Saturday, December 20, 2008

16. Coup On Business And Commercial Field

Once I read in economics textbook for degree students, as "Business is everywhere. It begins with our life. A kid will cry for milk, by hearing the kid's crying mother will attend him/her. By the way, the kid is selling his cry and buying the mother's milk. Such that it is also business."

I don't know how far this comparison is reliable to define the business or to explain the business to the students. Once upon a time, there was barter system in business. In this context, I explain you a small story.

అనగా అనగా ……………..

Once in a town, there was a merchant by name Dhana Gupta. He was rich and capable. He had a son Guna Sekhara. He was handsome, lovely but not so sharp in business. Dhana Gupta wanted to get an intelligent bride to marry his son. In fact, so many merchants in the town were eager to give their daughter to his son. But he was very particular and cautious to the intelligence of his would be daughter-in-law.

He thought well. He got a good idea. He called on his servant and said, "Servant! Offer rice to sell in the streets. But ask the people who ever ready to buy rice from you to give oil in return. The same measuring vessel should be used to measure both rice and oil. Wherever you could sell your rice for oil, you come to report me about your customer. Go to the residential areas of merchants."

The servant had kept rice bag on his head, and wandering on the roads by shouting, "Rice! Fine Rice! Rice like pearls!" Who ever shown interest to buy his rice, by hearing his condition of barter system by oil for rice with the equal measure of vessel, were simply dropping out. No one was ready to buy rice, because in that time, oil was seven times costlier than rice. Everybody was laughing at the servant's ignorance to sell rice for the exchange of oil. But as per the order of his master, the servant was going on roads by shouting "Rice, fine rice, rice like pearls!"

After two or three days, a young and beautiful girl called on the servant to buy the rice. He explained his condition, as "I sell rice to you if you give oil to me in return. With the same measuring vessel, both the rice and oil should measure. If you accept my condition, bring a vessel to measure rice and oil."

The girl smiled at him and brought a flat plate. She had taken rice by pouring rice in the plate like a cone. After that, she had poured oil in the plate and given it to him. As the plate was flat, much rice she could take in return of little oil.

The servant returned to his master, Dhana Gupta and informed him what happened. He felt very happy and arranged his marriage with that girl.

She co-operated her husband in business and it was developed to good limits.

That's the entire story.

Like that, business should involve intelligence but not cheatfulness. In ancient times, in India, when a traveler asks for water at the door of anybody, he could get buttermilk. From those days, we travelled to buy drinking water in packets and bottles. With such commercial view, if anybody watch the issue of a baby demand for milk from her mother, as selling of baby cry and purchase of milk from mother, instead of holy love of mother and the limitless kindness of God in creation milk in the breast of mother for her innocent baby, how much cruel that commercial view is?

In ancient India, people used to practice a principle of giving food to certain number of poor as guests per day. Unless they fulfill that principle, they would not take food for that day. People habituated to adorn beggar as God and for the sake of holiness, they use to search for the poor and beggars to donate food, money or something.

Before Christ, in India there were great Merchants who could finance even to emperor. They had done business overseas. Regarding this, so many historical proves are there including the writings of Greek Ambassador and tourist to India, Megasthanese. When the others including Greek were in the state of considering that how many numbers that they could remember was a parameter to calculate the wisdom of people, Indians were in such state to count the numbers up to 1055 with zero concept and decimal system of numbers. 1055 was the number referred by Valmiki Maharishi in Ramayanam as Maghounam, to explain the strength of Ravana's army as it was the number of his soldiers in army. I'm not saying this, with ego of race like Nazi etc. I'm not saying that our Nation, India is great and other all countries are with meanness. In my opinion, every country, every nation, every race has its own greatness, its own advantages and disadvantages. I respect all other countries, nations and people. Not only I, in my opinion, everybody should respect every other. Everybody should love and respect their home country as own mother. Everybody should respect all other countries like our neighbor aunts. In those days Indians know only business but not Corporate business. The Indian businesspersons had done business with morals and principles. Their business was not beyond the limits of humanity. To do business, they used to try to meet the demand, where as the now-a-days Corporate business Companies are creating demand to do business.

I will give a comparison to explain you about idealism, materialism and Corporatism. Idealism is like a beautiful, nice, good and young girl. It is just like a girl, or a woman with kind heart. It is just like a woman with patience. In fact, all the feelings belong to idealism only. On the other hand, Materialism is like a handsome, nice, good and young boy. It is just like a boy or a man with strong body, capacity and dare. It is just like a man with determination. Both the idealism and materialism have their own limitations and morals. That's why they are like female or male. But the CORPORATISM has no morals. That's why it is like an IMPOTENT.

In any family, if wife and husband respect each other, behave within their limits, to do not hurt each other, co-operate with each other, live with co-ordination, how sweet and happy that family life is? Similarly, in any society, if both idealism and materialism are patronized in suitable limits, how much good it will be? If a female and male live together in a family, they can have future. I.e. children. But, if anybody lives with an impotent, there won't be any future. Now the corporation is driving the entire world, driving the entire people to futureless situation.

Here I want to give my explanation regarding this comparison. With this comparison, I'm not insulting Hijras. They are physically handicapped persons and I have respect and sympathy on them. I'm comparing the Corporate business Companies including schools, college's etc. educational institutes and hospitals with impotents because the Corporate business Companies are psychologically handicapped.

Four or five decades back, many Corporate Companies had created wars and fear of wars among countries to sell their weapons. In my childhood, I heard this in the discussions of my elders and I read such information's on Newspapers. According to the analysis of political intellectuals, after the collapse of U.S.S.R. in 1990, the situation of the world had changed.

Now the Corporate Companies are creating diseases, 'crazes' to promote the sales of their products.

Here are some illustrations for your ready reference. 3 or 4 decades back, all most all of Indians were habituated to use soap nuts to wash hair. Soap nut trees were often grow in back ground of the houses, in open lands of the villages and in large scale in forests. At that moment, with attractive Ads in T.V., Ads before cinema in theaters, shampoos were introduced. Only the advantages such as easy to wash hair, easy to apply to hair, hair will be soft, fair and conditional, do not give tears in eyes, do not make the eyes red when dropped in eyes like soap nuts and more over shampoos had good smell with artificial chemicals. The disadvantages of shampoos like hair falling, becoming white or color change of natural color of hair etc were not projected. Nobody was known about it. Actually, in western countries, shampoos were already in existence, we don't know the result of shampoos usage there. No media, being responsible to society had projected the disadvantages of such artificial and chemical products. More over they had given full support to those Companies who were the manufacturers of such products. Whatever might be the reason, getting advertisements, business etc but it was the irresponsibility of the media. Being with such irresponsibility, with wanted or strategically forgetting of responsibility, the media in India always demanding for rights as Freedom of press. Utterly this is the coup.

Like this by neglecting the projections of disadvantages of such chemical products, by projecting of the advantages of chemical products i.e. shampoos, the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters like Corporate Companies had strategically and successfully drawn the attention and attraction of people on shampoos.

Now, after 3 or 4 decades, the disadvantages of shampoo usage are coming into experience. So, to prevent the disadvantages of shampoos, now the Corporate Companies are marketing some more chemical products such After Shower, Livon that is ment to straighten the hair after shower, conditioners, and special shampoos, which can eliminate the disadvantages of shampoos already in market. By the way, they can introduce some more products. More over they propagate that if every product of hair wash such as shampoo, after shower, hair oil, hair spray etc etc belong to the same Company i.e. same brand, it will be more effective.

On the other hand, to prevent the disadvantages of shampoos, some herbal shampoos and other herbal products are introducing by the same Corporate Companies. By watching all of this exploitation or cheating or Corporate business, common people can turn to natural products such as soup nuts, henna, etc, then to nullify that thinking, the Corporate Companies can implement the strategy of advertisements, propaganda such as "నల్లమేక - నలుగురు దొంగలు" i.e. BLACK GOAT AND FOUR THIEVES . To do such propaganda, they can make satires, jokes through powerful media like T.V., Cinemas, Journals and Newspapers. To make unalternative to people and to make people as dependents on the Corporate products, they can smash out the spices i.e. plants and trees of soap nuts, hibiscus, henna and fenugreek. In spite of these all efforts of Corporate Companies, if people turn towards natural products, then the Corporate Companies are capable to grow the farms of natural products, by eliminating them in the fields of common people with patents rights or some other administrative methods such as VAT or some X,Y,Z. There is same case with all products.

All of this is happening in front of our eyes. But most of the people are not able to observe it because of the run created in their lives. As well, no media is exposing this, because they are the partners in this coup. No Governments protest this, because they are getting their shares. There is same case with higher officials, leading people, celebrities, journalists, columnists, etc.

The live example to this is bio products such as bio-fruits, and bio-vegetables. Bio products mean the products grown only by using natural manures and natural pesticides, not by using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. In beginning, that means before 4 to 5 decades all the agriculture was depended upon bio-manures and fertilizers only. By showing the advantages of high production within short period, good qualities of agricultural products in size and taste, by showing the disadvantages of natural manures and fertilizers as insufficient supply, non availability and the less production from fields, the coup makers i.e. CIA, Media and their supporters like Corporate Companies had promoted the use of Chemicals in agriculture. Naturally everybody believed the argument of "As days changed, we have to change our attitude, habits and traditions. Now a day's population is growing day by day. According to that ratio, if agricultural production is not increased, there may be problems of shortage of food."

In fact, according to the time, we have to change our selves. It is true. But, always we have to adopt good only from either past or from present tense. On the other hand, unless we use, we can't know the evil effects of chemicals usage in agriculture. But the Corporate Companies, who had done researches to invent chemical fertilizers, pesticides etc, should know their advantage qualities and disadvantage qualities. Moreover, they had the experience of usage in other countries. More over before releasing into market, they should examine them for years and years. Without taking these precautions, they had done business. Is it not irresponsible towards the humankind? Is it not a coup to do such? To keep silence on the disadvantages and giving support, of media, is it not coup against humanity.

