Saturday, December 20, 2008

26. Ramoji Rao’s Writings And Activities Before 1992 And After 1992

Through out this writing, I tried my level best to explain the writings and activities of Mr. Ramoji Rao, Enadu, being agent of CIA and ISI, before 1992 and after 1992 under various Captions i.e. Topics. In fact, I tried to explain the COUP ON INDIA under these Captions to facilitate myself to expose the coup in all possible angles. As well as to facilitate the readers and victims to understand, to verify and to justify themselves in all possible angles. That’s why the matter in these topics i.e. Captions in this writing are interative.

So that, throughout this writing, irrespective of topics or Captions, I had explained the ‘writings and activities of Mr. Ramoji Rao before 1992 and after 1992’, wherever it is connective.

Some other issues and facts, I want to bring to the reader’s notice under this caption.

Before 1992, Mr. Ramoji Rao, Enadu never organized Sukhee Bhava etc programs to council the people regarding health. He never publishes such helpful articles even in his paper. There is same case with Avagahana Sadassu i.e. counseling meetings with parents of students and with students regarding tension management during the exams times. Same case with Chess tournament and other sports meets. He never spent money to construct houses to the victims of cyclones, floods, Tsunamis and earth quacks, before 1992. He had done collection of donations from donors and film stars and gave it to CM fund, in 1977, Diviseema Uppena. But after 1992, he had spent his money also along with the donations gathered from public to construct houses at Buzz in Gujarat state to the victims of earth quack, happened on Jan 26, 2001. Similarly, he done same working in Tsunami at Kadaluru in Tamil Nadu state to the victims of Tsunami happened on Dec.25, 2004.

His writings, his presentation of News articles, his mode of working had changed like that. Before 1992, his face and his family members faces were not familiar to people. He never attends to any public functions including award-receiving functions. To receive Nandi Awards from the then CM of AP, he used to send his representative that to other than his family members like Mr. Atluri Purna Chandra Rao. Now after 1992, the total family has the identity in public through their media only. Why this change is in his approach, I don’t know. Why he had hidden their identity up to 1992, nobody knows.

Generally, if a person achieves wealth or success in any venture, then he desires fame and identification of his face in the public. More over the other people, the common people will identify themselves as neighbors, teachers, classmates, college-mates etc to the fame or great persons in the society. This is natural phenomena in human psychology.

Mr. Ramoji Rao, Enadu’s issue is quite contradictive to this natural phenomenon. He may be simple man, didn’t like to reveal his personal details or didn’t like to popularize his personal details i.e. where he born, who are his parents, brothers, sisters and relatives, where he studied, how his career started etc. There is nothing wrong. Then why he changed his simplicity after 1992?

On the other hand, being simple man, he didn’t expose his personal details. Okay. But nobody identified him as he belonged to their village or town or place, nobody identified him as he belonged to their relative or friend. Nobody identified him, as he was classmate, schoolmate or collage mate, in any school or college. How this is possible? Is it possible to anybody to fall from sky straightly on to the floor of Vizag or Somaji Guda, Hyderabad or RFC, Batasingaram?

Another contradiction in his activities is – In 1980’s; he used to shout, used to make mockery on Door Darshan, a Govt. TV channel as Rajiv Darshan, almost on every day in his Enadu. But now his ETV becomes his son Suman’s Darshan in spite of jokes on blogs and in public. DD is free channel. Just an antenna is enough to watch the DD channel. There is no need to pay monthly service charges. But to watch ETV, People have to pay to the dish centers.
It seems that, in Mr. Ramoji Rao’s opinion, if he does anything it is right or correct. If others do the same, it is wrong.

Another contradictive in his behavior is – up to 1992, he never visited anybody, any politician or any cinema people or someone else. Most of the politicians irrespective of political parties used to visit him frequently up to 1992. But after 1992, he is attending public functions, award functions to receive awards. He is attending private functions and political functions like the release of autobiography of Mr. L.K. Advani. He is attending the private occasions like the death ceremony of Chiranjeevi father Mr. Venkata Rao.

Another contradictive in his activities is – He had shown the extreme hatred and criticized Smt. Indira Gandhi, AICC and Union India Government from 1974 to 1991. As per his own affidavit to court, he had described himself as opposer to Smt. Indira Gandhi and Congress Party. The reasons he had shown in the same affidavit were “Smt. Indira Gandhi had changed the AICC as her ancestral property, there was no democracy; she made politicians as robos of whose remote control was in her hands. Just like a queen, she was making her son Rajiv Gandhi as would be king [P.M.] of India i.e. would be president of AICC”.

This made him, being a media man to fight for democracy, so that he had given life to Telugu Desam Party. This is his argument.

If his argument is true, then what Smt. Indira Gandhi had done as per his critics from 1974 to 1984, now Mrs. Sonia Gandhi is doing the same. Smt. Indira Gandhi projected Rajiv Gandhi. Mrs. Sonia Gandhi is projecting Rahul Gandhi. Then why not this man, Mr. Ramoji Rao is criticizing Mrs. Sonia Gandhi in the level as he done against Smt. Indira Gandhi? You can verify this by comparing his critics, articles, editorials and writings in his paper in between 1974 to 1984 and the same in his paper in between 1998 to 2008. Regarding Smt. Indira Gandhi, Mr. Ramoji Rao had criticized her on whatever she done.

