since some days, as Smt. Indira Gandhi's sixth sense told her that, on some day she was going to be killed. She expressed the same at her Bhubaneswar meeting. Later a note was found on her table with the same expression. Then, who leaked such information from the house to outside security guards? Who had such opportunity to do so? It must be a person who was in the house. Who was it? It was Smt. Indira Gandhi's Videsi Kodalu i.e. Foreign daughter-in-law, Sonia Gandhi. She swallowed the lives of Sanjay Gandhi, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. Regarding her spying agent's career, I'll give detail narration in the following pages of this writing under the same caption of Coup on Indian politics and Govt. administration.

Well, let us return to the year of 1966, when Smt.Indira Gandhi had taken the ropes of Govt. to lead. With clear mind about coup on India, she had started searching to find out the address of coup supporters in India.

The Ex Kings, Ex Queens and Ex Zamindars were drawing maintenance charges from Indian Govt. most of them were doing business, turned as politicians, invested in banking business etc. in fact, most of them were helping the coup makers. Still the network of ex kings and ex queens with coup makers is working to play the coup on India. As I explained you already regarding Sindhiyas of Gwalior and Gajapath Rajas of Vijaya nagaram, so many other ex kings and ex queens are doing coups on India and helping the coup supporters. In one word, they are working like agents for coup makers. That's why only the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and media give a global advertising or undeclared advertisements to the tourist industries maintained by the ex kings and ex queens. Rajasthan, Jaipur the pink city of Rajasthan, the Mysore Vadayar's Dosarah celebrations are best example for you. As we purchase the entrance tickets to visit Art Museums, King's palaces at Jaipur and Mysore etc, we used to think that those are maintaining by Democratic Govt. But this is only half-truth. Most of the attractions in tourist places are the business centers of ex kings and ex queens. We are purchasing tickets to watch the palaces, the old ornaments and garments, the decorate pieces and other past articles there like Jaipur, Mysore etc. The ticket money goes to the ex kings and ex queens in Jaipur and in Mysore etc tourist places. The Govt. won't give clarity to tourists, including Indian tourists and foreign tourists. Moreover, the Govt. tourism dept. also giving support to the business of ex kings and ex queens. Such is the design of coup makers. If you go to visit such tourist places, you can watch much variation in the prices of entry tickets in between Govt. touring places and those of ex king and ex queens. For example, the entry ticket to visit Govt. Archaeological Museum will be 2/- Rs or 5/- Rs per head where as the entry ticket of art gallery of ex kings or ex queens in Jaipur coasts 50 Rs or 100 Rs per head. To attract tourists, these ex kings and ex queens conduct elephant shows or races, flower shows, festival celebrations etc periodically. At that time, media will project lime light on them to popularize them among people all over the world. There is nothing wrong to do so. But the media never reveal that these are income sources of ex kings and ex queens. More over the media gives coverage as if these are Govt. organizations. In fact, still some palaces, some parks and building are the personal assets of ex kings and ex queens. Like that, the media is leading tourists to go and watch the ex richness of ex kings and ex queens by paying them. What is the difference to visit a rich colony like Jubilee hills or Banzara hills and these palaces at Jaipur or Mysore?

If any rich man say that his residential building is very beautiful so that the tourists can visit that by purchasing entry ticket, will we go to visit them? Actually, the tourists are visiting Jaipur and Mysore by thinking that those palaces were the memories and remarkable of past i.e. history. Others wise, most of the people may feel hurt to their self-respect to visit a rich man's house by paying for it. Definitely most of the people may think as, "Though they have money, though they are rich, though they have beautiful rich houses, we don't like to watch them like with mouth mattering face, by paying for it. Though our house is not that much big and rich, but ours is also a nice house". That's why the media won't reveal the facts and more over it try to prevent the leak of facts in tourism business of ex kings and ex queens. There is the wrong. Here the media is driving the tourists to make rich the ex kings and ex queens by paying for entry tickets to visit the rich houses, ornaments and clothes of ex kings and ex queens.

To give extra attractions to this tourism business of ex king and ex queens, the media give coverage on their Crown Ceremonies like Jyothiraditya Sindhiya's Pattabhishekam. The media give propaganda about the fame of ex kings and ex queens like Rani Gayathri Devi's beauty at the age of 80 years, it's remarking by foreign journal and the award, which she got for her old age beauty. In fact, these are the return gifts of coup makers i.e. media, CIA, ISI to the ex kings and ex queens for their co-operation in implementing coup on India in all possible angles.

As per the constitution, as per the legal, everything is right in this aspect. In 1970, Smt. Indira Gandhi banned the Prevee purse i.e. maintenance to the ex kings and ex queens. In 1969, she nationalized 14 scheduled Banks in which the rich men had invested money to do business. Naturally, these business people were not thinking to help the poor. That's why she banned them. She had given a slogan 'Gareebi Hatavo' that means drive out the poverty from Indians' lives. She banned higher valued currency notes also, to make black money as value less. Behind all these activities, the then Indians could see her intuition to help poor, to develop country. That's why only people supported her. Though the media of 1980's criticized her as her slogan was not driving out the poverty from India but driving out the poor from this world, that means to drive them to die, people trusted her, respected her. That's why only people loved her but not for the reason as she ate in their huts or as she danced in their classical and folk dresses or as she mingled with them. Indians, particularly the villagers in India are not ignorant. Though most of they are illiterate, though they didn't know the Govt. policies, but they can identify the intuition and sincerity of politicians whatever they do including eating in poor huts, sleeping on roads or tribal villages, dancing with tribal costumes. People can watch the facts who ever do the above said dramas including KCR, Chandra Babu Naidu, YSR and Rahul Gandhi etc.

Being PM of India, with alertness towards coup, in spite of not knowing the address of main agents, Smt. Indira Gandhi was very fast and perfect in Govt. administration. The search through spying agencies likes IB or RAW might be in parallel as it was their duty as per constitution.

Because, she was women or by showing that reason, the senior politicians like Morarjee Desai, Kasu Brahmananda Reddy, Deva Raj Arse etc so many politicians troubled her with their strategies. Like that, they cooperated to the coup makers. Their emotions like jealousy or differences in opinions or communication gaps were the over leaf reasons. These were reflected in the divide of Congress party into pieces, minimum twice, in case of president election of Jakeer Hussain etc issues.

The coup makers i.e. CIA, Britain, ISI planned to implement the coup on India in some other form. Hence result was, 1971 Indo-Pak war. Actually, the crookedness of coup makers was that to keep India in between the two pieces of one country i.e. as West Pak and East Pak. East Pak people raised freedom fight against West Pak. India didn't like to involve in it as it was their internal affair. India used to show similar behavior in case of present Nepal and Tibet.

But situation had driven India to involve in it, because lakhs of East Pak i.e. present Bangladesh people were crossing the border of India and East Pak. There is also the crookedness of coup makers i.e. CIA, British Crown Govt. at the time of independence of India i.e. 1947. When dividing the United India into 3 pieces as West Pak, India and East Pak as both East and West Pak belong to one country and India as one country, they didn't consider the natural landmarks such as rivers, mountains, hills and hillocks as borders. On the flat ground or on the flat desert, is it not difficult to identify the boundary line? If fencing kept there, where was the guarantee as people could replace it? To secure or to guard such boarder or fencing on flat ground, how far it is possible? If possible, how much will be the expenditure? Indians will commit not to encroach on others, not to organize terrorism on other countries. But Pakistan by nature itself has no such commitment, which we are watching now evidensively as ISI is coaching the terrorists and transporting into India through Pak and Bangladesh to kill people in Gokul Chats or in Lumbini Parks. This is proved by 2008. But by 1971, East Pak was fighting under the leadership of Muzubur Rahman.

Strategically all other countries played their roles as India could not have alternative except war on Pak, or war of Pak on India. The same story of Indo-Pak war of 1965 was replayed again. The coup makers had won only in China war in 1962 about which India was not alert. Following two wars with Pak in 1965 and 1971, India was alert and ready to receive such deceive from the neighbor country.

In that war, Pak had planned to destroy the harbor and ship yard at Vizag, AP. Because of the alertness, responsibility and patriotic response of fishermen, who were fishing in the sea Bay of Bengal it was saved. They had observed the movements of Pakistan submarine and informed the higher officials. Indian Navy reacted immediately and caught the submarine, which is made as a museum to show the wining over the war on Pak in 1971. We can watch it in Vizag now. [But recently i.e. June 2008 I read on Enadu that the submarine museum was of Indian Submarine which done service to Indian Navy. I don't know which of the above two stories is true. I request the readers to clarify the truth by referring other information sources.]

With this victory of India over Pakistan, the coup makers i.e. CIA, Britain, ISI and the coup supporters that it is impossible to defeat India in war by using weapons. At this juncture, all the politicians praised Smt. Indira Gandhi like anything. In fact, it was also the part of coup. By praising without limits, they can make the person to feel egoistic. Then it will be easy for them to defeat that person or to influence that person.

The two main concepts of coup makers are either by satisfy the ego of persons or by provoking the ego of persons, they will make the concern person to defeat in their own career. To watch openly, it seems that the person had spoiled his/her own career with his/her ego or with his/her emotions.

Any way by the end of the war on Pak in 1971, Smt. Indira Gandhi became strong in Indian politics. By that time, everybody praised her. Atal Bihari Vajpeyi, the Ex PM of India compared her with Goddess Durga i.e. Maha Kali in the Lok Sabha.

By 1968, Sonia Gandhi entered into Smt. Indira Gandhi's family as wife of Rajiv Gandhi. Before the marriage, she stayed at Amithab Batchan's family. She had close friendship with them and there were news as she used to call him as 'Amith Bhayya' that means Amith brother. This friendship was live up to 1991-92. There was news that he advised her not to enter into politics in 1996 and not to allow Rajiv Gandhi to enter into politics in 1980, after the death of Sanjay Gandhi in flight crash. What happened we don't know. But after 1992 or after 1996, the terms between Sonia Gandhi and Amithab Batchan were destroyed. Now it is clear that Mumbai i.e. Bolly wood cinema field and the careers of super stars, heroes etc cine people are under the God fatherism of ISI agents like Davood Ibrahim, Chota Shakle etc. mafia leaders. Then why not these strategic friendship and enemy-ship is suspect able? That to this friendship got broken up after 1992, the particular year in which Ramoji Rao was noticed by Indian Govt. and spying agencies of India.

Let's come back to the ruling time of Smt. Indira Gandhi. Under the leadership of Smt. Indira Gandhi, India achieved excess of food grains production, which was famous as హరిత విప్లవం i.e. Haritha Viplavam which means green revolutions. And India progressed to achieve high production in milk and milk products, under the caption white revolution. Along all these achievements, most of the media except some journalists and newspapers were supporting Union Indian Govt. and Smt. Indira Gandhi. That's why, after installing a transplanter in the PM of India's house by name of daughter-in-law, the coup makers started to get advantages. It was natural, because, through the transplanter i.e. Sonia Gandhi they could receive the information of motives and activities of PM of India of i.e. Smt. Indira Gandhi in prior. The coup makers waited for little time to allow Sonia to well settle in the PM's house. She made all to believe her and to trust her. It was Indians accomplishment not to suspect the daughter-in-law of the house i.e. country. It was sentiment but not ignorance. Indian sentiment was "Because the daughter-in-law belongs to foreign country i.e. Italy, we should not suspect her. Beyond the limits of countries, all of we are human beings. We should not think that Western people do not have love, affections and bondages. It is not accomplishment to suspect a person on the basis of birth or Nationality."

Hence we, as Indian, including Govt., Govt. agencies like IB, CBI, and RAW and her mother-in-law Smt. Indira Gandhi didn't suspect Sonia. Beside this, she is also very talented so that she performed her activities without the notice of others and without the suspect of others.

The coup makers allowed sufficient time to settle their transplanter i.e. spying agent, Sonia in the family of PM of India. After they got belief on her settle, the coup makers launched Enadu of Ramoji Rao in 1974. Nobody identified Ramoji Rao, Enadu as main agent in India. The coup makers i.e. Ramoji Rao, CIA, ISI and the coup supporters like Corporate Companies projected on National papers like The Hindu, Indian Express and on their editors, journalists like N.Ram, Ramnath Goenka etc. Generally, everybody would think that a local paper or a regional paper and its boss should not become as main agent in the coup. There is the strategy of coup makers to misguide or mislead Indians and the then Indian Govt.

In fact, in the China war 1962, Indo-Pak wars of 1965 and 1971, most of the then Indian media supported Indian Govt. projected the truths of war to the world and motivated people as well as soldiers. That's why only the coup makers felt the need of main agent should be in the Indian media. As in the part of their strategy, Mr.Ramoji Rao introduced Enadu with sensational entry.

In those days, all of the then existed news papers used to reach public, late in the morning i.e. by 11 o'clock like that. The print and paper was in-quality. There were full of wrong prints, black and white photos, un-interesting heading and routine news coverage and with less pages.

But Enadu with entry itself had given quality paper with attractive printing, without wrong prints, with color photos, with interesting, rhyming and rhythmic headings, with attractive and lively news coverage, with many number of pages, with different features on different pages like sports page, cinema page, women page etc, with clear and readable language, and with reliable price to its quality.

In the beginning to habituate people, he had given paper free of cost for few days as in the part of propaganda campaign. This resembles with free tea distribution of East India Company in India.

Any way, Enadu got sensational hit and grand business success also. As the Corporate Companies are supporters to the coup makers, they had given limitless advertisements to Enadu, to prove its success. By watching this naturally, people attracted so that circulation increased. Because the circulation of Enadu is large, the Corporate Companies preferred Enadu to promote their products through Ads. It increased circulation of paper and vice versa. Like that, this is a paradox or cycle, which made other papers to follow Enadu.

Gradually all other papers were made to follow the pattern of news coverage also. I explained the coup of media under the caption of RESPONSIBILITY OF MEDIA, Enadu started to implement the coup on India and made other papers to follow it.

On the other hand, being transplanted agent in the PM house, Sonia Gandhi was able to intimate about the then current issues, happenings in PMO and PMR as well as the then current emotions and moods of Prime Minister i.e. Indira Gandhi including the information about on which points and issues she was getting irritation or losing balance. It made easy to the coup makers i.e. Ramoji Rao, CIA, ISI and their supporters to trouble PM and Indian Govt. and ultimately to break the systems of administration in India.

They had raised so many paradoxical issues like Muslim law, court justices etc. For example: Muslim Divorce law. A woman whom I remember by name Shabano made a sensational issue. So many critics and controversial were made or this issue. As per Muslim law, as per their nature of in-humanity or in-equality towards women, as per their religion, it is enough to get divorce from wife by saying 'Talak' thrice. The controversial made was "Is it justice or not?" or "Is it humanity or in-humanity?" or "Why Muslims enjoy such priority on the name of religion?" Or "Why should Muslims have special laws before court?"

Like that, so many debates were taken place no media. To suitable this, the courts also played their role. This created so many disturbances on public opinion.

Among these days one day, Enadu had written as "Shabano said that she is more fame than Smt. Indira Gandhi now in India." Consecutively Ramoji Rao had given the sequence news coverage including his editorial. It resembles to the recent comparison of Bill Gates and Bin laden by international media about which I discussed already under the caption of RESPONSIBILITY OF MEDIA. In fact, Bill gates is famous where as Bin Laden is notorious. The farmer is constructor where as the later is destroyer.

Similarly, Shabano was notorious where as Smt. Indira Gandhi was famous. As a proof to this, who was Shabano nobody knows now where as Indira Gandhi's name is live in the history of India and in the minds of Indians. May be, with this reason our elders used to say 'నిజం నిలకడ మీద తెలుస్తుంది' which means 'truth can be identified by time'.

But by that time, media raised such nasty discussions. Nobody knows how, these nasty discussions or news coverage's could serve people. How these news coverage's and editorials become the responsibilities of media, by writing such, how the public service could be fulfilled by Mr. Ramoji Rao, he should know.

But this issue is one, which I remembered. Such news items used to irritate or influence people. I was child by that time but I'm able to remember it as it was my duty to present daily news items in the school assembly every day.

On the other hand, in the part of the coup strategy, the journalists used to question or request to comment on these nasty things. If such nastiness continues, naturally anybody will break. Smt. Indira Gandhi or any other such person also naturally breaks on this. If they break, paper media, the coup makers can get further stuff to irritate persons like Indira Gandhi. If they didn't break, the media will continue the same strategy as in the story of 'నల్లమేక - నలుగురు దొంగలు' i.e. BLACK GOAT AND FOUR THIEVES.

To implement this strategy successfully on Smt. Indira Gandhi, the transplanted Agent, Sonia's information about Indira Gandhi's emotions and moods was very important and very helpful.

With this un-suspectable and successful strategy, the coup makers were able to get time being success in India after 1974.

In fact, Smt. Indira Gandhi came to PM seat in 1966. Within few years i.e. up to 1971-72, she got so many successes including nationalizing of Banks, Bann of Privy purses i.e. Maintenance charges paying by Govt. to ex kings and ex queens, Bann of higher valued currency notes to make the black money as valueless, winning of Indo-Pak war in 1971 which turned to the formation of a new country Bangladesh, Green revolution and white revolution to produce excess of food grains and milk products.

But after 1974, especially when from Sonia settled in the house in the form of daughter-in-law, within 5 ½ years, Smt. Indira Gandhi faced so many troubles. The peace of country was getting loss. The Indian media started to say that "Smt. Indira Gandhi was showing Pak as a demon to protect her Govt. By threatening people by saying Indo-Pak war is on ahead, she is trying to safe guard her PM position".

In fact, before these events, the then Indian Media used to say, "India is Indira and Indira is India". The same media next started the above said propaganda on her. The media targeted on her younger son Mr. Sanjay Gandhi. They used to project as the young leader Mr. Sanjay Gandhi was 'రాజ్యాంగేతర శక్తి' which means the center of power beyond the limits of constitution. Every day there were some stories to show him as positive. And sometimes they show him as rude, egoistic and negative.

In fact, Smt. Indira Gandhi had two sons. Among them, Rajiv Gandhi who was elder declared his un-interesting on politics. His wife Sonia also supported him, so that he continued as pilot of flights. Hence, Indira Gandhi depended upon her younger son. She might educate him with her awareness of coups in politics.

In which manner Nehru taught his daughter she know, so that she might followed it's to educate, to coach up or to train up her son to tackle the tough troubles and to face the challenges in politics. So that Enadu, Ramoji Rao triggered on him and tried his level best to pictures Sanjay Gandhi as a rude and egoistic like a young villain in the then movies. As already, the network of Ramoji Rao was created on media, so that willing fully or unavoidably, the entire or most of the media followed him.

Within 5 ½ years from 1971-72, up to 1975, Smt. Indira Gandhi sensed something wrong somewhere. Her sincere cabinet fellowmen like PV Narasimha Rao and others like him co-operated her to locate the nature of coup, as what type of strategy, where it was getting operated, who were working for it, who were supporting the coup against Indian Govt.

In this context only, she used to say some Videsi Hastham was working on India to refer the coup on India. The bad luck was she didn't suspect her own Videsi daughter-in-law. I already explained you the joke ' made on this dialogue of Smt. Sonia Gandhi by Ramoji Rao in his Enadu.

But now it is proved that the Videsi Hastham is Sonia Gandhi with my case in which I complained to UPA Govt. as Mr. Manmohan Singh is PM and Sonia Gandhi is Chairperson to UPA Govt. on Mr. Ramoji Rao's spying activities. I enclosed the documentary proof in the ending of this writings. I am giving detailed logical proof along with circumstantial proofs.

Let me explain in detail with sequence from 1971-72 to 2008. With the above said circumstances in India, within 5 ½ years from 1971-72 to 1975, Smt. Indira Gandhi was driven to declare Emergency in India. Because she was known that, a severe coup was implementing in India. Along with her, some of her cabinet ministers who were sincere patriots with morality and human values could sense the coup. Though they were not able to locate from where it was getting operation, they had searched in all possible ways. But nobody including intelligence departments had suspected Sonia, as she was a housewife & daughter-in-law of PM. And nobody including intelligence departments had suspected Ramoji Rao as he was confined to a small regional newspaper and business in a state.

On the other hand, some of Indira Gandhi's cabinet members who were supporting the coup makers used to try to convince her with the over leaf causes and explanations to the then issues and sensations on which ever Smt. Indira Gandhi and her team of sincere patriots to misguide her.

In 1975, Smt. Indira Gandhi declared Emergency in India. So many politicians who were suspected as coup supporters were sent to prison. Some of the politicians had gone to underground. The then media was subjected to present news under control. There was no more freedom to press.

But the force of coup makers who wanted to damage India was high than the force of sincere patriots who wanted to protect India. Here the coup makers gained because they had their own agents transplanted in important positions like Sonia in kitchen of PMR, Jag Jeevan Ram etc in cabinet and corrupted politicians, bureaucrats and higher officials in administration.

Why I mentioned Mr. Jag Jeevan Ram's name is, Mr. Jag Jeevan Ram deceived Smt. Indira Gandhi just before one day to the declaration of Emergency or just before one day to the declaration of elections after the lift of Emergency. On that day Mr. Ramoji Rao published the full notes of Smt. Indira Gandhi's letter to Mr. Babu Jag Jeevan Ram under the heading of
బాబూజీ మీరు కూడానా !
" which means "Babuji, you too!" like "You too Brutus!" by Julies seizer. Whatever might be his reasons, but his behavior was not moral. He should not skip out the ship in which he travelled up to the edge. You can refer the then media coverage or concern books to verify the truth. The birthday of such Jag Jeevan Ram, i.e. 5th April is declared by UPA Govt. and Sonia as a return gift to his soul.

Any way, successfully and strategically, the coup makers i.e. Ramoji Rao, CIA, ISI and their supporters like politicians and Corporate Companies could project that, Emergency days were black days, it was a black mole on the face of India etc on public. They degraded Sanjay Gandhi, by coverage's in paper as he ordered doctors to make unavoidable birth control operations on Muslim males including 12 years boys' etc stories.

Finally, Smt. Indira Gandhi lifted Emergency and declared election to parliament in 1977. There were talks in media and public as the intelligence dept. had misguided her to declare election by that time, with a report as it was the suitable time. Might the coup makers' misguided intelligence report or might the coup makers could pollute the intelligence dept. They are capable to do both. After watching Mr. Ranganna, Officer in IB, who argued with me as if he was defense lawyer to Mr. Ramoji Rao, when I approached their office on 20-10-06 with a complaint on Mr. Ramoji Rao's spying activities against India; I can say this with 100% confirmation. I enclosed the details in my complaints at the end of this writings.

