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06.Coup On Cinema Field

Cinema! The most powerful media of now a days. The most influensive media in the society. That's why only cinema heroes are able to become the president of America now Arnold is the Governor of California. N.T.R. could become as Chief Minister of A.P. Same case with M.G.R. & J. Jaya lalitha in Tamil Nadu.

Cinema; which is the only alternative art of now a days to many of ancient arts. Cinema, which could successfully, eliminated almost all the art forms of society. Gradually, now T.V. serials are slowly capturing its place. Actually, through literature and art forms, society can be influenced. History proved this fact all over the country.

But strategically or strangely, the cine scholars give us new statements or lessons that the cinema is only to entertain public and its influence is nothing on them. Why they bluff like this, they might know. If they feel it as truth, why they are that much blind, we don't know.

But if 'the impact of cinema is nothing on society', is truth, how the incidents of kids got injured by trying to follow Saktiman are happened? If it is truth, how the fashions, new brands of objects and new trends introduced & propagated through cinemas got populated among public? If it is truth, why the cinema actors & actresses are doing as brand ambassadors to promote the sales of corporate products? New saris, new models of cell phones & other goods, new fashions and any other such things, to introduce to the public for business, the first preferable door is cinema only. Then why such false propaganda of 'cinema has zero impact on public thinking' is created? Is it not strategic or strange?

Since decades, so many mannerisms, so many dialogues penetrated into public and become part of their life. So many characters, so many attitudes influenced the public and influencing the public. Any art have such power to influence the people. Besides spoiling the feelings and attitude of people, saying that the cinema has no influence on public is definitely coup. It is definitely strategy.

If you watch the cinema field on screen and behind screen, both will expose the truth to you.

If we consider the stories of movies in beginning of Indian and Telugu movies, to competent with existing art forms cinema had struggled like any thing. Arts of Bhagavatha Kodhakulu, Tholu Bommalatalu, Padya Natakalu were already popular in public. They could approach the door of farmers who were the maximum proportion in public and more over the farmers were only the payers to the art. The teams of artists could tour village to village, in the evenings, after the completion of daily works in fields, at the temples or centers of villages, the team could exhibit their talents, and entertain the public. Purana kadhakulu, Hari Kadhakulu, Burra kadhakulu and other arts could use opportunities and impress public. Satisfied farmers could give the crops at the time of yield getting from fields.

But for cinema, people have to move to theaters. It was one draw back. And the other was, there the projector i.e. machine would show the cinema. It won't respond according to the viewer's response. It was new and in satisfaction to the farmers & viewers. They knew only, whenever they demand for repetition of dialogue or song, the artists used to repeat. They knew only to enjoy the art form i.e. spirit of art with same frequency of artist and receiver i.e. viewer. It was the phenomena of resonance. So that, both souls enjoy the spirit of arts and extreme joy of feelings & ideology. That's why also all the themes and concepts of art form related to devotional stories. In those days, no social stories were there in popularity. All the stories related to epics or, history or folk or real incidents.

Such stories were decorated with literature i.e. script and music i.e. songs. Any form of art, it mingled with literature and music.

That's why to stand in competition with other art forms; cinema had struggled like any thing. That's why old movies are almost all related with epic stories, folks and historical events, fulfilled with literature & music and could take long time show. Slowly people got attracted towards it. Slowly cinema got the advantages of mechanism such as dubbing, play back music, good singers voice could substitute the deficiency of actors to sing, colorful presentation of so many wonderful places on earth where the farmers, public could not go to visit easily and wonderful settings.

With such advantages, people habituated to enjoy cinemas, so that cinema could nullify all other art forms.

When the other arts competition was nullified, cinema started its domination. This is just resembles to Mendel's theory of struggle for existence. Any living being first struggle to exist in the competition. After defeating the competitors, the victorious one starts to dominate the situation. This theory can be applicable in monopoly vs. business field as well as any other field.

