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Ref. No. – 07.

Sri Sailam complaint

06:36:40 Hrs,

Sri Sailam


Sri A.P.J. Abdul Kalam,
President of India,
New Delhi.

Respected sir,

Complaint against media man Mr. Ramoji Rao, Chairman of Enadu Group of Companies, Mr. Nara Chandra Babu Naidu, the ex-C.M. of A.P. about their organized harassment on us - reg

Our confidential complaint against Mr. Ramoji Rao, about his coups and spying activities against India including the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi in 1991 at Sri Perambudur, T.N. dated 03-06-1992 to the then P.M. of India Mr. P.V. Narasimha Rao at his residence, Race
Course Road, New Delhi.


I, Mrs. Adi Lakshmi, my husband Mr. Lenin B.Yadla and my daughter Ms. Phani Geeta Priyadarsini bring the following to your kind notice with a demand and request to do justice immediately.

Sir, what happened after the incident reference cited above – in my life and in Nation’s history, I narrated at my level best and sent it on to the desk of Dr. Man Mohan Singh, P.M. of India on 08-09-`05[almost one year back] in May 2006[almost half year back] to Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Chair person, U.P.A. Government. I brought the same issue to the notice of Mr. Y.S. Raja Sekhara Reddy, C.M. of A.P. on 04-08-`06[almost one month back]. And again I presented this to Smt. Sonia Gandhi on 05-09-`06[almost 10 days back] with recent incidents and within detailed narration, with a request to protect us from organized harassment.

But nobody had responded towards my case. Hence, I`m approaching your good self with a request to secure our life from this measurability.

I furnished all the copies of complaints to Dr. Man Mohan Singh, Smt. Sonia Gandhi and Mr. Y. S. Raja Sekhara Reddy, C.M. of A.P., for your ready reference and to express my transparency in this matter.

I request your good self to go through those and concluded and to think about a normal citizens life.

I`m not able to understand why nobody is responding towards my case. Didn`t we have the right to live?

We may be one of 102 crores of India`s citizens. We may be ‘kon kisca’ among 102 crores of population. But what we are claiming is not ‘kon kisca’ as the assassination of Ex P.M. is not ‘kon kisca’ issue. That to we are ready to show the logical, documentary i.e. administrative and incidentively proofs. Then why everybody as mentioned above is refusing this, even to refer or respond?

Didn`t they have the responsibility of protection of citizen, that who sincerely felt about country? Is it not their minimum responsibility? Are we not eligible to get protection from Govt.? Is it not our right? What is our crime by demanding assurance in life?

With all this background, we request your good self as first person of India, as President of India, as Great Scientist of India with high human values, to respond in this matter.

Once again, we request your good self to refer this issue and we are assuring you that we can show every evidence regarding this claim i.e. case to your intelligence authorities or whomever it concern.

Please protect us!

Please protect ‘Dharma,’ as it is our Indians belief

“Protect Dharma, it will protect you”.
Dharmo Rakshathi Rakshi thah:

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,
Y. Adi Lakshmi,
Lenin B.Yadla,
Y. Geeta Priya.

Sri Sailam complaint

18:30:30 Hrs,

Sri Sailam


Smt. Sonia Gandhi,
Chair person,
U.P.A. Govt.

Respected Madam,

Complaint against media man Mr. Ramoji Rao, Chairman of Enadu Group of Companies, Mr. Nara Chandra Babu Naidu, the ex-C.M. of A.P. about their organized harassment on us - reg

Ref: Our confidential complaint against Mr. Ramoji Rao, about his coups and spying activities against India including the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi in 1991 at Sri Perambudur, T.N. dated 03-06-1992 to The then P.M. of India Mr. P.V. Narasimha Rao at his residence, Race Course Road, New Delhi.


I, Mrs. Adi Lakshmi, my husband Mr. Lenin B.Yadla and my daughter Ms. Phani Geeta Priyadarsini bring the following to your kind notice with a demand and request to do justice immediately.

At present, we are running a private tuition centre and a pre-school with 58 kids at Sri Sailam, Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. We descended up to here from an industrialist i.e. manufacturer of Lead-Acid Batteries by name `Indian Battery Industries` with 40 lacks of Rs. Investment and got inaugurated by Smt. Kumud Ben Joshi, the then Governor of A.P. in 1989 and got awarded as best Entrepreneur for the year 1990 from Mr. Krishna Kanth the then Governor of Andhra Pradesh.

Mam, can you imagine the reason for this descending of carrier? It is because – I brought the disputes to the notice of the Government.

In 1992, I brought the coups planning and implementation by Mr. Ramoji Rao against the faith of India including the assassination of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi on 21-05-1991, provocation of religion rivals and Terrorism in India.