Any way by writing such news items on intelligence dept., the coup makers, had created communication gaps, misunderstandings, or untrustful environment between intelligence dept. and Smt. Indira successfully and strategically for the sake of future coups. It is natural in spying and in coups on countries, to plan coups before decades to implement. Some times, this time will be 50+ years to more years.

In 1977 General elections, Smt. Indira Gandhi and Congress party was defeated. The Janatha Party Govt. came into power with Morarjee Desai was PM of India, Charan Singh etc in his cabinet. As I remember, Charan Singh was Deputy PM of India. Mr. Jaya Prakash Narayan had guided to form the Janatha Party Govt. The media projected him as a great man, having so many idealistic concepts. Because I don't know much about this leader, I'm not writing about him.

What the Janatha Party Govt. had done to Indians I don't know. But a sensation was made, which was made as international hit news about Mr. Morarjee Desai was 'the drinking of his own urine every day'. All of a sudden the media investigated this, some investigative journalist asked him in one interview about this 'Jeeva Jala Panam'. Being PM of India, Mr. Morarjee Desai accepted that, 'he was habituated to drink his own urine every day, since long years'. He used to call it as Jeeva Jala Panam, which means drinking live water. And he added that 'because of such habit of drinking his own urine, he was healthy'.

This made Indian patriots to humiliate about the respect and dignity of country. This made all people to laugh at India, all over the world. During the ruling time of Janatha Party Govt., Mr. JP the Lok Nayak passed away within short period of starting of Janatha Govt. at New Delhi. The Janatha Party leaders had lodged complaints on Smt. Indira Gandhi including political and petty cases like a theft of hen. They had arrested Smt. Indira Gandhi and sent her to Thihaar jail with chains to her hands.

Whatever might be her mistakes, but she was not a criminal like murderer or thief. Now-a-days, the terrorists, the Maoists and the general prisoners also are demanding for facilities in jail and for respect in dealing them.

But then, wantedly, purposefully, the Janatha Party leaders like Morarjee Desai who done as deputy PM in her cabinet in 1966-67 and Chowdari Charan Singh etc other politicians insulted her like that. Actually, that was the agony of the so-called leaders. Actually that was the crookedness and nastiness of the coup makers i.e. Ramoji Rao, CIA, ISI and their supporters like these politicians.

Though the then politicians like Morarjee Desai and some others in all parties had no morals, no values, but Indians beings normal citizens didn't bear this. The normal citizens' common sense responded as "Whatever may be her mistakes in Emergency, but this is not the way to treat her. She is the daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru who sacrificed his wealth to the country, who donated their Ananda Bhavan to Congress party as its office, who worked hard for the development of country. She had done so many good things to the poor people of India. To such leader, this is not the way to deal with her. The Janatha Party leaders insulted her in the way like Duryodhana insulted Droupadi Devi in the assembly."

Within short period i.e. 2+ years, the Janatha Party Govt. had collapsed due to their extreme love for the PM chair. The Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Charan Singh became PM of India successing of Mr. Morarjee Desai in 1979.

Following the collapse of Janatha Party Govt., Smt. Indira Gandhi again came into power by 1980 elections. This time she was more awaritive about what was happening by that time relative to past i.e. before Emergency declaration. But still no body indentified the house thief i.e. the transplanted agent of CIA, Sonia in the house of PM. She was talently pretending and she became nearer to Smt. Indira Gandhi. As per the stories on media, she was nearer to Smt. Indira Gandhi as if a daughter but not like a daughter-in-law. You can refer them to verify the media coverage. A writer who had written the life story of Smt. Indira Gandhi remarked as this. I read a preview analysis i.e. 'Sameekshaw' on the journal India Today [Telugu] in 1992, regarding this book. She said that Smt. Indira Gandhi had faced tipical days in that period i.e. from 1977 to 1980, during the ruling time of Janatha Party at New Delhi. She faced so many problems including financial crises. Once she asked the writer who was a friend to Smt. Indira Gandhi a hand loan of 50,000/ Rs.

Being Ex PM of India, being the daughter of an Ex PM, being the hair of such rich family of Motilal Nehru who donated their assets including Ananda Bhavan to the Congress party and to Nation, when she faced such financial crises for even 50 thousand rupees, how sad it was? In those days, Sonia Gandhi had given moral support to her mother-in-law Smt. Indira Gandhi and she became very near and dear to Smt. Indira Gandhi.

In fact, this is a tactful strategy of coup makers as we had seen in so many Telugu movies. The coup makers will create crises to the person on whom they targeted and on the other hand, they used their agent to help that person to survive from those crises. Naturally, that person will feel the agent of coup makers as dear and near. Naturally, that person will depend upon the agent of coup makers, used to tell all about their positions and feelings, used to take advices from those agents, used to consult with them, used to get counsel by them and used to convince by the agents.

On screen, there won't be any connection in between these agents and the coup makers. Nobody can sense that also in the part of the coup.

The same trick was played by the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, the main agent in India Mr. Ramoji Rao and the coup supporters like cinema stars i.e. Amitab Batchan etc and Corporate Companies, through their agent Sonia Gandhi who was transplanted in PM house for all purposes including such plays.

Among Smt. Indira Gandhi's sons, the elder Rajiv Gandhi didn't express his interest on politics. His wife, Sonia Gandhi also supported him. In her own dialogues, she said that she had fought with him like a tigress when he decided to enter into politics to support his mother Smt. Sonia Gandhi, following the accidental death of his younger brother Sanjay Gandhi. Such woman why she entered into politics in 1997, and why she became the president of Congress party, why she became as chairperson of UPA Govt. she should know. Now most of the politicians in AP are claiming that Mr. YS Raja Sekhara Reddy, being CM of AP is sending money, suitcases of currency to the supreme authority of Congress president i.e. Sonia Gandhi. Off course, it is true. Otherwise, why this much of favors are happening to the Corporate Companies like Zindal, Gayathri cements etc? And why allotting thousands of acres of agricultural land to special economical zones [SEZ] is happening? Okay! Let us return to 1980.

As Rajiv Gandhi and his wife Sonia's rejection to politics, Smt. Indira Gandhi depended on her younger son Sanjay Gandhi. So that she used to educate him about the political backgrounds, and she used to coach up him to tackle the issues. In fact, Indira Gandhi worked like secretary to her father and PM of India, Jawaharlal Nehru. She wished to do practice such in case of his son Sanjay Gandhi. So that naturally he became as the target of coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and the coup supporters like media. Hence, they highlighted him as rude, egoistic and imbalanced leader who was super embossing by his mother on the heads of her subordinates and on country.

In fact, the media is capable to show an impotant fellow as super hero, a coward man as a dare devil and a talented person as a waste fellow if they want to show. Anywhere their strategy is నల్లమేక - నలుగురు దొంగలు which means BLACK GOAT AND FOUR THIEVES.

With this back ground in 1980, Sanjay Gandhi dead in a flight crash in the morning i.e. before 7:30 AM, when he had gone to flying club to learn the driving of flights. Same house thieves had helped the coup makers by informing them about Mr. Sanjay's schedule.

In the consecutive period, his wife Maneka Gandhi and her son Varun Gandhi were driven out of the house. By the way, we can't believe Maneka Gandhi. The coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, main agent Mr. Ramoji Rao are more crooked and talented in designing the coups so that we should not feel surprise as Maneka Gandhi also a doll in their hands. After all their target was Indira Gandhi, who was fighting against them.

In 1980's, the Khalistan movement which meant to separate Punjab from India was started. Because India involved in the internal affairs of West Pak and East Pak which lead to the separation of East Pak from West Pak, which lead the formation of Bangladesh and Pak, the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, their main agent Mr. Ramoji Rao in India had designed to separate Punjab a boarder state in India. Actually, India was forced to involve in the internal affairs of East and West Pak due to the migration of people in to India from East Pak.

Punjab suffered a lot at the time of country division into Pak and India. In fact, Punjabis had undergone many strategies by British Crown Govt. as in the part of their coup on India before independence. They separated the Punjabis into East West Punjabis and divided some part into Pak and some into India.

As a revenge on India, as it helped to the formation of Bangladesh the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters designed the coup to form Khalistan from India in place of Punjab state. The coup makers created some terrorists and terrorist leaders. The violence had started and gradually it was increased to extreme limits by 1984.

Every day the then media, especially Enadu used to give the daily score of killed persons i.e. Punjabis by terrorists just like cricket score. Strategically the other papers followed or made to follow the same score exposing. On June 6, 1984, Smt. Indira Gandhi ordered to Operation Blue Star on Golden Temple of Sikhs in Amritsar. There was news that some liquor bottles and women undergarments like Brasiars and pantees were found in Golden Temple in which terrorists had taken shelter by occupying it by force. The media said that soldiers had done so much violence on innocents. After the Operation Blue Star, the Sikhs had cleaned i.e. washed the Golden Temple with milk to erase the sin of entry of soldiers and terrorists.

In parallel, in Andhra Pradesh in 1984 Aug 16, Nadendla Bhaskara Rao, Ramlal and NTR's drama happened. With that and with the relevant coverage of Enadu, Smt. Indira Gandhi and her team of sincere people who were fighting against the coup makers, without knowing the address of their agents and without having the proves of the coup, had noticed some abnormality here in AP, with Ramoji Rao.

On Sep 23, 1984, Smt. Indira Gandhi called back Mr. Ramlal as Governor of AP. After his resignation, she sent Sankar Dayal Sarma as Governor of AP, later he became president of India in 1992. Sankar Dayal Sarma, being Governor of AP restored NTR's Govt. The media said that Ramlal dismissed NTR's Govt. with the support of Indira Gandhi. The God might know the truth rather Mr. Ramlal who joined in BJP after 1992 might know the truth.

' Any way, with this background, the Central Govt. under the leadership of Indira Gandhi started to suspect Mr. Ramoji Rao as the centre of coup on India. Immediately within one month i.e. from 23rd Sep 1984 to 31 Oct 1984, the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao killed her at her residence, No.1 Safdar Jung road with the over leaf cause of Khalistan. Who told the security guards that on that day Smt. Indira Gandhi didn't were the bulletproof jacket except the house thief?

Here is a sensible tip of coup. If the security guards attempt on Smt. Gandhi to kill when she wore bulletproof jacket, only they could injure her but they could not kill her. If such happens, the intelligence dept., Indian Govt. and Indira Gandhi would not leave the security guards. They enquire them and interogate them, until they reveal the coup behind them. By the way, there will be danger to identify the coup maker i.e. Ramoji Rao. To prevent this risk, the coup makers wished to attempt to kill her with definite probability.

In such case, the information about Smt. Indira Gandhi's precautions such as wearing of bullet proof jacket etc. were very important to the coup makers. Who had such possibility to pass down such information to outside, i.e. to the coup makers?

On the other hand, why didn't the intelligence dept. had taken care when appointing Sikh security guards at PMR if such religion agony was there in people of Punjab in case of Khalistan and operation Blue Star on Amritsar Golden Temple? And how the violence organizers known that on 31 Oct. 1984 that the assassination of Smt. Indira Gandhi would happen, to kill hundreds of Sikhs in Delhi? It is now clear that 500/-Rs had paid for each killing of Sikh, and a big coup was behind this violence in 1984 at New Delhi. The senior journalist Manoz Mitta and the advocate who argued in many cases on behalf of victims Mr. HN Pulka, had written these particulars in their book 'When a tree shook Delhi'. The appointed enquiry commission on this violence had shown the fake facts by deviation of the real happenings and by decreasing the sevearity and wantedly made the police people to responsible all the violence. The writers clearly described this coup in the above book. You can go through it to identify the facts.

Like that, the enquiry commission had performed its share in the coup like all other enquiry commissions in India. Regarding this issue of violence on Sikhs in 1984 after the assassination of Smt. Indira Gandhi, after 24 years i.e. from 1984 to 2008, Mr. Kuldeep Nayyar, the senior journalist, the Ex Ambassador of India in London used to write continuously as the feelings of Sikhs were hurt, the justice should happen to them. Along with this, if he consider the other violence in which people killed and hurt by terrorist, by communal rivals, by Mandal and Mandir movements, nobody could suspect his sincerity. But he concentrates on Sikhs only. Since long time, every week, without taking any other topic, he is writing on Enadu either on violence on Sikhs or on Pak internal affairs. And he used to advice Indian Govt. to react on it. It seems that he migrated to India from Lahore in 1947 physically but not psychologically.

There is same case with many migrants from Pak to India at the time of country separation. Some of them became fame in many fields' i.e. political, cinema and business field. Most of they are performing their share of coup as a support to the coup makers. Among such figures, Mr. Sunil Dath who migrated from Pak was one. He and his family members like Priya Dath and Sanjay Dath got good support from Sonia Gandhi. Priya Dath became MP after her father Sunil Dath, being Ex Minister in UPA Govt. had died. Though Sanjay Dath's voice tapes while communicating with Pak terrorists were popular, though his sin in helping terrorist who blast Mumbai in 1993 March is proved, though his crime by having weapon illegally is proved, the media used to give image to him. The media used to publish his interviews in which he said that his father Sunil Dath had informed police and helped police to arrest Sanjay Dath. If Sunil Dath was such moral and had human values, how they brought up Sanjay Dath in such a way as he addicted drugs in childhood itself and how as he helped terrorists that to bomb blasters to kill innocent people. Like that, he is really a villain not a hero. But media used to forget all of this and used to write interesting and attractive features about his re-marriage with Manyatha. The UPA Govt. also is giving behind screen protection to him, with the help of courts.

The most bad thing is the courts also got polluted since long time and corrupted since long time. So that courts justice also are performing their share in the coup by thinking that this is natural to take money for everything to do irrespective the thing is legal or illegal, moral or immoral in now-a-days.

Among other migrants who famed by media and coup makers, Mr. LK Advani is one. He came from Karachi and married another migrant from Karachi Mrs. Kamala. Regarding this leader's coup, I can give detailed description in the following pages of this writings. Like Sunil Dath, Raj Kapur and his race also one of the migrants from Pak, and were famed by media as well as coup makers. Off course, they were talented. Off course, the coup makers had selected them to fame, by the way to influence the concern fields because they have the talents only.

Well! Let us return to 1984, the days of assassination of Smt. Indira Gandhi. In this case, Mr. Ram Jathmalani, the famous advocate argued on behalf of security guards and against India Govt. Whatever might be the reason of the Sikh security guards, whatever might be the religious or political grounds, is it justice to kill a person? Then how this advocate got ready to argue he might know. "There are so many lawyers who take up murder cases. Then why are you questioning Mr. Ram Jathmalani?" Some coup supporters may ask like this. Yes, there are many advocates who are taking up the murder cases to argue on behalf of criminals. But there, in such cases some personal agonies of common person are involved. But here, there was no personal emotions and causes among Sikh security guards and a political leader i.e. Smt. Indira Gandhi. Like that, Ram Jathmalani had proved his agony on Smt. Indira Gandhi and his partnership in the coup against Indira. This is not a wonder.

But the real wonder is that Mr. Ram Jathmalani demanded NDA Govt. to elect him as President of India, in 2002.

Actually, Ram Jathmalani used to argue all of the cases against Indian Govt. that are favor to coup supporters and coup makers.

Following the assassination of Smt. Indira Gandhi, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi was made as PM of India for time being and then election for parliament was called on. At the same time in Andhra Pradesh Mr. NT Rama Rao also requested the Governor to dismiss the assembly and called on election for assembly. He said that he wanted to invite the fresh judgment from voters on the background of Nadendla Bhaskara Rao's infidelity on his Govt. in Aug 1984.

In the polling of 1984 people of Andhra Pradesh had shown such a maturity to give their vote to TDP in state assembly, at the same time, they had given their vote to Congress in Central parliament. Here a noticeable point is in further elections. Whenever the polling happened, the riggings, the occupying of polling booths, violence in polling and the news coverage in media to provoke the violence, rigging and occupying of booths had taken place.

When the Govt. media as AIR i.e. All India Radio, Door Darshan tried to protect Govt. and tried to expose the facts, the private media like Enadu used to shout on it as DD and AIR are turned as Govt. flatterers. They put nicknames as DD was not Door Darshan, in fact, it was Rajiv Darshan during the time when Rajiv Gandhi was PM of India i.e. 1985 to 1989.

In 1985, elections, Congress party achieved an extreme majority as 500+ seats. What I remember was 502 or 504 seats in the parliament in which the total seats were 532. Like that, the sympathy on the murder of Smt. Indira Gandhi had swept out all other political parties as per the comment of the then media. But the truth is – It was not only the sympathy on her killing, it was the respect, affections, love and affection on her from Indians. Such emotions, love and effections were expressed on Rajiv Gandhi. He could motivate the public with his freedom run, etc programs, dreaming about advanced India in technical field etc speeches. He had taken step to talk with Punjab terrorists and their leaders like Longowala, immediately he occupied PMO at South Block. He visited Punjab in bulletproof car to mobilize it. Finally, he succeeded to make a compromising package with Longowala. But with in 2 or 3 months of this peace treaty Mr. Longowala was killed by his fellow terrorists who opposed to continue in India as Punjab state and who wanted to form Khalistan. Utterly the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters like media were behind this. On the other hand, the media had put a name to Rajiv as Mr. Clean, as in the part of their coup strategy. When the Boffers dispute was exposed out, the same media roared on it. As a base to these critics, they popularized the surname as Mr. Clean.

In fact, behind the Boffers story, about which Mr. NTR and Enadu used to criticize as rusted guns, is utter coup.

In this coup, total role or main role was of Sonia Gandhi the transplanted spy i.e. agent of coup makers in India.

Naturally, any husband will trust his wife. Unless he trusts her, he won't live with his wife. Naturally, any husband will consult his wife to get moral support in his crises, in his troubles and in his problems. Naturally, any husband will share his feelings, experiences, motives and needs with his wife, as she is his life partner.

Here this Videsi wife i.e. Italian woman Sonia influenced her husband as "To lead the party, to take donations from Corporate Companies is not wrong. In western countries, all the political parties and politicians used to do so". In fact, this western philosophy is a positive caption to corruption. To lead the party, the party will accept donations from public including businessmen and companies. But in exchange offer, the party Govt. won't give any business or contracts to the companies who had given donations to the party or party leaders.

There was news on media as Mr. Rajiv Gandhi had accepted the Boffer's issue by saying that "To lead the party, people and companies used to give donations and party used to accept such donations. Like that only we also accepted donations from Hinduja etc". While compare with the experience of the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their agents like media people and Sonia Gandhi, the experience of Rajiv Gandhi was very less. When compare with them, Rajiv Gandhi was like a kid. With his in-experience, innocence about traps and coups, Rajiv Gandhi had fallen in Boffers dig and as per the media especially for Enadu; he turned from Mr. Clean position to Mr. Cheat.

But with this experience, he became alert and awaritive about coups. He might think that his wife's advice was due to her Western attitude. He didn't suspect her as an agent of CIA. Like that, he was lucky enough as death is better than to know the own wife herself had played coups on himself. Like that, he was lucky enough to receive death rather to know about the cheat of loving wife in life.

Any way, with the experience of Boffers dispute, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi might prevent to discuss the issues and consult with her. He gradually learnt how to tackle the issues being politician. For such, he gradually depended up on the old, experienced and elder politicians, i.e. the colleagues and ex colleagues of his mother Smt. Indira Gandhi. Gradually he was following the guidance of such experienced elders. That's why only in 1989, when Congress lost majority, he decided to sit in opposition place in parliament. Actually, no other party gained the full and sufficient majority to form Govt. on its own. That to Congress turned as the biggest party in the house of Lok Sabha. In spite of this, he decided to sit in opposition. Like that, he followed the experienced elders' guidance. If he consults his wife, Sonia being Western personality or being transplanted agent she could advice him as "To continue the career in politics, to take support from other parties is not wrong. In western countries, all the political parties and politicians used to do so."

This I can say as she done the same after 2004 election, to form UPA Govt. at New Delhi. The coup supporters may argue that "After 1966, Smt. Indira Gandhi also farmed Govt. with support of other parties like left parties." But there is a lot of difference in between Indira Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi. Indira Gandhi tried to drive out the poverty from India by her 20 points economical programs etc efforts where as Sonia Gandhi is trying to smash out the poor from India by giving the live villages and agricultural green fields to the SEZ or to Corporate Companies. In one word Indira Gandhi was fighter against coup makers where as Sonia Gandhi is the supporter to the coup makers. Only the similarity is in the name of family. Sonia Gandhi asked to form Congress alliance Govt. after 1991 elections also. I'll give clear narration of it in sequence. Now let us return to the days of 1989. At the Centre Congress was defeated but at Andhra Pradesh NTR's TDP was defeated, so that Congress Govt. formed in AP with Marri Chenna Reddy as CM. In the result presentation, first time the elections results were live telecasted in DD showing the dream of Rajiv Gandhi to develop India in science and technology field. All of we, i.e. people of India enjoyed it when Pranay Ray was presenting the upto date results by time to time, with analysis and comments of experts on it. This Pranay Ray later established ND TV, who has the political support of Left Parties as he is the co-brother of Prakash Karath, the CPM leader and he is the husband of Radhika Roy, the sister of Brunda Karath, the CPM leader. If any coups supporters argue that what is wrong if Pranay Roy who presented live telecast of election results in 1989, is a close relative to left party or some political party leaders? Yes, there is nothing wrong in their relationship. But when he is such close relative who is getting support from the political party, which was opposing Congress in those days, then how it could be believed that he presented the then analysis without partiality or without agony on Congress and its leaders. I'm not writing this with partiality or sympathy on Congress. In fact, there is no such Congress party by now. Now the present Congress is the coup supporting party or the subordinate or the group of agents to CIA and ISI only.

In fact, there is no such congress i.e. AICC which had fought against British and their business in India. In fact, there is no such congress i.e. AICC which was headed by Patriots like Bapuji, Nehru, Nethaji, Patel, Tilak, Indira Gandhi and PV Narasimha Rao. In those days, the Congress Party was patriotic party and it was coup-opposed party.

Mr. Arjun Singh, a senior member in congress has long career in Party. In May or June 2008, when Sonia didn't talk to him, and shown agony behavior on to him in a public meeting, Mr. Arjun Singh had frightened like anything. Immediately he expressed his obedience and sub-ordinatism to her. Who made him to fear like that, except the coup makers? Except by watching CIA behind her, are Mr. Sarad Pawar or Mr. Arjun Singh or some other XYZ leaders dealing Sonia Gandhi? Otherwise, are they dealing Sonia Gandhi by watching her Italian nationality?

The present Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh had done service in Central Govt. around 40 years. Being Economist, he done service in many posts including Reserve Bank Governor and Chairperson of Planning Commission. Being economist, he had opposed Smt. Indira Gandhi, the then PM of India by claiming that Smt. Indira Gandhi was allotting much money to defense needs rather than welfare programs and development programs, after Indo-Pak war of 1971. That much dare enough or that much of straightforward natured man Mr. Manmohan Singh is. He expressed his opinions to the then PM of India being employee in the Government in clear manner. The same person, Mr. Manmohan Singh, being PM of India, why he became as robot in the hands of chairperson of UPA Govt. i.e. Sonia Gandhi? Who made him to behave as on obedient to Sonia Gandhi except the coup makers?