Why he is not opposing Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, in such a manner as he opposed Indira Gandhi? Is it because Smt. Indira Gandhi was patriot and opposed to the coup makers? Is it because, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi is his co-agent of CIA and supporter of the coup makers? His critics on Sonia Gandhi are like the scolding of parents who are petting their children by the nominal scolding.

There is same case with Sonia Gandhi. Because Mr. Ramoji Rao is her co-agent of CIA, she is safe guarding him from all claims at her level best. That’s why only the cases against Mr. Ramoji Rao including my complaint and Margadarsi are prolonging with redtapisam. Regarding this, I enclosed documentary and circumstantial evidences at the ending of this writings.

Another contradictive in his activities is – before 1992, he used to publish cartoons, jokes and critics on Hindu Gods, Goddesses, traditions and festivals. After 1992 only, he is covering “Graham – Anugraham”, “Aadhyathmikam” Tirupathi Devasthanam News, photos and other pilgrim centers news in positive way. Same case with his social service. In fact, by the time of freedom fight, the then media and political leaders had exposed the theft and robbery of British Govt. in India. That’s why, the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, British had selected the media & politicians as their agents. The coup makers transplanted their agents in media and in politicians. The coup makers had driven out the media people and politicians who ever are not with suitable psychology to work as their agents. To transplant their agents in media & in politics etc fields, the coup makers had adopted all possible ways. The coup makers had created the situations to happen marriages or love affairs in between their agents and the established political families.

These are short cut routs to reach high positions in politics within short time. With such method i.e. by keeping extra marital affair with Mr. Kanshi Ram, the ex and expired leader of BSP, Mayavathi became CM of Uttar Pradesh in short cut route. These were not rumors. Kanshi Ram’s mother and sister had claimed this against Mayavathi in court. They claimed as Mayavathi had kept him like a prisoner in her custody at hospital and she was not allowing them to see him. After this claim, he was dead, in the hospital due to illness as per media information.

Another example is Mrs. Lakshmi Parvathi, the second wife of Mr. NTR. She became No.2 in TDP with short cut route of marriage. This caused the spilt in the TDP and Mr. N. Chandra Babu Naidu to become CM of AP on Sep. 1, 1995.

Another live example is Sonia Gandhi. Just by marriage the son of PM of India, she could became the Chairperson of UPA Govt. in India. There is nothing difference between the Chairperson Seat and PM of India seat. By keeping their agent in the supreme seat, it is very easy for the coup makers to robber the country. Otherwise how the SEZ are able to drive out the local people who are living in their respective villages since many generations from their native places?

Another example I give you to understand the relationship between the two co-agents i.e. Ramoji Rao and Sonia Gandhi.

In between 1974 to 1991, whenever the congress politicians expressed their “Obedience towards the Gandhi – Nehru family, Enadu Ramoji Rao used to roar on it. In democracy, it is meanness to express slaver, and obedience towards a family. Whatever the family members to the country! They might be patriots. They might be freedom fighters. Whatever it might be, so his roaring his critics, and his reminders about the self-respect of politicians are appreciable.

But now why he is not roaring on the politicians like Arjuna Singh, Kaka and others whoever expressing slavery and obedience towards the present Gandhi – Nehru family i.e. Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi?

If you go through his writings, his news presentations his cinemas coverage’s in his paper, in his TV channels you can identify the variation in his words with high morality meanings and his works, activities in real.

As per his own statement, he described himself, as he is an organization but not a person. Off course, it is true. When he is an agent of CIA, he is not at all a person. Certainly, he is an organization, a network, which is working to harm India.

The network of coup makers is always identifying the persons on whom they have to implement which mode of coup. By divide and rule policy, they had deviated the society into individual persons. On persons, if an organization works, naturally persons are weak relative to organization. So that naturally persons could defeat or mellobon to the coup makers to do anything what they assigned to do.

In fact, in June 1992, I had complainted against Mr. Ramoji Rao, Enadu regarding his activities against the faith of India to the then Prime Minister of India Sri PV Narasimha Rao. In Aug 1992, I had brought all this issue to the notice of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. Since then my life became miserable. First, I didn’t understand it. I thought it was my fate. In Oct 2005, I suspected Mr. Ramoji Rao and his network harassment is on me and on my family.

Again, I started to mail complaints against Mr. Ramoji Rao on to the desks of PM of India, President of India, and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, chairperson of UPA Govt. When I posted a complaint with complete details of Mr. Ramoji Rao’s harassment on us to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi in May 2006, on June 6th 2006, my school name was published in the list of Banned schools in Kurnool district in Enadu.

Next year’s i.e. in June 2007 and 2008, there were no such administrative rules and regulations for private schools because we were driven out from the school field. The complete details I furnished at the end of this writings in the complaints enclosed.