In 2000, I brought the disputes of EAMCET and Inter mediate in Educational field which bears 100`s of crores of money exchanges, to the Govt. of Chandra Babu Naidu.

Hence, result is organized harassment in our life. Mam, is it sin, to react as responsible citizen of India by bringing the disputes to the notice of Govt.? I did not expect anything by doing such. I thought, just it is my responsibility as a patriotic citizen. Is it evil?

The background is this ……………

With good academic carrier, as a Science graduate with so many prizes in speech competitions, essay writings, Quiz etc., along with relevant trainings like E.D.P. etc.,
with good encouragement, I started a small scale industry of manufacturing of lead acid batteries by name M/s. Indian Battery Industries at Guntur [dist.], Andhra Pradesh in 1989. With A.P.S.F.C. and Indian Bank loans, I started the unit and supplied batteries to A.P.S.R.T.C.

Due to the business activities, in 1992, I stayed at my friend`s house i.e. Mrs. Padma Sree, Sub editor in Enadu. At that time, I came across the coups and disputes of Mr. Ramoji Rao. One of such activities was the assassination of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi in 1991. Some others were provocation of communal & religious rivals and tuning of the feelings of public through the writings of paper. I was informed that the then national leaders like V.P.Singh, L.K. Advani and other state leaders like Karuna Nidhi used to pay their visits to Ramoji Rao. I felt wonder. He is a media man; that to publisher of local regional language paper. They are politicians, that to National Leaders. Though both fields [media & Political] are mutual dependents, I felt abnormal because every time they used to come to meet him rather he used to go to meet them. Then who was superior among them?

By 1992, I was aged about 28 years, unmarried girl. With young blood, sincere patriotic attitude towards Mother India, I studied the case and enquired in all possible angles, observed the then sensational events like Tirupati Plenary of congress, the coverage of Enadu and the stories off the screen, I believed 100% that Mr. Ramoji Rao is doing negative to the nation. I procured logical proofs and I approached Mr. Y.S. Raja sekhara Reddy, the then M.P. of Cuddapha Parliamentary Constituency and he was doing as opposite leader to Mr. N. Janardhana Reddy, the then C.M. of A.P. In my case study, my friend informed me, that Mr. N. Janardhana Reddy was servicing like a sub-ordinate to Mr. Ramoji Rao.

But he asked me to bring pakka proof. By that time, I was not known about the abbreviations of C.I.A., or I.S.I. etc. spying agencies. I was 100% unawaritive about it, even the word spying. Regarding pakka proofs, I expressed my helplessness. He expressed his helplessness to bring this information to the notice of the then P.M. of India, Mr. P.V. Narasimha Rao; as if the P.M. won`t believe this without proof.

Hence, I left for New Delhi, in the last week of May 1992, and I approached Smt. Kumud Ben Joshi at her residence, who was the Ex-Governor of A.P. and inaugurated my factory with that designation and encouraged me as a woman Entrepreneur. But she advised me to forget the matter and do my business. Otherwise, life will become miserable. But I did not discourage. I tried to get the appointment with P.M. on my own, but I could not.

So I wrote all of the issue and submitted it in Hyderabad House i.e. Residence of Mr. P.V. Narasimha Rao, on 05-06-1992 at 8:30 A.M. to Mr. Dixit [O.S.D.?] as mentioning on it as `This is not my personal benefit. This is most confidential and very dangerous; others should not read except P.M. ` etc. on its sealed cover. Inside the cover, the letter I wrote in Telugu. In due course of time Mr. Khandekar O.S.D. in P.M.O., South Block, New Delhi informed me that no need to write all such, it is sufficient if mention `For P.M. eye only.’

I stayed at New Delhi for 3 months in Private Lodging Home named `Hotel Nelam’ opp. to New Delhi Railway station to be available for further more information. I waited day by day for intimation from the Prime Minister. But instead of me, the I.B. Officials Mr. Krishna Rao and Krishore Kumar[As per their introduction, Mr. Krishna Rao came from New Delhi where as Mr. Kishore Kumar from Guntur, they gave their office address etc.] approached my parents at my factory, Guntur and confirmed that P.M. of India had in receipt of my confidential complaint. They told my parents “We came from the Central Govt. We received orders to protect you. Let your daughter come after completion of her work at Delhi. No need to call her to meet us?”

Following this incident, I approached P.M.O., Mr. Khandeker O.S.D. to P.M. confirmed me that the Prime Minister got it, but the O.S.D. was not supposed to tell me what P.M. was doing. I felt satisfaction. On next day or day after, it was on 12th or 13th of Aug. 1992, I approached your residence 10, Jana path and I tried to meet you. Your P.A. Mr. Madhavan received me, after hearing my information he denied it and he confirmly told me that he could not believe it so that he won`t help me to meet you. I felt in-satisfaction. Since I did not expect anything from Govt. in return, I left about my native.