To say that these leaders fear to Sonia Gandhi because of her grip on voters, the congress under her leadership is losing in every state in election. Any way at parliament, her congress has no majority. Hence, alliance of UPA Govt. is in ruling. Then why these leaders fear to Sonia Gandhi like Arjun Singh?

When Smt. Indira Gandhi had grip on voters, attraction or charisma in voters, when she had majority in parliament, the congress leaders like Mr. Devaraj Arse, Mr. Brahma Nanda Reddy etc had divided the congress as Ars Congress, Reddy Congress and Indira Congress. Then why the present congress leaders are trembling to Sonia Gandhi like Arjun Singh? Who made them to fear except the coup makers?

Hence, I can say that I'm presenting the truths only.

Well, let's return to 1989. In Central Govt. when Congress decided to continue as opposition party, Mr. NTR miraculary activated to form an alliance of political parties i.e. National Front [NF], in spite of his failure in his home state, in AP. It resembles to N. Chandra Babu Naidu, the son-in-law of NTR, performed an active past to form Central Govt. in 1996, as Mr. Deva Gouda was PM of India. In fact, Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu supported Deva Gouda to oppose religious party i.e. BJP in 1996. Again, in 1999, Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu supported NDA Govt. and BJP by referring security of country. It was open talk that Enadu Ramoji Rao was behind all of these incidents.

Well, let's return to 1989. Mr. VP Singh formed Govt. as Mr. Devilal as his Deputy Prime Minister in 1989. To seek votes in election, the Janatha Dal party i.e. VP Singh party promised to wave the agricultural loans below 10,000/Rs from banks. They had done it to some extent to fulfill their election promise after forming the Govt. This collapsed the economy of India. VP Singh, being PM of India visited Punjab in open top zeep in 1989. Referring this and Rajiv's visit to Punjab in 1984 in bullet proof car, Mr. VP Singh and his fellow men in their speeches used to say that Mr. Rajiv was coward where as VP Singh was dare enough to visit in Punjab. They didn't mean that dare or wisdom of PM must be in solving the problems like terrorism in Punjab or Kashmir rather than in visiting a place. That to, when VP Singh and terrorists in Punjab had a match fixing agreement by the coup makers, was it impossible to visit VP Singh and terrorists in Punjab in open top zeep? Was it adventures when Mr. VP Singh got assurance from Mr. Ramoji Rao that the Punjab terrorists could not attempt on him?

In fact, Mr. VP Singh, Mr. Advani, Mr. Karuna Nidhi etc National and other state politicians used to visit Ramoji Rao's Eandu office at Somaji Guda frequently before 1992. If media and politics are mutually dependent fields, then Mr. Ramoji Rao also must visit other politicians. But always, all politicians used to visit him, but he didn't visit them. That to his paper Enadu is a regional paper. Then what was the need of national politicians and other state politicians to visit him regularly? This was one of the information in my sealed cover, through which I complained on Mr. Ramoji Rao regarding his spying activities in 1992 to the then Prime Minister of India, Mr. PV Narasimha Rao.

Any way when Mr. VP Singh visited Punjab in open top zeep to expose his fearlessness towards death, Maneka Gandhi who was sister-in-law to Rajiv Gandhi had taken a further more step and said, "If you feel fear, Mr. brother-in-law i.e. Mr. Rajiv Gandhi go and sit in the house."

The then media especially Enadu printed it as front-page boxed item. Being PM of India Mr. VP Singh had dismissed the SPG protection to Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, the Ex PM of India in spite of intelligence warnings. This is also an open talk in media and people.

Mr. VP Singh deputed Mandal commission on reservation in jobs and educational seats for people based on caste. Later how much disturbance and violence it created in society we know.

In 1984, Dec. elections the BJP had secured 2 seats in the parliament, Lok Sabha. In 1986 to 1989, the BJP had taken up Ram Mandir construction issue, which shed gallons of blood, Tons of communal rivals and crores of votes to BJP. They performed silanyas in Ayodhya. Silanyas means the bricks on which Sri Rama was printed. The BJP volunteers had brought the bricks from all over India to Ayodhya as their donations to construct Ram Mandir. Mr. LK Advani, the president of BJP had conducted Radh Yathra to promote BJP agenda of construction of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya. This yielded them to increase their parliament seats from 2 to 86 from 1984 to 1989. With this strength in Parliament, they had given support to VP Singh to form Govt. from outside.

In 1990, again, Mr. LK Advani started Radh Yathra and Mr. VP Singh had banned it. Hence, BJP had withdrawn their support to VP Singh. Because of it, within one year i.e. 340 days, VP Singh's Govt. was collapsed. Mr. Chandra Sekhar became as PM of India as Congress had given support to him from outside the Govt.

Because of waiving of agricultural loans below 10,000 Rs from banks all over India, to fulfill the election promise of VP Singh's Party, Indian economy was collapsed. Unalternatively, Mr. Chandra Sekhar's Govt. had mortgaged gold in international market. As Indians sentiments were mingled with gold, all Indians felt insult and humiliation about this mortgage. The weak Govt. of Mr. Chandra Sekhar was turned off within 7 months. The Mid pole was announced.

In those days, there were comments on news media that Congress played a crucial role in this issue, which lead midterm elections for parliament. Mr. Rajiv Gandhi had shown matured political play, as per some journals. Some other senior brains like PV Narasimha Rao etc were behind Rajiv Gandhi as per some journals. If Rajiv proceed in such a way, definitely he could learn how to fight against the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and the coup supporters i.e. other politicians like VP Singh etc. Then he could become strong and stubborn like his mother Smt. Indira Gandhi. Both of the leaders had glamour image and popularity among people. People loved them. People supported Indira Gandhi. Like that, in 1991 election also people might support Rajiv Gandhi him. If such happens, then it will be tough task for the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and the coup supporters like other politicians and Corporate Companies to weak him. The coup makers had bitter experiences with Smt. Indira Gandhi.

The other problem was, if Rajiv gets such maturity in politics, that day or some day in future he might not entertain Sonia's interference in his political affairs. Or he may recognize her or he may notice her as an agent of coup makers i.e. CIA.

So that in the mid poles of 1991, on May 21, at Sri Perambur, Tamilnadu, and Mr. Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated. An over leaf reason LTTE was there. As per media, because Mr. Rajiv Gandhi sent Santi Sena i.e. team of Indian soldiers to Sri Lanka, which made LTTE angry on Mr. Rajiv Gandhi. Hence, the big tiger Vellupillai Prabhakaran sent Dhanu, a human bomb with a team of Shivarasan, Subha and Murugan etc to Tamilnadu. The media used to refer Mr. Prabhakaran, the chief of LTTE, which means Liberation Tiger of Tamil Elam as 'Big Tiger'. In those days, Enadu Ramoji Rao used to give image to LTTE, to Big Tiger Prabhakaran as well as Davood Ibrahim, Haji Masthan etc mafia leaders in his paper regularly.

On May 21, 1991 when Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated, total India got shocked and paralyzed. It was first time to know about human bombs. Now all over the world, the human bombs are most common in terrorism. More over now it is known that how the ISI or some other Muslim terrorist groups are coaching the innocent children to make them as human bombs. The Madarasa's in Pak, Afghan etc countries are brain washing the Muslim kids, students with religious madness and using them as human bombs. For this, they are selecting the children of poor families in poor countries like Chechnya etc. Regarding all these issues, there are news stories on media now.

As per the news stories on media, we know that among Muslim terrorists in Pak and Afghan, maximum are teenagers only. In those days of 1991, the RDX, which Dhanu used to kill Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, was very new to world people. It was said that only CIA had RDX. But later it was found heaps and heaps all over the world.

On those days, i.e. after 21st May 1991, Enadu Ramoji Rao had published so many interesting and attractive stories about Sivarasan, Dhanu, Shubha, Murugan, Nalini etc. LTTE team and the SIT headed by Karthikeyan. As per those stories :- 'Sivarasan, Dhanu etc. travelled by lorry to approach Sri Perambudur. Dhanu prayed in Ganesh temple few time before her attempt to kill Rajiv. Dhanu had given 500/-Rs to a woman police constable to allow her to reach Rajiv; Dhanu & Shivarasan etc performed a mock drill i.e. mock attempt in VP Singh's election campaign.' At Vizag, the flight through which Rajiv had to reach Sri Perambudur got trouble. Hence, he cancelled his tour program and wanted to go to guesthouse. On the way itself, he was informed that the flight was got repaired. He turned to airport and reached to Sri Perambadur to meet his death there. His program was fixed just on 17th May, in spite of Valappadi Ramamurthy etc TN Congress leaders oppose and in spite of the warnings of the then DMK Govt. of State, headed by Karunanidhi. Such information's were recently came on to the screen in the context of Priyanka Vadra, the daughter of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi visited Nalini, the member in the killer team of Rajiv Gandhi in Vellur prison. She is in prison since 16 years in Vellur jail in the part of her punishment. Who was there behind the fixing of Rajiv's program as urgency? Who informed that to the killers' team? Who was behind the immediate repair of flight at Vizag on 20th May night? Dorai Swamy, the defense lawyer of Nalini, shot these questions. We all read them recently i.e. on 16-04-08 on most of the newspapers.

In those days of 1991, Enadu Ramoji Rao presented so many stories regarding this. Before one day, on the election campaign, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi had taken cold bajjies as food, which Mrs. Sheela Dixit served him. Before or later this, in his schedule of election campaign, he had talked with his loving wife Sonia Gandhi, who was at New Delhi. As per Enadu presentation, within few hours after receiving the cheerful voice of her husband, she received the sad news of his death. We don't know who had given ring to whom, whether Sonia called on him to enquire about his next schedule about Sri Perambudur or Rajiv called on her to talk.

In those days, there was an open talk that Mr. Karunanidhi was giving support to LTTE behind screen. So that, behind the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, the hand of Karunanidhi was there. He had co-operated LTTE in all means. In such case, how Sonia Gandhi formed UPA Govt. under her Chairpersonship by taking support of DMK of Karunanidhi, nobody knows. That to, Sonia Gandhi was swang in anger, in parliament with roaring voice and tears in eyes as "My mother-in-law was killed, my brother-in-law was killed and my husband was killed". Like that, she was feeling very deep sad for the assassinations of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. Then, how she is able to spare some ministries to DMK and continue the friendship with DMK Party and its leaders like Karunanidhi?

'On the other hand, Sonia Gandhi had gifted 'the recommendation for Mercy' to Nalini, by showing the broad mind, wide heart. Nalini had participated in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. Sonia Gandhi is sponsoring the daughter of Nalini's education also. The over leaf reason of these activities are humanity and great personality. But the inner reason is as follows. The coup makers can show their grip to give assurance to other coup supporters. They show their capacity like that. By showing Nalini and her daughter's career, the coup makers can encourage so many other poor and helpless people to become terrorists. By the way, the coup makers can prove, as 'Nothing will happen if the terrorists got caught by Govt. Any way Sonia Gandhi's are there in worldwide to show mercy. Any way Vajpayees, Advanies and Jaswanth Singh's are there in worldwide to release the terrorists from prison and get the terrorists in special airplane to drop the terrorists at their desired country like Kandahar hijack case of 2001. Any way coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI and Ramoji Rao are there to create over leaf reasons like flight hijacks or Rubbia Mufti's kidnap etc incidents. Like that, Sonia Gandhi had very wide and broad heart to excuse Nalini, DMK Karunanidhi. If Dhanu was alive, Sonia Gandhi is such kind enough to excuse her. Such kind hearted and broadminded Sonia Gandhi didn't allow the Corpse of late PV Narasimha Rao to keep in AICC buildings. She ill-treated him when he was alive. She ill-treated his corpse after his death. Being congress leader, he never changed party in his lifetime. He was experienced and senior leader. He was colleague of her mother-in-law, Smt. Indira Gandhi. He was guide to next generation of leaders like Rajiv Gandhi. Then what is Sonia Gandhi's reason to show such cruel heart and narrow mind towards him?

This Karunanidhi recently said on the issue of Ramasethu, as "Sri Rama was drunken. There was no man like Sri Rama. Only the poets had created such character. Hence, no question of existence of Ramasethu in the southern sea i.e. Hindu Ocean of India.

As per his own statement, if Sri Rama was not a real person, and was created by poets only, then how he would be drunken? On the other hand, though Sri Rama was an imaginary character, it relates to the crores of Hindu's believes. Then why should the so-called politician Mr. Karunanidhi said such comments on Sri Rama? To hurt the feelings and believes of Muslims or Christians or any other religious people, these politicians including Karuna Nidhi never use their tongues. Then how he is, dare enough to hurt the feelings of Hindus? If 12% of Muslim voters are valuable, then why not the 82% of Hindu voters are valuable? Hence, the reason behind this should not be votes.

Only to provoke Hindus, so that to create a sentimental, powerful and emotional weapon of Rama Sethu of Hindus to BJP to gain voters, to gain career or to create utterly communal rivals in India just like Ram Mander at Ayodhya issue, Mr. Karunanidhi delivered such comments. Otherwise, who will seize their own career? Unless their boss i.e. the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao had ordered him to comment like that? May the Hindus who devote Sri Rama are not much in population of Tamil Nadu, may the Hindus who devote God Shiva are in Tamil nadu, being politician, it is their minimum courtesy to do not hurt the feelings of crores of public. And more over it is their minimum responsibility to do not create the situations that can lead the communal rivals, in the country?

Off course, Mr. Karunanidhi had 3 or 4 wives officially and un-officially. Hence, he is not able to understand the versatility of Sri Rama and so he is dare enough to say that Sri Rama was a drunken. But off course, all of we know the habit of drinking liquor in the politicians in which range it is. Totally it is our misfortune to have such leaders, where as we had leaders like Mahatma Gandhi in past. Thank God that Mr. Karunanidhi didn't comment on Mahatma Gandhi as drunken or had multi wives or as liar etc. We should be grateful to him as he didn't comment such.

In those days i.e. in 1991, the potassium synod capsules were very new to people. Enadu published so many stories about these events of LTTE. The other papers were made to follow Enadu. All the way the intuition of Ramoji Rao was very clear that he worked his level best to tune public as LTTE, CIA were more powerful and capable than India. They were able to do whatever they want to do. India, at any cost could not stop them or could not protect itself from them, if they want to do anything on India.

Regarding the special investigating team i.e. SIT and its officer or chief KarthiKeyan also, Enadu Ramoji Rao had published so many news stories in his paper in those days of 1991. Actually, after the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, nothing was noticed for few hours. A photographer's video record was located then by accidentally or by strategically. According to that, the details of Shivarasan, Dhanu, and Shubha etc team along with their photos were revealed to world. Dhanu's photo, with a garland in her hands was published in papers. Then only, people understood what had happened and how it had happened. But still, people do not know why it had happened. Since 16 years, i.e. from 1992, severely since 3 years i.e. from 2005, I'm putting the same question to the Govt. at New Delhi. I lodged complaint on Ramoji Rao regarding his spying activities against India with logical proofs in 1992, to the then PM of India Mr. PV Narasimha Rao. For this he responded and sent two IB officers to my house to confirm me that he received my confidential compliant on Ramoji Rao's involvement in the assassination of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi. I lodged complaint on Ramoji Rao, regarding his spying activities against India with logical, documentary and circumstantial proofs, to PM Manmohan Singh, to Sonia Gandhi Chairperson of UPA Govt., to President of India in 2005, in 2006 consecutively until 2007, but no response from them. More over I'm facing further organized harassment by Mr. Ramoji Rao and his supporters. The entire particulars I enclosed at the end of this writings.

On the other hand Enadu Ramoji Rao had published so many news stories in his paper in those days of 1991. According to one of such stories: in Chennai city in those days it was called as Madras city, it was one colony that was rich at the edges of city. The SIT [Special Investigative Team] that was appointed to investigate on the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi had received some information. As per that, Shivarasan who organized the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi was taking shelter in that colony. I forgotten the name of the colony what I read on the newspaper, Enadu on that day. you can refer the news papers, Enadu of the months June and July of 1991 to verify this. Immediately after receiving the information, SIT attacked on the prescribed building i.e. a one or two stared individual home in that colony. The police force searched there by inch to inch. They searched there for 3 hours. They investigated in all the angles and enquired the residents of the colony. Totally SIT, its chief Mr. Karthikeyan and his police subordinates were not succeed to locate Sivarasan or to arrest him. With despair, they left the colony. But Sivarasan was there in that house by hiding himself under overhead water tank on that house for that 3 to 4 hours long search. Just like in a spy movie or suspense movie, in which manner the script of the movie will be, in such manner the description of Sivarasan's adventure and SIT failure as per the published story in Enadu. It was very clear that Enadu Ramoji Rao's intuition was to high light Sivarasan's skill and adventure as well as SIT failure or in-capacity.

Off course, it was a trend setted by Enadu in the then media to write like that, irrespective of the influence created by such writings in public.

In between the two polling stages, the assassination of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi was taken place, so that the second stage of polling was postponed for one month. Later it was declared that Congress appeared as biggest party in the parliament, where as no party got sufficient majority in home of Lok Sabha to form Govt. In fact, it was hung, formed in Parliament. The BJP reached from 84 seats to 120 seats.

In this juncture, senior politicians including Mr. PV Narasimha Rao etc elder and older politicians proposed Sonia Gandhi to heir the Congress kingdom.

With limitless sorrowfulness, at least with such pretention Sonia Gandhi rejected that proposal to accept the president ship of Congress party. By showing this cause, her devotees, used to say that she sacrified the opportunity to become PM of India. In fact, she is organizing UPA Govt. as a Chairperson by keeping a puppet i.e. Mr. Manmohan Singh whose share in the coup on Indian economy was huge and who was a migrant from Pakistan on PM seat. Then how it is a sacrifice by leaving a PM seat? Any way she is enjoying the Chairperson seat and supreme authority in Govt. administration!

What is her eligibility to become as Chairperson even? She doesn't belong to India. At least she doesn't feel as Indian. By wearing Sari or Indian traditional dress, is it enough? As per media information, for long time since she married an Indian, she didn't take the Indian citizenship. In Congress party even, she didn't have primary membership until 1997. She didn't go to prison in the freedom fight. She didn't know the culture and traditions of Indians. In her own words, she had fought like a tigress with her husband Mr. Rajiv Gandhi to prevent him to enter into politics to support his mother Smt. Indira Gandhi in 1980, after the killings of Sanjay Gandhi in a flight crash. That much was her selfishness is it not? Otherwise, why should she tried to prevent Rajiv to enter into politics? What might be her reasons? If husband enters into politics, there will the end of leisure family life like in past when Mr. Rajiv was doing as Pilot. Or if husband enter into politics some day he may be killed by enemies. Or what else? But as a fact, by 1980, the death of Sanjay Gandhi was considered as an accident only. Nobody sensed nothing coup in it. Smt. Indira Gandhi was alive with 63 years age by that time, 1980. There will be hope that she could live at least 15 to 20 years more. Nobody can suspect that Smt. Indira Gandhi will meet an assassination. Then how could Sonia Gandhi suspect or fear that Mr. Rajiv Gandhi may loss his life due to his entry into politics? Unless she knows the coup, unless she was supplying the information to the coup makers from PM house, how could she imagine such? Otherwise, she might fighten to prevent her husband Mr. Rajiv Gandhi's entry into politics, because of losing leisure family life as an over leaf reason. If such reason was correct on her version, then how far sincere she was towards the country? Why don't we say that she was selfish? Such selfish woman, why did she enter into politics in 1997? If she was that much repulsive to politics in 1980, then what made her to become such attractive to politics? In 1980, if Sonia Gandhi opposed Rajiv's entry into politics by fearing the danger to his life like Sanjay Gandhi's death, then how she could overcome such fear regarding herself and regarding her son Mr. Rahul Gandhi to enter into politics?

In fact, what is her eligibility to lead India? Only her eligibility was that she married the son of the Prime minister of India i.e. Smt. Indira Gandhi.

Then what a short cut way to approach PM office in India? Is it enough, just by marrying the son or daughter of a Prime Minister? There is no need of education! There is no need of experience! There is no need of nationality? There is no need of awaritiveness? Otherwise how this woman, with qualifications of below high school studies in Italy, became as a leading person i.e. Chairperson of Govt. in Union India? More over her devotees like YS Rajasekhar Reddy and other politicians are saying that, "She is a candle like and a definition of sacrifice. She refused two or three opportunities to become PM of India". Only is it enough that to make a love affair and getting marry of the son or daughter of a PM to become a PM?

In such case what were their reasons to propose Sonia to accept the Presidentship of Congress in 1991? It might be the thought of sentiment or sympathy of people after the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. Or it might be the thought that no other person could control the Congress as one team. But whatever might be the reasons, India is not a kingdom to hand it over to a heir following the death of the then king, or queen, irrespective of the heir's experience and back ground. India is not a personal or family asset to hand it over to the heir. Even the Congress party also is not like a personal asset or family asset or a kingdom, to hand it over to an heir.

In 1984, Enadu Ramoji Rao shouted on the handing over of Congress and India to an heir i.e. Rajiv Gandhi of Smt. Indira Gandhi, following her death by showing the above-mentioned argument. As a media man, it is correct and as a newspaper, it is their responsibility to do so. But in election of 1984 Dec, voters elected Rajiv Gandhi as PM so that the arguments were faded out naturally. Along with Enadu, the TDP leaders like NTR and his son-in-law Mr. N. Chandra Babu Naidu roared on heritage of Rajiv Gandhi. In 1991, also same protest was repeated on heritage of Sonia Gandhi, but with less intensity. Any way within short time i.e. few hours or 1 or 2 days, she rejected the proposal. The same N. Chandra Babu Naidu and Congress party also are doing the same now. When hired killers murdered Mr. Paritala Ravi, a Raudi sheeter and politician, N. Chandra babu Naidu had given ticket to his wife Paritala Suneetha. In case of Rajiv Gandhi in 1984, he was experienced and coached up by his mother. But in case of Paritala Suneetha, she is housewife, has no experience in politics. Then how N. Chandra Babu Naidu done such and why Enadu Ramoji Rao didn't shout on this. There is same case with Sabitha Indra Reddy, Eliminate Uma Madhava Reddy, and now P. Vishnu Vardhna Reddy. Though P. Suneetha, Sabitha and Uma had won in election, but being media person, Enadu Ramoji Rao and his son Kiran should project the argument on heritage in politics. Is it n't?