There is same case with Gas connection drama. In May 2007, after the collection of statements from deponents in Sri Sailam police station, we were driven out of Sri Sailam in most ill legal and un-administrative way. There I had the gas connection form Sri Sailam Devasthanam. They won’t transfer it to outside as per their rules and regulations. Now I’m trying to have another new gas connection at Nandhyala and managing with the help of friends in case of cylinders.

So that the strict rules and regulations are started by companies to the customers such as single cylinder, numbering of cylinder, checking up from door to door etc. These are regular news coverage’s, warnings and threatening to the customers. The over leaf reason is the hotels etc business canteens are using illegally the domestic cylinders.

I don’t know why this type of harassment is going on us by Mr. Ramoji Rao. Why his writings, activities and behavior changed from before 1992 to now i.e. after 1992. And why he is running after me and my family like this I don’t know. Why Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu is entertaining my brothers, I don’t know. Instead of all this, they can kill us in a single moment. They are such capacitive to kill the then PM of India like Smt. Indira Gandhi and to kill Ex. PM of India like Mr. Rajiv Gandhi.

What is the spying behind all of this, I don’t know. Only I know is that I had complainted against Mr. Ramoji Rao’s spying activities without knowing the word ‘spying by that time, in 1992. That was the beginning. Since these 16 years, my family and I are under the organized harassment. With all documentary, logical and circumstantial proves I approached PM of India Mr. Manmohan Singh, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi Chair person of UPA Govt., President of India Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam and Home Minister Mr. Shivaraj Patil, North Block.

There is no response from anybody except the then President of India Sri APJ Abdul Kalam.
On the other hand, unalternatively I’m observing what is happening around. Whatever I noticed; I presented in this writing to you. Whoever noticed the things like me with keen observation, with logic application, they can identify what is happening in India. They can justify what is truth and what is false!

Another feature of the coup makers, especially of Mr. Ramoji Rao is about brain washing of public with negative thinking and with untrustfulness up on faith of others. Before 1992, all the stories in weeklies, movies, novels and in news coverage items, negative thinking was in full length. In stories of movies, novels and in weeklies were: - Suppose some friend, may be hero or hero’s father would help his friends to do business or to get job by selling his own assets. They will cheat him or they will do reachery to him. Nobody will remember the thankfulness.

Some other stories were: - Suppose a wife and husband were coming on bi-wheeler at night after attending some function. Their vehicle troubled. They asked lift to car travelers. In that car, drunken people were there. They raped the wife after beating the husband. Either they had committed suicide or wife committed suicide.

Some other stories were – Suppose a wife and husband were travelling on bike. Rain started heavily. They knocked a house door. Drunken inside, same case as above.

The media before 1992 never presented any real incidents or stories in which people could trust others, people got good from others. Always the intuition of the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and the coup supporters like other media and their writers including journalists was to provoke un-trustfulness on one another among public. They tuned, as each person must look the other as if he is a thief or cheat. The coup makers and their supporting media never presented any news as people had given buttermilk to the traveler who requested for water.

Always their news presentation was about the thieves, cheat and criminals and in which manner they done the crime. Suppose some people came to visit houses where the TO LET boards were displayed. When single housewife was there to show the house, they killed her and thefted the gold and money from the house. Suppose the servant maids killed their owners.

Yes, there were such incidents happening in the society. But was there no responsibility to media to nullify such criminal psychology? The media didn’t present what happened to that criminals and what they begged as a punishment to their crime, if criminals were punished. The media presented the details with big caption when the criminals were abled to escape from the punishment. As well as the media didn’t exposed any positive incidents in which people helped the poor and needy. After 1992, now only Mr. Ramoji Rao is putting caption in his Enadu such as “మానవత్వం పరిమళించిన వేళ” etc which means, “When humanity gives out fragrant” etc.

Another feature of the coup makers, especially of Mr. Ramoji Rao is giving an extra ordinary image to some people. For example Sania Meerza, the tennis player. Enadu had given or is giving extreme coverage to her, irrespective of her victory or defeat and ranking raise or fall down. Mr. Ramoji Rao didn’t give such importance to any other in spite of critics from other sports persons and others. This was prolonged up to either March or April 2008, whenever Sania Meerza declared as she would like to shift to Dubai, she would like to leave India, she would like to settle somewhere in abroad to India. After this declaration of Sania Meerza now, since 1 or 1½ month, there is no news of her in Enadu. We don’t know the reason behind this, but we can observe it as readers of Newspapers.

In fact, the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, British and their supporters like media companies, politicians and Corporate Companies would follow the same strategy of giving extra ordinary image and News coverage to certain persons all over the world. They put a name to it as Gobel’s propaganda, with reference of Mr. Gobel, assistant of Adolf Hitler, Germany. With such system of propaganda i.e. Gobel’s propaganda they made some persons like NTR, Hitler, Edi Amen of Uganda, Jiya Ul Hack of Pak, Musharaf of Pak, Lalu Prasad Yadav of Bihar, Chiranjeevi, Amitha Batchan, Rajani Kanth etc film stars, Michal Jackson etc artists, Vin Opra etc TV anchors, Indra Nuyi etc CEO’s, Kiran Bedi etc employees to became famous. As a return gift to coup makers, these famed people have to perform their assignments to tune public or God father-ism in their concern fields or world wars or terrorism or some works like this.

