Saturday, December 20, 2008

How To Refer The Coups On World

    In this blog, I exposed the coup on entire world, implementing since 350+years by Duplicate Kanika and Ramoji Rao, with logical proofs circumstantial proofs and documentary evidence. Since 200 years, the entire world is under the grip of a family or group of families or a race, which I called Duplicate Kanika. I explained who Kanika is and who is this Duplicate Kanika, what is his relation to Mr. Ramoji Rao under the caption 'Who is Duplicate Kanika. To refer this demo of coups on world, reader has to refer the text under different [captions] titles in serial order, 1 to 27 [displayed on the side bar]. It will make us easy to understand the coup on us.

    In the narration, I explained the coup on different fields with detail discussion of many issues played and implemented by Duplicate Kanika and Mr. Ramoji Rao. There are logical sequence and circumstantial [eventual] proofs. To refer the documentary evidence you can go to Ref.No. 1 to 26, with the caption complaints and correspondence. This is about the long fight of 16+ years against Duplicate Kanika & Mr. Ramoji Rao. With the strength of truth and with self-confidence, I can confirm you that each and every word published on this blog is Truth – Truth – Truth.

    Among two questions,

1]. What is the coup and how it is implemented on our lives?

2]. Who implemented this coup on us?

First question is important than the second, unless we understand the mode of coup, the result of coup, it is useless to know who are the coup makers.

    Because this is the narration of the coup happened and happening since 200+ years, you require more patience to read and to observe the facts. The coup on world means, it is the coup on our lives and we are the victims. To invest time & patience to know 'how we became victims' is unavoidable.

    I wish that God blessed you to have such time and patience.

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