Well, let us return to New Delhi by 1991. When Congress proposed Sonia Gandhi to lead party, she proposed Mr. PV Narasimha Rao to lead party and Nation. As per media coverage in those days, Mr. PV Narasimha Rao wanted to retire from politics and was packed his things including tons of books and about to Hyderabad from Delhi by that time. As a fact, he didn't contest in the election of 1991 also.

Here some coup supporters may argue that why didn't Mr. PV Narasimha Rao also a partner in the coup. Might be it was the part of the coup strategy as projecting PV Narasimha Rao to retire from politics.

I consider this argument. But when we observe some people, one fellow will be keep silence always. He may be intellectual. Being introvert or being wise, he may not like to speak unnecessarily. Otherwise, he may be ignorant. Being fool, having no talent of speaking, having experience of getting insult for his unskillful talking, he may not speaking. So by silence, we cannot identify who is intelligent and who is ignorant. When they do some works, by their activities, definitely we can identify who is intellectual and who is ignorant. With their activities, with their motives and with their intuitions they prove themselves whatever they are either intellectual or ignorant.

Like that Mr. PV Narasimha Rao, Indira Gandhi had proved themselves as patriots and as a sincere fighters against the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters like Corporate Companies and other politicians. Similarly, Mr. Ramoji Rao, Sonia Gandhi etc innumerable number of politicians irrespective of political parties had proved themselves as coup maker's agents. Only I'm trying to expose the facts i.e. truths to you in this writings, under the title of TRUTH ITS IMPACT – AND - LIE ITS INFLUENCE.

In fact why the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters like Sonia Gandhi and other politicians had selected Mr. PV Narasimha Rao is not known. Might be the reasons relate to his past i.e. before independence or immediate after independence, or through out his political career. In Hyderabad kingdom, when Nizam refused to merge into India, when Nizam wanted to be individual kingdom, when Nizam wanted to merge into Pak by name Central Pak if continuing as an individual kingdom was not possible, people in Hyderabad kingdom i.e. in Nizam circar revolted under the leadership of ferocious leaders. When Rajakars organized terrible violence, in-human harassment on Hindus, people fought against it until Sardar Patel had taken police action, which nullified Nizam on Sep 13, 1948. During that fight, some of the then youth had taken powerful part as part in their patriotic service to our mother country, India. Among such young leaders, Mr. PV Narasimha Rao was also one of the members. Might the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, especially Ramoji Rao and their supporters had agony on him. Probably the coup makers had concentrated on all of the then young leaders who fought like that. In the due course of time, might the other leaders were faded out or defeated by the coup makers. Might, PV Narasimha Rao could survive against the coup makers being intellectual and scholar. Might be with this same reason the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters like present politicians are harassing the freedom fighters especially the freedom fighters in Telangana by not giving pensions and other benefits to them. Successfully and strategically, the coup makers and their supporters had dragged the freedom fighters up to the level of beggars.

To support this, the coup makers had created so many troubles to Mr. PV Narasimha Rao when he was CM of AP in 1971 to 1973 i.e. 22 months. He faced so many troubles created by landlords, because he tried to implement excess land ceiling rule. He faced troubles because of Telangana and Jai Andhra movements. By Telangana movement, the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters like other politicians raised a problem that people in Telangana, were wanting to form separate state like Andhra from united Madras state. Mr. KCR is continuing now the same coup and drama, in spite of defeats in bi-elections in Telangana area. Similarly, the coup makers raised Jai Andhra movement in 1973 after Telangana movement had failed. They projected, as coastal Andhra people wanted separate state by name Jai Andhra. With all these disturbances, his Govt. in AP was held by Central Govt. and launched Governor Rule in 1973. Later Mr. PV Narasimha Rao was called by Smt. Indira Gandhi to serve country by joining in her cabinet. By the way, his career at New Delhi started. Since 1973 to 1991, he served to Congress and country with his intellectuality, wisdom and awareness. Like that his scholar nature, intellectuality supported Smt. Indira Gandhi to fight against the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI in spite of not knowing of Ramoji Rao as their agent. As well as this, his experience, counseling and consultancy guided Rajiv Gandhi to show maturity in politics and to learn much about the pattern and mode of coup on India. The fact was that, being in Central Govt., they and their intelligence dept. were known about the pattern and mode of coup on India, about the address of CIA, i.e. Pentagon, about the address of ISI i.e. Islamabad. But they didn't know about the address of Chief agents of CIA, ISI in India and they didn't know about the activities of such chief agents of CIA, ISI here in India. In fact, they misguided to suspect other media persons who were sub agents of CIA, ISI like N. Ram of The Hindu and Ramnath Goyenka of Indian Express as chief agents. As well as they misguided to neglect Ramoji Rao as Chief agent of CIA, ISI. In fact, such strategy also plays key role in spying as we used to read in spying novels and spy movies. By focusing on some other persons, by drawing the concentration of the opposite country on such other persons, the coup makers could protect the chief agent. This is easy for them to do so when their agents are much in number of key positions in Govt. employees, political leaders and in bureaucrats. Whenever the Indian Govt. under the leadership of Smt. Indira Gandhi etc patriots and their intelligence dept. got suspect some fact and whenever they reached to the truths, immediately the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao used to know it in prior with their network. Hence, it made easy for them to misguide the Govt. and its intelligence dept. by creating some sensations or troubles to the Govt. to divert them from the truths identification. This is all the part of spying. It is easy to identify in the movies or novels because the director or writer are there to guide the viewer or reader to identify the facts. But in real life, there won't be any such director or writer to guide us to identify the facts and coups created by the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters like some Govt. bureaucrats, some politicians and Corporate Companies.

In fact, the coup makers were successfully able to drive out all the sincere, idealistic and patriotic persons from Govt. employees' field, from Govt. bureaucrats' field from political field and from all fields except 1 or 2% of them.

Whatever might be the reason of coup makers and their supporters like Sonia Gandhi and others, to select Mr. PV Narasimha Rao to lead Congress and to become PM of India, they done such. They might plan to degrade him as revenge to his intellectual support and guidance to Smt. Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. They might plan that to make him responsible for Indian's failure and collapse. They might plan to teach him a lesson for his sincerity in serving the nation. They might think that during his ruling time as PM, India should face severe troubles like Mandal, Mandir, Khalistan and security boom disputes etc, so that he should be liable to those failures. That's why only they had created such troubles to him, which were faded out or solved when Mr. Ramoji Rao was identified as chief agent of coup makers i.e. CIA and ISI in 1992.

But when Mr. PV Narashimha Rao was made as PM of India in 1991, he said as "I'm at the age of 71 years now. I don't know why God had given this opportunity to me. I try my level best to do good to India." I was influenced by this statement of him when I came to know about the spying activities of Mr. Ramoji Rao against the faith of India in 1992, to approach Mr. PV Narasimha Rao, the then PM of India.

Within one year i.e. 1991 to 1992, the situation of India had dragged into terrible limits. There were created severe troubles to Mr. PV Narasimha Rao, such as Ram Mandir construction at AYodhya, Mandal commission's report on reservations, stock exchange ex-ordinary boom i.e. Harshad Mehta's dispute, Khalistan terrorism problem in Punjab, militants problem in Kashmir, Bodos, Naxals etc violence, terrorism problem, All India lorries transport strike etc, by the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and the coup supporters like other politicians, economists, Corporate Companies etc.

I'll explain one by one in detail.

Regarding Babri Masjid:- According to media information, according to the book written by Mr. PV Narasimha Rao by name Ayodhya, the past history of dispute of Ram Mandir – Babri Masjid is very long.

As per history, during the ruling time of Baber, the Mughal emperor, a Masjid called Meer Bakhi was built in 1528 AD in the place where Hindus believe as the birth place of Sri Rama in Ayodhya.

In 1492 AD, Christopher Columbus discovered America and West Indies Islands, as in part of his search to find sea route to India. By thinking the Islands of American continent as Indian Islands, he had declared that he found sea route to India and reached India. Later they had known that these Islands were not India, they were new to world where the local Red Indian tribal races were living. The British felt happy to find another vast land i.e. continent to robber and to establish their colony there. The rest of the story of America's freedom fight was in the history as the entire world knows.

In 1892, after 400 years to the time of discovery of America in Chicago world religious assembly, Swami Vivekananda said, "When the Western world was not opened its eyes even, India had the high peaked philosophical wealth."

Because of this, CIA decided to push back India up to 500 years back, in to the past. That's why only, CIA had taken the issue of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya as in the part of their coup on India, to create violence in India, by the way to collapse India based on communal rivals. By the way, they wanted to take back India in to past by 500 years.

In fact, it is an open secret that RSS, BJP and Siva Sena are the organizations on the screen where as CIA is on the behind screen. Strategically RSS, BJP and Siva Sena raised the movement of Ram Mandir construction at Ayodhya. With such issue, the BJP got increase its seats in Lok Sabha from 2 to 84 from 1984 to 89 and 84 to 120, from 89 to 91 elections.

Actually, the BJP, RSS and Hindu terrorists tried to play on the sentiments and emotions of people. They played to create conjectures and doubts among Hindus and Muslims, so that among Indians. They performed Silanyas, Karaseva and Radha yatra etc programs as in the part of their coup strategy. The media had given the suitable and the relevant publicity to popular it and to provocate communal rivals. In fact, only the media coverage cannot provoke the street fights among different communities. Hence, some hired persons from both communities can start the attacks on opposite section of people to support the media coverage. There the moss psychology reflects. Naturally, the violence spread like contagious disease in the society.

To raise these fires up to Mount Everest height, the religious leaders like LK Advani and Emam Bukari etc had delivered the speeches.

The BJP leaders and RSS leaders like LK Advani, Ashok Singhal, Uma Bharathi, Sathwi Rithimbhara, Govinda Charya, and Vinay Kathiyar etc used to deliver speeches to express their commitment to construct Sri Rama Mandir at Rama Janma Bhoomi i.e. the birthplace of Sri Rama at Ayodhya. Especially Mr. Advani used to say that, "We are dedicated to construct Ram Mandir at Ayodhya. We are ready to die for it. If anybody including Govt., Govt. soldiers, police or Muslims opposes it, till end we will fight."

In fact, their agenda was not confined only with Ayodhya. After Ayodhya, they wanted to take up Krishna Janma Bhoomi issue at Brindavan. In the sequence there were 3000 Masjids were there, to demolish and to construct Hindu temples there, because the Muslims had demolished the temples there in past.

Whenever the RSS, BJP and Siva Sena had organized Silanyas i.e. bringing bricks on which Sri Rama's name was encarved from various parts of India by roadways and railways, the BBC and other international media as well as the national media gave a huge publicity. This provoked both communities i.e. Hindus and Muslims such as something was going to happen in Ayodhya. The co-living of Hindus and Muslims got disturbed. Both started to think and react to others with insecurity. The co-operation and the co-ordination in life were vanished. In fact, if temple is there at Ayodhya or Masjid is there at Ayodhya, it makes no difference in their lives. But the communal rivals could make everything bad and loss in their lives. Any way the coup makers' agents were there to organize violence in public by mingled in the public. More over the incidents of violence during the time of country separation was live in the minds of people. Those memories and that history were not got erased. It is natural because it is truth.

Fire can be raised with high intensity by adding wind blow on to it. Like that, the politicians of other parties like VP Singh, Chandra Sekhar etc performed their role according the script of coup makers such as aspects of LK Advani during his Radhayathra and ban of Rada Yathra etc.

Knowingly or unknowingly, voluntarily or by forced, wantedly or by falling in trap, in the Rajiv Gandhi's Govt. time, the locks of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya were opened by court orders, and Babri fighting committee was formed.

As well in the case of Radha Yathra and Karaseva, the national and international media had given high volume propaganda. In fact, regarding other issues especially India got victories in previous like winning in Indo-Pak wars, achieved excess food production etc, the international media never projected it. After 1974, the media era didn't give any support to Indian Government. Always to critic India is the national media's priority, including sports, science and technology, economics etc. When CAG i.e. Comptroller and Auditor General had commented negatively on Rajiv's Govt. i.e. అభిశంసన, Enadu Ramoji Rao had given continuous coverage in main page and editorials for some days i.e. at least for more than 2 weeks. In fact, that CAG officer Mr. TN Chaturvedi, later joined in BJP and proved his personal emotions and agony against Congress.

Then how anybody can say that Mr. TN Chaturvedi was genuine or sincere? Why didn't he was the agent of the then opposition party i.e. BJP or JD etc to the Congress party, which was in power by that time? Then how far it was justice to the media and Enadu to high light as if Mr. TN Chaturvedi of CAG was super police and as if Mr. Rajiv Gandhi was a world famous hard-core thief?

Whatever the strategy of coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters like other media, some politicians and some of bureaucrats, implemented in the above issues, the same type of strategy they played in case of BJP Radha yathra, Rama Janma Bhoomi issue.

The BJP leaders like LK Advani, Uma Bharathi etc, the RSS leaders like Satwi Rithimbhara, Govinda Charya, Ashok Singhal, Vinay Katiyar etc used to deliver speeches as they had born to protect Hindus and to save Sri Rama by constructing Rama Mandir at Ayodhya.

I don't know how they can construct a temple to God Sri Rama by hurting and by killing thousands of innocent people in communal rivals. A real Hindu, definitely don't believe that God Sri Rama will live in brick constructed temple. A real Hindu, definitely believe that God Sri Rama will live in the hearts of devotees. A real Hindu, definitely don't believe that religion is beyond the limits of humanity. A real Hindu, definitely believe that God is everywhere. He loves everybody irrespective of religion, caste and nationality. God didn't say to construct temple by killing people.

Suppose, if Muslims demolished Ram Mandir at Ayodhya and constructed Masjid there in past, if Muslims demolished temples and constructed Masjids at 3000 places in past in various parts of India, what is the difference in between Muslims of past time and Hindu terrorists of RSS, BJP and Siva Sena of now-a-days? What Muslims had done in past time, the same sin if RSS and BJP leaders do now, how fools and stupid's they are? Whoever the Muslim people of those days including emperors and common men had demolished the temples including Somanath temple by Mohammad Gajani in 1026 AD, no doubt they were in-human and nasty. No doubt they were fools and ignorant. No doubt, they were stupids and idiots. Nobody should destroy no body's praying place. In such case, by demolishing the Meer Bakhi Majid i.e. Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, why not the RSS and BJP leaders and Karaseva are fools and stupids? How the God Sri Rama, Allah, Jesus Christ, or Gowtham Buddha can be in human constructed praying place by leaving got constructed human hearts and minds? Which God told them to demolish any God's Praying place? Did Sri Rama tell such? Did Sri Rama who left his kingdom for the sake of truth and morality tell them to raise communal rivals, which lead the bloodshed? Did Allah tell them such? Did Jesus tell them such? Which God told them to do such? Except the coup makers, i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters like themselves i.e. RSS, BJP and Sivasena leaders, who told them to do such?

On the other hand, if their real intuition was constructing Ram Mandir at Ayodhaya, not to raise communal rivals, why did they kept calm regarding construction of temple at Ayodhya when the BJP was in Central Govt. as NDA for 5 years i.e. from 1999 to 2004? Why didn't they construct temple at Ayodhya when BJP was in power at New Delhi? If they show the cause as the court involvement, then why didn't they consider any court involvement, any commitment given to court by BJP and their CM in UP state in 1992? If the court was not able to stop them in 1992, then how the court was able to stop them, from constructing temple there in the period of 1999 to 2004?

Like that, it was clearly proved that their intuition is not constructing temple at Ayodhya. Just they wanted to demolish the Masjid there, so that they desired that union Indian Govt. and India could collapse, like USSR into 15 or 21 pieces of different countries in 1991. In fact their real intuition was that only to destroy India like Russia i.e. USSR. Now in world map there is no USSR. Like that, in world map there should not be India. In its place, there should be some pieces of lands like Khalistan, Bodo land, Nagaland and other provinces. By keeping this political coup behind them, BJP, RSS and Sivasena pretended the religion coup on screen. Mr. LK Advani of BJP, in 2005, had visited Mr. Mohammadali Jinnah's tomb in Pak and praised him. Whatever might be the reasons given by Mr. Advani, the migrant from Karachi, Pak at the time of country separation, is this not supporting his coup partnership? We should not feel surprise, if such Hindu leaders will prove in future, as Muslims pretended like Hindus. As well, we should not feel surprise, if Muslim leaders will prove in future, as Hindus pretended like Muslims. In fact, the real devotees, irrespective to which religion they belong, cannot make such reachary, cannot deceive other devotees like that and cannot dare to do against God, whose name they are saying. That's why the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters will depute Muslim persons to lead such coup activities on Hindus as well Hindu persons to lead such coup activities on Muslims otherwise the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao, will depute atheists who won't believe in God to lead such coup activities on religions.

In one recent Telugu movie, 'Ajad' acted by Nagarjuna and Soundarya a villain who pretends like Hindu provokes communal rivals will be proved as a Muslim. The hero will expose that coup played by him. The late talented actor Mr. Raghuvaran acted lively in that role.

Here we can notice an interesting issue. Recently, in 2008, one suspended M.L.A. from Shivasena claimed that Mr. Bal Thakare is working as Pakistan agent. Why he claimed like that, we don't know. But before 1992, the media, especially Enadu used to give coverage and image to Mr. Bal Thakare as "If Bal Thakare gets cold, then the entire Mumbai will get cough and sneezes." Actually, nobody had guts to oppose or to claim Mr. Bal Thakare before 1992. After 1992 only, clashes in Shivasena as groups headed by Raj Thakare and Uddav Thakare. Being ferocious Hindu Politician, how he could work as Pakistan agent, his ex-subordinate who claimed such might know. But these incidents remind us the action of Mr. Raghuvaran in such role in the Telugu movie 'Ajad'. In that movie a Muslim i.e. Pakistan agent will become leader of hardcore Hindu political party in the disguise of Hindu devotee.

The above said strategy was shown in that movie. Off course the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters like Multinational and Corporate Companies will supply the out dated strategy to cinema people and novel writers to expose it to public. By the way also, they will market it i.e. the faded out or out dated strategy for money as a final extract of that strategy. By the way, they can generalize the out dated strategy by popularizing it.

To make the coup on religions and politics as lively, the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters like so many politicians added the action of Muslim leaders like MIM leaders and Emam Bukari.

By the way both the Hindu leaders like Mr. LK Advani other Hindu leaders and Muslim leaders like Emam Bukari, used to deliver hot speeches to provoke communal rivals. In those days i.e. 1990, in old city of Hyderabad, the communal rivals provoked and violence happened. As per the coup makers script, their agents i.e. hired persons had mingled in both communities and gathered other emotional people in both communities i.e. Hindus and Muslims and started attacks on others. Organizingly the violence spread in various parts. People belong to both communities were killed. Some were injured. The hired violent creators hurt people irrespective of age and religion.

In those days, one day I had seen India Today, the fortnight journal with a cover page coverage of communal rivals and violence happened in old city of Hyderabad. On that cover page, a kid of age 11 months was on the shoulders of her father. She was injured across her face with knife. Almost 11 stitches were there across her face, from left eyebrow to right cheek through her nose. She was a Muslim baby laid on her father's shoulder. She was dressed in black. On the cover page of India Today her face was towards the readers and her father's back was shown to readers. Really, it was a pitiable sight.

By that time, I was unmarried. My younger sister has a daughter. That kid was with me in her childhood. I love her like anything. I used to pet her and protect her. By watching the India Today's cover page, I had recalled my memories with her. I was trembled by watching that photograph. I felt very sorrow and sad. I felt as if my lovely child was there. It was hurt my heart in deep. I thought violently.

What is there, for that kid, who was injured on face, and who got 11 stitches at the age of 11 months, if temple is there at Ayodhya or if there is Masjid? What makes her profit or loss, what makes her advantage or disadvantage, if there is temple or Masjid at Ayodhya?

In addition to this, the Hindu leaders and the Muslim leaders used to deliver the provocative speeches. At that moment, I felt so deeply. With emotion, I thought, as "It is better to conduct swords plays i.e. wars among Hindu Muslim leaders who are willingful to die for either temple or Masjid at Ayodhya. Let us allot stadiums. Let us conduct wars or Sword playing games in the stadiums like cricket matches, like Tennis matches, or like valley Ball Matches. Just like sports, let us conduct primary wars, quarterfinal wars, semifinal wars and final wars. Let us count the score. Let us count the number of deaths of both religion leaders who were ready to die for either Mandir or Masjid at Ayodhya as score. Let us consider the grand total i.e. score of hurts, injures and deaths of leaders or fighters. Let us purchase the tickets to watch the wars in stadiums. Whoever won the more score; let us construct the Mandir or Masjid at Ayodhya. If Hindu leaders won, let us construct Sri Rama Mandir. If Muslim leaders won, let us construct Allah's Masjid. Any way the leaders are ready to die or to shed blood either to construct Ram Mandir or to demolish Babri Masjid or to protect Masjid at Ayodhya. When the leaders are ready to die for it, then let us proceed like that. Then why should the innocent people, the innocent children die in communal rivals?"

I thought like that. In fact, by that time I didn't know about the existence of CIA and even about the abbreviation of CIA. I didn't know about the activities of Ramoji Rao. As all other common people read the papers, view the TV and hear the Radio, I also used to read the paper, view the TV and hear the Radio. As all other common people think, I also used to think that all of these communal rivals are happening due to politicians' votes play only.

But in 1992, when I was stayed at my friend house, who was a subeditor in Enadu, during my talks on political issues, I came to notice that Mr. Ramoji Rao's hand was behind this. Exactly at that moment I was frequently visiting Mr. N. Janardhana Reddy, the then CM's residence at Somaji guda and his office at secretariat because of my business of lead acid batteries. I felt confirmation that something coup was playing by Mr. Ramoji Rao, Enadu. I worked on that project for some days. I used to provoke my friend to talk on her boss, on the then political issues, about her writings in paper, about their Chairman, i.e. Mr. Ramoji Rao's guidance to the sub-editors team to write news in Enadu and about the other activities of Mr. Ramoji Rao. During these days, all of a sudden, she asked me to left her house in which I was staying as a friend. She had shown the reason that her husband was objecting my stay at her home. I felt it was natural and I had taken a send off from her by thanking her and by presenting her with a decorative piece, what I remember, it was a show lamp.

Later I thought that probably she might suspected me and asked me to leave her house. But in 1992, whenever I came to know that Mr. Ramoji Rao, Enadu was there behind communal rivals and Mr. LK Advani, VP Singh, Karunanidhi etc. national politicians used to visit him in his office frequently, I could remember the kid's photograph on India Today's cover page who got 11 stitches across her face at the age of 11 months. My blood had boiled like anything.