Suppose, Mr. Edi Amen of Uganda. Movies came on his life story. Novels, stories and T-shirts etc were marketed by his name. After his raise and fall, Mr. Edi Amen had migrated to Europe and settled there. He had another married life there and until death, he lived happily. But what about his activities in Uganda and what about victims by him in Uganda? Same case with Mr. Gorbachev. He implemented ‘Perestroika’ in USSR. Mr. Elleslin opposed it. Dramatically the Union soviet socialist republic had broken in to 19 or 21 land pieces. Mr. Gorbachev is living in Europe now.

Suppose Jiya Ul Hak, the Ex president, Army Chief of Pak. He performed military rule in Pak, performed so many assignments of ISI and CIA. He had done service as their agent for 10 to 15 years. When his retirement was required, there happened a flight accident in which Jiya Ul Hak had died. Nobody knows the truth except the discovery of his teeth set in the accident spot. Was it not possible to CIA and ISI, to create an accident, to create a news item in which a picture of his death? He might be living in other countries by some other name, by creating identity cards there. Was it impossible to them?

In Irving Wallace Novel “The Seventh Secret”, the writer presented an imaginary story in which ‘Adolf Hitler and his wife, Era Brown didn’t commit suicide at the end of 2nd world war. They projected some doop’s dead bodies at their bunker and escaped from there. They lived happily, beyond the Berlin wall’. This was the story of that novel which based on rumors spread in public. To market the craze created on Hitler, he might written that novel. Or to generalize the strategy after it was used for several times and becoming useless, the coup makers might supply such plots to writers and cinema directors. Such strategy also is implementing by the coup makers is many issues.

By taking the inspiration from this type of information’s, the politicians and other leading persons in India are keeping huge deposits in Swiss Banks. With such green money, they would like to escape from India if something happens to them in India. They would like to restart a new life by some other name or by their own name in some other country.

The coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, especially Mr. Ramoji Rao Enadu, used to popularize the issues and problems of public by name of the exposing the issues and problems. By exposing the problems, is the responsibility of media fulfilled? Can pubic solve their problems? Won’t the media fight for people against Govt. to bind the Govt. to solve the problems of public? Is it not their responsibility? Except Deeba Guntla Anti liquor movement, Enadu never do such fight. After 1992, only Enadu is doing such and covering such news items under the sub caption of ‘Response to Enadu’ coverage.

But it is now came on to the screen, that Mr. Ramoji Rao had raised Deeba Guntla Anti Liquor Movement in 1992, by allotting two pages in his daily news paper, Enadu to seize the economical roots of his competitive news paper, Udayam.

That’s all his spirits of social service!

There is same case with Veerappan, Moddu Sreenu and other criminals. The coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI and especially Enadu Ramoji Rao used to give hero worship and image to such criminals by name of the expose of Govt. failure. The coup supporters or agents of the coup makers like Nakkeran Gopalan etc journalists and editors of news journals used to interview the criminals like Veerappan. Nobody knew whether they interview the criminals or they do courier service to those criminals. Being citizens of India, being media, wont they have the responsibility to inform about the whereabouts of criminals to the Govt?

If they have no such responsibilities, then how they are eligible to demand rights such as press freedom? Before 1992, Mr. Ramoji Rao used to publish the News in which hero image was created to criminals. Un-alternatively some media, willing fully some media had followed Enadu. After 1992, as an elibi, Enadu is following other papers and other papers are leading Enadu, regarding such news coverage’s.

To expose the Inter and Eamcet rank fixing disputes, I approached press club at Suryapet in 2001. No response. I tried to meet Mr. Kiran, Editor, Enadu in 2002, to expose the disputes. By that time, I didn’t suspect that Mr. Ramoji Rao is there behind all these. I tried to approach P.A. to Kiran. But in vain. I had presented total issue on voice record to Mr. Ravi Prakash under the TV9 program ‘Meet Mr. Ravi Prakash’, no response.

I approached Vaartha, the competitive Newspaper to Enadu on 21-03-07 with a request to expose Mr. Ramoji Rao’s activities. I met the Sub editor of Vaartha Mr. Sai Baba.

He heard all of my case particulars and that of Mr. Ramoji Rao for one hour. Then he started his version as “You have the news. For the sake of sensation, we will publish it. But within two days, people will forget about these sensations. Your life will become more miserable.”

I said “Sir! I’m ready to face it. I want to publish this truth. I have the proofs as documentary, logical and circumstantial.”