In the following time period, so many burning problems of India such as Ram Mandir, Mandal, Harshad Mehta’s Stock Exchange extra-ordinary boom dispute, Punjab terrorism of Khalishtan, Bodo`s in Assam etc., were solved by different means.

Before 1992, since several years, Punjab resembles burning battlefield, seems to be lead another country division like Pakistan by such name Khalistan. But clearly I remember it, with in 5 or 6 months Punjab was cleared off the militants. Day by day, hundreads of militants were surrendered voluntarily with arms and after the encounter of Mr. Guru Janth Singh, the hard core & Chief militant of Punjab in Aug/Sep. 1992, Punjab had got countable peace fullness, which is still in contunity till now.

On the other hand, the Mandal brothers Mr. Sarad Yadav and Mr. Ram Vilas Paswan dramatically or strategically keeping silence since 14 years from 1992 to till now after the court Judgement. We can`t imagine such emotional speeches could come to silence before 1992. If we discuss Mandir issue, where had gone the shoutings or great roarings of Mr. L.K. Advani, Vinoy Katiyer, Govinda Charya etc Hindu ferocious tigers or lions regarding Ram Janma Bhoomi? Entire nation had noticed their emotions and roaring’s at the time of Kara seva, Radha yatra and silanyas. But December 6, 1992 was the last day of such roaring’s when the Masjid was demolished. What happened to them? Strategically they dragged time and kept calm towards mandir construction at Ayodhya even they were in Govt. Still they are dragging time regarding it. Can Indians imagine such before 1992?

I`m not claiming that it is my credit; but I`m claiming the sudden & countable change in Politics or strategy alias spying after 1992. At this juncture only Mr. S.B. Chawan the then Home Minister of India declared that C.I.A. agents were among media people i.e. `Pathrikadhi Pathulu’.

In 1992, by watching all of this I was very much happy and satisfied as our Nation was getting rid of such evils.

But I had failed in my personal life. Since 5-6 months, I had neglected my business on this `project’ so that I lost business opportunities and failed to repay the loans. Bankers had seized my unit. At the same time, family clashes were raised in my life, which were natural in failure. As a result, I left everything, with empty hands, I approached my friends for help but nobody had seen my face. I struggled for 5 months almost, later in 1993, July I got married Mr. Lenin Babu who was true friend to me and tried to protect and help me in all such life disasters.

We got married at Sri Sailam and re started life as tuition teachers with the help of Circle Inspector of Police at Sri Sailam. We lived in a small hut without power etc. for 2 years. We blessed with a girl child in 1995.

Till date, even on a single day, we never felt sorry about what I had done in 1992 at New Delhi. Since we are the followers of ` Bhagawad Geeta’ we believe in

“కర్మణ్యేవాధికారస్తే మా ఫలేషు కదాచన
మా కర్మఫల హేతుర్భూర్మాతే సంగో స్త్వ కర్మణి”
We thought that `If we really did not desire the result, we should not feel for this i.e. what we got now!’ So that, we lived happily though we faced so many bitter problems physically including `no money - no job - no food.’

In 1995, when my father expired, we left to Guntur. Then A.P.S.F.C. people approached me to settle the loan. I expressed my helplessness. They asked me to vacate the factory premises. Actually, they seized the unit on 09-10-`92 at the exact moment of transformation of A.P. State Govt. from the hands of Mr. N. Janardhan Reddy in to the hands of Mr. Kotla Vijaya Bhaskara Reddy [i.e. at the time of Pramana Sweekarm], but they allowed my parents to live in the residential rooms which were built in the premises, from 1992 to 1995.

At that time, we approached I.B. office at Pandari puram, Guntur to know about the life missarableness. But there the officer told me to believe the fate.

Once again, we were ready to reconstruct the life. We shifted from factory and entered into Corporate College field as EAMCET Physics Lecturer. I reconstructed the carrier as Lecturer with remuneration of 1800/- Rs per hour, per day, per month to Rs.1.10 lacks per annum contract. With single hand coaching, I bagged 126th rank in EAMCET Engineering and 22 seat-securing ranks out of 40 students in 1999.

In due course, I came across the disputes of Inter Paper Leak and Rank fixings in EAMCET among Corporate Colleges. Due to fate, or due to personal nature, or due to attitude, once again I complained on that issue to Mr. N. Chandra Babu Naidu, the then C.M. of A.P.