In fact, all other art forms of those days were related to epic stories only. To compete with them, the early cinemas depended only on epic stories. Slowly social stories introduced as making famous novels as movies. If you observe the old movies, to attract the people towards the theatres, so many social stories based cinemas were mixed with some epical episodes as subside tracks or sub stories in the main story. For example 'Appuchesi Pappu Kudu in Telugu' absorbed NalaDhamayanthi story as dream song etc. etc.

Gradually & successfully, cinemas got over powered the art forms. So that collected flow of money i.e. business. As time passed slowly.

Then godfathers or controlling points were got created. Orgaingingly the controlling persons behind the screen or godfathers could lead the entire field of cinema such as from story to production, and from success to success functions. For all this, business i.e. money earning is caption only, that means over leaf reason, that's all. But spying and strategy is internal reason of this.

That's why only untalented persons, dummy stories were got stamped as talented persons and strong stories. Fut movies i.e. flop movies were said to be hit movies, and there was an open talk in those days that the theaters in which the so called hit named fut movies were exhibiting, were on loss. In spite of that the movies were on continuation to conduct 100 days celebrations. Only some story writers, some singers, some actors, some actresses and some technicians got famed and others had to struggle and got defeated so that faded out from the field. Slowly monopoly situation got extreme and extreme in different features of cinema field such as music, direction, heroism & heroineism.

For example before 70's i.e. 8th decade of last century in cine music field of Telugu, there were minimum 20 singers as Gantasala, P.B. Srinivas, Pittapuram, Madhavapeddi Satyam, K.B.K. Mohandas, A.M. Raja, Mangalampalli Bala Murali Krishna, Suseela, Jikki, Jamuna Rani etc. etc. etc. But after that slowly one male singer and one or two female singers were ruled all the music world of Telugu cinemas.

By creating such monopoly, it is easy for the godfathers to organize the field business and to collect their commission money. Only the artists who obey the godfather could survive, the others would fade out. This all is applicable to actors, actresses, directors, music directors, storywriters & lyric writer's etc. etc. as well as all other regional cinema fields.

By establishing such of power of making fade in & fade out, that means making hit or flop, the godfathers got 100% control on the field. These godfathers might be one person or one organization. But utter spying had worked there to create such situation over the cinema field. If that godfather is one man, he is Ramoji Rao, and if that godfather is one organization, it is CIA, ISI by keeping the veil of godfathers on their faces.

To demonstrate this, I refer you the issue of Mr. Sanjay Datt's conversation with Mr. Davood Ibrahim, which was said as telephone-taped cassette, and in which the said Mr. Datt's voice complained to Mr. Ibrahim just like school kid about his co students to the teachers, regarding his co-actors & actresses of the field. As per my remembrance, it was published in Enadu somewhere around 2k. Of A.D., Same case with Salmon Khan, Bali wood hero regarding Ishwarya Roy. When Hazy Masthan was fading out as 'God father of Bombay cine field, Davood Ibrahim got fade in to field.

Strategically some of the artists including heroes, heroines, writers etc. were given image by media coverage. Normal & not so beautiful faces were glamour with makeup & photography teqnics. Not so skillful actions & talents were covered with dupes & camera tricks-worth less directors & writers were made successful with ghosts. To some of the actors, the worship was created, which yielded the godfather after decades as making such actors as Chief Minister of states like Tamil Nadu & Andhra Pradesh. Might be same case in America and other countries.

Some actors and actresses had enjoyed such a build up as whatever their roles i.e. characters played by them in that particular cinema, the other roles & actors should praise it as well as praising the actor. Such that a following had created to them. Other collogues of the field followed scratching back policies. Totally, BLACK GOAT- FOUR THIEVES had created. I can refer minimum hundred of such famed persons. This resembles the business tactise of East India company to promote the sales of tea in India. In those days, the farmers had the habit of eating curd rice as breakfast in the morning, before going to work in the fields. On the road junctions, British East India company employees stood and used to offer tea to drink with free of cost. In beginning, days passed with zero sales of tea. But they continued the campaign. Repeated watching & repeated offering of tea, created curiosity. Slowly people were attracted towards the tea. Free offers worked out. Slowly the sales started & picked up. Finally tea was introduced into the life. Slow & steady advertisement or campaign of propaganda will penetrate into the public. This policy is applicable to all business and social facts.