Here one issue that is more terrible is there that we have to notice. By eliminating the natural manures and pesticides, the coup makers and their supporters like the Corporate Companies of chemical fertilizers and pesticides had successfully eliminated the bio-products from field. Now, again by propaganda of advantages of bio-products they are marketing bio-products in Corporate super bazaars with high prices.

There is same case with castor oil. In past, in Indian society, castor oil was used for many purposes. It was used with time intervals for good digestion in children and adults. It was used as moisturizer to the hard skin of hard working people who work in hot sun in fields. It was used as hair oil. I'm not a chemist or doctor or scientist to say whether such use of castor oil is good or not for health. Since centuries, it was in usage of common people, in India. In every village, the oil mills working by bullocks were there, in which castor oil, coconut oil, groundnut oil and gingerly oils were manufactured. There was no need of filtration as people in those days were capable to digest the fats of high density with their hard work. But by making satires on the smell of castor oil, taste of castor oil, the usage of castor oil was made unpopular. Fun was made on people who continued to use castor oil as greasy fellows, un advanced fellows, non-fashioned fellows and uncultured fellows. Again the strategy of "నల్లమేక - నలుగురు దొంగలు" i.e. BLACK GOAT AND FOUR THIEVES. Finished! The availability of castor oil was decreased.

A strange thing is that castor oil is not available in metropolitan cities like Hyderabad. When I needed it once, in Hyderabad I searched in many shops and super bazaars. In Corporate super bazaar, I found castor oil battle of Corporate brand at the price of 360/-Rs. Per kg. With the system of commissions, the Corporate Companies can manage the availability and scarcity of every product in retail and wholesale shops everywhere. Otherwise, how castor oil is that much non-available in common retailed shops and available in Corporate super bazaars at such high prices where as the cost of castor seeds is very less at the level of farmer? Not only castor oil, if you observe keenly the retail, wholesale and super markets, you can notice similar incidents for many products.

I am giving a clear narration to you. For example, imagine a new soup or detergent or dishwashing powder or something else is released in the market. A wave of advertisement will be on electric media such as T.V., net, cinema etc, on print media such as Newspaper and periodicals and campaigns such as exhibition grounds and hoardings on road. It is the investment of Company to promote their product. It is legal, no wrong in this.

The product will be available with cheap and competitive price, sometimes with free gifts or with lottery coupons at all retile and wholesale shops and super markets. This is also the investment of Company to promote their product. It is legal, no wrong in this.

But to our surprise, the availability of competitive products of that new soup or detergent or dishwashing powder or something else in retile, wholesale shops and super markets will be temporarily decreased.

It makes un-alternative to us, without hesitation and with testing curiosity, we will purchase the product. If we like it, we continue otherwise we will continue our old liking product. This is customer psychology, no wrong in it.

But when the non-availability of competitive products is created in market, why the competitive Companies keep silence? Why the media also keep silence on these issues. This is the coup. The pattern of coup is as follows.

Behind the creation of non-availability of competitive products and high availability of new product irrespective of manufacturing Corporate Companies, there was a co-ordination among the manufacturing Corporate Companies. After getting popularity and business for the new product, the price can be increased, the quality can be decreased, no problem to market it, after installed in the market. Whenever the new product is introduced in the market from any of the Corporate Company, same process and understanding is there among them. Everybody can get his or her own turn. That's why they keep silence to allow the other product in the market instead of competeting. By the way, in their turn, they can get same co-operation, from other Companies. As well, media also will keep silence for some time to hijack the observation of people from it.

Such that there is a good co-ordination, clear understanding, best co-operation and a strong network among the Corporate Companies to robber the people. This network is very powerful so that there won't be any disputes, complaints, allegations regarding this business among Corporate Companies come on to the screen. If any crises, they can solve behind the screen. Because of this much of systematic only, only Corporate Companies are ruling the market of every product in India. No more small and tiny industries are existing in the field. Recently i.e. within this 1 ½ decade only dwakra etc small units are able to do business. This is an oasis in the desert of commercial field.

The co-ordination, co-operation and network of Corporate Companies reminds us a Telugu idiom as 'దొంగలు దొంగలు ఊళ్ళు పంచుకున్నారు'. That means the thieves had divided the villages among themselves to robber. We are watching that criminals, Mafia in real estate field and in 'Dandagiri' [Physical force application] are making agreements in dividing the areas to collect the donations and commissions by force from people. We heard that beggars also dividing the areas in towns and cities to beg people. Somehow, the begging field is also made as organized one.

There is same case with Corporate Companies having crores of rupees turnover. How the Corporate Companies are following the principles of network, and how the network is that much powerful unless it is organizing by some person or some agency or some organization. That person is Mr. Ramoji Rao and that agencies are C.I.A. and I.S.I.

Otherwise, if the non-availability of competitive products is created when the launzing of new products, the Corporate Companies show patience according to their commitment towards their network, but what the Government is doing? Why the government is not controlling the situation, not trying to control the demand supply system? The food controllers, the drug controllers, the health inspectors are not working in the field. In fact, Government should take such precautions, to prevent the people from the exploitation by business people.

But the Government is watching like audience of a movie when the Cement Companies create artificial deficiency to raise the price of cement and to market it in black. Not only with cement, the Governments are doing nothing regarding any product. Wont the rulers, the politicians, the burocrats know this creation of artificial deficiency and exploitation? Media also react on this to highlight the capacity of Corporate Companies, but not to protect people, not to fight against the Companies and Governments for the sake of people. Such that they won't perform their responsibilities, but demand for rights such as freedom of press and demand to do not raid on their business Companies. More over Media gives coverage to success of the robbery of Corporate Companies. Then why not this is a coup?

Decades back in past, the network played coups to create wars and war fears among countries to promote the sales of weapons manufactured by the Corporate Companies. Now the network is playing coups to create diseases, artificial deficiencies, crazes among people to promote the sales of their other products. This is the strategy. This is the spying. This is the coup.

Regarding diseases:- As I already explained under the caption of COUP ON MEDICINE FIELD the coup makers and their supporters had encouraged and are encouraging the carbide using in fruits, chemicals in food products and in quality drugs and medicines with side effects. As a result, diseases are increasing in the society so that medicine usage is increasing. Again, the usage of medicines is increasing diseases and diseases increasing the usage of medicines. It is a cycle, continuously running one with other. In fact, the medicines available in Indian market were already notified as dangerous to humankind, not good to health, the disadvantages were more than the advantages and side effects were evil to humankind. So that they were prohibited to use in western countries to India and developed countries in the world. Then why the governments are allowing the Corporate Pharmaceutical Companies to market such drugs and medicines in India? Similarly, why media is not projecting this to public notice? Media criticized more over the Ayurvedic, homeo and natural treatments. Satires made on the usage and users. The disadvantages of Ayurvedic medicines such as smell, taste, time taking to cure the disease, food precautions, partial and temporary prohibitions of certain food items etc were highlighted like anything, so that patronizing of Ayurvedic was demolished from society. Now recently means within 15 years from 2008, it is again getting popularity in the public. Actually Ayurvedic are the ancient medicines in India. Now Ayurvedic products including medicines and cosmetics are manufacturing and marketing by Corporate Companies. Strategically and successfully, the knowledge of usage of sundries available in kitchen as medicines for small health troubles and small diseases such as cold and fever was demolished from public life. At present, within these 15 years, gradually it is again being restored into public life.

Hospitals also became Corporate. Instead of educating the people, Govt. is declaring that it can help poor to get Corporate medicine. Simply the Government had forgotten to give quality medicine and sincere service in Government hospitals. Such that the Govt. people like higher officials, politicians, ministers etc are performing their duty as the representatives of Corporate Companies. The coup makers and their supporters successfully and strategically injected that 'the specialist doctors are only eligible to treat the general diseases even' in the public. Because it is health, relates to life and pain of body, people don't like to take risk. Hence, the coup makers and their supporters had degraded M.B.B.S. doctors and made them as non- eligible to do own practice. So that demand had increased for M.S. and M.D. doctors. Then imagine the donation that Corporate Medical Collages can get to admit a medicine student. Then imagine the fee in Corporate Colleges? Then imagine the consultation and service fee in Corporate Hospitals? Watch keenly. The politicians, bureaucrats i.e. I.A.S. and I.P.S. officers, the media coordinately supporting the Corporate Companies to robber the people with the making of law, Govt. rules and regulations, with the implementation of law, Govt. rules and regulations. The internal cause is coup. The coup on India. The coup makers are Mr. Ramoji Rao, C.I.A. and I.S.I.

Regarding artificial deficiencies:- The manufacturers of cement became syndicate and created artificial deficiency in the market. Naturally, when there was no supply, demand had created. Then no limits for black marketing. They made concern ministers and officials as audience by their methods. They were able to threaten the Govt. to stop the production unless the Govt. accepts their demands such as increase of price etc.

The commission merchants of onions were another example. They controlled the market of onions, by hiding the material and created shortage in the market. Next steps were price increasing and monopoly making. Media projected in those days i.e. around 2001 and 2002 as only 6 merchants in Kurnool were controlling the onion market all over Andhra Pradesh. Govt. didn't take any action to eliminate such evil business and evil businesspersons as well as media didn't effort to drive the Govt. to do so. The media had only projected what was happening, by the way it had projected as the private business people and their corruptive methods were powerful than Govt. Like that successfully, it had injected that the Govt. was in capacitive to control the evil in society so that it had indicated the people that they could violate the rules and could do immoral, to earn money. No Govt. could do nothing. Whenever it gets possibility, media won't leave to inject this attitude in public.

Another example is seeds for farmers to do sowing. Corporate Companies are doing maximum possible cheat in seeds. Their ads attract farmers. Their campaigns of propaganda attract farmers. But their products collapse the farmers. Sometimes the seeds won't germinate into plants. Sometimes, plants come and grow strong but won't give yield. The role of Govt. and media is as usual. Before this 'supply of seeds from Corporate Companies', what the ancient farmers had done, the present farmers don't know, because the system of accessing knowledge from old generations is demolished in society.