Once again my lifeboat was up rooted. But this time, it was organized harassment. After 1992 complaint about Ramoji Rao’s disputes to Govt. of India, I faced miserable life with 75%: 25% failures and success proportionality where as 50:50 is normal in any body`s life. Before 1992, it was 30:70 proportionality in my life.

But after 2000, EAMCET dispute complaint onto the desk of Govt. of A.P. I faced miserable life with 100% failures that to quite abnormal harassments. If any event happens with 100% probability, is it not `definite event’ as per theory of probability in Mathematics?

That’s why I suspect `some thing’ is behind this!? I try my level best to bring it to your kind notice, but this time I have all the proofs administratively and evidentially.

After vacating the factory, I entered in to the Corporate College field as EAMCET Physics Lecturer in Vikas Jr. College [famous in A.P.] and later worked in different colleges. With such experience, I accepted a contract from M/s. Brilliant Jr. College, Surya pet and Nalgonda dist. for Rs. 1.10 lacks to teach Physics on single hand. To prove myself, I thought that it was a good opportunity, so that I worked hard and procured the rank 126 in Engineering and 22 seat secured ranks out of 40 students in 1999, at the time of 25,000 seats in A.P.

But in the middle of year, when I had completed the 90% of Syllabus, the college management paid 55,000/-Rs only and they retrenched me from service. Being non- local I was helpless. Hence, I approached the C.I. of Police in local station and lodged complaint against them regarding their cheating. The local police enquired into it, solved my problem, and made the college to repay my money totally and to complete the year coaching contract.

In the same police station, in next year, I received such a treatment as if I was a 420, after I lodged complaint about the disputes of EAMCET 2000. I`m giving the details in the following.

Though M/s. Brilliant Jr. College requested me to continue, due to their cheating, I preferred to work in another college M/s.Triveni Jr. College, Surya pet and in parallel, I coached the students in tuition. Mean time I came across the leak of Intermediate paper before one week of the exam. I observed that the students who were more intelligent and hard worked for several thousand of hours with standard material could not secured EAMCET marks rather than the students who did not know even definitions could secured good ranks. For such strange things I felt wonder when I was working at Guntur.

Then I understood the pattern of dispute. The rank fixing among Corporate Colleges was happening. For such sake hundreds of crores of rupees were exchanged among bureaucrats, politicians and colleges. In the case of Inter mediate paper also, in Corporate Colleges, guess paper with important questions will come from Directors to the students and Lecturers, where as in `B’ centers like Surya pet, the paper is said to be leaked directly, otherwise the students in rural won`t respond towards the guess paper. In `A’ centers it was class dispute and in `B’ centers it was mass disputes.

About all these disputes I lodged complaint onto the desk of Mr. N. Chandra Babu Naidu, the then C.M. of A.P.

That was the starting!

Till date, we were hunting by someone, I don`t know who and what is the reason [now I say that somebody is Mr. Ramoji Rao], but abnormal harassment is on my family and me. I can give all particulars and evidences to you.

By the time of complaint lodging, we were staying in a house on rent and the owner of the house was Mrs. Bhagya Lakshmi, a chicken shop owner. Her husband was Mr. Ratnam, but she was leading business and house etc. In past i.e. before 14 years to 2000, she was servant maid at the same town, but somehow [?] she earned money and became rich. At the time of accommodation in March 2000 in the house on rent of 2100/- Rs per month we asked them for the commitment of one year stay. She said that they won`t ask us to vacate if we pay rent promptly. We did not taken any written commitment because such was not in practice in this area as concern as house lease.

In spite of such commitment, she demanded us to vacate the house in August 2000 i.e. within 5 months by showing different reasons though we were paying rent promptly. Although we felt bad about it, we requested her and reminded their commitment. But they did not consider. We thought `better to vacate.’ Hence, we searched for alternate house on rent. But abnormally nobody was willing full to give house to us. We have no negative record in that town and had some good will. We searched for one month but in vain. Somehow we managed to get a house on rent on an evening, but when we approached the owner on next morning to pay the advance, he said `sorry’ and he won`t give his house as his son opposed. We thought it might possible naturally.

But such experiences were repeated, as well as whenever such events were happened, My house owners Mr. Ratnam and Mrs. Bhagya Lakshmi sarcastically used to ask us that `When we were going to vacate the house`.

By observing all this, we approached S.P. of Nalgonda and C.M. of A.P. with a complaint against local colleges on whom I lodged complaint and requested them to protect us, at least for that academic year as I committed the coaching for some students, later we will re-shift my family to my native.