In the same manner, some artists were super embossed in the field who ever obedient to the godfathers and who ever pay the commission to the godfathers. Here the controlling power centers i.e. god father had two purposes to control the field like this. One was money. The other was influencing public attitude to make money in other fields for long time. Influencing the public attitude is their main target. That is the main task of their coup and spying.

In Telugu, an idiom means that "If you want to kill a dog. First, you stamp it as mad one. Then it will be easy to kill it". Such concept is there in the above coup i.e. influencing the public attitude. That's why only, strategically the influencing of public attitude is going on though media & cinemas. This is the spying coup. By killing logical sense, thinking nature & ferocious nature, adventurous nature, creative nature, skills in public, influencing their attitude in such way, it is easy to weak one country and it is easy to destroy a nation.

Why the Government including employees, politicians is not able to observe this coup, god must know, or money might know. Why the intelligence agencies of India such as I.B. etc do not react on it, we don't know.

Here one more spying concept, I want to explain you from Maha Bharatam in which Vidura & Vyasa Maharishi enquire the king according to the context of story. In that, Vidura & Maharishi Vyasa enquired the king whether the employees were placed in their eligible seats or not? They enquired whether the artists, poets and other talented persons were enjoying the eligible incomes and popularities according to their skills or not? If in-capacitive person kept in top position, the capable persons kept in bottom position, perversions, psychological evil spirits would be created in society. Such perversions, in satisfaction would harm the society. If capable persons and talented persons were not enjoying the suitable positions in the society in terms of money & image, total disturbance would be there in society. The in-capable & untalented persons were in top positions, they show super ego on sub ordinates with their immaturity; and create so many problems. As well if capable persons in bottom positions, not enjoying the cheers up to their standards could create in satisfactions, inferiority and hence result was some cold war in the society.

That's why the king must take care of it. But the govt. is utterly taking care to implement the vice versa of it now. By declaration or un-declaration, the vice versa of Vidura Neethi is 100% implementing in the society now. With corruptions or with reservations on caste or religion bases, leaving the capability or with Godfathers net work, everywhere and in every field the vice versa of Viduraa Neethi is implementing 100% in perfection.

To hide out this coup, a paradox is created in cinema field as over leaf reason. But off course in every field, the appropriate paradoxes are created to hijack the attention of either Govt. or Public as over leaf reasons.

'In cinema field, the paradox was: - The print media had put a caption to this paradox as THESTHUNNARU-CHUSTHUNNAMU. That means the media stamped as people were saying, "Because the producers were making such movies, so we were watching them" and in vice versa, the producers were saying, "Because the people were watching such movies, so we were producing". In fact no particular producers and no particular viewers said these. The media created it on behalf of public and producers.

Another practical issue was – The stories, presentation, screen play everything was organized in such a way as in 80 to 90 years of last century, all the cinema stories in all languages of India based on Revenge like some Villain killed the family of hero when he was child, after grown up he could take revenge on villain. In 70 to 80 years of last century all the cinema stories based on triangular love stories. In 60 to 70 years of last century all, the cinema stories based on prolonged melodrama on human relations among the family members i.e. sentimental hammering. Being senior storywriter and dialogue writer, character actor, Mr. Tanikella Bharani, recently analyzed all this statistics of the cinema stories in an essay published in Enadu.

Whatever might be the story base, the mixing of mirchi masala in the presentation was vulgarity in costumes, dances, dialogues along with unlimited violence. The quality of art was rapidly decreased from 70 to 90 like any thing. By eliminating all other art forms, cinema remained only alternative to entertain the public. So the art of music, lyric, which could motivate the public, had disappeared from society, which was transformed from generation to generation just like ancestral property i.e. in heritage in the form of ancient arts or traditional arts. Tradition was occupied by modernisms; so that modern cinemas occupied traditional arts.