If it is natural that a friend ship between the politicians and media men, if it is natural that relationship between the politicians and media men, if there will be mutual needs among political and media field, what is the need of national leaders to visit a regional paper man like Ramoji Rao? What is the need of other state leaders and CM's like Karunanidhi of Tamil nadu to visit a regional Telugu paper man like Ramoji Rao? That to, if they are doing mutual friendship, why all the times, these politicians are visiting him frequently, why not this man i.e. Mr. Ramoji Rao, Enadu is visiting them? Up to 1992, Mr. Ramoji Rao never attended any public function. Almost his face was not known to the people upto 1992. Even in Nandi awards meeting, when his movie 'Prathighatana' acted by Vijaya Santhi got golden or silver Nandi, when the then CM of AP was awarding Nandi's to producers and actress, Mr. Ramoji Rao didn't attend the function. Even his sons either Kiran or Suman didn't attend. Some Mr. Atluri Purna Chandra Rao what I remember, being an executive producer on behalf of Usha Kiran movies, on behalf of Ramoji Rao had received Nandi idol from the hands of the then CM of AP. there was same case with another movie 'Mayuri'.

Then I started to work on Mr. Ramoji Rao's activities. Up to that time, like many of the newspaper readers, I used to read Enadu. From that day onwards, I started to read his newspaper, Enadu, with keen observation. While observing the things, the news coverage in Enadu, I had remembered my friend's dialogue as "Everybody will think casual about News writing and reading. But, the tuning of public attitude is behind there. There is everything in writing the news and presenting the news. Our Chairman Mr. Ramoji Rao conduct meeting every week and guide us to write. You observe. From next week onwards, there will be entire change regarding the so and so issue i.e. the then issue".

In fact, I felt wonder about her talks. First, I neglected. I thought that, "After all, what will be there in news paper writing? The newspaper will be a waste paper by afternoon in a day. But out of curiacity, I was not able to forget it. Naturally, I started to observe the then affairs and the news coverage in Enadu.

In those days, around Feb or March 1992, there was Congress plenary meeting was held at Tirupathi. In Enadu, the extra-ordinary image was given to Nedurimalli Janardhana Reddy, the then CM of AP. Enadu presented that, "The Prime Minister Mr. PV Narasimha Rao is giving very importance to N. Janardhana Reddy. N. Janardhana Reddy was efforting to make plenary meeting ground as attractive and comfortable. He had taken extra care and personal care. He paid personal visit to look after the arrangements. The following is the list of Congress office bearers or something Congress internal positions which is preferred by N. Janardhana Reddy and PV Narasimha Rao".

Like this in all of Ramoji Rao's news features in Enadu, he tried his level best to project N. Janardhana Reddy as No.2 or next to PM position or next to president of AICC, i.e. Mr. PV Narasimha Rao by that time. It was just like his news coverage, his image presenting to Mr. NT Rama Rao in 1982-82.

` When I stayed at my friend's house, I had asked her "What was the relationship between N. Janardhana Reddy and Mr. Ramoji Rao?" She said that, "Our Chairman i.e. Mr. Ramoji Rao had given personal party to Mr. N. Janardhana Reddy in the guest room on the terrace of Enadu building at Somaji Guda. Normally he won't allow any body up to that treatment or level. Generally when foreign visitors visited our office, then only he will get them into that guest room. When Mr. Janaradhana Reddy had taken up charges from Mr. Marri Chenna Reddy, the first garland on his neck was from whom, can you imagine? It was sent by Mr. Ramoji Rao".

I asked her "What? Do the foreign visitors come to your office?"

She said, "Yes. Do you know that my Chairman, Mr. Ramoji Rao will attend them and give send off by closing their car door at the parking place in our office. He has his own private security staff you know!"

Then I asked her "Why?"

She laughed at me and said, "You are doing business. But not known about the current events and about now-a-days. Really, you are a fool. Forget about it."

I recalled all of this from my memory. In those days of my short stay at her house, one day I asked her "What is the position of Mr. PV Narasimha Rao? What is his relation with your Chairman?"

She didn't reply to this. But she said, "In past all the Reddy casted people had harassed Mr. PV Narasimha Rao. Now N. Janardhana Reddy is making all such candidates to fall on PV Narasimha Rao's foot. Like that, Mr. Reddy is satisfying his ego."

After this conversation, within 1 or 2 days, my friend asked me to leave her house. As in part of my observation, I had gone through the Enadu coverage, other papers coverage and DD coverage in News. I understood that it was true as Mr. N. Janardhana Reddy was trying to satisfy or to raise ego in Mr. PV Narsimha Rao. But I didn't observe that PV Narasimha Rao was feeling any ego factor either satisfying of ego or raising of ego.

Moreover, I trusted him because of his dialogue at the time of acceptance of Prime Minister ship in 1991 as "Now I'm at the age of 71 years. I don't know why God had given this choice to me. I try my level best to do good to this country."

I didn't sense any bad, any coup, or any negative in PV Narasimha Rao. As I try to follow Sri Bhgavad Geetha and as I try to practice Geetha, I used to open the book by closing my eyes and chanting God. Whatever the slokam I got on the opened page, I used to take its meaning and application as guidance from God. Like that, whenever I opened Sri Bhagavad Geetha to fetch guidance from God, I got the slokams either

"కర్మణ్యేవాధికారస్తే మా ఫలేషు కదాచన
మా కర్మఫల హేతుర్భూర్మాతే సంగో స్త్వ కర్మణి"

Which means "You have authority to do work, but not on its result. You have to perform work, and you have to leave its result to God. Or

"హతోవా ప్రాప్స్యసే స్వర్గం జిత్వావా భోక్ష్యసే మహీం
తస్మా దుత్తిష్ఠ కౌన్తేయ యుద్దాయ కృతనిశ్చయః"

Which means, "If you die in the war, You can enjoy the heaven. If you win the war, you can enjoy on the earth. So that Arjuna! Get up to do war with determination".

I thought in myself as "What Mr. PV Narasimha Rao do, I should not think because it is the result. What I have to do is, to complaint on Mr. Ramoji Rao regarding his coups on India including Rajiv Gandhi's assassination. Being citizen of India, it is my responsibility to do so. If any harm happens with this to me or to my family or to my friend, let it. What is there if we loss life? Any way some day we will die. Thousands of people are losing lives in communal rivals, terrorism like Ghatakeswar train compartment burning, in Punjab etc. are not they? Thousands of soldiers are dieing to protect country boarders. Are not they?"

In fact, in my friend's house, the large colored photo frame of Rajiv Gandhi was on the wall, inside the bedroom. When I asked her why she didn't keep it in drawing room, she expressed terrible fear. As well she used to frighten to put one-day leave to office. I sensed something strange in that fear. When I enquired her she said, "You don't know about our office. When Mr. Lavu Rattayya, of Vignan educational institutes started 'Suprabhatham', our Chairman called him to his Enadu office and warned him. When Mr. Dasari Narayana Rao started 'Udayam' newspaper, some of our journalists had gone to service there. Ultimately they are facing problems now. That's all." In fact, before 1991, she had no such fear to put leave to her office for even one week.

With all these particulars, I approached my father Sri Kata Venkata Reddy to guide me, what to do either to go to New Delhi to lodge complaint on Mr. Ramoji Rao to Mr. PV Narasimha Rao or to continue my business. He said as, "It is better to live for half an hour like a royal swan than to live for a life time like a crow. Proceed. Nothing is to bother if we die to do so." I didn't see back from then.

Regarding this fight against the coup on India, I feel very grateful to two persons. One is my father Sri Venkata Reddy. He blessed me to proceed and encouraged me to start the fight. The second person is my husband Mr. Lenin B.Yadla. He also thinks like me. Being friend, he also gets ready to die if I die in this fight. Being patriot, he loves mother India. He never objected me in proceeding and co-operating me to continue the fight. I feel that my husband and my daughter Ms. Phani Geetha Priyadarsini are like my soldiers. As well, I consider myself as a soldier of mother India.

To facilitate myself to write all of this, I'm using the first person singular number 'I' instead of first person plural number 'We'. In fact whatever I done the fight after my marriage, it is the fight done by us i.e. the team of my husband Mr. Lenin B. Yadla, my daughter Ms. Phani Geetha Priyadarshini and myself, Mrs. Adi lakshmi.

On the other hand, in 1992, when I used to visit Mr. Janardhana Reddy's residence to request him to recommend APS RTC to place Batteries orders to my small scale industry. I lodged complaint on some officer, what I remember Mr. Radha Krishna Reddy, the Executive Director of APS RTC regarding his disputes, in secretariat. In this context I had visited Mr. N. Janardhana Reddy's house at Somaji guda.

One day I watched an incident there. A woman came there with her team of employees. It seems that they want to request some favors from CM. That woman was reacting with speed. She almost ordered CM's personal assistant to allow her into his office room. His PA was CM's private PA and aged man. He didn't responded. He requested her to wait as all others like myself, i.e. almost 15 to 20 members in the lounge. She over looked his request and had given her visitor's slip with a note on it and almost ordered him to send that slip to CM. The PA went to his seat. He said with other attenders, "It seems that this woman is imagining that the CM will come out to receive her, because she met him in night. She doesn't know such women are most frequent to him. Poor woman!" All of they laughed at her. Already I heard the comment on him as 'womanizer'. I felt wonder about this. This made me to believe that Mr. Ramoji Rao is very bad person. He says literal morals in his editorials. That's all! Because he was giving Gobble's i.e. PA to Adolf Hitler's type image to Mr. N. Janardhana Reddy, I confirmed myself that Mr. N. Janardhana Reddy and Ramoji Rao were co-thieves, or partners in the coup. In fact, Mr. Ramoji Rao had given Gobble's image to Mr. NTR. It was notorious or famous in public. It was highlighted in the then movie "Mandaladhisudu" also, acted by Krishna, Bhanumathi Rama Krishna and Kota Srinivasa Rao etc.

By that time, I didn't suspect Sonia Gandhi. Being Indian innocent citizen, I didn't imagine that a wife could play coup against her own husband, by that time and by that age. I suspected only VP Singh, N. Janardhana Reddy, Karunanidhi and Ramoji Rao, as coup makers, who implemented Rajiv Gandhi assassination. Because, Mr. VP Singh had cancelled SPG protection to Rajiv Gandhi I suspected him. Because of Mr. N. Janardhana Reddy's active role in Congress plenary at Tirupathi in March 1992 as well as at the time of Rajiv's corpse transport from Sri Perambudur to New Delhi in May 1991 I suspected him. Because of news of Karunanidhi's sympathy to LTTE and hearing of his visits to Mr. Ramoji Rao from my friend's voice, I suspected these four members. Hence, I thought them like 'Dushta Chathushtayam' i.e. the team of four bad persons in Mahabharatham. By 1992, I didn't know about CIA and Sonia Gandhi's hands in coup. Moreover, I didn't know the mode and magnitude of coup by them against India.

Like all other common newspaper readers, I also believed that some security guards killed Indira Gandhi with the agony of Operation Blue Star on Golden Temple of Sikhs in Amritsar. Like all other common newspaper readers, I also believed that some LTTE terrorist like Dhanu, Sivarasan and Subha etc had killed Rajiv Gandhi with agony of Santhisena i.e. Indian army sending to Sri Lank. Similarly, I believed that the terrorism, Mandir, Mandal etc issues were happening naturally.

But within these 17 years from 1992 to 2008, I learnt much about the coup. To know about the coup like this i.e. in detail, a man helped me. He was famous English poet Rudiard Klipping.

Here, I want to refer you his poem,

"I have six friends,

They taught me everything what I know

They are what, why, where, when, who and how".

When I am undergoing hunting by Mr. Ramoji Rao and by his agents, when I am undergoing organized harassment by Mr. Ramoji Rao and by his agents, by reading his newspaper and by observing facts happening, and by observing other electronic media, other newspaper coverage, I learnt much. When I receive strategic silence from UPA Govt. regarding this case I understood the mode, magnitude and other particulars of the coup, about the coup makers and about the coup supporters. I enclosed all the particulars of the case, at the end of this writing for your ready reference and as a live proof to their coup against human race in India.

Why Mr. Ramoji Rao and his agents did harassed us and why are Mr. Ramoji Rao and his agents harassing us, I don't know. They might know the reason. They should reveal the reason. I cleared them that my life is open book and there is nothing secrecy like Ghandikota Rahasyam in my life.

Well. Let us return to the days of 1992. In those days, one of the burning problems or issues was Mandal. In 1989, when VP Singh was PM of India, he appointed Mandal commission to study on the reservations in jobs and educational opportunities to the people on the base of caste i.e. birth to make social justice. In fact, 'social justice' was just on over leaf cause. The real intuition is to provoke diviations and quarrels among people, by these reservations on caste, as OC, BC, SC, ST and OBC – ABCDE to Z etc. This is just like General Duple of British East India company's strategy on India that was followed by British Crown Govt. also as 'Divide and Rule' policy. Utterly it was Kanika Neethi from Mahabharatham . In fact, the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters like Corporate Companies, politicians and political parties are playing the same policy i.e. 'Divide and Rule' to implement coup on India.

Such Mandal commission had submitted its report to Government in 1992. The details were published in media. There started the movement. The students came on to the roads. They boycotted the classes. Some of them had burnt themselves with fuels like petrol and kerosene etc. Off course, later it is shown in some movies as some hired criminals will mingle in the mob and select some innocent and genuine students, poured fuel on them and burnt them. Actually, Mr. VP Singh had appointed the Mandal commission, but Mr. PV Narasimha Rao was made to bear the burden of Mandal's report.

Two politicians, Mr. Sarad Yadav and Mr. Ram Vilas Paswan had rushed on to the screen of politics and started to organize the waves of movements on Mandal issue. Almost all the sections of people experienced insecurity and started to quarrel with others. India was like hot oven. In fact, still this problem is buring. The recent [2008] Gujjars' protest in Rajastan is fresh example to this.

Here I want to discuss about it with a comparison. Suppose some people are in running race. Among them, some are stout and strong. Some are weak. Naturally, the strong people are running fast and enjoying the fruits by winning them. The weak people are not able to run fast so that they are not able to win. Hence, they are not able to enjoy the fruit. Hence, the variation among the strong and weak people is going on increase. Really, it is pity. But, to justify all, what we have to do? It must be needful to give support to week people by giving nutritious food, health and facilities to them to make them strong. But what Govt. reservation system is making? It is chopping off the legs of strong people. By the way, nobody in India can reach the goal. Exactly in this point, the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters like politicians and bureaucrats, justices of courts etc are playing on India.

Otherwise, the Mandal commission or other commission like Mandal should think that, "Are there no weak and poor families in the sections of open category or higher castes like Brahmins, Vaisyas, Kamma, Reddy etc? Are there no strong and rich families in the sections of BC, SC and ST? What about the Nation if it doesn't utilize the talents, skills and capacity of people in higher casts as well as in lower casts? In jobs, in educational institutes if a talented, skillful and capable person is rejected on the base of casts, how far it is justice? In jobs, in educational institutes if an in-capacitive fellow gets opportunity on the base of casts, what about the loss to country? Exactly this play is reverse one to what said in Mahabharatham by Narada Neethi and Vidura Neethi etc. According to such epics, the king must take care that the unskilled and non-eligible persons should not be in higher positions, as well as the talented and eligible persons should not be in lower positions in jobs of Govt. If such happens, the non-eligible person will feel ego and spoil the Govt. administration. Such in-capacitive fellows in higher positions will harass the subordinates with their ego, jealousy and insecurity. There will be same case with skilled and capable persons in lower positions. They feel frustrations and desperations. They trouble the others and their bosses. Totally, negative feelings spread in society. Im-peacefulness will create in society.

In fact, the Govt. has to take care off poor and weak people irrespective of caste. The poor and weak people should get free education. They should get scholarship on the merit base but not on birth i.e. caste base. They should get seats on the base of ranks and merit but not on the base of caste. If a doctor, who became as a doctor with less marks i.e. less knowledge and less ability in subject, but became as a doctor on the base of castes, done operation to a patient and if such patient die, because of this doctor's in-capacity, who is responsible to this death? If an engineer, who became as an engineer on the base of caste but not on the base of knowledge and capacity, designed a project and constructed a project and if such project collapse because of this engineer's in-capacity, who is responsible to this collapse?

If some coup supporters argue that, "Since centuries, some lower castes were suppressed by some higher castes. Hence, people in lower castes are at low level in the terms of social status and economical status. Their genetic growth is also not knowledgeous and capacitive to competite with higher castes students and candidates. Hence, reservations are must needed to develop lower castes.

The answer is as follows. "If the lower castes people are genetically not knowledgeous and in-capacitive to competite with open castes candidates, they should get complete free education, free counseling to change their attitude. The Govt. system, intellectuals and social welfare-working people have to motivate them to change their attitude to develop their lives. The effort should take to change their attitude, to change the intuitions, to be thrust to change and to develop their lives by themselves, psychologically. Otherwise, the people of these sections will co-operate with Govt. employees to misuse Govt. money allotted to their welfare programs. That's all. Moreover, to say that 'lower castes candidates are in-capable to competitive by genetic' is equal to degrade them, to insult them and to hurt their self respect.

In this context, I could remember about Mr. Rajiv Goswamy, who attempted suicide by pouring petrol or kerosene on himself to protest reservations. In New Delhi, I had travelled on a road to which his name was given. What I remember is this happened in the period of 1989 to 1990. Or 1990 to 1991. Off course later i.e. after 1992, I came to notice that Mr. Rajiv Goswamy is alive by his luck. I felt happy about it. But in 1992, this Mandal revolt was in high peak.

On the other hand, Harshad Mehata's stock exchange extra-ordinary boom was creating vibrations in the market of India. It was named as security scam [fraud] which involved 5000 and above crores of rupees. The then Finance Minister of Manmohan Singh and his five members team including Montec Singh Ahuluvalia, the present Chairman of planning commission were not able to identify the coup behind the security scams.

By 1992, most of people didn't suspect any coup behind this security scam as well behind the strategic non-identification or strategic innocence of the then Finance Minister and present Prime Minister of India Dr.Manmohan Singh and his team.

By 1992, people thought, at least people like myself thought that Mr. Mehata was there behind the security scam. Some bank officials were helped him to get share i.e. money.

But after 2004, after Dr. Manmohan Singh became as Prime Minister of India with the help of Sonia Gandhi and after watching that both are flowing money to multinational companies, Corporate Companies on the name of special economical zones [SEZ], it is clear that the role of both Dr. Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi in the coup on India by CIA, ISI and Ramoji Rao. If not, why didn't they take action on Mr. Ramoji Rao in spite of they received the proofs including logical, documentary and circumstantial? Now in India, we are experiencing the Govt. robbery on public, which our fore fathers experienced in the British Crown Govt., before independence of India. It makes no difference in between UPA Govt. and British Crown Govt. All India lorry transport strike was going on for 21 or 22 days, which resulted in the increase of prices of commodities.

Any way terrorism was roaring every day all over India. In Metropolitan cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, no city bus passenger, no local train passenger can take his journey without the threaten of Bombs. Everywhere there were notice boards of police to alert people regarding bombs, which might keep in public places.

I observed all these, with a dilemma whether to complaint on Ramoji Rao to PM of India or not. I had recalled my memory about an incident happened in 1991. It was within short period of Mr. PV Narasimha Rao's office in South Block i.e. PMO.

In 1991, one day, the daughter of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, one of the Minister of PV Narasimha Rao's cabinet, medico Rubbia Mufti was kidnapped by Kashmir militants. I clearly remembered the news coverage in Enadu with the photograph of Mufti Mohammad sayed. He was requesting PM to arrange to get release of his daughter, with tears in his eyes, being father and victim. The Kashmir militants were demanding the release of some terrorists from prison just like in the case of flight hijack to Kandahar in BJP Govt. time i.e. in the years 1999 to 2004. But as per the Enadu and Ramoji Rao's news coverage, Mr. PV Narasimha Rao didn't respond immediately, because he was a man 'Thathsara Brahmma' that means a man of late doing works. As well, Enadu put another nickname to PV Narashimha Rao along with this Thathsara Brahma, as 'Mounananda Swami'. Because, being PM of India, Mr. PV Narashimha Rao was not responding either with talks or with activities. Mr. Ramoji Rao, Enadu used to criticize PV Narasimha Rao as "Mr. PV Narashimha Rao thinks that taking no solution towards some problems is itself a solution for that problem."

In spite of these critics, jokes, and cartoons, Mr. Narasimha Rao didn't responded to release the imprisoned terrorists as per the demand of Kashmir Militants who kid-napped Ms. Rubbia Mufti. Mufti Mohammad Sayyed had appealed to PM repeatedly with pitiable dialogues and tears in eyes, but in vain.

But surprisingly, beside this drama, one day Kashmir Militants released Rubbia Mufti.

Though I didn't know that the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI and Ramoji Rao were behind the Kashmir Militants and that's why only Mr. Ramoji Rao highlighted the request and a father's tension of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed in his Enadu, I felt something abnormal in that issue. But I didn't pay any attention to it in my thoughts in 1991. Similar incident happened in sequence to this in AP. Mr. P. Sudhir Kumar, the son of P. Sivasankar a famous Congress politician who had done as Minister in Congress Govt. and Governor of Tamil Nadu also kidnapped by Naxals. Same drama was taken place. After June 1992, Mr. P. Sudhir Kumar was died with Jandies and his father Mr. P. Shiva Sankar was faded out from politics. I read somewhere that he also passed away by becoming old.

Both of these incidents made me to believe that Mr. PV Narasimha Rao was doing struggle to face the problems created by somebody. I suspect that this somebody might Mr. Ramoji Rao, Enadu.

Hence I decided to bring my complaint on Mr. Ramoji Rao's coup activities including Rajiv Gandhi's assassination and communal rivals provocation onto the desk of Mr. PV Narasimha Rao, the then PM of India. To approach him I started to search ways to secure his appointment.

In the part of my searching, one day I visited Mr. Rayapati Samba Siva Rao, an MP of Guntur district. I was familiar with him in the context of my factory inauguration, in 1989 by Smt. Kumud Ben Joshi, the then Governor of AP. By that time I had good terms with his younger brother Mr. Rayapati Srinivas Rao, the then ZPP Chairman. With this introduction, I had met him at his residence, Hyderabad. I told him about the then CM Mr. N. Janardhana Reddy's immorality and my complaint to CM about RTC, as a testing. I didn't reveal about Mr. Ramoji Rao and his activities.

I wanted to reveal about Mr. Ramoji Rao after knowing his motives about Mr. N. Janardhana Reddy, the then CM of AP. I raised the topic of CM's immorality and asked Mr. Rayapati Samba Siva Rao why he didn't bring it to the notice of PM of India. He said as, "They can corrupt even God."

I thought that Mr. Rayapati Samba Siva Rao was not right choice to reveal.