One more example of past i.e. around 1970 to 1980 in ruling time of Mrs. Indira Gandhi in India, is the issue of milk powder for babies. Sudden and strategically scarcity was created and the media, the then politicians roared on the problem. There were hot comments like "Under the ruling of a woman, look how the mothers are facing problem for baby milk powder tins!" As a child, I heard discussions of my elders and I read on the then Newspapers about this. It is my live memory. At that time, my parents and others used to feel wonder about it as "What is the need of milk powder tins? Since ancient times, are the mothers not giving breast milk and are the children not growing? Why the media is not putting this question?" Irrespective of such logic of public, the media and the then opposition political party leaders and some of ruling party politicians had made a big sensation on it. Later it was gradually faded out from the top headings of media and politicians also kept calm on it and other the then issues were faded in.

I am not writing this with partiality towards any political parties or leaders. I am writing my observations only. Before independence, during the war of independence, after getting independence, in India, the early generation of rulers and politicians were sincerely committed towards the faith and welfare of mother country. Most of them sacrificed their personal lives and luxuries for the sake of country. That's why the implementation of coup on India was at slow velocity in those days, later it was speed up, and now it is with supersonic speed. This much I want to say with logical and circumstantial proves. By observing all of these writings under all captions and along with the case which I lodged against Mr. Ramoji Rao on to the desk of Central Government at New Delhi in 1992 and following it up frequently in 2005, 2006 and 2007, you can justify your selves and you can think about common person's position, your position in India. By the way, I wish that you could identify the truth so that you can fight to protect your personality, your life and your position in society.

In this context I want to draw, your attention on another fact happened around 1970 to 1980 in India. In those days, media and the coup makers created a propaganda such that Chinese were purchasing the legs of frogs because they use the frog legs as food. The media had published news frequently about the capture of Lorries with the load of frog legs at Kolkata boarders and in other places in India. It was propagated that the goods of frog legs were smuggling by the roadways from Kolkata via Myanmar and Bangladesh to China. The agents were approaching the villages to purchase the legs of frogs on commission. So, no need to search for the address of merchants who purchase the legs of frogs. As it was crime, no merchant was maintaining the address etc. With this type of propaganda, another perfume also was mixed such as some of villagers became rich by doing the business of legs of frogs i.e. smuggling of frogs legs. Media supported it. You can refer the then media coverage in Newspapers, you can recall the memory of your news reading, or you can consult your elders to recall this memory.

Any way with this media coverage, some of villagers who were greedy to earn much money with less effort, were inspirited and killed frogs by mixing poisons in dirt water puddles and drainage puddles. What happened to their business no body knows. But after this sensation, the population of frogs became less and less, and up to minimum. The music of frogs in the rainy nights became silent. But following this, the population of mosquitoes was in creased like anything, since their natural enemies i.e. frogs who ate the larva's of mosquitoes on water puddles were killed.

Ultimately it had given a boom in the business of mosquito repellents such as All Out, CASPER, JET, TORTOISE etc. It is the business of crores of crores of rupees and going on increase without limits. You can notice that there were no such mosquitoes in our childhood, we could sleep outside in dry nights by watching the stars and moon in the sky, and the play of clouds with stars and moon, along with the enjoying the story from grandparents. Now, we can't spend a moment without the bites of mosquitoes outside.

If any coup supporters argue, "the mosquitoes are increased due to other reasons such as dirtiness increasing etc." Then the answer to it is "There was much dirt in olden days in villages and towns. In spite of this, the mosquitos' trouble was less in those days while compare with that of now-a-days.

The Corporate business is mixed with spying such that. So, it can be planned and implemented for decades. It is treated as in the part of investment and installation of business. This is the strategy of Corporatism .

I explain some more issues to explain the Corporatism in detail. We read in history about the beginning of East India Company and other European country Companies business in India. Vascoda Gama, a Portugal sailor reached Calicut, Kerala state in 1498, by discovering sea route to India. The others followed. Here I want to project a joke made in Europe by the then writers and intellectuals who had morals and humanity, when the sailor were starting to find sea way to India with the finance of kings as "The group of robbers are starting to find sea way to perform robberies." It was true. In those days where ever the European people and Companies entered including Australia, Africa, India, America and other places in the World, some infections and contagious diseases were spread in local people so that maximum people became weak and some of them died. Ultimately the local people were net able to fight with the European Companies. More over the European Companies had the weapons of guns and gun powered weapons. You can imagine the reason of spread of diseases in local people by considering the inhumanity range of the Corporate Companies and the European Companies were like the fore fathers of present Corporate Companies. With this background, European countries Governments are roaring on human rights. How funny this is?

Any way many Companies from England, Portuguese, France, Spain, Holland etc reached India and started business here by getting permission from the then rulers in different parts of India as India was un-united in those days. In those days, Indians were maximum farmers and living in villages. The European Companies used to offer tea in the junction of roads in villages at free of cost. The farmers used to have breakfast as rice and buttermilk before going to fields to work there. For long time, the European Companies had offered tea at free of cost. In beginning no body shown interest. Because of continuous campaign. Naturally, curiosity would create in them. Slowly enthusiasm occupied. Villagers slowly came to taste tea. Gradually they habituated to drink tea daily. Slowly the European Companies started to charge for tea. Up to getting grip on business, the European Companies didn't demand and desire profits. They considered all of that was as the part of investment. After making people addicted, they started to suck money from them by the name of business. Same case with narcotics and liquors. Are we not watching the same strategy in the Corporate business?

Take example of Reliance fresh. The Corporate Company of Reliance entered into the retail business of fruits, vegetables, and groceries. Up to this juncture, in villages, towns, colonies, there is a network of retail vegetables and fruit vendors. The poor and common people come to us by keeping fruits and vegetables on carts and big baskets, carrying them on head or cycle to sell us in fresh state of fruits and vegetables. These vendors are poor and not competitive to Corporate Companies strategies. The Corporate Reliance fresh or some other Corporate Companies can offer for very cheap price than these vendors in attractive packing to us. They can supply more freshly. Naturally, customers will attract, after all customer is particular only about quality, freshness and cheap price. The Corporate Company could effort the supply in spite of loss, by considering this investment in the capital of business. After some time these vendors can disappear in the market because of lack of business. They can turn as coolies and more poor. After the network of vendors totally disappeared, the Corporate Companies will start the business by increasing the prices to earn profits including their interest on their investments. Nobody can save the customer from that exploitation then. The Govt. and media role is as usual and supportive to Corporatism. After becoming monopoly in that area the Corporate Company can start its blood sucking.

Same case is applicable to all Companies, to all products and services. The reliance Company is now getting ready to open barber saloons. The poor barbers who offer service at our doorsteps are already disappeared. The poor saloon owners at the corners of our streets are going to disappear. Then only alternative to Indian common person is to have a total shave by the Reliance barber on both face and pocket or living like a barbarian.

Already the dress designers and hair stylist are maintaining appointments and schedules to customers. Such craze will turn the lives of common tailors, washer men and barbers into horribleness. With such exploitation only, the owners of Corporate Companies are constructing their residence buildings with the investment of hundreds of crores. I'm not saying this with jealousy. When they earned money, they are eligible to enjoy. I agree. But, while the others, the maximum portion of people in this world are suffering with hunger, with the deficiency of food, clothes and shelter, is it humanity to enjoy life without boundaries like that?

The coup makers i.e. Mr. Ramoji Rao, C.I.A. and I.S.I. in India, might be some other in other countries with the support of the Corporate Companies are sucking money on the name of business. Hence result is poor becoming much poor and rich becoming much rich. As well, the immorality and inhumanity is increasing in business and commercial field. In fact, Govt. has the responsibility to prevent this situations and exploitation. Same case with media also. But both are partners of the coup. Then who can save common persons except themselves?

I explain you another example of era 1980 to 1992 to explain the partnership of Govt. in the coup.

In those days, Mr. N.T. Rama Rao was the C.M. of Andhra Pradesh. Suddenly he got an idea in the early morning i.e. Brahma Muhurtham in his words. According to that, he passed a Government order, so that everybody who drives by-wheeler must wear helmet. Suddenly he felt care about the safety of people and considered the deaths of road accidents. Surprisingly, when he passed such order, only a Corporate Company 'Studds' was ready to meet the demand in market. They might have the tie-up with Mr. N.T. Rama Rao's Government. Unfortunate of other Companies, no other Company was alert about this in prior.

What a business of helmets in those days! There was terrible demand for helmet because of the dead line i.e. date declared by Government to wear the helmets. After that date, fine would be charged on by-wheeler drivers without helmet. Huge amounts of money flowed via 'Studds' Company and Mr. N.T.Rama Rao to the coup makers and their supporters.

There is same case with iodide salt. The Govt. itself had made a rule that un-iodized salt should not be used and should not be marketed because of good health. So that life of poor who demanded on salt yield and market was collapsed. The Corporate Companies such as Annapurna i.e. Hindustan leavers [Birla families], Tata [Tata families], Captain Cook etc had captured the salt business. As it is compulsory item in food making, its business is very huge. When the British Government in India ordered Tax on salt making, Bapu and people fought against it. Dandi Satya graham was a spiritual and inspirative fight in the history of Indian independence war. But the pity is the present India Government had driven the people to the situation which is most worst than that in British rule. More over the Corporate Companies are singing Lullaby to the people with their ads, as by using Corporate iodide salt, the children can become IAS officers. Such that crazes are creating. With such craze creations only, the Corporate Companies were able to demolish the natural solid food of kids of aged 6+ months, which were called as 'Gujjana Gullu' and introduced 'FAREX' etc Corporate solid foods, which make the kids with obesity. With attractive ads they could do all of this craze creation. The Corporate methods such as pram, walkers etc, the Corporate medicines, the Corporate food products; totally the Corporate business is creating another terrible danger on which no socialist, no scientist, no psychologist drawn vision and attention. The Corporate products are meant to increase the 'Thamasam' by nullifying the nature of Rajassu and Satwam in users. Thamasam leads people to lazy, thoughtless and weak. They can't struggle further. This is the super secret in the coup on India. This might be all over the world.