So that successfully, the tradition, culture, believes, behaviors, decency, degnifiedness, manners, everything could influenced and could changed.

Ultimately, having no other alternative, people should watch the movies which ever available. In spite of this, if people reject any in-quality movie, but surprisingly it got success label and the producer & artist of such movie could get awards and the movie could run for 50 days & 100 days in theatres. Later the match fixing type of success fixing and award fixing coups are got public in the field.

Such that the paradox of Thisthunnaru so Chusthunnam, Chusthunnaru so Thisthunnam i.e. producing so that we are watching, watching so that we are producing was successfully served the propose to the coup managers i.e. Godfather & media people, whoever they may be Ramoji Rao or C.I.A. or I.S.I. But decades of coup supports only Ramoji Rao, C.I.A. and I.S.I. But the culprits supports I.S.I. also such as terrorists, Davood Ibrahim, Chota shakeel etc.

Such that successfully those coup organizers against India could decrease the quality of artistic values, moral values and ethical values in the cinema field. Successfully they could make literature and music as just like living coffins.

I give a demonstration to you. In old movies, the songs were with high lyrical values, beauty of words, spiritual meanings and philosophical feelings along with appropriate music. Why I use appropriate music is, certain ragas, instrumental rhythms can touch the beats of people as there was certain & definite relation of it to their blood genetically. This fact was proved by genetic science it self.

Examine the song of old movie – "Payaninche oh chiluka, Yegiripo Padayi poyenu Gudu." That means, travelling oh Parrot! Fly away because your nest was destroyed". Here the poet compared the Travelling parrot as soul and its nest as human body. And the poet was motivating the listener to face the death with dareness and to receive the death as natural phenomena, this feeling resemblance with Geetha Slokam.

"Jathasyu Hi Dhruvo Mruthyuh:

జాతస్య హి ధ్రువో మృత్యు ర్ర్ధువం జన్మ మృతస్యచ
తస్మా దపరిహార్యే ర్ధే నత్వం శోచితు మర్హసి"

That means, every living being have to die, Birth is natural and death is as natural as birth.

Another song,

"Kallu Theravara Naruda. Nizam Theleyura Naruda

Kaliki rayi Thaguluta Kalla, Kale kayeki

Thagilenura, kallu theruvara nuruda".

That means:-

"Oh man! Open your eyes! Watch the truth. We used to say as the stone hit our feet & hurt while walking. But it is not truth; our foot hit the stone and got hurt. So that oh man! Open your eyes to watch the truth."

Watch songs of Telugu movies in 9th decade of last century i.e. [1980 to 90]

"Pandayithe Paniki radu Avakayaku

Panti kinda kara kara ladenduku." [Super hit song]

That's means:-

"To prepare pickle, ripe mango is not useful

It won't be crisp under the teeth."

Another song:-

"Aresukoboye Paresukunnanu Hari! Hari!

Kokethu kellindi kondagali." [Super hit song]

That means heroine was saying, "I lost my sari, while it was exposed to air to dry up. The wind had taken off it."

I can't explain the vulgarity in picturisation of such songs. Moreover, gradually that vulgarity increased without boundaries.

We need entertainment to relax from our daily work burden. But it should not seize our knowledge resources. But systematically cinema done that seizing of knowledge acquiring by public, by eliminating the quality, faith, and ethics from it and by nullifying the other traditional art forms.

After getting such grip on the monopoly art form i.e. cinema, the godfather could create image of the roles played by the actors, to the actors themselves. Any coward actor could get the worship of adventurous, or any ordinary man could project as intellectual and any selfish fellow could get the image of man of sacrifice.

So it made easy for the god father to create political leaders from cinema actors and to make those fame persons as C.M.'s of States; and it is quite possible for spying to make cinema imaged persons as the presidents of countries. Then it made easy to robbery money through those leaders from the state or country.

Besides this, another mess was there. It was the net work of fans associations; competition with communal rivals, religious rivals, fans rivals were there to create impeacefulness is the society.