Next I tried to approach Mr. YS Raja Sekhara Reddy, the then MP of Cuddaph and the present CM of AP, at his residence, at Banjara hills, Hyderabad. I paid 2 to 3 visits to him. First time when I met him in his office room, he was making a phone call to request Home dept. secretary to transfer a police Sub Inspector from pulivendula or Cuddaph, who was troubling him and his fellow men. I understood that he was struggling in Mr. N. Janardhana Reddy's ruling time. I explained him about my complaint on APS RTC dispute to the CM, Mr. N. Janardhana Reddy and requested him to help me. He said that he would try to do so. I felt satisfaction as he didn't say like Mr. Rayapati Samba Rao. I decided to meet him again because he didn't say negative dialogue or support to corruption.

Next time I met him at his residence, Hyderabad. That day, an old poor woman met him to thank him as he helped her to get operation and free and good treatment in Govt. hospital. I felt confident and I reminded him my request. This time I told him that I was staying with my friend who was working as sub editor in Enadu. I observed that his face expression was something strange when I said about Enadu. Then he paid much interest to my request, and tried over phone to contact secretariat to enquire about my complaint on APS RTC to CM. He said that he could follow up it.

Third time I met him at Cuddaph. When I reached his residence at Cuddaph, along with my younger brother, the father of Mr. YS Raja Sekhara Reddy, Mr. Raja Reddy received me. I clearly remember that, on that day the elections for co-operative societies were going on. Mr. YS Raja sekhara Reddy was busy in those elections. But Mr. Raja Reddy informed his son over card less phone in front of me and said, "That girl of Guntur batteries unit came to see you. Come."

Immediately, within 15 minutes, I heard that Mr. YS Raja Sekhara Reddy reached home by leaving lunch outside in the part of election program. Within these 15 minutes, Mr. Raja Reddy offered me lunch. But I refused it with courtesy. They sent coffee to me. I felt satisfaction because they remembered my reference and me.

Mr. YS Raja Sekhara Reddy received me in his office room, by taking care as if to receive a secret from me. Within 10 minutes, I explained what I know about Mr. Ramoji Rao, what I was suspecting him and requested Mr. YSR to bring this issue to PM of India. He said as "Do you have any proof with you?" I said, "Nothing". Clearly, I observed some disappointment with him. He insisted me to bring proof to my claim. He said, "Without proof we can't do anything. Nobody will believe us. If we have any proof, then we can proceed." I observed little bit of hope and desire for proofs in his eyes. I expressed my helplessness to bring proofs. He expressed his helplessness. I took leave from him and left that place. Before leaving, again he advised me to fetch proof about Mr. Ramoji Rao's activities.

With all these, I felt satisfaction that I can bring the issue to the notice of PM of India. I thought that nobody would watch me as a mad girl. The issue what I'm saying was believable.

Hence, I left for New Delhi in the last week of May 1992. By that time, I didn't know what Mr. YSR would do if I give any proof to him. But now, i.e. after 16 years, I suspect him that he might try to use such proofs if any that I could produce, for the sake of his own career. I can say this because Mr. YSR is playing a strange role, which I'm not able to understand in my case i.e. regarding organized harassment on us by Mr. Ramoji Rao. I enclosed complete details at the ending of this writings including logical, documentary and circumstantial proofs.

At New Delhi, I had visited Kumud Ben Joshi, the Ex Governor of AP, who inaugurated my factory with such designation, at her residence. What I remember is, by that time, she was doing as Governor to All India Mahila Congress.

With the experience of deal with Mr. YSR, this time I had written all the particulars what I know about Mr. Ramoji Rao on papers by sitting 4 to 5 hours in my room in Rail Yathri Nivas. I had given my 5 to 6 pages report on Mr. Ramoji Rao to her with a request to secure appointment with PM of India.

She read it completely by taking 15 to 20 minutes time. Her face turned to red. She said, "You idiot. Don't involve in such things. You go and do your business. Otherwise your life will become miserable." I told her that I'm firm to complaint on Mr. Ramoji Rao to PM of India. With authoritative voice she said, "Can you write your address on these paper?" in reply I had written my address and telephone number on those papers. With anger, with reddish face, she had throne those papers onto the Sofa in which I sat and said, "You go and meet your Andhra PM. Next time, don't come to me with such issues". Within seconds, she left inside. I felt disappointment and returned to my hotel i.e. Rail Yathri Nivas. I thought 1 or 2 days. I felt desperation and discourage. I was not able to decide whether try to meet PM or to return to my business. With this dilemma, next day, I had gone to DST, i.e. Department of Science & Technology in the part of my business. To there, I was travelling in DTC, city bus. The bus was with rush. There were no seats to sit. I stood in front, there more than 10 women were standing just behind the driver seat. A man got up into the bus and stood near these women. I was far to him. He stood behind some college girls. The conductor requested him to go back. But he didn't. He was troubling women in spite of warnings of conductor. Moreover, he was arguing with conductor with rash voice. I was watching all this. All of a sudden, the driver stopped the bus beside the road, and got down. Within one minute, police constables came into the bus and pulled out the in-decent man who was troubling women. When I looked out, the bus was stopped in front of police station. After few minutes, the driver and conductor came into bus and the bus started to move.

When I reached DST, I could not meet the concern officer, as he was on leave for one week. I returned to my room. The bus driver incident was not gone out of my mind. As usual to me, in those days, I opened Bhagavad Geetha, by closing eyes, after chanting God's name with a prayer to guide me. The poem i.e. slokam in front of my eyes was,

"ద్రోణం చ భీష్మం చ జయద్రథం చ
కర్ణం తథా న్యానపి యోధవీరాన్
మయా హతాంస్త్వం జహి మావ్యథిష్టాః
యుధ్యస్వ జేతా సి రణే సపత్నాన్"

Which means: Sri Krishna is telling as "Already I had, killed Drona, Bheeshma, Jayadradha, Karna etc. worriers. You are going to kill them who were already killed by myself. Don't fear. Go and fight in war. You can defeat the enemies."

By reading this slokam in Bhagavad Geetha, I was recharged with courage and spirits. I encouraged myself. I thought, "Just I am a tool in the hands of God. Why should I feel tense? Whatever is going to happen, any way it will happen. God is telling me to do this work only. That's why only the office in DST was not available to me. In fact, the PM of country is like a driver to the bus. In which manner, the driver had taken action on an eve-teaser who harassed college girls, the PM also will do on criminals. God is telling me this only. So there is no need to me to think about the result. I will go to PM Residence and lodge my complaint on to his desk."

To motivate myself, I visited No.1, Safdar Jung Road, where Smt. Indira Gandhi was shot dead by the coup makers in 1984. There is a memorial of Smt. Indira Gandhi now. On 2nd or 3rd June 1992, I had visited that museum. With inspiration I achieved there, by hearing Smt. Indira Gandhi's voice in her last speech at Bhubaneswar, I finally decided to complaint against Mr. Ramoji Rao's coup on India to the then PM of India, Mr. PV Narasimha Rao.

I clearly remember that it was on 3rd June 1992. By night 11'o clock I started to write complaint against Mr. Ramoji Rao regarding his activities, harm to India including Rajiv Gandhi's assassination, addressed to PV Narasimha Rao, the then PM of India in Telugu. On 4th June 1992, by early in the morning I could complete it. I had kept that 6 to 7 pages complaint in a sealed cover and written on that cover, as "This is not my personal. This is very confidential and dangerous. Others should not open this except PM."

After preparing the sealed cover, I tried to approach No.7, Racecourse road, the PM residence. I was not able to locate the address properly. Hence, I reached there by late i.e. after 9'o clock in the morning. There the reception staff told me that the PM was not attending Praja Darbar regularly, if I want to submit my representation at the reception counter I can do so. If not, the reception staff asked me to come there on next day by 7:30 AM. If PM come for Praja Darbar, I can submit my representation to him otherwise the officer on special duty i.e. OSD will come to receive the visitors. I can submit my representation to him, then.

I preferred to visit PMR on next day. On 5th June 1992, I reached PMR by 7'o clock itself. I had waited there to meet PM. But that day the PM Mr. PV Narasimha Rao didn't attend the public darshan. The OSD Mr. Varma or Dixit, I don't remember clearly now, came to receive the visitors. With unalternative, I had submitted my sealed cover to him and returned to my hotel room. Because of costly rent in Rail Yathri Nivas, I shifted to another hotel room in Pahar Ganj, New Delhi.

I was very tensful by that time. With egarity, I waited in my hotel room to receive response from PM. I read on Newspaper that PM had gone to Rio De Genereo to attend the Earth Samith. Within one week or ten days, on TV I had seen the visual of PM. He was commenting on earth samith. In that comment, he said, "To attend this 'Congress' sorry conference of earth samith I feel happy …"

It seems that he was disturbed like anything. His eyes were red and his body language was with deep emotions as I observed. I thought that, "Definitely he had gone through my complaint."

I was excited and emotional. I was filled with emotions and happiness. I waited as if something was going to happen day by day. I used to wait with egarity to receive sensational news of arrest of Mr. Ramoji Rao and his fellow men like N. Janardhana Reddy, VP Singh and Karunanidhi. By 1992, I was immature, unawaritive regarding spying coups on countries, spying agencies and their agents. As I learnt in our civics and history lessons, I thought that the Central Govt. could do anything, that much capable the Indian Govt. and PM of India.

I stayed in New Delhi. In June ending or July beginning, two IB officers, as per their introduction, one was Mr. Krishna Rao from New Delhi and the other was Mr. Kishore Kumar from Guntur Office visited my parents at my factory. They told my family members as "We received orders to protect you. Your daughter had given some information to the PM. We are here to enquire any problems do you have. Don't call your daughter to meet us. There is no need. Let her complete her work at Delhi and return."

My younger brother Mr. Srinivasa Reddy informed me this over phone. Another brother Mr. Venu Gopal Reddy was with me at Delhi. On Aug 9th or 13th Aug 1992, I tried to meet Sonia Gandhi at No. 10, Jana path. Actually, before lodging complaint onto the desk of PM of India i.e. before 5th June 1992 also, I tried to do so. In those days, she was following one year సంతాపం
to express her sorrowfulness regarding the death of Rajiv Gandhi. That's why she was not receiving any visitors. There was not any reception office except security post. Hence, I could not meet her. Any way I approached PM of India and lodged complaint against Mr. Ramoji Rao in a sealed cover on 5th June 1992.

But in August when I had gone in my effort to meet Sonia Gandhi, there was a temporary reception office and Pandyals to receive visitors. There I was told that Sonia Gandhi had completed her one year of సంతాపం. There, in No.10, Jana path, her PA Mr. Madhavan received me. I told him about my compliant on Mr. Ramoji Rao about his coups including the assassination of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi on to desk of Mr. PV Narasimha Rao. I requested him to permit me to meet Sonia Gandhi in this context. He said, "Trash! I won't believe what you are saying. Sorry. You can't meet our Madam."

I felt little bit disappointment. Next to this, I approached PM residence. I demanded there to meet PM of India, Mr. PV Narasimha Rao. For one or two days, I made Dharna at PM residence. I was on starvation and stayed there from morning to night continuously, along with my younger brother. At that time, I had seen Mr. Dharthi Pakad about whom and the irritating angle of coup on Indian politics, I can explain under the caption of 'The writings and activities of Mr. Ramoji Rao before 1992 and after 1992 . On the second day night by 1'o clock in mid night, the police people had taken me to police station, Parliament Street, along with my brother. They had given rice and dal to us to eat. After almost 48 hours, we ate. The police people took us on foot. Almost they made us to walk some kilometers from Racecourse Road to Parliament Street at that mid night. After late night supper at 2'o clock, the woman constables had taken me to their rest room. I slept there till morning. My brother slept in the male constables' rest room. In the morning the police officer i.e. SI or CI, adviced me to return to me place i.e. Guntur. Following these incidents, I met Mr. Khandekar, OSD to PM in South Block in August 1992. I said as "I had given some confidential information to PM. I want to meet him to know about it. Please let me have his appointment". At that time president, election was going on. Sri Shankar Dayal Sarma was proposed as Congress candidate. I said to Mr. Khandekar, OSD, "This is important than the election of president of India even."

Mr. Khandekar said, "Madam. You had given some information to PM. He is doing something on it. I'm not supposed to say what he is doing. Let me know what do you want to say to PM." I felt satisfaction by knowing that something was going on my complaint against the coup on India. I said as "Okay Sir! I'm not supposed to say what I want to talk with PM." I had thanked him and I left South Block. I noticed that to get an entry pass of color pink or white into South Block was something special. Because an Ex CM of UP was waiting in the Lounge and he watched the entry pass in my hands when I received it from reception with jealousy in eyes.

On 20th Aug 1992, I reached Guntur. In July 1992, one of my brother's friend, Mr. Lenin B. yadla came to my house. Being our family friend, he used to stay at our house. This time he came to our house to give moral support to my brother Srinivasa Reddy as he requested his friend Lenin to come. By that time, I was in New Delhi. Over phone, I warned him, "Lenin, go back to your home. I am on a dangerous project. This is risky to life. You don't involve. Go back." He said, "Srinu told me. I know about your project. You are doing for our country. I wish to participate in the work for India. If it is risky to your lives, let it be to me also. I don't mind." From that day onwards, he was with us in our house. His parents also didn't object as it was used to happen before 1992 also. In past, he used to help us and we planned to start a joint venture at Vizag, before I had taken up this complaint against Mr. Ramoji Rao to the Govt. of India.

After return from New Delhi, we thought that something was going to happen. Within few days, Mr. Ramoji Rao's coup including Rajiv Gandhi's assassination would be going to declare. With such exiting thoughts, we waited and I neglected my business.

On the other hand, by that time, the Khalistan terrorism was decreasing like anything. Day by day, number of Militants were killed in police encounters. Hundreds of Militants or terrorists were surrendered to police with their powerful weapons like AK 47 etc. Mr. KPS Gill was the then police boss in Punjab state.

Before 1992, I read a news item somewhere, as one IPS male officer had beaten a female IPS officer on her buttocks and ill-treated her in a party with the effect of liquor. A case was booked on him. I felt wonder and hatred how such behavior from such level IPS Officers. After June 1992, I came to notice that the male IPS Officer on whom an eve teasing case was booked was Mr. KPS Gill. By Aug and September of 1992, Mr. KPS Gill became super cob. Under his leadership, the police people were able to remove terrorism in Khalistan, which problem had swallowed the life of Smt. Indira Gandhi and thousands of innocent Punjabis.

In September 1992, as per media news, one midnight by 2'o clock, Mr. Guru Janth Singh, the hard core terrorist and the chief terrorists of Punjab was killed by police beside a fruit garden. As per media news, somebody informed the police regarding his whereabouts. The police attacked him when he was returning from his keep's [just like Prostitute] house. After this, elimination of Terrorists Punjab got countable peace, which is in continuity now. I thought that it was natural when Mr. Ramoji Rao was noticed by Govt.

On 9th or 13th Aug 1992, I met the PA of Sonia Gandhi, Mr. Madhavan at No. 10, Jana path. After these incidents, before 20th Aug, a man came by car to my parents at my factory at Guntur. He introduced himself as the driver of Rayapati Samba Siva Rao. He informed my parents as "Our Sir told that your daughter had informed something to Sonia Gandhi. That's why our Sir [i.e. Rayapati Samba Siva Rao] sent me. He wants to talk with your daughter." But I was not at Guntur. I was on Roads of New Delhi. In sequence, the police took me to the police station, Parliament Street. My parents told him that I was not available. He asked them to inform me after my arrival to Guntur to meet Rayapati Samba Siva Rao.

When I reached home, my mother informed me this. I remembered that I had read somewhere Mr. Rayapati Samba Siva Rao was very close to Gandhi – Nehru family. I also remembered his dialogue as "They i.e. Mr. N. Janardhana Reddy and his supporters can corrupt even God." I was confused to some extent. Somehow, I didn't pay any interest to meet him. Just I was waiting for the declaration of Mr. Ramoji Rao as criminal i.e. coup maker who implemented the murder of Rajiv Gandhi by the Central Government. Like that, few doing were passed.

On the other hand, India got rid of Punjab i.e. Khalistan terrorism. But Kashmir didn't get peace. The revolt of reservations based on caste due to the Mandal committee's report was faded out due to the Supreme Court justice. Government of India seized two or three ships of Gold and silver in Tones, which belonged of smugglers. Bodos, ULFA, Naxals etc. terrorism problems had cooled without making any remarkable or sensational events. One of hard core Naxals leader, I forgotten his name, was encountered by police near Somaji Guda. His dead body on he-buffalo cart had shown in TV news. The problem of Ram Mandir construction at Ayodhya was ended up with the demolish of Babri Masjid by BJP and RSS leaders on 6th December 1992. I had seen the news on TV. The BJP and RSS leaders like LK Advani, Uma Bharathi, Ashok Singhal, Vinay Kathiyar and Govindacharya etc were arrested. Time being it was not burning. Harshad Mehatha's security scam was handled by CBI. They could establish the role of Bank Officials and Mr. Mehatha in the coup. For that, the CBI officers had taken some interesting treatments. As I read on India Today, the CBI officers made one Bank official who involved in the security scam to climb up and climb down the steps instead of using lift. He had broken down psychologically and revealed all particulars of the scam i.e. coup what he known. To another Bank official, the CBI officers insisted him to promise on 'Sai Baba' of Shiridi or Puttaparthi. Because he was sentimental on it, he had revealed all the particulars of the scam, including his role in it. Like this, the CBI had shown its talent and capacity. This was very new to us. It was thrilling! In previous i.e. before 1992, I had observed always the criminals like Sivarasan etc were more intelligent and capable than the CBI officials like Karthikeyan etc. Harshed Mehata had claimed that he had given one crore of Rupees to the then PM of India, Mr. PV Narasimha Rao, by keeping the currency in suitcases on so and so date. But the CBI had proved it as false by calculating the weight of currency notes valued of one crore of Rupees. They had proved that a person cannot weight it by keeping it in suitcases to carry to PM's house from gate to inside as the car or any vehicle would not allow beyond the gate of PM house to inside. I was extreme happy with all of these. Later, after 2000, I read in Enadu, as news items in which Mr. Harshad Mehatha cried like anything. Enadu put the caption as "Instead of punishing like this please kill me". In that news item to whom Mr. Harshad Mehata was appealing, I didn't know. It might be to CBI officials. He explained his problems as "I am living in costly apartment which costs in crores. But I have no rice to eat. If I purchase one kg rice by investing 15/Rs even, the CBI is harassing me to show the funds flow chart or source of the earning or income of those 15/Rs. Instead of this type of punishment, it is better to kill me at a time."

When Mr. Mehatha died, Enadu put the caption as "The punishment was over". The news coverage was "Whatever may be the punishment by law and justice or constitution to Mr. Mehatha! The enquiry is not completed yet. But God had given punishment to Mr. Mehatha. He faced terrible crises in life after the scam got on to the screen. Now he met the death. Like that, the punishment was over".

Like that, by ending of 1992, India restored peacefulness to some extent, which was countable when compare with the ending of 1991 and up to June 1992. Mr. PV Narasimha Rao had given some peculiar statements in news, such as "I demand four years moratorium period from all opposition parties. Nobody should create any disturbance to the Govt. of India. The economical reforms are in right phase." I laughed at it and enjoyed by the statement because after 4 years, his PM turn would over.

Another such statements was – "I'm not particular about the speed of reforms. But I'm particular about its phase." Another was "Do not underestimate the strength and wisdom of our people."

By observing all of these on TV and in newspapers, I was very happy. But my personal life got terrible disturbance. With the concentration on National issues, I neglected my business like anything.

On the other hand, Mr. N. Janardhana Reddy was pushed out of CM seat; due to claim of capitation fee in Engineering Colleges. Mr. Kotla Vijaya Bhaskara Reddy was deputed as CM of AP. The swearing ceremony was on 9th October 1992. Exactly by that time, my unit was seized by APSFC without Panchanama and in most abnormal way, while the live telecast of swearing ceremony was going on TV. Just before getting down of the CM seat, Mr. N. Janardhana Reddy had transferred H.J. Dora who was favorable to me from the seat of MD of APS RTC.

I was not able to understand what was happening. To my observation, something good was happening to India. It seems that my confidential information was helpful to the then PM of India, Mr. PV Narasimha Rao to make good to India. As he received my confidential report was confirmed by Mr. Khandekar, OSD and by IB officials, I was confident about it. But in my personal life, I was facing problems. By that time, deep deviations were arrived in my family. My mother, sister and two brothers were made as a team. My father became very old and sick. Hence, his role became nominal. My mother, my younger sister and younger brothers might frighten about the crises and confusions. There were confusions as – 'when the country was getting rid of crises, when the PM Mr. PV Narasimha Rao was getting rid of crises, why not our crises and problems should lift? In stead, of the relief from problems, why APSFC had seized our factory in very abnormal manner? What was happening? Was it not harm to us?'

In fact, I also had no clarity to give them. My mother, sister and two brothers might frighten that Mr. PV Narasimha Rao also one of the coup makers. I argued with them as "If it is truth, then it is very easy them to kill all of us."

Mr. Lenin also supported my arguments. Gradually with these clashes, I also started to think about my personal life. I thought about marriage and future of my life. My mother had threatened me that they were leaving the house. Hence, I left the house with empty hands in May 1993. Mr. Lenin, my family friend tried to help me. We had gone to their house at Vizag. There I could not secure shelter. We tried to fetch help wherever I had the terms. We approached his friends and my friends. Nobody helped me. Some of my friends scolded me and shut the door on my face by showing non-relevant reasons of past. It was quite abnormal. Some of them didn't show any cause but simply said "Get lost". Among such friends, my childhood friends like AP Darshan tour mates were there. I thought that, "May be these are friends only when I was factory owner. Because I lost my unit, I also lost these friends."

Without single rupee in hands, I stood on road. I asked my family friend Mr. Lenin, during this entire struggle, to leave me to my fate and go to his house. But he refused. He said, "We started work by thinking that it will give success. However, your family members had left you, but I won't. If we get success, I could happily take my share. Then, if this is the result of our work, let me take my share in this failure also". I felt a real friend in him. By thinking "If there is no protection, then the God is only the protection to us," we reached Sri Sailam, in July 1993. There we wanted to restart the life together. With what relation we had to live together. We got married there. After getting married, we approached the local CI in the police station, with a request to help us by recommending the local people to give shelter and job to us. We had given our address and other particulars in written. The CI, Mr. Krishna Murthy helped us so that we were accommodated in a small hut and got a ration card. We started tuitions there. My husband Mr. Lenin B. Yadla taught schoolchildren and I taught college students. There was no power in our hut. We used to take classes in local temples, under temple lights. We lived there for 2+ years. But our career graph there was not simulative. It was getting decrease day by day. In 1995, I wanted to know why my life became miserable. In past, i.e. in 1992, Kumud Ben Joshi, the Ex Governor of AP had warned me regarding life measurability if I lodge complaint on Mr. Ramoji Rao to Mr. PV Narasimha Rao.