Regarding crazes:- To increase their business, the Corporate Companies can popularize the crazes. With their propaganda strategy, they are able to create crazes and crazy attitudes in public. Observe the Ad of certain soaps and moistures. In those Ads, some kid demands her mother "mummy, you also please turn like my friend's mother. So let us use this XYZ soap or XYZ shampoo or XYZ perfume."

Now it is declared that children are working as Corporate Company agents in our house. Irrespective of the product and its need to them, they are demanding their parents to purchase XYZ car, XYZ mobile, XYZ computer or XYZ something, by getting craze though T.V. etc electronic media Ads and crazy competitive talks with classmates. Hence, now, the Corporate Companies are concentrating on the kids and children to increase their business. You can refer the news item under the caption of 'మన ఇంట్లో ఇతరుల ఏజంట్లు' which means "The agents of other Companies in our house" on Telugu daily paper Enadu dt. 01-01-08 and the relevant other Newspapers, for more details.

With such publicity strategy, how far the business is discriminative and descriptive? But this all is not particular to Corporate Companies; they are particular about their business only.

Another craze created by their publicity strategy is that 'Having an object such as electronic goods or furniture or vehicle is the status symbol. Not having such status symbol means it is insult in the society'. People forgotten to enjoy the objects. They are only particular to have it. If it is not possible for them to procure it, the children, young generation of the families are getting desperation, self-pity, and inferiority complexes and sometimes committing suicide. Are we not hearing such news? This is the result of running after money by forgetting the feelings. That is the impact of Corporatism. When people realize the truth, morals, knowledge, leading life with principles is the ultimate goal in life, and then only these evil effects can be, disappear from the society. Our epics, religious believes, Indian culture and idealism can lead people in this way.

But this is the time leading by Corporatism. This is the form of coup. I discuss about some crazes created by the coup makers and their supporters like Corporate Companies.

The Corporate Companies popularized Valentine's Day to sell their flower bouquets, sweets, greeting cards, special programs in T.V.s and other gifts. It is the business of large amounts of money. It doesn't particular for them, how many lives of innocent teenagers all over the world with that crazes are suffering. It doesn't particular for them how many critics are making on their business immorals. Because critics can't do any harm to them until the Govt. react over them. Any way the Govt.'s are also partners in the coup irrespective of political parties. Media and spying agencies are any way with them to support and to have their share of money as return gift of this support. This is the network of coup.

Another fresh example is making popular of 'Akshaya Thrutheya'. We don't know about this festival and its sentiment of purchasing gold in our epics, culture and from believes accessed from our fore fathers. But recently, the Corporate gold marketing showroom made it popular. They propagated as "If we purchase some gold on the day of Akshaya Thrutheya, Goddess Lakshmi will please with us and come to our house." Regarding these blind believes, customs, traditions and sentiments why the so-called Hetuvada Sanghas are keeping silence, they must know. In fact, these so-called 'Hetuvada sanghas' had fought against the blind believes of Hindus in between 1970 to 1992 like anything. Like that these so-called 'Hetuvada Sanghas' had given support to implement the coup on Hinduism. As a return gift, they got popularity and career in their concern fields. Otherwise, they should fight now against this 'Akshya Thrutheya' i.e. blind belief creating by the corporate gold ornament companies. In fact, it is clear that these crazes are creating in the market, only to increase their business.

Another big craze created by Corporate Companies of coal drinks, food products and other products is cricket. An everlasting, nonsensical sensation! The craze was created in public from 12 months children to old people. How many working hours, how much human power is wasting, we can't imagine. How many thousands of crores of rupees and dollars were changing hands we can't imagine? On the days when the cricket matches or live telecast on TV, they attendance in schools, colleges and offices will decrease to minimum level. In the business areas also, people used to gather in front of TVs to know the score and to enjoy the game. At that time, it is an easy for thief to steal in the shops and houses. People are that much unconscious while watching cricket match. In 2002, in the elections for the Hyderabad corporation, in Jubilee Hills where the educated and rich people are residing, the percentage of polling was very less. While a TV news reporter interviewed people, a modern woman with pride smile said, "To day there is cricket match live telecast on TV. What we can do? Cricket match and voting, both are important. Though putting vote to corporator is important, we could not leave cricket match." When the so-called educated and advanced citizens thought like that, you can estimate the level of craze of ordinary people. That much is the craze created for cricket. For other games, not that much craze was created. Because, if craze created on more sports, it is difficult to collect money, to concentrate to make money for the coup makers and their supporters like Corporate Companies. It is easy to them if they create craze on single or few games similarly on single or few players. That's why only few stars will be there in players in cricket, in tennis etc like Sachin Tendulkar, Dhoni, and Sania meerza etc. Though other players perform in good manner, the media won't give coverage to them. More over media project pity on the other players by writing sympathetically on the position of other players. Then why don't they stop giving popularity, coverage, monopoly craze on some or certain players, the media might know. We read such articles regarding Sania Meerza Vs other tennis and other game players.

To create crazes, the media will take different techniques. Whenever the media is referring certain cricket stars, they will attach some pet names. For example, Master Blaster Bats man Sachin Tendulkar, Dada Ganguli, Dhandadhan Dhoni or Dhoni having hippy i.e. long hairstyle, which was licked by Musharaff, the president of Pakistan etc, as if those pet names or famed phrases are authoritatively awarded to them by Governments, like respectable Doctorates by Universities. Another technique is propagating stories regarding the love affairs of cricket and cinema stars. The media is giving news coverage of full page in Newspapers and sufficient time in TV News coverage. The media is projecting BCCI as if it is the organization of Government, injecting the cricket team as, Team India, as if the players are playing for country like in Olympics or Asiad. In fact, the games and matches are conducting by private organizations like BCCI, ICC, ICC or IPL etc and the players are enjoying their own benefits. But, by projecting it as patronized by Govt, the media is successfully drawn attention from all sections of people and injected craze in innocent youth. They had given extra support of patriotism to increase the cricket craze in youth. Without that patriotic tinge also, there will be the craze, but the tings of patriotism had given extra boast up to the craze. Sarad Pawar being Chairman of BCCI had more love and affection on cricket than agriculture being the Union Minister of Agriculture. This was covered in Enadu under the same caption. What indication it will give into public?

With all these techniques, the business of Corporate Companies is unlimited. To draw much business, the Corporate Companies are not putting back steps to destroy the yield of crops in fields by releasing such chemical products, which can provoke strange diseases in crops as side effects.

Regarding spread of rumors:- To increase the business, the Corporate Companies and media combindly create the propagate the rumors in society to provocate the emotions and sentiments. To do this, they use believes of religious, human bondages and insecurities of lives. For example the propaganda of a rumor as, "By keeping XYZ product in house, we can bag the luck." No doubt the business of XYZ product will get increase like anything, as a result there may be shortage of supply and demand may increase limitlessly. So that black market also can come into existence. A rumor about brother & sister sentiment is used to spread with regular intervals such as 'Married brothers and sisters should exchange new clothes for the sake of their family welfare. The stars and Panchangam i.e. Astrology is telling such. Otherwise, there may be bad luck for both brothers and sisters'. Enough! A good business will be there for Corporate show rooms such as Chandana, Bommana etc cloth and sari Mandirs and ultimately for the Corporate textile Companies.

Regarding addictions:- To suck money from people, the coup makers and their supporters create addictions among people. For example Pan Parag, Coca Cola etc products. Now blue films on Net, Cell phones etc. The media will give coverage to popularize it but not to nullify it. Up to 1992, the issue of the usage of Narcotics such as brown sugar etc in colleges, schools etc was populated in cinemas, News items as if the media was feelings sorry about the nasty falling of society. But to our strange, by that way, the media had given popularity and details about the availability. It never tried to project the Govt. efforts to seize it, it never informed Govt. to catch the mafia and it never alert parents by explaining the bad affects of such addictions. You can observe the same strategy in 'నేరాలు - ఘోరాలు' i.e. crimes and terrible issues of crime reports or crime story presenting programmes in different TV channels. You can observe the same strategy in the case of Veerappan. Mr. Gopalan of Nakkeeran could go to meet Veerappan whenever he wanted to meet, but never had he informed Govt. to catch him, though Mr. Veerappan had killed so many innocent people including young IPS officer, Mr. Umesh Chandra, and though Mr. Veerappan was thiefting and smuggling the Sandal Wood, natural wealth from forests. Such that media had enjoyed the priorities only; but never consider about its responsibilities towards the country. Actually, media had done responsible, respectable and holy part at the time of the war of India's independence in truth and non-violence way under the leader ship of Mahatma Gandhi. That's why people trusted the media. This trust made the coup makers to take the mask of media such as the role of Mr. Ramoji Rao by keeping CIA and ISI behind him.

The network of coup makers and their supporters could smuggle Narcotics throughout the world. They could encourage the poor farmers of Pakistan and Afghanistan to grow 'Papi' crop. They could market it all over the world.

It doesn't matter to them, as human beings become to such a destructive situation. Addictions make the lives of people, as hell, it doesn't matter to the coup makers and their supporters. By the way, people will become to the nature of Tammassu. So that the people can become weak. So that unlimited business directly, unlimited authority i.e. ruling indirectly. Kingmaker is greater than kings are. The coup makers prefer to be king makers than to be kings.

Here I want to give another comparison to you to understand the Corporatism in clear manner. Imagine that the Idealism is like mother to human beings. In a family, mother will take care of everybody. She will try to make all happy in the family. She will take care of food, bed, health and all other needs of members of the family. She will make the children to learn how to make works and how to enjoy the feelings and things. Similarly imagine that the Materialism is like father to the human beings. In a family, a father will take care of the welfare and safety of the family. He will take care of strength and wealth of the family. He will take care to fulfill the needs of all the members of the family.