He said “Look Madam! Our management has their own limits in the paper business. Being employees, we have our own limits. Within these parameters, we publish news and articles. I had done service in Enadu for 20 years. For news coverage, I widely travelled in Sri Lanka in the connection of LTTE. I had spent for some time in prison also. We can’t do anything against organization. If you are interested, you do some social service to tribal’s i.e. Lambadas etc around Sri Sailam. I can help you to publish your writings and your social service details in paper. So you can get fame. It will help you. You are wise, intellectual and educated. Why are you wasting your life? You are spoiling not only your life; you are spoiling your husband’s and daughter’s lives. You are not taking care of your daughter. If you are not capable to educate her, I can sponsor her education. You change your mind set. You are imagining that something is happening to you. Nothing is there. Nobody is working on you. Nobody is harassing you. Only your attitude is harassing you. Only your attitude is harassing you. Your attitude is the reason for your troubles and missarableness in life.”

I said “Okay Sir! You counseled me like my father. Thanks for it. I don’t need your help regarding my child education. I came here to get support to me”.

He said, “I have good touch with Endowments commissioner. You go to your place i.e. Sri Sailam. You try to recall the cancellation of your room allotment. If not possible, you ring to me. I’ll help you in this matter”. He had given his visiting card to me. I expressed my thanks to him and returned to Sri Sailam. But when I rang to him to fetch help to recall the cancellation of my room allotment, he didn’t respond. I continued my fight, regarding which I enclosed full particulars at the end of this writings for your ready reference.

[Hand mark-101’] To identify the coup on India as demolishing the Hindu Culture and raising support to Muslims by coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI and particularly by Mr. Ramoji Rao, you can consider the following facts and his Enadu coverage on those facts.

In past i.e. in between 1975 to 85, Mr. Ramoji Rao had raised a fight or movement against ‘Mirasidars’ in TTD i.e. Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam with first head line in main page of Enadu in bold letters. We don’t know those Mirasidar are heirs of Acharya Annamayya or not. Mr. Ramoji Rao, in his Enadu never gives such clarification throughout his narration regarding Mirasidars. After some days, naturally the case and news were faded out. In the due course of time, the heirs of Annamayya were doing struggle to protect their inheritance assets in courts. Recently few months back, as I remember, in the ending of 2007 or in the beginning of 2008, the case had received final justice in Supreme Court. According to that justice, the heirs of Annamayya lost the case and lost their ancestral properties. The assets were declared by court to belong to TTD. The retired IAS, I forgotten his name, who done as Executive Officer of TTD had given a statement in media, in Enadu as “By winning this case, I feel as my life get fruitfulness. I had mobilized the case like anything to get such justice.”

Nobody knows that how much illegal income that IAS Officer, being EO of TTD had earned and how much he transported to the concern Endowment higher Officials, the then Ministers and Chief Ministers.

On the other hand – the Nizam Navab’s inherited wealth issue is here. On 14-05-08, as per Enadu coverage, under the caption “వారసులొచ్చారు” which means ‘Heirs came’ on 11th page bottom news, the following is the matter.

To the 7th Navob of Hyderabad Nizam, Meer Usman Alikhan, there were 18 daughters and 16 sons. Out of them, one son and nine daughters had no children. To the remaining 24 children had 96 heirs. Out of them 85 grandchildren of Navab Meer Usman Ali Khan are the members in the welfare society Nizam family. Mr.Navab [?] Nazaf Ali khan is the president to this welfare society. Under his leadership, 18 members team had met PM of India Mr. Manmohan Singh, Mr. Pranab Mukharjee, the External Affairs Minister, and Mr. Siva Shankar Meenan, secretary, External affairs, and Pakistan high commissioner to explain their heir eligibility and to request to consider them as heirs of 7th Navab. The background of this meeting and appointments with PM of India and other high authorities is: - The 7th Navab had transferred million i.e. 10 lacks of pounds of money through the then Pakistan high commissioner to deposit it in the then National West Minister Bank. He deposited the money on Sep 18, 1948. On Sep 13, 1948, the Union India Govt. had taken police action on Hyderabad Nizam. The Navab transported the money just before that. Now with interest, that money became as 30 million Pounds i.e. 246 crores of Rs. That money was deposited in the London Bank i.e. National West Minister Bank on the name of Pakistan High Commissioner. National West Minister Bank is now called as Royal Bank of Scotland. It had blocked the account, due to the dispute of heritage in the ‘House of Lords’ since 1956. Now Union India Govt. had decided to settle the dispute with Pakistan out of court limits.

The Navab Mr. Nazaf Ali Khan, the president of welfare society of Nizam family, conducted a press meet and said, “Our names are in the will written by the 7th Navab in 1961. Many of Navab grandchildren are in horrible situations in terms of money. To help them only, this welfare society was formed.”

Their ultimate demand is to grant that 246 crores of Rs, [in other newspaper it is referred as around 300 crores of Rs] to them as heirs of 7th Navab who deposited that money in London Bank through the then Pakistan High Commissioner.

As per another newspaper, Sakhi’s coverage, when some journalists questioned as “Did not the money belong to Telangana people?”, he kept calm.

That’s all the News.

In this context, Ramoji Rao never raises a movement or never fight for the sake of public against Nizam Navab’s heirs like he fought against Annamayya’s heirs for the sake of public.

