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Ref. No. - 24

Nandyala complaints

11:15:15 Hrs,


Dr. Man Mohan Singh,
Hon`ble P.M. of India,
New Delhi.

Respected sir,

Request to protect us from the harassment of Mr. Ramoji Rao, Chairman Enadu group of companies – reg.

1. Our complaint against Mr. Ramoji Rao, about his spying activities against India to the then P.M. of India, Mr. P.V. Narasimha Rao date 03-06-1992.
2. Our complaint against Mr. Ramoji Rao, about his organized harassment on us to you on 08-10-`05 at Dock-Section, South Block and our consecutive follow up letters to you.


I, Mrs. Y. Adi Lakshmi, my husband Mr. Lenin B. Yadla and my daughter Ms. Geeta Priya residents of Sri Sailam up to 8th May `07, but now on road bring the following to your kind notice with a request to look into the matter and to protect us from the harassment by Mr. Ramoji Rao immediately.

The complaints I lodged against Mr. Ramoji Rao to your good self, to Hon`ble President of India and to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, Chairperson UPA Govt. were forwarded from New Delhi to Sri Sailam police station in March 2007. Intimating me like this, the C.I. of Sri Sailam Mr. Karuanakar had taken our statements regarding that case on 08-03-`07.

Within 5 days I received cancellation of my room allotment at Sri Sailam from Devasthanam [Endowments dept. Govt. of A.P.] and regarding the mode of consecutive harassment, I brought to your kind notice with proofs dt. 08-04-`07, 13-04-`07,
10-05-07, 28-05-`07 and on 02-06-`07 with all particulars.

By standing on road, taking shelter here and there, I brought several reminding requests to ‘top to bottom’ i.e. from President of India, P.M. of India, General Secretary AICC Mr. Digvijaya Singh, C.M. of A.P. up to district collector etc; and to Chief Justice of A.P. High Court, Chief Justice Human Rights Association. But I did not get any help or solution of problem in spite of personal appeal and postal reminding. From top to bottom including politicians, bureaucrats and everybody - from Delhi to Sri Sailam Gally, everybody is practicing strategical silence. We can wake up any body who is sleeping. But how can we wake up any body who is pretending sleeping?

Since 2000:- No body-private or Govt. employees including 4th class contract labor got punished or taken action on them who ever harassed us with the motive force of Mr. Ramoji Rao. For example – when Mr. Ramanayya, Sri Sailam an attender on daily wages harassed us for drinking water, used vulgar tongue, threatened me over phone, I lodged complaint in Sri Sailam police station. But neither police nor Endowments dept. had taken action on him. More over he and his party harassed us continuously with different reasons and however possible. I lodged complaint on this issue without reference of Ramoji Rao, since I didn`t sense him at that time. As a pretty case, at least it had to be solved, but did not. Same case at Surya pet in 2000. Such abnormalities are unlimited in my life about which I brought to your kind notice in my previous letters in detail and with documentary proofs and incidentively proofs.

Why such ‘affection’ was shown towards such people who ever harassed us irrespective of their designation by the law & order and administration of Govt. of State and Central? Who is giving such protection to them? Who is giving such motive force to an E.O., employee of A.P. State Govt. to disobey C.M.’s order to recall my room cancellation? If C.M. of A.P. Mr. RajaSekhara Reddy over looked his own promise to give room allotment to us on 17-05-`07, when we met him at A.P. Bhawan, New Delhi with recommendation letter from Mr. Digvijaya Singh, General Secretary of AICC; what is such need for him? For a C.M. level or for New Delhi level, a room allotment or recall of room allotment is not a matter. There is nothing loss for Govt., if they give such accommodation allotment to an ordinary teacher, and I`m a teacher but not an anti-social element. But miraculary, it is not coming in to implementation.

In addition to this, how can a D.E.O., being deponent,[that to the complaint against him had gone up to New Delhi level, and General Secretary AICC, C.M. of A.P. and President of India responded on it] Mr. Krishnayya Sri Sailam say that he would proceed on us legally because we lodge complaint on him? Here by we are ready to welcome it if he does so. The back ground of this incident is – I sent copy of letter to you dt. 28-05-`07 to the Kurnool District Collector. He responded on it and enquired Sri Sailam Devasthanam about it.

On 14-05-`07, Mr. Ganapathi, driver to E.O. [in previous, being parent of our students, he was very positive to us up to 08-05-`07 on which day we left our room because of power disconnection from Devasthanam] argued with us as supporting E.O. and pressure us to lift the furniture from the room i.e. to vacate the room immediately. And with pre plan, he recorded the cell phone conversation with me, tried to unpopular, and degrade me. But off course, he did not success to do so, as truth had protected me in the view of parents of my students.

In spite of many reminders, no action on E.O., D.E.O. of Sri Sailam Devasthanam. Why such ‘agony’ on an ordinary person like me for any administrative authority? Why such ‘affection’ on people who are harassing me incidentively and evidensively? I produced the proofs to you.

When I lodged complaint on Mr. Ramoji Rao about his anti India activities to Mr. P.V. Narasimha Rao in 1992, our country India was burning with multiple problems such as Kashmir, Khalisthan, Harshad Mehta’s Stock Exchange disputes, Bodos, Mandal Reservation movement, Terrorism and Babri- Mandir issue, Lorries strike etc. At that juncture, nobody can imagine that our country can get survival. But miraculary, every problem was solved with difference reasons. Is it impossible, when the Govt. got an important spying secrete or information? I`m not saying that I’m responsible for all such or its all was my credit. But I’m asking you – is it impossible for the P.M. of India to solve all such problems if he gets an important spying agents’ existence information?

