Saturday, December 20, 2008

18. Coup On Hinduism And Other Religions

This universe is a miracle.

This is the wonderful world.

The living being's world is more and more wonderful one.

Take example of human body. Born as a small kid of fore hand size, by taking organic matter as food, with digestive system, excreta system, purification system, day by day the body will grow into big, give birth to another human being, doing works, creating things, thinking reasons, experiencing feelings and dieing after some time, how wonder this body is? What is the body? It is only organic compound? Just like a body of hen or goat, it can be eatable to another living being. Hence, it is the combination of organic products such as skin, blood, flesh etc. A scientist may define the combination of body. A scientist can write the configuration of atoms of body. A biochemist can identify the structure of cells of body.

But can they identify what is life? Up to whenever the life is in the body, it won't get regourmartis, its blood is in liquid state, the body is in flexible state, it is warmth and the person can respond to the world. He can hear, watch, talk, walk and sense the touch. If we say that the brain is responsible to the working of sense organs, that's why person in coma can't respond to the world, then what is the difference between coma and death? In both the situations, person can't respond to the world. In coma, the heart of the body works where as in death, the heart also stops to work. But if a person is in coma, though he won't respond to the world, his body won't get regourmartis. [i.e. getting cold, solidify of blood, body to be impudent and after some time body gets decay.] But if a person dies, within 2 or 3 days, body gets decay and emits very bad smell. Then what is difference between coma and death? Which makes the body to work like a machine with an input of food and output of work? Which makes the heart to work like a pump and brain to work like a computer? With the existence of which in this body, makes it live, makes it creative and active? In other words, what is life? What is soul?

Another example I will give. We say "This is my pen" & "This is my car", "This is my house". That means the pen is mine and I'm not the pen. The car is mine but I am not the car. Like that, the house is mine but I'm not the house. Just I am living in it. In such case we say 'This is my hand' and 'This is my heart' 'This is my brain' 'This is my body'. That means this hand is mine but I am not the hand. Same case with heart and brain. Like that, the body is mine but I am not the body. Just I am living in this body. Then who am I? Who are you?

Is it life or soul? This makes man to think about this world, universe and life cycle. Here I used the word "Man" in the meaning of human beings, I'm not saying that man, i.e. male only could think and females didn't think. Why I'm giving this explanation is – women lib members or feminists had raised this type of non-sensical movements, in the part of beginning and promoting of coup to create non co-ordination among men and women in society, when I was a student i.e. in 1970 to 1980 with severity. Leaving this here, I repeat that the mystery of life or soul occupied in body, which makes the man to think about the world, universe and life cycle. That's why men invented God and epics. This is an argument regarding God and epics.

Since the Old Stone Age, men had frightened towards the nature, natural events like thunder, eclipse etc. So he imagined God instead of searching the reasons behind the natural events. Gradually epics were formed in further development of the idea of God. This is another argument regarding the existence of God.

In my opinion – being human being our knowledge is limited. Our sense organs capacity range is also limited. We can't see like hawk. We can't hear like rat. We can't produce sound waves like bat. With these limited sensing organs, with this limited brain capacity, with this limited knowledge, we can't get awaritive regarding this entire world, universe and all. Then how can we say that what we know is complete knowledge? Just we can say 'within these so and so limits, our knowledge is this much'.

For example, we don't know about the existence of certain living beings and creatures in the oceans. Because of vision range, we are not able to see them with naked eye or with microscope. In such case, if we say that such creatures are not existed in the oceans, is it correct?

It is our incapacity; it is our inefficiency to fail to sense the existence of those creatures in the oceans. Then if we deny their existence, is it reasonable?

I refer another example to you. We can't see the existence and revolution of planets. Since we are unable to see them if we deny their existence, how funny it will be? Are we not feeling funny in case of flat earth society in Brittan? The scientists, astronauts and space ships are now going there and sending the results of their working to earth. Before the invention of telescopes, spaceships, before discovering of the planets, there were no proves regarding their existence.

Then why can't such case, in case of God?

God is nowhere – it is a belief.

God is now here – it is also a belief.

To both the believes, there is no base, since believes are without documentary proves and evidences. But great people like Mahatma Gandhi, Sri Rama Krishna Parama Hamsa and great devotees like Sri Ramadasu, Tulasidasu etc. all over the world, in all religions, at all times had experienced the existence of God like the scientists or astronauts in case of planets.

When we are believing the scientists, their experiments, their proves and their theories, why don't we believe the devotees, their experiments, experiences and their theories? We can't understand most of the theories of scientists. But we believe them. We can experience the results of the experiments and theories of scientists. If they cheat us with fake experiments, with fake analysis, with fake theories, what we can do? We can't do anything. But most of the scientists are sincere.

In case of devotees, unless we practice in their prescribed path of devotion, unless we achieve the psychological and philosophical level, we can't experience the results of their experiments and theories of devotees. So that we have to depend up on belief only. Such that some pseudo devotees have find opportunities to cheat people by exploiting, the religious believes. This happens all over the world in all times.

I try my level best to explain about such exploitation in all fields such that political, social, economical, and business etc.

In fact, religion controls the people in the society, but not the law and constitution in any country at any time. In India, this condition is very active and powerful.

In constitution, there are rules and regulations. It relates with evidence. In religion, there are believes and God. The rules and constitution can't do anything without evidence. But God needs no evidence to give his judgment. This feeling controls the people, to do good and to avoid bad. We can cheat the king and employees of the king or officers of the constitution. But we can't cheat God. The officers, the king and the employees can't watch what we do all the time. But God can watch everything, everywhere, at any time. Because the king, the officers and the employees all are human beings only. Their ability has the limits. But God's ability is without limits. This fear prevents the people from doing bad. That's why only, our elders had said 'భయం - భక్తీ', which means devotion and fear.

Actually, Hinduism is not a religion. It is a culture. It is a Dharma i.e. working. It is a life style. It is a network. That's why I am using Indians in the meaning of Hindus or Hindus in the meaning of Indians. Because, the Indians in past, centuries back who changed their religion, Hinduism to other religions such as Islam and Christians. But they didn't change their life style and their attitude.

That's why Indians Muslim is different to other country Muslim. Indian Christian is different to other country Christian. Indian Muslim, Indian Christian has their own maturity to think and to understand work worship theory, fate concept, sincerity in human bondages and idealism.

Hindus used to worship all the creations, all the living beings, nature like hills, rivers, hillocks, lakes, seas, oceans, trees etc everything. Before 30 to 40 years back, Indian media regularly had given publicity as "Indians used to worship with turmeric and saffron powders wherever they find stones and neem tree etc trees. What a joke!" We didn't know whether the western people to India said such or not. But no doubt the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao, the media man and the coup supporters like the then writers the then modern or advanced famed persons by media had created such a propaganda.

In other words, to watch God or to observe God in all living beings including animals, creatures and trees, how broad and matured network it was? Though most of the people were ignorant, innocent, blindly believed the traditions, but the intuition of those traditions, and believes was good to nature and to the lives. Such believes to worship all the living beings, rocks etc. nature and trees will conserve the environmental balance: is it not?

By demolishing such network of Hinduism, network of believes, now we are experiencing the global warmth, green house affect etc many problems. The coup makers exactly played on this point. Neem trees are very helpful to people. If a bioscienctist calculate the oxygen production, CO2 production and absorption, and other products like Neem cake, Neem oil etc, it will be in lacks of rupees. It purifies air, it gives fertilizers as Neem cake and delay of leaves, it gives pesticide as Neem seed oil, leaves pastes etc. It cools the surroundings. As a gratitude to it, what is wrong if Hindus worship the Neem tree as the Goddess Parvathi Devi? In fact, Indians, i.e. Hindus consider the total nature as the form of God Parvathi Devi. Like the breast milk of mother, Hindus use the nature to feed themselves. Before cutting down the tree, which is already dried up due to death, Hindus used to worship it. After the coup makers had destroyed the Hinduism, the network of life style, now we are watching the loss of eco balance. What is wrong in considering the nature like our mother?