That to, Nizam’s money i.e. 246 crores of Rs deposited in London Bank is public money. Though the heirs of Navab are in horrible situation, in terms of money, then what about the horrible situations, in all terms, of people who were victims in the hands of Nizam Navab, and his Rajakars before independence to India?

In case of Annamayya’s heirs – Their assets were not of public money. Those were gifts from Vijaya Nagar Raja’s such as Achyutha Deva Rayalu and others to Annamayya. Annamayya was not a monk i.e. Sanyasi. He didn’t sacrified his family. He practiced Buddi Yogam.

By making troubles to his heirs what is the meaning to praise him and to take up Annamayya songs projects by TTD? What is the sincerity in those efforts, unless to make money by selling the cassettes, CD and Books, unless to earn money as illegal income by the name of projects? Annamayya didn’t hurt either Muslims or Hindus, like 7th Nizam Navab. Or Vijaya Nagara Rajas also didn’t hurt either Muslims or Hindus like 7th Nizam Navab.

Then why Mr. Ramoji Rao is keeping silence on the issue of heirs of Nizam Navab? On the other hand, why the Central Govt. with Chairperson Sonia Gandhi and Mr. Manmohan Singh as PM of India decided to settle the matter out of court? How the welfare society of Nizam family i.e. Nizam heir’s team able to seek the appointment of PM, External Affairs Minister, Secretary of the same portfolio and Pakistan High Commissioner without any delay i.e. on as urgency as war need? The same PM of India didn’t respond in the case of Mr. Ramoji Rao’s spying activities until date. I furnished all the documentary, logical and circumstantial proves against Mr. Ramoji Rao regarding his organized harassment on us and regarding his spying activities against the faith of Mother India, on to the desk of PM of India, Home Affairs Minister, and Sonia Gandhi, Chairperson UPA Govt. I requested to give the appointment with PM of India on 17-12-08. They sent an officer from CBCID, AP by name Mr. Joseph to enquire as on 17-01-08. Until date no response from them. Though we are normal citizens but the case about which we fight and against whom we are fighting, that Mr. Ramoji Rao is not normal man. Certainly, he is abnormal. Then why the PM of India and his fellow men are keeping silence towards this case? The same PM of India and his fellow men are very hurried up to give appointment to the heirs of Nizam of Hyderabad. What is the behind reason to this, nobody knows.

On the other hand, all the terroristic activities, including May 13, 2008 eight serial bomb blasts, Jaipur had linked up with Hyderabad.

In spite of such well established proves, evidences, circumstances, the UPA Govt. with chairperson Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh are keeping strategic silence regarding Mr. Ramoji Rao. Is it because he is the colleague of Sonia Gandhi, as her co-agent in CIA?

Another feature of Mr. Ramoji Rao, Enadu is: - He used to give normal commission to his newspaper agents, free lancing journalists, news contributors and paperboys in spite of crores of income on Newspaper. Recently in 2008, after Sakshi, a competitive Newspaper on screen entered into the market i.e. 23-03-08, Enadu Ramoji Rao had enhanced the service charges to paperboys. In spite of their strikes, demands, he didn’t enhance it in past. There is same case with news contributors i.e. free lancing journalists. He used to pay honorary salary. Definitely, he would know that nominal salary cannot satisfy the news contributors and journalists’ needs. Definitely, he would know that they are earning money by threatening and blackmailing the private business people and Govt. employees who are getting immoral income. Strategically Mr. Ramoji Rao was blind, deaf and dumb on this issue. Such that indirectly he is allowing his own staff to earn money by black mailing others. Such that indirectly he is encouraging immorality. But he used to say so many morals and ideology. Recently in 2008, he had increased commissions, salaries and honorary salaries to his agents, permanent staff and free lancing staff. Like that, he is doing Pakka business under the evil of journalism, press and public service.

Before 1992, i.e. in between 1975 to 1992, the media, especially Enadu used to play a sensational strategy every year regarding Gnan Peetha awards, Kendra Sahitya Academy awards [Central literature awards] and Bharata Ratna Awards. Generally Central Govt. used to declare some poet’s or singer’s or some intellectual’s names as the persons who achieved the Gnan Peeth or Kendra Sahitya Academy awards etc. Some of so-called intellectuals or poets used to reject the awards with some claims. Usually such claims belong to critics on Govt. policy or selection criteria. Immediately the media shout on that issue. Always the writings of the media especially Enadu was to trouble Govt. and the persons who were leading Govt. Any way up to 1992, in the Govt. at New Delhi the patriots and the fighters against the coup were there, except in between 1977 to 79 [Janatha Govt.] and in 1989-91 [VP Singh and Chandra Sekhar Govt.]. If the Govt. didn’t declare the awards for any year to avoid these controversial, any way the media used to create the critics on non declaring of awards. Any way the media target, especially Enadu target was to create controversial and to trouble the Central [congress] Govt. only.

To create controversial, the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters like media used to take up every choice in every event and in every incident. If natural events were not available, then they were able to show the reasons as ‘the wind is blowing from North to South and the water is flowing from West to East’ to create controversial’.