The S.P. of Nalgonda responded positively on paper and in person but the local police station forced me to give written commitment to vacate the house within 3 months in spite of my complaint kept in pending. Again, I complained onto the desk of C.M. but the organized harassment was not stopped. It had continued in all possible ways. The A.P. Transco people disconnected my power, showing 49,500/-Rs power bill against nothing due with me. Documentary proofs regarding all of this, I produced day to day to the Govt., consecutively, and I have them now also, I can produce them for your reference. A file I have on it. My students’ hall tickets only were missed in post. The police used nasty language on me and dealt me as a 420. The S.P. expressed his helplessness and asked me to bring the issue to the notice of local leaders.

We approached local party leaders both T.D.P & Congress and other leading personalities in the town including Mr. Meela Satya Narayana who was capable to win M.L.A. ship for his follower as a rebel against PCC, being congress politician. But nobody had guts to convince a chicken shop owner and even to call on her. When A.P. Transco people disconnected the power, she demanded me to restore it immediately, even by paying 49,300/-Rs. At that dark time, my students’ parents demanded me to repay their fee, as I was not able to continue to conduct the classes, infact at that time the students could not attend the classes because of practical examinations.

When I had given rent, my house owner refused to take it so that, I had taken D.D. and sent it to her by post. She refused to take the post; its evidence is with me now.
She seized my house with all furniture and everything inside. At that bitter moment, we left the house with empty hands, without money and dresses which were all in the house. We approached C.M. of A.P. on 21-05-2001 at Samatha secretariat. He queried me reversely `why they were harassing?’ By watching C.M. Peshy and other bureaucrats, I gave up hopes to get justice and I thought that all was result of corruption; but later I could understand that was not corruption or politics, utterly that was `some thing’ about which I`m going to give you clear idea.

Next day, I met Mr. Y.S. Raja Sekhara Reddy at his residence and requested his help to get justice. I reminded him about my approach to him about Ramoji Rao`s spying activities before 1992, May and I explained him about my complaint regarding same to Mr. P.V. Narasimha Rao, the then P.M. of India and following missarableness in my life. But he had expressed his helplessness being opposition leader and he said that he could give recommendation letter to Meela Satya Narayana, the Local Leader. As I tried all such possibilities, I refused for it.

From that day onwards, we had taken shelter here and there in friends’ and relatives houses and tried to re-start and re-settle in life. I approached Media, High Court Chief Justice Etc. regarding EAMCET disputes & following organized harassment, but abnormally wherever I go, my unfortunate followed me. In the beginning, I thought that all was my misfortune.

But when I met my brothers and mother who departed from me in 1995 in the period of factory vacation, I came across a strange thing. The son of Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu, Mr. Lokesh became friend of my brothers and Mrs.Bhuvaneswari W/o. Chandra Babu Naidu financed them for Rs.5.00 lacks without interest and supported them in starting a car decors business at the posh area of Jubilee hills, Hyderabad. And she herself had inaugurated the shop by ribbon – cutting. They are not educated and not extra ordinary talented or high society moved people. I felt wonder about it, but kept calm at that time. I didn`t suspect anything.

Who ever given temporary shelter to me and wherever I stayed everybody around me, behaved as if they were searching for `some thing’. I felt strange but didn`t suspect anything.

But now I`m reasoning that how it had happened? Dramatical introduction & Friendship! Being C.M, anybody will respond towards a victim or pitiable person, whoever it is. Minimum they will hear the case and say `okay we will enquire’ and so on. But Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu asked me with curt voice `why they are harassing you?’ Why should he had that much of agony on me where as he had that much of `affection’ on my brothers? The similarity among us is `We are the family members and we were only complaintees against Ramoji Rao`s activities. Then what is the difference among us to get such treatments from Mr. Naidu?’

Who ever given temporary shelter to us or wherever I stayed, everybody around me, behaved as if they were searching for `some thing’. I felt strange but did not suspect anything. But such searching is still in continuation around us.

At that time 2001, for almost one year we resided at Hyderabad, Mehdi patnam slum area i.e. Nanal Nager Basthi where my brother had located a house on rent; and tried to re-settle in life. Somehow, through paper advertisement, I got a job in a tutorial college by name `Sai Study Circle’ to coach in Physics and Mathematics for Inter supplementary students. After 2 months services, the management had bounced the salary cheque for Rs.8000/- and said to me ``If you are able to do anything, you encash it.’’ They did not bothered about the cheque bounce criminal case even. [I have bounced cheque, bank passbook etc. in my evidence file with me] How could they know that I was in such helpless position, when I told nothing to anybody there? My brother did not extended any help regarding this issue though he had police higher officials as his customers. Such that, we had a bitter life there with 2 days continuous ‘fasting’ [having no food] along with my 6 years old kid.