People are never mind now, to cut down trees, to swallow forests, to swallow hills and hillocks for stone crushing units to construct buildings. As well, people are never mind now, to kill the other living beings not only for food and as casual also. In ancient days, Hindus used to think a poisonous living being or cruel living being as "Leave it off. If we go on our way without harming it, it will go on its way without harm us."

But now people lost such broad thinking and such sympatric thinking. They had forgotten that in which manner their soul is, in the same manner the other soul is. This led them to become more selfish. Now such selfishness entered into the family life also.

All of this is the result of coup on Hinduism. The coup makers introduced 'fashion' in the beginning of the coup on Hinduism. Just like in the story of 'నల్లమేక - నలుగురు దొంగలు' which means BLACK GOAT AND FOUR THEIVES, they injected Hindus as Hinduism means, "A concept of blind believes. It is full of non-sensical traditions. It is anti development." To inject like this they targeted on Hindu epics.

They had hypnotized on mass, as "Hindus fear to put Namaskar to their Gods idols". In 1970 to 80, there were jokes such that 'Indian i.e. Hindu will look this side and that side before folding hands in front of God's idol, and in hurry he put a namaskar whenever he felt that nobody is watching him and his Namaskar to God'.

Hindus worship the tools like mortar, grinding stone, axe, plough etc on Dassarah festival on Ganesh Chaturdhi festival day. Every Hindu person will worship their professional tools including students on these festival days. Students will worship their slates, books, pens and pencils. Such that Hinduism makes people to learn everywhere there is God, to learn to take care of each and every tool what we used.

We have to consider our profession i.e. works as our God because our profession is feeding us. This reminder is there behind the worship of tools. As per physics also now all the scientists will accept the work-energy theorem. According to it, F x S = ½ mv2 i.e.
work is energy. And energy is God. We cannot watch energy. We cannot sense energy. We can experience its impacts. In fact, we also the human beings and all the living beings are the form of energy only. Like that, energy is God. God is everywhere in every form. Nobody neither create energy nor destroy. Just we can change energy from one form to another. This is law of conservation of energy in physics. There is same case with God. Then what is wrong when a Hindu worships his plough, his stickle, his hammer and his screwdriver?

Hindus used to worship snakes, dogs and especially cows. The snakes are rat killers. Eco friendly. By killing rats, the snakes are helping the farmers. Most of the Indian snakes are not poisonous. Only some varieties are poisonous and dangerous. If the snakes are not considered as the form of God, definitely, we could not watch them alive now. Off course, now people are killing the other living beings including snakes without sense.

The dogs are friends to human beings. In ancient days, to each and every house there were minimum 2 or more dogs, as pets. Not like now a day's pet dogs, which have clubs, hotels, and fashion parades? In those days, dogs were work oriented. They used to do hard work. They watch the houses, sheep and poultry. The dogs used to share the work of human beings. But now people are running after fashion parades' and luxuries. They are making the dogs such lazy to run after fashion parades' and luxuries. Now the modern men made the street dog to feel jealousy towards the pet dogs like Alsatian i.e. German Sheppard, Doberman, Pomeranian dogs, by treating the pet dogs with luxuries and by neglecting the street dogs to suffer from hunger.

But in ancient times, people and their pets were not like this. They used to enjoy their work, their wealth, their health, and their leisure together. To express their gratitude and thankfulness, Hindus i.e. Indians used to worship the male dogs as the form of Bhairava i.e. God Shiva and female dog as the form of Gowri i.e. Goddess Parvathi Devi, wife of God Shiva. Hindus i.e. Indians used to celebrate one full moon day as Korala Pournami, to worship dogs. On that day, they used to treat the dogs, including their pets and street dogs with sweets and eatables etc. Is there any wrong in this? These traditions and festivals were criticized, ridiculed and made jokes on them by the coup makers as in the part of their coup to destroy the network of Hinduism and to construct their network of Corporatism. Because in Hindu life style, there was care about physical and psychological health and mental balance. If people are with physical and psychological health and with balance of mind, then how to cheat them by their Corporatism to robber them? This is the one of the reasons of coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters like politicians, Corporate Companies etc to play coup on India. The other reason is if the Indians life style and their culture attract the world people, then their Corporate business will collapse all over the world. The coup makers sensed this danger on Sep11, 1892 at Chicago when Swami Vivekananda attracted the vision of American citizens in World Religion Assembly.

The other reasons are to exploit the human power such as thinking ability, working ability, creative ability, invention ability, discovering ability, innovative powers. The some more reasons are to theft the natural resources. In fact, the coup makers i.e. CIA, British etc are doing the same all over the world, by taking some others as their supporters in some other countries like ISI, Ramoji Rao , Sonia Gandhi and other politicians in India.

Since ancient times, Indians i.e. Hindus used to worship cows as the form of Sri Mahalaxmi Devi, the Goddess of wealth. The cow's milk is light digestive while compare with buffalo's milk. Its ghee gives less fat, relative to buffalo's. Totally, cow's milk had many good qualities on human growth, especially on psychological growth. In olden days, children were fed by mother's breast milk up to 2+ years. After that, until old age, the Hindus i.e. Indians used to deepened up on cows only. The cows give milk as well as their calves picked up as bulls to work in fields. Their dung, urine etc were used as fertisers as well as pesticides. Totally, cows, oxen were tools to improve crops in fields. As well the cow's milk was healthy to people. They would not become as Thamasa. They would-become active and with Satwa guna. They would not become as lazy and egoistic because of less fatty cow's milk. In fact with buffalo's milk, now the above all problems are there.

That's why only, in ancient times, Hindus i.e. Indians used to treat cows as the other form of Goddess Lakshmi Devi and used to call them as Govu Malakshmi. They used to worship her on every Friday as well on festival days. Similarly, Hindus used to treat oxen as the other form of God Vishnu and God Sri Venkateswara. Still now, Hindus have the tradition to worship the cattle on the 3rd day of Sankranthi festival i.e. Kanuma festival. Such that Hindus are sentimental to cows.

On this sentiment, the coup makers i.e. CIA, and British had played strategies to implement coup on India. They provacated Muslims who had no sentiment on cows and habituated to eat the meat of cows. They spread rumors that Muslims had killed cows and ate them, here and there to provocate Hindus.

In fact, these European entered into India in 17th Century. Muslims entered into India in 11th Century. Within this 600 to 700 years time, Hindus and Muslims were lived together in India. Hindu kings ruled Muslims like Kakathiyas in Andhra, Sri Krishna Deva Raya in South India, and Pandyas, Cholas in Tamil Nadu. Muslim kings ruled Hindus in North India and in some parts of South India. But there were no rumors and no communal rivals. Then in the last century, in India, why such rumors spread and why communal rivals raised on this sentiment of cows?

Such that the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, British, Ramoji Rao and their supporters like Mafia leaders are organizing terrorism on religions. To play terrorism on world, on India, they are hiring poor and perverted youth of Muslims. Alkhaida, ISI are connected as the world know. ISI and CIA are connected as facts and as world know. So that, to spread terrorism all over the world, on countries, on human beings, the only reason is poverty. Due to poverty only, people had converted into other religions in past and into terrorism at present. By creating poverty, how much cheap and how much vast availability of human bombs? Otherwise, by paying any much currency, can anybody get a person who will be ready to die? Here also the same strategy. The coup makers i.e. CIA, British Crown Govt, ISI will create problems and poverty and again they attract the poor to do their works and assignments with a self-image of protectors and savers.