With this background, Corporatism is like a prostitute to the human beings. Always mother and father will think, will work for the development of the family, for the good of the family. But the prostitute never thinks about the welfare and health of paramour. Always prostitute works to suck the wealth of the paramour. Prostitute has no morals and humanity. Always prostitute thinks about the business only. That's all the comparison.

Corporatism won't do business on objects. It does business on our needs and 'weakness'. It won't sell goods to us. It sells our needs to us. To sell our needs to us, it will create some more needs to us by creating artificial deficiency, artificial craze and manipulating the Government to pass favorable rules to them.

In ancient India, the business people who were known as Vaisya were famous for their morals and liberal nature regarding donations. Here ancient India means, India before the invading of Muslims i.e. Ghori Mohammad, Gajani Mohammad, Allauddin etc from Afghanistan. The reference of business people in the political ethics of Ramayanam and Mahabharatham are with clear parameters. The reference of businesspersons in Bhatti Vikramarka stories and other ancient historical Sanskrit literature gives us clear idea about the morality of Indian business people and that of commercial field of ancient times. They know only business but not cheatings. The farmers invest money to grow crops. They do physical industry to grow crops. So that accordingly they should draw the profits. It is moral. The coolies invest their physical industry to fulfill our works. So that they should draw the wages. It is moral. The doctors, the teachers, the lawyers, the employees invest their physical and intellectual industry to service others. So that they should draw their service charges. It is moral. Like that, business people also invest money and physical industry in business whatever it is as manufacturing or trading or service oriented. So that, they should draw profits according to their investment and physical industry. It is moral. But if they meant 100% profits and to draw much more profits if they play strategies and cheatings, it is immoral.

In ancient India which means thousands years back in India, the merchants also had their own morals and principles, which were followed by epics and culture. Voluntarily they were self committed to the welfare of society, kind to poor, and interested to donate wealth to poor. For these spiritual activities, they used to reserve some of the percentage of their income. Such morality is in practice in the business people of olden days.

In this context, I explain a nice story to you. I read this in 'Chandamama' the child magazine.

అనగా అనగా …………………..

Once upon a time, there was a businessperson by name Manikya Setti in a port town. He was very rich and kind in heart.

One day a boy of 15 years aged came to him and said, "Sir. My name is Karuna karudu. I have no father. My mother is old woman. She is working to feed me. But I want to relieve her from physical strain. I have two silver coins with me. I'm feeling shy to ask you, because of circumstances I am affording to request you. Next time when you go to other countries on business tour, please bring anything, which is attractive or useful. With that I'll do some work or business to lead life. Please sir, do this favor to me."

Manikya Setti felt very pity on him. He said, "My dear boy! I'll give job to you. Come with me on business tour to assist in my work." Karunakarudu said, "Sir. Excuse me. My mother is ill and old. I have to nurse her. I can't leave her lonely at home. That's why I'm requesting you to bring some thing for me."

Manikya Setti got impressed by him and accepted his request. After few days, he had gone on business tour to other countries. He was busy with his business activities. At the time of return, he remembered about the poor boy's request. He watched the market to purchase some thing for him with his 2 silver coins. There was nothing cheep to purchase for 2 silver coins. He felt pity. He found some monkeys to sale. He thought that the monkey was a better choice for Karuna Karudu. He could use the monkey to perform circus tricks by it and to earn money. Manikya Setti bargained to buy a young monkey. But the monkey vendor offered an old and sleepy monkey for 2 silver coins. Unalternatively, Manikya Setti purchased that old monkey kept it on ship and returned. On the way, the old monkey used to sleep always at the corner of the ship. Manikya Setti felt unhappy about the monkey. On return journey, they reached Pearls Island. The merchants were busy to hire swimmers who could dive into the sea depths in search of pearls. At the surprise of Manikya Setti, the old monkey had got up and with high enthusiasm dived into the depths of the sea. It found many pearls in its hands, kept them in the corner of the ship, and again dived into the sea. It repeated the same. Manikya Setti under stood that it was a trained monkey to collect the pearls. Somehow, it reached the monkey vender. When it reached Pearls Island, it was working as per its working habit. Manikya Setti felt happy about it. He didn't think to keep the monkey for him and the monkey collected pearls, for himself. The old monkey had collected countable number of pearls.

They returned to their town. By hearing the return of Manikya Setti, Karuna Karudu visited him. Manikya Setti said, "My dear boy. You are lucky. I purchased a monkey for you because nothing was available for your 2 silver coins. But with your fortunate, that monkey is a trained up monkey to collect pearls. On our return journey, we reached the pearls island. It had collected many pearls for you. Take your monkey and peals. Start business with those peals."

Karunakarudu felt happy by hearing it. When he saw the monkey and peals, he thought for a while and said, "Sir. You are so kind to me. However, the monkey is purchased with my money. But you decided it to purchase. So the luck is yours. If you give something else to me instead of monkey by hiding all of this information, nobody will object you. But you didn't such. Because of your sincerity, I am getting this. Hence, take half of the pearls as your part. With remaining I'll try to do business."

Manikya setti felt so happy with him. He impressed by his analytical thinking and sincerity. He thought well. He had only one daughter. He had taken care of Karunakarudu and his mother. He made him to learn education as well as business. Such that he had brought up him and gave him his daughter.

Later Karunakarudu became famous in business and made Manikya Setti to spend his retired life happily.

That's the entire story!

I don't remember the name of the writer of this. But he or she is Indian as well as optimist and idealist. By the story, the writer had expressed his/her dream about the existence of good nature, kindness and sincerity in business people. That is the nature of Indian, he thinks about good, dreams about good and hopes good.

But the coup makers and their supporters argued that such idealistic view to think about good, to dreams about good and to hope good is impractical. With their coup and spying activities, they could fail the efforts to make good in practical. By the way with their strategy of

నల్లమేక - నలుగురు దొంగలు i.e. BLACK GOAT AND FOUR THIEVES , they could make all of the people to believe this.

I give you a proved incident of this strategy with example. As all of we know that our first Prime Minister Sri Jawaharlal Nehru was a dreamer of good and welfare of poor people in India. He dreamed to establish peace in Asia. He dreamed to develop India. Here I'm not discussing his failures as quoted by journalists and his competitive politicians by showing the issues of friendship with lady Bautan, the independent concept of Kashmir and in war with China. Here I'm discussing about his fair and truthful love towards the development of India. Here I'm discussing about his commitment to develop India. Here I'm discussing his dreams to develop India. Here I'm discussing about his hard work to develop India.

To make true of his dreams he worked hard and he made others to hard work. Otherwise, India would not be in this situation. If the first and early generations of our political leaders including Nehru, Sasthri, Patel, and Indira Gandhi etc were like the present political leaders irrespective of parties, then India would not remain in the political map of the world until now. Like that, the early generations of political leaders were incomparable with the present political leaders. So that confirmedly we can say that Jawaharlal Nehru and his team had worked hard for India to develop it. We can confirm this because he and his team didn't weak the implementation of five years plan like the present political leaders. We can confirm this because he and his team didn't swallow money on the name of projects like the present political leaders. We can confirm this because he and his team didn't allot all of the contracts to do disputes to their relatives like the present political leaders. We can confirm this because he and his team didn't dedicate the thousands of acres of people's land to SEZ like the present political leaders. We can confirm this because he and his team didn't kill small scale Industries, villages and cottage industries, and tiny manufacturing units with their redtapisam like the present political leaders. In the ruling time of Indira Gandhi, India had achieved the excess production in food grains. Now we are facing the deficiency in production of crops and milk products. Such is the difference in the sincerity of Governments. We can notice the difference in the intuitions of Govt. rulings among old Governments of Jawaharlal Nehru, Smt. Indira Gandhi and that of NDA and UPA. I'm not discussing about the Governments of Sri Rajiv Gandhi and Sri P.V. Narasimha Rao. With the above-discussed parameters, I wish you to justify the intuitions of their Governments.

Recently I read an essay by Neraja Chowdary on dt. 31-03-08 on Enadu. With logical and circumstantial proves she analyzed that the assemblies of states in India and parliament of India are working to benefit to 3% of the rich people and doing against 97% of common people. To support this we are observing that maximum No. of political leaders are in business field, in industrial field & in mining contract etc. For example, Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu had Heritage etc business organizations. Mr. Raja Sekhara Reddy had Birates contracts, and his son has so many industries including Newspaper business organizations. I heard that Mr. Rahul Gandhi has some business agency at Mumbai some time back. I don't know about the present time. Gali Janardhana Reddy, T. Subbirami Reddy etc Rajya Sabah members are example to this. All most all politicians have their own business and industries, Hotels etc. Recently Mr. Anil Ambani became Rajya Sabah member. Is it with interest to serve public or to influence the Govt. to make favors to them and to their business? Some of MPs and MLAs are the CEO's of Corporate Companies or the representatives of the Corporate Companies.

With this background, we have to understand the sincere efforts of Nehru Government to make good to poor people of India.

In world political field, his dreams were Panache Selah, None belonging to rich countries i.e. Non – Alliance , SAARC etc. Any way those dreams were got humiliated by the war with China in 1964. By that time itself, the coup makers Mr. Ramoji Rao [or other Sr. media men], CIA and ISI were on their work to plan and to implement coups against India. That's why only the then media could coverage the News about the disputes happened in war. The articles published had established that the rugs and shoe supplied to soldier were not reached to soldiers. Instead of that, the goods were marketed in Kolkata market. To identify the truth, you can refer the relevant books of history and autobiographies of the then leaders and other people.