After 2 years struggle like this, we had gone Sri Sailam and somehow I managed to stay here by getting a job as schoolteacher. Later we started a pre-school. But we were not able to get the genuine result to our 7th class students to whom we coached privately. Here the results are tampered.

Right that time, the state Govt. had changed from Mr. N. Chandra Babu Naidu`s hands to Mr. Y.S. Raja sekhara Reddy`s. By that time, we received the tampered result to our 7th class students. With all this organized harassments details, we approached and lodged the complaint on 22-05-2004 at Lake-View Guest House with reference of EAMCET disputes complaint. He promised us to enquire into it. After that, our position is little bit better for food and bed and we got Room allotment for our preschool from Sri Sailam Devasthanam. But organized harassment including water, power etc. were not stopped, about which, each and every time we are bringing it to Govt. notice.

In September 2005, a terrible incident, we faced in life. At that time my daughter was about 10 years age [now 11]. Since baby hood, we coached her in different way and life had coached her different experiences including poverty, fasting, I tried to pick up her in 10th standards. But we did not pressurize her. Under free conditions, she was studying. [Now we gave up that idea, so that she is studying i.e. reading books now.]That coaching we started her in previous year. We did not trouble her and she did not trouble us. But in 2005, the co-students to her encouraged her to involve in love affairs. Naturally, her work efficiency was decreased. One day I punished her by beating only 2 beats that to inside the house.

At that time or moment, dramatically some other tuition students adjoined her and encouraged her to commit suicide. They told her that they were also facing same problems with their parents so let them end the life. My daughter is not coward that much. Hence, with all this psychological play, my daughter had broken down and told everything to us. We puzzled like anything. Though we solved the problem by retrenching such students and eliminating such circumstances, we struggled to counsel all the children in the school and restored the healthy educational atmosphere, but for this, we struggled for one month.

Because my daughter had broken down and brought everything to our notice, we could solve the problem and we could save her life and our lives. Otherwise? If some disaster happens to my only child, is there any meaning to my life? We got shock with this psychological play including both planning and implementation in which high talent and patience are involved. It resembles with the scenes we read in spying background novels and watch in spy movies.

Then we started to re-think about 14 years from 1992 to 2006 in our life.

With all this background, then I suspect that Mr. Ramoji Rao, on whom I lodged complaint to Mr. P.V. Narasimha Rao, the then P.M. of India, is behind this harassment.

Because: If any college men are behind --- I left the EAMCET field and everything. Their disputes are all in good progress. Then no need for them to do this type of harassment. That to any Corporate man would not waste their time and money like this for revenge. If such agonies were there, it is very easy for them to kill us totally.

Hence, we conclude that their target is not killing us. Then why this hunting and harassing? So the hunters are not college men. It is Paper man Ramoji Rao. It seems that he desire `some thing’ from us. We don`t know what that `some thing’ is. But I suspect that there is some relation between that `some thing’ and me as I was the complain tee against Mr. Ramoji Rao`s spying activities in 1992. At that time, I did not know even the word `spying’.

With this background, I approached New Delhi in October 2005, I, personally filed complaint about all of this in a sealed cover at Dock section on 08-10-`05; in South Block i.e. P.M.O. I received nothing response for it.

The same copy with a covering letter, I forwarded to your good self in May 2006 in speed post. Till date I neither received response from you nor acknowledge- -ment from postal dept. I don`t know whether it was received by your staff or not. I have experienced the harassment as mail theft also.

On the other hand, regarding this organized harassment, time to time –issue to issue, I brought to state Govt. notice. Mr. Y.S. Raja sekhara Reddy, being C.M. did not respond towards any except my daughter`s issue. We had in receipt of his response through local police station. I had given a statement in response to it to the C.I. of Sri Sailam, as he asked me to do so. In that I expressed my thankfulness to him and as I solved my daughter`s problem, I requested him to solve organized harassment from Surya pet to Sri Sailam in which problems of power, water and cottage allotment are involved.

In this aspect, I want to express one thing. Is it favor to me from Mr. Y.S. Raja sekhara Reddy? Is there sincerity to solve a victim`s problems, that to a complaintee is a victim here? By responding in such issue, he tried to unpopularate me so that our teaching carrier could collapse. Otherwise, he should respond in other complaints!

Regarding water entire Sri Sailam enjoys plenty of water but we can`t. Regarding power, AP Transco behaves resembling to Surya pet charging abnormal rates i.e. thariff on abnormal dates. They serve bills without giving time to us that means almost on last date and they threaten us to disconnect the bill. So that, we should travel nearly 80 K.M. to clear the bill. Whatever the reasonability of Tariff, when we request them, they give silence as answer.