With this strategy only, the coup makers are converting countries into Islamic countries. Indonesia is the best example for this. Once up on a time, it was Buddhist country, now it is Islamic country. If the things continue in India, it may become Muslim country rather than secular country or Hindu country. Hindus may become minorities in the country.

As per their belief, Muslims would not have birth control operations or family planning's in previous i.e. before 1992. Within these 16 years, they became somewhat awaritive to implement family planning. Otherwise, they won't. A man can marry 4 women. By saying 'Talak' thrice, they can give divorce without any formalities of legal etc. By the way, what is the equality they are giving to half of the human beings i.e. women. Most of them are inhuman to children even. When they diverse the wife, she has to bring up the children up to younger age, then she has to hand over them to their father. Why? To earn and to give to their father? What an inhumanity is? Did Allah say such? Definitely no. No God will tell like that. Might the selfish people created these like in all other religions. But with pride, I can say that Indian Muslim is different to Arab Muslim. Indian Muslims won't play camel races by tieing the kids to the upper part of their backs, like Arab Muslims. Most of the Indian Muslims will respect their wives and love their family.

Because, before Muslims, he is Indian. Indians are idealists. Indians are sentimentalists. Indians are loving human bondages. That's why irrespective of religion, whatever they patronize, since thousands of years their geans are influenced with idealism and morals. That's why they are Indians first, then only Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, Jains and Sikhs. That's why only they have their own life style, their own culture i.e. Indian culture. That's why only the coup makers had targeted on Indian culture i.e. Unity in diversity by their policy of divide and rule i.e. [Kanika Nethi]. That's why only all Indians irrespective of their religion are struggling hardly like worriers in battlefield to protest the coup on themselves without knowing the mode of coup, model of coup, implementation of coup. That's why only, India could with stand without collapse like USSR, Indonesia or some other country. That's why only, India could with stand still now in spite of the support of the coup supporters from Indians without knowing that it is the support to coup.

In the part of coup on Hinduism and other religions, the coup makers are importing terrorists to create terror in India from Chechnya etc poor countries. Otherwise, what is connection of hired terrorists to Sri Nagar and Kashmir? To provoke the coup on religions only, Mr. Kuldeep Nayyar etc journalists used to write in Newspapers. Since 24+ years from 1984 to 2008, Mr. Kuldeep Nayyar is fighting for Sikhs feelings, by leaving all violence incidents, though the Sikhs were hurt, injured and killed in 1984. But most of them may forget the bitterness. Because, God had given a boon to us such as forgetfulness. On the other hand, the Sikhs had fought for themselves to protect themselves and to make justice in court. This man Mr. Nayyar didn't do anything like that. But to perform his assignments on that incident, he used to write until now. As well, he used to write a supporting to Pakistan only. Regarding Mr. Kuldeep Nayyer's writings on Sikhs, I had given detailed discussion under the caption of COUP ON INDIAN POLITICS. '

In Hindu life style, patience has big asset. They bear all critics and mockery. If we give chocolate as a gift to a kid when it learns any new thing, the kid will feel encouragement. So that the kid could learn much. If there is nothing wrong in this, then why Ranganayakamma and Hethu Vada Sangham members etc coup supporters had criticized in past on the system of prasadam in Hindu devotional system? First, the kid will learn education by desiring chocolate. Later the kid can know the taste of learning and spirits of knowledge. First, they work by expecting result, like presence in temple by expecting prasadam. Later they can learn Buddi Yogam i.e. working by leaving result to God, and performing work with Devotion, knowledge and detachment of result. In such case, to criticize this concept as "The devotees will eat the sweets by using Gods name as Prasadam", is it not coup on Hinduism?

These Hethu Vada Sangham i.e. logical or reasonable arguing societies won't go to any Masjids where the Mullah's are driving out the ghosts from victims by beating them with sticks and brooms. The Hethu vada Sangham and Gnana Vignana Samaajam etc won't go to any Masjid where the anthras and Manthras are giving to patients such as fever victims etc. They won't go to any Churches where the answers would give to victims of theft to their questions about the thefted valuable things and the thieves by the fathers and brother Reverandams. They won't go to any Churches where the father or pastors are making the devotee victims to omit 'Pasaru' i.e. the juice of leaves which was made to drink by victims by their enemies. In fact, the Ex Pop John Pal-2 and the present Pop Benedict in Vatican used to do so i.e. making to omit the Pasaru, the juice of leaves by victims.

But these Hethu Vada Sangham and Gnana Vignana Samajams are ever ready to go to temples and temple fairs to prove the believes of Hindus are baseless and illogic. They went to Sabari Malai to prove the 'Makara Jyothi' is non-sense. They had gone to so many temples and 'Jatharas' to prove Hinduism is illogic. Why the Hindus become that much cheap or that much easy approachable to them?

The coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters like the fame writers and so-called scholars who made popular by the coup makers, used to do mockery on Hinduism and on Hindus like anything. They used to publish rubbish jokes and cartoons on Hindu Gods and Goddesses in the context of festival days. On Ganesh Chaturdhi, on God Ganesh, limitless number of cartoons and jokes used to publish in journals including Enadu. On Goddess Satyabhama, Sri Krishna and Lakshmi Devi on Depavali day like that. As tolerance in blood, Hindus didn't consider them seriously. But those cartoons's impact had driven Hindus to become non-ferocious.

But if any small comment passed on Muslim concepts, there will be a tsunami. When some Denmark journal published some cartoon on Prophet Mohammed, the Muslims in India came on to the road to organize revolt or movement under the leadership of MIM. No doubt, this MIM is the main supporter of coup makers. Their leadership was haired from Rajwi, the Nizam's Army Chief who was responsible to the violence of Rajakars in Thelangana before independence of India. What is the connection to Denmark Journals with poor Hindu citizens in India? If they hurt, they had to express their protest to Denmark Journal. But they should not create terror on roads. Now at least these movements are confined to shouting's, closing of shops etc i.e. after 1992. But before 1992, they used to burn RTC buses, private Autos, scooters, bikes and cars. They used to kill the travelers on road. Just they had to find a cause to burn buses, to destroy things. When Salman Rashdi, Thaslima Nasrin issue were raised, then also there was the same behavior and same terror on roads. Any way the coup makers will be ready to make it as international issue. The Muslims organizations and Mullah's will be there to issue phatwa to kill the so-called writers. The writers are Muslims. They belong to Muslim countries. They commented on Islam. Why should they come to India, why should India bear all this non-sense? This type of issues seems to be with humanity related issues. But behind this 'Response or reaction on the humanity grounds, there is the involvement of spying in these issues. Once Dalai Lama had entered along with his 80,000 followers into India from Tibet. So that by taking such reason, China invaded onto India, captured vast land, still it is under the authority of China only. The same type of headaches is there in trial to create on India by Thaslima Nasrin's issue. If she dedicated herself to Victims in communal or political rivals in Bangladesh, if she committed to her writings, she has to fight by standing in her country i.e. Bangladesh only. She should not force India to involve in it or she should not force India to fight on her problem. With these issues, the coup makers and their supporters are ready to create reasons to neighbor countries to India like China, Pakistan, and Bangladesh etc to declare war on India or to create political pressures on India.

Here I want to explain a small incident to show how emotional and extremists the Muslim youth is towards their religion. I have a Muslim student of aged 11 years, studying 6th class. In 2007 Dec. or Nov, when Thaslima Narsrin came to Hyderabad, some Muslims attacked on her under the leadership of MIM.

In casual talk, I asked my student "What is this issue? Do you know anything?" He said with angry reddish face, "Yes Mam! Thaslima Nasrin, being Muslim, she had written something against Muslims. That's why some Muslims had attacked on her."