That's why in 1995, I had gone to Avani Gadda to visit Mandali Venkata Krishna Rao, the Ex Minister in state Governments. In 1977, when I was in school studies, I was selected through quiz, essay writing competition to participate in AP tour for 45 days. AP Balala Academy had organized it. Being the then educational Minister, Mandali Venkata Krishna Rao had attended AP Darshan tour program several times. He appreciated me as a child and used to call me as "Guntur Green chilly." I had good terms with his family members also. Since childhood, even in business I was blessed by him and encouraged by his sons Buddha Prasad and Shambu Prasad. I used to call them as brother. Whenever I go to Avani Gadda, before 1992, I used to receive well treatment from them including lunch.

Actually, in 1992, after I return from New Delhi, somewhere in Oct. or Nov., I had met Mandali Venkata Krishna Rao and told him about the lodging of complaint against Mr. Ramoji Rao to PV Narasimha Rao and about the further developments and my observations regarding country and in my life. He promised me as "I am going to New Delhi, in next week. I will meet PV Narasimha Rao and enquire about it. You meet me again." This time also I had lunch at their house and return to my factory. After one month, in 1992 I had visited him again. He said, "I had gone to New Delhi. I met Mr. PV Narasimha Rao. But it was not possible for me to enquire about you. Let me see later." I felt disappointment and abnormal. This time also I had lunch in their house and return to my factory in 1992.

After these incidences, in 1993 I left factory, reached Sri Sailam, got married there. In 1995, I had again approached him at Avani Gadda. By that time, I was pregnant by 7 months. With a long journey from Sri Sailam to Avani Gadda, I reached his house in the morning. I didn't have brush even. Mr. Mandali Venkata Krishna Rao received me in such a bitter way; he didn't offer me to face wash even. When I reminded my entire story, he said with tears in eyes "N. Janardhana Reddy may harassing you." My husband Lenin said, "If he has that much scene, he could win in his constituency." It was 1995, February. By that time, assembly elections in AP. were over. Congress lost and TDP won. Mr. NTR got sweared as CM of AP. He first signed on complete liquor prohibition file, following Anti liquor movement started in Duba Guntla in Nellore district. Enadu Ramoji Rao had given tremendous propaganda and support to that Anti liquor movement. On 27-04-2008 in Sakshi Newspaper, I read that Mr. Ramoji Rao had given life to that movement to nullify the financial roots of a liquor king who was the partner in 'Udayam' newspaper, a competitive to Enadu. To this Udayam, Dasari Narayana Rao, a cinema person was the editor. But I don't know who that liquor king was. With such movement, TDP could come into power. In those elections, Mr. N. Janardhana Reddy had lost his MLA seat. That's why my husband said like that. During the conversation, I referred that God was there to look everything and to make justice to everybody Mr. Mandali Said emotionally "Where is God? Where is?" I said, "Don't scold God. To blame God is big sin." By saying like this, we left there. This time he didn't show hospitality to me.

I had gone to my factory to see what was there. In fact, I didn't expect my family there. In the factory, I constructed some rooms to reside there. Though APSFC had seized my unit on 09-10-1992, they allowed my family to live there. Hence, I could meet my family members. I asked my mother "Why did you threaten me that you are leaving house in 1993?"

To my surprise, she said, "I preferred to loss one finger to secure four fingers in my hand." In fact, we are 5 children to my parents. I understood her opinion. She wanted to save four of her children's lives by leaving me as a prey to the enemy, if we were harassing by the enemy. My mother, sister and brothers didn't welcome my marriage. My father only blessed me. My husband's father approached there. He forced my husband to leave me. But my husband refused it.

We returned to Sri Sailam. On April 5th 1995, we were blessed with a female child. We put her name as Phani Geetha Priyadarshini with the inspiration of Bhagavad Geetha and Indira Priya darshini Gandhi.

In July 1995, we reached again factory to restart the life, as our income sources were completely nullified in Sri Sailam. By that time, my father had passed away. On 1st September 1995, Mr. N. Chandra Babu Naidu had pushed out his father-in-law Mr. NTR from CM seat and he became CM with the help of Enadu Ramoji Rao. In October 1995 my mother, sister and brothers left the factory for Hyderabad to lead life far to me. The APSFC officers approached me to leave factory. We shifted to Nambur, a nearly village to my factory, in Nov. 1995.

All this time, all of the people surrounded me used to say that, "You forget all what happened. To PM of India, the complaints like yours are limitless in number. They won't consider them. Forget all about it. You think about your life. Don't be in hallucination that something is going on abnormal in your life. Don't be in hallucination that something is going on in country in the following of your complaint". By the way, I also realized the facts. By thinking like that, I left everything. I didn't read political news in newspaper, I didn't watch TV news and I didn't hear radio news, from 1995 to 2000. My main concentration was on my daughter and on my career. I didn't notice events either political or some other which concern to country.

In 1995, at Number I started tuitions, CEEP i.e. Common Entrance Examination for Polytechnic coaching and teaching career as a lecturer in local junior college. In the year 1996 April, I bagged good result i.e. 7 seat secured ranks out of 11 students. But next year I could not bag students in spite of good result in previous year, because the local school head master Mr. Kasi Ram who came on transfer forced the students to join in his tuition only. I felt that it was my fate. But Mr. Kasi Ram didn't coach the students for CEEP. I didn't consider this, and I tried to enter into Corporate College field. I fetched hours in 2 or 3 colleges i.e. VIKAS, EXCEL, VENUS and ARORA. In those days, lecturers used to get remuneration on contract of syllabus or on the base of certain amount per hour per day per month. In the EAMCET field, I got reputation as talented lecturer. I had done service in different colleges at Guntur and Surya pet. I bagged good result in EAMCET – 1999. But, next year there was abnormal zero result. I could sense the ranks disputes like match fixing in cricket. I lodged the complaint against the local college managements suspecting them behind the ranks dispute. There started organized harassment on us. No Govt. department had helped to us more over Govt. itself harassed us. Time to time to all concern desks including media I approached. All the way in all angles, I received reply as silence. The house owner had demanded us to vocate the house. Others didn't give house on rent to us. No police helped us. AP TRANSCO Dept. had disconnected power to us by showing around 50,000/-Rs erriers against nothing. The house owner disconnected water supply. They didn't accept the rent payment. Irrespective of parties, I approached all the political leaders. Nobody helped us. I conducted press meet. No paper published. By that time I didn't sense Mr. Ramoji Rao on whom I lodged complaint on to the desk of the then PM of India Mr. PV Narasimha Rao behind this harassment on us. Hence, I suspected the local conditions and immorality of Corporate Colleges. I tried to secure help from Justice of High Court, but I could not get any help. In helpless condition, we left house with empty hands by leaving furniture etc, everything in March 2001. By that time, my daughter was 6 years girl. In midsummer, along with her, without having sufficient money in hand we travelled from here to there, to friends to get accommodation and occupation. Wherever I go, any bad luck or my fate followed us. I thought that it was my fate only by that time. I touched my friend's and my husband's friend's houses. Some of them refused to help on the face in first time. Some of them first helped us and next asked us to move from their house. We approached relatives also. At this juncture, I crossed my brothers and sister. My brothers were entertaining by Mr. N. Chandra Babu Naidu. For such I felt surprise but not think anything.

In fact, on March 20th 2001, when the house owner drove out us from our rented house, when the police and local politicians were showing redtapisam to us, when organized harassment was limitless on us, we met Mr. N. Chandra Babu Naidu, the then CM of AP in Samatha, secretariat. He received me with anger face and reddish eyes. He said, "Why? Why they are harassing you?" I felt wonder to receive such a response from a CM in democracy. Generally, as a minimum curtsey any CM will say "Okay! We will look into the matter", like 'Parkalam' of Kamraj Nadar. In fact, in my complaints, by that time I suspected and claimed the local people only. I didn't imagine about Mr. Ramoji Rao by that time. With this back ground, Mr. N. Chandra Babu Naidu's response to a victim like myself made me wonder. I could not understand that. I felt sorry about my fate. Next day on 21st March 2001, I met Mr. YS Raja Sekhar Reddy at his residence, Banjara hills, Hyderabad. I reminded him about my previous familiarity with him and explained about the then current position of mine. He said that he could give recommendation letter to local politician to help me. As I know the fact of involvement of such politician in the harassment on us, I didn't accept it. Later I tried to restart the life with the help of friends. In this sequence, we experienced bitterness. One of my brothers Mr. Srinivasa Reddy helped me little. There was same case with my sister. Another brother Mr. Venu Gopal Reddy had driven us out of house in a nasty way. Still he is in service of Mr. N. Chandra Babu Naidu as personal vehicles supervisor and assistant.

In those days, very few, almost one or two friends had helped us about whom we could remember with sweet memory. Except with these one or two friends, we had bitter experiences with other friends and relatives. In those days, we had travelled thousands of kilometers on scooter with my little daughter. We had bitter experience in hot sun of midsummer, without having water to drink. We could managed with I liter water packets to travel hours in hot sun, because of lack of money in hand. With great struggle we could accommodated at Hyderabad in a rented shed with single room in Nanal Nagar, Indira Nagar, and Mehdi Patnam.

I could manage to get a job as Lecturer in a tutorial institute called Sai Study circle. There, the management had bounced my salary cheque for Rs 8000/-. Nobody helped us including my brother. After this incident, there was no job or no walk in interview for lecturers or teachers as in advertisements on newspapers. I found no Ad, even in classifieds. In those days, including my 6+ years aged kid, we were on starvation i.e. no food for 2 days continuously.

Like this, we struggled from March 2001 to Dec. 2002. In Dec 2002, we reached Sri Sailam again to restart the life. There we could manage to start a pre-school in June 2003. But the organized harassment didn't leave us. In 2005 I could sensed that it was not my fate. It was only Mr. Ramoji Rao. Regarding all these particulars, I enclosed my case and complaints at the end of this writing for your ready reference.

When I had looked back into my life, I noticed the following. When I lodged complaint against Mr. Ramoji Rao as a coup maker on India to PV Narasimha Rao, he confirmed me by sending IB officials to my house. Up to 9th Aug 1992, I was not troubled by anybody. But, from 9th Aug 1992, whenever I approached 10, Jana path to met Sonia Gandhi's office, whenever I revealed the information that I had lodged complaint against Mr. Ramoji Rao about his coups on India including the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi to her PA, then started the harassment on us.

In those days, I didn't suspect this and her. I thought as "I had complained to PM of India. It is my responsibility to do so being a citizen in India. I didn't expect anything as a result. Hence, I should not feel for it. The failure in business is my fault as I didn't pay concentration on business by falling in the emotions of patriotism". By thinking like this, I faced failure in family life i.e. deviations with my mother, sister and brothers. By thinking like this, I faced failure in factory i.e. losing the unit and seizing the unit by APSFC. By thinking like this, I faced failure in friendships. Only friend I had is my husband. Like other friends, he didn't leave me before 1993. After 1993, i.e. after our marriage always he supports me, protects me, encourages me and drives me. Because we have no in peacefulness in the family, we could fight with outer circumstances and enemies.

After travelling 16 years from 1992, I looked back now into past, after the second drive in 2007, from Sri Sailam like organized harassment and drive from Surya pet in 2001. In fact, I didn't watch and notice any political or national issues from 1995 to 2005. Whatever I faced, I thought that it was my fate. Regarding country, I didn't think because already I decided in 1995, as "We can't do anything to this world. We are not that much capable. Let us do no harm to others. Itself is good to world."

But in 2005, when I realized that 'what is happening in my life is not my fate. It is Mr. Ramoji Rao's network'. I started to check the current and the past in my life as well as in India.

By June 1992, Mr. PV Narasimha Rao, being PM of India was struggling with number of problems. By Jan 1993, he declared with command as 4 years moratorium period for his Govt. But later he faced troubles like court cases. Enadu Ramoji Rao had written some articles on him like "నాడు కలకల నేడు విలవిల"which means "It was sensation in those days and now it is sadness" with reference of his attendance to the court in JMM corruptions case. With reference of his convoy, also Mr. Ramoji Rao projected critics and satires on him. In 1996, he was rejected to have 'ticket to contest in Parliament elections by Sita Ram Kesari, as I read on News paper somewhere in 2006 in the memory of his life events in Enadu sub editorials.

In 2004, when PV Narasimha Rao had passed away, what the respects shown by Sonia Gandhi, all Indians and Telugu people had watched. Why this woman Sonia Gandhi had shown that much of agony towards him, I didn't know. Their claim was "He had driven the Congress party far away from Muslims, with the case of Babri Masjid and Ram Mandir in Ayodhya." Regarding all such drama, he had given full particulars in his book 'Ayodhya'. BJP state Govt. & Mr. Kalyan Singh cheated both Central Govt. & Supreme Court. RSS and BJP parties had gathered limitless people there and provoked their emotions. The Muslims society had played their relevant role in the coup. By leaving all of them, the person who tried at his level best to protect country, to protect peace in country and to save harmony in people, that person Mr. PV Narasimha Rao got disregards from Sonia Gandhi. What is her eligibility to lead AICC, to lead Govt. in Union India? Did she fight for freedom of India like him and like other Indians? Did she serve India? Did she get born in India? After all her eligibility on screen is, she married Rajiv Gandhi, the son of the then Prime Minister of India. Is it sufficient if a person loves a son or daughter of a PM of country? What else she has? She has no education except below school final. She has no experience except housewife up to 1997. Being housewife also, in which manner she brought up her son Mr. Rahul Gandhi is in front of our eyes. As per Enadu Ramoji Rao's published news, he had played video games on cell phone during Afghan Tour. As per Enadu news, he is sending SMS to film stars like Kareena Kapoor. As per media coverage, he said as "My grandmother had divided East Pak and formed Bangladesh. My father sent Santhi Sena to Sri Lanka. If any person of our family was in power in 1992, they would not allow the Babri Masjid to demolish". On his immaturity, in Enadu a sub editorial i.e. news coverage or analysis on beside space of editorial was published as a letter by Sahul LKG in 2006. It was a critic and satire on Rahul Gandhi with cartoon figure. As well, Enadu published a cartoon with his caricature and with a comment as "My grand maa was very very good. My father was good. Sister is okay. I'm very good." Not only in Enadu, almost in all newspapers it was well established.

In fact, in 1971 Indo-Pak war, following the separation of East Pak from West Pak and formation of Bangladesh was an historical event. Being PM of India, Smt. Indira Gandhi and her Govt. struggled hard in this issue to get rid of it without getting involvement and blame. India was forced to involve in the internal affair of Pak because of the unauthorized migrants from Bangladesh into West Bengal state. It was historical as both land pieces West Bengal and Bangladesh belong to one province during British rule in India. In fact, our freedom fight was accelerated when British Crown Govt. divided Bengal province into West Bengal and East Bengal. That East Bengal of before independence became as East Pak after independence because of coup playing by CIA and British Crown Govt. The same East Pak of after independence became as Bangladesh after Indo-Pak war in 1971.

In this tipical issue how Mr. Rahul Gandhi was able to say as "Smt. Indira Gandhi i.e. his grandmother had formed Bangladesh", as if, what Pak is doing now in case of Kashmir.

In such case, in which manner, Sonia Gandhi brought up her son? Being the successor of Gandhi-Nehru family, how this modern young leader can say that "Now-a-days, leaders to drink liquor is not a wrong thing", we don't know. From which family did he come? In which manner he is saying and doing? To which party he is representing? The present congress is by name it is congress. The real congress was such a patriotic party, which was headed by Tilak, Nethaji, Bapuji, Nehru, Indira Gandhi and PV Narasimha Rao. It was headed by Rajiv Gandhi, father of Rahul Gandhi. The old congress was fighter against coup makers. The present congress is supporter to the coup makers. The old congress was lead by Mahatma Gandhi. The present congress is leading by western Sonia Gandhi. May be Rahul Gandhi is able to deliver such opinion as "There is nothing wrong in drinking liquor to relax. Hence politicians can drink liquor" because of his mother's leadership over the party 'AICC'.

By coming from such Gandhi-Nehru family, by coming from such family of patriots, by representing congress party at least by name, in which manner he is saying and doing?

In fact, no person gets fame and reputation in people by virtue of his birth or race or family name. Any person can get respects from people by virtue of his behavior, works, words and character. The character of any person can make up by their parents' brought up. Chatra Pati Sivaji, Samrat Ashoka, Indira Gandhi are everlasting example to that. Can't anybody say that "It is the manner of brought up of him by his Western mother?"

May be that's why , in our epics, in our tradition, elders say that "కోడలు నలుపైతే కుటుంబమంతా నలుపు" or "కోడలు కొరివైతే కుటుంబమంతా కొరివి". It means that "If daughter-in-law is black in color, total family become black in future. Or if daughter-in-law is like wild fire, total family become like wild fire in future.

Our elders say that a woman must become as 'వీర పత్ని, వీర మాత' which means a worrier wife and a worrier mother. If the woman herself is coward, she can't allow her husband and sons to become as worriers. This woman, Sonia Gandhi objected Rajiv Gandhi to enter into politics to give moral support to his mother. In her words itself, she fought like a 'tigress'. Then why did she enter now into politics, God only knows. I read news on Enadu DT. 30-04-2008 with a leading ' రాజీవ్ హత్యలో అదృశ్యహస్తం'. In that news item, Mr. Rajnath Singh, the present president of BJP [2008] is saying that there is some invisible hand behind the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. The news item as it is:

'Invisible hand in Rajiv's assassination come fore with facts on enquiry' – Rajnath Singh.

Mr. Rajnath Singh, the president of BJP is expressing that there is invisible hand behind the assassination of Ex PM of India, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi. He said that there is need to make the people to know what were the reasons and who were the criminals behind the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. While talking in journalists meeting on Tues day, he said that, in 1998, Sonia Gandhi had expressed doubts on DMK, which was in United Front Govt., regarding Rajiv's assassination. Later the BJP's NDA Govt. came into power and appointed Multi Disciplinary Monitoring Agency [MDMA] to find out the facts in that case. He reminded that MDMA had written letters to take up this case to 27 countries. But the UPA Govt., which in power is not taking up that case. It is very surprising that UPA Govt. is not doing anything in this case.

That's all the news item.

Like that, it is clear that Sonia Gandhi is not doing anything in the case of Rajiv Gandhi's assassination. It is clear in my case also. My case also relates to Rajiv Gandhi's assassination only. Once again, I request you, the readers to refer my complaints and list of Events, which I enclosed at the ending of this writings.

Why Sonia Gandhi is keeping silence in this case? To protect whom? Or to protect herself? It is well known and notorious that DMK Karunanidhi is the sympathizer of LTTE. On screen, LTTE militants had killed Rajiv Gandhi. Then why did Sonia formed UPA Govt. by taking support from DMK and sharing ministries to them? Here we can recall the issue of Nalini and Sonia's kindness and broad mind to her'

One more observation I give you as circumstantial support to my claim that Sonia Gandhi is an agent of coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao. Mr. N. Janardhana Reddy, the Ex CM of AP is one of the coup supporters.

In 2004, when Assembly elections and parliament elections were held, in AP Congress was able to form Govt. In Central, Congress reached a position to form alliance Govt. Hence, Govt. was formed in AP before the formation of Govt. in New Delhi. In state Mr. YSR, the CM of AP declared the list of his ministers. Among the ministers' names, Mrs. N. Rajya Lakshmi, the wife of Mr. Janardhana Reddy's name was there. By that time, Mr. N. Janardhana Reddy reacted very fast in New Delhi by noticing that Sonia Gandhi got the opportunity to become PM of India. His expectation of bright future in Central politics for himself was well noticed on ETV News with visuals. It did not happen. Dr. Manmohan Singh was made as PM. Sonia Gandhi became as Chairperson of UPA Govt. In the declared list of ministers in Central cabinet, his name was not there. In state, Mrs. Rajya Lakshmi rejected to take up ministry to express her protest as her husband was not taken into central cabinet. She delivered the same opinion in her statements. She said, "My husband done long service to Congress. If he is not honored, I don't like to accept the minister office in state."

There is nothing wrong in her behavior. Anybody can demand like that in democracy. But the thing was that Mr. N. Janardhana Reddy was directly supported by Enadu Ramoji Rao in his news coverage in Enadu just like in the case of NTR. Then why Sonia Gandhi is showing that much co-ordination to Mr. Ramoji Rao as I produced proofs for his spying activities? How Mr. Janardhana Reddy expected such co-operation or favor from Sonia Gandhi? How I had proved her involvement in the coup against India is a long story with evidences. It was enclosed at the end of the writings.

Though it is long story of 16 years fight, but it is the struggle of the common citizens to establish the truths and facts.

Such kind of person i.e. Sonia Gandhi degraded Mr. PV Narasimha Rao, in 1996. As everybody know that Sita Rama Kesari was a remote doll in the hands of Sonia Gandhi just like Manmohan Singh now. In fact, Sonia Gandhi is also the remote doll in the hands of coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters like Corporate Companies.

What was the sin of Mr. PV Narasimha Rao? He had done long service to country. Being PM, he opened the reforms. He could cool Punjab. So many problems of India of those days had eliminated. The BJP, RSS are not dared to provoke Ram Mandir at Ayodhya. What happened in 1992 December, they might know. After all his Govt. in 1991 was minority one. He didn't bring Congress from powerful or strong position to weak position. If he had driven the Congress, far away from Muslims, then why didn't it was said that he had driven Hindus to near to Congress? Moreover, in India, Muslims are 12% and Hindus are 82% in population. In terms of votes also, 'what he done' must be logically supportable. Then what was his sin to receive such insults from UPA Govt. and Sonia Gandhi?

More over, in politics, hypocrisy is most common. The politicians used to say, "Politics are different and personal terms are different. We quarrel on the base of concepts and theories. But being persons, we should maintain friendly terms." Off course, that is the minimum courtesy. Then what is the invisible and such strong reason beyond the minimum courtesy limits made Sonia Gandhi to show such immannered behavior i.e. insult to the corpse of Mr. PV Narasimha Rao in Dec. 2004?

In fact, he had done good to India. I don't know why he didn't protect me from the harassment of Mr. Ramoji Rao. If I could suspect that, Mr. Ramoji Rao is behind the organized harassment on us, before the death of Mr. PV Narasimha Rao i.e. Dec. 2004, definitely I could ask him why he didn't protect me, since 1992 and what is the reason behind all of this harassment on us.