Regarding cottage allotment, for our pre-school they gave a single room on 1st floor where as our competitive school by name Sri Bhramari Eng. & Telugu Medium School could manage to get a wide cottage in our choultry premises. Because it is running by Mr. Phanidhara Prasad, 4th class employee in Devasthanam on binamy name of his second wife i.e. un official marriage. When we request for such allotment, the devasthanam officers did not respond. But things are manageable like this. Some of our schoolchildren parents tried to do so but nothing was possible. Same corruptive methods fulfilled their desires but not resulting in our issue. Where is the difference?

Every body who is harassing me now, ask some desire as hand loan or seat to their children in my pre-school etc, if I refuse they start to quarrel or harass.

Recently my co-resident of Choultry Mrs. Reddamma Room No.9 asked me hand loan of Rs. 1500. I said sorry. The next day, she scolded my students and started to drive away my students from playing in the ground of choultry claiming that the ball is spoiling their plants. The kids are playing there since two years. But suddenly their plants are getting spoil by the games of Kids!

Another co-resident Mrs. Ramanamma Room No.4 asked seat for their relatives, as I could not adjusted the place, I didn`t, so that since two years they are harassed us for water. Recently they had given telephone threaten on the name of Dy. E.O. Mr. Krishnayya to whom; Mr. Ramanayya Room No.4 is an attender. Then I approached C.I. of Police, as a result, now we are getting water peacefully for some days, but again same problem is burning.

Again, they started another type of harassment. Just few days back residents of Room No.2 and 4 threaten my students with stick to beat and driven away the kids of aged about 3 to 5 years who had gone to nature call. They demanded me to send the children onto the traffic road because they are getting bad smell from mud floor. Any way 6 years and above aged children are going onto the road only. Since three years, these pre- school [Nursery, L.K.G. and U.K.G.] kids of 30 members used to urinate in choultry premises. Their rooms are at least 100 ft. far to this compound wall that to in different direction. To harass another new problem was created. When we request the Devasthanam [Govt. Dept.] to allot on ground floor, they won`t hear. Consecutively or systematically others won`t allow for daily workings and operations.

If I send the kids onto traffic road, if some accident happens to the innocent kids, who will bear the case is other question, but who will bring back the life is an important question. Their sons and daughters also urinate there only. At the back of their rooms, on ground floor a big drainage is there, nobody will claim its dirty smell and nobody will request the sanitary inspector for regular cleaning of it.

Since three years, kids are urinating near the compound wall. But now only they are sensing the problem of bad smell. These problems are very very silly at the level of C.M, P.M and your good self but to face such silly problems daily, it will be miserable.

On the other hand, in our choultry beside their rooms, in Room No.1 [Mr. Mahesh is occupant. He also harassed us for water and threatened us to close the pre-school, on whom complaints were lodged to local E.E. Mr. Rami Reddy and the problem was solved temporarily in March 2006.]Playing cards i.e. gambling and drinking liquor is almost every day program as he is living alone; his wife and children are away from him. It is not objectionable for them. Anybody will do their desired works in their houses as per their argument. It is their privacy. Then how my pre-school is objectionable for them? It is not my private issue? Didn`t I got the room allotment like them? My room allotment is on the basis of pre-school only. How could be an educational institute is an anti-social element for them rather than gambling and liquor drinking is social element?

When police people tried to control them, they threatened the police that they can claim- ``The P.C.s are showing `Julum’ on our women. Like this, we put case against P.C.s’’. Surprisingly the police people dropped back though my written complaint on the occupants’ of ground floor is on their table already. They felt fear about coming up complaint from Mr. Ramanayya as mentioned above, but they have no concern about my organized harassment complaint, which resembles the behavior of police station at Surya pet.

Regarding people surrounded me, when they ask some helps or desires, if I fulfill their wants as hand loans or seats in pre-school etc, they will continue the desires up to which I cannot fulfill and start to harass. Thus they are creating reasons to harass us.

Mam, anybody can notice here a pearl and there a pearl spread on floor. But whenever we notice, a secret string is there underneath to join them, and then only we can notice that there is a pearls garland rather than individual pearls spreading on the floor.

The organized harassment on us is also same! Everybody has their own reasons to harass us. But why there is some rhythm, resemblance and sequence everywhere?

This lead us to suspect Mr. Ramoji Rao on whom we lodged the complaint regarding Mr. Rajiv Gandhi`s murder.

I didn`t suspect this, when Mr. P.V. Narasimha Rao was alive. Otherwise I could question him whether he created any mystery around me i.e. `some thing’ for which Mr. Ramoji Rao and his fellow men are searching. Our life is an open book and it is on your table now as my life is this complaint itself. Then why they are harassing us like this? What is happening around me?