Why I used paste tense to explain this entire, regarding cinema field is, the above-mentioned situation was before the last decade of lost century [1992].

After that 1992, the entire situation is changed and so many fluctuations in the situation are happening. The strategy of fans association is completely changed. To feel us joy, the fans associations are doing some welfare programs in society. They are donating blood and money, helping the poor, attending service programs at the times of natural disasters like cyclones, earth quacks etc. Totally, they are co-operating to create peace in the society. In fact, they might be the trials of cinema people to enter in to the politics.

Now the cinema heroes, though super stars and supreme heroes of different languages are swinging in the dilemma to enter into the political field. Here and there who ever jumped into the political field lost money & career, got failure in politics though they have image in public. May people are awaritive or spying of godfathers got weak to handle the matter as in past.

Now cinemas with stories of logical sense, creative values are coming onto the screen, monopoly in all departments of cinema was weakened. The creative and young artists are coming on to the screen. I can refer the departments of music, music composers, singers, writers, directors and producers. The entire organizing system got changed now. Before 1992, the distributing system could create such a situation, that a producer could not get money though he produced a good & successful movie.

But now entire system got changed. Quality stories and logical stories are coming. Good presentation with ethical values, some motivating features are getting success. Can any hero imagine releasing single movie with 1 or 1½ year's gap, before 1992? Quantity of movies without quality of artistic values was poured on the heads of public in those days. But now? Every famous hero is taking precautions, for good story and good presentation of story. Other wise, there is the risk of flap. The match fixing like in cricket, hit fixing in cinema is not possible now. Why? May the spying network of godfather of cinema got break somewhere? Alternatively, technology of C.D. players got cheeped and available up to the poor people's doors may be the reason to this.

The availability of C.D. technology had bracken the paradox, "producing so that we are watching-viewers and watching so that we are producing – producers." The C.D. technology prevented the people from the theatres and the viewers can get any liked C.D. either old or new irrespective of movies on the screen of theatres. Relatively C.D. technology is cheep than that of V.C.D.

Any way technological advancement has advantages and disadvantages on the human life. Here this advantage of C.D. technology saved us from the monotonous and in-quality cinemas. With unavoidable competition, search for stories, search for creative persons is entertaining us and making us joyful.

In movies, some directors show that kissing scenes in between hero and heroine. Any way it had crossed the limits and some heroes are famous as kissing kings. In some movies when hero kissed the heroine, the director shows as small kids will feel shy by keeping hands on their faces and some extraordinary expression on very old men and women faces to high light the kissing scenes. By the way, the cinema people want to inject the people especially innocent youth that there is extreme joy in kissings, huggings and in sex. With such expectations, after marriage, some of youth is getting desperation and perversions some times. We are reading such events in paper. We are hearing such from counseling of psychiatrists'. Some of youth is getting attraction towards immature sex or towards prostitutes. Ultimately, the movies, TVs and some of web sites are motivating the youth and public to think that the sex is everything in life. Then what happens to this human race?

Some of cinema directors show that the friendship among schoolchildren i.e. [7 to 8 years boys and girls] as the pre-status of teen age love. In fact, teen age love also immature one. There is high possibility of mistaking the natural physical attraction towards opposite sex in that age as love. Before forming the strong personality in the psychology of children, before growing up as strong youth, how the seeds of love can be sowed in school life, the movies like 'Gangothri' 'Manasantha Nuvve' etc had shown us.

If a boy of aged 9+ or 10+ aged express friendship towards his classmate i.e. a girl of same aged, is it love? If the so-called boy writes notes for his friend [girl] is it love? If he supports her in homework difficulties, if he gives copy to her in unit test or half-yearly exams, is it love? If he gets punishment from class teacher in order to save her, is it love? A child cannot do such favors to his or her classmate? There won't be friend ship in between them? From the age of 9 or 10 years up to the age of 70+ years, is there only love [i.e. love which trends to sex ultimately]. So many movies are there in Telugu to poisonous the innocent brains of schoolchildren. I suspect the same in all languages all over the world. Then what happens to this human race?


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