I felt wonder about this. This guy didn't read his own lessons. He didn't know anything about his religions or other religions. He didn't know what she had written against Muslims. But he felt very angry to her. What ignorance is this? In such case, how much angry that Hindus must have on the critics, mockery, jokes and cartoons on Hinduism? In fact, on religion believes nobody should comment. In fact, if any Muslim done wrong, if anybody question him, is it wrong? If there is something wrong in Islam, if somebody say that, is it wrong? If so, is this rule not applicable to other religions like Hinduism, Christianity or Buddhism?

Why Islam and Muslims are something special like this? Irrespective of countries and continents, irrespective of situations, why and how the Islam and the Muslims are getting that much of importance or petting?

This has no limits. Is can go up to any limits, like Shabano's popularity could beat out the popularity of a Prime Minister of a Country. The media wouldn't question shabano that how and why she was popular than a PM of Country? Simply they highlight her comment of such, that's all!

The coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters used to propagate some silly comments on Hindu Gods and Goddesses like – "Your Goddess Lakshmi Devi always stands in Lotus flower, cant her legs get pain? How the Lotus flower is comfortable to her?"

What a nasty comment is this! God feeling itself is a superior feeling. If it is painful, then how he or she can be God? To deal with other's Gods and Goddesses like that, is it accomplishment. Totally media in past i.e. 30 to 40 years back used to do all the above-mentioned publicity. The coup makers used to say "How your Saraswathi Devi, Goddess always tunes lute i.e. Veena. Didn't she have any other work?"

Similarly, there were so many jokes and comments on each and every God or Goddess and on each and every traditions of Hinduism. Regarding Rama bhajana, 'Hare Rama Hare Krishna' Bhajana, there were number of critics and jokes. In fact, the other form of Bhajana is now patronizing under the name of fashion in Pubs and Discotheques. God Bhajana makes the soul of human being free from tensions, healthy, strong and with free of cost. Where as the Salsa dance or somber dance or pub or discotheque make the people to feel emotions of comparison, which can lead them to jealousies, illness and liquor addictions. More over these are expensive. In one, word they are the centers of Corporatism.

In such a way, the coup makers had spoilt and smashed out the Hindu life style, Hindu religions network and again they are marketing the same concepts with Corporatism. Once up on a time in India, Maruthi Vyayama Salas were there to make the youth to do physical exercises and to become with strong physics adjoined to God Anjaneya Swami's temples. The coup makers and their supporters successfully and strategically had smashed them by tuning the public, as going to Maruthi Vyayama Sala was unfashioned and shameful. After that now they are marketing gym centers with prescribed fee as well as 12 to 14% excess on bills in the form of tips as authoritative 'danda'.

In Hindu life style, in Hindu religion, in Hindu culture, there was a tradition that on festival days and weekly days such as Friday, Monday etc, to practice health rules and beauty tips such as oil bathing, head bathing after oil massage, turmeric application, neem leaves paste application and bathing powder etc.. After demolishing all these traditions, now limit less business to their Corporate Companies like beauty creams, powders, gels, shampoos, after shower, head spray etc. luxurious products as well as beauty parlors, beauty clinics and hospitals. Now spa centers are in addition to these. To promote the Corporate products such as shampoos and soaps, they made mockery on sunnipindi i.e. bathing powder and soap nuts usage. Now they are marketing milk soaps, baby soaps and soap nuts juice etc. just like castor oil business. To do not allow the people to identify this type of business named robbery, they filled the lives of people with running after money. To understand this, recall your memory of thieves play in front of Banks. The thieves create something quarrel or sensation to draw public attention to that scheme. Another co-thief will snatch the moneybag from his or her targeted person who had drawn money in bank. The Corporate business named robbery is like that only. They create sensation to draw our attention on their advertisements of products and to misguide our attention from the quality and reasonability in the price of those products.

In Indians life style, there was no running in life. There were no tensions, no time race. Life was with leisure. The Indians in olden days used to refer the idiom as "పరుగెత్తి పాలు తాగే కంటే నిలబడి నీళ్ళు తాగడం మేలు" which means "It is better to drink water by standing leisurely rather than drinking milk by running. So that, after day's hard work, evening in temple they used to relax in Bhajana, in epic story hearing and singing. There was no need of TV, cinema, spa center or clubs to relax. Thousands of years were passed away like this with peacefulness.

This is like running after the marriage to fetch water by leaving the wells, lakes and rivers. More over the coup makers had already spoilt those water sources of real religion. This is not only in comparison. Really also the coup makers had contaminated the water sources. Before these 16 years i.e. before 1992, we didn't need to use mineral water. But now
can you imagine how many crores of rupees, of mineral water business are going on every day? That's why only the Govts of all states and central are maintaining silence in both words and works on the problem of drinking water availability to public including the fluoride problem.

Actually, in Bapu's opinion, "If you are a Muslim, try to practice Islam in perfect way. If you are a Hindu, try to practice Hinduism in perfect way. Then you can reach the truth."

With his practice and with his experiments, he extracted this and gave it to us. To get water if we dig small digs in many places, it is no way useful. If we dig at a place continuously, then we can create a well and we can get water from it. That's why only Bapu said such. In fact, poverty is the root reason for changing of religion by people. Along with poverty, the self-desires also there to influence people to change their religion. That's why only when Muslim kings were ruling India, most of people turn into Islam and when East India Company, British Crown Govt. were ruling India, most of people turn into Christianity. But most of the then people didn't change their religion to find the ultimate truth in religion.

The coup makers and their supporters used to criticize Hinduism in past i.e. 30 to 40 years back as "Hindus have 3crores of Gods. All the animals and creature belong to the set of their Gods. Their Gods will be in different forms, such as with 4 hands or with 4 heads etc. They have many types of idols and many types of theories etc. etc.

In fact, behind all the concepts and theories, only one working, 'Budhi Yogam' is there behind Hinduism. Irrespective of epics, every story tells us to do work, to do good to others and to other living beings. To remind that 'everywhere, in every living being, in everything irrespective living or non-living, God is there', Hinduism makes the devotees to worship God in many forms and in many shapes. What is wrong in it?

God Shiva is Ardha Nareeshwara Rupa, which means half of his body is in the shape of God Shiva and half of the body is in the shape of Goddess Parvathi Devi, his wife. Such that Hinduism had given importance to women. They say మాతృ దేవో భవ which means first God is mother only. Sri Rama had shown it. Everywhere, in every temple, there will be God and his wife Goddess to devote by Hindus. Such that Hinduism had given importance to women. Now even, in villages, in towns, in most of the families, housewife will be the center of house. Husband, Children consult her, cooperate her and take her guidance to lead things. Then how the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporter like Ranga Nayakamma could create that women were suppressed by men?

In fact, after the invading of Muslims and Europeans only, this ill-treatment towards women started. Otherwise, in Hinduism, in ancient times, there was equal importance to women. The propaganda of Veda Vidya prohibition to women also created by coup makers only. In Indian epics, there was no such ill-treatment towards women.

Might be with Allah Uddin Khilji's invading on to Mevada, Rani Padmini's issue alert the Hindus. ' His cheatfulness warned Hindus, to hide their women inside the house. As the psychology of Muslim kings and European Business Companies like East India Company, is thefting psychology, they might take over the young beautiful women like Kohinoor diamond or gold or other valuable things. They didn't have any humanity or other ethics, in thefting the countries. So within these 1000 years i.e. after invading of Muslim kings from Afghan like Ghori Mohammad, Gajani Mohammad, and Allah Uddin, the ghosha or hide out of women, prohibition of education to women etc anti develop or narrow minded or selfish or blind traditions were started.