Otherwise by June 1992, our country was about to collapse financially as well as physically. Terrorism was extreme at New Delhi it self as well as all over country, it was historical fact. You can watch the scene, situation and strategy were changed after that i.e. June 1992. Though it was the credit of Union India Govt. but the fact of time is ‘June 1992’. I’m not saying that it is my complaint’s impact. But I’m saying that it is Mr. Ramoji Rao, a spy and his spying Agency’s work impact, whatever his Agency – CIA or ISI?

If Mr. Ramoji Rao is not a spy and if he is only an industrialist or Media man, why the National Politicians like L.K. Advani, V.P. Singh etc used to visit him before 1992, rather he visit them? It was one of the information about him, which I intimated to Mr. P.V. Narashimaha Rao, the then P.M. of India in 1992.

In that letter I requested P.M. as – if Mr. Ramoji Rao is not doing spying activities, it is well and good. If he is doing so, by thinking that he is not doing, how much big mistake it will be for the sake of our country? You please think like this and consider this matter to verify. Fortunately, he responded positively as this might be true and the same he confirmed me by sending I.B. Officers to my factory in June 1992.

The same I.B., when I approached them on 20-10-`06 at Guntur Office, there the officer Mr. Ranganna and his boss [I forgotten his name please] argued with me as if they are personal Advocates to Mr. Ramoji Rao. Finally they told me that they won`t react towards anybody regarding any case unless they have orders from Central Govt. It is okay as concern as their rules. But won’t they have responsibility to bring such a dangerous i.e. spying matters to the Govt. notice if they come to know them? Is it not their responsibility to protect country like that? Is it not spirit of I.B. of India?

Actually, in 2000, I put complaint on EAMCET Rank’s disputes onto the Chandra Babu Naidu’s Govt. desk. Now within 7 years, everybody knows about rank fixings like Match fixings in Cricket. The Corporate Colleges and Schools and their competitive colleges and schools publishing press notes and pamphlets with mutual claims of dispute particulars. How the Govt. could be innocent on such public open secret, only God might be known.

By doing such disputes in Education, one country can’t destroy its enemy country’s youth by the way country’s future? Is it not dangerous to our country? Is it not spying activity?

If people in society – in various status like employees, middle class people, poor people and business people etc think regarding these disputes as – ‘All disputes now-a-days general, the world is like that, what we can do’ etc neglective, it is okay. Being P.M. of India, can you think like that?

I brought all the above issues to your kind notice with respective to India.

With respective to my case – The I.B. officer Mr. Ranaganna argued with me on 20-10-`06 as “Though you brought complaint on Mr. Ramoji Rao`s spying activities to Union India Govt. notice in 1992 [at that time I didn`t know the word spying even], what is patriotic activity in it? What do you think about Mr. Ramoji Rao? He is a perfect business man and 100% noble man, nothing controversial on him. We deny your complaint.” But co-incidentively, within 10 days, Mr. Ramoji Rao was in the controversial of Margadarsi chits.

I argued with Mr. Ranganna, I.B. officer, as ‘whatever Mr. Ramoji Rao, but my feeling was patriotic in bringing his disputes to the Govt. of India notice in 1992. I didn`t expect any personal want by doing so.” Is it not patriotic in a P.M.’s view? As per idealistic views of Indians, I request your good self to respond towards my patriotic feelings of 1992.

Because of Mr. Ramoji Rao’s harassment on us only, both of our parents detached from us and we have no friends and relatives. So utterly, we are taking shelter here and there and by standing on road, we are bringing this issue to your notice. This experience of standing on road by losing accommodation along with furniture and occupation i.e. life food profession is repeated to us about which I narrated to you in my previous letters.

In 1992, when I lodged complaint against Mr. Ramoji Rao’s activities, I have no proofs to show to the then P.M. of India Mr. P.V. Narasimha Rao. But now, I have complete proofs as documentarily, evidensively i.e. witness people and incidentively to show you and to any body whoever concern to it.

There is no need to any body to harass me, organigingly and systematically like this except Mr. Ramoji Rao, who is capable to do so with this much of magnitude and he only is capable to plan and implement the assassinations of Ex. P.M.’s of India like Mr. Rajiv Gandhi in 1991.

By the way, I can say that Mr. P.V. Narasimha Rao had done ‘some thing’ in case of Mr. Ramoji Rao. To verify this, you can compare the writings and activities of Mr. Ramoji Rao and his media before 1992 and after 1992.

With this background, I request your good self to look into the matter of Mr. Ramoji Rao and to protect us from his harassment. Please save our country. And please save us.

‘Dharmo Rakshathi Rakshithaha:’

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,
Y. Adi Lakshmi,
Lenin B. Yadla,
Y. Geeta.

Our Postal Address:

Smt. Y. Adi Lakshmi,
W/o. Lenin B. Yadla,
C/o. Mila Srinivasa Rao,
Vijaya Eye Hospital,
Lakshmi Puram Main Road,
Guntur -2.
Andhra Pradesh.
Our Cell No. 9440 971265.

Copy to : 1. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Hon’ble President of India.
2. Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Chair person U.P.A. Govt.
3. Sri Digvijaya Singh, General Secretary AICC.


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