Another dream of Nehru was Mixed Economy. With such system, he imagined an equilibrium and competitive development of Government's industries along with private industries. In fact, it was a capable and perfect concept. I explain it to you in detail. Take example of any product say some XYZ. When only the Govt. is manufacturing that product, it can't meet the total demand in market. That to, if only Govt. is manufacturing the goods, then that won't be mixed economy and that will be socialism like in USSR i.e. former to present Russia. When only the private Companies are manufacturing the goods, they can create artificial deficiency, Monopoly, or exploitation in the market. That is, if only private Companies are manufacturing the goods, then that won't be mixed economy and that will be capitalism like in America. After studying disadvantage of both the socialism and the capitalism, by taking the advantages of both and by considering the other features of ancient and modern times, Nehru wanted to implement mixed economy. Instead of monopoly of either Govt., manufacturing i.e. socialism or private manufacturing i.e. capitalism, if both are existing in the market and competiting with each other, then there would be the right development with all parameters. When the Govt. manufactured goods are available cheep and best prices with good qualities people prefer to purchase them only. Unalternatively private manufacturers also should give their products with the competitive price and quality. By the way it can be controlled the drawing of unlimited profits of private Companies. By the way, people can enjoy quality goods with reliable rates. There won't be any possibility of exploitation.

To implement this concept of economy, Allwyn Refrigerator manufacturing Company, HMT watches manufacturing Company etc were established with private and Govt. partnerships. Some industries were established only by Govt. as well private people established the same types of industries.

As per theory, they should get success and the mixed economy should get success. But in practical, it was failed. That was the result of spying work of coup makers i.e. Mr. Ramoji Rao [or other Sr. media men], CIA and ISI and their supporters like Corporate Companies and so-called famed intellectuals, columnist, journalists etc. In fact, the coup makers only made these intellectuals, columnist and journalists to fame. I'll explain it in detail. First, I project the analysis presented by them to convince the world as the failure of mixed economy was natural. To do this convinces, they argued, "Mixed economy is a dream. It is not practical. It is not suitable for these days. Because the time is changed from ancient, so that attitude of public also changed. No such idealistic views in the public and so on … నల్లమేక - నలుగురు దొంగలు i.e. BLACK GOAT AND FOUR THIEVES."

This was the theoretical answer to the theory of mixed economy. In practical, the coup makers and their supporters had made it to fail by influencing the employees in Govt. manufacturing Companies with redtapisam and corruption. With such strategy, they reduced the production in Govt. manufacturing Companies. Always there were disputes among the management staff regarding promotions and commissions. Always there were disputes among the labor working staff and Employees Unions including the labor union leaders. Some of the labor union leaders became political leaders in due course of time. Always there were quarrels among the management and labor unions. Always there were strikes, lockouts and court cases. The courts also worked to increase the density of these disputes at their level best, with their long delay in delivering justice and with their own legal redtapistic ways.

You can recall the memory of Singareni calories, IDPL, RTC etc strikes of those days. If a bucket had number of holes, nobody can fill it with water. There was same case happened to the Govt. manufacturing Companies. As a result, some of Govt. Companies like ALLWYN etc had closed down. Like that, the strategy of coup makers and their supporters got success.

Up to the last decade of previous century, there were terrible strikes in Singareni calories. What happened we don't know but now it is getting profits. This is a thing of happiness. Regarding RTC, the employees of RTC like drivers and conductors used to not give proper service to people up to 1992. There were so many jokes and cartoons published regarding the stopping of RTC bus in the prescribed bus stops and regarding the change giving by the conductor to the passengers.

But now after introducing 7-seated autos, taxicabs as alternative on the roads, after threatening of privatize of RTC, and after introducing the private tour operators in the market, now we are experiencing the decent service from RTC. Is it not true? How these disciplines come in the employees of RTC to save their organization? Once upon a time, the drivers and conductors didn't concern about the passengers, about the profit and business of RTC. Now they are shouting like private employees to attract passengers to increase the occupancy ratio in the RTC buses. How this change got into them? is it not the result of mixed economy as the entry of competitive travelling modes in private sector?

In such case how to understand the failure of mixed economy in India in previous time i.e. in between 1960 to 1992?

One more example I give you. It is regarding telephone service in India.
Before the entry of private phone & cell Companies, the entire market was ruled only by BSNL. In those days, the telephone service was worst in India. These were so many jokes and cartoons on the telephones. We had to wait to get telephone connection for years in the waiting list. That to no quality service. We used to hear that the other country people were making jokes and critics on the waiting time in India to have a telephone connection. We used to get humiliation when we heard such critics of other countries regarding the roads and other infrastructure in India. Miraculary, after the entry of private phone Companies in India, BSNL became more competitive and so that private phone Companies are giving phone connections including cell, land and internet with jet speed and by boat rate i.e. cheap charges. It is our practical experience to enjoy the phone service. Now a shepherd man also is enjoying the service of all phones.

With this background, imagine why the mixed economy had felled in between 1960 to 1992 and how the mixed economy is giving successful fruits now.

So that we can understand that the failure is not in the concept of mixed economy and that the failure is only in implementation. I read that this is the result of liberalization in Economic field. Because I don't know about economics as it is not my subject, I know this much only. But what I projected to you is the truth and I hope you to justify it.

Another dream of Jawaharlal Nehru was regarding the co-operative organizations. He dreamed to develop the villages in India with the co-operative societies. People should become members in these societies. By saving little amounts from their side and by getting reliable amounts of loans from Banks, the villagers should get investments to lead their activities. Co-operative Banks should give co-operation to these ventures. Such that people get development by depending upon themselves only.

' This is the theoretical concept of co-operative system. But failed in practical in between 1960 to 1992. But now the same concept on the name of Dwakra got successes and we are enjoying the Dwakra products such as pickles, praims and red chilly powders etc. Happily, we are enjoying the eatables from Dwakra units without the fear of Corporate pollutions and chemical pollutions. How it happened I don't know, but it is true that the co-operative system is not worthless. The failure is not in its theoretical concept, but it was made to fail in practical i.e. in implementation. That was the strategy, coup played by coup makers i.e. Ramoji Rao, CIA and ISI, and the coup supporters like Corporate Companies.

I will give you another example to understand the coup on India in clear manner. Before the entry of private TV channels is India i.e. before 1992, there was only Door Darshan a Govt. TV channel. The other name of it was Rajiv Darshan or 'Govt. Baka' as it was praising the Govt. greatness always. TV programs were very in-qualitative, as if it was telecasting always about the pig farms. Jokes and cartoons were there on print media as if the DD was telecasting the program of pigs and how the pigs do excreta. In fact, TV programs were that much useless and with un entertainment including their News reviews. The coup makers and their supporters managed the employees and concern people of DD like that, to give in-quality programs. With redtapisam and corruption, they had created such an attitude in concern people of DD to select such in-talented artists, and in-talented programs.

By exposing this in-quality of DD, by criticizing DD, the coup makers and their supporters had created pressure on Govt. to allow the private channels. As a result of it, what is happening we are watching. We are experiencing the ill impacts of private channels. With decade or 1 ½ decade we are watching the destruction of youth in front of our eyes due to private TV channels motivation, the motivation of discotheques and pubs. Then what it could be if the private TV channels were allowed many decades back. Actually, the western countries to us like America and Europe are in fast forward time with us. There this was already experienced. After watching these bad impacts in those countries also, how the so-called intellectuals recommended to allow private TV channels in India, we don't know, unless they performed their part of coup implementation.

In fact, the coup makers i.e. Ramoji Rao, CIA, ISI and the coup supporters like Corporate Companies, bureaucrats, some of the famed journalists, intellectuals and political leaders are able to draw the disadvantages only from any program, concept or rule of Govt. I will give one reference to you. In our place i.e. Nandyala of Kurnool district, some coolies are working to dig side canals of 1 ½ feet depth and one feet width and with the length of road at road sides. This program is under the package of జాతీయ గ్రామీణ ఉపాధి హామి పధకం i.e.. National Village daily wages working assurance program. Under this scheme, the Govt. has to pay 110/Rs per day through post offices to the daily workers. They have to provide work for minimum 100 days. But in practice they are giving 40 to 50 rupees per day in real, 110/ Rs. Per day on paper as well work for 50 to 60 days in real but 100 days on paper. The concern authorities including contractors and officers are sharing the remaining money. That to, they are providing work to coolies in the time of agricultural work existing days. By showing this reason as getting much money for lesser work, the coolies are refusing to attend the work in fields. There they will get 60 to 80 Rs per day but they have to work in hot son for 8 hours in the fields to complete the thrashing of crops. Under the Govt. scheme, there is no such need to work hard. The workers are working 4 to 5 hours in the early morning. The supervisors are keeping calm on this as a precaution to get co-operation from workers to share the Govt. money i.e. the net amount of 110 Rs. To 60 Rs. Per day and 100 days to 60 days. The workers are also enjoying the laziness, and lazy opportunity provided by the Govt. scheme. But ultimately, the farmer was the final victim of this scheme. My neighbor who is a farmer had expressed the same opinion as "To damage the farmers only, the Government started this scheme to implement in agricultural work season, and otherwise the Govt. can do its implementation in summer when there won't be agricultural works. With this scheme implementation, the scarcity of workers and coolies had created in this agricultural work season".

If the Govt. is sincere to do good to poor workers, they could provide this work scheme in the time when there won't be other works in agriculture field. As well, if the Govt. is sincere to do good to people, they could provide work under this scheme in some permanent yieldive fields such as projects on rivers or digging of canals to rivers or cleaning of Nalas and canals, which can be helpful to farmers for the next agricultural years. But they provided this digging of roadside canals of small measurements, which are useless to public. As it is no way connective to panchayathies, the small roadside canals are left as they dug without cement lining or keeping pipes in them. Within 15 days, with small rains, the canals are made to cover with mud as the workers left the dug mud just beside the cannel's digs.

Such that crores of money is invested, 60% of the budget of the scheme is shared among the higher level people who are the supporters of coup by knowingly or un knowingly. 40% only reached to the poor workers. But it made him to feel comfortable and to feel hesitate to work hard. So that it doesn't support his poverty, does not make him to construct the life of workers. 100% of the scheme budget is charged on public only but single pie is not used to make benefit to them. Finally, it had damaged the farmers indirectly. If the same scheme implemented with sincerity by paying 110 Rs per day for 100 days in the time when the workers won't get other works i.e. in suitable season, on the useful work such as permanent yieldive i.e. in agricultural projects or digging of lakes and tanks etc, how much yieldive and beneficial to the country. Where is the fault except in the sincerity in implementation. Such that the coup makers and their supporters draw only disadvantages in any project and scheme of Govt. like in the story of Maryada Ramanna "కోడి గుడ్డు బంగారం"i.e. GOLD LUMP OF SIZE OF HEN'S EGG'.