Otherwise, in Hinduism, a complete freedom and a high-matured equality to women were there. To the Veda Vidya, to the Gayathri Manthra, the authoritative Goddess is Parvathi Devi. To education, authoritative Goddess is Saraswathi Devi. The entire nature is considered as Parvathi Devi. To the wealth, authoritative Goddess is Lakshmi Devi. God Brahma had bare his wife Saraswathi on his tongue. God Vishnu had bare his wife Lakshmi Devi on his heart. God Shiva had bare his wife Parvathi Devi by his half of the body. Such that they lead people to give respect, to treat well their wives. As per Bhagavatham, when the milk ocean was churned by Mandhara hill and Vasuki as rope, the poison was spread from ocean. To protect the entire universe, God Shiva had swallowed the poison and kept it in his neck. In fact, it is not an easy thing to God even. In fact, such difficult and bitter experiences were bore by them for the sake of universal good, not for their selfish benefits. That's why they were considered as God. Though they are Gods, they work and they do not lazy. Before drinking poison when God Shiva looked at his wife, Goddess Parvathi Devi to get permission from her to drink poison, she encouraged him. In this context, poet Pottanna said,

"మ్రింగుడు వాడు విభుండని

మ్రింగెడిది గరళ మనియును

మేలని ప్రజకున్ మ్రింగమనె
సర్వ మంగళ! మంగళ సూత్రంబు

నెంత మది నమ్మినదో! "

Which means, Parvathi Devi alias Sarva Mangala knew that her husband God Shiva was going to swallow the poison. Because, it was to save the people, she permitted her husband to swallow it. How she was confident on the strength of her marriage thread and bondage with her husband? She believed that there would not be any harm to her husband by swallowing the poison.

Such that Hindu Gods and Goddess lead the people to sacrify themselves to do good to others. Women as a mother had a respectable place in society. She was treated as mother Goddess, first teacher to her children.

In fact, in society the works are distributed among different sections of people. Among those, brought up of children was given to women. It had equal importance to the earning of money or creating of wealth or profession. Because in their opinion wealth is not greater than their children are. Relative to men, women are more patience, skillful. Naturally, children will attach to their mother than their father. To engrave the personality and psychology of children, mothers are more successful than fathers are. Physically women are delicate. More over they have minstrel period inconvenience every month. By considering all these facts, the ancient Indians, thousands of years back distributed the work of brought up of children to women. Both children and women can enjoy reach others company. Moreover, women are psychologically also soft and sensitive. If any lustful sight of any male person touches her skin, she feels like a burning of skin. She feels hatred and unbearable. Most of the women have this experience at any time, at anywhere. To avoid such hatred experiences also, women are allotted to bring up children and keep the house comfortable to family members. In vice versa, men used to treat her as the boss of the house or as the queen of the house. Men and women used to co-operate each other in their works as profession and house managements. That's why marriage has high influence in Hindu society. The girl by leaving her parents house, will follow husband's house. She is compared to a flower plant. That's why marriage mantras have valuable meaning the girl is donated by her parents to the bridegroom. Among all donations, after the food donation, kanya danam i.e. donation of girl is valuable. Husband is considered as father, God, friend, protector and soldier to his wife. Wife is considered as mother, minister, friend, servant and lover to her husband. According to a famous slokam,

భోజ్యేషు మాతా
కార్యేషు దాసి
కరణేషు మంత్రి
శయనేషు రంభ

That means while serving food to her husband, a wife should be like mother. While assisting his works, she should be like a servant maid. While discussing the professional, family and other affairs, she should be like a minister to king. And while enjoying sex, she should be like a divine dancing woman 'Rambha' beauty who was famed as talented in sex.

By showing this slokam, the coup makers and their supporters like Ranga Nayakamma raised the argument as "Why women should be like servant maids or lovers to men, why not the men should be like servants to women?"

In fact, in the house, women will be cool and protective from sun hot and other environmental problems. Being housewife, she has no need of unnecessary talks or non-sensical deals with fellow people, as in the part of profession, like men in outside. Women in house have command on their schedule. They have leisure in life. That why they have to attend the husband when he came to house after tired in profession. After all, he is working for the sake of family. Both men and women are working in outside and in inside the house for the sake of their family, for the sake of their children only. Then why should they criticize each other? Why should they insult each other? If they do so, being writers, being scholars or being leading people, like Ranga Nayakamma and others what have to do? To either increase the communication gaps or to decrease the complexities among men and women?

These coup makers and their supporters like Ranga Nayakamma and others had done their maximum industry to destroy the co-ordination, in lives of people. There was also divide and rule policy. To take this up to high peaks, Enadu Ramoji Rao had made movies like 'Ankuram' in which Revathi acted as heroine, with a question rise as 'to have children is there any need of husbands'. With this question, he highlighted the pregnancy of TV and cine actress Neena Gupta in 1980's. Every day in Enadu and its follower journals, there was a hot discussion of "Who is the father of baby in Neena Gupta's womb?"

"If these types of incidents will go on, what is the meaning of marriage concept in Hinduism? Is the Hindu culture going to collapse?"

Such that Mr. Ramoji Rao highlighted the discussion. You can refer the then Enadu for this. What is there if one cinema actress done such i.e. conceiving a baby without marriage? By that, will the country collapse? It was her morality or immorality. It was her personal life. Perhaps she might be the supporter of coup. If these coup makers show a benefit of such popularity in media, without doubt, the so-called cinema actors and actress can come forward to do anything. Are we not watching their nude expose of bodies, for the sake of money? Are we not watching the dating of some film stars? By the way, all the society is like that? When Bipasu Basu moves on roads and films without dress on her body, are the entire women in India moving like that on roads? When Bipasu Basu and John Abraham living together without marriage, all the youth in India are doing the same?

More over if such things happen, being media, what Mr. Ramoji Rao had to say? Moreover, he claims himself as an organization. Moreover, he claims himself as peak heighted in ethics and morals. As per the slokam of Sri Bhagavad Geetha

"యద్య దాచరతి శ్రేష్ఠ స్తత్త దేవేతరో జనః
స యత్ర్పమాణం కురుతే లోక స్త దనువర్తతే"

Which means, in which manner the elders, the best-known people behave, people will follow such manner.

In such case, being media man, being peak heighted morals man and ethical valued man being leading man in society why didn't he try to guide and to council the people? In which manner he had to behave? To high light Neena Gupta's issue and to raise the propaganda of marriage organization of Hindus was going to collapse? Or to guide the people? And to criticize, to correct Neena Gupta? Such crucked Mr. Ramoji Rao was to play coup on India.

Here, one more thing I want to explain to you. In Hindu i.e. Indian culture married women, have some symbols to wear such as Bindi on fore head, bangles to hands, silver rings called Matte to toes of feet, a chain of Mangala Suthram and a chain of black beeds in the neck. This is a specification of married women. In Indian culture, a man should treat all the women other than his wife as if his mother. But an un-married man can have a choice to select his wife among other women whom he met in his surrounds. While selecting or thinking to select, he should not think about the married girls. These specified symbols will differentiate the married girls from un-married girls. All other men should treat married girl like their mother. They should not think or imagine even about her. To do so, specified symbols such as Mangala Suthram, black beeds and bangles etc are helpful. That to there is nothing wrong to wear them.

But the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao their supporters like Ranga Nayakamma had argued that "Why women only have to wear these bangles and bindis? Why not men wear these? Why only women have to bare the specified symbols to identify them as married? Why don't the men bare such some symbols to identify them as married?"

With such influence, so many the then youth had welcomed quarrelsome psychology to develop in themselves. To start the coup influence in public those were beginning steps on the name of fashion or on the name of women's liberation etc.

In fact, in advanced countries or so-called fashion birthplaces, is there freedom to women? In their respects to women? Actually, in India, in ancient times, there was a complete freedom for women and men. Even in now-a-days also, in accomplished families, in most of middle class families, there is complete freedom for women irrespective of religion or caste. In most of the families, women have the countable authority or command on family.

Even the bad traditions of dowry etc also, women have the leading command than the men.

The coup makers and their supporters used to do mockery on Hindus as Hindus have 3 crores of Gods to worship. What is wrong if Hindus have 3 crores of Gods? There is nothing harm to Hindus or other religions people by Hindus having 3 crores of Gods.