Another such kind issue was regarding the awards of ‘Bharath Ratna’. I’ll give a clear illustration to you. In 1991, after the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, Union India Govt. had declared ‘Bharat Ratna’ award to Rajiv Gandhi. At the same time, it had announced the same to Late Nethaji Subhas Chandra Boss. Immediately the media had taken the strategy of Parama nanadayya disciple’s story . '

The media, especially Enadu Ramoji Rao had shouted, as “By declaring the award Bharat Ratna to Rajiv Gandhi and Nethaji at a time, it is an insult to Nethaji. The Govt. did not declare the award ‘Bharatha Ratna’ until 1991, is itself an insult to Nethaji. More over declaring it along with Rajiv Gandhi, such junior to Nethaji, is double insult to him.”

With this controversial, the media, especially Enadu Ramoji Rao had successfully degraded the late souls of both Nethaji and Rajiv Gandhi. By the way, successfully the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters like media had degraded all the Indians.
In these issues, Mr. Ramoji Rao had presented an argument, as “The selection criteria in the awards presentation are not genuine. That’s why, being responsible watch dog, the media is shouting on this.”

If it is true, then why don’t this media especially Enadu Ramoji Rao criticize Oscar awards? After 1992, now it is very clear to us with the issue of ‘Lagan’ the famous Hindi movie by Amer Khan, that “To get Oscar Award, lobbing is the primary factor where as the quality in the movie is the secondary factor.” More over the media especially Enadu Ramoji Rao used to write up to 1992, the Oscar Awarded movies were just fallen from divine like and the selecting criteria was genuine in which no way possibility for manipulating. But now, after 1992 the entire world knows that everywhere it is match fixing from cricket to Olympic doping and from Oscar awards to film fare awards or New York Times rankings or Fortune Magazine rankings.

More over at the time of Bapuji’s Barrister Education at London, the western countries were scholars in disputes. Then how far it is believable that their awards, rankings and medals in sports are genuine? But for Indian media from 1975 to 1992, especially for Enadu Ramoji Rao, there was no false in western awards selection criteria and there was full of faults in Indian awards selection criteria.

[Hand mark-90’] Another interesting feature in the behavior of media especially Enadu Ramoji Rao is here. It is regarding ‘Mr. Dharthee Pakad’.

Mr. Dharthee Pakad was an uneducated man. He was a poor man. But before 1992, he used to contest for President of India election and Vice President of India election. He used to manage to fulfill the deposit. But he never gains deposit even. Actually, it was a nonsense and nuisance.

But the media, especially Enadu Ramoji Rao used to present that useless news item as a special box item. His argument might be as “It is interesting to public to read absurd and useless issues as casual. Because people some time enjoy this type of nonsense also, we used to publish such news items.”

In fact, this argument is an over leaf reason only. The motive of such writings was to degrade the position of PM of India, President of India and Vice President of India. You can refer the old newspapers of Enadu to verify this fact. Through such writings, Enadu Ramoji Rao had tuned the public attitude to feel neglecting and careless towards Indian Govt. and Indian Constitution.

Here, to discuss about the perversions of coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI especially Ramoji Rao is contextual.

The coup makers CIA, ISI, especially Enadu Ramoji Rao have some perversions and crookedness in implementing coup on India. I’m giving some of them in the following.
1]. Before 116 years back, at Chicago world religions conference, being Hindu Representative Swami Vivekananda said as “The western world has physical knowledge such as science and technology. India has spiritual knowledge such as philosophy and ideology. Both must be shared and the world must be peaceful and prosperous.”

But after 116 years, where is our spiritual knowledge? At present, there are no Indians who can die for ethics. There are no Indian women who can die or fight for their respects. Now on the name of world beauty contests, some of Indian girls are exhibiting their nude bodies on the stage to public. In this background recently i.e. in July 2008, Indian girls’ team had withdrawn from the Beach Volley Ball games to avoid the nude show. We must feel happy and we must appreciate our respectable girls.

2]. Another perversion of coup makers, especially Mr. Ramoji Rao is to destroy the heirs of great souls who had done service to ideology and Mankind. They destroyed the most of heirs of most of freedom fighters and most of devotees economically, ethically and psychologically. There are number of examples to watch in our society. The extreme of this perversion is the issue of Annamayya’s heirs. Enadu Ramoji Rao remarked this in his perversity heading as ‘రాగాల
ఇంట మూగబోయిన గొంతులు’. '
3]. Another perversion of coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI and especially Mr. Ramoji Rao is to degrade India by virtue of the personal image of Prime Minister. I’ll explain this in detail. After independence of India, our country became fame and the then PM of India Jawaharlal Nehru’s works and words had increased the respect of Bharat on the stage of world. With his foreign affairs policy i.e. non-alliance concept and Panchaseela, SAARC etc programs had given certain respectable role to India on the screen of world politics. As a reverse process of this, the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters had designed a perversity strategy and implemented it in 1977-79. By that time, Mr. Morarji Desai was the PM of India. Because of his nasty habit of drinking his own urine by the name ‘Jeeva Jala Panam’, it means as ‘the live water drinking’, because of this sensation, India got notorious name in the place of fame name in the world. In those days, the Indian media especially Enadu had popularized that issue like anything. The international media had made that sensation as enjoyable to all other countries. As an illustration or demo, you can refer the then writings of Enadu of 1977-79.