In fact, why Mr. Ramoji Rao is harassing me, I don't know. The coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, and Ramoji Rao are capable to kill Prime Minister of India such as Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. Then it is not a problem for them to smash my family and me. Instead of that, why Mr. Ramoji Rao is harassing us we don't know. I don't have any secrecy to make them to know. Hence, there is no reason for him to harass us. Then why he is harassing, he should know. If Mr. PV Narasimha Rao had created any magic around me, I don't know about it. I'm not responsible for it and I'm not liable for it. If I sense anything like this, when Mr. PV Narasimha Rao was alive, I could ask him about it.

Why and how I'm making Ramoji Rao and Sonia Gandhi as responsible to the coup on India, I proved logically in this writings. Circumstantially and with documentary proofs, I had proved the same in my sequence of complaints and correspondence in this case. It had started in 1992, when I lodged complaint on Mr. Ramoji Rao to the then PM of India Mr. PV Narasimha Rao and prolonging to till date.

Including NF, NDA, BJP etc Governments no Prime Ministers, no Chairperson had taken dare to sell out India or mortgage India to SEZ or to Corporate Companies at this level like Sonia Gandhi. This is quite natural, because Sonia Gandhi is one of the main agents of coup makers i.e. CIA, and British Crown Govt., like Lord Mount Banten, Lord Karjen and Lord Bentique etc Governor Generals in India before independence to India.

Now the Chairperson of UPA Govt. i.e. Sonia Gandhi with a doll of Mr. Manmohan Singh as PM of India in her hands, just watching the increase of commodities prices. She is just watching the suicide of farmers. She is just watching the collapse of small-scale industries and industries in India. She is just watching the selling out of Navarathan Companies of Indian Govt. when they were in profits. She is just watching the swallowing of green villages and well-irrigated agricultural lands by SEZ. She is just watching the policy of exports and imports of goods in India, which is causing the collapse of economy of India and the inreasonable raise and fall of prices of goods in India. She is just watching the state Govt. swallowing crores of money, assets, mines and materials on the name of projects, roads, housing etc welfare programs. She is just watching the syndicate business and blood sucking from poor public by Corporate Companies. She is just watching the terrorism. She is just watching the smuggling. She is just watching the corruption of MLA and MP's. She is just watching the disputes. Because she is getting her own share in all these and she is busy to send the share to Corporate Companies i.e. supporters of coup on the name of licenses and permissions to their business. There is nothing difference between the Chairperson-ship of UPA Govt. and East India Company in India.

With this background, this Corporatistic Sonia Gandhi had given speech in United Nations' meeting on Mahatma Gandhi. What an irony it was in the life of common poor men in India?

This Corporatistic Gandhi i.e. Sonia Gandhi is remarked as 'one of the most first hundred powerful or influence women in the world by Fortune Journal or by XYZ Journals.'

To organize this network of coup successfully and strategically, the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters, politicians like Sonia Gandhi etc and Corporate Companies, had dragged the political field in India into drainage canals. That we are watching all over India. The politicians are claiming one another in Assembly in terms of sex relations or extramarital affairs. The politicians are claiming one another in terms of disputes and earnings of crores of rupees in disputes.

To implement this coup successfully, just like Nizams of Hyderabad in which manner the 7th Nizam had done favors to Rajakers,in the same manner the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and Sonia Gandhi and their supporters i.e. agents like YS Rajasekhara Reddy, N. Chandra Babu Naidu etc politicians irrespective of political parties are using the Govt. employees. That's why only the present Govt.'s of all states & Central doing favors such as increase of pay scales, TA, DA and drought affairs etc benefits to the Govt. employees to support and to co-operate the coup makers.

Now we are watching tons of crores of corruptive money and assets with employees including IAS, IPS officials and from higher officers' level to lower grade clerks' level. In terms of wealth, the Govt. employees are competiting with politicians and Corporate Companies. But now, with in short period, the media including movies is saying that "IT employees and Corporate employees are drawing much huge salaries. Some of IAS and IPS officers also preferring to go to Corporate field as CEO's in companies by resigning to Govt. jobs". But the media is wantedly high lighting that IT employees and IBS students are getting campus placements and drawing crores of salary per annum or lakhs of salary per month. By the way, the coup makers are creating demand for seats in certain institutes. By giving few jobs with high scales, they can draw lakhs of rupees as fees in educational institutes from lakhs of students. By the way, they can earn much in the form of fee from students by investing less in the form of salaries to few employees. This is possible because the educational institutes and Corporate Companies are co-thieves and supporters of coup makers.

Hence, how many IAS and IPS officers had quitted the Govt. jobs and why they gone as CEO's in Corporate Companies, they might know.

In fact, if any ACB or IT dept attacked however it is least probable, on any Govt. employee irrespective of their level either officer or clerk, tens of crores of corruptive and immoral money or assets are exposing. That's why only the politicians even are efforting to fetch jobs to their relatives and family members.

This is because; the political person's seat life is only 5 years or less than that except party leaders, whereas the Govt. employee's seat life is 35 years. Moreover, to make favors to them any way the Governments like NDA and UPA are there. To support this, the retirement age of Govt. employee is about to increase by the Govt. now.

Except the Govt. employees, except the Corporate Companies managements and except the politicians, who are getting development in life? No farmers, no small business people, no private employees, no small industries managements, no poor and no common person are creating assets. Just these common people are leading life. Just they are earning life food. More over the poor, the vendors of vegetables and fruits on baskets and carts, the baddy shopkeepers, the coolies, the poor farmers are suffering with food deficiency. Only the Govt. employees, politicians and their family members are suffering with obeycity. That's all! There is no nutritious food for poor public. There is no pure water to drink for poor public. There are no shelter, no health and no wealth for poor public.

The coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and Sonia Gandhi i.e. UPA Govt. and their supporters like other all politicians and Corporate Companies are protecting and favorable to Govt. employees. This is because, the coup makers and their supporters can earn money or eat money only if they allow the Govt. employees to eat money. In fact, they can eat money through Govt. employees only. This is the historically proved fact, under the ruling of bad and blood sucking Governments like Aurangzeb in Delhi, Nizam in Hyderabad, British Crown Govt. in India, National Front or NDA or UPA Govt. in Delhi.

Whenever the blood-sucking king was in the seat in any country, the relationship of Govt. and the Govt. employees will be like this only.

The Govt. employees and Govt. labor workers unions are working to do not work in their jobs. This was proved in APS RTC, Teachers etc employees union, Bank employees union, Railway employees union, especially Singareni employees union.

If any Govt. employee argue as "Are we not working? Do you watch how much work we are doing without taking food time to time? How much tension we are facing, do you know?"

The reply to them is "While compare with common poor man, the employees are doing minimum work and enjoying maximum result. If any earner in any family suddenly dies, that family will collapse irrespective of its profession like agriculture, or business or Auto driver or small business vendor or coolie etc. But of an employee in Govt. service dies, their successor i.e. son or daughter will get job as well as other facilities like PF, Pension and Gratuity of expired employee. For example, if an employee dies at his 50+ years age, the Govt. will give job to his son or daughter for another 35 years in service. The PF, Gratuity and Pension of the dead employee are extra to this. In fact, if he was alive also, he could be in service for 8 more years i.e. up to his 58th year only. To get this benefit, one wife of a Govt. employee in Sri Sailam had killed her husband just one year before his retirement according to the rumors spread in Sri Sailam. We can't push out the possibility of happening by watching the immorality and in-humanity regarding human bondages in society. If cyclone, flood, or drought rises, the Govt. is there to help them by paying drought wages. The same Govt. won't consider the increase of prices of commodities, foods, cyclone and draughts in the lives of poor public. The poor people are voters only. But the employees can co-operate the politicians during polling and counting of votes as well as to suck money from public. That's why only the politicians will increase the benefits in practical to employees before elections, where as they show benefits in words in the form of election promises and in the form of manifestoes to public, before election.

I'm not saying all of the politicians and Govt. employees are like this only. But 99.99% are like this only. We should be grateful to that 0.01% i.e. one moral politician and moral employee in 10,000, because their sincerity and stubonity is definitely such great to do not immerse in that immorality. That's why we should show great respect to them.

The remaining and maximum portion of the Govt. employees is like thief servants to thief kings. By watching the luxurious life style, posh residences of Govt. employees, politicians and Corporate Companies managements, anybody can say that these are the co-thieves or these are all the supporters of coup on India, not only on India, on human race by knowingly or unknowingly.

Here I want to explain few jokes on the Govt. employees and on the administration of Govt. I read them somewhere.

JOKE: In a colony, there is the problem of thieves. The residents of colony urged Govt. to appoint a watchman to their colony. The Government had appointed a watchman to that colony. To inspect the duty performance of watchman, they appointed a manager and arranged an office to him. To maintain the accounts of watchman and manager's salaries and other office expenditure they appointed a clerk. The Govt. had oppointed an accountant and an auditor to audit the accounts. By the way, the expenditure of the Govt. had increased like anything. To minimize the expenditure of that office, they dismissed the watchman. The rest of employees and the office maintainance are going on without disturbance.

That's all!

Another joke:

One-day, two tigers were escaped from a zoo. By feeling bore with routine food and non-freedom in zoo, they planned to escape. After one month, they returned to zoo. They met in the enclosure. One of the two tigers was stout. The other was thin and weak. The stout tiger asked the thin tiger "Why you have returned to zoo? Why are you looking thin. You are better looked when you were in zoo." The thin tiger with sad face said, "Feeling bore to eat routine food in zoo, I ran away from here. But outside I didn't find food. Though I have freedom but no body. I lead life by eating cinema wall posters by night. That's why I became weak, and thin. That's why I felt better to be in zoo. What is your case? You look strong and stout. Why you have returned to zoo?" The stout tiger said, "What a fool you are? What is there to eat cinema wall posters. I ran into a Govt. office and hidden in their record room. I was hidden myself in the heaps of files and racks. Nobody had identified me. Normally they won't come into the office record room. Whenever I was hungry, in the evening while the Govt. employees were moving out, I used to catch hold of the last fellow and eat him up. Such those days were happy to me. Look, how stout I'm."

Then the thin tiger asked with high surprise, "Then why you have returned to zoo?"

The stout tiger got tears in eyes and said, "There is my bad luck! One day, I had caught up Mr. Venkata Rao and eaten him up. Then the sensation got started. Everywhere it was hot discussion about the disappearance of Mr. Venkata Rao. In the office, in the city, in the media and finally in the Assembly it got sensational. The Govt. had appointed enquiry team to find out the reason behind the disappearance of Mr. Venkata Rao. I sensed that on some day, the police and the enquiry team would enter into the office record room where I was hidden in search of him. Unalternatively, I returned to here i.e. to zoo."

With puzzling face, the thin tiger said, "When you had eaten many Govt. employees, there was no sensation. When you ate Mr. VenkataRao, it got sensation everywhere including assembly. Who is this Venkata Rao? Is he the manager or someone like that?"

The stout tiger said with sad voice, "He is the tea boy."

That's all entire joke.

Similarly, on the laziness, on the sleeping in office, on the redtapistic deal of Govt. employees, there are many jokes in public.

Many years back, the famous Telugu poet, Bala Gangadhara Tilak in his అమృతం కురిసిన రాత్రి
which means "On the night when the nectar i.e. ambrosia rained" described the Govt. employees like caterpillars.

He said,

"గొంగళి పురుగులు

తనను తాను చుట్టుకొని

కీటికీలోనుండి తనను తాను

బయటకు గిరాటు వేసుకొంటున్నాయి"

This means,

"Cater pillars,

By wounding round themselves

and throwing out them through the

windows by themselves."

such that, the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters like politicians and Corporate Companies had spoilt the administration of Government in India by polluting the employees and filled everywhere with redtapisam. Under that cover, it is easy for them to implement coup on Indian politics and on Govt. administration. If anybody or public notice the coup, it is easy to mislead them by saying that, all is redtapisam or corruption or immorality or natural phenomena of now-a-days. That's all the story of నల్లమేక - నలుగురు దొంగలు i.e. BLACK GOAT AND FOUR THIEVES.

The politicians need to win in elections to secure power. For that, they need money. To be in Government, to lead Govt., to lead parties, they need money. To become into power they need money. With power they can earn money. With money they can earn power. Hence, money needs power. Power needs money. This is money – power – money cycle. The politicians have to extract money from their subordinate, and they have to forward it to their Supremes or bosses. The politicians who can show the best performance in extraction of money from subordinates and forwarding the money to superiors will be entertained in the field up to their capability limits and time by the coup makers. The politicians who can't show the good performance will be faded out from the field by the coup makers. Like that, only the politicians who were sincere towards the poor people and country were driven out of the field. Gradually 99.99% of the political places are filled by the coup supporters only. Only 0.01% or less than 0.01% of the sincere politicians could struggle to continue in the politics. This is not only in the political field. This is the most common in each and every field like Corporate Companies, business, cinema, media and all.

Because of this reason only, Mr. NTR was faded out by Enadu Ramoji Rao on the name of infidelity by NTR's son-in-law Mr. N. Chandra Babu Naidu in Aug. 1995. By that situation Mr. NTR's need was not so needful to Mr. Ramoji Rao when compare Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu's capability need to Mr. Ramoji Rao.

That's why only the politicians like Sonia Gandhi can get career in politics, though she won't show any relevance in between words and works. She could express doubts on DMK when DMK was partner in NF Govt. She could take support from the same DMK as partner in UPA Govt. Only her target is power – money. For that sake, she wears a veil of scarifying PM Chair by enjoying supreme power as Chairperson of Govt.

To make her convenient to approach PM seat, the NDA Govt. had lifted the clause in constitution which objects the non-Indian i.e. Foreigners to become PM of India. Who made the NDA Govt. to do so, except the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters like Corporate Companies? The case on this issue is in Court pending.

Mr. Sarad Pawar had objected her to become the supreme of AICC; to become PM of India, in 1998. He had left Congress party and formed NCP. The same NCP, the same Mr. Sarad Pawar and his followers are now saying no objection to her. Who made NCP and Sarad Pawar to do so, except the coup makers?

Mr. Kumara Swamy, Deva Gouda in Karnataka are saying that there are no permanent friends and enemies in politics. In fact, they have to say that there are no ethics, values and morals for politicians. The nasty show of politics and the nude behavior of politicians and their parties, we are watching in Karnataka. Off course, all other states like Tamil nadu, Andhra Pradesh etc are competeting with Karnataka.

Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav had sent to jail and prosecuted in 'Fodder scam'. But he could continue in politics and being Railway minister in UPA Govt., he is enjoying the successful ministerial image by media. He is famed as the minister who brought the railways from losses to profits track. When he was sent to prison, his wife being illiterate could rule Bihar as CM. No media had roared as "Is Bihar his kingdom to gift it to his wife? How Mrs. Rabri Devi was heir of Lalu in Bihar? Where is democracy? Is there democracy in India or Royal rule?" When the same happens in Indira Gandhi vs. Sanjay Gandhi, the media roared continuously like that. There was same case when Rajiv Gandhi succeeded Indira Gandhi. When Sonia Gandhi became the heir of Rajiv Gandhi, the media especially Enadu said nothing like roaring. There is same case regarding Rahul Gandhi.

When Rabri Devi became the heir of Lalu Prasad yadav, the media especially Enadu said nothing. What is the reason behind this? Is it because, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi were the fighters against coup on India, where as Sonia Gandhi, Lalu Prasad Yadav are the supporters of the coup on India.

Other wise where is the address of ethics, concepts and theories in politics? Being ruling party, CPM gives land to SEZes in West Bengal. The same CPM, being opposition party opposes SEZes, fights against SEZes on roads by gathering poor and innocent victims in AP. Is there any sincerity in their communism or Maoism or socialism? Like that, there are no truths in isms.

Being supporters to UPA Govt., the left parties are fighting against Govt. to control the prices of commodities and to stop the land allotments to SEZes. Instead of this fighting like Dharnas, Rallies movements on roads by gathering poor and innocent victims, they can control the Govt. They are capable to do so, because with their support only the Govt. is with standing in power.

In such case, how far they are sincere to control the prices of commodities, land allotment to poor and not giving land to SEZes. In such case, the left parties are doing just dramas to cheat public or to mislead public.

In fact, I'm claiming that Sonia Gandhi as agent of coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, and Ramoji Rao who are playing coup on India with proofs, which I enclosed at the end of my writings. My straight question is though I am nothing, though I am a common citizen, but the issue what I am bringing to UPA Govt. notice and Sonia Gandhi's notice is true including the EAMCET rank fixing and educational disputes. Now it is well declared and everybody agree that Corporate Colleges are doing disputes in EAMCET ranks and inter marks etc. More over I am brining the coup playing by Ramoji Rao to her notice with documentary, logical and circumstantial proves. I am brining Ramoji Rao's spying activities against India including the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi's husband in 1991 at Sri Perambuders in Tamil nadu.

Though my case is nothing as organized harassment on us, but how Mr. Ramoji Rao, his case and his coup on India is nothing for her, UPA Govt. and for PM of India Mr. Man Mohan Singh?

On 17th December 2007, I put a requisition to fetch the appointment with PM of India by producing all the documentary evidences to the Home Department on 22-11-2007, with 100 complaints, other correspondence, and receipts of correspondence as a file with hundreds of pages. In fact, Mr. APJ Kalam, the then President of India had farwarded my case to Home Affairs department. In spite of this, I didn't receive any response from Home Affairs department, as I submitted the file in North Block in-person.

That's why by 17th December 2007, I requested PM to give his appointment. In reply I received an officer by name Joseph as per his introduction, came from AP State CBCID, to enquire me why I'm demanding the appointment with PM of India on 17th January 2008. I told him the same as "Sir! Though I'm nothing for them being normal citizen or a private teacher, but how Mr. Ramoji Rao is nothing for them I want to know. How Mr. Ramoji Rao's coup on India is nothing for them? I want to know. To ask this only, I'm demanding the appointment with PM of India."

Till date i.e. 18th July, 2008 I didn't receive any response from either Central Govt. or from State Government. I appealed the case to Mr. YS Raja Sekhar Reddy when he was in opposition party on 21-03-2001. I appealed the case with full particulars to him repeatedly when he is CM of AP, on 22-04-2004, 04-08-2006 and on 17-05-2007 in person. Before lodging complaint against Ramoji Rao regarding his spying activities to the then PM of India, Mr. PV Narasimha Rao, I met Mr. YS Raja Sekhar Reddy, to request his help to secure an appointment with PM of India. By that time, he asked me to bring proofs against Mr. Ramoji Rao. I expressed my helplessness, as "Mr. Ramoji Rao is that much capable to kill Prime Minister and Ex Prime Ministers, then how could I bring the proofs against him."

In fact, being innocent, in-experienced and emotional person I believed him that he could fight against the coup maker i.e. Ramoji Rao. But after multiple visits being CM of AP, I understood that he would use the proofs if I had any, to give him in 1992, for his own career. He would use the proofs to grip Mr. Ramoji Rao to deal himself and to give good career to himself. If Mr. Ramoji Rao would not entertain him, then Mr. YS Raja Sekhara Reddy would use the proofs to black mail Mr. Ramoji Rao.

With this background now why Mr. YS Raja Sekhara Reddy is quarreling with Mr. Ramoji Rao by establishing the newspaper 'SAKSHI' and by writing against Mr. Ramoji Rao, they might know.

In fact, the co-thieves will quarrel among themselves when they get either loss or profit. When they get profit, the co-thieves quarrel among themselves to share the profit. Each and every thief will think that he had done much industry in the robbery. But the chief of the co-thieves can control these quarrels. When they get loss, the co-thieves quarrel among themselves to bare the loss. Each and every thief will think that the other had much responsibility for the loss and the other had done many mistakes, which resulted as loss. Off course, the chief of the co-thieves can control these quarrels also.

But, when the chief of co-thieves became weak, among co-thieves who ever noticed that the chief became weak, that co-thief will try to push out the chief of the gang. In such case, that co-thief will gather some of the followers and will try to make his own team of thieves to nullify the existing chief of thieves.

The same is happening now, in between Mr. Ramoji Rao and Mr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy. That's why only, Mr. Ramoji Rao had given good coverage and image to Mr. YS Rajasekhara Reddy in 2004 summer when he was wandering AP on foot by name 'Paada Yatra'. That made easy to Mr. YS Raja Sekhara Reddy to become as CM of AP.

From such situation, why this situation of quarreling is transformed between Mr. Ramoji Rao and Mr. YS Raja Sekhara Reddy? The sequence of this happening, the hidden cause behind this such as Ramoji Rao was noticed as CIA main agent in India in 1992 by the then Govt. of India and by the then PM of India Mr. PV Narasimha Rao. I enclosed the bunch of complaints and correspondence with proofs, at the end of this writings for your ready reference. The CIA might dropped out Mr. Ramoji Rao because he was noticed by the then Govt. of India in 1992. Hence, Mr. Ramoji Rao might became weak. Other wise, the CIA it self might became weak because of Muslims terrorists network such asAlquaida or Talibon or some other strong organization. Hence, Mr. Ramoji Rao might become weak.

In fact, in India we didn't get independence until now. Just there is the change of name of our rulers from British Crown Govt. to NDA or UPA Governments. That's all. There is same robbery of rulers. There is same fighting, suffering, or struggle of people.

In Indian epics, there is a famous story of Karthya Veeryarjune. Once in Badarikashram Nara Narayanas were practicing penances. There came Karthya Veeryarjuna, a great and strong king. He had thousand hands. It might be exclamatory comparison to describe his strength. Any way he was very strong and stout king. He challenged Nara Narayana as "I defeated all the great kings, worriers and people. Nobody had satisfied my war thrust. I want to expose my strength all of the worlds. I want to prove my energy and strength to the universe. Do fight with me."

Nara Narayana said, "We are saints. We are doing penance peacefully. Why are you disturbing us? Go on your way." But he harassed them to fight with him. Then Nara had got ready to fight with him. When he projected a grass stick like an arrow on to Karthya Veeryarjuna, it had cut off his hands within few seconds.

The pride and ego of Karthya Veeryarjuna had got down and he had fallen down on to the foot of Nara Narayana. In fact, Nara Narayana were man and God. They said, "Karthya Veeryarjuna! If we have strength and force, we have to use them to protect Dharma, to protect weak people and to help poor people. We should not use our advantages to harass the weak and poor. It is the duty or Dharma of strong people. Go and live like that i.e. with ethics."

That's the entire story.

But the reverse of Nara Narayana's concept is the present strategy of coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters like Corporate Companies.

That's the entire coup on human race and on humanity.

Any body if they go through all of this, if they observe what is happening all around them, if they have patience to read and to observe, they can identify the coup not only on India, not only on our lives.

But on their lives,

On the lives of Indians,

On the lives of common citizens,

On the human race,

On the humanity,

And on the idealistic morality.

That's the entire coup on everybody.


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