The coup makers and their supporters used to criticize Hindus have confusion to devote which God. In fact, if people get pure mind, pure thoughts and good nature by devoting one God, then is it not good to devote multiple Gods? Depends up on their personal likings and personal nature, people get attraction to their preferable God as 'Ishta Daivam', which means favorable God. As Sri Rama Krishna Paramahamsa said, "A house wife respects every man in the house including fathers-in-law, brothers-in-law and sons. But while in bed, she will be with her husband only. Like that, Hindus will devote all Gods. But they pay dedicated devotion on their Ishta Daivam. Any way Hinduism tells us that యద్భావం తద్భవతి. which means if person thinks in which way to be their God, God will be in such way to them. It is clear in Sri Bhagavad Geetha. God Sri Krishna said such. That's why only Hindus could devote Masthanayya of Muslims and Janayya of Christians.

In fact, to design coup and to implement coup on India, the coup makers i.e. CIA, British Crown Govt. and their supporters like Corporate Companies depended up on Indian epics only. Just they implemented the reverse policy to Vidura Neethi, Narada Bhodhana and Vyasa Neethi. That's all!

Imagine there is a team of artists. Each artist had drawn and painted some part of a figure. After completion of all the parts, after collecting those parts from all the artists and after fixing those parts in a right way only, a viewer can watch what picture it is drawn by the artists.

The coup on India is also same to it. The coup makers and their supporters are creating paradoxes, sensations, arguments, propaganda and publicity to make people to ignore what is happening on their lives. In fact, by observing some parts or few parts of picture nobody can identify what picture is drawn in real. That's why only the entire politicians are quarrelling among themselves. That's why only all the political parties are quarrelling among themselves. In fact, they are like disciples of Paramanandayya who hurt their teachers' legs by claiming among themselves. In fact, all the politicians who were Corporate businessmen also like mines owner Gali Janardhana Reddy etc are hurting mother India. No politician, no businessman, no employee, no citizen are thinking about the country.

I read an example somewhere. 'When some thieves attacked on my village and killed some people, I thought, "Let it! Why should I involve? Those victims are not belonging to my religion." Next, the thieves attacked on some other persons. I thought that those victims are not belonging to my caste. Next, when it repeated I thought that the victims are not my friends. When the thieves attacked on me, I had seen my surroundings for neighbors to get help. But I find that I am a lone'.

That's all the mode of coup. That's why only they selected the Kanika Neethi as 'Divide and rule policy' . With Mandir Masjid's issue, with Mandal issues, with Women's liberation issues, with employee & un-employee issues, all of the people are deviated from one another.

In Indian life style and in Hindu Culture, wherever Natural beauty is there, wherever 'the natural wonders were there, in ancient times, there our elders had constructed temples. That's why river birthplaces like Thryambak, Manasa Sarovaram etc are pilgrim centers to us. Sri Sailam, Mahanandi, Uma Maheswaram, Yaganti etc all places are pilgrim centers. The root cause behind this is to make people to travel, to enjoy nature, to enjoy the divine love of God by watching the natural beauty along with family. That's why there is a concept of 'Mokku' in Hindu culture. According to that concept, whenever people face problems in life, they used to commit to visit certain pilgrim centre as a single person or along with family. Such that they could travel, they could visit world and they could learn so many things. Look, the tourism also mingled in religion only. If not people won't come out of their village. Then the life will be monotonous.

On this concept, the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters had done mockery as "Hindu Gods have fear towards human beings. That's why they hide themselves on hill tops and in deep forests".

In fact, if such places of natural beauty are located in now-a-days, resorts may construct there instead of temples. The difference in between temples and resorts is very large in range. The difference is equal to the difference between pilgrimage and tourism.

In pilgrimage, there won't be race with time. There won't be lust full running to enjoy the things. There is relax. There is devotion. There is relief from daily life tensions. If we keep all of our tensions on somebody who is capable to bear, if we keep all of our problems on somebody who is capable to solve, if we keep all of our responsibilities on somebody who is capable to carry, how much relief it is in life? The same type of relief is enjoyable by a devotee in pilgrimage.

In fact, in villagers, in farmers, there was a habit and tradition to go on pilgrimage in summer after completion of agriculture in fields. Even in between 1970's to 80's also, they used to do so. But in that era, there were terrible road accidents they met. Everybody thought it was fate. Somebody knew that the completion in tourist companies who organize pilgrim tours by providing buses, drivers and guides crossed the limits, and hence result were road accidents. Like that to attract pilgrims parties, they offered more coverage of pilgrim centers within less days for less money, they competited among themselves. There created 'a hurry up', which caused accidents. There the coup makers' hands worked. Nobody will suspect this. The coup makers had done such because they knew that the real education to identify the coup is not in school and college syllabi but in practical. That's why they prevented the villagers from pilgrimage i.e. tourism i.e. practical observations.

Other wise when the state Govt. and Central Govt. are arranging Haz Yathras and planning to organize Jerusalem Yathra, why don't they arrange package tours for Hindus? Except the nominal arrangements of Amarnath Yatra, nothing is there for Hindus. How only Muslims are lovable voters to the Govt.s of states and Union India.

As I discussed already, the South Indian temples are wealthy with sculpture and heritage rather than Taj. But the coup makers and their supporters won't give publicity to temples. Moreover, they discourage the tourism to South Indian Temples. The Govt. of now-a-days is any way supporters to the coup makers.

People became more busy and more commercial to identify the deceive, cheat and coup playing on themselves.

I'll explain one incident to you, which I observed recently. Few months back to this May 2008, I had visited Belum Caves with my family. On that trip, I observed a father trying to taught General knowledge and geography to his son, such as the capacity of Avuku reservoirs, when it constructed, who inaugurated it etc. At Belum also, there was same GK Data. The poor boy his son! On his face, there was a bore feeling and a pain. He might think, as "Even now also, these elder won't allow me to enjoy. They insist me to learn or to study the subjects."

Actually, that was the materialistic approach of his father. His father was wishing him or forcing him to become good student by earning good marks. In his opinion, by showing practically the reservoir, the caves, the more GK will be absorbed by his son. He didn't think about the feelings and experiences there.

Actually, while compare with wealth, knowledge is idealistic and wealth is materialistic. While compare with Nature, knowledge is materialistic and nature's beauty is idealistic. If the father of that kid allows him without harassing to learn GK on the picnic, the kid could give much performance even in tour and after that in studies.

Such is the now-a-days people running towards materialistic earnings. Hence, they are becoming tools in the hands of Corporatism. After all the parents are insisting their children to gain much marks, ranks and certificates to become employees in Corporate Companies and to become income sources to Corporate Companies. Like that, the coup is successfully in progress.

By showing the castes, sections in Hindus, the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters like the politicians and caste union leaders are trying to inject Indians that there is no unity among them. If it is true, then how the Indians, could survive since thousands of years to live together. On the other hand, in which religion, there are no sections, races and castes? In every religion including Islam, Christianity, there are races.

Though 11th and 12th centuries, Indians had fought among themselves as Vaishnavas vs. Shaivas in South India and as Hindus vs. Buddhists in North India, the Indians remained as united race since thousands of years. The coup makers didn't touch Shivam and Shakthaim like Vaishnavam. Shivam means the sub division of Hinduism, which relates to God Shiva. Shakthaim means the sub division of Hinduism, which relates to Goddess Parvathi Devi. Vaishnavam means the sub division of Hinduism, which relates to God Vishnu. The coup makers and their supporters like writers and cine people didn't created paradoxes on Shivam and Shakthaim relative to Vaishnavam. Because, God Shiva and Goddess Parvathi Devi or Durga live in Kailasam or Burial ground. In both Shivam and Shakthaim, there is no scope for the luxuries and materialism.