We don`t know that for what sake Mr. Ramoji Rao is harassing us or searching us or hunting us like this. We are not having any secrets. For what sake Mr. Chandra babu Naidu, the ex C.M. of A.P., harassed us, he should know. As well as for what sake Mr. Y.S. Raja sekhara Reddy, the present C.M. of A.P. is continuing this harassment he should know. We request your good self to know this from them.

We mailed a complaint narrating total issue up to 27-04-`06 to you on 24-05-`06, but till date we didn`t get any response and even the acknowledgement card. But after mailing it onto your desk, my problems are increased which resembles the idiom
``Fallen into stove from oven.’’ The local D.E.O. declared that our school is none recognized so that for the charge of legal actions through Enadu Paper. Though other schools are also mentioned there, only the sensational trouble was created on me so that I had taken declaration from my students’ parents for my pre-school and tuition centre. That’s why we suspected postal theft so that I approached local C.I. Mr. Karunakar to farward the complaint copy to C.M. with reference of C.M. response towards my daughter issue complaint through them. But he had taken it as very silly matter and made jokes on it.

In unavoidable situation, by giving 2 days holidays to my pre-school we left to Hyderabad and tried to meet C.M. at Green land guest house on 04-08-`06. But we could not. We met his P.A. Mr. Kiran Kumar Reddy in visitors’ gallery and submitted the complaint copy narrating all this to him. He told me that after going through the complaint, he will brief it to C.M. and if he is interested, they will call on me. We waited for one month, but no response.

I don`t know whether he also making jokes on it.

Mam, I`m asking you that any citizen can create fake stories on such dangerous matters? To do such I`m not illiterate and characterless. I had Industrialist carrier and Lecturer carrier. I`m not workless person to create nonsensical matters. Who will make life miserability to create nonsensical matters? I`m not wishful to become sensational by this. I requested C.M. to enquire into it and if they believe only to respond and I can submit proofs also.

Because they didn`t respond, have I to think that he didn`t believe this? Or making jokes on it?

Here in A.P. an unknown face, to create sensation claimed that he got married Priyanka Gandhi. The media, courts and Govt. had taken it seriously and punished him. It is welcomable. But I`m not playing such cheap tricks and I have no craze about sensationality. That to, to play such cheap tricks nobody will waste their life of 14 years to face harassment. To do so I`m not dreaming and I`m not impractical.

When I approached Mr. P.V. Narasimha Rao in 1992, through my complaint against Mr. Ramoji Rao, I said one thing as follows-“If this is not true, it is well and good. But if it is true, by thinking that it is not true, what much of mistake it is towards Nation? Please think like this. Don`t neglect this because of no documentary proofs except the logical proofs. Please think that this may be possible to be truth and so enquire into it and save the Nation.”

Fortunately, he responded. But this time with documentary and evidential proofs, I requested C.M., P.M. and now I`m requesting yourself to enquire into it and observe my proofs file and then decide whether my information is true or not.

I don’t know whether you received my previous complaint dt.27-04-’06 & mailed on 24-05-’06 or not. I don’t know whether this issue came to your notice through your party people or not. But till date I didn`t receive any response or enquiry from you.

It seems that I have much regards on Mr. Rajiv Gandhi as our National Leader rather than your party people and you have on your husband.

Being Italian, before your marriage, we hope that you felt patriotic towards Italy. Now being daughter-in-law of India, we hope that you can understand the patriotic feelings of an Indian.

I request your good self to consider the matter with respective to my sincerity and true love towards India and towards Nehru-Indira family.

As we believe in ‘Bhagavad Geeta’, we faced the life as it stands in front of us. Is it sin? Is it illegal? Is it wrong?

I am ready to show administrative, documentary proof to your courts and intelligence departments or whomever it concern.

Now I demand you to enquire into it, to bring the things out of dark and to make justice to us.

Let me get rid of this harassment!

Mam, with my long life story narration I request your good self to enquire into and to protect us from this harassment. As a beginning step of it I want to seek your appointment to explain further in person and notice your response whether you feel it as joke like others or not on face to face.

Mam, once again we demand your good self to protect ‘Dharma’

“Dharmo Rakshathi Rakshitha:”

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,
Y.Adi Lakshmi,
Lenin B.Yadla,
Y.Geeta Priyadarsini

Our Address:

Mrs. Y.Adi Lakshmi,
W/o. Lenin B.Yadla,
Room No. 10,
Challa Venkayya satram,
Sri Sailam, Kurnool [Dist]
Andhra Pradesh – 518101.
Cell No: 9440 971265


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