Another feature of the coup on business and commercial field in India is regarding Banks. Before Smt. Indira Gandhi's Government had nationalized the banks, the private banks were more favorable to rich than to poor public. When banks were nationalized, people expected better service from banks. But in practical banks were not working like that up to 1992. There was not such attitude even in the bank employees. I don't know about any change there in banks now i.e. after 1992, because I have no touch with them practically after 1992. But the disappear of small-scale industries, small manufacturing units, tiny industries from the field sangs that there is no change in banks. I'm saying this with practical experience. I will explain it in detail, so that you can have your own justification on this issue.

Before lodging complaint on Mr. Ramoji Rao regarding his spying activities and coups against India onto the desk of the then Govt. of India in 1992, I was an industrialist i.e. manufacturer of lead acid Batteries at Koppuravuru, Guntur district.

As a student I had a good career, I had fetched many prizes in essay competition, G.K. tests, speech competitions, mono actions, drama playing and quiz etc, including an opportunity to tour on A.P. for 45 days being 1st ranker in Guntur district in the competitive test conducted by A.P. Balala Academy in 1977. As an entrepreneur, I was trained in NISIET, HYD. And I had started small-scale industry in 1989. The then Governor of A.P. smt. Kumud Ben Joshi had inaugurated the unit to encourage a first generation women entrepreneur.

To establish my unit, I had taken almost 16 licenses, NOC [no objection certificates] and clearance certificates from different departments such as

1].Small scale industry registration from District Industries Centre, Guntur.

2].Letter of commitment to give power connection to my unit from APSEB,

3].NOC from concern Panchayathi, Koppuravuru

4].The supporting of this from MRO Pedakakani

5].License from Dept. of factories and boilers

6]. NOC from VGT i.e. Vijayawada, Guntur and Tenali Urban Development Authority.

7]. NOC from Department of roads and buildings by giving them an under taking from me to

give land at any time when they expand road passing by my unit.

8].NOC from pollution control board.

9].Title deed of my asset in which I was going to establish the manufacturing unit.

10]. Trademark registration to my product, Chennai

11].concern letter from underground water resources development department

12]. Adangal copy from MRO to assure my assets which I had offered as sureties to Bankers 13].Registration stamped documents of my assets as sureties from register offices.

Regarding the remaining licenses. I had forgotten since it was happened long back.

But to procure each and every license or NOC etc, I had visited minimum tens of times by investing time and money, to the concern offices and officers. It was seemed that nobody should start industries and if somebody gets ready to do so, the administration of Govt. should punish them. In the journey of mine, I crossed nasty and immoral people as well I was encouraged by nice and sincere persons. First, I will explain my positive experiences i.e. the incidents in which I got inspiration, motivation, co-operation and encouragement from Govt. officers and others, because those were very few.

The G.M. of DIC, Sri Venkata Ramayya who was about his retirement by that time guided me, counseled me, educated me about the proceeger of Govt. rules and regulations. He encouraged me as if my father. In those days, my father used to escort me to the offices. He also impressed by the G.M.'s kindness towards the visitors to the DIC. I came from middle class family, without having political or rich background. Sri Venkata Ramayya appreciated my sincere hard work to establish a SSI, and he recommended my name for the best Entrepreneur award for 1990 and I received it by the then Governor of A.P., Mr. Krishna Kanth. Because Sri Venkata Ramayya recommended my name to this, I'm not saying that he encouraged me. Because he didn't expect any favor i.e. money or something else from me, I'm saying this. He had encouraged many entrepreneurs like me, without harassing them for corruption. That's why he was remembered as sincere officer. In those days, at least 10% of the officers and employees were sincere and moral, as per my practical experience.

One interesting incident I will explain to you. One day I had gone to visit Inspector of Factories to renual the license of my factory. I forgotten that the date was already expired and I didn't take sufficient money to pay the fine. But there the officer Sri Fakruddin, what I remember said, "Amma! I paid it from my pocket to renewal your license with in date, so no need to pay fine. I thought that you might forget to renewal. Any way I expected you to come to our office. Now you can take your renewal." I felt so grateful to him as the encouragement I received from him; I paid him and got my renewal. Such encouragement had boasted up me to face at least 10 members of immoral employees. I used to think about such sincere persons as PILLARS TO THE PANDALS OF SKY '.

I want to expose another incident. To register a trade mark i.e. Trade name to my product, I visited their office at Chennai. I approached the concern higher official there and I explained about my unit, product in detail. And I requested him to guide me to register brand name to my product. He said, "Look Amma! Generally, to this office nobody will approach directly. The liaisons are there to deal all the things. Normally by taking certain amount only, a brand name will be allotted to the products. But I'm appreciating your effort. Being enthusiastic, entrepreneur, you approached to this office, I feel you like my daughter. I wish that my daughter should come up like you. I help you to get brand name registration. Fill these sets of application and file them along with chalana of Rs. As fee of Govt. I will send the registration certificates to you by post".

I felt wonder about it. Later I received the brand registration without spending single rupee as corruption in that office.

Actually, I purchased a sick unit from APSFC in public auxion. It was an ice and cold storage unit. At the time of auxion, I orally requested the MD of APSFC Mr. R.K. Goel, IAS to finance my lead acid batteries manufacturing unit in that sick unit. He said, "It is welcome." Within experience, as it was beginning of my career, I didn't procured written commitment. By showing this reason, the APSFC fellows delayed my unit to finance the land and building after I purchased the sick unit for six months. But for those six months, I was liable to pay interest on the loan on the 'Purchase of sick unit.'

Similarly, in Indian Bank to procure loan as working capital, I approached Branch Manager, Regional Manager, field officer and I missed to visit the desk next to R.M. because the office was on leave on that day. Somehow, I didn't meet them next day. Because of this, that officer Mr. Bhaaravi, the man whose name I remember, had harassed me for one month by keeping my file in his Table drawer and said that the file was missed somewhere. In that era, I was liable for 1000/Rs per day as interest on my loans from SFC and Banks etc. There was same case with SFC when they transferred my file to Head Office from branch office as per their revision of the limits of Branches. The B.O. sent the file through courier but the H.O. attender forgotten it that where he kept. For that sake I lost one-month valuable time, I paid 3 visits to Hyderabad with week gaps within that one month. Nobody in APSFC or bank had concern on the industrialists, though they take corruptions. In fact, in Govt. employees though they take corruptions, they won't concern about the welfare and spirit of the common people who approached their officers. I observed this in other's experience and myself had the same experience. Only 10% of the employees were sincere in those days i.e. before 1992 or up to 1992, but it might be 1% now. Though people pay corruption to them, the employees won't have satisfaction unless they satisfy their ego and emotions such as KamaCrodha etc. That's why only, liquor parties and bed offering parties exist in the deals with employees.

In fact, I thought as "The days are like this. Let me pay money as corruption to completion of my work in these offices." Thus, I didn't hesitate to give corruption in business. When I was ready voluntarily to pay corruption, the field officer of Indian Bank, Mr. Sesha Sai fired on me as if he was a lion onto the elephant of corruption. The same man had taken money through another man from me by giving explanation "I heard that she was ferocious and she got prizes in debates in anti corruption as a student. So I feared when she offered money as she informed ACB i.e. Anti Corruption Beaurow against me."

Such that I was puzzled to deal the Govt. employees. In the career of industrialist, I observed so many disputes and was worried about my life and people life in this country. I started my logical search to locate the reason, by then itself. I came to notice so many disputes in RTC, CIRT, DST and ASRTU, PWD and so on. I observed immorality beyond the demand of money in many officers including C.M. Mr. N. Janardhana Reddy's office to Galli level officers. In those days, I used to think that those disputes could collapse India. But now after watching EAMCET etc all other disputes in all fields, I understood that those of my experiences are very little.

But one thing is clear that corruption and redtapisam are the over leaf reasons in the distruction of human values and morals in the business and commercial field. But the targetful strategy and coup is the inner reason of the immorality in that field. If you observe keenly, you can notice that the persons who offer money as corruption for the exchange of favors are not wining over the persons who offer sex and immorality for the exchange of favors in the business career and job career. I'm not writing this with frustration as I failed in business. In fact, I'm not treating that as my personal failure. Because I didn't lose myself for the sake of business, I'm not treating the failure of my business is my personal failure. I'm writing this article to expose you the truth what I noticed.

That's enough to understand the coup on India. At present if you observe the share market and inflation rate, you can understand so many illogic and non-sensical, and magical issues. As inflation rate decreases but prices of goods increase. When the share market collapse, the media will shout that the lives of investors are collapsing. But to our surprise, it is the paper wealth, which is getting effect by the collapse of share market. You can refer the essay published on 12-02-08 on Enadu and other journals under the same caption as "The paper wealth is getting evaporating."

To garnish this, the great economists, being Prime Minister, Dr. Man Mohan Singh and being Finance Minister in the Central Cabinet are giving statements on media as "The rates of commodities are increasing worldwide. Nobody can do nothing" and "I have no magic stick to get down the prices by night itself" and "There will be deficiency for food grains in future." What an irresponsibility is this? By giving declaratives, is their responsibility over? Won't they have to effort to control the situation being sitting in the Govt.? If not, why they are continuing in the office of South and North Blocks at New Delhi?