Hinduism makes people to follow God Sri Rama rather than God Sri Krishna in case of marriages.

It leads people to commit as one woman to one man and one man to one woman. If not, what is happening in society, we are watching including AIDS etc illness?

Any person irrespective of religion, who can't respect his own wife as she is half of himself, how he can be with humanity towards others? If a person is not a good member in family, then how he will be a good member in society or a good citizen in country.

In past times, Indians used to think that when they blessed with a female child, as if Goddess Mahalakshmi had born in their house. But now public attitude was changed. Hence result is, killing of female kid in the mother's womb itself. How in human it is? If people become inhuman towards their own children, then where is the limit and where is the control on their selfishness and inhumanity?

In the autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi, "My Experiments with truth," he described servant maid named Rambha in their house. She told him to chant Sri Rama's name whenever he feel fear. Since that Sri Rama's name, its chanting became part of his life. By introducing God's name, a servant maid got a page in the autobiography of such a great soul i.e. Mahatma Gandhi. It was one of the reasons behind 'a Mohandas Gandhi to become a Mahatma Gandhi'.

In this context, I want to refer the concept to 'Thatwalu' in Hindu culture. There were people who lead life by singing 'Thatwalu' i.e. Philosophy to earn life food. Those Thatwalu were tips of philosophy like formulae in Physics and Mathematics.

For example, one of the Thatwalu is "ఇల్లు, ఇల్లనియేవు ఇల్లేక్కడే నీకు చిలకా!"

Which means: "You are saying House House. O soul? Where is your house? In bricks?

Or in flesh and bloody body? Where is your house?"

Another is Ð

"తోలు తిత్తిరా ఇది జీవా!
నవ రంధ్రాల తిత్తిరా ఇది జీవా!
గాలి బుడగరా జీవితం జీవా!
పగలక ముందే పరమపధం కనరా జీవా!"

This means: "Oh living being! This body is skin bag only. It has 9 holes. The life is like air

bubble. Before it breaks down, find where heaven is. The nine holes of the body are

two eyeholes, two ear holes, two nostrils, one mouth, one urinary valve and the 9th

one is anus. With these 9 holes, the human body is compared with a bag of skin.

Another is

"దారాసుతులని పొరలుకుమి నరుడా!
పోవునాడు సతి గడప వరకే వచ్చు
సుతుడు శ్మశానము వరకు వచ్చు
దేహము చితిలో బూడిదగు
చివరి కంటా తోడు వచ్చునది
చేసిన మంచి చెడుగులే తెలుసుకో నరుడా!"

Which means: "Oh Soul? Don't be crazy towards wife and sons. On the day of death, wife stops

at the door, son stops at the burial ground, body burn into ashes. What we accompanied after death, are only what we done good or bad in life. Beware of it."

In Hindu religion and in Hindu culture, body of dead persons will be burn with sticks and wood in the burial ground. Because the elders believe that, the body of living being is formed from Pancha Bhoothas i.e. Earth, Sky, Fire, Air and Water. So that it should mingle with them only after death. By the way, the elders indicate the society that nothing we can take with us after death, except what we done as good or bad. By the way, they indicate the people to leave good memory in the surrounding world after the death of themselves. By the way, they lead the people to lead life with good behavior. We should leave good on this earth but not tombs whichever the tombs were rich like Taj Mahal, or Pyramids. Though the tombs were constructed with costly marbles, precious diamonds and huge constructions, but those were tombs only. Though the tombs might be sacred to the concern religious people, but in those tombs, whatever they were Pyramids or Taj Mahals, the corpse of human beings only kept in side. Though the corpse belong to kings or queens or rich people, but not as sacred as God or great souls like Prophets. That to, to keep along with the corpse of kings was it need to keep his soldiers corpses also to serve him after death by killing the soldiers. Was it not in-humanity? So that didn't it make the people i.e. kings to competete, to keep more soldiers corpses along with their fore fathers corpses in Pyramids to get more fame and to prove more powerful relative to others?

On the other hand, by burning the dead bodies, no deficiency for burial ground space in future, no comparison, no running race and no competition to construct the tombs.

Such that Hindu religion, Hindu culture and Hindu Dharma controlled human beings in all angles from all emotions.

In this connection, I'll explain an incident. At Sri Sailam around 1993 to 1995, there was a beggar called 'Talam Mallayya'. He was an old man and polio affected handicapped man. He used to sing 'Thathvam' by ringing a bell.

Generally, he used to sing:

"ఎండకాలం ఎండలంటరూ
వానాకాలం వానలంటరూ
చలీకాలం చలీఅంటరూ
ఈ జీవికి సుఖమేక్కడ ఓం తాళం మల్లయ్య!"

Which means: on God Mallayya? [Sri Sailam God Sri Mallikarjuna Swami used to refer as Mallayya by people]

People say hot in summer, rainy in spring, cold in winter. Where is the luxury and happy to people? In the same rhythm, when pilgrims didn't donate money [coins] to him, he used to say,

"చదువుకున్నారూ, యాత్ర కొచ్చిన్రూ
పైస వెయ్యరూ
పాప మెస్తదీ ఓం తాళం మల్లయ్య!

Which means: You are educated. You came on pilgrimage. You are not donating to poor. You will get sin.

Whatever his emotions, what he told in his 'Thatwam' is truth. We feel problem and pain in every season and situation, in spite of happy moments.

In fact, in Hindu culture, in Hindu religion, health rules are merged into tradition. The elders made tradition to fast weekly once or biweekly once Ekadasi day. Fasting means not of now-a-days. Fasting means utterly not having food except the liquids like milk & water. Now-a-days fasting on the name of God is having delicious special dished instead of rice.

Using Tulasi [Holy Basil] leaves is another great impactive point on the health. Recently, Scientists had established that Tulasi plant; its leaves eliminate the bad tensions from human being by leaving good tensions. Like good collestral and bad collestral, good tensions and bad tensions are there.

Working up early in the morning,

Performing son devotion in dawn,

Having bath early in the morning,

Performing devotion to God in the house daily,

Using turmeric and Tulasi leaves,

Believes like do not step out before cleaning the fore ground of house door,

If it delayed, it will be cause to 'poverty',

'Sleeping in the day time also cause to poverty' etc.

are the short cut ways to make human life with discipline.

Such that, to make human life happy the disciplinary methods, health grounds, relax methods, tourism concepts, emotion controls, desire controls, crises managements, etc every parameter is inserted on the name of traditions and devotional practice. But on each of the above traditions, the coup makers and their supporters had done mockery.

In the coup on Hinduism, one more big strategy is "Babas and Ammas"

Once up on a time in Andhra Pradesh in 1970 to 80's, a great God by name Jileddamudi Amma was popular in public. Like her, like Puttaparthi Saibaba, there were and there are so many human Gods in Hindu society. They used to draw donations from devotees. There are so many stories about the magic powers of Babas and Swamijis. The assistants of Swamijies, Babas and Ammas will mingle in the devotees to enquire their personal details, by the way when they meet Baba's or Amma's, the so-called Baba or Amma can easily predict the future and past of devotees. More over a network will be there to make the Baba or Amma to popular as follows:-

Suppose, a Baba or Amma told to a devotee that he will be going to receive a luck and good fortune in near future. Next, he gets a lottery dramatically if he is habituated to buy lottery tickets. If not, somebody will force him to buy a lottery ticket or somebody will present a lottery ticket to him. Surprisingly this particular devotee will get jackpot in the lottery. There the network of coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters like lottery companies works. With this one shot, the so-called Baba or Amma will get high popularity and get oral publicity in public. There is same case with negative and positive incidents in the lives of devotees. These Babas and Ammas have to pay the share to the media and others as the return gift of the publicity given to them.