4]. Another perversion of the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters is – Smt. Indira Gandhi had burnt her foreign doll in the part of Swadeshi movement called by Mahatma Gandhi, in her childhood. As a perversity strategy towards her, the coup makers had successfully transplanted foreign daughter-in-law i.e. Vedeshi daughter-in-law [Sonia Gandhi] in her life. What this transplanter i.e. agent of CIA i.e. Sonia Gandhi had done and implementing the coup on India, I had explained in detail under the caption of coup on Indian politics and Government administration. On the other hand, all Indians are watching the activities of Sonia Gandhi as an agent of CIA including her efforts to tie up India in the basket of American CIA, by name Nuclear Treat or Hyde act or 123 file. Off course, the agent of ISI and migrant from Pak in 1947-48, Mr. Manmohan Singh is co-operating her to do such.

Actually, being common citizen, we don’t know whether Hyde act or Nuclear treaty or 123 file is favorable to India or not. In fact, in our country, the prices of commodities are going on increase. The life of poor public is going on terrible conditions. The UPA Govt., particularly the economist Dr. Manmohan Singh being PM of India, Sonia Gandhi being Chair person of UPA Govt. didn’t react fast at least with least speed to control the prices of goods and to fill the bellies of poor people. They are peaceful towards that problem. And simply they neglected it by saying that “The prices of goods are increasing worldwide. Nobody can do anything”. Such is their sincerity towards Nation. Then why they are showing the over leaf reason of country’s power needs and infrastructure needs in coming up 20 years future to make tie up of Hyde act or 123 file or Nuclear treat with America? Why they are hurrying up to complete that assignment before the authoritative time period of Mr. George Walker Bush, the present President of America? Why they are showing such ‘personal interest’ and ‘personal urgency’ to fulfill it? If both the members i.e. Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi had shown the same ‘personal interest’ and ‘personal urgency’ towards the inflation increase and increase of prices of goods, then there won’t be any doubt on their sincerity towards India. They were completely relaxed regarding that problem of people of present. And they are completely worrying regarding the power problem of people of future. In such case, how Indians can believe their sincerity towards India? On the other hand, the American White House is giving declaration that they are not particular about the eligibility of Indian Government such as minority or temporary, but they are particular about the commitment of technical Govt. of India. Then why not Indians can suspect this Italian, Chairperson of UPA Govt. and Pak migrated PM of UPA Govt.?

5]. Another perversion of the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters is – The Congress party had fought against the robbery of British in India and it had fought to get independence to India from British business i.e. Corporate business. As a perversity strategy towards this, the coup makers and their supporters had designed such a strategy and implementing it now. As per it, the same congress under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh etc is presenting India by keeping it in a dinning plate to the Corporate Companies. The same congress party is making India to be slave in the hands of CIA and Corporate Companies.

6]. Before 1992, in many movies, it was shown as some poor children and poor people fight with street dogs to snatch the food which was thrown into dustbins. Such that, the perversity strategy is to show the ex-rich and food donating natured people and country as in the present beggar stage. Such that they tried their maximum, level to superimposes their perversion on the heads of Indian public and to inject the perversions into the attitude of public and into their blood.

You can observe some more perversions in the strategy and psychology of coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters like Corporate Companies and media.



  1. I was impressed. I appreciate your patience in presenting thiese facts. I know Ramoji Rao to be a thorough-going anti-Hindu element. But the anti-national and CIA angle is quitle flabbergasting. The active role played by Ramoji Rao's Eenadu in tarnishing the image of the Hindu pontifical seat, Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham is still fresh in my memory.

    You have given me a rude shock and changed my entire perspective of things for ever. I suspect even the English Newspaper "THE HINDU" is no second to Eenadu. I think they too are hand in glove with ISI and CIA. Maybe we are in desperate need of a Hugo for India.

    I wish to suggest a thing ot two. In stead of publishing this matter as a single article, if you publish it in different parts, its readability will increase. Most people switch the web page once they find it too lengthy to br given a thought to.

  2. TADEPALLI Garu,

    Thank you very much sir. I felt very happy by receiving your comment. I consider your advice to bring my articles to reach readers in much proportion. I’m also searching the ways to achieve that goal. Once again thank you.


  3. its very rare good article i read till date. i got to so many answers which were not known till now. once again thank you very much for article. publish some more articles like this which gives knowledge to the people

  4. Kudoos to you.

    I appreciate all your efforts in bogging this article

    As a regular reader of telugu news magazine I observed most of what you said, but now I figured it out. I wish people may know the truth that way it is through your blog.

    Though it may take time but truth alone trumps. Soon you will make people to realize the true colors of Ramoji rao.

    All the best.