To explain this non-working attitude of Govt. from P.M. level to attender level, I give another practical example to you. Imagine a paper mill is established in a forest area. The surrounding forest will be divided into 20 parts i.e. sectors. For 1st year, in the first sector, the bamboos and other plants are chopped to manufacture paper, the forest dept. and paper mill management jointly have to plant new bamboos and plants there. Next year they have to chop down the bamboos and trees in 2nd sector as well as they have to plant new plants and they have to take care of the plants in the first sector. Next year 3rd, next 4th and so on in the sectors. After 20
years, when the bamboos and plants in the 20th sector are chopped off, the plants in the 1st sector must be at the age of 20 years and ready to chop down for the production of paper. The money will invest in real to plant, to protect the plants in the sectors of the forest. But there won't be singletree. Simply the forest department claims on the Naxals, and tribals. In fact, the forest rangers themselves smuggle the wood from forest or help the smugglers to do so. Ultimately, the deforestation is the result. I had watched this personally in Sri Sailam, when I joined to do service as Non Government organization by name 'Vana Samrkshana Samthi' in forest department. By that time, I watched the open discussions of the forest dept. employees in their meeting.

They mind about this income only but not about the forest environment. The competition i.e. earning money in immoral ways among the various departments of the Govt. employees and other sections of the people and the running after money had created such an altitude in the employees. This is the mode of working of coup makers i.e. Mr. Ramoji Rao, CIA and ISI and their supporters like bureaucrats, higher officials and politicians in the field of forests and other portfolios.

To influence the attitude of public the coup makers and their supporters tune the public through print and electronic media. I explained about this mode of coup in detail under the caption of "Public attitude …"

Once up on a time, every service including barber, washing of clothes, tailor, venders of different objects is available at the door of consumer. The coup makers and their supporters demolished that system. Now service agencies are there to assist us in our needs as paying bills, bringing commodities from super markets etc. The Corporate Companies are with pride introducing and publicizing that they can serve at our door with a phone call. That means if we ring them, they give door delivery of commodities, pizza etc food items and other objects, goods, which we select through Net and TV watching [sky shopping]. Only the risk is the high price. By watching all of this unnecessary pomp or mega show, it is reminding a Telugu idiom గోటితో పోయే దానికి గొడ్డలి వాడినట్లు! Which means, "It is like the use of axe to do any work when the nail is sufficient to do it." In fact, it is no need to make such mega show in this case. There is a joke about Corporate business as "The Corporate Companies can sell 50 paisa coin for 5/Rs by keeping it in beautiful packing with attractive advertisements.

Before the entry of Muslims and British in to India, the business people in India were different in morals and principles to those of now days. In those days, the business people had the morals and spiritual thinking. They used to practice donations to poor. They used to practice charity. Why I'm using the phrase, "Before the entry of Muslims and British in to India", I can explain you in my writing under the caption of COUP ON POLITICAL FIELD OF INDIA.

It is happy; now, some of the business people in India are showing charity like Warren Buffet in foreign countries. Some of the cinema people also adopting orphans and bringing them up like Susmitha Sen in India and Anjelina Jolie in Holly wood.

It is like the lightening scenes in movies like Raghavendra, Bobby, and Badri etc as respect to National flag or respect to Bapu or something patriotic.

Whatever may be the reason, whenever it started to remind the patriotism in movies, the change in recent movies is welcomable and it is happy thing to notice it.

Similarly, whatever may be the reason, whenever it started to show charity by the business people and cinema people, it is welcomable and it is happy to notice such change in business field and cinema field.

I want to draw your attention on one thing, which is most common in our colonies, but generally, we won't notice it. To our colony, regularly a leaf vegetable vendor will come. He gives small dams of leaf vegetables for high price. Whenever other vendors come to our colony to sell leaf vegetables for reasonable rates, this man used to quarrel with them and somehow he is able to drive them out. We know similar case in the field of beggars.

Like that, the strategy of East India Company spread up to the street vendors' level and beggars' level within 3 centuries of time. Such that their strategy is not allowing people to live even by begging others.

Another terrible feature of coup on business field is:- The Corporate Companies will wait in one area or in one field until there is high potential created for their XYZ Product. Naturally small businessmen, service oriented people, unemployed will gather there in such of career. They work hard and create high potential. Then the Corporate Companies will capture into the field and sweeps out all of the business there. Such is their robbery.

To understand this, I'll give an example. Suppose there is a vast un-agricultural land. The soil is fertile. But bushes, rocks are there. The media will give coverage about that land with high lighting of soil fertility, would be crops yield, how much easy to provide water facility and how much easy to convert that un-agricultural land in to fertile agriculture field.

Naturally, people get attract towards it. They work hard there to throw away rocks, thorns and bushes. They work hard to plough it. They work hard to wet the soil. They work hard to sow seeds. For one or two years, they can get yield. Any way for first year the crop will be trail one. For next, one or two years there will be good crop.

Then the Corporate Companies will get ready to swallow the land. There the Govt. revenue departments will come to show their redtapisam and their rules. There the politicians will come to draw their attentions to improve their career. But nobody will save the poor and weak people who worked hard there to develop the infrastructure there.

You can refer the early days of soaps manufacturing in India, to verify this strategy. You can refer the present private schools system, detergent powers, papads etc products market to verify this strategy.

I want to expose an interesting and terrible feature to you to understand the coup of Corporate Companies and media on the commercial and business field of India. On 18th June 2008, Enadu had published a news item on the back page of main editions with a caption of "Mahatma Mukhesh Ambani!" it means an addressing of Mukhesh Ambani as Mahatma means great soul. According to that News coverage, the New York Times had rewarded Mukhesh Ambani.

I'm presenting the News item of Enadu as it is:- GREAT SOUL, MUKHESH AMBANI!

His role is equivalent to the role of Gandhi in pioneering India.

According to the New York Times journal.


New York: New York Times journal had compared Mr. Mukhesh Ambani, the boss of Reliance Industries and the richest man in India with Mahatma Gandhi. It had described him as the man who had the adventurous and revolutionary thoughts to pioneer India in the path of development. It is noticeable that such news item was delivered in the time when Mr. Mukhesh Ambani is quarrelling with his younger brother Anil Ambani regarding the treaty of the merging of ARCOM with MTS of South Africa telecom leading agency. The New York Times declared that in his interview given to them by Mukhesh Ambani, he stated that he had committed himself to the targets of bring any his companies to high position as well as his country i.e. India to bring to high position. It had exposed the differences also in between the attitude of Gandhi and Ambani. In the last century, Gandhi's name was famed as famous and strong man in country. Though Mr. Mukhesh Ambani is moving in different way, but at present Mr. Ambani has such role equivalent to that of Gandhi as per the opinion of New York Times. Gandhi, who born in Gujarat preferred to develop the villages. Whereas Mukhesh Ambani who born in same Gujarat is concentrating on cities as per the reference of New York Times. It is stated that Mr. Mukesh Ambani had clear vision about the removal of poverty and differences among castes and religions. It had described that Mr. Mukesh Ambani had declared them as in future i.e. within 10 to 15 years, there will be countable development in the demolish of poverty.

New York Times had expressed an opinion as he can be referred as new constructive man and angles of employmentation and creation of wealth, in modern India. it compared the activeness and leading of Mr. Mukesh Ambani with that of industrialists of 19th century in America who had brought America to the top position. It had compared his sincerity and commitment to that of American industrialists. It had declared that the Reliance had accepted Gandhi's theories by creating demand to the village hand made products, agricultural products and by transporting those goods.

But New York Times had stated that Mr. Mukesh Ambani didn't shown interest to enter into the politics and at present, he is thinking to improve his business only.

That's the entire news item.

How that New York Times had decided that the role of Mr. Mukesh Ambani is equivalent to that of Mahatma Gandhi we don't know.

How Mr. Mukesh Ambani is equivalent to Mahatma Gandhi?

Is it because, he is constructing a 27 stairs residence building by investing 4000+
crores of rupees to reside 6 members of his family and 600 of his servants.

Is it because, he had purchased a flight by investing 600 crores of rupees and presented it to his wife Mrs. Neetha Ambani as her birth day gift?

Is it because, he is quarrelling with his younger brother Mr. Anil Ambani in the sharing of assets and in competeting in the business?

Is it because, he is swallowing the food of barbers, grocery shopkeepers, vegetables and fruit vendors?

Is it because, he is driving the independent people who are doing small business as Saloons, dry washing i.e. laundries, vegetables and fruit vendors to become his employees i.e. slaves?

Is it because, he is demanding the poor people to become his employees and to make him as their boss by opening fresh mundies etc.

Is it because, he is selfish to develop his business and assets?

Other wise how he is comparable with Mahatma Gandhi who sacrified his everything for the sake of poor people and struggled to get independence to India?

Here, I want to explain you about an interesting feature in the coup on business and economical field of India.

To understand the GDP rate or Per capita etc definition's mystery, I give you an example. Let us suppose, there is a team of 10 members. Out of 10 members, 8 members had 50/Rs income per day. Let us suppose, the remaining 2 members had 10,000/Rs income per day. As per average definition, the income of the member in that team is 2040/Rs per day. Is it correct? In real, 8 members of the team had 50/Rs income only per day. The real difference is 2040/Rs – 50/Rs = 1990/Rs above of his income. That means the common member in that team had real income as 50/Rs per day but on paper 2040/Rs per day. For 2 rich members, their real income is 10,000/Rs but on paper, it is 2040/Rs. The difference is 7,960/Rs per day. But such definition and parameter on paper, nothing does any harm to them. But the difference of 1990/Rs in common man's life from real to paper, the definitions, parameters and further analysis damage the common men's lives. Because depends up on this analysis, the so-called economists like Mr. Manmohan Singh, Chidambaram and Ahuluvalia etc will take decisions to implement policies in economic field to develop the lives of people in team or in country.

That's all the mystery.

As per the target of coup makers, common people should not understand this mystery. That's why only the coup makers and their supporters had made the subject of economics for students as dry and uninterested to understand.

That's why only, we have to drive out the Corporatism from our lives. I'm not saying that we have to drive out the Corporate Companies i.e. manufacturing units and the employees of Corporate Companies from our lives. But I'm saying that we have to drive out the CORPORATISM from our lives.

Other wise it can drive out all the humanity and human beings from this world.



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