Such that Jillela Mudi Amma got un-imaginary publicity and popularity in public. To criticize them again the coup makers had made some popular figures. Such that on both sides as supporters and opposers to these Babas and Ammas, there are coup makers supporters only. The ultimate goal of them is to degrade Hinduism, successfully they done such. The supporters and opposers of Baba and Amma's are like the disciples of Paramanandayya who hurt the legs of their teacher by claiming each other. In 1980's this Jillella mudi Amma was affected by thief's robbery so that she got faded out. In her place so many other Amma's came. So many Sai Baba's like Bala Sai Baba, Puttaparti Baba, Bala Yogi Baba etc etc, are there to exhibit their magic's as hand talents. In these cases, the magicians like P.V. Pattabhi Ram had efforted to prevent people from cheating from these Baba's and their magic's such as creating gold rings and chains. The politicians and cinema starts any way there to perform their assigned duty to popular these Babas and Ammas.

In fact, if any person declares himself or herself as God, it is the extremity of ego. Sri Rama never declared himself as God. Gowthama Buddha never declared himself as God. Sri Krishna, being a preacher of Sri Bhagavad Geetha and being a knowledgeous teacher to the world said that knowledge itself is sacred one and knowledgeous man himself is God. Being a human being or king, he never declared himself as God.

In Indian epics, Demons like Hiranya Kashypa and Narakasura had declared themselves as God. If 'self declaration of God' is the character of ego then these Babas and Ammas who are accepting, the devotions from public are egoistic only. If the 'self declaration of God' is, a character of demons then these Babas and Ammas are demons only.

One more strategy is there in these, Babas and Ammas. These Babas or Ammas will say, "At so and so place, on so and so time a boy or girl is going to born. He/She will be the other form of mine." The coup makers would work here. At that so and so place, on so and so time, with so and so characteristics a boy or girl will born by DNA or Cloning Technology. Is it impossible in now-a-days? The next Avathar of these Babas and Ammas will be in the line for their turn. In any country at any time, regarding any religion, the coup makers' strategy is same. Only the actors like Babas, Ammas, religion Gurus, Peethadhi pathies, Mathadhi pathies, and politicians will change but not the directors i.e. CIA and British Crown Govt.

In ancient time, in epics era, there were Sanyasi, Yogies, or Munies in India. But they didn't live in A/C buildings like now-a-days Babas and Ammas. They didn't travel in A/C cars, they didn't go to hill station in summer, and they didn't travel in Aeroplanes like now-a-days Babas and Ammas. The ancient Munies or Yogies like Gowthama Budda or like Rama Krishna Paramahamsa or like Viswamithra or like Vemana Yogi or like Vasishta, they sacrificed their personal luxuries, do penance to acquire knowledge and faced difficulties to improve their maturity.

In fact, in Hinduism, there is a concept of 'యద్భావం తద్భవతి' which means 'in which manner the devotee think about God, in such manner, the God will be to that devotee'. But the God won't cheat or deceive the devotee, like these modern Gods such as Babas and Ammas do.

Here I want to explain a story told by Sri Rama Krishna Parama Hamsa.

అనగా అనగా ………..

Once in a village, a devotee i.e. Yogi had fallen down, on the way. A thief had seen him. He thought, "This thief might catch by people. They might beat him. He became unconscious and fallen down here. I'm better to him. Public did not catch me "He had gone on his way. After some time, a drunken man came on that way. He had seen him. He thought, "I'm better to this drunken man. He is not even on control to reach home. On the way he had fallen down." He left there. After some time another man, a Yogi came on that way. He had seen him. He thought "Oh! God. This is a Yogi. In the emotions of devotion, he became unconsciousness. Let me serve him." He nursed the fallen down Yogi.

That's the entire story.

By referring this story, Sri Rama Krishna Paramahamsa preaches us that we watch everything according to our vision only; as well, we have to watch everything with positive approach. But there are limits to this concept also.

We watch everything according to our vision. True. As well, we have to watch everything with positive approach. True. If it is true, can we watch a nude or half-nude dressed dancer like Jyothi Lakshmi, Jaya Malini, and Silk Smitha of yesterday movies and like Momaith Khan of today movies with full dress on her body? If they and their supporters argue that, "the sexy vision is in your eyes, but not on their nude exposes of body", what we have to say?

Such is the nasty argument of coup makers. No media including Enadu had argued against those sexy dancers, except highlighting the arguments of sexy dancers.

In fact, according to Hindu believes, where there are good people, where there are good kings, where there are good people got respect from public, there will be good rains, good crops and good environment with green fields. There won't be natural disasters like fire accidents, droughts, floods, cyclones and earth quacks.

But to demolish these believes from society, the coup makers i.e. CIA, ISI, Ramoji Rao and their supporters like media, Governments rulers, politicians, employees and corporate companies, made the people who are ethic less, egoistic and bad intuitions to get success without their awareness and efforts. As well, they made the people who are with ethics, morals, and good intuitions to get failure in life. By the way, coup makers are driving the people in such a way to think badly, to talk bad and to do bad. Again, the coup makers with their media sources propagate that the modern days are favorable to immoral people only. Such that they are sending bad signals into the public. Any way the coup makers and their media are there to tune the public attitude to drive in the same path.

In fact, there are some stories about chaste women like Sathi Sumathi, Navagraha pooja Mahima and Vratha Kadhalu in which Gods have emotions i.e. Arishadwargas[desire, anger, miser, crazy, ego and jealousy]. The creators of such stories were egoistic, selfish and idiotic. They were like great grandfathers to these coup makers and their supporters. More over to degrade Hindu religion, Hindu culture and Hindu epics the coup makers and their supporters had created some more pseudo stories related to epics as Prakshipthams. They had given much popularity to those stories.

By the way, the coup makers and their supporters had tuned the people as "Look! There are emotions i.e. Arishadwargas to Gods and Goddess. There is no Sthithapragnatha in them. Because Sthithapragnatha i.e. balance of mind is not practical. It is only imaginary. It is foolish to try to practice balance of mind. It is natural to human beings to feel emotions. So don't bother about your behavior with others. If something mistake happens, any way 'sorry' is there to say. That's all".

That's enough to erase discipline from society.

Actually, in human life, religion has two paths at every junction. One is – A practitioner of religion can proceed in such a way to turn as orthodox i.e. foolish and egoistic. This is disadvantage. The present Taliban's, the past Shaiva, Vaishnava crusades, the untouchability etc bad traditions are best examples to this path.

Another is – The practitioner of religion can proceed in such a way to turn as truthful and person with humanity. This is advantage. So many great souls, great devotees in all religions, all over the world, in past and present, [will be in future] are best examples to this path.

In fact, everybody must proceed in humanity way by taking the help of religion, should not proceed way to become orthodox, egoistic and idiotic.

In fact, religion must give us knowledge. Bhagavad Geetha tells us knowledge is sacred one and knowledgeous person is God. If religions turn persons into terrorists, then somewhere those religions had lost the truth and God. Definitely there must be bad, there must be coup, there must be spying, there must selfish politics and there must be selfish business in those religions instead of knowledge, truth, God and humanity.

Such that the target of coup makers and their supporters is to destroy the Hindu religion, other religions, all cultures, ethics and morals in public. By the way it is easy them to robber human power, resources, to suck their blood on the name of Corporate business.

That's it the coup on Hinduism and other Indian religions.

In fact, every religion has its own positives, advantages and negatives, disadvantages. This is natural phenomena to everything. If positives are much than negatives, that religion is treated as good. If negatives are much than the positives, such issues and things are treated as bad. I'm not saying that Hinduism is 100% perfect and 100% good.

In spite of bad traditions, cruel traditions and blind believes Hinduism has more positives than negatives. But coup makers and their supporters had highlighted only negatives, created more negatives and created paradoxes. In fact, in past though there were bad and cruel traditions and blind believes, but Hinduism was much better than that of now-a-days.

This much I want to expose.


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